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ff our dramatic love story (Page 4)

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Chapter 2

in Rm ishaan has arrived and everyone is happy to see him, arnav enters the house and shyam and Anjili follow and nani and the family is shocked to see him,

nani : chottey what is he doing her

arnav: di was insisting that he come with us

Anjili: nani please I feel he didn't get a chance to explain himself

Nani: he is a criminal, he cheated on you, troubled khushi betiya, tried to take over chottey's property and whats worse he had him kidnapped, he is a criminal this man should be behind bars, he is not worth it Anjili betiya

Anjili: (crying and begging) please nani please give him a chance maybe khushi is wrong,

Shyam: ya naniji khushi is wrong

Arnav: (angry and pointing a finger at him) don't you dare blame this on my wife

Shyam: sale sahib I am just saying she has no proof

Arnav: I do not wish to talk on this subject, he can stay here, but if he crosses the line that very second he is out, (looking at anjili) explain it to your husband (and then he walked out of the room)

ishaan is clueless and nk tells him that he will explain to him later, arnav in anger walks into his room and nani follows, arnav explains to her

arnav: nani this is the only way di will realize shyam is wrong and khushi is right, nani please you make it clear to di that we are not comfortable with this arrangement and that di will not sleep in shyam's room she will sleep with you,

nani : I agrees may be your right

Meanwhile in the gupta house, khushi is back to her family, she is living peacefully when she gets a call from payal that shyam is back, and she too is shocked, she dials arnav and he is not picking up the phone, in frustration she reaches rm and goes to his room to find him sitting on the pool side alone and lonely, arnav sees her and hugs her tightly and she reciprocates unable to see him in pain, suddenly he realizes that she is back and leaves her and

 Arnav: why did you come back

Khushi: i know  shyam is back and i wanted to ask how and what happened,

arnav tells her the whole story, and khushi is shocked,

 arnav: you shouldn't go  as I needs you to stay,

khushi: by me staying the situation can worsen,

arnav: I disagrees, it won't and it would give me strenght to face it instead,

khushi: but what about di, she hates me after all this (she said in a sad voice)

arnav: (lifts her chin up with his fingers) she wont I'll make sure of it I promise

khushi:  (agrees) fine I agree  to come back and help you, but once shyam is out and behind bars i will leave as we aren't married,

arnav agrees, as he knows that at the back of his head he has a plan, in this time he would have wooed her back and they would get married again,

after sometime they all go down for dinner khushi is scared to face di as she knows that di doesn't want her, arnav tells her that he is by her side and he will make sure that it all turns out ok, as she comes down nani and payal are happy to see her and feel content, Anjili walks down with shyam and is shocked to see khushi, but doesn't say a word as she knows that they family will be against it, shyam is angry but holds it inside, nk and ishaan come down and arnav introduces khushi to ishaan

arnav: ishaan this is my wife khushi

ishaan: (puts a hand out) hi I am ishaan,

khushi: (shakes it) hi I am khushi

nk: (lighting the mood) khushiji you went for a few days and our nanavs heart was broken

arnav getting angry khushi blushing, ishaan laughing,

ishaan: yes nk told me about how you and arnav fight, my my arnav it seems your wife knows how to take you down and win

arnav now a bit shy and khushi proud of her victory, they all have dinner, at first it was a bit quite but nk and ishaan lightened everyone's mood,

after dinner they all went to their rooms to sleep, Anjili was not at all happy to see khushi she was angry she was going to tell arnav about it when nani stopped her

nani: where are u going

Anjili: (angry) why is khushi here

Nani: she is chotteys wife where else would she be

Anjili: nani you don't understand, she is going to break the family

Nani: that's it Anjili, stop it, its not fair, you cant behave like this,

Anjili: you think I am wrong

Nani: yes I do, for you, your husband is the world and he should be given a fair chance, and what about chottey, isn't his wife the world to him, he loves her so much that he cant live without her, if your husband is allowed at home then so should his wife

