Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2


Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2
Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2

NBT serial story - pt 7 updtd .pg 22 (Page 18)

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Awesome..sita..ClapStarThumbs Up

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part 6
I know many of you were sad about the previous episode..hope you will be happy with this one..

Megha is shown to be sitting in the auto and she is still recalling all the scenes in the hospital with Riddima's mother,then she is seen to have fb of the slap scene,terrace scene where he dangled the MS in front of her the first time,then how she dragged him home and announced to everyone that she is ready to marry Manav..and finally how she put her hands to her ears without saying anything while he begged to her to confess her love to him. Tears roll down her face and her face twists in grief...

BG song...

Dard Se Yun Mulakat Hogi Dil Ne Yeh Na Jana

Riddima is also shown to be sitting in the auto..and she is also recalling each and every scene between her and Mohan..and finally she recalls the jewellery shop scene and his words from there again and again.

Tears roll down her face and her face twists in sadness...

BG song...

Dard Se Yun Mulakat Hogi Dil Ne Yeh Na Jana

Megha is shown again..we hear her telling to herself'..Mohan, meine abhi abhi ,tumare pyar ko Iqquar karke tuche paya..lekhin pure pane ki pehale khona padthi hain.

Next Riddima is shown.. and we hear her telling to herself'..Mohan,meine abhi abhi tuchse shaadi karke tuche paya..lekhin pure pane ki pehale khona padthi hain.

And Mohan is seen sitting on the sofa in his house, his hands covering his face...a sad BG music is playing..
scene shift.

Megha wipes away her tears and asks the driver to stop the auto by the side of the mandir. She gets out, pays the driver and looks up at the mandir. The mandir's main gates are still open though the shrine is closed. She slowly climbs up the steps of the mandir'

Behind her, on the road Riddima also stops the auto, gets out of it..and seeing Megha climbing the steps, she also goes behind her'.

Megha goes and stands in front of the big banyan tree'.closes her eyes and starts praying'Hey Bhagwan,, why are you testing me like this, again and again? Just when I accepted his love for me and decided to share my life with him and fill his life also with love, this is happening. Now what do I do, oh Bhagwan? I cannot snatch another girl's happiness and build my life upon it. No..I definitely cannot do that.. Mohan ne sirf mere nahin, sab ka dil thod diya'.He is such a nice person'..I can understand that he agreed to get married to Riddima out of the goodness of his heart..kash meine thode dher pehele hi uska pyar ka iqquar kardiya..!! If I had done that ,probably all this would not have happened. But now what has happened has happened..I have to tell Mohan to go away from my life..for ever''.I cannot let him do such a wrong thing..No I can't...and she starts sobbing as if her heart will break..!!! I have lost my love even before I have owned him.'I have lost my love even before I owned him..!!! Hey Bhagwan, please give me the strength to accept it, bear it and move forward in my life, away from him''and thus crying out, she slowly drops to the floor, still crying..And covers her face with her hands.

Riddima is standing behind her, listening to everything.,her eyes filled with tears. Megha has not noticed her yet.

Slowly Riddima puts her hand on Megha's shoulder and calls her. ..Megha!!

Megha jerks up her head and looks back'As she has not seen Riddima before she does not recognize her..and she has a questioning look on her face.

Riddima slowly sits down besides her..

Kon he aap? Megha asks.

Mein Riddima'.she says.

Megha's eye widen in surprise. She sits up straighter and looks at her..

Riddima? Mohan ki''..

Riddima nods in affirmation..

Megha,I tried to call you and make you stop, but you did not hear me'.that is why I came behind you. I am so sorry that my mother spoke to you in a very bad way. Please accept my apologies, for her sake as well.

Megha shakes her head. Uska kya dhosh hai? She did what every mother will do under such circumstances. I have no issues about that..It is just my fate..and Mohan's fate..I will blame only that. And her eyes fill up again.

Riddima shakes her head..No Megha, nothing has happened that cannot be corrected. I realize Mohan has told you everything.Mohan had told me many days ago itself that he loves you only, that he will be never able to love and marry anyone else other than you in this life. And we parted as good friends..What happened in the hospital ICU was pure emotional black mail'by my parents.What relation did he have with my parents? He has met them only once before. And still he agreed to marry me.. It is only because he is such a good man that he did it..And I was powerless to stop my parents and refuse also, because I love my father more than anything..and would have done anything for his happiness'But I saw how restless he was the whole time and I knew how much he would be suffering..And when I came to his house today morning, he told me everything about what happened between the two of you yesterday night after he came back home. He was in such a big to what to do. I could feel his pain..

Megha is listening intently to her.

Riddima continues...

I only suggested that he should forget that he married me and go ahead and marry you. And I gave back the MS out of my own wish to see him happy'he did not force me in any way. in fact he was gentleman enough to try to accept I the fact that the marriage has happened and that he will respect it. Megha's eyes reflected the pain she feels while hearing this.

