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Maaneet FF Mere Humsafar# 12 Link # 13 pg 151 (Page 108)

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plz plz pm me too when u update this ff
i am new to this ff
and all pm all ur updates

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Updating Today 

Be ready for a different romance guys Wink

Happy Dussera Hug


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Happy dusseraBig smile
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Thanks for your love and support dear friends. Here is the next update tried to do something different I hope you'll will like it


PART 108


Maan entered the helicopter by carrying Geet in his arms


After taking the necessary precautions he placed Geet on his lap and requested the person to take the helicopter to the heights of the sky.


All the ladies and the other guests present at KM stood up to observe this unique chapter of Maaneet's life


Adi and Dev were ready with the next set of surprise that Maan had planned not only for Geet but all the guests who had joined in the celebration of his lady love's muhdhikayi and first karwachaut


The moon was in no mood to hide from the divinity of their love; it emerged from the folds of the dark clouds as soon as the Helicopter entered its territory.


Maan removed the blindfold of his Maayari and requested her to open her magical mirrors by lifting her viel and kissing her eyes as now he felt it was time for someone else to admire the angelic face of his wife'


Geet was stunned to find herself so close to the sky or to be more precise so close to the moon


For a moment it appeared that she was not waiting for the moon but it was the moon that was waiting to get a glimpse of her' The divinity of her beauty got a new personification as after Maan it was the moon who had successfully admired her face on her muhdhikayi


This experience was more beautiful than a fairy tale


Maan handed over the water kalash to her and requested Geet to go ahead with the karwachauth ritual


The helicopter was placed very close to the moon and this entire setting appeared like magic from the ground


Geet allowed the water to fall from the kalash and she worshipped the moon wholeheartedly before taking the channi in her hand


She saw the moon from the channi and closed her eyes in contentment as a silent prayer crossed her heart " Whenever u give me death bless me to die in the arms of my Maan' this is all that my heart desires"


She moved her face towards Maan and opened her eyes in happiness as her eyes were welcomed with the only desire of her heart'the face of her husband her Maan


A lone tear made way through her eyes as she felt blessed to have found someone like Maan who completed her with his unconditional and undying love


Maan placed the channi on the seat and ended Geet's fast by making her drink water with his own hands and by making her taste one of her favourite sweets.


Geet took the remaining half of the sweet and introduced it into Maan's mouth thus ending his fast as well


This act marked the end of one ritual but the other ritual of muhdhikayi was yet to be completed


Dev and Adi lighted the special crackers and allowed it to touch the canvas of the night sky


As soon as the crackers made way to the sky Maan pointed his finger towards the moon thus diverting Geet's attention


These special crackers made an amazing portrait of Geet exactly at the position where the moon was located and in this way all the guests got the oppoutunity to admire Maan's moon in an unbelievable manner thus finishing the muhdhikayi of Geet in a royal style


The guests started applauding in happiness as they continued to bestoy blessings on the couple


Geet hugged Maan with utmost love and whispered


Geet: I love u'I am urs and u r mine


Maan completed this truth


Maan: Forever and ever'


Annie and Meera whistled in excitement as Adi and Dev left another set of crackers


This time a magical portrait of Maaneet designed the beauty of the night sky; the words I LOVE U and FOREVER YOURS added the extra zeal of divinity to this romantic touch whose spark and shine was way too ahead than the glow of the stars'


This night was just the beginning of several beautiful chapters of Maaneet's married life


Every day was more beautiful than sunshine and every night was more magical than a dream


This was how Maaneet's married life was proceeding


One fine day


Maan, Dev and Adi had gone for an urgent unexpected meeting; infact this was the first meeting that Maan was attending after his marriage


He was a dedicated husband and wanted to give ample amount of time to his beloved wife


Geet had forcefully sent Maan to attend the meeting but Maan was as usual in his teasing and mischievious mood he took a promise from his Maayari that when he comes back she should arrange some special surprise for welcoming him back


Geet started missing Maan as soon as he left for his meeting


She chatted with Dadima, Annie and Meera for a while but her thoughts were still dominated by her charming hubby


She started cursing herself as she was the one to send Maan for the meeting


As she was going to her room she saw Nakul entering the store room with some old things


She decided to help Nakul so that she could divert her mind for some time


Store room


A special thing captured her attention


Nakul: Bhabhi aap waha mat jaaiye kafi purani cheeze rakhi hai waha aapka suit kharab ho jaayega [Bhabhi don't go in that direction as many old useless stuffs are kept there ur dress will be ruined]


But Geet continued walking and picked up the appealing secret with a smiling face


Nakul: Bhabhi aapko ye kaha se mila? [Where did u find this bhabhi?]


