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Originally posted by kajenlover24

Hi I am looking for an ar ff in which ridhima and arman work in a office of fashion designing i guess, and arman is quite harsh to ridhima. He also forces her to wear clothes she doesn't like and is angry at her for using indian ideas in one of the clothing line. I can't remember the name of the ff and I would be really grateful if somebody could give me the link.

Originally posted by 0913155

Can sumone plz give the link...where armaan plays with riddimas feeling leaves her pregrant she gives birth to twins...somethin like that...plz...plz
"you broke my heart"
Twist Of Fate~AR-RM FF

Originally posted by sweetie_angel

hey its a pretty old ff f AR...i forgot the name..its starts with ridhima waiting for armaan n its armaan's sis's wedding ceremonies going on...they've stilled not consummated their wedding as armaan had to leave for a business deal after his wedding n when their trying to spend some time together someone or the other ends up interrupting them finally one of armaan's family friend comes to the wedding n she has a dancing(i think not so sure) match with ridhima as who the most sexy one for armaan or something... any one remembers anything reading this? i know it hardly makes sense though still if anyone remembers it plz post the link or the name..plz
"she is such a tease"

Originally posted by rosyammy

i read an ar ff/ss long time that armaan belongs frm rich back ground...he is a spoil brat...riddhima comes frm a middle class family...i dont remember more...they got married... plz provide me link of this ff

Originally posted by Pious_KaSh

I had read this AR FF where Anjali and Atul are sister and brother of Riddhima and Armaan respectively. AR are in same college. Riddhima is doing fashion designing and so are Nikita and Muskaan Armaan's family owns an event management firm
Armaan Riddhima ka SAFAR

Originally posted by Pious_KaSh

guys...I remember a situation evryone is quite busy with their own lives. Riddhima comes to know that she has a family with her grand-mother, uncle, aunt and cousins who were not on talking terms with her father but now regret and want to reconcile.She goes to visit them as earn they had come she had grown very close to the mean while Armaan has gone to visit his home town and has lost his phone there, therefore, has not been in touch with her since then.When she returns home, Riddhima's cousin drop her and they hug when parting (wishing each-other a good bye) and Armaan sees it from a distance and misunderstands. Therefore, there is a rift between them. Meanwhile, there are marriage talks going in the house, to a guy who lusts for Riddhima and Armaan had once saved her from him. All this taking toll on Riddhima and she collapses in park.On realising her disappearance all try to find her and later she is discovered in a torn state going to hospital in an ambulance.Later everyone feels guilty and find happy ending after all the apologies.

Originally posted by Pious_KaSh

I need help in one more AR FF. This FF was also posted on DMG blog.Here also Anjali is Riddhima's elder sister and Atul is Armaan's elder brother. They are in love and about to get married. Armaan and Riddhima are in same school and great friends but there is a rift between the girls and the boys.I remember a scene, where Riddhima is supposed to meet Atul and Armaan is supposed to meet Anjali. They go to a mall for lunch in a restaurant, where Armaan wants to have sea-food hence all agree upon it, forgetting that Riddhima is allergic to it.Later Riddhima gets ill and rushed to the hospital.

Originally posted by r_hyderi8

hey guys plz help me out i have read an ar/arsh ff long back could not remember the name . in this ff armaan riddhima leave together live in relshion but due circumstances of his office he gets married to shilpa and later on riddhima get pergnant with armaan child and tells armaan.armaan disclose this to shilpa who gets agreed and later on both ar leaves happy with shilpa in the house and both get comfortable.later rids and shilpa go mall were rids send shilpa back home saying somethng

Originally posted by rosyammy

i read an os many tym ago...its like riddhima is expecting...and she saw a baby was going to face an accident. save him she faced the accident...then she comes to know the baby is anjali,s baby...armaan didnt like Anjali due to some reason...anjali had some past...i dont remember it name...plz give me its link...
Sweet Revenge

Originally posted by akshiankita

hey i am looking for this ar ff its kind of old armaan is rich and some where down the line of the story ridz gets kidnapped by some one who wants to take revenge for armaan's family as some1 had died in his family coz of his father he would have planted a bomb in armaan's house and factory when the bomb is found in armaan's house his mother doesn't  to go out coz thats the last symbol of her husband so he sits with her so that he will die with his mother if the bomb blasted plz help really want to read this p.s i think it might be a arshi ff also not sure 

Originally posted by akshiankita

hey there is another ar story in which ridz is living with her uncle and aunt 
they hate oly her cousin anji likes her and her uncle and aunt get her married to armaan who is widower and has a son anji is in love with armaan but no one knows and c didn't knw ridz was getting married to d man c loved and later when c gets to know c breaks all the relations with ridz. armaan had loved ridz since he was 15 or something and had married his first wife only coz c was pregnant and ridz comes to know abt armaan being a father on the wedding night and is devastated but gradually falls in love with armaan and towards the end c is pregnant and there is some secret behind ridz parents death so only her uncle and aunt wanted her out of her house as soon as possible.
it's an  AR FF my wish come true

Originally posted by kajen_crazy

I am searching an ff... I don't no its title but little story is as follows... Armaan and Rahul are best friend... Riddhima and muskaan is best friend... Riddhima is runaway bride and she is daughter of politician Shashank... AR meets in flight for first time and gets attracted... RM also attracted to each other... Four decides to spend vacation together... AR realizes love for each other looking RM...
I thinks it's this one

Originally posted by ...Aayoo...

hi will u help me in finding this ar os where riddhima divorced sid but armaan doesn't know he writes letter to riddhima and. try to suicide but atul and his friends saves him and he is in hospital then atul takes riddhima to armaan

Originally posted by Jenny_sms

 Armaan's family died in accident Armaan works or is the owner of some company There was a scene of Armaan's sister's death anniversery... Nikita is armaan's best friend Armaan fells in love w/ Riddhima in first sight Riddhima is an intern in sanjivani Armaan confessed to Riddhima the day of his sister's death anniversery when riddhima came to comfort him..Armaan also give riddhima time to think as he was going to go to panchgani for 10 days or something While coming back from panchgani..Armaan gets into an accident...Everyone back home were badly worried abt him...Riddhima realises her love for armaan  Atul is armaan's cousin Keerti is armaan's bhabhi  Minnie is part of the family too...

Originally posted by Jenny_sms

Again in search of ff  So here is the concept which my frnd gave riddhima is an orphan and was abused from her adopted dad...then she got married to someone bt she didnt continued her marrige with him...then later she got married to armaan bt was still afraid of mens...plzzz help me 

Originally posted by HR-DMG4life

Number 1 I'm looking for this story where Armaan and Riddhima's parents are trying to get the 2 married and I think they spy on them or something, I don't really remember and I'm really sorry for being vague.
His Way [AR FF] in this FF AR are childhood friends and their families want to get them married.