Anjili: nani khushi has already stolen the happiness of this house now she will steal my chottey too

Nani: no one has stolen anything, understood, let it be made clear that if your husband is getting a chance then so should khushi, and I want khushi betiya here,

Anjili sulked and agreed, and decided to go to sleep,

Meanwhile back in arnav and khushi's room, arnav had just come out of the wash room when she was taking her blanket and going to the recliner, when he stopped her

Arnav: where are you going,

Khushi: to sleep why

Arnav: you cant sleep here

Khushi: then where else, do I have to sleep out again (she said in a hurtful voice)

Arnav: (taken aback but gathered the courage to say) no, you will sleep on the bed,

Khushi: will you sleep here (she questioned him)

Arnav: (raising his eyebrow) its my room, I will sleep on the bed too

Khushi: (eyes popping out) what!! No we cant

Arnav: and why not (smirking)

Khushi: (screaming) because

Arnav: because what

Khushi: we aren't married

Arnav: so

Khushi: I am not you wife anymore, arnavji, we cant sleep on the same bed,

Arnav: why khushi are you scared that something might happen (his smirk becoming bigger)

Khushi: (blushing and hesitating) uh… uh

Arnav: I knew it, you don't have the guts to do it

Khushi: to do what

Arnav: to sleep with me on the same bed, I knew you would be shy, (he said pouting)

Khushi: I am not shy!! (she yelled)

Arnav: oh really prove it then

Khushi: fine I will, we can sleep on the same bed, that is your side this is mine (she pointed on either side of the bed)

Arnav chuckled a bit at her and then they both took either side of the bed and fell asleep, khushi slept on the edge, trying not to roll on him and he was having fun looking her shy, once she fell asleep, arnav leaped over to her side and tucked her hair locks behind her ears and kissed her cheek, unknowingly she smiled in her sleep, he was happy to see the smile, she then turned around and arnav got a bit scare of waking her up, she unknowingly, caught hold of his waist and laid her head on his chest, and snuggled close to him, he was so happy with that, he put his arm around her waist and cuddled her tightly close to him, tonight arnav and khushi's heart's content in each other's   arms 

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Chapter 3

The next morning, everyone was already down for breakfast and shyam was trying to hard to put a new impact on the family so that they would accept them but no one was giving into him, he was trying to be extra nice, arnav and khushi were still up in their room, arnav came out of the bathroom and khushi was making her hair, as he came out khushi saw him, he looked so handsome without a shirt, his bare muscular biceps looked so sexy, oh how she wished she could just touch them, and feel them, she wish she could but unfortunately  she couldn't so to avoiding her distraction she decided to go down, arnav who was quietly observing his shy wife was happy that she took notice to his form, he knew she wanted to hug him and kiss him, and she was so turned on my his shirtless form that it was visible on her face,

Something had to be done, he had to get his wife back and make her his again, and this time not harshly but lovingly, he had a fast track plan which he knew would work all he had to do was get everything in place,

Meanwhile khushi went into the kitchen and was helping payal with the breakfast, Anjili who walked in was ignoring her and khushi was feeling terrible she tried hard to talk to her but Anjili politely told her that she could manage by herself, payal knew how khushi felt

Payal: khushi are u ok (she placed a hand on her shoulder out of concern)

Khushi nodded silently, nk who saw all this felt bad for her he came in to cheer her up

Nk: khushiji look what I got (he brought a box in front of her)

Khushi: what is this nanheji

Nk: open it

Khushi took the box and opened it and her eyes lit up like two sparkling stars, she squealed in excitement

Khushi: jalebie's

Payal and nk started to laugh as she smiled and took a bite of the crisp orange jalebi's

Everyone was at the breakfast table, and arnav came down, he was in his office clothes, khushi and payal served everyone, khushi was nervous as she saw shyam, but once she saw her husband she felt relaxed, knowing that he was around to protect her from his filthy hands, she deliberately didn't serve shaym and this upset him a lot but he didn't say much as he didn't want to lose his cover of being angry with khushi after all she did ditch him last minute

