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Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2
Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2

NBT serial story - pt 7 updtd .pg 22 (Page 13)

-lightinfested- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 July 2012 at 12:41am | IP Logged
hey gr8 update ...excited  to kno wht will mirchi madam do ... i think she will ask everything to ridz ... n get it cleared out ...gr8 ...nice one sita di

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--Udhay-- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 24 July 2012 at 3:38am | IP Logged
Awesome work Sita chechi.. Hats off!! Thumbs Up

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Adhyaay-Chapter Groupbie

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Posted: 24 July 2012 at 5:17am | IP Logged
Just read Part 4 Smile This was unexpected! You have me hooked!! Do keep writing. Waiting to know what happened at the hospital...

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Hit.It.Miss IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 July 2012 at 5:38am | IP Logged
Part 4 -

OOo Sita, what waiting with baited breath for Megha's face-off with Riddhi ki Maa

excellent and too too too beautiful Sita Hug  Merey dil ki dua aur hum sub ki dua tumhey miley gi, for coming up with, and typing out this alternative world for us. A world, where Mohan-Megha-everything we loved is still intact, a world which answers our hopes and expectations, all to the fullest extent. We had these from the original show but as it's gone, we are hanging onto your every word now, and of course loving it heartily Hug

Tussi great ho Sita Smile

Thanks for an awesome update Dancing

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crazy87 Senior Member

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Posted: 24 July 2012 at 6:01am | IP Logged
As always just awesome...But no update today...Waiting for next part...

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sitamma IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 July 2012 at 2:10pm | IP Logged

part 5...

Megha is shown to be dialing a number on her phone most probably ..Riddima's number. And we see Riddi's mom answering the phone and saying hello in response to Megha's hello..We hear Megha's voice .mein Megha vyas, mohan ki'' she stops .Riddima's mother's eyes widen in shock and recognition..She doesn't say anything but grips the phone harder.

Megha continues'muche tumse abhi,iss wakth kuch zaroori baath karneka hain..muche bathao,tumari daddy kon sa hospital mein barhi hua hain? Mein wahan aaoongi'Riddima's mother appears flustered for a second..and then she pretends to be Riddima and tells Megha the name of the hospital'.Megha tells her that she will reach the hospital in half an hour and requests her to wait near the reception for her. Riddi's mother says yes and keeps down the phone. She has a determined expression on her face and   She tells herself..I will not tell Ridde about it..I will handle Megha myself and tell her that Mohan has married my Riddima .I will tell her not to snatch away my daughter's life and happiness. I will not let her do that'.no''never.!!!

Scene shifts to where Indu is seen sitting in the car and dialing the phone, but apparently no one answers..She says aloud. ab,eh Monu ko kya hua? Kyon meri phone nahi uta reha hain? Abh sirf nau bajgaya..!! ithene jaldi so nahi saktha'ya phir abh takh ghar nahi aaya kya? Kal wo Megha ki shaadi hain..aur eh mera monu devadas banke kahinpe udas baitraha hoga'Eh monu bhi na'..galthi meri bhi hain.I shouldn't have left him alone in that state and walked off  like that..Shall I go there today itself? 'she thinks for a moment and then decides against it.. No, If I go to him again without telling monu's papa about it, phir se there will be unnecessary fight..I will tell him tonight and then go to monu's house tomorrow'Oh God, now, is Indu going to come back? She just left, no ?I do hope that Mr Batnagar will put his foot down and say NO to Indu going to mohan's place..And one more thing I have noticed is, whenever she is not at mohan's place she seems to be always roaming around in the car..Wonder why? Well, any way leave it, we have much more imp things to think about..

Scene shifts to vyas  nivas'Megha is all ready to go she opens the door and comes out, she sees jiji coming and she stops for a moment..jiji hurries up to her. Megha, how is your head ache now? Mohan told bhaiya that you are having head ache and are resting in your room.kya hua? Megha's expression changes for a second when she heard Mohan's name but very quickly she conceals it..jiji asks again..Megha tum teek tho hai na? Megha nods her head.

And what are you doing here in the corridor, with the purse in your hand and all? Are you going somewhere? Han jiji, Megha answers.

Where are you going at this time of the night,? jiji asks .

