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Maaneet FF Mere Humsafar# 12 Link # 13 pg 151 (Page 52)

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Thanks for your love and support dear friends. Here is the next update and it has Maan's past in it. I have tried to do full justice to this emotional update but if at all you'll think that this part was not emotional then my sincere apologies. I dedicate this part to my friend piya27 who always has a complain that I am late in updating my FFs. My dear friend I will try my level best to give regular updates of all my FFs henceforth




PART 105


Geet: Marte dum tak aapka saath dungi Maan [I will be with u till I breathe my last Maan]


Maan kissed her temple lovingly and scooped her in his arms


He walked towards the bed and made himself comfortable on it and placed Geet on his lap


Geet rested her head on his chest close to his heart and waited for him to open the hidden chapter of his life


Maan: Yashwardhan Singh Khurana iss naam mein itni taakat thi ke unke ek palak jhapathe hi saari mushikle kaamiyaabi mein badal jaate the [Yashwardhan Singh Khurana was such a strong name that all problems would set converted into success just by a mere blink of his eyes]


Geet moved herself closer to Maan and gave him the loving warmth of her love and once again ensured him that she was there for him


Maan caressed her back and continued


Maan: Mujhe garv hai apne pita par Geet kyunki wo ek aise vyakti the jo humesha sach ki raah par chalthe hue har katinayi ka datkar mukabla karke unhone  kaamiyabi haasil ki. Dadima ke laadle bete hai wo aur Khurana Khandaan ki shaan [I am proud of my father Geet as he was a person who walked on the path of truth and faced all difficult situations bravely to emerge as a victorious person. He is the darling son of Dadima and also the pride of the Khurana's]


Geet was happy to see the love and respect that Maan held for his father


Maan: Par kehthe haina duniya mein koi perfect nahi hotha aakhirkaar mere Dad se bhi ek galti ho gayi [But as everyone says no one is perfect in this world. My Dad also commited a mistake]


Geet: Kaisi galti Maan? [What mistake Maan?]


Maan closed his eyes and brought Geet closer


Maan: Pyar karne ki galti Geet [The mistake of falling in love Geet]


Geet: Kya pyar karna galti hai Maan? [Is falling in love a mistake Maan?]


Maan hugged her possessively


Maan: Nahi Geet pyar toh ek khoobsurat aur pak jazba hai par ye bhi sach hai ke  ek galat faisla har ek pak rishte ko kaach ki tarah chaknachur kar saktha hai [No Geet love is a divine and pure emotion but one wrong decision can destroy the essence of this feeling like a broken glass]


He looked at the photograph that Geet was holding


Maan: Mere Dad ne ek aisi aurat se pyar karne ki galti ki jo ke pyar toh kya nafrat ke bhi layak nahi thi. Ye wahi aurat hai jiski tasveer tumhare haatho mein hai. Isska naam Roshni hai[My Dad commited the mistake of falling in love with a woman who did not fit to deserve his hatred also. She is the same woman whose photograph u r holding in your hand right now her name is Roshni]


Geet: Roshni Yashwardhan Singh Khurana?


Maan: Haan batkismati se ye mere Dad ki wife aur meri Maa hai [Yes unfortunately she is the wife of my Dad and I am her son]


Geet placed her hand on his shoulder to ease his pain


Maan: Dadima ko ye aurat khuch khaas pasand nahi thi shayad unhone iske irade pehle hi bhap liye the par Dad par iss aurat ki saadgi aur bholepan ka aisa jadu cha gaya tha ke unhone apne dimag se sochna bannd kar diya aur uss aurat se shadi karne ki than li [Dadima did not like this woman right from the start it seemed she new her intensions well but Dad was head over heels in love with her and he decided to marry that woman irrespective of circumstances]


Geet was listening patiently


Maan: Dadima ne Dad ki khushi ke saamne ghutne thek diye aur shadi ko apni razamandi de di [Dadima gave priority to Dad's happiness and agreed to the marriage]


Maan remained silent for a while


Geet: Shadi ke baad kya hua Maan? [What happened after the marriage Maan?]


