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Life ke Side Effects-An RTMC FF-chapter 7 posted (Page 2)

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First day

The limo pulled into the parking lot of Shaurya High. Immediately, the two fifteen year old girls scrambled out of the vehicle, pushing and scratching one another in an attempt to exit first. As they entered into the main office of the school, the one with the hot pink handbag started talking, something in her voice spelling ATTITUDE in capital letters.

Shreya: Listen, if you need any help, please don't ask Shreya. Shreya has a rep to protect, and tumhara huliya dekh ke, everyone will be shocked to see you even approach Shreya. 

The girl who had been addressed rolled her eyes. 

They were a gorgeous pair of eyes. Emerald green, soft and warm at sight, and sharp and attentive while observing. They were reasonably large, almond shaped eyes, with long, naturally curled eyelashes. To accentuate their beauty, the girl had underlined it with a thin layer of eyeliner. They looked especially beautiful when she smiled, laughed or made any other extreme gestures. Right then, they looked cold, with a hint of anger just in the corners. 

Tammy: Please! If the world only had monkeys and you and me as human beings, I would ask the monkeys for help.

Shreya scowled at Tammy darkly, distorting her beautifully made up features.

Shreya: Very funny. Agar aisi intelligence class mein use ki, then you'll go straight to the principal's office.
Tammy: Like you would care. 
Shreya: True, but mamu would. 
Tammy: (Rolling eyes again) What. Ever.

With an air of being more superior, Tammy walked away from her sister.

Shreya: Welcome desk is the other way!
Tammy: I totally knew that! I was just...going to...check out the whole school…

Aryan slipped on his sunglasses as the car stopped outside the building. Dhruv shook his head. It was outrageously funny how conceited his brother was. Almost like a girl. Simultaneously, the two brothers stepped out of the sleek black sports car, immediately being surrounded by girls. 

Dhruv shyly smiled at them, whispering something to Aryan. Nodding, Aryan fist punched his brother (which was equivalent to a guy hug) and turned his complete attention to the girls. Smiling fondly at his brother, Dhruv slithered away from the crowd, walking towards the class he had first period. 

The bell rung soon enough, and reluctantly, the girls parted. Aryan started scanning the hallway. He wasn't too bothered about going to class. His eye caught the sight of a female. She was chewing gum, and looked reasonably attractive, although it was hard to tell, as she had her head bent, poring over a bunch of papers.

Smiling cheekily, he slipped his sunglasses on.

Aryan: (To himself) Someone girlfriend of the day has been discovered.

With attitude in every step, Aryan walked up to the girl, and in a pretty manly voice, greeted her.

Aryan: Hi.

The girl didn't look up, but popped her bubble, as if in reply.A little surprised, Aryan frowned, but tried again. This time, with the help of the quintessential romantic item, a single red rose.

Aryan: Hi. My name's Aryan.

The girl looked up. She had earphones plugged in her ears. That would explain why she couldn't hear him. She frowned at the sight of the boy who was smiling widely at her. Cautiously, she removed an earphone from her ear.

...?: Sorry...what'd you say?

The tinge of an American accent in her voice was unmistakable. She was prettier than he had estimated. Beautiful black, luscious hair, large green almond shaped eyes, long, tanned legs and a petite waist.

Aryan: (Offering rose) Care for any help?

The girl's frown grew deeper on her face. She ignored the rose, and eyed the boy thoughtfully. She was good at analyzing people, and the guy standing in front of her looked like...quite airheaded douche bag.  

...?: Sorry...I don't take help from douche bags.

She walked away, still poring over the printed paper. Aryan frowned, not liking the attitude of the girl. Nevertheless, he decided to have one last try, as the girl was…pretty.He walked up to her, blocking her way. He offered her the rose again.

Aryan: You're new.
...?: I think I figured out that part by myself.
Aryan: I could help you...maybe give you a personal tour of the school…
...?: (Mad) Oh are you going to help me?! (Sarcsatic) Oh! I know! You could use this little rose of yours. It must have magical properties! You can sprinkle the fairy dust over this dump and make it a place actually worth staying in! 

Aryan stammered, utterly bewildered at the weirdness of the girl.

...?: Can you do that?
Aryan: WHAT?!
...?: Didn't think so. Now if you don't mind...please move...I don't want to start my day in this dump by seeing a dumpier face.
Aryan: HEY! I'll have you know, I'm the most wanted guy in this school!
...?: Hmm...girls must be woefully lacking a proper sense of judgment in this school then.

Before Aryan could retort, a girl in a green shirt and ponytail came running to both of them. 

Girl: (Panting) Tamanna?
Tammy: (Frowning) Uh…yeah...
Girl: (Extending arm) Hi...I'm Julia...
Tammy: (Shaking arm) Uh...nice to meet you.
Julia: I'm gonna be your guide tell me where your first class is.

