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Life ke Side Effects-An RTMC FF-chapter 7 posted (Page 3)

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Posted: 16 August 2012 at 12:49pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ridzzi

amazing super amazing Aww thanks :)
tammy n aryan good man plz make them together for music,i will like to see aryan teaching music to tam Well…you'll have to wait and see if they will :) but one thing i didn't understood that why shreya n tam always fight with each other,they didn't like each other ? Yeah, they're complete opposites, so they get on each other's nerves a lot. 
n dhruv gay ?,is they all r mad n shreya actually like dhruv oh so cute AHAHAHA NOOO! Dhruv is not gay. He's just super shareef. n now arya is actually going to ask tam for out n that too for one week that will be fun to see
n liked karan n aditi scenes n mamu bhanji talks too Thanks. I'm glad you did! :)
update soon
luv u   :-)

Hey, thanks for your comment. Me in purple

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Originally posted by sultanahabeeb

well aryan nd tammy together for a week wow
thanks for up
looking forward for the next up

THanks for your comment. Glad you liked it. Will try and update soon! :)

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Taking great care to be quiet, he tiptoed to her bedroom. Carefully, he walked over to her bed, making sure the floorboards didn't creak. He smiled as he saw the adorable expression on her sleeping face. She had her hand tucked under her neck, like she always did. This innocent profile of his niece always brightened his day. 

Karan: Wake up. It's eleven.

Groaning, his neice shuffled in her bed, turning in the other direction.

Karan: Tammy…it's eleven.
Tammy: (Mumbling) So?
Karan:  So? So…you have to get up.
Tammy: It's a Saturday mamu.
Karan: Tammy…abhi utho, varna…varna…varna I'll get the bucket.

Tammy shot up, a look of terror clearly written across her face. 

Tammy: (Shocked) You wouldn't.
Karan: You know very well that I would. 
Tammy: You are evil
Karan: (Laughing) Of course I am. 

Karan whistled loudly, grinning at a confused Tammy. Almost immediately a floppy, black Labrador rushed into the room. With his pink tongue hanging out, and his ears flying everywhere, he jumped into Tammy's lap. 

Tammy exclaimed in delight, showering the dog with a thousand kisses.

Tammy: Coco! Baby! I missed you so much! 

In response, the wagging Coco licked Tammy all over her face. Giggling Tammy bent over to hug her uncle. He smiled, wrapping his hands around her shoulders. This was why he had ventured into "the cave of the lion" (an inside joke Shreya shared with him about Tammy's room) so early in the morning.

Tammy: (Retrieving from hug) Yeh itne jaldi kaise aaya?
Karan: (Grinning mischievously) Let's just say…tumhari dadi ab budhi ho rahi hai.

Tammy laughed, hugging her large Labrador. 

Shreya: (Shrieking, from the distance) MAMU!

Sighing, Karan got up, hastily making his way out of the room. Shaking her head in bemusement, Tammy propped up from the bed, walking slowly to her walk-in closet. 

*beep beep*

Curiously, she turned around to see the source of the noise. It had come from Karan's phone, which was sitting on a table.
She quickly picked it up. 

You have one new message

Pressing a button, she quickly scanned through the short message. 

Hey. So excited about tonight. Can't wait to meet your girls!

Aditi? It rang a bell in her ears. Aditi…Aditi…Aditi…

Her mind rewinded to the message. 

Love, Aditi…

Tammy frowned. Surely…it was…

A question ran through her mind.

But why did mamu invite her home?
——— —— ——— ——— ——— ——— ———
At the Bedi's 

Taking a deep breath, Aryan delicately stepped into Dhruv's room. He glanced at his brother, who was, as usual, busy with some paperwork. With great effort, Aryan put on his biggest smile, and in his sweetest voice started speaking. 

Aryan: (In a sweet, innocent voice) Heey bro. Hope you're having a good morning. One you deserve, because you are the sweetest, most intelligent and organized person in the world. And also the most amazing brother e-

Dhruv looked up from his pile of papers, an irritated expression planted across his face. He cocked up an eyebrow, recognizing the tone of his brother's voice.

