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Here we are!!
Leke Kailash ke Samachar!!!!

Banner credit : Shruti.nilEmbarrassed

So the Newsletter is AGAIN for two weeks of 9June to 22nd July
Am sorry for the late NLOuch

So Chalo chalo!!

Make Way!!

Aa rahi hai humari Super Cool viewbie!!!
Please welcome
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With her super cool

Kailash Khabris ke Khaas Khabar

Kailash Khabris ke Khaas Khabar

This weeks DKDM forums Mukhya Samachaar,Kuch Is Prakar...

Samachar  #1:-Fast forward Ganga!!!

Did someone by mistake press the "fast forward" button for the Ganga track???Confused
beacuse strangely,not only is the time period of Ganga descending on earth happening earlier than it did(in Satyug rather than in TretayugErmm),but Gangas entire story,which took place over 1000's of years is being wrapped up in barely 5 episodesShocked-I know Ganga Maa descended on earth with a very very fast tide-but does that mean youll do the same thing too right Cvs?LOL

Samachar #2:-When Inder became Indra

An announced new arrival happened in DKDM when the already previously replaced Indra got replaced AGAINShocked,making it a third actor playing the role of Rain God IndraLOL,and this time the Cvs choose to take SGP's Inder and make him IndraROFL(not to forget make the poor guy shave off his moustacheOuch),hence forth in a rather unexpected replacement,Jatin Lalwaani took over as Indra...and thank GOD!!!,hes doing a swell job at it...
welcome to DKDM Jatin!-and yes we do hope you stay for longLOL

Samachar #3:-Mama Mia Maina

If Devraj Indra got replaced so did Parvatis mummy!The role of Maina earlier played by Mugdha Shah will now be played by Shilpa Tulaskar.Although everyone felt that the change was neededErmm,its a little surprising that its happeing so late in the Parvati phase.Confused
Shilpa previously played the role of Shivajis mother in Veer Shivaji,but loyal Star One and DMG fans may know her as Nurse Padma of DMG.Embarrassed
All the Best Mugdha for all youre furture endevoursHug 
and a BIG large Hearted welcome to Shilpa Ji!Hug

Samachar #4:-Will the Real Sonarika Please stand up??

14th July,19th November,3rd December
people generally have one birth date
our Sonarika-well has 3!!Shockedcortesy wikipedia,facebook and twitter...Wacko
but admist all this confusion,can we please get a real account of Sonarika or atleast a confirmation of which account is really hers and which isnt??
its high time the confusion of Sonarika comes to an end!

Samachar #5:-Taki oh Taki Taki Taki Taki Re...

Generally Villians are disliked,hated and loathedAngry...but DKDM forum has a diffrent stand on that...and infact we LOVE TarkasurROFL-and infact all us us were eagerly waiting for him to get into action and make the Devtas life hell-especialy a certian Indra dev..grrr...LOL
all of us just Love him...lovingly call him Taki(not to forget a very interesting Asur AT to his nameWink) and even cheer on when he got crowned as Swarg Ka Raaja...(our forum even had a mini celebrationParty).Pretty strange..but yeah DKDM forum,is diffrent and special and this ones just a part of it:)
Takki RocksLOL because after over 6 months of him being the show-hes actually going his jobROFL
Special Kudos to Raj Premi who despite having such a pyaara name plays Taskasur to the T(pun intented)ClapLOL

and with that our Samachar is done!
Till Next week...

Chalo now time to welcome the newest Khabarilal on the block

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With the

Forum News of The Week

Har Har Mahadev!!!

heyooozzz DKDMians... I am Shivangi... the newest Khabri... I am here with the Forum Khabar... and what all buzzed the forum...

So... with my cameraman...lemme start off...

To start off...

>> Banner Contest

The Banner Contest date has been extended people... and there's an important note... so all the siggy makers... put on your creative caps and DO participate in the Contest

>>DKDMian of the Week

The 18th DKDMian was announced... so have you guys grilled samana? No..?? then... rush and do so


Have you enjoyed yourselves and played the Game...??