And like that, the two girls walked away from Aryan, leaving him feeling a little confused, and completely convinced that the two were in need of a therapist. I mean...look at him...he was a fine specimen of a guy.

Tammy: So this is Math?
Julia: Yeah! Go ahead, I have to run to my Spanish class.
Tammy: Thanks so much man, you saved me from that jack ass.
Julia: Yeah...Aryan has a reputation of being a kind of Casanova.

Tammy snorted, still unable to believe that a guy so stupid could be liked by anyone. 

Tammy: (Muttering) This school is seriously lacking in good looking guys.
Julia: (Laughing) See you after Math.

Smiling, Tammy entered the class. The teacher looked up from the board, staring at Tammy.

Teacher: Yes?

Nonchalantly, Tammy handed a note to the teacher. Nodding the teacher turned to the class.

Teacher: Class, this is a new student. Miss..?
Tammy: Tammy.
Teacher: Maine pet name nahi poocha. Full name?
Tammy: (Rolling eyes) Tamanna.
Teacher: Ok Tamanna, uh...go sit next to….Dhruv right there.

The teacher pointed to an empty seat near the back of the class. Shrugging her shoulders, Tammy went and sat next a good looking boy, who smiled at her.

Dhruv: (Extending hand) Dhruv.
Tammy: (Shaking it)Tammy.
Dhruv: So, aap isse pehle kis school mein thi?
Tammy: Boarding Chicago...
Dhruv: How come?
Tammy: My uncle and sister got pretty fed up of me...thought they should ship me away.

Dhruv laughed uncertainly, unsure whether it was a joke or not.

Dhruv: So how come you came here?
Tammy: Mamu started missing me, so he just called me back. 

The teacher turned to face the class, directing her eyes to Tammy.

Teacher: So Tamanna, since your new, why don't you tell us... what kind of math were you doing in your old school?
Tammy: (Propping legs on a stool) Numbers and...stuff...

The teacher noticed the legs almost immediately, and a deep frown appeared on her face.

Teacher: Please take your feet off the stool. This is not your living room.  
Tammy: (Cooly) Miss, if this was my living room, I would be asleep by now.

The class burst into a fit of laughter. Dhruv smiled himself, although usually he would have been more restrained. The teacher silenced them with one stroke of her hand. 

The look her face indicated big trouble to Tammy. Sighing, Tammy started picking up her bag, but was interrupted by the teacher.

Teacher: Since you are new, this behavior will be tolerated. But only for today. Dhruv, please tell her how to behave in my class, and Tamanna, make sure you don't do this again.

Giving the two a stern look, the teacher turned her back away and started explaining the math problem on the board, again.A few moments passed laboriously. The class was deathly silent. A fact that Tammy was unable to comprehend. Abruptly the classroom door banged open, and in entered an unruly boy, panting miserably.The teacher frowned at the boy in a disapproving manner.

Teaher: Siddharth. Late on the first day of school...not a good first impression.
Sid: (Huffing) Sorry ma'am. I had to get-
Teacher: Doesn't matter, go sit next to Priya. 

Nodding, the boy went and took his place right in between Priya and Dhruv. Shaking her head bemusedly, the teacher turned back to the board for the second time. Sid turned to Dhruv, and animatedly started chatting with him.  

Sid: Hey Dhruv, how were your holidays?
Dhruv: Pretty good. Yours?
Sid: Awesome! My cousin Samira visited us, and she brought a couple of her hot friends along with her.

Sid winked mischievously at Dhruv, and turned his attention to the "oh so pretty" girl sitting next to him.

Dhruv: What are you doing?
Tammy: Throwing spitballs at the teacher.

Immediately Sid's head spun around. His eyes grew wide as he saw the extremely attractive girl sitting next to Dhruv commencing to throw spit balls at the teacher. 

Sid:'re a prankster?

Pausing momentarily, the girl turned to face Sid, an eyebrow cocked up high.

Tammy: It's one of my passions.
Sid: (Grinning) Awesome! Mujhe bhi pranks khelne bohot pasand hai. 
Tammy: Really? Can you help me to know the level of irratance of this teacher. Taaki main isko annoy kar sakoon, and I don't get expelled or something.
Sid: Sure, but let me tell you, spit balls don't effect her. Her neck is already really clammy.

Tammy laughed appreciatively at the boy's comment. She liked people who had the guts to insult teachers and play pranks on them.Sid eyed the clock placed perfectly on the wall. Only one minute of class left. Grinning, he took out what appeared to be a homemade catapult, and turned to Tammy.

Sid: Watch this.

Quickly, he inserted a long pencil in the catapult and aimed for the jug of water on the teacher's desk. Closing one eye, he dispatched the pencil. It knocked down the jug of water, making the teacher jump in surprise. She turned around with a deep frown on her face, just as the bell rang. 
Giggling, Tammy and Sid got up at the same time, running out of the classroom as fast as they could. 

