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Originally posted by maansee

Originally posted by ana1411


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Originally posted by ana1411


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waitig dear
come sooo

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Dadi: Till how much time you will wait for her'' It is being four years

Maan'' It is high time that you move on in your life now'''.


Maan: I have told you all that I am happy with her memory itself''..


Adi: Maan''' Understand Dadi also'' How much she is worried of you''


Maan: Adi please''' I cannot spoil anyone's life'''. And moreover it is impossible for me to forget Geet''.. So it is better we don't start that topic again''''


On the other side of the world'''


Geet Beta kaha ho aap'''.. Geet's Mom (Rano) was searching her''..


Geet: I am here Maa''' What happen????


Rano: Where were you????


Geet: Kuch nahi Maa'' Was just looking at rain'''.


Pinky: Geet every year you look at the rain and keep on remember that night'''


Geet: I can never forget that night ever in my life'''..


Rano: But beta''.. you have to move on in your life now''..


Geet: I have already moved on Maa'''Now forget this you tell me why were you calling me'''


Rano: Oh ha see I forgot only for what I came''. Ha Chachi ka phone aya tha apni Rajji ki shaddi fix ho gayi hai'''. So we have to go to Delhi'''


Geet: Maa why don't you and Pinky go and come''. I have office also'''


Pinky: Geet nothing doing I am not going to hear any excuse''' Aunty you don't take any tension she will also come to Delhi'''.


Rano: I leave it to you Pinky now'''.


Saying this Rano leaves the room''..


Pinky:  Geet what have you done to yourself''. Just look at yourself''. It is been 4 years now Geet'''.


Geet: But I love him Pinky''.. I know very well that I made a big mistake that day but still I cannot forget him''' He must have moved on in his life and even I want that he should move on''' He was totally different from Dev'. Totally''.  Mai nahi chahati thi ki he should ever repent for what ever happened that night'''.. I was not at all his fault''. If I would have wished I would have stopped it but I could not''. I was just flowing in that magic of his'''. (She had tears in her eyes)'' I tried forgetting him but I could not''.


Pinky: Geet'''  So you moved to London''.


Geet: Aur kya karti''. After Papa's death what would have we done there in Delhi'''. And so the best option was to move to London''' I wanted to move away from everything and forget him'''..


Pinky: But you could never forget him'''.


Geet: Pinky whatever you have done for us''


Pinky: Just shut up Geet'''. I have not done anything''. Infact just because of you and aunty I feel like a home'''.


They both hug each other''..


Pinky: apni Rajji ki shaddi ke liye chal na''. You know if you won't come I and Aunty will never go and Rajii will feel so bad''  and tujhe to pata hai ki Rajii ka phone bhi aya tha'' and she was saying that she won't get married till the time we go there'''


Geet: Bus Bus stop your emotional drama now''.. We will go there'' But before that I will file an application for leave in office'.


Pinky hugs Geet''..


Geet leaves to office and before she ask for leave


Rohan (Boss): Hey Geet come come'' I was waiting for you''..


Geet: Sir, I have a wedding of my cousin so I need chutti''


Rohan: No Geet I cannot give chutti''.. Actually we need to go India'' We have a meeting with Mr. MSK about the upcoming project'. And you have worked on it so I will need you for it''..


Geet: Sir even I have to go to India for my cousins wedding'' We can do one thing I will accompany you to India, we will finish the meeting and then I can take leave to attend the wedding''..


Rohan: Ya sure''' We have to leave by Saturday'''. So just see to it everything is ready before we leave'.


Geet: Yes Sir'.. I will see to it that everything is ready''.. But sir where are we going in India''..


Rohan: Mumbai'''


Geet felt as if her heart will stop and a small whisper came out of her mouth: Mumbai''..


Rohan: What happen to you hearing the name of Mumbai''' Kahi koi purani yaade to nahi''..


Geet: Nothing sir''..


She leaves'''


In Mumbai


Adi: Maan'..


Maan: What is wrong Adi?? '' Why are you screaming????


Adi: Hey you remember the London proposal'' They have agreed to give us a meeting'''.


Maan: Great''''..  When are they coming???



Adi: They are coming Sunday so I have fixed a conference of Monday''



Adi: Hey Maan I was planning if everything gets fine then we should organize a lovely party in the farmhouse''' What say???



Maan: Adiii''.. Tumhe pata hai ki I am not going to go to the farmhouse''.. We will have a party somewhere else and not in the farmhouse''..



Geet informs her mother and Pinky that she will be leaving for India with Rohan and they would join them there directly for the wedding''..