Maan: Shadi ke baad kuch dino tak sab thik tha Geet infact Dadima ko ye lagne laga ke unki soch galat thi aur Roshni wakai mein ek aadarsh biwi aur bahu thi; Dadima ko uss aurat par itna bharosa ho gaya ke unhone pure Khurana khandaan ki zimedari uss aurat ke khando par daal di [After marriage everything went on smoothly for some days infact Dadima started thinking that her point of view regarding Roshni was wrong as she was turning out to be a perfect wife and a daughter-in 'la. Dadima trusted her to such an extent that she gave the responsibility of the entire house to that woman]


Maan: Shadi ke 5 saal tak sab thik thaak chaltha raha; aur issi dauran mera, Dev aur Annie ka janm hua. [Everything went on smoothly for the next 5 years and it was during this time that me, Dev and Annie were born]


Geet: Jab sab thik chal raha tha toh phir nafrat ki aandhi ne dastak kab di? [When everything was running smoothly then why did the strom of hatred enter your world?]


Maan: Andhi ki shuruwat toh ussi din se ho gayi thi Geet jis din uss aurat ne humare ghar mein pehli baar kadam rakhe the darasal ye 5 saal hume sukoon aur rahat bhari zindagi ka aaina lag raha tha par asal mein wo toofan se pehle aanewali shantata thi [The storm had entered our life the very day she placed her first foot in our house. The 5 years that we thought as a peaceful paradise was actually the calmness that can be seen before the arrival of a devastating storm]


Geet: Kya matlab? [Wht do u mean?]


Maan: Geet uss aurat ne bade hi shatir tareeke se gharwalo ka bharosa jeet liya aur iss bharose ko haasil karne k liye usne apni zindagi ke 5 saal badi hi shidat se apne iss mission ko diye [Geet the woman was smart and she dedicated 5 years of her life to gain the blind trust of our family]


Maan: Ek baar usse ye bharosa mil gaya phir usne apna asli rang dhikana shuru kar diya. [Once she got this trust she started to show her true colors slowly in front of the world]


Maan: Dad ko business ke liye kayi dafa India se bahar jaana padtha tha aur uss waqt Roshni India mein saara kaam samala karti thi, Dad ke  ek business partner the wo Roshni ki madat kiya karte the Dad ki gairmaujoodgi mein [Dad had to go abroad many times for business deals and Roshni was the one who used to take care of the business in his absence. Dad's business partner used to guide Roshni in his absence]


Maan: Aksar  Roshni khud business ke bahane der raat ghar se gayab rehthi thi infact kayi dafa toh wo ghar lautkar aati hi nahi thi par Dadima ne kabhi bhi uski aazadi par paabandi nahi lagayi kyunki unhe apni bahu par bharosa tha [Many times Roshni used to stay out late night in the pretext of attending some business meetings; it was a common routine of her not to return back home for a day or two but Dadima never questioned her nor did she put any restrictions on hre freedom as she trusted her daughter in law blindly]


Maan's eyes were slowly burning with anger as he continued narrating his story


Maan:Dad ne kabhi bhi apni biwi se koi bhi hisab kitab nahi maanga infact agar wo kehti ke loss hua hai tab bhi wo uski baat maan lete inta vishwaas tha unhe uspar [Dad never asked any account of what she used to do infact if she told him that we had experienced loss in our business he would agree to it without questioning her any further]


Maan: Par' [But]


Geet:Par kya Maan? [But what?]


Maan: Aise andhe vishwaas ka khamiyaaza toh unhe bughatatna hi thana aur wahi hua [They had to pay a heavy price for this blind trust. This was bound to happen]


Maan: Ek din achanak se Khurana Constructions ke share market mein girne lage; humare sabse bade business rival ne humari jagah market mein le li. Humare saare clients humare khilaf ho gaye aur sab ke sab humse apne paise wapis maangne lag gaye.Yun laga jaise ke humari khushaal zindagi musibat ke khaufnak kue mein dhoob rahi ho [All of a sudden the shares of Khurana Constructions started deteriorating in the market. Our biggest buisness rival took our position in the market. The clients started demanding their money back. It seemed our well settled life was slowly entering a dark and horrible phase]


Maan started shivering and Geet sensed a change in his body language


She got up from his lap and sat next to him; without disturbing him she took his head and placed it lovingly on her chest and made him to hear her heartbeats


The musical tunes of her heartbeats were an indication that she too was feeling the same pain that Maan was going through


Geet's closeness gave a new strength to Maan and he continued


Maan:Dad uss waqt India se bahar the aur Dadima yaha akeli.Roshni 2 dino se ghar nahi lauti thi Dadima ne Roshni ko contact karne ki baahut koshish ki par unhe usmein kamiyaabi haasil nahi hui [Dad was out of the country that time and Dadima was all alone over here. Roshni had not returned home from the past 2 days and inspite of trying hard Dadima was unable to contact her]


A lone tear escaped Maan's eyes which travelled to Geet's chest


Maan: Annie aur Dev uss waqt chote the Geet par maine Dadima ko akele iss musibat se jujte hue dekha. Mausam ke kaaran Dad waqt par India pauch na sake aur humari musibat dugni ho gayi [Annie and Dev were small Geet but I was a witness of the hardships that Dadima had to face in that period. Weather issues made it difficult for Dad to reach India on time and this added to our misery]


Geet held Maan possessively as she knew the most dreadful aspect of this story is going to start in a matter of seconds.