Tammy: So...what's your pranking history?

Sid: She's amazing man! She pranks teachers, and is beautiful! 
Aryan: (Singsong voice) Looks like someone has a cru-ush!
Sid: (Rolling his eyes) Please, she's just a friend. In fact, I would recommend her to be your girlfriend of the day...or maybe week.

Aryan laughed, running a hand through his hair for the umpteenth time during the day.

Aryan: Sorry bro, my whole week's booked. Vaise, where's Dhruv?
Sid: He's coming man, he went to help the new girl and a friend of hers. 
Abhay: So finally, interested in girls?

Just as Abhay made that comment, Dhruv's deep laugh resonated in the cafeteria. The three boys turned around, a smile on each face. Dhruv walked up to them, with Tammy behind.

Dhruv: Aryan, meet Tammy. She's new here.

Tammy stepped away from Dhruv, and immediately Aryan's smile disappeared. Tammy groaned, her shoulders stooping low.

Tammy: Oh no. It's you.

Aryan threw a dirty look in his brother's direction. Ignoring it, Dhruv started introducing Aryan to Tammy.

Dhruv: Tammy, this is my brother, A-
Tammy: I know his name, its...

Her finger came up as she tried to remember his name.

Tammy: Abhay...? ARJUN! No…A...A...(Hopeless) What's your name again?
Aryan: (Turning to his brother) See! She doesn't even know my name!

Shrugging her shoulders, Tammy walked away from Aryan.

Dhruv: (Trying not to laugh) She's good for you. She'll keep your feet on the ground.
Aryan: But every girl knows my name.

Dhruv laughed, patting his brother on the shoulder, as if to consolidate him.

Suddenly, there was a hush in the cafeteria, as three gorgeous girls walked up to the huge crowd gathered around the tables.

...?: Aryan! How nice to see you.
Aryan: (Grinning) Same goes for you sweetheart.
Dhruv: (Smiling) Hi Shreya. 
Shreya: (Smiling) Shreya likes your shirts. They really bring out your eyes.

A snort resounded from somewhere in the background. Suhana (Shreya's best friend) turned around, and icily asked the snortee a question.

Suhana: Something wrong?
Tammy: I would say your face...but then I wouldn't want to be rude.

Sighing, Shreya swiveled around.

Shreya: (Coldly) So, Shreya sees you chose to hang out with the cool people. 
Tammy: (Equally cold) They were cool until you and your little band of girlies came along.

Shreya held up her hand to stop her other best friend, Priyanka, from throwing a bitter, unwise comment at Tammy.

Shreya: Very mature.

Taking a deep breath, she walked away from the crowd. After a moment's hesitation, her two friends followed suit.

Sid: You...know her or something?
Tammy: We have a very….interesting relationship.

BRRRING! Shouting with joy, the teens jumped out of their seats, hastily making their exits out of the class. The first day of school always seemed horrendously long for everyone (even the teachers) and the end of the day brought fresh happiness on everyone's face. Tammy, Sid, Dhruv, Julia, Ajay and Varun were walking together to their lockers, chatting happily. Scraps of conversation were floating from all corners of the school, but one particular conversation perked up their ears.

Aryan: (leaning against a wall) Of course sweetheart. I mean it when I say you're the one for me.

Dhruv and Sid shook their heads bemusedly. How many times had they heard this famous line? They didn't know. They had stopped counting after the eighty fifth time.

Tammy shook her head in disgust. His voice didn't contain an ounce of sincerity. The girl had an incredibly bad brain if she could not figure out just how idiotic and insincere the boy was. Within a few seconds, a plan formulated in her head. Grinning, she turned to Dhruv and Sid, and whispered something nonsensical in their ear. Sid's eyes widened with horror, while Dhruv nodded his head in approval.

Sid: (Whispering) Are you mad?! He'll kill you!
Tammy: (Arrogantly) Please! I'd like to see him try!

With a sudden twinkle in her eye, she started walking towards Aryan. Focusing her mind, and trying to not gag at his sight, she screamed in an extremely high-pitched voice, impressing herself.

Tammy: Aryan DARLING!

Aryan spun around, utterly bewildered at her sight. 

Aryan: What the-?!

She interrupted him by wrapping her arms around his neck, knocking the irritated girl standing next to him off her feet.

Aryan mumbled like an idiot-partly because Tammy's hair was in his face, but also because he was completely confused.

Tammy withdrew, valiantly fighting the grin creeping on her face.

Tammy: DARLING! Tumne mujhe akela kyun choda? Tumhare bina mera har pal...har pal…a...adhura hota hai!
Aryan: WHAT?!
Tammy: What what sweetheart? Don't you remember all the things you whispered in my ear in...(blushing) the math class.
Aryan: What the f-
Tammy: Aur here you are. Is ladki ke saath flirt kar rahe ho! Why?! When you have a girlfriend!
Aryan: I have a WHAT?
Tammy: Girlfriend honey...aur kya?
Aryan: (Confused) Who?
Tammy: Main!

