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Life ke Side Effects-An RTMC FF-chapter 7 posted (Page 6)

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The One with the Happy Ending (and no cliffhangers)

Karan: What are you girls going to be up to today?

Karan looked up from his Economist, spooning some soggy, tasteless yet super healthy (according to the pack anyway) cereal. Despite many people's stereotypical view of all models being stupid, Karan enjoyed reading the occasional Economist.

Tammy: I dunno…probably go over to a friend's house…work on a painting or something…

Shreya shrugged, smiling fondly at her bowl of cereal, exactly identical to Karan's (in content and appearance). 

Karan: Sounds like a great plan…as long as you're doing something safe…

He stared at Tammy rather pointedly, who, in turn, grinned at him mischievously.

Karan: But…I was thinking that we could um…would you guys mind if we…I mean…we go out today?

His neices' faces brightened as they bobbed their overenthusiastic heads furiously.Karan coughed, unsure how to inform them of the full plan. He fumbled with his spoon, coughing several times before speaking.

Karan With…uh…with Aditi.

Karan winced at the sight of his horribly surprised nieces. While Tammy's mouth was very inelegantly hanging open, Shreya was choking loudly on her fat free cereal.

Karan Well…I didn't really want to-

Ring, ring

He picked up the ringing phone, and immediately, a smile spread on his face.

Karan: Oh…you're outside? Ok, we're coming.

He glanced at his nieces, then slowly got up and left. Sighing, Tammy glanced at Shreya, and then got up as well, quietly following her uncle. Shrugging, Shreya dumped her spoon in the bowl of cereal, getting up. It was time for another episode of "mess with Aditi"
—— ———— —— —— ——— ——— ———— ———
Karan: I cannot believe you two behaved that way.

The noise of the recently banged door reverberated in the spacious living room. Karan, who was inhaling L-O-U-D-L-Y and S-L-O-W-L-Y (a sure sign of being upset) glared at his nieces with red rimmed balls of fury. This time, this time, they had gone too far. 

Tammy picked at her peeling nail polish, waiting for her hysterical uncle to breath normally.

Shreya: I cannot believe you thought we wouldn't.

Her quiet remark invoked a nearly irrepressible fury in Karan Banerjee. He clenched his fists into the tightest balls, his nails almost biting into his skin.

Karan: Why would you do this?

Tammy looked up, eying her uncle as if he was the stupidest creature on the face of the earth.

Tammy: Why do you think we did it? We don't want her in your life.
Karan: Why?!
Tammy: Because….then she'll be in our life.
Karan: No she won't, she'll-
Tammy: Mamu! Have you any idea how drastically things will change after you get married-
Karan: We're not getting married! We're just dating.
Tammy: Then why date, if you have no plans to be committed?
Karan: Because…because…

He paused, a confused expression on his face. Perhaps his half deranged niece was right…but he wouldn't admit that, not yet anyway.

Shreya sighed, deciding to intervene before Tammy confused the poor, lost Karan even more.

Shreya: We just…we just don't want to…(struggling for words) share you.
Karan: Don't you think you're being selfish?!
Tammy: (Bitterly) You're being selfish by dating her.
Karan: What?! That's…that's my choice. You're being selfish extremely selfish by-
Tammy: No…you're being selfish!
Karan: NO! YOU (points at her) are.
Tammy: You're selfish!
Karan: NO! You are!
Tammy: NO! You are!
Karan: You!
Tammy: You!
Karan: You!
Tammy: Y-
Shreya: OKAY! OKAY! Enough! Just…stop it!
Karan: Tammy…you have to realize that you are being selfish by-
Tammy: YES! YES! WE ARE BEING SELFISH! VERY VERY SELFISH! But why should we share you with someone.

Her voice reduced to a whisper, her eyes becoming large and a little glossy.

Tammy: (Whispering) When you have always been there…and promised to always be there…

As her voice trailed off, Shreya tipped in, requoting Karan's promise, made a while ago in her quiet voice. The one she used when she was emotionally drained or upset. In this case, she was both.

Shreya: Till you get sick and tired of me. Then I'll disappear in the background, and you won't even notice I'm gone.

Tammy looked at her uncle, and for the first time in the day, shame rested in her eyes. They slowly filled with tears, and she murmured something incomprehensible. Karan glanced back, his demeanor far from the mad rage he had experienced a few seconds ago.