>>Important Links this Week

9th July
Written Update:       DKDM WU - 09/07/2012
Video Update:          9th july MahaDev EngSubs Video WO/DL/Pics

10th July
Written Update:       10th July WU Shivji's test

11th July
Written Update:        11th July WU Penance & the War 
Video Update:          11th july MahaDev EngSubs Video WO/DL/Pics

12th JUly 
Video Update:          12th july MahaDev EngSubs Video WO/DL/Pics  

13th July
Written Update:         DKDM WU - 13/07/2012
Video Update:            13th july MahaDev EngSubs Video WO/DL/Pics

16th July
Written Update:       DKDM WU 16th July 2012

17th July
Written Update:       17th July WU What is Love

18th July

19th July

Hum Hai Raahi... Phir Milenge Chalte Chalte...

See you next week!!!

Har Har Mahadev!!!


Chalo phir se welcome the  Super Cool viewbie!!!

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With the


This week began with Mahadev promising Parvati that he will accept her.Mahadev leaves an unconsious Parvati when Narad and Nandi arrive.Mahadev says that Parvatis Bhakti has managed to win over him,but Parvati still needs to go through a diffcult Tapasya.Mahadev decides to act as her Guru,but requests Narad Muni not to tell anything to Parvati-except that she will find all her answers in herself.Parvati wakes up,and is narrated by Narad what happened as per Mahadevs instructions.Parvati remembers her unfinished Panch Agni Tapasya,and after she takes her parents permission leaves to do so at Amarnath.Mahadev meanwhile asks the Spatarishis to test Parvati.
Devraj Indra insults Dev Guru Brihaspati,and acts indiffrent to his warnings.Brihaspati leaves in anger,as Ganga also leaves with other Gods.Parvati on her way to Amarnath sees a young boys foot in the mouth of a crocodile,and in order to save the childs life put herself as food for the crocodile.This is a test set by the Saptarishis and they promise her once her Tapasya is over,they themselfs will take Mahadevs rishta and go to her parents.Mahadev althhugh pleased with Parvati decides to test her once again,this time along with the Saptarishis.Mahadev tests Parvati in the form of an Aghori,and imparts her the knowledge of how everything in the world is Shiva and hence he makes no disticntion between Beauty and Ugliness.Parvati relaizes her mistake and gives up finery and dresses like a sadhavi.At devlok Indra is warned by other Gods to get Brihaspati back,but he refuses to do so,as he thinks he is competent enough,and sends Vayu Dev along with a announcement of War to Tarkasur.Trakasur recives the message and decides to attack devlok.When Devlok is attacked by the asurs Indradev runs away.Parvati on the other hand starts her Panch Agni tapasya,and Mahadev also begins to meditate along with her.Brihaspati along with other devtas beg Mahadev for a solution,Mahadev tells them that they will get a chance to get back all they have lost and tells them the story of Bagirath.Kind Bagirath isnt able to give Mukti to his ancestors and hence sets out to find sacred water.Indradev tries to accelerate the pace of Parvatis tapasya by increasing the heat of the fire.,but Mahadev gets angry and pushes him away announcing him unfit for the post.Bagirath is told that the solutions to all his problems lie in the Himalayas in Mahadev.Parvati successfully finishes the first stage of her Tapasya,and moves on to the next.Indra realizes his mistakes and apologises to Brihaspati and Mahadev.Indra and other Devtas approach Dadhichi to protect thier weapons,Dadhichi consumes them with sacred water to keep them protected.Bagiratha is told by Mahadev that only Ganga can provide him and the world with Sacred water.Bagirath goes to Bramhalok and reqeusts Ganga to decend on earth,but she refuses saying that she would only come on earth if Mahadev called upon her.Bramha and Bagirath convince her saying that even Mahadev wishes for so to happen.Ganga agrees but warns of her uncontrolled tide which may result in destruction of the world,and says only Mahadev has the capacity to control it.Mahadev proclaims that he will place Ganga in his Jaata to control the tide.
Mahadev gives Gangaa place in his trees and instructs her to flow on the earth after taking blessings of her parents. Ganga's parents bless her and bid her farewell with moist eyes. Ganga follows Bhagirath. Bhagirath aims to deliver Ganga's holy water to each and every person in the world. Meanwhile, Parvati has leaves for food. Him Naresh tries to persuade Parvati to take care of her health but she decides to have air as food
Mahadev is impressed with Parvati's devotion and remarkable tenacity and accepts her as his wife. Ge feels sad for hurting Parvati and breaks into tears. Parvati blesses the pair of pigeons  who had supported her during her austerity, with immortality and to live in the Amarnath cave forever. Mahadev explains the perception of love to Parvati and asks her to comealong with him to Kailash to start their married life but Parvati refuses!!!!Shocked She tells him to take her parent's permission to marry her. Parvati is happy as Mahadev presents her jewellery. Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, Godess Saraswati and Godess Lakshmi are delighted with Mahadev's decision to accept Parvati as his wife. Mahadev is pleased with Rati's severe Penance and revives Kamdev as per his wish. Vritasura Threatens the saints on earth and forcibly makes them chant Tarkasur's name. Takku is furious to know about the marriage of Mahadev and Parvati. On seeing the critical condition of deities, everybody approaches Lord Vishnu, he says that everything will be well . Tarkasur asks his sons to capture the Swarglok and ruin teh deities, but they hesitate to do so. as they are having Satvik Ahaar! Mahadev on his way to Himvan along with N & N to meet his future in laws...
Mahadev and his N &N come as acrobats and perform dance in front of Parvati and Maina. Maina is happy with the performance and promises to fulfill his wish. Mahadev asks Maina for her daughter's hand in marriage but she gets furious and rejects his proposal. Himavan realizes that the dancer has to be Mahadev and decides to apologizes. Parvati convinces Maina to accept Mahadev's Proposal.