Originally posted by HR-DMG4life

Number 2 along the lines as number 1 just any random story of AR where their parents are trying to get them married to each other this link is to Sam's FF named this FF Armaan's and Riddhima's dadis are trying to get them married

Originally posted by HR-DMG4life

Number 3 this doesn't have much to do with number 1 or 2 but a story where Armaan is a senior doctor or a senior in the office or something like that and Riddhima is an interm or a new person
 Tera Mera Rishta AR Fanfic END pg 82 in this ff both Armaan and Riddhima are students in a college and Armaan is Riddhima's senior

Originally posted by HR-DMG4life

Number 4 to be the fair the opposite of number 3 where Riddhima is the senior and Armaan is the intern or the new person

Originally posted by HR-DMG4life

Number 5 a story where Riddhima's in-laws as in Armaan's family work in the same place as her
 Taming the wild 8 SURPRISE pt-30 in this FF Armaan's and Riddhima's family are family friends and want to get them married

Originally posted by rimmi1

There is a armaan ridhima ff in which they are married but shashank do not like armaan .there is also a part in which ridhima had an accident pls help if anyone knows

Originally posted by ...Aayoo...

Armaan n ridhima accidently got married in mandir...n dey both denied dere marriage but often armaan meets ridzi n protects her like husband n dey fell for eachother...Dey got married in mandir on shiv puja 

Originally posted by Reyansh23

Hii...I looking for an AR fan fiction in which armaan marries ridhima...he already has a 1.5 yr old son Ryan from his first wife Tina...but ridhima chacha chachi shashank n padma wants to get rid of her so dey don't tell ridhima any armaan first marriage n son...she comes to one any dat on her wedding night...but thn armaan gas her all d tym she want n slowly she starts getting attached to Ryan but did not tell armaan abt it...she slowly falls for armaan who already loved her...thn dere ws ridhima cousin Anjali who liked armaan n treats ridhima very badly after she comes to know dat she married armaan... I hope I hv explained it much...aur yaad nahin...Plz help...
i think its my wish come true 

Originally posted by Reyansh23

Hiii can't remember dat AR ff which I read few months it ridhima/shilpa is pregnant frm her first unsuccessful marriage n is looking fr a PG to stay...she consults her frnd who recommends her to stay wid her frnd armaan who stays alone...ridhima finally agrees n stays wid him...dey turn out to b really good frnds n armaan takes care of her during her preg time...eventually dey fall in love n get married wide ridhima still some 7-8 months preg...I think she gvs birth to a baby girl...dey live a beautiful life until her first husband cones back n claims his daughter back...Anyone knows abt dis one...???

Originally posted by akshiankita

hey is any one aware of this complete  ar ff where armaan has sis named tammy and no one knows abt it c is a brat and was in a relationship with a guy named nikhil but they broke up and c wants him back but he falls in love with another fellow intern ar almost break up because ridz mistakes tammy to be his gf but they clear up rahul tells her. in the story end armaan is trying to hide the fact ridz is pregnant but his over  protectiveness  gives it away and during the course of the story tammy falls in love with atul but he doesn't return the feeling has he is happly married to anji and they have a daughter 
ehsaas dilon ke

Originally posted by Jenny_sms

heyya ppl i'm looking for an AR ff i read it long time bck. here ridz n armaan love each other n rids is pregnant but AR aren't married so when ridz give birth to a baby girl her father shanky do something which separate AR. armaan has the baby now n he hates ridz cuz he thinks that she abandon their baby n ridz is clueless abt her baby she thinks he/she died thats y armaan left her... armaan lives wid his bestfrnd abroad n he is the best surgeon or something this all i can remember
Tanha Dil 

Originally posted by ...Aayoo...

hey guyies i m seaching for AR ff ... in which ridhima is grown between all call girls but she never sleep with anyone.. always say the day i meet my soulmate after him she will be one but till then she will be all  pure...but on rainy day she meet armaan and they flow in emotions and then after it ridhima say she will not be the one of those call girls as she have been pured more by armaans touch and after some day they meet and armaan and ridhima decided to get married but arman parent object..

Originally posted by rimmi1

Hey guys dre is a armaan ridhima ff in which they are married but shashank do not like armaan. And dre I also a part in which ridhima had an accident pls help me if anyone know

Originally posted by rimmi1

No not this one ...shashank used to taunt armaan on everything ... one day armaan came to meet ridhima from window after marriage and shashank saw them and then ridhima and shashank had a fight

Originally posted by rimmi1

Hey guys dre is a armaan ridhima ff in which they are married but shashank do not like armaan. And dre I also a part in which ridhima had an accident pls help me if anyone know..shashank used to taunt armaan on everything ... one day armaan came to meet ridhima from window after marriage and shashank saw them and then ridhima and shashank had a fight
Baby Breathing Your Love

Originally posted by tacker_karan

[QUOTE=kriti...]hey guys i'm looking for an AR ff where armaan is riddhima's jiju but they love eachother which no one knows...they are best friends to the world actually ridzis sister is pregnent with armaan's broyher's child but he dies in their wedding day and armaan marries her to save ridzis family reputation...story is something like that plez help
 'Its All About Destiny ' 

Originally posted by akshiankita

hey there is ar/arsh ff  where in the course of the story they get married and due to some misunderstanding armaan asks her to leave the house and when he realizes his mistake he look for her everywhere and when they looking for what c is taken so that they can find her armaan find out that c was pregnant  .

Originally posted by coolgirl319

Hey! I was looking for an ar ff where Armaan plays some sort of sport. Riddhima is a reporter I think and she comes to interview him. She has lost her memory and they have a history.
Found it! However it hasn't been updated for quite a while...

Originally posted by rainlover03

Can somebody please help me find this story, I lost it. Its something like... Armaan riddhima are married and are in abroad for her surgery (after the shootout incident), there they live with riddhima's uncle and cousin Maya who is engaged to a guy Sharad (I think thats his name). Later all 3 come to Mumbai. Maya is an intern along with 3 others. One of the interns is a superstar singer I think, who's in love with Riddhima. But its not a negative ff in anyway...

