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ARSHI FF:Bringing My Family Back

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 Hello guyz now Iam here with a FF on Arshi.It happens after Khushi leaves RM and Arnav.The past is same where Anjali and other members treats her badly , Arnav tries to woo her.But one difference is there they had consummated thier marriage.Khushi herself knew that she is   not a virgin now                       . It is after 1 month Khushi left RM.Anjali now knew the truth and she is guilty for hurting Khushi.Shyam is in jail.Payal and Aakash solved all their problems and Manorama as usual busy with her hello hye pye byesbut now she likes Payal and treats her like her own daughter.Anjali had a miscarriage and she recovered from all that.Last but not the least Arnav...that name lost its proudness .He wasmissng herbadly.Now a days he spends most of his time in his room. He spends most of time remebering her laughter ,her pranks her love and care for him.

Khushi on the other hand was working for Sharma Groups.Her boss Dhruv Sharma was a nice fun loving person.He was more like a brother to her.Dhruv is the owner of Shrma Groups.He is a good lookin un married man in his late twenties or early thirties. His parents Mr and Mrs Sharma also treat Khushi like thier own daughter.Thye knew Khushi had a horrible past and suffered a lot because of her forced husband.But still, they didn't know who her husband was.Khushi haven't said to them who her husband was and they also didn't ask her about him as they  knew it would hurt her. Khushi and Arnav ,both were missing eachother very much.Arnav tried many ways to find Khushi but he couldn't.


One Day At RM.

Arnav was not at all interested in going to office now a days.He preffered to be alone with her memories.All the Raizadas were worried about Arnav as he didn;t eat or take his medicnes regularly.They know only Khushi can make him the smart and arrogant ASR.But they were helpless.One morning Arnav  was sitting in his room lost in her thoughts.Aakash came and saw Arnav


Aakash-Bhai,what are you doing?Everybody is waiting down there for you.Please comeand have breakfast.

Arnav-Iam not hungry Aakash.You guyz carry on.I'll eat later.

Aakash-No bhai.You cannot ignore your health like that.Payal told me yesterday that you didn't have your supper yesterday.

Arnav-See Aakash,how many times should I tell you that Iam not hugry?Now you are teaching me what I should or shouldn't do?

Aakash-No bhai.It is not like that.You know everybody will be upset if you punish yourself like this.You have to be strong if not for your sake then for...

Arnav(cuts Aakash in the middle)-Punishment? Is this any kind of punishment compared to the pain that she went through? I, no we all have treated her so badly.I have to be strong for whom Aakash?The one  person I loved madly had left me.For whom should I live  now?

Aakash-Don't cry bhai.I can understand you.You will get Khushiji back.Iam sure she will forgive you or may have forgiven you already?

Arnav(angrily)-Forgive?After giving her a lot of pain and tortures you still expect her to forgive me? Not only me everybody in this house treated her like a doormat. Do you remember the day you said Payal that you hate her beacuse she is Khushi's sister? You know how hurt Khushi was hearing this?Actually she married me only because I told her that  I will stop your and Payal's marriage if she didn't marry me.Only for your and Payal's happiness and what did she get back?


Arnav was actually shouting all these to Aakash .All the Raizada's rushed to  Arnav's room hearing him shouting at Aakash.They were shocked to here these from him.He didn't talk much after the day Khushi left RM.But today he was in a full angry mood.Mamiji was the first one to calm him.

Mamiji-Hey Arnav bitwa.Please be calm.We all are here with you.

Arnav(still angry)-I don't want anybody with me.The one person I wanted to be with is not with me now because of all of us.Maamiji why you always scold her?You left no stone unturned to insult her.Added to the pains given by me you also tortured her by your words.I know you are going to tell me that you did all this for di's welfare.But I don't need any explanation now. Here Iam dying without her and you advise me to be calm? Nobody know what Iwas going through the last one month.I cannot even breath without her.Iam tired of this now.I want her back , I know it is impossible but I will make her happy through out my life.


He looks to Khushi's photo.Tears rolling down his cheeks.


Arnav(to Khushi's photo)- I can't live without you.I love  you morethan my life.Please come back to me.I promise,I will not hurt you again or allow a teardrop to fall rom your eyes hereafter.Please don't do this to me.Please come to me.


With that he sits on the bed holding her photo nearhis heart.Suddenly he felt somebody's hand on his shoulders.It was Payal.