Despite himself, Aryan's face broke into a grin. He knew the green eyed beauty would be unable to resist his charm. Still, he had to applaud her for her self control.

Aryan: YES! I knew it! I knew ki tum mujhe like karti ho!

The girl he had been flirting with gasped, extremely offended by his delight.

Girl: Aryan! What the hell is your problem? 
Aryan: Sorry honey, how bout next week? (Eying Tammy, as if sizing her up) I'll probably be free by then.

Without a moment's hesitation, the girl slapped Aryan on his face, and throwing a dirty look in Tammy's direction, stomped away.

Aryan: (Watching her go) She'll be back. No one can resist me. (Turning to Tammy) So…what finally brought you to me? My charm or good looks?
Tammy: God! You're almost as conceited as my sister! Amazing! 
Aryan: (Ignoring her comment) So...aaj raat free ho?

Tammy started laughing uncontrollably. Just the thought of going out with that chimpanzee made her ribs tickle.

Aryan: (Irritated) What's so funny?
Tammy: PLEASE! Tumhe laga ki main ACTUALLY tumhe pasand karne lagi hoon. In your dreams loser! 
Aryan: Then all that you just said...
Tammy: I was feeling sorry for the girl. The insincerity in your voice was...
Aryan: (Angrily) So this was a JOKE?!
Tammy: NO! No no no! 

Aryan's expression slackened.

Tammy: It was more like an attempt to rescue an..abla naari.

She turned around, not interested in seeing the expression on the big headed boy's face. Although the next part, she heard, only too clearly.

Aryan: (Coldly) Mark my words Tamanna. You will have fallen head over heels for me by the end of this semester. 

Not bothering to reply, Tammy went to pick up her bag. Before she could pick it up, a strong, muscular arm lifted the bag for her.

She groaned, turning to face the owner of that muscular arm. Of course she knew who it was.

Tammy: What are you doing here?
...?: (Smiling widely) Can't I come to pick up my darling niece from school?
Tammy: Aapko aapki photoshoots se phursat mili ?
Karan : (Sighing) Tammy...anyway, where's Shreya ?
Tammy: (Shrugging her shoulders) I dunno.
Shreya: Shreya is here! 

Karan spun around smiling widely.

Karan: Hello sweetheart.

Smiling, Shreya enveloped her uncle in a hug. She closed her eyes as his arms wrapped around her back. It was nice to have some fatherly figure hug her. It made her feel safe. 

Karan: (Withdrawing from hug) So...ready to go?
Shreya: Yeah...let's just find you know who...
Tammy: I'm right here bimbo!.

Shreya gasped, unable to comprehend how she had not acknowledged her sister's presence. 

Shreya: (Panicky) Oh no...oh no...that means that-
Sid: (Shocked, in usual tactless way) You two are SISTERS?!

Quickly, Shreya stole a glance at his face. He looked...surprised, but not disgusted. Taking a sigh of relief, she nodded her head, affirming the fact.

Her uncle frowned.

Karan: Come on. It's not so bad.

Tammy waved her hand to the shocked, perturbed faces of her friends (excluding Dhruv)

Tammy: (Sarcastically) Oh yes. It's not so bad.

A/N; Thankyou so much for your comments and interest. Anyway, I hope you guys like this part...coz I think I've fallen n love with my fic...(i noe..I'm so big headed :D)
So..happy reading guys...
PS: Hope u like Sid's character... :)

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so now i m here...the update was rocking
shreya is really too much n tam ne toh aryan ki first meet main hi insult wali bezzati kar di poor guy,liked sid also,the prankster n dhruv is so shy man,well it's a bit unbelievable i mean a guy n that much shy wow
so mr.casonovo got trapped in tammy's prank but whatever he said is absolutaly going to be true i know that
n one more thing can u plz change rt n mugs pics,i mean kafi historical lag raha h koi unki character jaisi lagao
update soon
luv u   

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wow wonderful nd nice up nd i like both sid nd my tammy
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Originally posted by ridzzi

so now i m here...the update was rocking Thanks, glad you liked it :)
shreya is really too much n tam ne toh aryan ki first meet main hi insult wali bezzati kar di poor Haha thats true. She really is too much :P guy,liked sid also,the prankster n dhruv is so shy man,well it's a bit unbelievable i mean a guy n that much shy wow Haha…a bit unbelievable, but there you go :P
so mr.casonovo got trapped in tammy's prank but whatever he said is absolutaly going to be true i know that You'll have to wait and see 
n one more thing can u plz change rt n mugs pics,i mean kafi historical lag raha h koi unki character jaisi lagao Ok…I'll try to get different pics
update soon Update up, so check it out.
luv u   

Hey thanks for your comment. Me in red :)
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Originally posted by sultanahabeeb

wow wonderful nd nice up nd i like both sid nd my tammy

Good. glad you liked it. The next update is up, so check it out :)
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TGIF-Thank god it's friday

Tammy: What lessons do we have today?
Julia: All the fun, drama, English, P.E-
Tammy: Music is 
Julia: Yeah. It's awesome.
Tammy: (Frowning) You're weird. 