Originally posted by arreeba

I was searching a ff of armaan and riddhima in which riddhima was a heroine and her parents have thrown her out of the house pllzzz help me

Originally posted by ridzie4u2nv

I was searching for a armaan ridhima ff. the story is basically ridhima is rahuls sister and she goes for an interview in a company and the lifts broken so she's takes the stairs and she's meets armaans dad and gives him an asthma pump or something and then she goes for her interview. Rahul tells atul his sister is coming for an interview etc. then ridhima gets the job and atul find out she's rahuls sister etc. armaan comes back and she's his personal assistant etc. I think they get married but ridhima is really innocent also muskaan and anjali each have a son who are best friends and they call armaan superman etc . It's been so long and I really want to read this ff

Originally posted by desir

[QUOTE=Aayu-loveKaJen-][QUOTE=kriti...]hey guys m looking for AR ff where riddhima is a widow and has a son nd is intern in sanjivne where she meets armaan who looks exactly like her husband nd armaan falls in love with her without knowing her past...other characters are also there like gunjan mayank samrat nupur...plz help

Originally posted by akshiankita

hey i am looking for an ar ff which is old and completed and i am not able to remember anything part for the fact armaan calls ridz bacha in the ff  i think they were having an arrange marriage and c is a student if any one knows which ff it is plz plz let me know

Originally posted by mishti_forever

hi rahul and muskaan are best friends, both give medical entrance exam. rahul goes to US or somewhere for graduation and ridhima doesnt allow muski to meet him when he is leaving coz she wants muski's good career. they both meet again in sanjeevani as interns. and misunderstanding sort out.  can i plz come to know which FF is this?Smile

Originally posted by kriti...

hey m looking for an ar ss where armaan is in poor condition and also has a son whose school fees is also not paid nd riddhima helps him who is a teacher and takes both of them to her house nd helps armaan to get a nice job...something like that...plez help

Originally posted by RashmiMahendra

Hey guys can anyone help me finding an ar ff  where ridzy gets married  and goes  abroad  later gets to knw her husbands true colors he tortures her like hell  it later she gets rescued by her family and back to india n works in SanjeevNi armaan loves her  in the past i.e before ridzys marriage but doesn't let her know later he realizes his love and reciprocate it to her and help her come out of the trauma Anyone there to help me find this ff  

The painful side of love"

or pyar ke liye

Originally posted by Aayoo.PM.Id

zarakhanarlover Seaching for --->Hii Sry to disturb u I just wanted a help. I have read a ff 3yrs back of arman ridhima but I couldn't find it. Story line was somewhat of this type. Arman n ridhima are married n they have 2 children n in an accident arman loses his memory. N nikita is the villan she try to come close to arman. In Atul n anjali wedding arman n ridhima came close. Arman gets it memory back after reading ridhima's diary. N also there is bi arman's dad n brother in story. Plz if u knw name of the ff let me knw

Originally posted by kriti...

hey im looking for an AR ff from a long time...its like armaan gets into an accident and becomes a 8 or 9 yr kid and shashank sees him in hospital and sends him to orphanage where ridzi and sid goes for check up nd rizi slaps him for misbehaving with sid without knowing abt his illness nd bua tells her abt him nd she decides to stay there to help him nd slowly becomes his friend...

Originally posted by ohaana24

hi guys, i was looking for ff. i dont remember if it is AR ff or armaan and shilpa ff. the story is where shilpa/riddhma is a orphan and is working as a maid. where armaan comes for holiday. they fall in love and marry but armaans parents dont like her and ask her to leave armaan, she goes away and armaan meets with a accident and looses his memory. and becomes shaun a gangster, riddhima/shilpa finds him and gets his memory back. etc... can someone tell me the name of this ff

Originally posted by kriti...

M looking for an ar ff where armaan is getting married to riddhima's sister but he makes her disappear on their wedding day and starts living with riddhima who is a school going girl...

Originally posted by ohaana24

hi guys I was looking for a ff on armaan and riddhima where armaan is a doctor cum fbi agent and also called as dr love. its a murder story where he is secretly protecting riddhima. can anyone tell me which ff it is
Virtue and vice

Originally posted by abhi1992

Can please, someone tell me the name of AR ff in which Armaan is from India 
Riddhima is from London and Armaan has gone there for his photography
Course and they fall in love??? Please help me to find this ff...

Originally posted by ...Aayoo...

It was something about ar married but armaan away for his business and Riddhima was working in mallik company.and he had turned a lil ignorant towards her and her carrier.but his dad once calls him and sunao-fies him then he decides to finally cone back.and aake he directly goes to office and hugs her fro behind and etc etc

Originally posted by aditi16

Hi guys... I'm searching for an ar os, a really long one... Which starts with riddhima coming home for her sister maya's marriage with armaan... But when her sis runs away armaan asks her parents to marry riddhima... She is a student n armaan is professor in same college... Then they meet maya again.. Riddhima then thinks that armaan still loves maya n tries to leave... But armaan confess his love for her... Plz give me the link

Originally posted by ...Aayoo...

An AR ff where ridhima meet with an accident and loss her memory and become kid like...  Please help me find that ff 

Originally posted by pixi_nightingal

Hi guys I am looking for a Ff AR or armaan silpa not sure.. they both broke up and arman had an accident partial memory loss ridima/slipa stay with him during his memory loss

Originally posted by teenorchid

i ve read an ff. In which armaan ws kunwar nd loves ridhima. He recently got attacked or something. Niki too loves ridhima as her bhabhi.. Ridz too love him. I cant find the ff. Ridz is theree to take care of armaan mother i guesss.. Plz tell me the name of ff plzz

Originally posted by addicted_93

hey guysI'm looking for an AR one shot it begins with Riddhima divorcing Sid and Armaan getting into some sort of accident after which Nikki yells at Riddhima and blames her. or something on those lines

Originally posted by karanjen071

Hey! I am looking for an AR ff where riddhima and armaan went to same school and then she left from there and went to different school and became the hottest girl who everyone wanted to date and girls were jealous of and then got enough of it and started concentrated on studies and topped the school. Later she realized that armaan was very special for her. Her and her friends search for him every where but couldn't find him and later she found him on facebook. Riddhima send him a friend request after 2-3 days and they start talking to each other though riddhima doesn't reveal her identity and only tells armaan that she knows him from before.

Originally posted by MrMrsChiping.

Hey guys hi how r you all! Actually i am here for help loll some tme ago around 3 months or 4 months ago I read An AR ff in which riddhima is actually Siddhanth fiance and arman was his freind,but when arman met riddhima he fell in love with her..he hates when riddhima was around sid and he force himself himself on riddhima...and they got married

Originally posted by Monstuholic4evr

Hey everyone!! I need help here a little I was reading a AR ff where they are prince and princess. Their parents were friends. Riddhima's family members conspire against her parents and kill them, and a misunderstanding is created that it was Armaan's family's deed instead. They both study abroad and Riddhima's grandmother is close to her and has given her training so that riddhima can take revenge from Armaan by marrying him and entering his palace. Now I can't find the ff
"its in his kiss "by catwoman
Link -