Dhruv: (Sighing, irritated) What do you want Aryan?

Aryan was surprised. He hadn't expected his brother to catch on so fast. He had a few more compliments, and a lot more overacting in mind. He decided he would play along, just for a bit.

Aryan: (Innocently) Me? Why nothing brother. Mujhe mere Ram ke samaan bhaiji se kya chahiye…

Dhruv sighed. He was really impatient when Aryan started with his dramatics.

Dhruv: Look Aryan. I'm really busy. So cut the crap…and jo chahiye maang lo.
Aryan: (Smiling cheekily) I was wondering, do you have any plans with…your friends?
Dhruv: (Frowning) Kyun? Wait…which "friend" are you talking about?
Aryan: Yeah…actually…um…tumhare voh friend…Tamanna…

Dhruv snorted at his uncomfortably composed question. He resisted the temptation to laugh, and pretended to think for a looong time.

Dhruv: (Pondering) Hmm...let's see…today…may-be.
Aryan: (Sweating a bit) Well…kya main aa sakta hoon?
Dhruv: Well…I mean….NO! 
Aryan: (Bewildered) Why? 
Dhruv: Oh I don't know. Maybe because…SHE HATES YOU! 
Aryan: Isilye toh main tumhare saath jaana chahta hoon. Taaki…taaki we can be friends. All together.

At the words "all together" Aryan drew a circle with his fingers, making the situation comically dramatic. 
Dhruv cocked up an eyebrow, knowing only too well that Aryan never wanted to be "friends" with someone who insulted him. 

Dhruv: Real reason kya hai? 
Aryan: Yahi toh real reas-
Dhruv: Seriously Aryan. I'm your brother. Tell me…real reason hai kya?
Aryan: (Sighing, in defeat) I made a bet with Abhay…
Dhruv: (Sighing) Please don't tell me…
Aryan: I have to date her by the end of this semester, or else he gets to post that photo.
Dhruv: Which photo?
Aryan: The one from Christmas last year.
Dhruv: Oh god!
Aryan: Exactly! You understand! Toh tum meri help karoge na?
Dhruv: No, no, no. No way! Tammy meri friend hai, aur use hurt karne ke liye, main kisi ki help nahi karunga.
Aryan: Sure you don't like her?
Dhruv: Please Aryan, shut up.
Aryan: Oh yeah. Sorry. You like Shreya.
Dhruv: (Ignoring the comment, walking to telephone) Vaise thanks for reminding me. We had plans today.

Aryan smiled, sitting down on Dhruv's bed. 

Aryan: Put it on speaker phone.
Dhruv: (Indignantly) NO! 

Aryan eyed the universal remote (A/N: It's made up, please bear with it) he had placed near Dhruv's lamp only yesterday. Grinning mischievously, he pressed the speakerphone button (with a little green telephone on it) and laid back to listen to the conversation.
——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ———
The phone rang loudly and shrilly, resonating annoyingly in the spacious living room. Tammy looked up from the gossip magazine she was reading, throwing an expectant look at her sister.

Shreya rolled her eyes, pointing her manicured finger at her newly pedicured toenails. The phone rang repeatedly, causing Tammy to unhappily leave her amazingly comfortable seat on the couch.

Tammy: (Picking up the phone, irritated) Hello?

On the other side of the line, Aryan smiled, as Dhruv spoke.

Dhruv: Hi Tammy. It's Dhruv.

Tammy grinned to herself, putting the phone on speakerphone and purposely talking very, very loudly.

Tammy: (Practically shouting) Hi DHRUV! How ARE YOU?

Dhruv retreated a little from the phone, a disturbed expression on his face. Aryan rolled his eyes, the whacked out chick was so hard to figure out.

On the other side of the line, Shreya's ears perked up at Dhruv's name. Without any second thoughts, she was up on her feet and hobbling on her ankles at lighting speed.

Dhruv: Uh…fine…are you free today…yah fir plans cancel karle?

