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SS: Voh Rishta - Memories - Page 53 (Page 10)

meera30 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 July 2012 at 7:45am | IP Logged
Have been waiting forever for you to start something new (Yeah I have a problem reading fics that have been running for a while - catch up is difficult :)

Interesting. I like the backdrop already

Waiting for the next chapter now!



Happy Birthday. Stupid me, I remember reading Rae's note on her FF.

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curledup IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 July 2012 at 8:16am | IP Logged
This update is 2123 words. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? Shocked all the people that want updates for other things you are going to hate me LOL I know, I have something for WICM but its like 332 words, I think I'm gonna put it up because its blocking what I can write and I hate that. So sona your licking scene is coming up ROFL Without further ado.

oh wait. I L Y lot! <3 you're lots comments are the best things in the world, I began responding to all of them but then I got lazy and I'm fasting. Not the best combination I tell you! LOL

So here goes:

Chapter 2 : Agreeing.


She was beautiful, actually beautiful. Arnav had seen many beauties in his thirty-two years of age but this one beauteous being had his breath trapped in between his longs and his oesophagus. He took in her beaming smile as she greeted his father and brothers, saw her hair bobble sway up to her ears, saw the warmth in her eyes as she laughed with them and then he saw her smile drop as she looked at him, saw her eyes cloud with fury, with angst, with hurt.


And he had no one but himself to blame.


He saw her fluttering hands move her wispy looks behind her ears and a sent her a look of appreciation, even now a mother would insist that a girls hair remain long, but Khushi clearly did not listen as her hair was short up to her neck, that graceful gazelle like neck which would soon be adorned with his mangulsutra.


Or so he thought.


Her eyes were hooded with her layers, so even if he tried to peep into the depths of her sould he couldn't as it was hidden behind a cloud of chestnut brown.


Not once did he shift his gaze, not once did he look away and not once did he attempt to apologise for his horrible behaviour. Instead he sat there and heard her tinkling laugh to his fathers amusing jokes saw her glance from one brother to the next and saw her cleverly avoid his pestering gaze.


And then came the question, for a minute his heart stopped beating, it actually stopped, sweat began to pool down his back, his pulse radiating close to explosion it seemed his whole body was eagerly awaiting for her answer.


"Bauji as long as your son knows I am not prepared to be a house-wife my answer is yes"


His heart soared, he let go off the breath he wasn't aware he was holding, his eyes crinkling at the corners as he beamed at her but she did not return the gesture, but that didn't matter he could work with that.


She was engulfed in his brother's hugs and patted by his father, he got up and extended his sinewy arms waiting for her to easily fall into his arms but his younger brother did instead.


"Veer-ji I am so happy" Akash told him.


"Me too" His voice gruffer than he expected, he awkwardly returned his hug, patting him loudly on the back as he caught her undying attention over the top off his brothers head.



That's what he was.


Caught in a land of green fields, reflecting the delicate beams of the sun, he was seduced there and then with just a flick of an eye, a bat of an eyelash.


If that was what happened with her eyes, only lord knew what would happen when she smiled at him.


A real smile.


Not the fake rubbish which was sweet, but sickly sweet.


He stopped hugging his brother and took small steps towards her, his pace mirroring his drugging heartbeat. He stopped to stand in front of her and his eyes began to espy the rise and fall of her bosom, the quick glances she sent over his broad masculine shoulders, a look of panic in the green fields as his right hand met her left hand.


He caught a hold of her gaze and kissed her knuckles, his lips fluffing down onto her milky hands, transferring as much love and appreciation he could into that one kiss and not to mention the unspoken apology. Her gasp was enough to show the surprise she felt, a pink like colour rushed to paint her cheeks and travel lower to her neck where it trespassed to unknown waters below her blouse which he hoped to familiarise himself with.


"OKAY BHAI we get it, now enough, leave our pyaari si behen alone" Rishab the charmer vouched.


"Thank you" His whisper was for her ears alone.