Originally posted by cupcakez

PLEASE  HELP ME  So this is an ARMAAN RIDDHIMA FF Armaan riddhima meet and get married arrange marriage, riddhima says yes bcz she wants to be the perfect daughter for shashank. Shashank hates Riddhima and blames her for her mother's death. Armaan  finds Riddhima irritating but slowly falls in love with her. He takes her on a date in the middle of the night; he plans a birthday party for her. Armaan's friend vivek i think tries to rap Riddhima but Rahul saves her. Armaan blames himself for this because Riddhima had told him that there was something wrong with Vievek and how he is always flirting with her. Then later Armaan tries to win Riddhima back and succeeds. After a while Riddhima gets pregnant and Armaan says he isnt ready. Riddhima is extremely worried bcz she had a father who hated her and she doesnt want the same thing for her child. Later on Anjali tells Armaan about Riddhima's past and he promises her that he will always love their child no mater one and he encourages her to stand up against shashak
Lot Like Love

Originally posted by PrincessPatel77

Hello, How are you guys doing? Anyways, I was wondering if anyone could help me find this one FF I am looking for. It's on AR ( I think), I read it a long long time ago. this FF Riddhima accidently calls someone and it turns out to be Armaan and instead of ending the call they keep on talking, not just that day but constantly even is they want to sleep or something the phone is continuously on. I know this not much to go on but if anyone has any idea of what this FF might be please let me know.  P.S. If you think you know what I am talking about and its not on AR still let me know please and thank you.  

Originally posted by sardesai.aditi

hey guys I'm looking for an AR one shot it begins with Riddhima divorcing Sid and Armaan getting into some sort of accident after which Nikki yells at Riddhima and blames her. or something on those lines please help me with it thanks

Originally posted by ProngsPadsMoony

i want a ff link in which armaan,mayank and samrat are brothers and nupur,riddhima and gunjan are sisters and they all are doctors mayur are the eldest and sajan the youngest mayur were married but separate  AR had a daughter who lived as a patient in the hospital dia and sheena were the villians in mayur and AR story  prerna was the mother of the 3 sisters pls pm me when you reply thanks in advance

Originally posted by destinationn

"let's get done with everything!" she looked at him as he said this, and with seconds, his hand held her waist tightly, possessively, his other hand snaked behind her neck, bring her closer, , as his manly lips claimed her pink ones. Shilpa remained stunt for a moment, this was never expected, she had never in her wild dream thought about it, yes she had decided to go with the flow but what should she do when the tides are soo high that going with the flow was not at all possible?? Armaan sucked her lower lip, in full passion, slightly biting it, as she moan in pleasure and pain, her hands went up towards his hairs, as she started to ruffle them, with the increase in passion, her own lips started to move with him, and within no second both were kissing each other hungrily, the kiss with started as a forced one slowly turned into a hot passionate kiss, driving both of them towards the edge, armaan hand strolled, from the side of her waist toward the sides of her breast, making her hot arouse for him, she moaned in between the kiss, as her own hand pressed his head from the back trying to bring him more close to her. Armaan dazed in everything, pushed her back until she hit the wall, he slowed down the kiss, making it more romantic and craving him for more, her hand moved a down nears the open buttons of his chest, touching his chest sensually, driving him crazy, he groaned due to her act, her hand lying on his bare chest front, he kissed her again fast and hard, making her forget each and everything, his one hand slowly and slightly rubbed her own front, taking her breathes away, and then moved towards her bare thighs, rubbing her out tight gently, he slowly and sexily dragged it up, keeping it on his waist, as she left his lips trying to breath, one hand rubbed her outer thigh, as his lips ended up on her neck. This passion aroused, as she grasped his hairs, biting her lips, trying to control her moans and gasp, when armaan pager rang, taking them out of everything they were in She kept her hands on his bare chest, totally unaware about the electrifying shiver her touch formed on his body "mallik, you are the only best friend of mine, no one can take your place, and Sid just came himself I told him I don't like coffee, but then just to keep his heart I had it" she told him as he believed her. She can't lie to him, he knew that and he trusted her more than anything! But he can't trust sidhant in any case. "I know that honey" she smiled as she almost jumped happily and threw herself on him, hugging his bare chest, as his hand moved back holding her protectively, feeling complete. "armaan you know what!" she whispered, her head still kept on his bare chest hearing her friend heart beat, while armaan hand moved on her hairs. "Hmmm...What?" he questioned as he felt her hair catcher and within second he removed it, he had told her several time not to wear then still!!! She raised her head up, meeting his eyes while her body was still pressed against him "you left a mark on my neck!" she announced, as he never expected her to say that to him, specially at this time when their bodies were almost joint together! "Shilpa!" he stared back at her as he could see that she wasn't smiling or blushing but she was angry. "Armaan'atleast you shouldn't have bitten me that hard!" she scolded, as he smiled naughtily, his hand came a bit down tightening on her waist again. "Well than how should I have bitten you bracelet?" the spark of naughtiness wasn't missed by her and she knew that she was in trouble. "Armaan'." She mumbled, and tried to rise up when he pushed her back. "Yes, tell me how should I?" he questioned back innocently. "I have to go armaan'." Before she could speak, her body was rolled and now she was on the bed with him on her top, making her feel the passion. "where is that mark?" he asked, as he smiled at her, she raised her hand as words couldn't come out and pointed towards the side of her neck where her shoulder meets the long length of her neck. "Close you eyes" his hoarse whisper shook her, as she just knew that she had to do that. She closed her eyes, as the sudden gasp erupted from her throat; armaan touched the mark through his lips, making her gasp, and her hand fisted at the corner of her waist holding the bed sheet as she gulped hard. His hand moved down below her waist, where her shirt ended and then it entered inside her shirt, making her moan in delight, keeping his hand on her bare waist, he kissed her neck passionately, giving special attention to the love bite he had given, moving a bit down, he started to kiss her throat, making her shiver in passion and the feeling he was giving her, She raised her hand, moving them on his nape and hairs, pleasuring him, as he bit her again lightly trying not to make any more mark, his hand rubbed her waist and moved up as if painting her with his own private colors making her disappear in their self made world. "Armaan'."Her hand tightened, as she held his hairs while he kissed her more on her throat moving up, reaching her pink luscious lips, he just stared at her, her eyes were closed and her lips beautifully parted as if waiting for him to touch them and taste them."open your eyes" he whispered, as he looked at her with great hidden passion, she didn't opened them anytime soon, as he moved himself near her ear lobe kissing it and then  biting it lightly "open them" he whispered sexily, making her shiver.She opened her eyes, while he moved his face away from her ear to see her, he was amazed, her eyes were filled with affection, pleasure, passion compassion and longing! Her eyes shone in the moon light. Making him want to kiss them till he felt breathless."Armaan?" her hand slightly moved from his hairs to his neck, rubbing her soft palm on the back of his neck."Feel it shilpa!" he whispered, and then joined their lips together,  and the next thing they knew was that their lips were embracing in a long, loving kiss, slowly he moved his lips, sucking hers calmly as within few seconds she started to respond, the hunger increased as the kiss became long, armaan sucked her lower lips, biting it as she moved her lips sucking his upper one, his hand inside her shirt moved upwards, rubbing them on her ribs making her feel hot.The air conditioner was no more helping in cooling the temperature which aroused from the bed, her heart fluttered and eyes rolled back as she felt armaan's hand moving more towards her softness, her hands which rested on the back of his neck started to turn themselves into a fist, when a gasp aroused from her mouth.Increasing the speed of his highly intensified kiss, he sexily rubbed his tongue on her lower, making her gasp with excitement, and opening herself for him to roll in, his tongues entered her mouth and she responded back with the much needed response, he groaned as they kissed hard their tongues touching each other, making them feel hot and erotic with the passion that can burn anyone, his hand slightly touched her softness, making her daze out of the world, as her hands which held his n.Enjoying the rain, twirling herself, making the rain dance with her, she stood for the first time, enjoying thoroughly, as if she was just a little girl who had earned her chocolates! Suddenly she felt a hand slowly and seductively travelling from her waist to her stomach, her breathe hitched as she felt whom it belonged to.He grabbed her stomach, pulling her into himself, her wet back hit his bare chest, as she felt everything revolving, and she knew who it was! Ofcourse after three day of kissing, hugging and touching she could easily guess that it was none other than her best friend, but this time something was different!They had kissed, touched, hugged, made out but never ever she felt such deep emotion arising in her, but this time something was different with her, she had never felt this nave, it was like armaan knew how to make her go crazy and totally dependent on him.Her breathe rate increased, as the cold water hit their bodies, she felt him removing her hair from her left shoulder, making it completely bare for him and then she gasped! His lips touched her shoulder, kissing it softly yet hungrily and then travelling up towards her neck, while his one hand quietly made it way inside her shirt not even letting her know!He kissed her neck sensually, taking her every breathe away, making her go breathless, his hands moved upwards on her stomach just below her softness, making her moan his name! With passion, his lips moved down on her shoulder again, trying to hold her skin in-between his teeth, trying to give her as much bites as he can, conveying her that only he can do this with her.Her own hand moved up to hold his hand which rested below her softness, she kept her hand on his hand, as he moved his fingers and intertwined them with her securely, his kisses turned soft as he dragged his other hand on her shoulder to her back making her shiver with delight, he stopped his hand on the side of her waist, she gasped as he again sucked her skin while his hand dug into her skin leaving his finger prints on her soft waist.She tried to move, and turn herself so that she can face him, look into his eyes to read the emotions which his eyes always shows, but it was as if armaan had taken over her she was totally under, she didn't even had the power to move! She was so nave in-front of him."Armaan" another gasp erupted from her throat as she felt him removing her shirt from her shoulder and kissing her there with passion, taking all the strength within herself, she forced her body to turn and see him!                            cn nybdy tell me ye scene kon se ff ka hai... in ds i guess arman riddhima r best frnds n r married... pl hlp me out...thanks...