Geet wiped the dust from the object and her happiness knew no bounds as she saw the name of her love on that object


She caressed the name lovingly and went ahead to pose a question in front of Nakul


Geet: Ye violin Maan ka hai? [Does this violin belong to Maan?]


Nakul: Haan Bhabi pehle Maan Sir violin bajaya karte the par business ko samalte samalte unhone khud ke liye waqt nikalna band kar diya aur ye violin unke kamre se seedha store room mein aa gaya. Ab toh shayad Dadima ko b ye baat yaad na ho ke Maan Sir violin bajaya karte the [Yes Bhabhi Maan Sir used to play violin before but as he got busy with business he stopped finding time for himself and gradually this violin made way from his room to the storeroom I guess even Dadima has forgotten about this violin now]


Geet: Mere Maan se judi har sunehri yaad ko unke paas main leker jaaungi abse ye violin yaha nahi balki waha hoga jaha uski sahi jagah hai [Every golden memory associated with my Maan will be with him always; this violin is not supposed to be here from today onwards it will get the place it deserves]


Geet took the violin and left the storeroom with determination


She entered her room happily


Geet: Maan aapko ek royal welcome chahiye thana ab dekhiyega aaj raat ko aap jab lautoge tab aapki ye raat kitni khoobsurat hogi [Maan u wanted a royal welcome this is a promise from ur Maayari u won't be able to forget the magic of the night ahead]


Geet opened the wardrobe and removed a packet that Maan had brought for her few days ago but till date he had not given her this gift


She knew the reason but tonight she decided to make Maan realize that she would never be embarrassed to wear any outfit that he had gifted her as he had the full authority to admire his wife in each and every way


Geet started her preparations as she knew that she had ample amount of time to make a perfect romantic setting for her darling husband as the meeting was going to last till late night


The day passed slowly


It was now almost nearing midnight


The whole KM was fast asleep when Dev and Maan made an entry


Both of them made way to their room


Maan was sure to see his beautiful princess sitting on the couch in a partially sleepy state waiting for his arrival and he was all ready to scoop his magical dream in his arms and caress her protectively in his embrace by gifting her; the bed of his loving warmth


He was hence pleasantly surprised to see their room lighted with romantic aromatic candles thus giving him the message that his life his Maayari was still awake and had done some special arrangements for him


With a killer smile he entered their room and closed the door thus making it evident that this moment belonged only to them and no one is allowed to make any interference in their magical paradise


He switched off his mobile phone and placed it on the desk


His eyes were searching for the owner of his heart; his soul was desperate to get a glimpse of the one and only lady whom he worshipped and loved'his Geet


Maan: Geet kaha ho jaan? [Geet where r u love?]


Geet switched on a golden light from the washroom and directed it towards a table which was decorated with delightful petals of roses; Geet had placed Maan's violin on top of this rose carpet


Maan blinked his eyes enormous times as he saw his first ever obsession'his violin in front of his eyes after many years


He touched the violin with a strange gentleness as if a mother is caressing her newborn with a feeling that cannot be written nor can be expressed


There was a permanent marker with which Geet had highlighted Maan's name on the violin


He picked up the violin and found a note beneath it


Note: Maan aaj aapki Geet aapke saamne tab aayegi jab aap apne pyar ke sur se apni prem deewani ke dil ke taar chedoge [Maan ur Geet will come in front of your eyes only when u will tease the chords of my heart with the music of ur love]


Maan smiled at the cute and innocent demand of his wife


Maan opened the buttons of his shirt and threw it on the couch; he knew Geet could never resist his shirtless and vestless form


Geet drank her saliva as her heartbeats reached another level seeing her s**y husband


She got nervous for a second about her attire but was relaxed the very next moment as she knew she was doing this for her Maan'the man whom she loved beyond sanity