Payal-I know Arnavji.I know  every thing, what are you going through,what she went through ,everything. Infact I was also responsible for your forced marriage unknowingly.She sacrificed her life for me and what did I do to her?I ignored her. I even scolded her for ruining my married life. The pain she went through and you going through , I can understand . Arnavji, she deserves happiness and you only can give her that through your love and care. I will help you.


Arnav (confused)-How?


Payal-In all these days she was calling me regularly and asking about all of us and especially about you.I know she still cares for you . When I told her that you didn't take your medicines, she was restless. She called me again and again to make sure that you have taken your medicines.


Arnav(still perplexed)-So that means you know where she is!!


Payal-Yes. I know.


Arnav ' Please tell me Payal, where is my Khushi?


Payal- I will tell you.But before that you should promise me something.


Arnav (curious)-What should I promise ?


Payal-You should promise me that you will not hurt or dubt Khushi anymore. That you will never make her cry because of you, you will make her happy through out your life in every ways.


Arnav-I promise, I will not hurt or doubt her anymore. I will make her happy till it beats here.(he points his heart)


Payal told him Khushi is working for Sharma Groups and told their whereabouts. Arnav was relieved to here that his Khushi is fine now.


Aakash-What a coincidence bhai! Today we were having a deal with Sharma Groups.I was planning to go there after noon.


Arnav was more happy hearing this.


Arnav- Then I will go there Aakash.You go to our office today.


NK- Nannav mera bhai , eager to see Khushiji I mean Khushi bhabhi?       NK winked at Arnav.Arnav gave one of his rare smile to NK.


Arnav looked at Anjali who was smiling through her tears. He went and hugged Anjali.


Anjali-Chottey, go and win back Khushiji. Iam sure you will get her.


Arnav nodded and went for changing.




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Arnav got ready.He was wearing his plain white shirt and pants without any coat. He drove to Sharma  Groups.It was noon.He reached Sharma Groups and walked to reception.


Receptionist-Good afternoon sir,how can I help you?

Arnav-Good after noon.Iam Arnav Singh Raizada from AR Groups .We are having a meeting with Mr.Dhruv Sharma today afternoon.

Receptionist-Can you please wait there, sir? I will call boss now.

Arnav nodded and went to waiting area.His eyes searched everywhere  for a glimpse of Khushi.But  he couldn't find her anywhere.Is she on leave today?he assked himself.Just then the receptionist came

Receptionist-Sir, he is waiting for you.Please come to his cabin.

Arnav nodded and followed the receptionist.He was not at all interested in this damn contract,but if it means he could see Khushi he is ready to do anything. Arnav;s eyes were searching for Khushi throughout the way to Dhruv;s cabin.

Receptionist(pointing to a room)-That is his room sir.

Arnav thanked her and went to Dhruv's cabin.Just then he was about to enter he saw Khushi.She was laughing.His heart skipped a beat.She was dressed in a pale pink colour churidar without any makeup.Her hair left untied , the way he liked.Her maang was filled with sindoor and she still had the mangalsutra he tied , around her neck.He felt nice seeing that.So she still considers me as her husband,he thought.He saw a handsome man talking with Khushi.So this must be Mr.Dhruv Sharma, he thought.Dhruv told something and Khushi stated laughing.Arnav was boiling with fury and jealousy.How dare he make Arnav Singh Raizad's girl laugh?Even after big problems and misunderstandings Arnav was still possesseive and selfish when it comes to Khushi.She was his.Only his. Only he has the right to make her laugh like that.Just then he saw Dhruv watching him.Khushi was turned in sideways so she cannot see him.Arnav entered and smiled at Dhruv.


Arnav-Hello Mr.Dhruv Sharma Iam Arnav Singh Raizada from AR Group.


Just then Khushi realized who it was.She hurridely turned and looks at Arnav.Arnav too looks at Khushi.Khushi saw the face that she was dying to see once more.He became more thin and pale.His eyes lifeless.But he still has the same effect on her.She felt her heart go Dhak Dhak when she heard his voice.Dhruv intrupted thier eyelock.


Dhruv-Hello Mr.Arnav Singh Raizada.Please be seated.(they shake hands and Arnav sat opposite to Dhruv and Khushi)


Dhruv-Nice to meet you Mr.Raizada


Arnav(still looking at Khushi)-Call me Arnav,.Do you mind me calling you Dhruv?


Dhruv-No.I like calling me by my name.By the by this is Miss.Khushi Gupta my PA.


Arnav felt his blood boiling.His Khushi Dhruv's PA?But he controlled his anger.


Arnav-Hello Miss Khushi Gupta nice to see you.