Riddima notices this and hurries. But it was very evident that he is craving for you with each and every fiber of his being'..and I could see the naked pain on his eyes. I cannot bear it. I cannot bear to see him suffer like this.. that is why I decided to set him free..

Megha shakes her head..But Riddima, shaadi is not a joke' what has happened has happened .now all of us have to accept it and move on'.however painful it might be.

Riddima shakes her head in the, Megha..shaadi is a question of union of the hearts and union of the minds..We have been married with all the rites all right. But we haven't shared a moment's closeness. and nothing has happened between us..Nothing that will affect your happiness with him in the future'I wiil not tie him to a loveless marriage with me knowing fully well that it is you whom he loves and will love forever. I cannot be the cause of causing him so much pain'.And her eyes fill up and tears flow down her cheeks.

Megha stares at her intently for some moments'You have already started loving him, isn't it,? She asks Riddima .

Riddima averts her face..and tries to control her tears'.she closes her eyes for a moment ..and takes a deep breath. Then she turns back to look at Megha.

Megha repeats her Q.. You have started loving him, isn't it,? That is why you are not able to think of seeing him in pain.. Her eyes brim over'.she takes Riddima's hands in hers and hold them together'I also cannot bear to see him in pain'I want to see him happy always. Though he pretends to be nonchalant and care free many times he is a very sensitive person and a very intense person..I was a fool not to have accepted his love earlier..But  what to do? Wherever he is, whoever he is with, I want him to be happy always..My only request to you is to love him and cherish him always''wherever I am, I will be happy seeing that..and while she is speaking her eyes fill again'..

Mohan Batnagar , what is this about you that makes women feel like this for you?

Two women, both bonded to through love and the other through shaadi..Both concerned only about his happiness and his pain..not theirs'.a very touching and emotional scene'

Riddmia shakes her head again..And taking a deep breath she tells Megha..Megha, what makes you think that I have started loving Mohan? I am very grateful to him for saving my father's life. That is why I cannot bear to see him in pain..and not because I have started to love him. And I can never love him also.

Megha looks at her questioningly.

Riddima takes a deep breath again..and says..I am in love with another person..a man from a different caste. Megha's eyes widen in shock and her hand goes to her mouth'She is about to ask Riddima something..but Riddima hurriedly continues to talk..Yes, I am in love with a man from another caste. I have not told my parents about it yet..I have been waiting for a right opportunity to do I knew very well that they will not agree immediately. But before I could tell them anything, all this happened. and the situation was thus that if I had revealed anything at the hospital, my father's health would have worsened..but I can never ever love any one else 'even if I continue to live with Mohan for my parent's sake, I will never be able to love him and do justice to our marriage'that is the main reason why I am setting him free.

Megha is shocked. !!!And in no time her expression changes to anger. She lets go of Riddima's hands abruptly'My god!! She says. So you and your parents have been using him to achieve your ends. this is really mean of you. Now what will happen to him? What will happen to us? You have messed up our life also'her voice rises '.how can we get married tomorrow while he is still married to you?

Riddima interrupts..Megha, I told you know..I have set him free .I have no qualms about him marrying you tomorrow'

Oh!!  You have set him free.!! Megha says sarcastically. How magnanimous of you.!! But what about the law? What about your mother? Do you know what all your mother told me today? Do you know how she threatened me  that she will take Mohan to court if he marries me..that she will come and create a big tamaasha to get our marriage  stopped?

You want us to undergo all that torture? And you pretend that you are doing all this because you cannot see Mohan in pain'my God, I cannot believe this..!! She is totally in a fierce mode now..the Megha I love..the original Megha '..

Riddima looks at her helplessly. Megha continues to rave..Oh God,what a big mess you have landed us in? Now how do we get married? No we cannot do that'not only it is against the law but if someone comes and creates a tamasha at the marriage, it will be so humiliating for him, for us, for the entire family. Everyone will ridicule us.

No Megha..Riddima says..No one will come from my family'.my dad is in still. In the ICU..and I will not let my mummy come. oh!!! that is great of you'Megha snaps.. but what about Mohan's  mummy? I am sure she will come and create a big tamasha .In fact I am surprised  that she has not already done so..Unless Mohan has not told her about getting married to me  tomorrow. Riddima says..But Megha..Mohan's mummy does not know about our marriage yet.

What!!! Megha shrieks..She jumps up and stands. This was the last straw. She just cannot believe it' God! What is happening? She cries'.she looks at Riddima as if she has suddenly grown two horns.!!!!