Maan opened the windows of the room and allowed the breeze of romantism and the serene light of the moon to sparkle the fragrance of love in this divine moment of theirs


He sat on a chair placing one leg on top of the other


He closed his eyes and started teasing the strings of the violin as he requested his love to complete the incomplete part of the music by gifting him the blessing of admiring her angelic form


There was a lethal intensity in the rhtymic tunes of the violin beats that was driving Geet crazy


She wanted to lose herself completely to her Maan at that very moment


Geet: I love u Maan'


These were the words she uttered before she allowed the silk coat to fall from her appealing form


She started approaching Maan and with every step of hers Maan's smile widened as he could sense the fragrance of her soul close to him thus indicating that his Geet would be settled in his arms very soon



Fhaili thi siyaah raatein aaya tu subah leke

Bewajah ki zindagi mein jeene ki wajah leke

Khoya tha samandaron mein tanha safeena mera

Saahilon pe aaya hai tu jaane kis tarah leke

Geet was now standing in front of her hubby; Maan's eyes were still closed he spread his arms wide open and requested his angel to sit on her special seat his lap which was an exceptional throne for the most beautiful queen of his life


Without any hestitation Geet settled herself comfortably and Maan immediately brought her closer by embracing her with his manly charm


He brought the violin in front of her chest and Geet rested her back on his bare chest thus forcing him to open his eyes in amusement as his skin burnt with the almost blackless and silky smooth skin of the brightest star of his life


Fhaili thi siyaah raatein aaya tu subah leke

Bewajah ki zindagi mein jeene ki wajah leke

Khoya tha samandaron mein tanha safeena mera

Saahilon pe aaya hai tu jaane kis tarah leke

Geet's heart skipped a beat as she realized that Maan had opened his eyes


She touched his hand that had the stick of the violin and continued playing the instrument as Maan understood that this was the same see through almost transparent above knee length gown that he had purchased for his Maayari


Maan moved her tresses to one side and continued admiring the milky white canvas of her se*y back


There were some thin lace that was a signature style of the designer which were preventing him from getting a clear view of the mouth watering secret of his gorgeous wife



Kuch toh hai tujhse raabta Kuch toh hai tujhse raabta

Kaise hum jaane hume kya pata

Kuch toh hai tujhse Raabta

Maan stopped playing the violin and placed the instrument on the table; he was just holding the stick of it


Geet: Maan rukh kyun gaye bajaiye na [Maan why did u stop pls continue]


Maan had noticed one of his love bites on her back that he had marked the last night


He licked the mark and reclaimed his territory by biting the sore area once again indicating that his plans were devilish


Geet moaned his name and tried to get up as she got the hint of his mischievious ideas


Maan: Maayari apne Maan se dur kyun bhag rahi ho; pyar ki ek alag dhum banana mein kyat um mera saath nahi dogi? [Maayari why are u going far away from me? Won't u help ur Maan to create a musical rhythm of love?]



Ab kya hai kehna humko hai rehna

Jannatein bhulake teri baho mein panah leke

Geet smiled and lifted her tresses to tie it in the form of a bun thus giving her Maan full authority to breathe life to his desires


Maan inserted his hand via the side cut of her gown and placed it on her belly


Geet lifted her leg and curled it around his waist like a true professional dancer who knew her steps perfectly


Maan placed the stick of the violin in between one of the threads of her gown that was curtaining the hidden beauty of her back


Fhaili thi siyaah raatein aaya tu subah leke

Bewajah ki zindagi mein jeene ki wajah leke


They started dancing to a different setting of love and innocent desires that they had never experienced before


Maan used Geet's back as the strings of the violin as his mouth and lips were successful in creating lovable notes of oneness that were making way from Geet's mouth in the form of pleasurable moans


Geet had encircled her arm around Maan's neck and as Maaneet were dancing and swaying to a different dance form it seemed as if they were the perfect romantic gift that any lover could gift his/her soulmate




Maan was successful in removing maximum doris of her night suit by moving the violin stick sensually on her back


They continued dancing and both of them took circles and reached the window where the moonlight was smiling with its greatest charm


By now Maan had successfully removed all the inhibitions of her night gown and he had purposely brought Geet near the moonlight so that he could die his best death by admiring his sweet and innocent seductress