Megha hesitates for a moment..jiji,wo mere office mein  dimpy hain na..she just rang me up. One of her close relatives is admitted in the city hospital following an accident .She got the news while she was going home after the sangeet. she wants me to go there to help her.

Jiji frowns..But Megha, kal teri shaadi hain.aur aaj raath ko tu aisa akheli ghoomnekeliye jaayega toh..muche accha nahi lagta'may be I also should come with you.

Megha jiji,I will go alone and come back as soon as possible. You please be here to take care of Addu and Nanhi'And before jiji could protest further, Megha hurries out..Jiji watches her hurrying out, with a frown on her face, and then shakes her head.

Scene shifts to the hospital. Megha is seen walking along the hospital corridor to where Riddima's mother is waiting for her ,near the hospital  reception..

 Megha comes to a stop near the reception and look around searchingly..She glances at Riddi's mother but does not give her much attention..bec she is looking for a young woman and not a middle aged lady..Riddi's mother does not notice her. She is standing there lost in her own thoughts. Megha waits for a while and then decides to phone Riddima. She dials Riddima's number and the phone in Riddima's mother's hand starts to ring, jolting her out of her trance..Megha is surprised to hear the phone ringing so near her and looks   around' she sees Riddima's mother answer the phone and saying hello. Both of them turn to look at each other at exactly the same time'.Megha frowns'..but before she can think more, Riddima's mother walks up to her. and asks her ..Megha?

Megha nods her head and looks at her questioningly..I am Riddima's mother, she says. Please let us go somewhere where we can have some privacy and she leads Megha down the hospital corridor to a private room..apparently  the room which they have booked in the hospital. They go inside and the door closes behind them.

Inside the room, Riddima's mother tells Megha to sit down and Megha sits down on a chair hesitatingly. Riddima kaha  hai? she asks.I have come to talk with her.

Riddima is in the ICU with her father, her mother says. But it is good that I am here because I want to tell you something very important'Megha looks at her with widened eyes..She knew what was coming..And she held on to her purse tightly..

Riddima's mother hesitates as to how to begin and then turns abruptly to Megha '..I do not know anything about you and nither am I interested in knowing .I am hearing about you for the first time from Riddima, today morning. I do not know what rista you have with Mohan .But I want to tell you what rista  Mohan has with my daughter. Mohan is my daughter's husband. He married my daughter yesterday night'And today morning she comes back and tells me that she has returned the mangalsutra to Mohan..Do you know any of these? Do you know all this? She repeats..

Megha slowly nods her head. Apparently Riddima's mother did not expect it and she is rather at a loss as to what to tell her. ..but after a moment she continues..So you know everything and still it does not bother you? Riddima told me you and Mohan are having your sangeet today..and marriage tomorrow. How can you get married to Mohan knowing fully that he is already married to my daughter? What will I tell all the relatives? What will happen to my daughter? Did you find only a married man to get married with? I will take you to court if you attempt to spoil my daughter's life..She goes on and on and finally she starts shouting hysterically! Megha is shell shocked and her eyes remain wide open'Riddima's mother rushes to Megha, shakes her by the shoulders and scream at her'.do you hear me? Give back Mohan to my daughter..He is married to her and you do not have any HAQ over him..If you do not do that I will come there and tell everyone about Mohan and Riddima's marriage..then let me see how your marriage with Mohan is going to happen'She is hyperventilating as she speaks and Megha's eyes widen by the second'..she is shell shocked and all her inner agony is seen on her face..and her hand goes to her mouth ,covering it.''.Riddima's mother continues to rave and rant.  ..screeching like a banshee. I seriously wonder if Riddima is sick or her mother is sick..or if both of them are sick??Because this lady also has a haunted expression on her face..And Megha looks very scared ''.She tries to push that lady away, but is not able to''her grip is very strong'.and that lady starts shaking Megha like anything''.It is a frightening scene to watch'..

Suddenly Riddima rushes in shouting mummy'.mummy.. and tries to come in between them..Finally she succeeds ..and  then faces her mother..Now mother and daughter start having a shouting and screaming match..and both look haunted..I cannot detail the expression on Megha's face properly'.what is dominant..Whether it is fear, anger, sadness, helplessness, despair'.or a mixture of all??

