Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

New OS:It's all your fault!!

-Devanshi- Goldie

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Posted: 22 July 2012 at 6:27am | IP Logged
Hey guys, presenting a really really long joint one-shot from DM1810 aka Devanshi and  Devilways. 

The whole credit for the idea and proof-reading goes entirely to Devilways. Also give a read to her short story Abandoned Eyes . Its beautifully written!

So...once upon a time, everything was rainbows and sunshine at the RM. Okay now, stop's not a joke!!! Everything is actually rainbows and sunshine and everything is hunky dory for the length of this OS. 

OS: All your fault!


Khushi sneaked out of her bedroom and tiptoed down the stairs of the Raizada Mansion, hiding herself even at the slightest sound. She even hid herself when Laxmi was passing by. Anyone would have thought she was trying to flee or was involved in a burglary. 

But Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada had way more important things to do than escaping the mad house where everyday brought forth new craziness most of the times due to her or trying to steal the jewels worth millions from the treasury. She was a woman on a mission to reach the kitchen to make  jalebies to satisfy her cravings without being spotted. And she was realizing it with every step that it was a Herculean task.

She had just reached the kitchen door and she had raised her left leg to enter it when she heard three throats being cleared quite loudly. Caught!! She thought and closed her eyes and sent a prayer heavenward to her beloved Devi Maiyya to save her from the predicament that she was currently in. Her left foot still hanging in the air, she turned around to face the stern faces of the three women that she loved more than(Or may be a little less. In her defense sweets cannot be compared to humans.) jalebies or any other sweets in the world'Nani, Anjali and Payal.

They had their hands on their waists and with a few modifications including addition of wings, they could be compared to the three Furies of the Underworld. 
Khushi finally kept her hanging leg down which was beginning to ache, unsuccessfully tried to hide her short fringe behind her ear out of nervousness and gave a shaky smile to them hoping it would mellow them down.

Unknown to Khushi, the three ladies in question wanted to laugh their hearts out till their stomachs pained but then they contained it because one didn't get to see a scared Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada everyday.

Khushi shuffled her feet around to diffuse her nervousness and looked down like a small kid who caught stealing chocolates.
Anjali broke the silence and said,"What did we tell you Khushiji?"

Khushi  mentally prayed to Devi Maiyya that it was her last lie and jumped to her defense,"But Di, I was not going to make'

Payal cut her off and said," Khushi, don't lie. You were hiding and entering the kitchen in the middle of the afternoon. You obviously didn't want food because you probably ate lunch that would last you for two days!!"

Khushi patted her still flat belly and retorted," Hey!! I did not eat so much! Don't exaggerate. I may have eaten a little more than usual but everyone knows a I have a slightly bigger appetite compared to the rest of you'll."

Nani intervened the who-ate-all-the-food argument,"The point is not that Khushi bitiya. The point is, we made you swear on Chhote's life that you would not make jalebies for a whole week. But you were going to break that oath in just a day! Don't you love your husband enough to stay away from jalebies for even a week?"

Khushi pouted and mulled upon Naniji's words. She didn't understand the whole point of that oath. So what if she had made jalebies for the whole past week and had eaten half of the humongous pile? She had shared the other half with the house too!! It was not like it was her fault that Arnavji had taken off to London for an "emergency business meeting" and she had to turn to her other soulmate'jalebies to get rid of all the anxiety that was plaguing her day and night. 

But yesterday, Naniji, Di and Jiji had finally put down their feet and made her swear that she would not make jalebies for a whole week. But why should she wait for the whole week when her Arnavji would be back in the evening? The whole oath was ridiculous, she thought. If only Jiji made her swear, she could have flouted it but now Di,Nani and Jiji had together made her swear and they would watch her with hawk eyes!!

Left with no option, she bowed down her head," Sorry, Naniji. Sorry Di. Sorry Jiji. This won't happen again. I'll just go to my room and sleep for a while. I am a little tired."

She climbed the steps to her room slowly like she had suddenly aged more than Nani hoping that they would call her back and let her make those delicious, gooey orange swirls which made her feel like she was floating. But there was no call and she had to walk back to her room and probably lock herself up because thinking about the jalebies had just made her cravings increase ten folds.
Coming back home after seven days of arguing with annoying business associates who would make one want to pull their hair, formulating new deals so that they would agree to it and then making them sign on them , a man would have wished for peace, some light music, a recliner and a glass of juice to go with it.

Arnav Singh Raizada could have gotten it all, well...he was Arnav Singh Raizada. But when he entered his home, he was hoping to hear the tinkling laughter of his wife, smell of a certain sweet being made in the kitchen and his sister smiling her sweet smile which could win any heart. 

When he didn't see any of these, he realized that something was very wrong. Not only that, he also realized at the same time, that he was in some way in huge trouble without him doing anything at all.

He checked the kitchen. Surprisingly, the kitchen only had the utensils and the appliances for its company. He went to his room and it was empty too.

*Snip Snip**Snip Snip**Snip Snip*

The sound of scissors told him that the person who he was searching for was at the poolside and that his plants were not very safe and neither was he. 

Scroll down for PART(B)

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He walked cautiously to the poolside where his beautiful and right now probably very angry wife was mercilessly cutting his plants. He had no idea what crime the poor plants had committed to deserve this fate and he couldn't even sympathize with them because he was still wondering what could have ticked off his wife.

"Easy on the plants Khushi. I can assure you, they are not guilty of any crime so big that they deserve to be treated like this."

Khushi's hands stilled for a moment and the plants probably sighed in relief if there was any life left in them. 

But the next moment,the plants were scared for their owner because Khushi had turned around, the shears very much in her hand to face her dear husband. 

