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Maaneet FF Mere Humsafar# 12 Link # 13 pg 151 (Page 65)

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humsafar ka wait ho raha hai 

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Waiting for an updateSmile
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UPDATING Embarrassed

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Originally posted by piya-

UPDATING Embarrassed

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Thanks for your love and support dear friends. Pls forgive me for the delay in updates but my work load and my health are creating lots of issues for me Ouch due to which I find it difficult to give regular updates. Here is the next update and I have dared to write something different Shocked I m not sure if my experiment is okay or not

Pls read the note at the end of the update as it is a justification why I penned down this part


PART 106


Maan was finding it difficult to speak


Geet knew it was time to show him the strength of their love


This was the last time Maan's past would be haunting him as now the light of her love was there to bring the hope of a bright present and future in her Maan's life


Maan cuddled close to his Geet in an attempt to find solace in her loving folds


Geet caressed his head with all her love as she picked up Roshni's photograph and gave it an angry glare


She realized that she had to shower Maan with her love but it was also important to make Maan realize the difference between his horrified past and his beautiful present


She had to take some bold step which will provoke Maan to destroy all the traces of his past with his own hands


She caressed Maan's face lovingly and showered him with a series of gentle kisses


Geet's touch and her closeness gave a temporary relief to Maan as his eyelids kissed one another to take him to the serene world of sleep making him forget his pain for the timebeing


Geet continued to caress her husband's face till the time she was sure that Maan was now in deep sleep


She carefully placed his head on the pillow and after thinking for few seconds she decided to execute her plan


Geet picked up Roshni's photograph and started walking away from Maan


She was forced to stop as Maan was holding her duppata protectively even in his sleep


Geet: Aaj humari mohaabat ki taakat ko aazmane ka waqt aa gaya hai Maan'aaj hum dono ko milkar apne pyar ka ek aisa diya jalana hai jo ke aapke dardnakh ateeth ki har buri parchahyi ko mita sake'Humari mohabbat kamiyab hogi Maan ye aapki Geet ka aapse vada hai [Its time to challenge the strength of our love Maan; today both of us need to light a powerful lamp of our love whose light will destroy all the shadows of ur horrified past. Our love will win Maan this is the promise of ur Geet]


She placed a promising peck on Maan's lips and removed her duppata from him and walked out of the room


After few hours,


Maan stepped out from the shield of sleep


He was experiencing a severe headache. He slowly allowed the curtains of his eyelashes to move apart in an attempt to destroy all traces of darkness


He was eager to see the face of his angelic wife as soon as he opened his eyes but to his horror the scene that welcomed him was a totally unexpected nightmare


The whole room appeared like a dark trap of deceit, pain and fear


There was absolutely no source of light in the room


The romantic lively curtains had now shed their clothes and had taken the color of misfortune and bad luck as every curtain of their window was decorated with the color black


The romantic pics of their wedding were no where to be seen; infact a shining glass like stuff appeared to cover the whole room


Maan was able to see these strange things due to a small fire that was lit in one corner of his room


The blazing flames of this fire was giving out a strange smoke that appeared like a cursing spell to him


The room was full of negative energy and to make matters worse the brightest star of Maan's life his Geet; his darling wife was also missing


He shivered with the thought of losing Geet.


This situation was forcing him to believe that his Maayari was in danger


He rushed to the door and tried to open it but all his attempts were in vain as the door was locked from outside


Maan started to become restless. He started banging the door with all his strength


Maan: Geet kaha ho tum? Tum thik toh hona? [Geet where r u? R u okay?]


No one responded to his calls


Maan: Darwaza kholiye'Dadima, Dev, Annie, Meera darwaza kholiye. Meri Geet shayad koi khatre mein hai mujhe apni Maayari ke paas jaana hai. Kholiye meri Geet ko zarur meri zarurat hai [Dadima, Dev, Annie, Meera for God's sake someone open the door. I have this feeling that my Geet is in danger. Open the door pls I need to find my Maayari she needs me]


The only answer that Maan got was a perfect silence


He turned around and screamed on top of his voice


Maan: Geet'.kaha ho tum? [Geet where r u?]


An evil laughter started to resonate in the room


The voice: Badi yaad aa rahi hai apni biwi ki? Lagta hai kafi anmol hai wo tumhare liye [Dying to see ur wife? It seems she is a really precious for u]


Maan: Ye kiski aawaz hai? [Who the hell are u?]