Originally posted by HeAvEnS

Hello The FF i am looking for is pretty old It is Armaan and Ridhima FF the story line  that Armaan is starting his internship under the name of "Armaan Rai" because he didn't want his dada or family to know that he is doctor and he does stupid act so they won't give him the intern of the month because he doesn't want to come from of his family as his dad is the trusty of the sanjeevani hospital but they are in business and they Armaan do that also So he is hiding himself from them and fight with Riddhima who find him arrogant enough because off their first meeting as he ran into their car which Shanshank was driving and Riddhima and i think her older sister was in their too who is senior doctor and they all disrespect him because ... Yeah you get the point . please Find me the FF and if author has stopped writing it i would like to continue so please if you come across then do help will be glad.

Originally posted by Dedivol

Okay so I read this ff a few months back and I want to read it again .. It was about Armaan and Riddhima .. Riddhima enters a club clad in an anarkali suit and armaan sees her, she was there because her parents kicked her out due to some situation with Abhi and so armaan first takes her to a cafe by the beach and listens to her problems then when she is comfortable he takes her home. Later he gets her a job in Sanjeevani but no one from the gang seem to like her so Nikki, Anji and Muskaan decide to play a prank with her but it turns out horrible and Riddhima was close to being raped so Armaan gets angry at them but later they apologize to riddhima and him and they all become friends .. I really need to know the name of this fan fiction .. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP .. i've been searching it up through various terms on google and india-forums but I dont seem to get any proper result . PLEASE SOMEONE ANSWER MY QUESTION .. PLEASE I AM REALLY DESPERATE RIGHT NOW :$
We Met WE touched by Maha 

Originally posted by mudz

hello, m looking for this ArSh ff.. wer armaan gets habit of drinking coz riddhima left him n one day he meets shilpa, whoz an orphan n her aunt n cousin anjali treats her real bad. n shilpa meets wid an accident den and armaan takes her to d hospital wer shilpa is an intern and later he takes her wid him to.his place. n muskaan is his sister n rahul is her husband. n shilpa n armaan go to muskaan n rahul's place fr christmas. pls i really want to read dis ff. bt i lost d link coz my cel got formatted!

Originally posted by KaShCrazyAneesa

Can someone give me the link to an AR FF which is called aashiyana, i don't know the spelling of the ff name but its about armaan being older than ridhimma and due to ridhimma being kidnapped and armaan saving her her parents force them to get married.

Originally posted by kriti...

hi guys i'm luking 4 a ff wer AR is in luv and rid is pregnent wid arman's child bt she has a dream to build an orphanage b4 marriage so to fulfil her drm arman marry shilpa coz her dad is d owner of d land wer ridz want to make orphanage nd shilpa came to know abt AR aftr marriage..plez help...thanks in advnc..

Originally posted by Princessangel

can someone please help me find the ff in which a scene occurs where the dmg gang is sitting aroundbonfire and abhi is dared to tell a scary story and armaan goes to get food but he takes extra long so riddhima goes to the hotel where they stay and she sees armaanwith another girl in bed

A day too late FF of AR

Originally posted by sweetkajen

hey everyoneI'm looking for an AR OS armaan is married in it he has a daughter also but riddhima is not his wife later he met her and his daughter got attached to her plz tell me the name and link if anyone knows thanks ...

Originally posted by ~sumedha~

looking for an ff on ar which was written around 2 years back...rids is engaged to abhi and armaan is this dark brooding and dominating guy...they live in some really cold place nd rids runs a library i think...she lives with her dad and is engaged to abhi but armaan comes to their small town and she hates him and he hates her but they fall in love anyway!