The unknown feeling was developing in Geet from the time she came to know that she is going to Mumbai'. The place where she is no able to forget it'''.



Geet and Rohan landed in Mumbai and checked in a hotel'''. Rohan had some liking for Geet but Geet always ignored him''.. She only saw him as a Boss and nothing else''. She had decided that she will not become friendly with any one'''.



After getting freshen up and catching some sleep'' Geet went out of the hotel'' She went and sat on the Marine Drive''.. She was busy watching the beauty of the scene'.. The air was flowing and she was just lost in it'''..



Adi had forced Maan to come for a walk as Maan had involved himself too much in the work''' They both were walking'''. It was more of Adi talking and Maan listening''' When suddenly Maan just stopped and was looking at the direction'''



Adi: Maan what are you looking at??? And yeh kya chalte chalte ruk kyu gaya???



Maan: Geet'''



Adi: Maan enough now''' Stop dreaming about her'.. She has gone'.. Bhul ja use'''.



Maan: Adi who dekh Geet is sitting there'''..



Adi looked at her but with her back to them he could not make it''..



Maan went near where Geet was sitting''.. She could feel someone staring at her''.. She turned and got a shock''''.



Geet: Maan''..



Maan: Geet''



The bright sunny day turn into cloudy'' The water droplet started falling''..



Adi: Hi Geet''



Geet smiled: Hi Adi'' Hi Maan''.



Maan kept on staring at her and even did Geet'' Adi excused from there''' The rain started heavily''' Maan took Geet to the near by shed'' They both remain silent for much time'''



Maan and Geet: Sorry''.. There was almost tears in Geet's eyes with much emotions playing in her mind'''



Maan: Sorry for what???


Geet: For whatever happened that night'' It should have not happened''.. aap ne sorry kyu kaha''..


Maan: usi baat ke liye''' But Geet where were you last 4 years...



Geet: Who mai''.. actually'''


And suddenly her phone rang and answered saying that she is reaching in 10 minutes''



Geet: I need to go'' Someone is waiting for me''


Maan: It is raining very heavily''' I will drop you''


Geet just nodded her head''.. Maan drop her to the hotel'' As soon as they reached near the hotel Maan just could not hold his emotion'..


Maan: Can I hug you Geet'''


Geet was also flowing in the emotion and hugged him''.. They were craving for each other'.. Maan kissed her shoulder and Geet was flowing in emotion''' They both were just lost in each other arms and rain was creating a magic''.. He broke the hug and kissed her forehead, her eyes and kissed at the corner of her lips''


Their trance was broken by a phone call again'''.


Geet had tears in her eyes and ran away opening the door''''. Maan moved his hand on his hair''


Maan (self talk): Does she also love me''' I need to find out and this time I will not allow her to go anywhere''..


Maan parked the car and went to the hotel'''.  He saw that Rohan was holding her and was consoling her''.. He felt heart broken and assume that she loves someone else'..


He walked away half heartedly''' But the thing he saw was not true the fact remains that when she came running Geet banged herself with Rohan who was calling her as it was raining outside and Rohan saw Geet tears and was only trying to ask her what happen that she is crying''..



That night Maan and Geet cried a lot both thinking about each other''


Maan thought that he has lost Geet forever and Geet thought that Maan has been regretting about what happened that day'''


Finally the day of the meeting arrived'.. Neither Maan nor Geet was aware that they are going to come face to face once again''.. Rohan and Geet were seated in the conference room waiting for Mr. MSK to arrive'''. Adi and Maan walked in together to get a shock so was Geet''' Rohan was not aware that they know each other'' After the short introduction the presentation was made by Geet about their strategies and everything''.. Geet could feel Maan's gaze on her'' Maan's eyes never left for a second from Geet'''.. After the successful meeting the contract was signed''



Maan just left from their without even speaking a single word with Geet'.


Geet (self Talk): I am now 100% sure that Maan is regretting about it that is the reason he is even avoiding me now'' Chalo anyways now the meeting is done he will not see me now''.. I will go away from here''..



Adi felt odd about Maan's behavior of avoiding Geet as he very well knows that he loves Geet like anything''.. After everyone left Adi inquired from Maan what is the matter??? Why is he avoiding Geet''



In response Maan told him everything what he presume to be that Geet and Rohan love each other'''  Did you not notice that how Rohan was taking care of Geet in the meeting'''..

Rano and Pinky flied down to India for the wedding and Geet also left to Delhi''.. ''' Rohan propose to Geet but Geet refused him saying that she already loves someone else''.. Rohan half heatedly went back to London'''.



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Dadi was known by boys side so even she went to the wedding... Dadi insisted Maan to come but he refused...