Khushi felt uncomfortable feeling his gaze on her.She gave him a fake smile and looked out of the room.


Arnav-So Dhruv what about the contract?Can we have the deal  today itself?


Dhruv-Yes ofcourse.I am sorry I have an important meeting today. I couldn't postpone it. If you don't mind Khushi will give you all the details.


Arnav felt uncomfortable hearing Dhruv calling KHUSHI .He only has the right to call her by name.But this is not the time for such things .He should win Khushi back.


Arnav-It is okey.I can manage it.


With that Dhruv bid good bye and left for meeting. Now Arnav and Khushi alone in the cabin.


Arnav-So Mrs.Khushi Arnav Raizada lets come to the deal.


Khushi-It is Miss Khushi Gupta , sir.

Arnav felt a jab of pain in his heart.She refuses to use his name as her surname and instead of Arnavji, now she calls him sir.He stood up and walks towards Khushi.Khushi starts moving backward as usuall.At last her back hits the wall and Arnav corners he using his hands.


Arnav(looking into her eyes)-Now stop this drama,Khushi.Look I have suffered enough.Please forgive me and come back to me.


Khushi(angry)-Suffered? you have suffered enough?What suffering you had compared to my pain. You didn't trust me and hurt me to an extend that I stopped caring about my self.You deprived me from my family.You destroyed my dream wedding.You just used me for your needs nah? Infact you forced yourself on me on my last day at RM.Now I don't have anything to be proud of.You took everything from  me and you expect me to come back to you.NEVER.


Arnav(cupping her face)-Was I forcing myself on you that night? Don't lie Khushi.I know you still love me.Otherwise you would have removed this mangalsutra the day you left RM.


Khushi-You blieves in all these?I was wearing this mangalsutra only to save myself from intruding eyes.I wanted to show them that I belonged to someone else ,even if that is a lie.


Arnav-It is not a lie,Khushi.You belong to me.You are mine and only mine no one else can take you away from me.Please come back to me Khushi.


Khushi(shoved his hands off her face,angrily looking at him)-NO I WILL NOT COME WITH YOU.I CAN'T BREAK MY HEART ANYMORE. I WOULD DIE RATHER COMING TO YOU.


with that she started sobbing bitterly clutching to him for support.He hugged her tightly and whispered Iam sorry a thousand times.Khushi looked into his eyes for a few minutes she was about to say something.


Khushi-Arnavji... I ... you


with that she fainted and fell into his arms.He was shocked .He took her in his arms and rushed to the hospital avoiding gazes from the people.




Arnav was pacing restlessly through the hospital verandh.


Arnav(thinking)-What happened to her?Why is she looking asif she will faint in any moment?Why is she careless about her health?What if something happens to her?




Arnav(thinking)- She stopped caring about herself only because of me(tears welled up in his eyes). Why Khushi?Why?Why did I hurt you always? But from now onwards you don't have to take care of yourself, I will take care of you. I will shower all my love on you and I will bring the old naughty and innocent Khushi back.


Just then Dhruv and his parents came to the hospital. Dhruv saw Arnav and immediately ran to him.


Dhruv (worried)-What happened to Khushi, Arnav?Is she okey?


Arnav was not surprised seeing Dhruv here.But his worry about Khushi made him  uncomfortable.


Arnav- She fainted. The doctor has not came out yet.


Dhruv- Why can't she take care of herself? How worried we have been! Actually I came from the middle of the meeting. Sorry Arnav.I know you have wasted your time.


Arnav- No.. It is okey. Iam alright.


Arnav wanted to blurt out to this Dhruv that he need not worry about Khushi. Her husband is there for her. For Khushi I will spend or waste my entire life . But he controlled his anger. The doctor came out. Arnav was the first one to ask him. Dhruv was surprised at Arnav's care for Khushi.


Arnav- How is she doctor?What happened to her?Is she alright?


Doctor-Calm down Mr Raizada.She is perfectly fine.


Arnav-She is okey?? She fainted and became unconscious and you are telling me to be calm damnit?


Dhruv was now totally confused why is this Arnav worried for Khushi?


Doctor(smiles at Arnav)-She is alright.She fainted because she is pregnant.After 10 mins Khushi's husband please come to my room.

Doctor left saying this.


All were shocked.  Dhruv's parents looked eachother not believing this unexpected news.Arnav was in a state of shock.