Now, we have one our Sanju baby coming with
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Moment of the Week




What are moments? They are snippets of times, memorable pieces of time. Something that becomes a memory. 
Am i going on too much? Sorry. I think the definition is to every word is important for example love? I hope watching the episode of 17th July you all can tell mee what love is. 
I have never been taught or should I say listed so many forms of love and I have to say I was enlightened. 
But this is best moment segment so I will keep on course and try not to stray from the point. 

The moment of the week is going back to the beginning of the week now and it is the moment Mahadev took Maa Ganga in his jaata. I have to say, I was looking forward to this for some time now and wanted a diversion from the tapasya track so I was grateful for the Indra punishment scenes then ofcourse Bhagirath's story and Maa Ganga finally coming to Earth. 

The reason for making this moment best moment was the shear elegance cinematographly done to do the scene justice.I have to say that for some time the show has lacked that amazingness that was last seen at Sati's death track but I saw small glimpse of it with the way Maa Ganga taking vaas in Mahadev's jaata was shown. It was thumbs up and a treat to watch.

Not only that but the informational ending with how polluted the river Ganga has become was good work and a well done. It would do the world wonders if we could keep it clean and stop polluting it with debris and muds, rocks, and generally industralision is having an impact on it which isn't good.  


A small mention for the moment Mahadev appeared as Natraja in Himanchal. When he began singing 'Om Namo Narayana', it was very deja-vu! Really reminded mee of Maa Sati and Jaata *wipes khushi ke aasoo from eyes*. 

Let us now know who is the

Character of the Week

By none other than!!

Our shywhy member!!

Please welcome...

*drum rolls!*


Namaskar!Main,MMM ki Mad Khabri,Subha aap sabka swagat karti hoon!
Iss hafte ke Mukhya Character aka Patra ke baare mein samachaar iss prakaar hain.
Sabse pehle Mukhya samachar.
Hamare Character of the week hain,Devon ke dev Mahadev.Unhone iss hafte kai mahatvapurna karya kiye hain.
Aaiye hum unke karyo ko varna vistaarpurvak karte hain.
1.Mahadev ne sabse pehle Maharaj Bhagirath ki samasya jaane ke baad unke haato Devi Ganga ko punaha dharti par aagman hone ka amantran bheja.Mata Ganga prasanna hokar dharti par aane ki than li parantu unki ek samasya thi ki woh apne jal ke prabhav se saari srishti ko baha dengi.Mahadev ne unke iss samasya ka bhi samashan dhund nikala.Jab Devi Ganga swarg lok se neeche utri toh unhe apni jatao mein dharan kar liya aur iss srishti ko doobne sa bacha liya.Iske liye unhe Gangadhar ki upadhi mili.
Aaiye dekhte hain unke iss mahaan karya ki kuch tasveerein jinhe hamari NL ki ek aur mad khabri Shruti badi mushkil se layi hain.