She wanted him to know that his Geet is there with him


Maan: 2 din baad Roshni ghar lauti par apne asli roop mein; nashe mein duth usse na khud ka hosh tha na kisi aur ka. Haath mein sharab ki bottle liye bade hi khushi se humari barbaadi ka jasn mana rahi thi wo [Roshni returned after 2 days but she had adorned her true colors today. She was totally intoxicated with alcohol and was celebrating the beginning of our destruction]


Maan: Dadima ko Roshni ka hi sahara tha; unhe laga ke shayad business mein hue nuksaan ko lekar unki bahu ko dhakka laga hai; aise mushkil daur mein bhi unhe apni bahu par bharosa tha wo unhe hausla dene ki koshish kar rahi thi par Roshni ne unka mazak udaya aur ek hi pal mein unhe dutkaar diya aur saaf asaaf keh diya ke wo iss musibat mein unka saath nahi dene wali [Dadima was totally dependent on Roshni she thought that maybe her daughter in law was upset due to this major loss in business she tried to give her confidence that everything will be fine but Roshni insulted Dadima and made it clear that she was least bothered about their problem]


Maan held Geet's hand tightly which made her realize that the worst part was yet to come


Maan: Uss aurat ne Dadima ki aur Dad ki bezatti ki aur kafi anap shanap kaha. Dadima ko iss baat ka dhakka laga aur unhe ek massive heart attack aa gaya. Uss pathar dil aurat ko Dadima ki sehet par zara sa bhi afsoos nahi hua aur ussi waqt wo  waha se koi party attend karne ko chali gayi [She insulted Dadima and Dad by crossing all limits due to which Dadima got a massive heart attack. That woman was so cruel that she did not bother about Dadima's deteriorating condition and she left the place immediately to attend a party]


Maan held Geet possessively and allowed tears to flow through his eyes


Maan: Geet uss din shayad main Dadima ko humesha ke liye kho deta agar sahi waqt par Munshiji Adi ke pita nahi aate [Geet I could have lost Dadima forever that day if Munshiji Adi's dad had not turned up at the right time]


Geet's cheast was fully drained with Maan's tears and she was feeling every inch of his pain perfectly


Maan was trembling with fear Geet knew what place Dadima had in her husbad's life


She wanted him to utter the whole truth so that for once and all the fear of his dark past would be out from his life forever


She decided to continue the conversation


Geet: Pitaji videsh se kab laute Maan? [When did Dad return to India Maan?]


Maan: Dadima ko hospital mein bharti karne ke baad Munshijine Dad ko inform kiya aur luckily Dad agli hi flight se India wapis aa gaye [After admitting Dadima in the hospital Munshiji informed Dad about her condition and luckily Dad was successful in getting a flight back to India]


Geet: Phir kya hua Maan? [What happened after that Maan?]


Maan: Doctors ke treatment par Dadima respond karne lagi aur Dad bhi ussi waqt India laut aaye. Annie aur Dev Adi keg har pe the aur main Dad ke saath hospital meint tha [Dadima started responding to the treatment and Dad returned back by that time. Annie and Dev were in Adi's house and I was at the hospital with Dad]


Maan: Dadima ne hosh mein aakar Dad ko Roshni ki sachhayi bata di. Dad ko dhakka laga par unhe Dadima ki baat par pura bharosa tha unhone faisla kar liya ke wo Roshni ko talak denge unhone apne vakeel ko papers banane ko keh diya par usse pehle'[Dadima narrated the entire truth in front of Dad after gaining consciousness. Dad got a shock but he trusted Dadima and he decided to take divorce from that cruel woman. He ordered his lawyer to make the papers but before he could do anything']


Maan stopped for a while. He took a glass from the table and held it tight in between his fingers


Geet: Rukhiye mat Maan keh dijiye [Don't stop yourself Maan say it]


Maan: Uss aurat ne apni agli chaal chal di [The cunning woman played her next trick]


Geet: Wo kya? [What was that?]