Julia glanced briefly at the timetable pasted asymmetrically on the door of her locker. 

Julia: And art after lunch.
Tammy: Great! That'll be fun.
You're weird. 
Tammy: Why?
Julia: (Sighing) You'll see.  

The shrill sound of the bell pierced through the hallway, indicating that all students should proceed to their classes. Hastily shutting their peeling blue locker doors, the two girls walked briskly to their music class. 

The class was buzzing with chattering students who were evidently excited for their friday nights. Julia and Tammy joined the small circle comprising of Dhruv, Varun, Ajay and Sid.

Tammy: So tell me guys, is this teacher nice?
Sid: Yeah actually...she's really nice.
Varun: (Laughing) Of course Sid ke liye nice hogi. She's pretty, single and young.
Tammy: (Making gagging noises) Hitting on a teacher?! 
Ajay: Yeh toh kuch bhi nahi hai. You should see him in PE. 
Tammy: (Rolling eyes) So typical. You know, you guys are all the same. 
Dhruv: Don't undermine the whole gender because of people like Sid!
Sid: (Extremely offended) HEY-
...?:(From further off) Relax girls...there's enough of me to go around! 

The small group stopped their discourse, and turned around to speculate the scene. Aryan Bedi had entered the classroom, along with Shreya Banerjee. Dark glasses on as usual, the boy was grinning at a group of girls who were eying Shreya with envious glares. 

Tammy: (Pointing at Aryan and Shreya) See right there. Two 
perfect examples of a waste of space, for BOTH genders. (Walking to Shreya and Aryan) Good morning eggheads.

Aryan rolled his eyes at the sight of the green-eyed, short wearing girl. Every time he was flirting with someone, she happened to land at the same spot, ready to "rescue" the girl.

Aryan: Listen wacko. 
I'm not an egghead. And as for your sister...(pausing briefly) she compensates for it with her beauty, something you obviously have not heard of or seen, since you look at your face in the mirror every morning. 
Tammy: (Folding arms across chest) Oh 
really? And how do you compensate for it? With your gigantic ego or your peanut sized brain? 
Aryan: (Sarcastically) Haha, you're soo funny. You b-
Shreya: (Bitterly) Please Aryan! No need to get annoyed by someone who isn't even 
worthy of being called Shreya's sister. 
Tammy:(Angrily) The day I become "worthy" of being your sister, I will lose 
everything I love about myself, including my self-respect.
Shreya; (Frowning) That makes 
no sense whatsoever.
Tammy: (Matter of factly) But did it hurt you a little bit?
Shreya: (Pretending to be nonchalant) A...a little bit. 
Tammy: (Nodding head) Then it makes sense to me. 

Smiling triumphantly, Tammy walked back to her friends, her manner of walking showing a tinge of arrogance at the new battle she'd won. 

...?: Alright. Settle down everyone. 

An immediate hush descended across the room. Every head turned around to gape at the woman standing in front of the classroom, beaming at her students. She seemed to be in her late twenties, with long black curls, pink lipstick and a thick layer of eyeliner under her eyes. Her skin was tanned, and she was wearing a simple off the shoulder summer dress. She was carrying a purple gucci handbag (something of great rarity considering she 
was a teacher) with a lime green ipod sticking out of the corner. 

Ms. Smita: Great to see you guys again, and to the new people, pleasure to meet you. My name's Smita, you can call me whatever you want, I don't really care, as long as it's not rude.

Smita scanned the room, her joy growing with every happy face she saw. Here and there, she threw a few warm remarks, commenting on someone's hair, height etc.

Ms. Smita: Sid...I see you grew out your hair, Dhruv, you've grown a LOT, Shreya, you seem to get prettier and prettier every year! Aryan...where's Joe? And...ahhh...seems like we have a new student in the class. What's your name?
Tammy: Tamanna Banerjee, Tammy for short.
Ms. Smita: Well Tammy, it's a pleasure to meet you. Do you play an instrument or sing?
Tammy: I'm not musically talented at all. I don't really like music.

Aryan snorted, recieving a dirty glare for Tammy, and a strange look from Smita.

Ms. Smita: (Happily) Great! No experience in music, that's the most fun! I hope this year you'll learn a lot in my class, and start to enjoy music. 

Tammy smiled weakly, unsure of what to say in reply. Smita acknowledged her smile with a subtle nod, and turned her attention to the rest of the class.