Tammy: You promised mamu…we're sorry…

Soft sobs escaped her mouth, as she covered her face with her hand. The tears slid down her burning cheeks, wetting her cold, numb hands. She slid down to the floor, her sobs becoming increasingly loud with every passing second. Karan's knees turned to jelly, crashing loudly on the floor. Although his knees were scraped and bruised, he didn't as much as wince. All he could feel was numbness, as his shaky hand cradled Tammy to his chest. Silently, he soothed his disoriented niece, who was shuddering with each sob.

Shreya: (Sniffing) Stop! You'll make Shreya cry.

Shreya was nearly in tears, but managed to remain composed by tightly clenching her jaw and fiercely biting at her lip. So much so that blood was seeping into her teeth.

Karan had once commented on how Tammy seemed more emotionally strong to outsiders, as she'd never cried….ever outside. While Karan always used to get complaints from teachers to 'please teach your child to control her emotions' (regarding Shreya).

Tammy could very easily break down into heart wrenching sobs at home, as was clear today. While Shreya just stood with a clenched jaw, biting desperately at her lip. Tammy had laughingly said that they created a balance in each other's lives.

Karan: (Hoarse voice) I didn't realize you felt this way.

Tammy buried her head in his shirt, mumbling incoherently.

Shreya: We're really, really sorry mamu, but we're just not…
Karan: (Looking up from Tammy) Ready?

Shreya smiled a little, sad smile. He had got it, pinpoint.

Karan: (Whispering to Tammy) I love you…(loud) both of you.

Karan stretched out his other arm invitingly to Shreya. Willingly, she bent down, nestling her head on his shoulder.

Karan: You mean more than anything in the world to me. And I'm sorry I didn't think about how you would feel. I just…I thought you would be as happy for me as I was…and maybe more.

He sighed, gently removing his arm from Tammy's back, running it through his hair.

Tammy sniffed, slowly raising her head from Karan's shoulder.

Tammy: We're sorry we're so selfish, but we're so spoilt by the best mamu in the world.
Shreya: Who we love so, so much.

Shreya sported a smile, squeezing Karan's nearly unsqueezable bicep. Karan smiled fondly, kissing his two darlings on their foreheads.

Karan: I'll talk to Aditi…tell her we should rethink our relationship…if she will talk to me.
Shreya: (Biting lip guiltily) Don't worry, she will talk to you.
Tammy: (Half grinning) After all…you're irresistible.
—— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ———

Dhruv turned around, an amused smile on his lips. Trust Tammy to come up with the weirdest nicknames ever. 

Dhruv: Yes, your royal highness. Do you require my services?

Frowning, Tammy walked to him, hitting him lightly on his shoulder. 

Tammy: Sooo funny. Now, seriously, I need to talk to you.

Dhruv motioned to an empty cafeteria table. Nodding her head, Tammy walked towards the round table, sitting down with a long sigh. 

Dhruv: So, what'd you wanna talk about?

He sat down in front of her, placing his folded hands on the table, ready for an interrogation. Tammy bit her lip, suddenly feeling self conscious. Dhruv's gaze was enough to make her uncomfortable. It was so much like his brother's.

Tammy: Uh…I actually wanted to talk to you about…

Smiling, Dhruv tilted his head, still holding that expression in his eyes. It had been thrown to Tammy several times during the course of three weeks. 

She groaned in frustration, placing her hand on her forehead, looking anywhere but Dhruv.

Dhruv: (Worried) Kya hua? Are you not feeling well?
Tammy: No…just…stop looking at me like that.

He frowned, his hands slipping carelessly from the table.

Dhruv: Um…sorry…? 

Sighing, Tammy glanced at him again.

"Good…he looks normal now." She thought.

Tammy: I actually wanted to talk to you about Shreya.

Immediately, his face brightened up. Tammy scowled, unhappy with his happiness.

Dhruv: Oh Shreya! Sure, what'd you wanna talk about?
Tammy: Pehle…wipe that stupid smile off your face.

His face slackened, as he nervously tugged at his shirt collar. Boy was it hot in there…

Tammy: Oh god! You're nervous…okay…okay…I'm sorry just-
Sid: Hi guys!

Sid bounced up to their table, placing a cup of coffee in front Tammy, and a glass of ginger ale in front of Dhruv. 

Sid: (Grinning) Your customaries. Or should I say…your addictions.