After serving every one she came and sat next to arnav, who had saved a seat next to himself for her, she took a plate and took one of the toast and started spreading butter, when she felt his hands on her thighs, in a second her eyes popped out of her sockets and her heart started beating faster and faster, arnav saw her reaction and controlled his laughter, oh his cute little shy wife he thought, she put down the knife and put her hand on his to remove it, when she placed her hand on his he immediately didn't give her a chance he pulled her hand below his and held on to it tightly, now entwining his fingers in hers, she was shocked she looked at him with big eyes and he smirked at her, she tried to wrestle with him but failed, nani noticed that khushi had the toast in her plate but wasn't eating so she asked

Nani: khushi betiya why are you eating

Khushi looked at nani not knowing what to say arnav teased her

Arnav: ya khushi whats the problem, why aren't you eating (he smirked)

Khushi: (hesitating and shy) woh a naniji, I am eating, don't worry

Nani nodded, and khushi again attempted to wrestle with her naughty husband but failed giving up hope she started to eat with her left hand

She fumbled, as she was not a lefty but a righty, and was not use to doing things with her left hand, this time akash noticed

Akash: khushi, why are you eating with your left hand

Khushi again got scared, and worried, and arnav enjoyed her discomfort

Arnav: ya khushi why are you eating with your left hand

She looked at him angrily and said

Khushi: you know why

Arnav: (acting innocent) no I don't

Khushi: (ignoring him she looked at akash) uh, jijaji, I am trying something new, you know I am trying to do things with my left hand today

Arnav: oh, I see (he said thoughtfully)

As everyone started laughing at khushi and her antics, they all ate breckfast and arnav was leaving for work, they were in the hall alone she took advantage of the situation and decided to kill him for what he did on the breakfast table

Khushi: (shouted) what is wrong with u

Arnav: (innocently) what did I do

Khushi: you know what you did

Arnav: no I don't please tell me

Khushi: why did you hold my hand from underneath

Arnav: because you my wife and I have the right to

Khushi: arnavji, I am not going to be your wife any longer so please don't do all this (she pleaded)

Arnav: you are my wife now and forever,

Khushi: no, no, no I am not, don't forget I am only here till shyam and di are together, after that we are finished, you go your way and I will go mine (she said in a week voice)

Arnav: (angry ) fine if this is what you want then fine

He left in anger and khushi had tears in her eyes after what she said to him, she felt bad, but what choice did she have, she had to for the families happiness, di was so angry at her she would never be happy if she knew that they were going to permanently get back together and that's not all, the biggest reason was that this was a contract it wasn't a real marriage, she was sad, with that thought she walked up to her room to get some peace and quietness by the pool side 

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Chapter 4

Shyam and Anjili were sitting in the room, both angry and annoyed shyam was filling more junk into anjili's brain so that she was brainwashed

Shyam: you saw rani sahiba, how khushi is back in the house, I thought you asked her to leave then how come she is here

Anjili: (sad) I don't know, I really don't, I thought nani and chottey would listen to me but they aren't, shyamji can I be honest, I know chottey loves her a lot and I think we should also give her a chance, I mean its only fair

Shyam: (now more angrier) fair, what are you talking about ranni sahiba, she accused me of kidnapping sale sahib and having an affair with her she is a cheep girl, and will break the family for sure

Anjili: (agreeing) maybe your right she is a curse to the family, let me see what I can do,

She left the room, shyam was trying hard to get khushi thrown out of rm, once she left and arnav and she got divorced, then all he had to do was just get the money and he would be set for life, he would marry khushi and they would live life king size this was the plan, all he had to do was pit anjili against everyone and make sure that her support was with him all the time, he knew arnav cannot say no to his darling sister and would eventually listen to her