Maan: Wo aurat jaanti thi ke uski sachhayi jaane ke baad Dad ka kya faisla hoga issliye isse pehle ke wo musibat mein phase usne Dad ko badnaam karna sahi samjha.  [The woman knew what would be Dad's decision once her truth comes out in front of everyone hence before Dad could take any action against her she destroyed Dad's image]


Maan: Usne trick photography ke zariye Dad ki jhoothi photos media mein leak kar di. Unn photos mein Dad kisi gair aurat ke saath compromising position mein nazar aa rahe the [ By using trick photography she leaked Dad's photographs in the media wherein he was seen in a compromising position with some other girl]


Maan's eyes were as red as blood


Maan: Ye sab itne jaldi hua ke hum sab kuch samaj hi nahi paaye. Media ko toh masaaledaar khabar ki zarurat thi unhone Roshni ka interview liya aur uss aurat ne ek pativrata aurat hone ka drama kiya aur Dad ki reputation ki dhajiya uda di [All this happened in such a quick time that we didn't get time to think about our next step. Media wanted breaking news and Roshni gave in an interview where she portrayed the role of a sad married woman perfectly and in a matter of seconds she tarnished Dad's reputation upto a non repairable extent]


Maan: Uss interview se jo  bache kuche humare clients the unhone bhi humse rishta todh diya aur humari haalat aur kharab ho gayi [We lost the few clients that were supporting us after that interview and our condition became worse]


Maan: Par uss chalbaaz aurat ka jee ab bhi nahi bhara usne Dad ke khilaf ek case kar diya jismein ussne ek bade compensation ki maang ki ye jaante hue bhi ke humari financial condition kuch khaas acchi nahi hai [But the cunning woman did not stop here she filed a case against Dad and demanded a huge compensation inspite of knowing that our financial condition was not good]


Geet: Par unhone aisa kiya kyun? Koi aurat apne hi haatho se apna ghar kyun barbaad karegi? [But why did she do this? Why would a woman destroy her house with her own hands?]


Maan: Wo toh hume apna parivaar manti hi nahi thi Geet. Uski sacchayi Dad ko kuch dino baad pata chal gayi [She never considered us to be her family Geet. Dad came to know her truth within few days]


Geet: Wo kaise ? [How come?]


Maan: Mere Dad mushkilo ka saamna karna jaante the Geet unhone company ko phir se khada karne ka faisla kar liya aur ussi waqt unhone accounts check kiye jaha se unhe pata chala ke company ke saare paise Roshni ke account mein transfer hue hai aur humari barbaadi ka kaaran wahi aurat thi [My Dad was a fighter Geet he decided to built KC all over again. He started scanning the accounts of our company and he realized that all the money has been transferred to Roshni's account and she was responsible for the bankruptcy]


Maan: Dad Roshni se behet mohabbat karte the unhe laga ke shayad wo unse kisi baat par naaraz hai aur agar unhone apni biwi ko mana liya toh unki khoyi hui khushiyaan phir se unhe mil jaayegi issi irade se wo Roshni se milne uske dusre ghar gaye[Dad loved Roshni unconditionally he thought that maybe he has unintentionally given a pain to his wife and if he rectified his mistake he would be successful in getting her back in his life. He went to meet her at her other house]


Maan: Wo raat main kabhi nahi bhool saktha Geet [I can never forget that unfortunate night Geet]


Maan crushed the glass with all his strength thus allowing the pain of his heart to come out in the form of blood


Maan's hand was badly injured; Geet hugged him and took him in her warm folds before he could drown in his pain completely


She tore her duppata and tied it on Maan's hand


She placed his head on her lap and showered him with her love as he gained strength to speak ahead


Maan: Dad ne mujhe car mein bitaya aur kaha ke Mummy ko hum surprise denge par jab tak wo mujhe na bulaye main andar nahi aayunga [Dad made me sit in the car and told me that we r here to give a surprise to Mom and once her anger will go away Dad will call me inside]


Maan: Dad jaise hi andar gaye main chupke se unke peeche chala aaya. Dad toh uss aurat ko surprise dene aaye the par unhe apni zindagi ka sabse bada shock uss waqt laga jab unhone apni biwi ko apne sabse bade business rival ki baho mein dekha [I followed Dad quietly as he stepped inside her house. He was here to give a surprise to his wife but he got the biggest shock of his life when he saw his wife in the arms of his greatest enemy his biggest business rival]