Tammy giggled like an ecstatic child, causing both Dhruv and Sid to smile. She stood up, planting a lip balmed kiss on Sid's cheek. Then, sitting down, she happily sipped at her coffee.

A huge, soppy smile magically appeared on Sid's face. Blushing, he touched the spot where Tammy had kissed him, sighing dreamily. 

Tammy, who was completely oblivious to his rapidly changing behavior, turned to Dhruv, suddenly remembering her abandoned conversation.

Tammy: So Dhruv, as I was saying…just back off my sister. 

She paused, realizing that she might have come on a little harshly. Swallowing hard, she restarted, trying to phrase it in a nicer way.

Tammy: I mean…don't give her false hope. The whole weekend, she's been smiling at every inanimate object and talking to our dog! So please, please tell her what you really are.
Dhruv: (Frowning) I really am?
Tammy: Yeah…you know…actually I already told her, but she wouldn't believe me.
Dhruv: Told her what?
Tammy: That you're…you know…
Dhruv: Know what?
Tammy: Do you really want me to say it?
Dhruv: (Getting frustrated) Say what?!
Tammy: That…you know…you're…(fumbling) gay.

Sid unhappily woke up from his daydream at the word 'gay' and the sound of spraying. He widened his eyes, as a drenched Tammy glared at Dhruv.

Dhruv: I'm sorry…I'm WHAT!?
Tammy: (Annoyed) Itne surprised kyun ho rahe ho? Have you never admitted to yourself that you're gay.

Sid's eyes widened as he realized the gravity of the situation. He squeaked loudly, making wild gestures at Tammy. Tammy glanced up, confused by Sid waving his hand wildly across his neck, clenching his teeth. 

Tammy: (Trying to ignore Sid) You know…you like guys…which is completely fine with me. Actually, I find it cool that I have a gay friend.

Sid started whispering loudly to Tammy, a miserable expression on his face as he continually shook his hand in front of his neck.

Dhruv: I'm sorry…you think I'm gay?
Tammy: Oh god, aur kitne varieties mein phrase kar sakti hoon. Yes, I know you're gay…(looking up at Sid, irritated) what is it Sid?

Dhruv stared at Sid, a reproachful look in his eyes. Flustered, Sid immediately stopped his hand gestures. 

Gulping, he gingerly sat in the seat next to Dhruv.

Dhruv eyed him, anger evident from his tight jaw.

Sid: I wasn't…I was just…(tell tale voice, pointing at Tammy) Tammy thinks you're gay!
Tammy: Of course I think…(realization) oh…you're not…oh god…this is awkward.

She dug her hand through her many depths of hair, turning to gaze at the wall once again.

Dhruv: Uh…yeah…I'm not.

She bit at her lip, he tugged at his collar and Sid nervously drummed the table.

The awkwardness of the situation slowly descended upon the three, like mist on a spring morning.
Finally, Tammy turned to look at Dhruv, who immediately stopped tugging his shirt. An expression of rapt attention formed on his face, as she hesitantly started talking.

Tammy: Well…you can't blame me, I just thought…I got this feeling that-
Sid: (Nodding) I know what you mean.
Dhruv: (Surprised, annoyed) You do?

"Ohhh boy…beta…muh band rakhta to kya ho jaata?" Sid thought, smiling nervously at Dhruv.
Tammy mentally sighed in relief, thanking god for a way to wriggle out of the spotlight.

Tammy: (Checking her watch) Phe-yew! It's getting late, I really must head to class…well it was nice talking to you guys…see ya!

She jammed her bag on her shoulder and walked briskly out of the cafeteria, without turning back.
Dhruv turned to Sid, his eyebrows raised.

Dhruv: So you thought I was gay too?
Sid: Well…
—— ———— ——— ——— ——— ———— ———— ———
A smile played on her lips as she re read the note for the fifth time. Almost all of the lingering guilt that had been previously jabbing at her heart disappeared.

…?: Hey, kiska love note pad rahi ho? I noticed, tum yeh note paanch bar pad chuki ho.

Her head snapped up, almost as snappy as her reply. Although who she saw in front of her was not a big surprise.

"B*****d! Abhi tak peecha nahi choda…" 

Tammy: None of your business. And by the way-

He snatched the tiny note from her hands, a naughty grin forming on his face. She threw him her darkest scowl, one that would scare the devil himself. 

…?: Yeah…that doesn't scare me…
Tammy: Give. It. Back! 