Arnav saw a fire kindle in her eyes. No, it was not the fire of passion that he would have preferred after staying away from her after a week. It was the fire of...anger. 

Khushi had experienced a myriad of emotions on hearing and seeing her husband after a week'surprise, happiness, love, sadness at being away from him, and then the strongest of all' anger. 

The last emotion overpowered all the others,"I am aware that these plants are innocent but the owner is guilty of a heinous crime and because he was not here, I vent out my anger on them."

If Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada was expecting Arnav Singh Raizada to get scared, then she didn't know him well yet because all Arnav did in response was raise one of his eyebrows up in question. 

He took one step at a time, till he came up to her, the shears pointing exactly at his heart, and asked,"Care to explain exactly what crime have have I committed without being present here for the last week? I know that I have committed quite a few crimes like falling  love with you and marrying you but I thought that I was acquitted of them because you were an equal partner in them. But I am a complete stranger to this new crime which I am being held guilty for."

Khushi was now even more miffed with his cool as cucumber attitude. She  placed the shears aside because it was not the best thing to hold in her hand at that moment,"Oh look! You even have the audacity to ask what you did! Everything...everything is your fault! It is always your fault! And the worst part is, I am always at a loss because of you! Always!"
her hands were making wild gestures and her fingers were repeatedly pointing at his face. At one instant, he even had to take a step back because he feared she would poke his eye out. 

But now he had had enough! Anger is one letter short of danger but that had never stopped him from getting angry and it wouldn't even now. Sure, he would regret getting angry later but for now he let the anger take over.

He held her hands and said," Stop Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada!! Just stop!! I just came back from London. I don't understand what could I have done wrong to rile you up so much because this time I am absolutely clueless about where I went wrong. So before you go on another angry tirade of how everything in your life is wrong because of me, enlighten me. What. Wrong. Did. I. Do?"

Khushi felt the tight grip on her wrist relax and she decided to tell him just what he had done! But before the words could roll off her tongue, she realized that what she was about to say was the silliest thing ever in the history of silly things. What would she tell him? she thought. 

Tell him the truth, he is at fault after all! her inner voice said. 

That is what she would do. 

She folded her hands and looked him in the eyes and said,"I have been forbidden to make jalebies by Naniji, Di and Jiji."

Arnav now more confused, folded his hands over his chest and asked her," And that is my fault, because...?"

She gave him a bewildered expression and explained to him like she was explaining a child," It is totally your fault. You went to London for a week! I grew restless. So I made jalebies for a week everyday and then ate too many because I missed you. Yesterday, Naniji, Di and Jiji grew tired of my jalebies and made me swear on you that I will not make jalebies for a week. See? It is ALL because of you! If you didn't make me fall in love with you, I wouldn't have given two hoots if you weren't here and I wouldn't have to swear like that which would keep me craving for jalebies for a week!!"

Arnav listened to her "logical" explanation patiently and at the end of it, he couldn't help but smile at her affectionately. She had unconsciously told him that she loved and missed him. It would have taken ages for him to get that confession out of her. He mentally made a note to thank Nani, Di and Payal later.

Now his crazy wife was muttering incoherent words but he was sure he could make out some things like, 'Laad Governor' and 'Rakshas'. 

" I see how that is my fault. You are absolutely correct. I should be immediately put into prison. Unless, I have a solution to your jalebi problem."

Khushi's eager eyes shot up to his and she asked,"What?"

"You teach me how to make the jalebies and then I feed it you. How about it? Your oath will still be intact because technically you have sworn to not make them. But you can still eat it. And I'll be making the jalebies so it's a win-win situation for everyone."

Khushi's face brightened up like a small child with a candy. She blurted out," Of course!! Why didn't I think of this before?"

" Because I am the businessman and it's a part of my job to find loopholes in deals and ummm...oaths", replied Arnav immediately. 

"Now come quick. You'll have to teach me first. So how do you like your jalebies? Crooked or in swirls?", he asked before holding out his hand to her.

Khushi put her hand in his and replied while walking out the room,"Hmmm..anyhow. But they should be sweet, crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside, reddish-orange and they should not be burnt."

"I am not doing this for free. I need payback Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada."

" Yes, you are. You are redeeming yourself, remember? I am a businessman's wife. I have a sharp memory and don't you forget that."

"That I can never forget!! Now allow me to redeem myself."

Let it not be said how long the jalebies took to make or how they shaped up because what is important is that, that night if someone would have stopped by the kitchen, they would find Arnav Singh Raizada in an apron, laughing and smiling with flour on his face and his hair messed up with Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada next to him telling him some story about her childhood, the mixture in the frying pan forgotten. 

Devilways and Devanshi

So how was it?? Too long i know...
Let us know if it was worth your and comment...appreciation and constructive criticism is equally welcome!!!

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Absolutely loved it.. please continue.. waiting..

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I read it.. I assure u.. u can ask me questions on it Stern Smile
I loved it..
Such a sweet OS..
I hope this happens<3

Awesome work both of youClap

Deva.. thanks for PMing!

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Excuse me for a moment as I mourn over lost happy RM *achchoo* THAT was absolutely ADORABLE!! I couldn't help smiling like an idiot throughout :D Aww at Nani,anjali,Payal and Khushi .Double Aww at Arnav cooking :D WHY oh why can't they give me back happy ipkknd? :') [I know I am being silly but I needeed rainbows and sunshine right now] I love it from top to bottom -Great work both ''D''s ;)

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That was such an adorable OS! Loved reading it! :)

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the os was super cute.. hehehehhe..

loved it :)

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zohakhan7 IF-Stunnerz

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that was a cute os
luved it
amazing work 
khushi not making jalebies is unbelievable Shocked LOL

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