Riddima tries to explain..there was no time to call his mother'

Megha interrupts..No time to call his mother? What do you mean? You had time to call the pundit and wait for him..but no time to call the boy's mother? And after that 24hr have passed. , you have not bothered to inform her till now?? I can't believe this!! I simply can't believe this.!! And she cries out aloud .And Mohan also has not informed his mother? Oh Mohan, what have you got yourself into?? Now how do we sort out this mess and solve it?? Have you any idea how long it will take to legally dissolve your marriage? And what will we tell everyone till then? That Mohan has already married and we are waiting for him to get divorced so that he cnn marry me?

And she turns towards the shrine and cries out..Hey sab kya horaha hai? Kyon ithana bada aur kadin pareeksha leraha hain?

Megha'Riddima tries to touch her arm..but Megha shrugs her off and runs out of the mandir, down the steps, crying'.

Riddima stands still..her eyes filled with tears..she turns to face the shrine and tells God 'eh Prabhu..forgive me for lying. forgive me for trying to ridicule the sanctity of marriage..I had to lie to her that I am in love with someone else and will never be able to love Mohan ..I had to tell her that..Otherwise she would never have agreed to accept him back. And I know Mohan can never be happy in his life without her'..I should do at least this much for the person who saved my fathers' life, shouldn't I? I have just started loving him..yet it is so painful for me to let go of him'.how painful it will be for Mohan to let go of Megha..and for Megha also to let go of Mohan? No..I cannot do that''I cannot do that'.please forgive me lord.!!! And she bursts out crying loudly'.and the camera freezes on her face.

it is not love that Riddi feels for is infatuation.hero worship...towards a person who was ready to get married to her to save her father's life..and admiration..of his nice qualities.Though she is confusing it to be LOVE.

I don't know whom to feel sorry for? Mohan, Megha, Riddima, all of them? Or for us..who are so emotionally attached to Mohan and Megha' much so that we make ourselves sick with worry thinking about the mess they are in now?


Early morning time'.The sun has just risen..the rising sun is shown..Megha talking to Mohan over the phone'.in a rather matter of fact voice..Mohan, muche tumse kuch zaroori bath karneka hai..mein park mein aadha gande mein aayegi'.tum bhi uthar aao'..and before he could say anything she disconnects the phone.

Mohan looks very worried'..he goes to the window and looks down at Megha's window ..Megha is standing there..She looks up at him ...and glares at him..and abruptly turns and leaves..Mohan is even more worried and draws his hands through his hair.



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Part 6 ... wonderfully awasome!!!!!ClapClapClapClapClapClapClap ...
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hey i love 5th and 6th part ...n thinking why dint cvs go dis way ... its wid twists n turns as well twists in ur SS r fresh n logical ... i wish cvs ke pass itna dimag hota ... thodi sense ... kaise writers ban gaye bhagwan jaane ...

thumbs up to u Thumbs Up
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Sita loved this part too. But I have a grouse here...Riddhima should not have fallen in love with Mohan. Because I cannot have my sympathies for both Megha and Riddhima and it will get very difficult to feel happy in the end even if everything is sorted out because MM will build their castle of happiness over Riddhima's sacrifice. 

And laughed my heart out at the Indu not knowing about MM marriage part and Megha shrieking in response and suddenly glaring at Riddhima like he had grown a pair of horns LOL

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sitamma IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by sumiswap

Sita loved this part too. But I have a grouse here...Riddhima should not have fallen in love with Mohan. Because I cannot have my sympathies for both Megha and Riddhima and it will get very difficult to feel happy in the end even if everything is sorted out because MM will build their castle of happiness over Riddhima's sacrifice. 

And laughed my heart out at the Indu not knowing about MM marriage part and Megha shrieking in response and suddenly glaring at Riddhima like he had grown a pair of horns LOL be frank..i also did not know riddima was going to do that till i typed it..and then i thought ..well and good...
waise,I do not intend to make her into a totally negative character..she will trouble us surely..trouble is just around the corner..she is in the hypomaniac state such will be too good..feel positive about everything and everyone,will be magnanimous and sacrificing to a fault...has lots of delusions about self ...but once they go into the depressive state..all this will change in a jiffy...I want to show typically how a person with manic depressive illness responds to situations during different states as well...
Because I cannot have my sympathies for both Megha and Riddhima and it will get very difficult to feel happy ...i want everyone in that play with their emotions..what better way to keep everyone glued to their seats?
in the end even if everything is sorted out because MM will build their castle of happiness over Riddhima's sacrifice. Oh!! what about megha's and Mohan's sacrifice then??/riddima hardly knows cannot agree to that.and what about mohan being saddled with a psychiatric girl for the rest of his life ? just because he agreed to marry her due to emotional black mail from her parents,at a time he himself was in a highly depressed state?

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Sita Di,full sensible track but one point-i expect Megha should have discussed the matter on her own with Riddima and Mohan again instead of giving so much importance to R mom..

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