He bit his lip, feigning to be thinking very deeply. His hmms and aahhs made the scowl on Tammy's face deeper.

Tammy: Listen Bedi, if you don't give it back to me in the next ten seconds-
Aryan: (Grinning) Ten seconds na, I can do it in ten seconds. Ok. You count, and I'll read…
Tammy: NO! Give it back!
Aryan: Hm….and what if I don't!

She made to launch herself on him, but swiftness and experience came to his advantage. He quickly stepped away from her, busying himself in the note. He was partly curious, and a little worried about competition. Suddenly, he was feeling unsure about his proposition for the bet. 

His eyes scrunched up as he tried to decipher the loopy, cursive handwriting. 

My sweet, sweet Tammy,

I love you very much, and don't ever forget that. DO NOT blame yourself for what I'm going to do today.  

Oh s**t! This guy's a master with girls! Playing the no blame card…

Paranoid thoughts wandered into his brain, as he continued scavenging the note. 

It's not your fault if you're not ready yet…

Ready for what?? Is he talking about…

He shook his head, trying to shake away the impure thoughts. Surely it was not…

And please remember, Shreya and your happiness is above everything for me.

How the hell does Shreya come into this love note?

He scrunched up his face, trying to figure out some sort of secret message between the lines.

Please take care and don't feel guilty. 

I really love you
And always will,

He nearly cried out in relief as he read the last word.


So he was safe, more than safe actually. She was still accessible and he had a hint as to how to impress her..

Go for the mamu first dude.

Aryan: Wow! Your mamu really loves you.

He handed her the note back, grinning at the sight of her tight jaw and large, angry eyes.  Fiercly, she folded the note into a half, quarter, eighths….

She looked so attractive when she was p****d off. 

Tammy: You are a f*****g a**hole.

He raised his hands up defensively, partly surprised at her sudden outburst of foul words. 

Aryan: Woah! Calm down cupcake.

She looked at him inquiringly. He shrugged her expression away, turning to more pressing and curious matters.

Aryan: So, what did you do? Must've been pretty big for him to write you a note like this. 
Tammy: None of your business.

She snapped back at him, making his grin wider. Oh, he was enjoying this. He was enjoying this a lot

Aryan: (Feigning anger) Oh really, so it's your business when I'm annoyed, but not mine when you are?

She sighed, propping herself on a chair, C-A-R-E-F-U-L-L-Y putting the note in her bag.

Tammy: You're way too good at emotional blackmail.
Aryan: (Grinning) That I am.

He sat down on a chair, propping his arm on the head of Tammy's chair. This allowed for intimacy, which resulted in more spillage from people.

Aryan: So what's the problem.

A sudden thought dawned upon Tammy. Scowling, she faced Aryan again.

Tammy: So you know.
Aryan: (Confused) Know what?
Tammy: Oh, so you want me to play that game…
Aryan: What game?
Tammy: Fine, I'll play along.
Aryan: Play along with what?
Tammy: (Sighing, fakely) It's mamu, he's dumping his girlfriend because of us.
Aryan: (Surprised, genuinely) Oh…wow! That's…
Tammy: (Rolling her eyes) Are you done, can I go now?

He ran a hand through his hair, brutally biting at his lip to stop himself from retorting.

"The bet. The bet. I HAVE to remember the bet."

Taking a deep sigh, he tried to approach the matter in a rational, emotionless manner.

Aryan: Okay. First of, I genuinely did not know about your mamu. Second, what you did to your mamu was horrible and-
Tammy: (Sarcastic) Oh like you're on a high horse of morality. 

"Im on a higher horse than you, b****h."

He thought, as flashbacks from the few times he'd met Karan Banerjee played in his head. From his experience, he really loved his nieces…or Shreya at least.

Aryan: Yes…I agree, not the most moral person in the world. But, at least main apne mama ko-
Tammy: Shut up! 
Aryan: Why? Koi aur bolta hai toh itni problem hoti hai…apne aap kabhi nahi socha?

She stared at him with those big green eyes. 

"How does he know what I'm thinking?

Suddenly, his big, empty arrogant head seemed a little less airheaded. 