She shivered with warmth, his gaze piercing through her clouded thoughts, like a dagger to a chest. She withdrew her hand from his calloused fingers and discovered his look of triumph with the hair-raising crooked smile; well she'd be darned if she let him win that easily.


He had a lot to pay for.


"Now the wedding will happen in a months time?" It was rather a statement phrased as a question.


"Whatever you feel is right bauji" They both said at the same time.


"Seems like the both agree eh Aftab?" Viren teased.


And the atmosphere was left like that, teasing, funny, jovial but it left Khushi with disturbing thoughts why would he agree when he loved Aasiya baaji? How was it fair? Didn't Aasiya love him in return?


All these thoughts left her occupied for the week she was free, it was with a heavy heart that she hugged all her colleagues-cum-friends, said goodbye to her office, to her flatmates, to her room, to her life.


_ _


A week, it had been a torturous week and he couldn't get those green fields out of his mind, the gasp; he replayed the events of that day again and again in the recesses of his mind, he kept glancing at his watch when he was at work, at the clock when he was at home hoping, willing the time would go faster.


And the time had arrived she was here. He looked at her over the terrace of their haveli still dressed in his under-vest and pants he glanced at the warm reception she was being given she was engulfed by his mother, Jeevika Raizada.


"Amma" Was all she could muster as a lady of 5ft2 crushed her in a hug.


She playfully wacked her arms and pinched her cheeks.


"Kaha thi tu?" Her voice soft yet high and it wasn't for the first time that Khushi noticed how perfect Viren was for Jeevika, like a glove to a hand.


"Maaf karna amma" Khushi held her ears and pouted.


"Main nahi manungi" Jeevika said.


"Amma maan jao- Her apology stopped mid-way, she felt his gaze bore into her back, and just like a Yash Raj film wind swept her hair away from her face, her eyes closed of their own accord and she looked up at the terrace and caught him looking at her.


Jeevika momentarily forget her anger while she stole glances between her eldest and soon to be eldest bahu.


"Maan gayi" She told Khushi kissing her forehead in tender love.


It was Khushi who hugged her this time, not caring whether it was returned or not, all she needed was a shoulder to let all her worries out on, a warm hand to brush them all away, and warm words to silence the angst that had been awoken by yours truly.


"Amma" She cried, everyone left them to their devices, the bhabhis sauntering to the kitchen, the brother leaving for a hard-days work at the field and the father still standing there, waiting to lend a hand for support.


Because Viren knew, oh he knew within a heartbeat he could tell what was going through his little ones mind, she was a young twenty-three in comparison to his sons thirty-two. He had seen what his son had inflicted upon her and knew in a sad way that Khushi had compromised her life away.


"Khushiyan" He began with his usual endearment "If you don't want to get married to him, you don't have to" He told her.


"No bauji, you know how I feel about him right?" She told him.


"A heart of gold is what you have, a heart of pure gold" He told her, stealing her from Jeevika's arms.


_ _


Arnav saw from a distance how she interacted with his family and realised if not for the first time she was almost their own, nothing stopped them, if anything the only barrier between them was blood and even that she had crossed, after donating blood to his father she shared a relationship that even he couldn't.


He heard their slow whispers, his ears perking up at the thought of her feeling something? Anything? And she did.


She told his father that she felt something, anything, but she felt it didn't she? He could work with that. He would work with that and bloom the attraction he felt for her in her.


_ _


It was a time bomb, a ticking time bomb, she counted down the days, the hours, the minutes to the wedding day, it was only five days away. Only five.


Within these five days a lot was planned, the mehendi, the sangeet, the haldi. All required different outfits of different kinds, Khushi scrunched her nose at the greenly yellow and the maroons, she wasn't the type that liked to dress up, she preferred plain salwar kameez to these expensive sharareh and sarees.


They applied haldi and washed it away with milk, sang old songs and danced in cirlces, they applied detailed intricate mehendi, placed their names along side each other swirling intimate flowers around them, connecting them in more than one way and applied a lemony-sugar syrup to make it all the more darker.