Ms. Smita: Ok. So, since this is the first day, let's play a game.

The class was abuzz with delight once again, smiles sprinkling the students' faces. The teacher laughed fondly at the sudden change of atmosphere, and waited a few minutes for the class to quiten down.

Ms. Smita: Okay okay...divide into two teams...(thoughtfully) I think we'll do boys and girls, we're going to play Antakshari!
——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ————

Half an hour later:

Ms Smita: Okay guys! Time to go to your next lesson.

An unanimous groan resounded in the classroom. The beaming faces, gleaming with perspiration all ill-humoredly picked up their bags. As each student walked out the wooden door, they received a warm smile from the happy teacher. An occasional remark of "Great singing today, you're an awesome Antakshari player!" was thrown to a couple of students. The teacher purposely complimented the less confident students, who gratefully accepted it. 

As Aryan and Tammy approached the exit, Ms. Smita called out their names, causing many people to stop halfway.

Ms. Smita: Aryan, Tammy, one minute please.

Confused, the two teens cautiously made their way to the teacher's cluttered oak desk.

Ms. Smita: Why didn't you sing??
Tammy: (Shrugging) I can't.

Aryan openly snorted at her comment, provoking an inevitable fight.

Tammy: Something funny psycho?
Aryan: Actually not really. I'm not really surprised. Tum jaisi...I'm not even sure what you are...anyway, tum jaisi talentless...
Tammy: Listen you braindead freak-
Aryan: Oh...
I'm braindead?
Tammy: Duh! Tumhare brain ke saath kya tumhare kaan bhi chale gayein hai, fake
Aryan: Listen wacko, tumhe-

The music teacher was staring at the two bickering, amazed at how much chemistry they had together. The shine in their eyes, the blood rising in their cheeks, their chiseled jaws tightening more and more with each word coming out of their mouth…

She made a mental note to tell the Drama teacher to pair the two up, and proceeded to interrupt their fight.

Ms. Smita: Alright. Enough...bohot ho gaya.
Aryan: But Smita-
Ms. Smita: Aryan, please stop it. 

Aryan hung his head down in defeat, unable to disobey his favorite teacher. 

Ms. Smita: have to try. I know it's hard, but I also know you have potential. 
Tammy: What makes you say that?
Ms. Smita: The gleam in your eyes.
Tammy: That's ridiculous! Totally illogical. 
Ms. Smita: I'm an artistic person. Logic doesn't work for me. 
Tammy: what's 
this (eying Aryan dirtily) he man doing here?
Ms. Smita: (Amused) He's going to be your music tutor.
Aryan: No no no Smita...that's 
not possible.
Ms. Smita: Why not?
Tammy; Have you been completely blind and deaf these past two minutes? 
Clearly we can't stand each other!
Ms. Smita: Yes...that's exactly why I'm putting you together.
Tammy: Too bad. I don't wanna do it. And you can't make me.
Ms. Smita: Actually, you're still a minor. So 
you don't make your decisions.
Tammy: (Shrugging) Fine. Then ask mamu. He'll say the same.

Tammy tore a piece of paper from someone's letter of absence and quickly scribbled down a few numbers.

Tammy: This is his number. Call him whenever you want. Nice talking to you...buh bye. 
——— ——— ——— ——— ———
With Karan, backstage of a fashion show

As she gracefully glided across the runway, Karan's face broke into a dreamy smile. 

"How did I get so lucky?"

She was someone who had overcome perfection, redefining its meaning. As she smiled, Karan felt his heart swell and beat faster. She turned back, making her way backstage, gliding with the same grace and perfection as before.

Karan: That was really good.

Her glossed lips broke into a huge smile, adding sparkle to her powedered face. She took his hand in hers, gently intertwining their fingers. Karan's whole body turned gleefully warm, his heart beating happily to the rhythm of his breaths. 

Aditi: So, are you free tonight?

He had barely heard the words as she whispered them into his ear. The scent of her perfume had been overpowering his sense of thinking and hearing. 
Chanel. It had never smelt so good on anyone else.

Aditi: (Concerned) Karan, are you okay?
Karan: (Breaking out of trance) Uh...what? Tonight? 
Aditi: Uh yeah..are you free tonight?

The smile on his face slackened as she asked that question again. Uncomfortably, the answer formulated in his mouth, awkwardly slipping off his tongue.

Karan: (Apologetically) Uh...actually...the thing and the girls...we do something every first Friday night of the month...I'm sorry.
Aditi: (Smiling, disappointed) Oh...that's okay. Nice of you. You're a great mamu... 

Panic overpowered his brain, as he saw her trudge away in disappointment. He had to do something, and fast. He hated to see her like that.

Karan: Wait! Aditi!

She turned around, wearing a look of expectancy. 

"Quick, quick, think of something!" He barked at his brain.