2.Mahadev ne Parvati maiya ki barso ki tapasya ko safal kar diya.Woh unke tapasya se itne prasanna ho gaye ki ek aakhri pariksha lena bhul gaye aur seedhe Parvati ko apni baahon mein le liya.Unke prem ko keval sweekar hi nahi kiya balki unke saath vivah karke unhe Kailash le jaane ka nischay bhi kar liya.Parantu hamari mata ne unse kaha ki woh pehle sansarik dharam ko nibhaye,unke mata pita se unka haath mange aur unki mata pita ki swikruti ke anusaar hi unse vivah karein.Mahadev ke liye yeh Parvati ki tapasya se bhi bada kathin tha phir bhi unhone iss chunouti ko sweekar liya aur Parvati ko vachan diya ki woh unki baat avashya maanenge.
Aaiye dekhte hain unki madhur milan ki ek tasveer
Unhone na keval Mata Parvati ki hi nahi,balki Devi Rati ki bhi tapasya safal ki aur prakruti ke niyamo ke viruddh jakar unke mrit pati,Kamdev ko punah jeevit kar liya.
3.Jis Kailash ko unhone apne krodh aur dukh se jalakar bhasmibhut kar diya tha,uss Kailash ko phir se unhone ek pal mein hara bhara aur sundar kar diya aur Narad aur Nandi ke saath Parvati ko diye hue vachan ki purti karne hetu Natyashastra karne ki taiyari karne lage.
4.Mahadev ne Natraj ka roop dharan karke Parvati ke mahal mein aaye aur Mainavati aur Parvati ke saamne sundar nritya ka pradarshan kiya aur sabko mantramugdh kar diya.



Keval itna hi nahi,unhone Mainavati ko Parvati ka haath bhi maanga.
Toh yeh the iss MMM ke Mukhya Patra ke samachaar.
Agle saptaah main phir haazir hungi lekar ek aur Mukhya Patra ka samachaar.

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Now, we agan have our Sanju baby coming with
*Drum rolls*

Mahadev Moment of the Week




Har Shambo Har Har Mahadev!! 

I guess I must split this 3 ways to make it fair because Mahadev has been extremely awesome this week and therefore I have three scenes to name as winners. 

1)Mahadev Takes Maa Ganga In His Jaata (explaination under moment of the week)

2)What is Love? Scene:- 

Okay so this was slightly filmy and if anyone 
noticed that OSO dialogue of 'kitni chidat se main tumhe paane ki koshish ki hai' was disguised and added into Mahadev's dialogue. I however loved this scene. I loved how Mahadev called Maa Parvati Uma & Aparna and apologised to her. Also the episode and dialogues were more than just filmy. Listening closely which I did. It showed how even Mahadev felt he that he was wrong and repentance was for him too. For how harsh he had been with not only Maa Parvati but Maa Sati. His lose of love made him realise he had not understood Maa Sati fully. The scene moved forward with future scenes we can expect I guess. 
Really a beautiful scene and acted well by Mohit. 

3)Mahadev in Natraja roop:-

Like I said in MotW, I felt like a deja-vu essence with this because we had seen Mahadev as Jaata so when 'Om Namo Narayana' started it took mee back mentally for when Jaata entered Daksh Mehal and here similarly Mahadev here took another roop to win over his mother in law. 
However where Jaata was blunt and too the point, rather arrogant Natraja roop for Mahadev was joyous, happiness and simple.
Two very different roops and I think more than anything this is brilliant because of Mohit. Mohit has always been able to from day 1 breath life into every role he does. He has been tested evidentially to see different moods and appearances. As Jaata he was arrogant, As Bhairav Kali he was scary and most muted, As Veerbhadra he was strength and power but frightening, As Natraja he was playful and simple. Here we have diversity so appaulding Mohit, I would like to thank him for doing this role and also congratulate him for being so super duper amazing. 