Tammy: Fine. So meri vajeh se mamu Aditi se break up kar rahe hain. So what can I do? I don't want to share him…
Aryan: (Clapping and laughing sarcastically) Very good! Well done! This man, who's been taking care of you since you were-
Tammy: How do you know that?
Aryan: I dated Shreya for a long time. (Waving hand) But that's not important. If your mamu can share you two with so many people, why can't you share him with just one?
Tammy: He hasn't shared us with-
Aryan: I think the whole school knows about Shreya's boyfriends…and as for you, I'm sure he would do the same.

Inwardly, she smiled. Oh, he'd made a mistake by saying those last few words. A very big mistake. Tammy could clearly see the loophole which would help her wriggle out of this strangely filmy, emotional situation. 

Tammy: (Feigning hurt) So you're saying I'm not pretty enough to have had a boyfriend?

She grinned at the sight of his terrified face. The confident, serious expression had been wiped clean off. He blinked, unable to decipher a way to appease her, and also not be over the top.

"You're more than just pretty, but how can I tell you that?"

He cleared his throat, launching attempt one in her direction.

Aryan: I didn't say that. I don't know whether you've had any boyfriends or not, which I'm sure you did have, as you're very pretty…but I'm trying to make a point here.

She scowled at him, unhappy that her attempt to walk away from the topic had been futile.

"Dammit! Does he have an answer for everything?!"

She mentally reprimanded herself for complimenting him, and decided to go with the fake, dumb act.

Tammy: (Batting her eyelashes) And what would your point be?

He frowned, unable to comprehend why she suddenly turned so stupid. As well as that, he couldn't understand why she was fluttering her lashes so violently.

Aryan: That you should be willing to share him if he's willing to share you. 
Tammy: Why do you care so much about this?

Random thoughts about his villain of a dad floated in his head. He shook it violently, as it was completely irrelevant, and scared him very much. 

"Wait a minute…why would she care about me caring. She hates me…"

Aryan: (Sudden realization) Oh. So you're trying to change the topic. Well…I must say, you really are very selfish.

She glowered at him, furious with his open and blatant remark about her behavior. It was truthful, but still…hurtful!

Tammy: I don't see how this any of your business anyway. I'll do whatever I want with my life.
Aryan: (Ignoring her remark) So…to sum it up, be willing to share him. And stop being so selfish!
Tammy: Why should I?
Aryan: Because…(chewing at lip, thoughtfully) everyone deserves love, and he does SO much for you. Just because you're scared…

Her eyes enlarged as he made that remark. He mentally hi-fived himself, his usual cocky demeanor back. 
"Girls are SO predictable."

Tammy: Again…why do you care so much?
Aryan: Because…I have a douchebag as a dad, and I really don't think you should take your amazing mamu for granted. He really deserves to be happy.
Tammy: (Smiling) Maybe you're not as big headed as I thought you were.
Aryan: Um..thankyou?
Tammy: (Sighing) Anyway Aryan, it's too late now, he's meeting her at 3:30, and we get home at four.

He blinked unable to believe what she had just said. Had she called him Aryan?! Steadying his excited emotions, he offered a solution.

Aryan: It's never too late, especially for a pranking genius like you. It's only (checks watch) twelve. At break you can escape. Just gotta cook up something with your scheming brain.
Tammy: (Grinning) You're right. I am a pranking genius.

He rolled his eyes. "Typical."

Tammy: Yeah…I think I'll do that. Thanks!

She got up, slinging her bag across one shoulder. He smiled at her, as she made her way across the classroom to talk to her sister.

Aryan rubbed his chin thoughtfully, happy with the progress he had made with her.

So…they had moved on to acknowledgments now…
———— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ————
Tammy: (Sighing) Shreya! We have to stop them!
Shreya: Shreya's sorry…she doesn't understand your crazy talk.
Tammy: (Rolling her eyes) I'm talking about mamu and Aditi. They can't break up.
Shreya: No way! Their break up is the first good that came from your tears.

Shreya's sidekicks (Suhana and Priyanka's) eyes widened at hearing the words tears in context to Tammy. 

To them, she had come across as the complete opposite of Shreya. A tough girl who didn't care much about stuff…maybe apart from art. Also pretty, but of course not as pretty as their best friend.

Tammy: NO! We have to do this!
Shreya: And why is that?
Tammy: (Frustrated) Because Aryan told me to!

Shreya raised her eyebrows up high, unsure of whether to laugh or not at her sister's stupidity.
As far as she knew, Aryan and Tammy equated into hatred. Pure and unmovable hatred.