Khushi was back to work, she was in the kitchen cooking food, when she got a call from shuklaji , she picked it up

Khushi: hello shuklaji………. Ji you cant serve food today at office today(shocked)…….. oh no shuklaji everyone will starve …………. Yes I will serve them food don't worry, I can manage,…………. No need to thank me io will get on to it (she cut the call and started to cook the food to get it ready on time)

In asr's cabin shukla put the phone down and arnav said

Arnav: good work, now khushi will come to the office

Shukla: can I go sir

Arnav: yes you can, take the day off, I don't want her to see you here, my plan will fail

Shukla: (smiling) ok sir (he left the cabin)

Arnav: khushi you are going to pay for what you said in the morning (he said with a classic smirk)

Back at rm, khushi was all done with the cooking, she was now putting the food in boxes when mami walked in

Mami: hello hi bye bye, whats you thinks your doing

Khushi: Mamiji, I am preparing food

Mami: yes. I cans see that's buts why, pura foj ko feedwa karna hain

Khushi: oh woh, actually arnavji's staff have no food today shuklaji is unwell so I am preparing dabbas for them

Mami: phatti sari, stop all this dramas, you care only for baharwa ke log not raizada khandan

Nani walked in and told mami

Nani: manorma, there is nothing wrong with what she is doing, she is helping out,

Mami walked away angry and nani told khushi that she can go to arnavs office, khushi left with all the dabaas in the car

She reached his office, and the watchman, intercomed arnav to say that she has come, she started serving everyone food in the canteen, only one box was left and that was her laad governors, she had specially packed for him, with less oil and sugar free ladoos, she was on her way up

Arnav who saw her coming signaled the women opposite who was his secretary , she had worn a tight black short skirt and a white shirt with the top three buttons open, showing a cleavage, she came in front of arnav and bent down showing him something on the  laptop,

Khushi walked in and was horrified with what she saw, the secretary was all over her husband, HER HUSBAND, her jaws fell down and her face was dripping with anger seeing what was happening,

Arnav pretended he never saw her and started flirting with his secretary

Arnav: what a figure

Secretary: thank you sir,

Arnav: I haven't seen a figure so good

Secretary: sir I have work so hard on it, I hope it suffices the needs

Khushi was now burning in hot water, she walked further to his desk, and arnav saw her she looked adorable when she was angry, he said

Arnav: khushi you here, what are you doing here

Khushi: (angry) I came here to give the dabbas, shuklaji isn't well, he asked me to make the food (she gave him the dabba)

Arnav: (putting his hand on his chin)oh I see,

His secretary was still standing there next to him, he ignored khushi and started to ask her questions again

Arnav: so the pie chart figures are high, we need to make them stable

Secretary: yes sir that's what I was saying

Khushi who was looking at him was ready to explode she screamed

Khushi: what is going on

They both looked up at her angry face and gave a dazed look and arnav said

Arnav: nothing she is explaining to me the figures for the pie chart

Secretary: yes mam that's all

Khushi: (looking at her) so you needed to bend down towards him and show him that

Secretary: (nervous) mam I was just showing him the chart that's all,

Khushi: I know what you were showing him, you cheep girl he is married (she yelled)

Arnav: (got up from the chair and raised his eye brow) married, really, I thought you said that we aren't married, and that we are only doing this for di's sake,

Khushi:  yes we are

Arnav: so then what's your problem, why is it bothering you if she is flirting with me

Secretary: mam sir, I think I should leave 

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Chapter 5

Arnav nodded, and the secretary smiled as the plan was successful, now they were all alone

Khushi: how could you

Arnav: why is it bothering you so much, I thought you don't care, and that this is all done for di,

Khushi: after all we have been through, how can you ,

Arnav: I tried didn't I, I have been working on our marriage and have made the effort of getting close to you, but you only told me this morning that you will go your way I am will go mine, so that what I am doing I am going my way