She picks up her purse which had fallen on the floor and rushes out from the room, crying''Mother and daughter don't  even notice her leaving'suddenly Riddima becomes aware that Megha is not in the room and runs out crying..Megha..Megha'her mother runs behind her crying out Riddima..Riddima'oh God, what a drama..They are in a hospital.. for heaven's sake.!!!!! A nursing staff comes running from a room and tries to stop Riddima, But she pushes her aside and continues to run. But thankfully the nurse manages to stop riddie's mother'And starts scolding her for creating such an hungama in the hospital.. she stands there preaching to Riddima's mother for quite some time, without permitting that lady to leave. I heaved a sigh of relief..At least now Riddima might be able to catch Megha before she leaves the hospital and try to explain to her everything..But I really doubt now whether Megha will agree to marry Mohan anywhere in the future, after hearing to what  Riddima's mother was raving and ranting'

Scene shifts to where Megha is standing outside the hospital apparently waiting for an auto..She tries to stop many vehicles but all of them have passengers..She looks very disturbed and tears are flowing down her face..She is not even bothered to brush them away'finally she manages to stop an auto and just as she is about to get into it, Riddima comes out of the hospital, running calling out Megha, Megha..But Megha does not hear her'.Riddima looks around widely for Megha and sees her getting into the auto..She runs forwards calling out to her..But by the time she reaches the auto it has already started moving'.Riddima is distraught .and waves to another auto which is luckily empty ,the passenger having got down at the hospital entrance. She hurriedly gets into the auto and tells the driver to follow the auto in front''

Scene shifts to where Megha is sitting in the auto crying'and recollecting all the words spoken by Riddima's mother'.all the scenes are shown one after the other'.these words reverberate in her ears again and again.. What will happen to my daughter? Did you find only a married man to get married with?

Megha is then shown to recall Mohan's confession to her about a hour back..esp those words where he told her that he had no other option at that time other than to marry Riddima, and he did not find any reason to refuse as well, esp since Megha also had refused him. ..once and for all. And about how he had thought that if he is able to bring some happiness to a dying man's soul..then it would be a good thing'.She also recalls him telling her that he had told Riddima about her ,Megha ,a few days before itself'.Her face twists in anguish..and she cannot control her sobbing' The auto driver turns back questioningly and asks her if anything is wrong..Megha tries to control herself and straightens up and brushes away the tears from  her eyes'

Scene shifts to the auto in which Riddima is travelling, trying to follow Megha'she also is crying'..she is shown to recall her marriage scene, the sangeet scene of Mohan and Megha, mehandi happy Mohan and Megha were looking' she recalls the scene at the jewellery shop where Mohan tells her that he can never love anyone else other than Megha and that he cannot marry anyone else other than Megha'.She recalls his words again and again..and tears are flowing down her face'.

Now Megha is shown sitting in the moving auto, with tears streaming down her cheeks'.Side by side..Riddima is also shown sitting in another  moving auto with tears streaming down her face'And the camera freezes there.

end of episode..


Megha is shown to be sitting in the auto  and we hear her telling to herself'..Mohan, meine abhi abhi ,tumare pyar ko Iqquar karke tuche paya..lekhin pure pane ki pehale khona padthi hain.

Riddima is also shown to be sitting in the auto' and we hear her telling to herself'..Mohan,meine abhi abhi tuchse shaadi karke tuche paya..lekhin pure pane ki pehale khona padthi hain.

And Mohan is seen sitting on the sofa in his house, his hands covering his face.

Voice over'.. Riddima aur Megha dhonon Mohan ko khoyega kya? Kya Megha aur Riddima dhonon Mohan ko chod denge ?

Isn't this suspense enough?


Sorry that it is a sad episode'but no pain gain'.And remember my promise of twists and untwists coming in rapid succession..

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sumiswap IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 July 2012 at 2:23pm | IP Logged
Sita your OS is better than the episode. And loved your fifth part. Waise what was Megha's plan when she reached the hospital?

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sitamma IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 July 2012 at 2:29pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sumiswap

Sita your OS is better than the episode. And loved your fifth part. Waise what was Megha's plan when she reached the hospital?
she wanted to talk to Riddima regarding everything Mohan had told her.She wanted to meet her..Other than that I cant say about her plan,bec even I do not know.As I have mentioned before,only after I write/type,I myself know how exactly it is going to come out..though the gross story is there in my mind..
Don't believe me? well, I can't believe it myself.!! But that is the truth.

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