Karan: You can come tomorrow night. To my house! 

Her face split into that beautiful smile again. Karan's muscles relaxed, the dreamy smile appearing on his face again. 

She went over, wrapping her arms around him. He closed his eyes, inhaling in her smell while wrapping his arms around her curved body. 

Aditi: That would be really great!
Karan: Good! I'll see you at eight?
Aditi: Yeah.

As she walked away, the weight of his chivalrous proclamation descended on him. He groaned, worriedly running a hand through his hair, as the thought crossed his mind. 

"What have I done?"
———— ——— ———— ———— ——— ———

Karan: So. How was your day at school today?

Karan glanced at his two nieces, both of whom looked absolutely relieved to be in the highly air-conditioned car. They both had collapsed onto the seats, grabbing and scratching for cool drinks and snacks. By the looks of it, Karan guessed, it had been a looong Friday. 

Shreya: (Smiling smugly, staring at Tammy) 
Tammy was sent to the principle's office…again. 

Karan's eyebrows cocked up, as he threw Tammy a questioning look. Scoffing uncomfortably, Tammy reached for her cold coffee. Karan, (who had great reflex), snatched the cold coffee before her, and started bombarding his niece with questions.

Karan: Why did you get sent to the principle's office? What did he say? Wh-
Tammy: (Groaning) Mamu, mamu, 
relax. My art teacher is really stupid, so I just gave her some constructive criticism and-
Shreya: Oh really?! How is you telling her she's not teaching the class correctly "constructive criticism"? 
Karan: (Sighing) Tammy…why would you say something like that?
Tammy: She was making us draw a bunny of the freaking projector. That's not 
artI know that, you know that, even this bubble brainknows that!
Karan: (Faint smile) Tammy, honey…it's great that your standing up for your beliefs but-
Tammy: Oh no, no, no. Not fair. You can't teach me to stand up for my beliefs, and then punish me for it. That's-
Karan: I was just gonna ask you what the principle said…
Tammy: Oh! That wasn't a problem. He's exactly like you!
Shreya: Old and wrinkly?

Karan threw one of his dirtiest looks to Shreya, narrowed eyes and tight mouth included. 

Shreya: (Nervously) Shreya was just…trying to tell you what Tammy would say…
Tammy: Actually…I was gonna say he has the same mindset as mamu…but that too…
Karan: (Religiously ignoring previous comment) Anything else happen today?
Tammy: (Grinning, almost evilly) Oh yeah! Before I forget…Shreya is 
obsessed with this friend of mine…I'm pretty sure he's gay, but then, when did she have any taste?
Shreya: (Scoffing, offended)
 Please! He is not gay! He's just…(sighing dreamily)sweet, and romantic, and so intelligent. 
Karan: Ooh…you got it ba-ad.
Shreya: (Blushing) No! Shreya doesn't like him.
Tammy: Oh 
please! (Mimicking Shreya's voice) Shreya likes your shirt Dhruv. Wow! That's a great painting. Oh Dhruv you are so handsome, oh Dhruv, great catch. Nice colour Dhruv, brings out your eyes…(making kissy faces at Shreya) Oh Dhruv, Dhruv…(her normal voice) Dhruv. 
Karan: Well…why don't you ask him out?
Shreya: Mamu! I couldn't! Guys ask girls out!
Tammy: Which won't happen in this case, because he is g-a-y.
Shreya: Is not!
Tammy: Is so!
Shreya: Okay, okay, prove it!
Tammy: Um okay. Let's see…he calls every girl "aap", he doesn't flirt with any girl and he 
hugs his guy friends. 
Shreya: That's just because he's such a nice friend. And 
Shreya happens to like him calling every girl "aap".

Tammy burst into peals of laughter, rolling on her large grey car seat. She clutched her tummy as tears escaped from her eyes. Karan tried to maintain his demeanor, restraining the giggles by pursing his mouth. Shreya stared at Karan, shocked and betrayed by his poor act of restraint. 

Karan: (Mumbling) I'm not laughing.

He put his hand on his mouth, trying really hard to hold his giggles. 

Shreya: (Sighing) Oh. Go ahead. 

Removing the hand from his mouth, Karan started laughing loudly, clutching his tummy just like Tammy had. Shreya slumped on her seat. 
———— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ———
Humming his favorite tune, Aryan Bedi logged onto his MSN account. He had just returned from a pretty amazing date, and was dying to talk to Sid and Abhay.

A chat window binged open, bringing a grin on Aryan's face. (A/N: 
Prankster4lyf:SidCasanova_63:AbhayMusicmerilyf: Aryan;Football_freak: Dhruv)

Prankster4lyf: Hey bro, how was it?
Casanova_63: You recommended me to her, right?

Chuckling, Aryan rapidly typed back. 