Khushi: with this secretary who is a husband stealer

Arnav: I don't know maybe, (then he paused for a second and raised his eyebrows) are you jealous

Khushi looked hesitant, she was now scared he had found out she was jealous, a smile came to his face as he saw her blush, he came next to her and stood in front of her, her head was down and she was nervously staring at the floor, he lifted it up with his two fingers and she looked at him

Arnav: you are jealous aren't you

Khushi: (hesitating) uh… uh no… jealous why would I be jealous,

Arnav: (smirking at her) really so your not jealous (he folded his hand and gave her a classic ASR look)

Khushi: (saw him stand that way and knew she was now caught, she finally said) ok you caught me I am jealous I cant see you with another women (she said in a frustrated tone)

Arnav snaked his arms around her waist and pulled her closer towards him,

Arnav: you are so adorable (he kissed her nose and started laughing)

Khushi was shocked when he did that,

Khushi: why are you laughing, you think this is funny

Arnav: yes it is, (he nodded) this was all a set up

Khushi: (freed herself from his grip and looked at him shell shocked) what

Arnav nodded, she started banging her fists on his chest

Khushi: how could you, you did this to trouble me know, (she started to cry)

He pulled her back in his arms and hugged her tightly, she squirmed for a few seconds and then hugged him back with all her heart, she shut her eyes and rested on his chest, after a few minutes she lifted her head and looked into his eyes

Arnav: i had to do this to know what you think about me

Khushi: you know what I think about you

Arnav: yes I do, but do you know what you think about me

Khushi: what do you mean

Arnav: you know what I mean, khushi, your jealous if I am with another women,  you are worried about my health, you don't like it if I am away from you for too long, you feel all these things but still tell me that you are only here for di's sake and you will leave when the time is right, have you ever thought how you will live without me

Tears started rolling down her eyes, he was right, she said she would leave him for good, but how would she leave him, staying away from him was the most difficult thing on the planet, it was the biggest and the worst punishment in the world, she loved him so much so crazily that without him she couldn't go by a day even

Arnav: (came close to her and wiped her tears gently and said in a soft voice) why don't you just admit the truth about what you feel for me, and how important I am to you,

Khushi: (soft voice) how could I, I mean I am scared,

Arnav: don't be because I am telling you that I feel the same way about you, I LOVE YOU (as each letter rolled out of his mouth, it was music to khushi's  ears)

Khushi: (looking deep into his eyes, she said in a soft voice) I….(she took a deep breath) I LOVE YOU TOO

And this was it, their romantic moment, their confession they hugged each other tightly, he took her in with so much of love and care, wrapping his protective arms around her she buried her soft head on his chest feeling safe, it felt so good it felt like home to her, rabba ve played in the background, he kissed her fore head, as she snuggled closer to him, they stood like this for quite some time when she broke the hug and looked up at him,

Arnav: (cupped her face and said) I am so happy today, finally we spoke our feelings out

Khushi: me too arnavji, I am also very happy but…

Arnav: (knew what was coming) but nothing, we will get married tomorrow

Khushi: (in a soft voice)its not that arnavji

Arnav: khushi I promise there is nothing between me and the secretary, I am only yours, and I belong only to you

Khushi: (was touched by what he said but that wasn't it either) arnavji, its not that also, its about di

Arnav: di (he looked confused)

Khushi: di is upset with me, she isnt happy with us being together that's why I left, I only want to see her happy

Arnav: (took a deep breath) I promise you khushi, I will convince di,

Khushi: how with shyam around the place she will never listen

Arnav: do you trust me

Khushi: more than myself

Arnav: then have faith in me, I am going to make everything ok I promise

They hugged each other, and they left the office, arnav wanted to spend time with her alone without disturbance so he took her out 

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4 chapters in one go...
loved the way the story is proceeding...Smile
thanks for the pm...Wink

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Awesome update
Thanx 4 the pm
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Enjoying the story...

Looking forward to more...

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