So now it is time to realize the new Khabari to join the mad Messengers Newsletter and bring us mad news from KailashEmbarrassed

Please welcome




Comic Scene of the Week

The comic scene would be when Ganga came to Himvan's palace and instead of showing Ganga from top to bottom they showed maina from top to bottom and also when Parvati after completing her penace came to palace she looked at Maina as if she was meeting her new motherLOLLOL

Chalo now bring out your Magnifying lenses..

.As we go on a Karamchand Journey with



And find the

BlooperSS of the Week

Week 1

aa gaye ap chaliye suru karte hai is week k Blooper Of The Week k week to bohot hi mazedar bloopers the..first of all pehla blooper tha us scene main jab Parvati amarnath gufa main jate time Mahadev k liye flower le rahi thi tree se..flower n tree dono hi fake hai ye to pura dikh raha tha...wese bhi tree k itne mote dehni pe flowers thore na ugte hai...flower to chote chote shkaho pe hote hai...pura dikh raha tha nakli tree pe un flowers ko lagaya gaya tha...LOL...ab dusra blooper...amarnath gufa k andar jab Parvati ne apna tapasya start kia tab us fire k ring k andar Parvati k sath barf ka shivling bhi tha...but next epi main jab dikhaya to shivling ring k bahar ek epi main shivling bahar ho gaya? blooper gufa main hi tha..wo do kabutar ko jab first time dikhaya to wo wohi the apne jaghe pe then next time jab use angle se dikhaya to wo nehi the..n then again jab dikhaya to wo the...OuchShocked...mera to sar ghum raha hai..then nehi the k chakkar blooper to tab tha jab Takku k darr se swarg main sab bhag rahe the..Indra chupa hua tha...woha tumlogo ne dekha?jab dikha rahe the k sab bhag rahe the lagta hai us scene k liye CV's ko log nehi mile isi liye same person ko alag alag angle se dikha rahe hua na is week k bloopers ab main week phir se aungi new bloopers k sath..bye...
Week 2
oh aa week na meri tabiyat bohot kharap tha...sath hi exam bhi chal raha epi thik se nehi dekh payi...Sat ko pura week ka repeat dekha n ab jake mujhe blooper mila...first blooper to hai amarnath k gufa main...I know tum sabne notice kia wo tiger..epi k starting main tiger tha n then nehi week phir se ye tha nehi tha ka chakkar...LOLLOL...lagta hai CV's khud hi bohot confuse hai..aur isi liye hume bhi confuse kar rahe blooper tha friday epi main...jab Mahadev Nata k roop main Himabvan k palace main enter kare tab kisi ne background cheak kia?Wink..saf dikh raha tha k wo picture hai..real main nehi hai...CV's ne itne ache ache effects wale scene kie hai aur yaha pe miss kar diya becharo ne...LOLLOLLOL..n ye blooper to nehi hai par phir bhi main bolna chahungi..k Kamdev zinda kaise ho gaye?Confusedunhe to without body zinda hona tha na..LOLLOLLOL..lolz CV's ka maya wohi ab main week phir se lotungi kuch ese hi ajibo garib bloopers tak k liye...bye bye...