On the other side, Shreya finally reached the phone, and panting, put on her sweetest and most lady like voice.

Shreya: (Panting) Hi Dhruv! 

On the other side of the line, Aryan burst into loud, obnoxious peals of laughter. Dhruv had very deep frowns etched into his forhead, his expression confused.
Tammy frowned as she heard the laughter, but decided not to ask Dhruv about it.

Dhruv: (Unsure) Uh…is that…Shreya?

The huge smile on Shreya's face made Tammy burst into giggles. It was stretching further than the width of her face! The red was creeping up in her cheeks as well, making it very difficult for Tammy to bite back a cynical comment.

Shreya: (Blushing profusely now) How…how'd you know?
Dhruv: (Confused) I….I…don't know. I just…felt it.

Shreya's blush deepened, making her cheeks look unnaturally flushed. Tammy and Aryan snorted from both sides.

Dhruv: (Uncomfortable, trying to change topic) So Tammy…is today okay?
Tammy: Uh…actually, today is not a great day.

Dhruv heaved in a sigh of relief. He knew Aryan had some master scheme formulating in his brain already. One way or another, he would have convinced Dhruv to let him come to Tammy's house. And that, would have been….a little more than disturbingly uncomfortable.

Tammy: (Laughing) Guess you didn't want to hang out today..?
Dhruv:'s not's just…(menacingly) family ties. 

Shreya glared at Tammy. She knew very well that Tammy was saying no to Dhruv just to annoy her.

Shreya: (Furious) NO! NO! Today is PERECT! Why is today bad? (Gritting teeth) Tammy is just shy!
Tammy: Please…meri desperate, freakish sister ko excuse karo. We have a family commitment today.
Shreya: Shut up Tammy! And you HAVE to come Dhruv. There's no such thing...ignore her mumbo jumbo about family commit-
Tammy: For god's sake! Shut up! Mamu invited her girlfriend over for dinner!
Shreya: Oh god! Tumne mujhe bataya kyun nahi.
Tammy: Kyunki bimbo, tum aur tumhari "girlfriends" koi stupid harkatain kar rahin thi. Plus, this is a private family matter. 
Shreya: My angels are totally trustworthy. You-
Tammy: I'm sorry…did you just say….angels (bursts out in laughter) That's the funniest thing since your stupid Angelina ballerina performance!
Shreya: (Flushed, embarresed) For your information, it was Swan Lake, and it's a nice name for-
Tammy: Yeah! Totally! Agar kisi ko embarrass karna hai tab it's a nice name, tum kya-
Shreya; Listen you-
Dhruv: (Amused) So…I'll see you guys on Monday?
Tammy: Yup.
Shreya: Thanks for calling.
Tammy: Have fun doing…whatever.
Dhruv: (Chuckling) You too. And good luck for tonight.
Shreya: Really sorry we couldn't-


Tammy: (Sighing) Shreya, we have to do something about tonight. 
—— ———— ———— ——— ——— ——— ——— ———
A few hours later, the Banerjee house

Karan descended the tall, marble staircase with a lot of poise. As he reached the living room, he coughed loudly to make his presence be acknowledged.  

His two nieces glanced up from the hugely interesting T.V programme they were watching. Tammy wolf whistled as  Karan ran a flimsy hand through his hair.

Tammy: Wow! Mamu, since when did you start looking…handsome?
Shreya: (Rolling her eyes) Ignore her. Aap bohot acche lag rahe hain.
Karan: (Nervously adjusting his jacket) Really?
Tammy: (Sarcastically) Nahi mamu, hum toh sirf jhoot bol rahe the. Kyunki hume jhoot bolna ka shauk hai…like you just love dressing up at (checks watch) 9:30 on a Saturday night, just for fun!
Karan: Okay okay…no need to become so sarcastic…
Tammy: (Turning back to T.V) So…kaun aa raha hai?
Shreya: Obviously someone special.
Tammy: Yeah…like the new designer he's working with…his girlfriend…a famous person or…I dunno…his (turns to face Karan, menacingly) girlfriend.
Karan: (Sighing, sitting on sofa) How'd you know?
Tammy: Let me tell you about this amazing instrument called a mobile phone. This instrument receives magical things called texts.
Karan: Okay baba…I'm sorry naa…I was scared ki-

The doorbell rang loudly just at that moment. Wiping a bead of sweat from his forehead, Karan got up from his seat.