Musicmerilyf: Dude, it was awesome! Yes Abhay, I recommended you to her...but after dating me…
Prankster4lyf: Haha. Good one dude.
Casanova_63: Hey! So many of your past dates have turned out to be my girlfriends!
Musicmerilyf: True…wait, lemme add Dhruv.

A moment passed before Dhruv appeared on the chat.

Football_freak: Hey guys. Aryan, why are you talking to me when I'm in the next room?
Musicmerilyf: Coz bro, we're talking about girls…
Football_freak: Oh. Then I'm out.
Musicmerilyf: U sure ur not gay?
Football_freak: Haha. SO funny. 
Prankster4lyf: So Aryan, still think Tammy belongs in the mental asylum?
Musicmerilyf: Yup. Especially after her blowup in art class.
Football_freak: Actually, I admire her for that. Takes a lot of guts to speak out your mind.
Musicmerilyf: You…like her or something? 
Football_freak: Please Aryan. This isn't the 2nd grade. I just admire her fearlessness. 
Musicmerilyf: Okay…vaise if you two went out…Shreya would be really annoyed.
Football_freak: What do you mean?
Prankster4lyf: Dude! Are you blind?!
Casanova_63: Shreya has a HUGE crush on you!
Football_freak: Really?
Musicmerilyf: Of course! Shreya rarely compliments guys…and people in general.
Football_freak: She compliments you all the time.
Musicmerilyf: I'm the exception to any rule bro. I mean, I'm irresistible.
Football_freak: How modest. Well...she's not my type...
Musicmerilyf: Oh. So you like her.
Football_freak: ...?
Prankster4lyf: Haha! Guys, check this out: 
Musicmerilyf: Huh...that's strange…
Football_freak: What?
Musicmerilyf: I don't have her as a friend.
Prankster4lyf: So. She hates you genius.
Musicmerilyf: But EVERY girl has me on facebook.
Football_freak: Just send her a friend request.
Musicmerilyf: No, no no. Everybody sent ME a friend request, not the other way round.
Casanova_63: You guys should go out.
Musicmerilyf: Are you MAD? And where did that come from?
Casanova_63: Well, when you break up with her, I can ask her out. She's hot dude.
Musicmerilyf: Dude, get your eyes checked. And, another thing…SHE BELONGS IN THE MENTAL ASYLUM! 
Football_freak: Oh please! You're just afraid of rejection! 
Musicmerilyf: No, I'm not!
Football_freak: Then why won't you ask her out?
Musicmerilyf: Because…SHE'S MAD!
Football_freak: Yup, you're definitely afraid of rejection..
Prankster4lyf: I agree with Dhruv. But I gotta go. Mom's calling. 

In the background, Aryan heard the theme song of F.R.I.E.N.D.S blaring from Dhruv's room.

Musicmerilyf: Guess Dhruv has to go too…
Football_freak: Yup. F.R.I.E.N.D.S calling. 

"Football_freak and prankster4lyf and now offline."

Casanova_63: Just add her as a friend bro.
Musicmerilyf: I wasn't thinking about it.
Casanova_63: Yes you were. 
Musicmerilyf: I will not add her. She has to add me.
Casanova_63: Man! You are scared of rejection!
Musicmerilyf: NO I'm NOT!
Casanova_63: Fine! Prove it! Go out with her for ONE week.
Musicmerilyf: No! She's mad! 
Casanova_63: Chicken….
Musicmerilyf: I'm not a chicken
Casanova_63: Chicken.
Musicmerilyf: No, not a chicken!
Casanova_63: Chicken
Musicmerilyf: Not gonna fall for it.
Casanova_63: CHICKEN!
Musicmerilyf: NO!
Casanova_63: Chicken 
Musicmerilyf: FINE! But let's make it a bet.
Casanova_63: Okay. But you'll lose. 
Musicmerilyf: If I win, you have to be my slave for a month.
Casanova_63: Sure. But if I win, I get to post that picture of you from last year's Christmas party. 
Musicmerlyf: WHAT?! No way!
Casanova_63: CHICKEN!
Musicmerilyf: FINE! It's a deal! 
Casanova_63: Yup, it's a deal. 
———— ——— ——— ———— ———

K, there you go guys. Hope you enjoy it, and do comment :)

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ridzzi Goldie

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Posted: 15 August 2012 at 3:40am | IP Logged
amazing super amazing
tammy n aryan good man plz make them together for music,i will like to see aryan teaching music to tam but one thing i didn't understood that why shreya n tam always fight with each other,they didn't like each other ?
n dhruv gay ?,is they all r mad n shreya actually like dhruv oh so cute n now arya is actually going to ask tam for out n that too for one week that will be fun to see
n liked karan n aditi scenes n mamu bhanji talks too
update soon
luv u   :-)

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sultanahabeeb Groupbie

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well aryan nd tammy together for a week wow
thanks for up
looking forward for the next up

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