The intensity of the sound increased and this time the voice appeared more powerful than before


Voice: Main tumhara dardnakh atteth hoon jo aaj bhi itni taakat rakhtha hai ke tumhare khoobsurat aaj aur aanewale kal ko teheshnehesh kar saku [I am ur horrifying past who has the potential to destroy ur beautiful present and future]


Maan: Mere ateeth mein itni taakat nahi ke mere khoobsurat aaj meri Geet ko nuksaan paucha sake [My past is not strong enough to hurt my beautiful present; my Geet did u get that?]


Voice: Taakat ki baat na karo toh achha hai Maan kyunki tumhari zindagi khatre mein hai'tumhe kya laga tha ke apne atteth ke panno ko apni biwi ke saamne kholkar rakh doge toh tumhara dard kum ho jaayega are tumne toh mujhe ek aur mauka de diya tumhari zindagi ke saath dubara khilwad karne ka [Don't u dare challenge my strength as ur life is in danger. U made a mistake by thinking that after opening ur past in front of ur wife ur pains will reduce infact by doing so u have given me a chance to play with ur life ur sentiments once again]


Maan: Maan ke rehte hue Geet ki parchayi ko bhi koi kharoch nahi aa sakthi agar himmat hai toh mere saamne aau zara main bhi toh dekhu ke kiski shamat aayi hai jo MSK ki jaan ko nuksaan pauchane ka khwab dekh sake [As long as Maan is alive no one can touch the shadow of his Geet. If u have guts come in front of me let me also see who is inviting misfortune in her life by dreaming of hurting MSK's life]


Voice: Ek hi pal mein tumhari ye chamak nafrat aur khauff mein badal jaayegi chalo ab jab tum yahi chahte ho toh tumhari ye khwaish main puri kar deti hoon BETA [In a matter of seconds the charm of ur face will get converted into hatred and fear; okay if u r so desperate to experience this fear then let me fulfill your dreams SON]


A chill ran down Maan's spine as soon as he heard the word SON


His eyes started to burn with anger as the mirrors that were surrounding the whole room showed the picture of Roshni in it


Maan anger had reached to such a high level that he did not realize that the whole situation was actually a trick of animation and visual effects


Annie was an expert in this and she was the one who had helped Geet to create this scenario


The voice was coming from a recorder and the sound was modulated in a perfect way which was way to perfect for the situation


Roshni: Kya hua bolti bannd ho gayi? [What happened your lips seemed to be sealed?]


Maan: Tumhari himmat kaise hui mere ghar mein dhakil hone ki? [How dare u to enter my house?]


Roshni: Maan hum toh yaha apni bahu se milne aayethe par wo toh hume dekhkar aagbabula hone lagi iss liye humne unhe sabak seekhane ka than liya aur dekhiye ek baar phir hum jeeth gaye [ I was here to meet my Daughter-in-law Maan but she started accusing me as soon as she met me so I thought why not teach her a lesson and look I have succeeded in my plan]


Maan: Meri Geet ka naam apni gandi zubaan par lana bhi mat warna ' [Don't u dare to take my Geet's name with ur dirty mouth or else..]


Roshni: Nahi toh kya Maan? Aap humara kuch nahi bigad sakthe; humne aapki aakhon ke saamne aapke Papa ko barbaad kiya aur aaj aapki aakhon ke saamne aapki Geet ko maut ke ghaat utar denge [Or what Maan? U cannot stop me in any way years before I had destroyed your father in front of ur eyes and today I will kill ur wife in front of your eyes and I am sure u won't be able to do anything]


Maan trembled with this statement. He started sweating as he remembered how helpless he had been during his childhood


Roshni: Kya hua darr gaye? Sach kahe Maan aap aaj bhi wahi kamzor aur lachar Maan nazar aa rahe hai hume jo ke apne pita ki maut ko rokh na sake 'tutututu' bechari Geet toh bade dawe kar rahi thi ke humari mohabbat mein badi takat hai aur agar unpar koi musibat aayi toh unke Maan unhe apne pyar ki panahoh mein mehfoos rakhenge [What happened got scared? Maan u r still the helpless and weak person like u were in ur childhood who failed to stop his father from dying' Poor Geeet she was challenging me that ur love is very strong and ur love will always act as a protecting shield for her]


Roshni: Maan yaad kijiye aapke pita kaise tadap rahe the apni aakhri saas lethe hue aur aap dare hue sehmein hue laachar khade tamasha dekh rahe the [Recollect the last moments of your father's life Maan, oh' he was shivering with pain while breathing his last and u were standing there frightened and helpless'poor u]