All the young girls told her the more Arnav-bhai loved her the darker the mehendi would come out told her.


And it came out dark.


Very dark.


_ _


It was like a blur for Arnav, a time ticking blur, the days left for the wedding went faster than a heart-beat and he was glad for that, extremely glad, only a couple of more hours and he could apologise for being a cad, he could apologise for hurting her in a way that was un-explainable.


Thanks to his family he didn't even have a minute of privacy with her, so he couldn't ask her the real reason for her yes, he couldn't say sorry neither could he say how he really felt about her.


His eyes craved a look of her glorious face, those sunny eyes, but she was hidden behind a fuchsia parda while the imam read out the nikka-namma, the imam asked her if she agreed and she replied 'kabool hai' three times.


'That's it' He sighed, no going back now, they were bound to each other as he said 'kabool hai', the crowd erupted in a cheer hugging each other, congratulating each other yet it was a silent victory for Arnav, he hugged everyone but his arms only wanted to bind themselves to her.


They rose to get married the Sikh way this time, circling the gurud-wara, taking steps, promising each other, committing and being bound to one another until deaths cunning scissors cut off the strings that attached them to the other.


He stole her slender fingers into his receiving another gasp from her end, his rough fingers meeting her smooth ones as they bent to receive their parents blessings with hugs intact. His hand never left hers, not when they were walking back to the haveli, not when they were given the sherbet and not even when she had to leave for their bedroom. Her payals leaving a chiming wake to her silence, the red skirt of her lenga being lifted by her small hands.


"You will see her soon" teased Akash.


"Hmm" his incoherent mumbling satisfying the Raizada men as they had more excuses to tease him.


_ _


"I know Khushi" Jeevika began "But can you start afresh with him?"


"Amma, I shall try" She promised her.


"Thank you" Jeevika said bending forward to kiss her forehead, settling her frazzled nerves as she dictated the events of the nut, Khushi flushed a blood orange as she thought about his hands and where they are going to be on her untouched skin.


Jeevika left her to her own devices signalling to the boys outside that they could let him in and they did, only after a lot of teasing.


_ _


Arnav walked into the room, his senses were assaulted with her, with just her her dupatta, her lengha, the peeping toes the loose tendrils.




Just her.


His feet walking of their own accord towards her like a possessed man, he plonked himself down and breathed her in, that sweet smell of sweet pea assailing his nostrils, his fingers walked themselves to her peeping toes, they curled beneath his fingers.


Not one word was said between them, not one, they shared such passion but nothing was spoken, both fearing it would ruin an understanding they reached via Viren and Jeevika.


She arched beneath his ministrations, whispering soft moans into his ear as he drove them both to the stars and back.


Not a word.


Not one single word.


_ _

Finito! << how was it? do let me know! eagerly waiting. Oh and its not proof-read, come'on! more than onethousand words! honey I dont think so.




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-JollyJabeen- IF-Sizzlerz

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This was beautiful Aashifah!, I loved it Tongue

Awww! So Arnav loves Khushi? But she doesn't!?

Ooh wow, There's some khichdi going on here! LOL

This is super cool! Tongue

Wait, Does Khushi think Arnav likes her sister?

EEEK super excited! So happy their married now Dancing

I love falling in love FICS! I'm a sucker for them.. Embarrassed

Update soon and thanks for the PM! 

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NothingLasts IF-Dazzler

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Loved it but you better update soon because i want to know what happened. i know i sound bossy but i wanna know!!!

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mistyrains IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 July 2012 at 8:36am | IP Logged

Wow Aashifa!:)

That was beautiful:) Every line was written so nicely.

The kiss on her knuckles, the wedding preparations, beautiful.
I am really looking forward to the story:DD

Continue soon Hug

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207shikha IF-Rockerz

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gawd just loving it how the story is moving.! marvellous work.! Big smile

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-bansi- IF-Dazzler

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Nice update..!!

Would love to see what happens next..!!

Cont soon..!!

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shivani15 Senior Member

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AWESOME! Loved it Big smile

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