Arnav(thinking)-She is pregnant? Yeah she is pregnant with my child. Now that means a part of me is growing inside her..(he was so happy) Now let me see how will you run away from me Mrs.Khushi Arnav Raizada.. But what will be her reaction when she knows the truth? What if she doesn't want my baby? No Arnav no. She will not do anything that will hurt your baby. Now see Khushi I will get you and my baby back.


With that,he took his mobile and went to an isolated corner in the hospital and dialed his di's number.


Anjali – Hello Chottey,


Arnav-Hi di


Anjali-Bathao how was your deal?Did you see Khushiji?Did she talk to you?How is she?Say chottey.


Arnav-Please ask your questions one by one di. I can't even remember any of your questions now.


Anjali-Chottey please stop kidding. How is Khushiji?Did she talk to you?


Arnav-She is okey di. She is still angry with me but I think that ice wall will melt soon.


Anjali(cofused)- What you mean chottey? Please talk clearly. I didn't understand you.


Arnav-Oh come on di , congrats


Anjali(totally confused)-Congrats? For what?


Arnav- Di ,you are going to  be a bua(aunt) (arnav  was smiling)


Anjali-What? Is she pregnant? My chottey going to become a daddy?? (she had tears of happiness) Iam so happy chottey. I will go and tell to the rest and will call you back. Take care of yourself , Khushiji and my little neice or nephew.


Arnav-Yeah di. I will talk to you later.(cuts the call)


Arnav went to join the Sharma family.They were still discussing something.


Mrs Sharma- Khushi pregnant? What should we do now? We don't have any details of her husband. What will we tell her when she wakes up?The one person she is trying to forget is her husband and now she is carrying his blood.



Dhruv- I don't know anything mom. I think she may not be happy about this child.Ofcourse no noe will be happy to carry their hated one's child. We will talk about it to Khushi. If she is not happy about the baby, we will..


Dhruv's sentence was cut off in the middle by Arnav.


Arnav (shouting at Sharmas)- Don't you dare think of killing that child. You don't have any right to make descions about Khushi or that baby.


Dhruv(angry and confused at the same time)- Who are you to say what we can and can't do? Ofcourse you took her to hospital when she fainted but that doesn't mean you can interfere in Khushi's personal life. Who are you to decide about that child or Khushi?


Arnav(holding Dhruv by his collar)-Iam her husband and that child is my blood. She is my wife , Mrs.Khushi Arnav Raizada.You don't have any right on my wife or baby.They are none of your business. Now Iam here to look after my baby and wife, you need not worry about her.


Sharmas were shocked to hear this from Arnav. Dhruv had some doubts early itself.He had noticed the way they were looking in his cabin some hours back, the way Arnav was worried about Khushi and almost shouted at the doctor.But he didn't think Arnav is Khushi's husband.Then he remembered how Khushi got nervous when he told her about the deal from AR Groups and the look she gave hearing Arnav's name.Arnav was still holding Dhruv by his collar.


How dare this guy think about killing his blood , ASR's blood?  He was shivering with fury and anger.


Dhruv(in a soft voice)-Calm down Arnav. I didn't mean that way.Khushi is like a little sister to me.I knew she had suffered a lot in her life so added to that if this child also is a burden to her…if she is not happy with this child…so that only I told like that.She didn't tell us that you were her husband..Iam really sorry..


Arnav loosened his grip on Dhruv.


Arnav-I hurt her a lot. But she was loving me through all the pains given by me. I want her and my child back. I can't live without her now. Please help me.Please ask her to come back to me. I will not hurt her anymore. I will make her the happiest person in the world till my last breath.Help me, please.


Dhruv put his hand in Arnav's shoulder and told him


Dhruv- I will help you Arnav. You will get your Khushi and baby back soon.


Arnav turned and hugged Dhruv. Arnav felt as if he now has an elder brother to help and console him. Mr and Mrs Sharma were smiling seeing Arnav and Dhruv hug.


Dhruv- No more tears now(he wipes Arnav's tears).Go and meet the doctor.


Arnav smiled and went to doctor's room.


Doctor-Please take your seat Mr Raizada.


Arnav- Thanks


Doctor- Khushi is very weak now. She should not be in any tensions. She should eat properly and should take the medicines regularly.You should make sure that she is happy.


Arnav-Sure, doctor. Can I see her now?


Doctor- Yeah why not . You can take her home today itself if wanted. But before that please sign these papers.(she hands over some papers to Arnav. Arnav fills all the papers and returns it to the doctor.)


He then goes straight to Khushi's room. He saw Dhruv and his parents outside.Dhruv patted his shoulder and told.


Dhruv-Go and see Khushi. Everything will be alright.