Maan's breath became heavy as he was living his past all over again


Roshni: Geet toh keh rahi thi ke meri yani aapke ma ki jagah aapke zindagi mein kuch nahi; bewakoof hai wo ladki are sach toh ye hai ke aap saare duniya se rishta todh sakthe hai par humse nahi issliye toh aaj tak aapne humari tasveer ko samalkar rakha hai [Geet was telling me that I don't have any importance in your life. She is a fool as she is unaware of the truth that u can break all relationships from this world but u can never forget me and that's why u have still kept my photograph with u]


Roshni: Sach toh ye hai Maan aap mein ya aapke pyar mein itni taakat nahi ke wo aapke atteth yani hume jala sake'aur jab tak humara koi bhi aks bhale hi wo humari yaadon ki parchayi hi kyun na ho aapke zindagi mein hai aap kabhi bhi puri tarah se khush nahi reh paayenge [Accept the truth Maan u or ur love does not have enough strength to burn me and as long as a single trace associated with me even if it is the shadows of ur memories is present in ur life u won't be able to live ur life happily]


Roshni: Aur jab aap khush nahi rahenge toh aapki zindagi aapki Geet kaise khush rahegi aur agar aisa hua toh hum aapse dur hone par bhi aapki zindagi ke saath khilwad kar sakenge' hum ek baar phir jeet gaye maan hum ek baar phir jeeth gaye [How will Geet be happy if u r in remorse? Despite of being away from u I have succeeded in playing with ur life once again]


Maan was about to say something when he saw his Geet wearing a black saree and standing very close to the fire flames


Roshni's photograph was also placed next to the fire setting


Before Maan could say anything the voice continued


Roshni: Aaj ek baar phir apni zindagi ko khatm hothe hue dekh lijiye Maan' aapke ateeth ki lafto mein aapka khoosurat aaj jal raha hai ' agar himmat hai toh apne  Geet ki bakwaas bharose ko sach karke bataiye; jala dijiye apne atteth ki har parchayi ko apne haatho se ya phir phir se tamasha dekhiye apni zindagi ke khatme ka [Its time for u to see your life reaching an end once again Maan. The flames of ur past are ready to destroy the essence of your beautiful present. If u have guts then remove the traces of ur past and save ur present or else wait and witness the destruction of your life once again]


Geet did not say anything; she turned her face and started walking away from Maan


Maan lost the count of his breath as his heart skipped several beats on seeing the pallu of Geet's saree getting burned


Maan: Geet'rukho tumhara pallu jal raha hai [Geet stop ur pallu has catched fire]


Roshni: Ye koi mamuli aag nahi hai Maan jo paani ya aapki baato se bujh sake; ye aag toh aapke ateeth ki jeet ko darsha raha hai kyunki aaj aap ek baar phir haar gaye'aap hume yani apne aateth ko khud se kabhi juda nahi kar sakthe'aapki mohabbat haar gayi aaj aapne apne  ateeth ko apne vartamaan par hawi hone ki ijazat de di ab shantii se baitkar apne mohabbat ko swaha hone ka jashn manaiye [This is not an ordinary fire Maan that will get destroyed with water or with ur words; this fire is declaring the win of ur past over ur present as today u have lost once again. U can never forget ur past Maan and this weakness of yours is the sole reason for the failure of ur love; u allowed ur past to become dominant on your present now with a calm mind enjoy the celebration of ur shattered love]


Geet continued walking and now the fire had embraced a good amount of her pallu


Maan was not a weak man but this was the truth that he was always scared of his past


He had never found the courage to destroy Roshni's photograph till date as he was afraid that this act of his might simply haunt his mind and soul throughout his life


But today he had to make a decision; the symbolism of his past "ROSHNI'S PHOTOGRAPH" was still securely placed in fron of his eyes whereas his LIFE his Geet was stepping in a dangerous embrace with every passing second


If he wished to save his Geet it was important to destroy his past


Geet: Maan aapki Geet aapse behet pyar karti hai [Maan your Geet loves u loads]


As soon as these words touched his soul all the insecurities and fear of Maan vanished in thin air


Geet's love was his biggest strength and their love was worship for them; he could never allow the divinity and purity of their unique bond to fail in front of a deceitful and horrifying past


He rushed towards Geet and ripped off her saree from her body and threw it on Roshni's photograph


He hugged her and took her in the embrace of his undying love


Maan: Geet Maan ka pyar hai uska gurur hai; meri Mayari ki pavitrata ke tez ke saamne mera atteth kabhi bhi hawi nahi ho saktha [Geet is Maan's love; she is his pride. My past can never stand in front of the purity and undying love of my Maayari]


Roshni's photograph was totally burnt now and as soon as the photo got destroyed the reflection of her image from the mirror also vanished


Maan crushed the ashes of Roshni's photograph with his shoes as he continued kissing Geet endlessly


A tear drop rolled down Geet's eyes as their eyes got locked into a bond of  a lifelong promise