Now, we again have a New bie coming with
*Drum rolls*

Dialogue of the Week




Dkdm always gives us awesome dialouges that are worth to be remembered by. The dialouge of this week surely had to be the one where Parvati asks Mahadev the meaning of love and its realization by a person. The reply Mahadev gave was just precious. My favourite one was when he talked about the different forms Parvati was going to take in the future- As Annapurna she would satisfy his hunger, as Kamakya she would fulfil his wishes, as Durga she would show her shakti roop, as Gauri she would keep his superiority above everything else and as Kali she would kill the demon and step on his body and realizing her mistake take out her tongue.
This has to be the dialouge of the week for me

Now, we again have an encore
*Drum rolls*

Comic Relief of the Week



ClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap far as comic Relief is concerned, there wasn't much this week. Well I found one of the relief quite funny where our favourite Taki instructed his sons, Changu, Mangu, and Tangu to kill the devtas. Everything was fine till there. But the puppy dog look in their face and the words filled with sugary sweet treats was totally unexpected. Our Taki's naughty little asurs turned into halo bearing asurs. Lol. That was fun to watch!
Ok guys that's all from side! Bye!

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Now is time to gain some knowledgeGeek

So please welcome



With the
Story of the week

So here goes...Once upon a time...

What is Shravan Month ?

Shravan month is the tenth month of the Hindu calender beginning from Kartik, and is the most auspicious month of the Chaturmas. On Purnima or fullmoon day, or during the course of the month the star 'Shravan' rules the sky, hence the month is called Shravan. This month is spread out with innumerably religious festivals and ceremonies and almost all the days of this month are auspicious.

Shravan is considered the holiest month of the year. Each monday of this month, known as Shravana Somvar, is a special day in Shiva temples where the dharanatra hangs over the linga or the idol to bathe it with holy water, day and night. Devotees pile the linga high with Bel leaves and flowers and fast till sunset. The nandadeep (24 hour lamp) burns steadily in the temples.

Importance of Shravan Month

Legend believe that when the churning of oceans - Samudra Manthan - took place in the month of Shravan, fourteen different types of gems came out. Thirteen of these were distributed amongst the demons, except Halahal (poison). Lord Shiva drank the Halahal and stored it in his throat. Hence the name Neelkantha (meaning blue throat) is attributed to Shiva.To reduce the strong effect of poison, Lord Shiva wore the crescent moon on his head. All the Gods, thereafter started offering the Ganges water to Lord Shiva to make lessen the effect of poison.

Since, this happened in the month of Shravana, since then the Shiva devotees offer the Ganges water in this month. It is considered highly auspicious to wear a rudraksha in Shravan month. As, Mondays or Somvars of Shravan month are specially observed with austerity. All Mondays are devoted to the worship of Shiva as this day is sacred to Lord Shiva. No other Mondays of other months are so greatly honoured.The belief is that in Shravan month, offering milk to Lord Shiva earns a lot of punya.



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And now...Chalo chalo...Make way for Bhakti ki ShaktiShockedLOL

Err...I mean our dear Bhakti with her section of finding and pulling the ears of CVs for deviating from the original story line


Original Story mein Twist



Hello DKDMians! Hope you have all had a lovely week with lovely weather!  Our story is getting really nice now, isn't it? It was really pleasant to have so many good things happen in one week - and now the CV's might be slowing down a little so that the vivaah track can take little longer.  For a little while it did feel as though we were all on the Mahadev-Parvati Express!LOL Still - there were of course places where the CV's could not really follow scripture, as it would not do, for example, to show Parvati's tapasya lasting for years!  (good for the soul - bad for TRP's!) So without further delay, let's see where our telly story has diverged from the path of our written stories.

The main place I would say we had difference this week was in the way the CV's have portrayed the end of Parvati's tapasya. In both the Shiv and Skand purans, this moment is marked by the final test in which Shivji, in the guise of a saddhu or rishi, comes to speak with Parvati, to ask her that why she has undertaken this very arduous tapasya.  When she replies that she is making herself eligible for being Shivji's life partner, this Shiv-rishi begins to be upset.  He exclaims that, why does such a beautiful girl want to bind herself to this naked, ash-smeared, bhoot-loving vairaghi.  He tells her Shivji is loving to dance amongst the ashes of the dead, that he will eat flesh, that he will have only atmas and pisachas for his companions.  He tells that he is ugly and horrid and goes on like this until Parvati can bear no longer.  Even with her respect for holy men she still breaks in to interrupt and berate him, that, how can he speak this way of Mahadev??  She wants to turn him out immediately.  She tells her sakhis ki they must not pay any heed to this man, but throw him out before the merits of her tapasya are dispelled. As she turns from him, he catches her arm, saying, "Where would you go without me?"  Furious, she turns to confront the man, only to find her beloved Shivji himself is standing before her, smiling and accepting at last.