Karan: Please don't mess this up guys…

Sighing loudly, he went to receive his very special guest. Tammy glanced at his retreating profile, and making sure he was far away, took out a huge sheet of paper. 

Tammy: So…I've written all our stages for this plan here.
Shreya: Okay. Toh, pehla stage kya hai.
Tammy: (Grinning) Let me give you a full, detailed explanation for each stage.

(A/N: Imagine there's a transition, shifting from that scene to the actual phase of the plan, like in movies. Tammy's the voiceover while the following events occur.)

Tammy: (Voiceover) So…hum politely baat karenge, taaki mamu thoda relax ho jaye. Aur jab dinner ki baat aayegi, toh tum….

(Scene blurs into focus) 
Karan, Aditi, Tammy and Shreya were all sitting together on the sofas in the living room. They all seemed to be having a good time, laughing and conversing peacefully.

Shreya: Oh wow! It's almost ten. Shreya aur Tammy abhi dinner le aate hain.
Aditi : (Smiling at Karan) They are just angels ! No wonder tum apne nieces se itna pyaar karte ho.
Shreya: Come on Tammy. Help Shreya with the food. 
(Scene blurs out of focus)

Tammy: (Voiceover) Aur, phir hum dinner lene jaayenge. By this point, mamu should be totally relaxed. And jab voh dono dining table par aayenge…

(Scene blurs into focus)

Karan picked up his glass of water, laughing at what Aditi had just said. 

Aditi: I must say…tumne apna ghar bohot beautifully furnish kiya hai…

Karan smiled, politely acknowledging the compliment. The girls walked in, Tammy carrying lasagna, and Shreya carrying salad. As they set it on the table, Tammy smilingly started talking. Karan started drinking from his glass.

Tammy: I hope you like it. Maine khud banaya hain.

Karan coughed violently on his water, his eyes bulging out of their sockets. 

Aditi: (Rubbing his back) Are you okay?

Karan nodded, glaring at Tammy. 

Tammy: He just really loves my cooking. 
Aditi: Great! I can't wait to try it!

Aditi made to get a helping of the lasagna, only to be rudely pushed away by a flushed Shreya.

Shreya: Please! Let us serve you.

(Scene blurs out of focus)

Tammy: (Voiceover) Aur jab tum Aditi ko serve karogi toh….tum accidently food uske dress pe drop kar dogi. And this can only mean…

(Scene blurs into focus)

Aditi shrieked as the large lump of lasagna dripped down her dress. 

Shreya: Oh god!! Shreya's so very sorry! Shreya really didn't mean to do that!
Aditi: (Sighing, wiping on stain) It's okay. Tumne purposely toh nahi kiya…
Tammy: God Shreya! How clumsy! Come with me, I'll give you a change of clothes.
Aditi: Oh no…that's not necessary. Bus…bathroom…
Shreya: No Aditi, Shreya absolutely insists! You have to let us do this. 

(Scene blurs out of focus) 

Tammy: (Voiceover) And by the time Aditi is changed, mamu will be the absolute opposite of relaxed….

(Scene blurs into focus)

Karan: Um…Aditi…can I talk to you for a minute.
Aditi: (Confused) Sure..
Karan: Outside…

(Scene blurs out of focus)

Tammy: (Voiceover) And we both know mamu will take her to the backyard. That's where the oil will work….

(Scene blurs into focus)

Karan took Aditi, as expected, to the backyard. There, he quietly started talking to her, while walking at the same time.

Karan: So as I was saying….my nieces are a little-

Aditi slipped on the ground, dangerously close to the swimming pool. Exasperated, Karan bent down to pull her up. Unfortunately, this only caused Aditi to be pushed forward, right into the swimming pool.