Maan kissed away her tears and hugged her possessively and protectively


Maan: Jab tak Geet Maan ke saath hai koi bhi ateeth humare pyar ko kalankit nahi kar sakthi'aaj ke baad meri yaado ke basere ki shuruwat meri Geet se hogi aur uska anth bhi meri Geet se hoga. I love u Geet tumhara pyar hi meri sabse badi taakat hai [As long as Geet is there with Maan no past can haunt our love. From today every chapter of my memory will start from my Geet and will end on my Geet. I love u Geet ur love is my biggest strength]


Geet: I love u too Maan' mujhe maaf kar dijiye par mujhe humare pyar par bharosa tha main jaanti thi ke agar aapko aapke atteth aur humari mohabbat ke beech kise chunna hoga toh aap humari mohabbat ko hi chunoge [I love u too Maan' I am sorry for taking this extreme step but I had faith in our love Maan I was sure if u had to make a choice between ur past and our love undoubtedly our love would emerge victorious]


Maan saw a red color saree lying closeby


He unhooked her blouse and showered her with urgent and possessive kisses in all the parts which were accessible to him


Geet clutched his shoulder tightly as she allowed Maan to do whatever he felt like doing


Geet: Maan main ye chahthi thi k aaj ke din ko aap apne beete hue kal ki parchayi ki jhalak samajkar nahi balki humare pyar ki nayi shuruwat ke taur par yaad kare [Maan I want u to remember this day as a new promise of our love and not as a day wherein u relived the memories of ur dreadful past]


Maan gifted Geet a love bite on her nape as he allowed the blouse to slip from her arms


Geet's breathing pattern took a dramatic turn as Maan started teasing her curves


She understood that her teasing and charming husband was in a mood to trouble her with his tricks


Shyness was ready to welcome her in its folds as Maan's fingers started travelling in a downward direction trying to undue the string of her petticoat


Geet could not take his torture any more; she pushed him playfully and turned her back towards the wall


Maan walked towards her and whispered huskily in her ears


Maan: Geet badi tamanna thi ki main tumhe apne haatho se khud dulhan ki tarah sajau par ye khwaish puri nahi ho paayi [Geet I had a dream of dressing u up as a bride with my own hands but this wish of mine remained unfulfilled]


He placed his hand on her belly forcing Geet to rest her back on his chest


Maan kissed hersholuder lovingly and placed the red saree on her arms


Maan: Aaj apni dulhan ko khud ke haatho se sajakar aaj ka ye din humare pyar ka ek yaadgaar lamha banana chahtha hoon'apne Maan ko kyat um ye haq dogi? [By decorating my bride with my own hands today I would like to start a new chapter of our love story would u give this right to ur Maan?]


Without any hesitation Geet turned around and submitted herself in his embrace


Geet: Geet ke rom rom par bus aapka hi haq hai Maan'aapki dulhan ko humesha aapke pyar ka intezaar hai. I love u Maan.  I love u [Every pore of Geet's body belongs to Maan'ur bride is always waits for ur love Maan. I love u Maan. I love u]


Maan lifted Geet's chin and marked the beauty of his love on her lips thus giving a perfect start to their unique love story all over again


PRECAP: Karwachauth and Muhdhikayi preparationsEmbarrassed


Okay Friends I actually deleted the whole update as I felt that a simple sexual act is not enough especially in case of Maaneet of MH. Their love and bond is divine and unique that's why I felt the way Geet brings out Maan from his past should also be different hence I took this risk of this experiment.

I am not sure if I was able to do justice with this update or not but I purposely deleted the sexual aspect of the update as I wanted to show the connection of their souls and their heart. Pls forgive me if I disappointed you'll with my stupid thinking that forced me to alter the whole update






PART 107: Page 89

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Ziva01 IF-Sizzlerz

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Sweetu simply awesome it and completely agree with u that only sexual act wouldn't hv release Maan from his haunting past the way u described Geet tricked Maan imagination...very creative ClapClapClapClap

Now that Maan is free from his horrible past...can't wait for Maneet new love life ...
Thxs for this is superb update...plzzz update soon

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superb lovely update...

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Hats off to you Piya...

The update is terrific...

I swear have rendered me really have the knack to think out of the box what a way to bring Maan out of his past'his mom had been a real devil... a gold digger '..and Maan had not been able to get over it...kudos to Geet's plan...she created a situation wherein Maan had to choose either his past or save her...Maan didn't know that it was all a trick...she very well know what choice Maan would make...this part proves that Maaneet's love is not only physical but also spiritual...they are for each other forever...their bond is special and no one can separate them.



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