So I must admit to you, yaaron, I thought this was such romantic scene when first I read it in the puran when I was young.  It is like fairy tales ending!  So I thought for certain CV's would use this as it is lovely for telly mytho to have some romance and, in a way, the story of Shivji and Parvati's milan is, upon the surface, a love story. (I am ready for the chappals here as I know it is much more deep than that - it is cosmic and universal story as well.  But still...there is a deep sense of love in the scenes leading up to their reunion.) Kher - CV's did not use the scene, and instead had Shivji appear into the gufan to awaken Parvati and put an end to her difficult times.  It still was very lovely and loving scene.  Their conversation took place so sweetly.  In fact, too, the part of the conversation wherein Parvati asks Shivji to explain love is actually present in the Shiv Puran, but comes much later after they are married awhile.  Their conversations are in fact the stuff of legend (written legend!), and Shivji's discourses on all points ranging from love to the cosmos to the fabric of creation itself are very much uplifting if you should read them, as they open the mind and soul.

Other spots where there were slight differences occurred.  The revival of Kamdev, for example, was handled very quietly and economically onscreen, and this was also very lovely scene.  In the Shiv Puran, Rati actually appears on the wedding night to give binati to Shivji that he should please give her husband back his living form.  But, in essence, CV's have followed the scripture as Kamdev is not returned to Rati (in the telly version) until, at least in intent, Parvati is returned to Shivji.  All the pieces of the male-female energy are beginning to knit together again. 

Shivji returns to Kailash on the telly screen (where Nandi at last is tear free and singing once again! Jai ho!) and is quickly approached by the rishis.  I cannot say saptrishis, even though this is definitely how it appears in all written sources, because the telly version of our story appears to have forgotten that there were in fact "sapt" and not "tin" rishis.  They are always only showing three of these fellows, maybe four.  Where have the others gone? Maybe the telly rishi budget has become less!Smile From this point in the Skand puran, it is the rishis who go to Hemvant's court to present the proposal.  In the Shiv puran, Vishnuji himself also becomes involved.  But for tension in the drama, it is Shivji himself who presents proposal, and that in a roundabout way when posing as nat! It was a fun way of the CV's showing Shivji's accepting challenge too.  It reminded of many telly serials where one character challenges another to show affection in front of others without letting on to the relationship.  Very sweet! In the scriptures though, Shivji does not come to dance in the court until later in the story, although he does indeed ask for Parvati's hand for his alms! (Prompting everyone to rage and throw him out, after which Hem and Mena realise who it was and are promptly overcome with remorse and then bhakti for Shivji.) I did myself love the dance they showed of all the avatars of Vishnuji - but it was confusing in the "which yug are we in" sense.  our time-travel-loving CV's were back!  But, on the other hand, in the scripture Parvati recognizes Shivji in his natroop form immediately, and when she watches him dance she sees all of universe - Brahma, Vishnu, everything - in his Natyaraj dance.  So I thought it must be from this they were drawing isn't it? The divine sees all of time at once, toh...

Last for now, we have our sholay-dolay loving asurs who are enjoying dwelling in their space-age Indralok!  The CV's have just made these asurs to be so much fun to watch!  They are fleshed out so much more on telly than in the purans, and this week I was amazed to see the story in which Tarkasur's sons act in a dharmic manner and will not kill those whom their pitaji has unfairly condemned with mrityudhand. This was a complex and subtle portrayal of these usually oaf-like brothers.  I thought it was really nice to hear them giving such intelligent dialogues. It makes it much more believable that they would be the asurs as described in the purans; the sons of Tarkasur were in fact described as shaktishali and buddhimani, conquerors of vast swaths of the universe. It was nice to see them a little more three dimensional this week.