Geet was shocked at Maan's confession


Maan: Unn dono ne badi hi becharmi se Dad ko apna plan bataya. Roshni ne unse shadi sirf apne premi ki wajah se kithi taaki wo Khurana's ka vishwas jeet sake aur humari barbadi ki dastaan likh sake [Both of them narrated their plam shamelessly and confessed that Roshni had married Dad for the sake of her lover so that they could gain the trust of the Khurana's and destroy our life at the right time]


Maan pulled Geet closer as he knew she was the only one who could calm his anger


Geet caressed his head with utmost love as Maan uttered the horrifying scene that his innocent eyes had witnessed


Maan: Uss Roshni ne saare darwaze aur khidkiyaan bannd kar di aur isse pehle mere Dad kuch samaj paate guards ne unke haath pair band diye. Ab uss kamre mein Roshni, uska premi aur mer Dad kaid the [Roshni closed all the doors and windows and before Dad could realize anything the guards had tied his hands and legs thus leaving Roshni, her lover and my Dad all alone in that room]


Maan tried to hurt himself again but this time Geet was quick she stopped him at the right time by entangling his hand with hers


Maan: Geet uss aurat ne besharmi ki hadh paar kardi aur  mere Dad ke saamne apne premi ke saath sexual relationship banana shuru kiya; mere Dad ye sadma bardaash nahi kar paaye aur heart attack ki wajah se unki maut ho gayi [The woman crossed all her limits by making love to her boyfriend in front of my Dad. My dad could not bear this pain and he breath his last after getting a massive heart attack]


Geet hugged him with all her love as she panicked after imagining the scene that Maan had witnessed


Maan: Unhone mere Dad ki laash raste mein phek di; main kafi darr gaya tha Geet aur main kuch bol nahi paa raha tha. Munshijipolice ki madat se Dad ki body ghar par le laye  aur hum sab ne milkar Dad ka antim sanskar kiya [They threw his body on the road; I was scared Geet and was unable to utter a single word from my mouth. With the help of police Munshiji brought Dad's body in our house and we conducted the last rituals]


Maan: Humari barbaadi ko aakhri dhaaka tab laga jab Dad ki shokh sabha mein Roshni ek bade hi modern dress mein apne boyfriend ke saath ghar par kabsa jaamane aa gayi; usne dhoke se humara ghar apne naam kar liya tha  [The last nail in our coffin was when Roshni entered our Mansion in a revealing dress with her boyfriend and claimed authority on our house. She had transferred the property on her name by wrong measures]


Maan: Dadima ki bachi kuchi taakat tab tuth gayi jab uss Roshni ne pure bheed ke saamne apne premi ko kiss kiya. Dadima ye bezatti bardaash nahi kar paayi aur Munshiji ke saath hum sab Delhi aa gaye[Dadima was heartbroken and whatever little strength that she had was ruined when Roshni kissed her boyfriend in front of the entire crowd. Dadima could not bear this assault any longer and all of us shifted to Delhi along with Munshiji and Adi]


Maan was finding it difficult to speak


Geet knew it was time to show him the strength of their love


This was the last time Maan's past would be haunting him as now the light of her love was there to bring the hope of a bright present and future in her Mana's life


PRECAP: Geet showers Maan with her love and takes away his pain with her divine touchEmbarrassed








PART 106: Page 77

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Posted: 20 August 2012 at 8:34am | IP Logged
Omg!Maan has to go thru so much...
he witnessed his mother's deeds in front of his eyes...
Loved the way geet soothed him everytym while narrating his painful past...
Is she still alive?Hw maan win back his business...
Y s he even keeping the pic of that b**h...
i hope geet will burn them so that he can cum out of his past along with her unconditional love..
So beautiful dear..

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that was really shocking n painful past of maan..

god that women is devil..but is she still living with her boyfriend??

does she have any children who could b or already enemy of maan??

ok leave that lady...

I am eager n thrilled about our lady maan n is she going to take everything in her hands to remove pain of maan...

update soon

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Awesome update

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meettu IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 August 2012 at 8:43am | IP Logged
Soo cheap maan mom is
she dont deserve neone love
feelibg bad for maan nd his family
great going
feeling maan pain

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newFF(Maneet)Mere humsafar Trd 1uptd prt16 pg 138

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Author: piya-   Replies: 1206   Views: 169790

piya- 1206 169790 03 August 2012 at 11:36pm by souro

2 3 4 5 6 7 ... 159 160

Author: Laddoo.Phaddoo   Replies: 1272   Views: 120541

Laddoo.Phaddoo 1272 120541 02 July 2012 at 4:41am by Gurpreet16

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