Shreya: Shreya's sorry…what?!
Tammy: (Suddenly realizing what she'd said) Oh…I mean that he explained it to me. That if mamu is willing to share us then we should be willing to share him too.
Shreya: Shreya's sorry…who has he shared us with?
Tammy: Oh you see…
——— ——— ———— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——

Dhruv: I have this quality?!
Abhay: Yeah dude. There's just something.
Dhruv: And you all thought this?!

Aryan raised his hands up defensively.

Aryan: Not me. I have full faith in my brother. He'll get a girl.
Dhruv: (Smiling) Thanks bro. But…you guys really thought I was gay?

Abhay, Sid, Varun and Abhishekh all nodded simultaneously. Dhruv sighed, running a hand through his hair.

Dhruv: What is it about me guys? What makes me seem gay?
Abhay: (Shrugging) I dunno…let's ask Aryan…since he's the female expert anyway.

The five boys glanced at Aryan, who was staring at Tammy and Shreya talking. He smiled, as Tammy bit at her thumb, looking expectantly at Shreya. 

Abhay: Dude…am I sensing something. Do you like her?

Aryan rolled his eyes, turning to face Abhay.

Aryan: No. I'm just watching my master plan unfold. Actually, just my wise words take action.
Sid: Haha so funny! Your words are never wise, just a pain.

Aryan hit Sid hard on his hand, hoping that it hurt.

Abhay: (Interested) What did you tell her?
Aryan: Just…to solve her mamu's problem.
Abhishekh: What problem?

Aryan rolled his eyes, annoyed at his friend's nosiness.

Aryan: His mamu and his girlfriend were breaking up, and I told her to stop them.
Varun: (Confused) But…why would you care.
Aryan: (Annoyed) Because

He faltered, gulping on air. He knew the reason, but he didn't want to tell them. It would ruin his image. Happy guy…arrogant, but perfect. Perfect face, perfect body, perfect smile, perfect eyes, perfect life
Dhruv immediately grasped the reason for Aryan's silence. It had to be his father. He never opened that chapter at school, as was understandable. Being the goody two shoes that he was, Dhruv jumped to his brother's rescue.

Dhruv: Because of the bet…right Aryan?

Aryan blinked as if he hadn't heard anything.

Aryan: Uh…yeah…this might help me get closer to her…
Abhay: (Grinning) Genius man. You really are the ladies man.
—— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ———
Shreya: So…what does Shreya have to do.

Tammy grinned, mentally patting herself on her back for convincing her unmovable sister. She really was quite a convincer…

Tammy: Okay, I excuse myself from class, and then go in the bathroom.
Shreya: That's nice. But what does Shreya have to do in this.
Tammy: (Rolling her eye) You will get a phone call from mamu's office. 
Shreya: Oh…so you'll call mamu's office…

Tammy imitated banging a hammer on her forehead using a fist as she marveled at how Shreya even managed to scrape a decent B+ in her report card.

"I'm sure we're not related…"

Tammy: No genius, I'll pretend to be the office call. Okay…anyway, when I call you, you have to exclaim and act sad and all. And if anyone asks you after, tell them that mamu….(thinking, then idea) got hit by a car and is in the hospital.
Shreya: What?! That's horrible.
Tammy: Yeah…okay…anyway, and then just ask the receptionist for a leave slip, and we'll go to mamu.
Shreya: But we don't have the car.

Tammy grinned. She loved this part of the plan. Explaining it would give her nothing less than bliss.

Tammy: I know…we'll hail an auto.
Shreya: We'll take a WHAT?!
——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ———
Security guard: IDs please.

Frowning, Tammy shoved her ID in the gaurds face, trotting impatiently inside. After a few seconds, Shreya followed behind, already searching for her mamu.

Shreya: So…where could they be?

Tammy shrugged, cruising quickly through the large room of good looking people. They were all getting their 'touch-ups' and 'hair-lifts' and what nots.

Tammy groaned in disgust. She hated all these fake, made up dolls that posed in front of the camera. 

Shreya, on the other hand, loved everything about modeling. From the makeup to the outfits to posing in front of the camera. She was wide-eyed in awe everytime Karan took her along to a shoot. She had posed a few times herself, and had created an album with those snaps. 

…?: I…I think we should rethink our relationship…

Tammy's head spun around, as she, wide-eyed ran towards a tall pair in deep conversation.


The man turned around to face Tammy, a surprised and lost look on his face.