(Scene blurs out of focus)

Tammy: (Voiceover) Uske baad toh pakka, bye bye Aditi. (Shreya giggles) 

(Scene blurs into focus)

Aditi: (Dripping wet) I really think I should go… 
Karan: I'm so sorry…let me drop you…
Aditi: (Puts her hand up)No…it's okay…I'll go by myself

(Scene blurs out of focus)

Tammy: (Voiceover) And when she walks across the garden….

(Scene blurs into focus)

Aditi's high pitched shriek made Karan jump out of the beach chair. Even in the dark night, the sound of the sprinklers was clear and audible. Panicking, Karan rushed to help his lady love.

(Scene shifts to the dining room)

Tammy and Shreya laughed loudly as they heard the shriek. 

Shreya: You are a pranking genius! 
Tammy: (Bowing) Thankyou, thankyou!
Shreya: But…I have a couple of questions…
Tammy: (Shrugging) Shoot…
Shreya: Okay…first of…yeh khaana itna accha kaise hai…I mean, if you cooked it…
Tammy: (Grinning) I didn't cook it. I just said that so mamu would freak out…and he'd be too busy coughing…so he won't stop us from serving the food.
Shreya: Wow! Brilliant! Okay…next…how'd you know mamu wasn't going to slip on the oil?
Tammy: When mamu wants to impress someone, he wears his Gucci shoes. His Gucci shoes have amazing grip, so there's no chance of him slipping on cooking oil.
Shreya: You just keep getting better and better! Ok…ok…last question…how did the sprinklers turn on?
Tammy: Easy. I set it to that time.
Shreya: You timed everything?
Tammy: Perfectly.

Giggling, Shreya and Tammy high fived. 

At that moment, Karan entered the room, dripping from head to toe, a furious expression on his face.

Karan: (Forced calm) Go up to your rooms.
Tammy: Hey mamu…listen…we were just trying to break the ice…start a new friend-
Karan: (Coldly) You two are grounded. Now GO!

Tammy opened her mouth to protest, but thought better of it at the sight of Karan's blood red eyes and narrowed brow. His clenched jaw didn't seem to make the situation appear any better.

Sighing, Tammy and Shreya trudged upstairs, their faces hung down low. 

As they walked to their separate rooms, Shreya hissed menacingly at Tammy.

Shreya: Thanks a lot Tammy! Is week Jay ki party thi. Shreya was so excited to go. But tumhare stupid plan ke vajeh se, Shreya will miss it.

Tammy slammed her door in Shreya's face as a retort. 
—— ——— ———— ——— ——— ——— ———
Okay. Hope you enjoyed this chapter guys. If you have any questions about the chapter...something that confused u...please ask, I'll try my best to answer them. Also, I have to tell you people I wrote this around two years ago, so the writing is really bad. But I promise the quality improves as the story goes on :)

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sultanahabeeb Groupbie

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Posted: 27 August 2012 at 1:43pm | IP Logged
wow wow wow hamare tammy to perfect prankster hai 
amaizing nd full of masti dear  nd aryan wow apne ram saman bhaiji ki tarref pe tareef kar rahe hai
lovely lovely up 
waiting for more
anu93 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 August 2012 at 8:31am | IP Logged
Awesome part  dearClap
ridzzi Goldie

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Posted: 29 August 2012 at 1:15am | IP Logged
super part
poor aryan was trying very had for the bet n dhruv knew what kinda his brother is that's why he is not helping him but i think dhruv should help him otherwise unki lovestory ka kya hoga
n their convo...ha ha ha...funny man...shreya toh dhruv pe puri flat h
n then aditi...yaar they shouldn't hv done that with her,if she is behaving nice then they should also...i mean they can only pretend to be happy just for their mamu,he is doing a lot for them so they should also
ud soon
luv u
aamirkhanfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 August 2012 at 10:28am | IP Logged
nice part
sweetsanyo IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 31 August 2012 at 11:08pm | IP Logged
cmnts on rtw...
already as albatross

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