Originally posted by dancersqueen

hi guys... i am searching for an ar fanfiction this ridhima is a school student nd armann is a business man and their marriage is fixed...pls give me the link...
it's an ar ff by salina shah

Originally posted by akshiankita

hey i had read this AR ff long time a go in this atul is armaan's bro and angi is ridz sis  they are married to each other and then ar start dating. they keep their relationship a secret coz they dont want any problems between the 2 families for about three years then i think ridz studies or work in the fashion line then suddenly angi finds out about them and is mad at them for keeping their relationship a secret for soo long

Originally posted by HR-DMG4life

Hi, I need a bit of help. The thing is I read this DMG story, I don't remember if it was a os, ss or ff or the name but I remember some of the plot. It started when sister Stella was saying bad things about Riddhima and Armaan came and saw the pictures and Armaan fired sister Stella, at that time Riddhima and everyone weren't at Sanjeevni. I think Armaan also shouted at Sid for doing that and when the gang came back they were shocked to see Armaan. That's all I remember but please can someone give me the link  Nikki <3

Originally posted by coolgirl319

Been looking for this one for a while...someone please help me find it! An armaan riddhima ff where he is a movie star but has been dating riddhima. it begins with riddhima coming home and meeting armaans parents and they tell her he hasnt come but he surprises her in her room. thanks!

Originally posted by Dedivol

I read this ff a few months back but dont remember much of it and neither do I rmmr the name .. There was a scene where armaan has a diary and ridhhima is trying to read it but in the first page itself there is a 'threat' and armaan also sees her  with it so she had to put it back but in the end he lets her read it
Taming the wild

Originally posted by Dedivol

there was a ff on armaan and riddhima where they are childhood friends. Armaan has to go back because his mother is sick and when his family forces him for marriage he blurts tht he is already married to Riddhima and then he calls riddhima and they pretend to be married but at the end armaan is almost about to tell the truth to his family but riddhima confesses that she loves him too .. can someone give me the name of this ff Thanx :)

Originally posted by JhakaasAccio

Hey guys! I am looking for an AR FF in which riddhima is married and her husband's friend tries to force himself on her and her husband accuses her of adultery!And she is pregnant at that time!After her husband throws her out,i think nikki helps her in searching for a PG where she lands up with armaan and after that armaan fell in love with her...
Please help me!Confused
its true luv is eternal

Originally posted by rimmi1

hey guys there is a AR ff in which they are married ...armaan is a punjabi but ridhima is south indian ..and armaan mom don't like ridhima becoz she is not punjabi...please if anyone know this ff please give the link please

Originally posted by hasiniangel

i need help guys.. Smile i dont remember about the story much confused , but it was on armaan ridhima, they were in school/college .. armaan forcefully marries riddhima and tell her to be his wife for 30 days.. and one scene was theif enters riddhima house she calls armaan for help..

Originally posted by -AK- this is the link to an AR ff bhul bhulaya i just wanted to get link to 2nd thread if the writer has opened one please

Originally posted by Ujjval

Hey guys!!SmileSmile I am new here... While i was going through random FFs i came across something on Armaan Riddhima, where they both are happily married... Suddenly Armaan's aunt comes and she doesn't like her... She wants Riddhima to give dresses(that were actually gifted by Armaan) to her daughter as she's going to meet a guy for marriage alliance...Please help me out!!!SmileSmile 
This is a chapter in this FF...The chapter is called Traditional complications!

Originally posted by -AK-

Hey can anyone help me with an AR fic in which riddhima goes sumwhere for office work or sumthing and she is crawling in the garden and comes across armaan snooping in his house armaan is mostlly pissed off with her but she still meets him plz help :)

Originally posted by luvksg4ever

Hey guys!Smile I am new at India Forums... So i was looking for a fanfiction on Armaan and Riddhima. In the Fanfiction Rahul and Muskaan are married. Anjali and Rahul are brother and sister and Riddhima is their cousin. Also Armaan is a tv actor and he has a girlfriend, while Riddhima has a boyfriend. However once they both meet they start to like eachother.  Sorry if it sounds confusing!!!!Unhappy
Mister greek god Miss angry eyes!

Originally posted by luvksg4ever

Hey guys! I needed help finding another fanfiction. This one is on Armaan and Riddhima. In the fanfiction they have a part where Armaan tells us his memories of Riddhima's pregnancy. So there is like once scene written for about each month of riddhima's pregnancy in Armaan's point of view. I remember that one of the scenes was where riddhima is feeling insecure because she is pregnant and armaan really isnt paying much attention to her because of alot of work. So then she goes to Sanjeevni and then finds Armaan hugging another girl in the fire escape. Both have an argument and Armaan drops Riddhima off at the Gupta house. He later realizes that she feels insecure and goes to get her back. What's the name of this fanfic? Thanks
I think it is this one-Inseparable!

Originally posted by desir

hii i was reading a ff a while ago its on armaan and riddhima and gang is there too they all are in college and armaan is popular guy riddhima is sweet girl and wores specs she loved him but armaan did not infact all the time he make fun of her one day he comes in her house and lights went and they slept with each-other muskaan saw them and then riddhima laves i just remebers this please help me i could not able to find it please thanks in advance will be thankful please
hey nik di, sayad aap yeh wala ff ka link dhund rahi thi...i hope its the right link...

Originally posted by kriti...

hey.. its an AR ff where ar are forced to get married.they used to hate each other from school days,after marriage also they continue to fight slowly arman started to like ridz nd sid comes to meet ridzi who is her best frn nd arman feels jealous seeing them.Sid makes ridzi realise that she loves arman...plez help thank you
its Y We destined to be

Originally posted by 1D_D3-Crazy

Hey guys, please can I have some help to find this completed AR (DMG) ff.AR first meet in a college in London and start of in a rough way as Armaan is competition to Riddhima. Armaan has just joined and becomes good friends with everyone. Armaan has a brother Atul and Riddhima has a sister Anjali who are going to get married. Their families get really close and soon they start going out with each other. Riddhima is taking interest in textiles and Armaan isn't too sure. Once their studies Abhi moves to America, Nikki failed, Armaan and Rahul started working in Riddhima's dads company and Ridhima and Muskaan were doing work experience for a textiles company. No one knows AR are a couple and in between they break up as well i think but they get back together as well. While they were in college someone shot Armaan as well and I think it was Riddhima's ex boyfriends and later when AR have a big fight he actually put forward a proposal for her as well.
This is the one-  Safar

Originally posted by Princessangel

I need immediate help finding this ff It was about armaan and riddhima. Armaan along with Rahul and Atul kidnap Riddhima because they think she is involved with her father's illegal business but later they find out she is innocent and armaan slowly falls for her. She helps them reach her parent's however they escape. Riddhima also has a younger brother who is slowly drifting away but armaan brings him back as he connects to him. There was a scene where riddhima buys a brownie but she doesn't have money for it so she asks armaan but he refuses so she goes back to the owner but he screams at her and then armaan pays for it while glaring at the owner.