…?: (Raising eyebrows) I can't?

Tammy's mouth fell open, as she realized that she had just shouted at complete strangers. The girl turned around, expressing relief and gratitude in a fluster of words.

Biting her lip, Tammy tried to smoothen out the confusing and partially awkward scenario.

Tammy: Oh…wrong person…I'm sorry…carry along…and happy breakup. 

She turned on her heel, closing her eyes and praying to god that the woman with the hopeful eyes wouldn't call out to her for help.

…?:I…I think we should rethink our relationship.

Rolling her eyes, Tammy walked faster to get away from the "breakup scene"

…?: (Female voice) You're right….I really think we should Karan.

She backtracked, spinning around and running in a hasty procession. 


The man turned to face her, and this time, Tammy mentally thumped her back. Karan raised his eyebrows, surprised at his niece's surprise visit. The same niece that always groaned when she was asked to come with Karan to his shoots. 

Karan: Uh…hello?

Tammy grinned, walking up to Aditi. Shreya ran behind her, thumping Tammy gently on her back.

Shreya: (Whispering) Well done. You found her…

Smiling Tammy turned to face the "victim" in the whole drama. During the auto ride, she had pictured it all in her mind. Her mamu being the criminal, Aditi being the victim and her being the defense lawyer who saves the day. It was like one of those "Law and Order" episodes in real life…

Karan: Um…Tammy?

She blinked back into reality, smiling slightly at her crazy ideas.  Aditi eyed her with a little remorse and apprehension. 

Tammy: (Glancing at Aditi) Uh…I'm…I'm sorry?

Aditi frowned, unsure whether her soon to be ex-boyfriend's niece came all the way to play a practical joke. 

Tammy: Oh god…I know you're upset…really upset but…(through clenched teeth) you tell her Shreya.

Tammy poked Shreya in her tailbone, painfully shoving her forward. Fiercely ignoring the pain, Shreya cleared her throat and launched into a decent apology.

Shreya: You see…we were being selfish by thinking that mamu only belongs to us. Now we've realized that he doesn't, because…(biting lip as if remembering something) because…

She faltered, unable to remember the rest of the speech that had Tammy forcibly made her recite over and over again in the auto ride. Tammy cut in, cursing under her breath about Shreya's lack of preparation.

Tammy: Because if he's willing to share us, then we should be willing to share him. 

She scanned the expressions of the people in front of her, trying to determine whether her sentence was profound and deep enough for her and Shreya to be forgiven.

Aditi: (Frowning) I…if this is a joke then please save me the pain…I don't have enough strength-
Tammy: But it's not!
Shreya: Don't you see…we really mean it! Give us...give us one last chance. 
Aditi looked at Karan, who wasstaring at his two nieces with a proud smile. The three were perfect together, they didn't need another person in the picture.

Aditi: (Sighing) We never really…bonded. And I don't see our (points to Karan, then to her) relationship going anywhere if I can't even have a nice bond with his two nieces.
Tammy: (Frowning, frustrated) Just because we made same stupid, selfish mistakes, you're punishing mamu?! He's not us!
Shreya: And we'll try again…one last time…please.

Aditi stared at their soft, young faces. Their big green eyes were filled with intense apologizies. How could you say no to such big green eyes?

Aditi: Why are you guys doing this? I thought you hated me…
Shreya: (Grinning) I did…but then my logical mind realized that I was judging you before I got to know you.

Smiling, Aditi turned to Tammy, her eyebrows quirked up in questioning.

Tammy: (Smiling, as if remembering) Because someone reminded me that everyone deserves love. Especially someone who loves usso,(takes Karan's hand, squeezing it) so much.

Aditi smiled, her feelings finally overpowering her calculating brain. She bent over to hug the two girls, then turned to Karan, a hint of fear in her eyes. 

Karan's serious face broke into a huge, cheeky grin. He bent over, gently caressing her lips with his.

Shreya: (Folding hands together, smiling) Awww!!
Tammy: Oh WOW! Still not ready for that..!

Laughing, Aditi and Karan broke from the kiss, and turned to face the two curly haired teenagers.
Karan, Shreya and Tammy stared at one another, then broke into fits of laughter, running to hug each other.Karan stroked Tammy and Shreya's hair, planting a kiss on both of their heads. 

Karan: (Whispering) Thank you.

As they broke off, a misty eyed Aditi started questioning the two girls.