Well, doston - now start the beautiful preparations for shaadi!  Hope you are all looking forward to this beautiful portion of track - it looks like there might be little twist here and there before the happily ever after is allowed to happen. Picture abhi bhaki hai but we all know this will work out joyously isn't it?  So...happy viewing everyone, see you next time in the NL!Smile

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-Srushti- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 July 2012 at 7:19am | IP Logged
So be ready to bring in your ear plugs

As you tune into


Song Dedications of the Week



*Narayan Narayan*

So with the increasing demands of songs...We have started our own FM radio...and Naradji has agreed to sing all unplugged version for the song dedicationsTongue

Toh chalo Shuru Karein

First Song Dedication

Toh Pesh hai...DKDM Forum ki Viewbie
yaani humari Pyaari Minaxi ki Farmaish pe...

Tarkasur ki Rajyabhishek ke Sundar Avasar pe...

Ye Gaana

Aaj mein Upar,
Indruda ha Niche,

Aaje mein Aage
woh Nikamma hai picche

Tell me O Acharya,
Ab mein kya karu...

Slap Tingu or Kick Changu ManguTongue

Second Song Dedication

Phir se
Humari VB yaane Minaxi ki Farmaish se

Ye Gaana Arpan hai Indru ko

Jab woh gira aur apne jaiso se milaTongue

Indradev Sat on a Wall
(yahaan Wall maane Swarglok ka AasanTongue)
Indru had a big fall
All the Brispatis And Devas and men,
Could not put Indradev together again..

Third  Song Dedication

From Mahadev To Parvati
(when he met her in the cave and told her that now he is ready to marry her)

..Agar mein Kahoon, Mujhe Tumse Mohabbat hai,
Meri Bas yahi Chahat hai, to Kya Kahogi

Parvati's reply
(When she tells him that now she is not ready as now he needs to woo herLOL)

Mein Tumse kahoongi
Iss baat ko agar tum,
Zara meri mumma ko kehte,
Zara gaana bajaa ke kehte,
Aur dance vance bhi karte
Toh Achha hotaTongue

Fourth  Song Dedication

Parvati's To Maina

Mummy O Mummy
Tu kab Saas banegi

Jab Jab meri Shaadi Hogi,
Tu bhi to Daadi HogiTongue

(Incase someone thinks this song is my figment of imagination, Here is the link to the original song...

Narayan Narayan

Fifth  Song Dedication

Changu Mangu and Tingu (Takku's sons)
Lamenting after they turn 'Goody two shoes'

Daddy Mujhse Bola,
Tu Galti hai meri
Tujpe Zindagaani
Guilty hai meri
Daanav ki Shaakal mein
Beta tu toh Nikla Daag...

Bhaag bhaag Changu mangu Tingu
Bhaag Bhaag mere bhai tu bhaag!!!

Pappa vaat lageyenge humari ab
Bhaag bhaag mere bhai tu bhaag!!

Last Song Dedication for the week

From the Forum Niwasis to Mahadev

This is a special song Dedication to the beautiful Avataran of Ganga on the earth...the scene was so beautifully choreographed...

And so here goes the Bhajan

Shankar teri Jataa mein
Bhole teri Jataa se

Behti hai Gangdhaara...

Kaali Ghata ke andar

Dimidaamini ujaala

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So this was the edition...Hopefully from next time..We will be on time with one at a time edition.
But for this time...We welcome our New Khabaris!!!

Samana, Shivu and Foram!!!

Welcome Guys...!!!!!!!
So great to have you in the Kailash Khabari Team!!!

So here we end the issue...See you next week...

Till then Enjoy the Shravan Month!!!

Edited by -Srushti- - 23 July 2012 at 2:51am

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mnx12 Moderator

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Lovely NL, Clap Welcome new khabaris.Smile
special thanks to Radio Narad for the song with the pics.Big smile

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OtakuGirl-Debo IF-Sizzlerz

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awsome edition Shrushti...n welcome new Khabris..Foram,Shivu n Samana..Big smileClapClapClap...grt job guys...n Radio Narad is again the first song..Aj main upar..LOL...lolz...LOL

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