Sani..sada Padanisari

Narisa Sarinisamapari

Maan gently placed Geet on her feet as he turned her around


His eyes were transfixed on her blushing face but today he could clearly makeout that there was an extra glow an extra shyness on her rosy cheeks which was tempting his desires to an unstoppable extent


His eyes didn't require the permission as he knew she was his possession. He allowed his mirrors to scan the beautiful secret of his wife by moving them onto the area of her chest


His throat dried'his heartbeats stopped; he lost all his wits and every part of his self control as he digested the truth that his Maayari had not worn her inner secret attire


Yes for the first time ever Geet had not worn her bra and her panty and was standing in front of him in the transparent gown thus making him realize that she could go to any extent to make him feel special and blessed




Meherbani jaate jaate mujhpe kar gaya

Guzarta sa lamha ek daaman bhar gaya

Geet was totally wet by now and it wasn't difficult for Maan to notice this secret


She blushed and tried walking away from Maan as his heated and urgent gaze of admiration was burning her not only from outside but also from within


But before she could take any further step Maan stopped Geet by placing the violin stick exactly on top of her nip***s


Tera nazara mila Roshan sitara mila

Takdeer ko jaise koi ishara mila

Geet's breath became heavy as Maan rendered her senseless by moving the violin stick delicately on her feminine buds


This was indeed the most mesmerizing musical experience that Geet had ever lived



Ruthi hui khwaisho se thodi si sulah leke

Aaya tu khamoshiyon mein baato ki jirah leke

Geet once again circled her arms around his neck and scratched his back with full authority as Maan continued to write the truth on her heart that she was the most melodious song of his life


Oh her feminine buds were getting moulded into perfect pink pearls as Maan continued to massage them and tease them with the violin stick


Khoya tha samandaron mein tanha safeena mera

Saahilon pe aaya hai tu jaane kis tarah leke

Maan moved his fingers and placed it lovingly on her hidden and precious secret lips


Ohh'they were wet and were requesting him to drink their wetness by taking them to their destination which was none other than his lips


Fhaili thi siyaah raatein aaya tu subah leke

Bewajah ki zindagi mein jeene ki wajah leke

Khoya tha samandaron mein tanha safeena mera

Saahilon pe aaya hai tu jaane kis tarah leke

Geet turned around to face Maan and their eyes got locked in an intense eyelock


Maan took the violin stick and carefully tugged the strap of her gown from her beautiful curves


He watched in amusement as the silky material slipped down inch by inch thus removing all the unnecessary inhibitions from magical portrait of his lovely wife



Kuch toh hai tujhse raabta Kuch toh hai tujhse raabta

Kaise hum jaane hume kya pata

Kuch toh hai tujhse Raabta

Geet hugged Maan possessively and found solace in his arms thus making her feel protected from the unnecessary gaze of the moon


As soon as their chest kissed one another Maan carried his angel to the bed and declared that it was time to rewrite the story of another blissful romantic journey between them



Ab kya hai kehna humko hai rehna

Jannatein bhulake teri baho mein panah leke

He placed Geet like a delicate flower and covered her with his shadow thus forcing the moon and the stars to cry as they were not getting the view of the most gorgeous angel that nature had ever created


Maan removed his trousers and his boxer and without wasting a single moment he covered his lady love with the protective shield of his body


Geet slowly started losing herself to her Maan but this did not stop her from declaring her possession on him


She gave an angry glare to the moon as she found it admiring her charming husband


She immediately covered his body by pulling the satin white sheet on



Fhaili thi siyaah raatein aaya tu subah leke

Bewajah ki zindagi mein jeene ki wajah leke

The moon hid itself behind the clouds as the breeze too realized that this moment belonged only to Maaneet


They could not witness a single shot of their divine phase


The sheet of the bed started getting messed up with the heat of the couple as they continued to claim one another again and again with a passion and love that was never ending'



PRECAP: Maan's secret plans...Geet confused and angry but happy too...An unexpected TripEmbarrassed







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Yipppieee m first m first after so longgg LOL Big smile

wowww di...violin itna romantic hoskta h aaj pata chala...geet surprised him by returng him his first obsession n wearing d dress gifteed by him Embarrassed

awsome pprt... Clap

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