Aditi: So…we should spend a girl's day out. Really plan it and all.

Shreya clapped her hands together, an ecstatic expression on her face. 

Shreya: Oh yes! We should totally start planning now.

Aditi offered her arm to Shreya, who linked hers with Aditi's. Giggling, the two walked away, excitedly talking about their plans.

Karan turned to Tammy, his eyebrows stretching across his face, causing creases to appear.

Karan: So…who's this someone who told you to come here.
Tammy: (Smiling) Oh…just a friend. A good friend.
—— ——— ——— ————— ———— ——— ——— —— ——— ———
Hello all my wonderful readers!!
So, so sorry for keeping you guys waiting for long...I just had a lot on my plate. 
Please don't get angry...and please do read this.
I know it's a little fast paced, but I needed to get this over with, so we could move on to Tammy/Aryan and Shreya/Dhruv tracks...
Okay, thankyou SO much for waiting, I love you all for your patience!
And don't forget to read and comment  :)

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ridzzi Goldie

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Posted: 05 January 2013 at 7:04pm | IP Logged
wow such a sweet part sweety...well anai will post my cmt within 2-3 days...i hv my own reason for not commenting right now n also wanted to give a long cmt that's why not right now...
but why everyone is considering dhruv as gay man...really funny...
luv u... :-)


well well well here i m again,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,what to say such a sweet part...
loved karan hard trying to convince his two niece...n my god again they did the same with aditi...n tammy cried ho...kaise... 
n aryan haye...he actually suggested tammy about karan n aditi's relation but all just for a bet...a stupid bet...
but no it can't be as he too was happy seeing her smile...  
n tell me one thing why everyone is considering dhruv as a gay...Confused...i mean tammy was actually their to ask him not to be with shreya couz he is a gay...i swear i was laughing like an idiot reading that whole part...LOL
n at last whatever tammy did was right...absolutaly right,even karan was  feeling very proud on both his niece...
n now everything is fine,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i mean aditi was convienced by tammy n shreya n she is not going to leave karan...
but tammy's whole part for searching karan n stoping him from breaking up with aditi was really funny...i mean in hurry she shouted but unfortunately for someone else...LOL
n at last everything is fine...n now waiting for tammy-aryan n dhruv-shreya part...  Day Dreaming
n please this time don't consider dhruv as a gay...seriously man...warna shreya soucide kar legi...Ouch
update soon...
luv u...     Smile

Edited by ridzzi - 09 January 2013 at 6:36am
shruja IF-Dazzler

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thanks for update n pm
sorry for late reply!!
awesome update!!!
AY_candy_luver IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 February 2013 at 1:15pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ridzzi

wow such a sweet part sweety...well anai will post my cmt within 2-3 days...i hv my own reason for not commenting right now n also wanted to give a long cmt that's why not right now...
but why everyone is considering dhruv as gay man...really funny...
luv u... :-)


well well well here i m again,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,what to say such a sweet part...
loved karan hard trying to convince his two niece...n my god again they did the same with aditi...n tammy cried ho...kaise... 
n aryan haye...he actually suggested tammy about karan n aditi's relation but all just for a bet...a stupid bet...
but no it can't be as he too was happy seeing her smile...  
n tell me one thing why everyone is considering dhruv as a gay...Confused...i mean tammy was actually their to ask him not to be with shreya couz he is a gay...i swear i was laughing like an idiot reading that whole part…LOL haha! Have you seen FRIENDS? I kinda got it from there, where everyone thinks Chandler has this quality that makes him appear gay… :P
n at last whatever tammy did was right...absolutaly right,even karan was  feeling very proud on both his niece...
n now everything is fine,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i mean aditi was convienced by tammy n shreya n she is not going to leave karan...
but tammy's whole part for searching karan n stoping him from breaking up with aditi was really funny...i mean in hurry she shouted but unfortunately for someone else...LOL
n at last everything is fine...n now waiting for tammy-aryan n dhruv-shreya part...  Day Dreaming
n please this time don't consider dhruv as a gay...seriously man...warna shreya soucide kar legi…Ouch Haha! No worries. He isn't gay… Promise. 
update soon...
luv u...     Smile

Thanks for your comment. Me in red
AY_candy_luver IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by shruja

thanks for update n pm
sorry for late reply!!
awesome update!!!

Thanks for your comment. Me in red :)

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