Originally posted by luvksg4ever

Heyy Guys! This FF Desk is REALLY helpful!!!SmileCan you guys give me a list of fan fictions on Armaan and Shilpa or Armaan and Riddhima, where they are married and have kids!?!?!?!?!?!?! Even fanfictions with either of the two couples being married or engaged and having a huge fight but they make up! I dont want the ff's that are about AR or ARSH hiding their relationship.(I am tired of reading ff on that story line)

Originally posted by luvksg4ever

I was looking for the fanfiction where riddhima is at the hospital and aarav (i think!) runs to her and says that shashank told him that he is only armaans son and riddhima isnt his mom
its my wish come true and its ryan not aarav i guess hope you are finding this one only

Originally posted by ashwini16

Can sme 1 help me in finding a fic of ar where armaan saved riddhima frm goons nd riddhima was kid i guess 14 yrs old ... shashank didnt accept riddima nd armaan was forced to marry her...shanky also gt her rusticated frm sckul nd AR shifted to goa... Name of ff was ashiyana i thnk *nt sure*
yes you are right it's aashiyana but its not here anymore when ever you will clicked the link it will takes to the home page sigh i too wished to read or maybe continue that one its'just vaoww

Originally posted by shami810

Hii guys...Can someone pls help me in finding an AR ff in which Armaan was a buisnessman nd was married to a girl named sneha or something and Riddhima was his p.a cum frnd. She used to love armaan secretly..!! Armaan's wife was not able to get pregnant thats why she forced Riddhima to get pregnant with Armaan's child and eventually got them married..!! Riddhima's parents broke ties with her after knowing the truth..!! Here Rahul, Anjali, Atul nd muskaan are Armaan's friends.
Hamesha Ek Dusre Ke Saath

Originally posted by niharikap

does anyone know about the ar ff in which armaan leaves sanjeevani after the oxygen accident and then looses his memory and becomes an 8 yr old?????????plz reply...
Core of My Existence

Originally posted by ...Aayoo...

Guys which was that story in which AR wedding was fixed and ridhima and girls suspect about bachelor party and start to follow boys but ridhima meet an accident and her legs got crashed as she start ignoring armaan but armaan is adamant to marry her and they got married and move foreign for ridhima's treatment...
hum sath sath hai by mithila

Originally posted by keenu

Hey,can any 1 provide the link of this story plz... the story goes like Armaan is a rich spoilt n Riddhima being highly qualified as armaan's secretary...he tries flirting with her but she just ignores him and befriends..later he falls in love wid her and he confesses the same to his daadi he tells his daadi that he's scared if ridhimma rejects him but daadi explains to him that ridhimma surely will not do anything like that bcoz she surely knows who the real Armaan is... pls give a link to this ff plzzz...
No choice

Originally posted by cela

i don't know if it was a os, ff, or ss. It was on Armaan and Riddhima. Ridz parents and armaans parents were good friends.armaans parents promised riddhimas to marry armaan to her. ridz parents died. armaan rejected riddhima and left  his house,he didn't even look at her so he doesn't know how she looks. armaans mom sends ridz to the university armaan has gone to with his friend rahol so armaan can fall in love with her. when she arrives there she becomes friends with muskaan and find out that muski and rahol are dating and that muski,rahol,armaan are best friends.

Originally posted by -Fizzi-

I read an FF where Armaan is a TV star and is living with Shraddha. He meets Riddhima then they fight and eventually fall in love. Armaan leaves Shraddha and AR confess in Pune, where its Armaan's birthday and she gets him a special cake. Any idea about this one?

Originally posted by ...vibha...

a AR ff where armaan riddhima are friends. armaan loves riddhima but she doesn't. She says she loves some other guy. Armaan leaves from there to another city. but later ridz marries armaan as her parents dies in accident.
can anyone tell this ff? it's a complete one
Its written by ashu but unfortunately she deleted all her work sorry

Originally posted by thekash2007

I need help im looking for this AR ff or os not sure but its about armaan he is a teacher and riddhima shes like 16 or 17 and shes his student. i think the name was like 18 and 24 not sure. i've been looking everywhere if anyone could help me thank youTongue.

Originally posted by -Abhiya-

hi friends please help me I am searching for an armaan ridhhima ff in which Armaan was British prince (i think) his mother was an Indian although she was dead. he goes to India with his father to attend a wedding of some his mother's relative I think Atul and Anjali and then he proposes Ridhima in Taj Mahal where his father proposed his mother. please help.
Its back to newtons laws

Originally posted by ashwini16

Hey guys i m searchin for ar ff in wich ridhima is nerd type wid ugly glasses n armaan n his frnds make fun of her she goes to u.s. where her cousin gives make over n den she comes back to colg n armaan falls in lov wid her plz helppp if u knw ny other ff wid dis story line plzz giv me d link :)

Originally posted by DontAsk

Hi everyone! I m searching for this AR ff but I cant seem to recall all the facts of it... so I m gonna give a pretty crappy summary of it :/ Crappy Summary: Ridhima is in love with this guy who has some health problems so he died towards the beginning of the story. He had a little sister and his best friend was Armaan, the three of them lived together (they r EXTREMELY rich). Armaan and Ridhima hated each other, but they got married for the sake of that guy. Then the rest of the story is about how AR try to adjust together, but they r constantly fighting.
The Second

Originally posted by DontAsk

But I was wondering if you guys can help me find this ARos... So I think it was part of an os gallery. In the os, Ridhimma loved Armaan but she thought he loved Anjali. Ridhimma left then country and then came back for Anjali's marriage which she thought was happening with Armaan (but it's not). And There was this part where Ridhimma tells Armaan she is involved with her boss? I know ANOTHER crappy summary, but I have been looking hard for the os

Originally posted by luvksg4ever

Hey you all! Tongue I was looking for a fanfiction about Armaan and Riddhima. Riddhima lives in US or UK with her uncle or aunt and her Dadi lives in India and they are very rich! Riddhima's dadi tricks Riddhima and makes her promise to get married. Riddhima fakes that she is really sick and then decides to marry Armaan who is poor. Later she tells Armaan the truth that she isnt sick and they both fall in love. Riddhima one day finds out that Armaan isnt poor and he lied to her, he is actually really rich in India. She is mad and Armaan leaves to go to India. Riddhima is really mad and then she goes to India to meet her grandma and they go to a party and she finds out that the party is at Armaan's house! LOL 
By hook or crook

Originally posted by kriti...