Arnav enters the room and sees Khushi sleeping like a child. She is so beautiful. Automatically his eyes drifted to her belly, the place where their baby is living now.He smiled thinking about his baby.


Arnav(to a nurse)- Does she know the good news?


Nurse-No.. she has been sleeping.You , yourself tell her when she wakes up and convey my congrats to her.

Nurse smiled and left the couples.

Arnav smiled and sat beside Khushi. He kissed her forehead. Khushi woke up feeling something on her forehead. She was shocked to see Arnav.


Khushi(angry)-You? What are you doing here?

Arnav(smirks at Khushi)- I should be the one asking that question right? You fainted into my arms and I bought you to here.

Khushi- Oh, so great of you. Sorry for wasting your time.


With that she starts to get up.Suddenly the nurse came their .She made Khushi lay on the bed again.Khushi was puzzled.


Nurse-You should not get up so fastly Mrs.Raizada.

Khushi was surprised hearing Mrs.Raizada.She immediately looked Arnav.He was smiling.

Khushi-Its Miss Gupta. Not Mrs.Raizada

Nurse smiled and handed over some papers to Khushi.

Nurse-Please sign these papers. You will be having your checkups here from next month onwards.

Khushi(confused)-Checkups? What checkups?What is my illness?

Nurse(turning to Arnav)-You haven't told her yet?Should I tell then (Arnav shook his head)Then make it fast. I think you guyz need some privacy. I will wait outside and comeback after 10 minutes.

Nurse smiled and left the room.


Khushi(angry at Arnav)-How dare you tell my name as Mrs.Raizada. Iam not your wife anymore and how dare you pay my hospital bills?I can pay it by myself now.

Arnav(Caressing Khushi's cheeks)-You got it wrong Khushi. I paid the bill not for you.It was for my baby.

Khushi was shocked again.Have this guy gone mad?His baby? What he meant by that?She looked at him confusedly raising one eyebrow.


Arnav-Yes Khushi.Now you are carrying my baby.ASR's baby.(he touches her tummy sending impulses throughout her body and brings her hand to her tummy)Really Khushi.Our baby is growing inside you,here. We are going to become parents.


Khushi was more shocked.


Khushi-Baby?Your baby? HOW ….i know how I mean NOWAY…


Arnav-You can't fool yourself Khushi. You still remember the night before you left RM nah? We made our baby that night.


Khushi-It is not your baby Mr.Raizada.This baby is mine.Only mine. Don't take away my baby from me.I won't allow that.


Arnav- Why are you crying like this Khushi? I will not steal OUR baby away from you.I want both of you in my life.I promise I will be a good father and husband. Please come back to me , sweetheart.


Khushi-In your dreams Mr.Raizada. We don't need you. I have suffered enough.I don't want my baby to suffer like his mother. We will not come to you.


Arnav(smirking)-Challenging me? Then hear this carefully I will turn this world upside down if needed ,to bring you back into me.


Khushi-You can dream as you like.But I won't come to you.


Nurse came and handed over the papers to Khushi.She read the papers and signed them.Just then the doctor came inside. She gave some instructions to Khushi about pregnancy.Arnav was all the while smiling.It made Khushi uncomfortable and happy at the same time. She liked seeing him smiling.Doctor left and Sharmas came to Khushi's room. She didn't know what to reply to Sharmas.


Mrs.Sharma- How are you beta? Any pain

Khushi-Iam fine aunty. Just feeling tired.

Mrs.Sharma-Do one thing,come to our home today. You will not be able to do heavy works in this condition.

Khushi-It is fine aunty.I can manage it.

Mrs.Sharma-No beta. You are coming with us and that is final.


Arnav looked at Dhruv, perplexed.Dhruv winked at Arnav.


Dhruv-So Arnav what is your plan? I heard you going to start a branch of AR Groups here,in our town.

Arnav-Yup. Iam searching a house here(he said looking at Khushi)

Dhruv-If you don't mind you can stay in our house.So we can discuss  some partnership business also.

Arnav-No Dhruv.It will be a problem for you.

Dhruv-Not at all Arnav.Infact we are very very happy hey nah mom?

Mrs.Sharma-Yes beta. You can stay at our place.We are very thankful to you for bringing Khushi here.


 Khushi became restless again. So that means him and her under the same roof? Impossible.

But how can she protest now?She looked Arnav.He gave her his trademark smirk.

After all the formalities they left for Sharma House.



 How was it? Should I continue this?Comment and like my friendsWink

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