hey guys i'm looking for 2 ar ff..                                                                                                                                                          all the gangs are in colg and arman is new in college and atul is the princi of colg and ridzi's jiju..ridzi is full of attitude...sry cnt remember much...plez help..                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              2nd one where arman and gang are in college and ridzi comes to colg as new student and becomes a part of arman's gang... slowly distances started to grow btw arman and his frends coz of his new gf and he blames ridzi for this prob nd insultes her a lot...after many yrs he joins the same hospital wer she works nd to take rivenge he started to torture her..ridzi is looking after someone's baby nd after waking for whole night in d mrng she falls down from stairs nd in hospital arman gives her a lot of work nd tortures her nd she falls sick nd arman realizes his mistake nd says sry nd both become frnds again...plz help

Originally posted by sweetie_angel

Hey can u help me finding an ff of AR it's a very old one. Starts with armaan apologizing to Ridhima cox he misunderstood that Ridhima married him only for his money. The story has Nikki as armaan's sis n she's married to Abhi. Their mother Ananya n armaan's dadi is also three she doesn't like Ridhima coz she's from a poor family. Ridhima n Nikki are doctors. Parma is ridhima's mom n Anjali is ridhima's sis whose married to atul. Oh btw Ridhima n Anjali both were pregnant
Here it is Life AR FF But Its Incomplete

Originally posted by kajenlover24

Hi, I am looking for an AR fan fic in which the gang is staying at a hotel and there are mysterious disappereances and bloodshed. There is blood and even murders in the hotel , even atul gets badly hurt. Also abhi is kind of ridhimas brother. I would be really grateful if someone could give me the link for this fan fic I have been trying to find it for days. Thank u Smile

Originally posted by Gayuraj

I'm looking for a ar ff in which ridhima falls in love with armaan in first sight when he came to her house for a marriage alliance for his brother and he Sister anjali. also armaan is married to a Dr nikita and has a son.
later ridhima has to stay in armaan hose for her studies meanwhile nikita dies in an accident 
please help me  to  find this ff

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Ve Ranjha ve Mahiya

Akhiyan main tere naal laaiyan

Tainu ehna pyar karaan main

Haaye ve main mar gayiaan (x2)

Sajna.. larh gayian akhiyan

Dhola.. so vi na sakiyan

Sajna.. larh gayian akhiyan

Mahiya.. so vi na sakiyan

Ni soniye ni heeriye

Akhiyan main tere naal laiyaan

Tenu ehna pyaar karaan main

Haaye ve kyun bhul gayiaan (x2)

Aaja.. larh gayian akhiyan

Akhiyan.. so vi na sakiyan (x2)

Soniye ve

Pyar ch tere agge marre kinne aadmi ve

Akhiyan larhiya saddiya jive larhe Army

Hun chaaro paasse tabahi ve

Bomb-baari de shor ch

Raati neend na mainu aayi

Sadda faisla karaa de Rabba

Rab kol duawan karde

Golliyan chalaunde

Lokki note kamaande

Appan yaadan teriyan nu rakhde

Gin gin bachake athru bahaunde

Jind gayi beet

Jado puchda koi haal

Main keh denda theek (main theek)

Yaad ch teri pher chakeya kalam

Nai te Raje ne kado de likhne chhad te geet

teri udeek te..

Teriyan udeekan mainu sohniye

Aaja mere kol manmohniye (x2)

Rukde na hanju sehna penda

Luk luk maahi rona penda

Ve ranjha ve mahiya

Yaad tenu nai aayian

Ikko tuiyon yaar hai sajna

Yaarian tere naal layiyaan

Aaja aa.. larh gayiaan akhiyan

Akhiyan aa.. so vi na sakiyan (x2)

Ve saanu duniya di politics ton ki lehna

Jehda nuks kadhe sade cho ohne sanu ki dena

Main ohnu pawate heere moti aate gehna

Hun saheliyan ne teri mere baare ch ki kehna

Naale jidaan mera uthna te behna

Veh aashiqi nu teri meri kisse ne ni sehna

Je main manna tere mappeyan da kehna

Main na-mumkeen lagge tere bina rehna

Lokki den mera saath, mainu ehni umeed nai

Lokka de waaste main likhda geet nai

Appaa muho kuch bol na paaye

Akhiyan di ladaai vich jind-di beet gayi

Sajna aa.. larh gayian akhiyan

Dhola aa.. sau vi na sakiyan

Sajna aa.. lad gayian akhiyan

Mahiya aa.. sau vi na sakiyan


Gayuraj IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 April 2017 at 2:01am | IP Logged
I'm looking for a ar ff in which ridhima falls in love with armaan in first sight when he came to her house for a marriage alliance for his brother and he Sister anjali. also armaan is married to a Dr nikita and has a son.
later ridhima has to stay in armaan hose for her studies meanwhile nikita dies in an accident 
please help me  to  find this ff

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hinooem Newbie

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Posted: 10 May 2017 at 7:57am | IP Logged
Hi , i am looking for an ff in which armaan comes as as an lecturer in riddhimas class , in an part he even came in class in jogging dress as he was late. I cant remember the proper detail but some , if any one knows it plz do help

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sweet_tehs IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 May 2017 at 5:06pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by hinooem

Hi , i am looking for an ff in which armaan comes as as an lecturer in riddhimas class , in an part he even came in class in jogging dress as he was late. I cant remember the proper detail but some , if any one knows it plz do help

Badmaash dil by sameera 
It is still on going
Natalya_bedi Goldie

Joined: 28 June 2014
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Posted: 11 May 2017 at 6:38am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ...Aayoo...

An AR ff where ridhima meet with an accident and loss her memory and become kid like... Please help me find that ff
I m not sure..but I think it's LAMHE...
The story goes like Ridz gets kidnapped and Armaan's sister comes to save her but gets shot in the head...Ridz also gets injured and starts acting like a kid...Armaan loves her and takes her to London for treatment. ...after 2 years Ridz gets back to normal and then they get married!!

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Kiddo_Star IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 May 2017 at 1:46am | IP Logged
Originally posted by DIYA_21

Hi everyone!!
I can't remember the name of an arshi ff where khushi was arrested as arnav's maa's killer and arnav rescurd her from jail.. And took care of her.. Khushi lost her memory I think.. Though Arnav married Khushi, after getting her memory back she forgot Arnav. But after sometime she came to know the truth.. I know there are many loop holes in my way of telling this story.. But it is an awesome story.. Please help me..

That's named Gift Of The Gallows by naddiya26
sadhnasoumya IF-Addictz

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Posted: 13 November 2017 at 2:37am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Apeter

Hey I am look for a arshi ff. Where Arnav is a police officer looking for a someone who killed Shyam who is Khushi husband. Arnav and Khushi was in relationship but Arnav was poor and Khushi was rich that's why Khushi father married her with Shyam. Shyam was having an affair with Khushi sister. Who was married to a businessman played by prabhu deva. Arnav finds Khushi in a village and after they are back together and Khushi brother in law also die before confessing he was the one who killed Khushi sister and Shyam and also drowned Khushi in bathtub.please help
Interesting story 
Even I would love to read it 

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