Dadi noticed Geet  there and got attracted to her... She decided that she will make  her daughter in law...


Dadi inquires everything about Geet from her chachi...  Even rano met dadi... Rano told dadi about Geet's past... 


But dadi said that it is past And she has full right to have a better future... Rano was more then happy for that...


The most difficult task before Rano  and dadi was to convince Geet and Maan...


Rano: Geet you have got a very lovely proposal beta...


Geet: Ma I have told you that I don't want to get marry... Then why are you doing this...


Rano: theek hai Geet... Then I will end my life and you leave aaram se...


Pinky : Aunty... What are you saying????


Geet: Maa... You know very well I cannot see anything happening to you...


Rano: Please meet him once for my sake...


Geet looks at Pinky and Pinky nods her head...


Geet: ok I will meet him...


Rano hugs and goes to call dadi...


Geet: Pinky I will meet him and say him to say no...


Pinky: Geet...

Geet: Pinky please at least you try to understand...



On the other side...


Dadi become every happy hearing that chutki has agreed to meet...


Dadi calls Adi to come home...


Dadi: I have found a girl for Maan... I am sure he will like her... Now we have to convince him...


Adi: But Dadi you know he loves Geet and won't agree to meet... By the way what is her name...


Dadi: Her name is chutki...

Adi:  Chutki... What type of name is it...


Dadi:  Ha this is the name everyone called her with... Wait I will show you her photo... I liked her so much that I bought her photo... 


Dadi shows her photo... Adi's eyes pop up...


 Dadi noticed that and asked Adi: Adi'. What happen????


Adi: Dadi you have chosen her for Maan''.. Her name is Chutki


Dadi: Yes'' Why??? You know her'''


Adi: Of course''.. She is Geet'''. But she loves someone right'..


Dadi: Oh ho'. So she is Geet'''. No she just said that she does not want to marry anyone but her mother convinced her to atleast meet a boy'..


Adi: So whatever Maan saw that day was not true'.. Kahi aisa to nahi ki Geet also loves Maan and that is the reason she does not want to get marry with anyone'''


Dadi: May be''.. But now we will do something''.. Anyways Chutki and her mom and her best friend are coming to Mumbai today evening'.. And ha Maan should not know that the girl is non other then Geet''..


Adi told Maan that Dadi has chosen a girl for him and she wants him to meet her once''.. Ai also said that now that Geet has gone back he should atleast think of Dadi'''. He should at least meet the girl once'. Maan after much saying agreed to meet unaware of whom he will meet but had decided that he will ask her to say no''..



Geet came to the mansion with Rano and Pinky unaware that she will be meeting Maan'''.



Dadi welcome them whole heartedly'''.


Without asking any detail''' Dadi came directly to the point as she wanted to know what is there in the heart of Geet''..



Dadi: Chutki can I ask you something'''.



Geet just nodded her head'''



Dadi: I want you to make you my daughter in law''.. Because I know that you will feel my grandson heart with love'''. I want to know are you ready for it or do you love someone''..



Geet looked at her shocked don't know what to answer''..



Dadi: Bolo beta''..



Geet: Ji who'' No I don't love anyone'''



Pinky: Geet kya keh rahi hai''.. You have such a good opportunity to deny it and you are saying you have no problem'''.


Geet: Pinky I am ready for this marriage'''


Dadi: So you don't love anyone''.. I am so happy to have you as my daughter in law''..



Dadi hugged her and winked at Rano and Pinky and called Adi with her eyes who was hiding behind the pillar''.. Geet eyes were filled up''..



They both broke from the hug with a voice'''



Adi: Geet'. You don't love Maan'''



Geet was shocked to see Adi there: Adi'..



Adi: Bolo Geet'' You don't love Maan''.. He kept on saying this finally


Geet spoke: Yes I do love Maan and will keep on loving him but he has every right to move on in his life''.. Geet turns to Dadi and says: Sorry dadi I lied to you''.. I could not deny my mom''.. But believe me I will try my level best'''


Dadi: You don't have to do that beta''..


Geet: No Dadi'. Please I am sorry''


Dadi: Beta listen to me''.. You don't want to know who my grandson is'''


Rano, Pinky, Dadi and Adi: Mr Maan Singh Khurana'''.


Geet: Maan''..


Dadi: Ji and Dadi told everything what happened when she showed her picture to Adi and then how she called up Rano and Pinky and told her everything and they made a plan to take out from your heart that you also love Maan as he does'' Pinky had already told us that you are also in love with Maan but we wanted to hear it from your mouth so this whole drama''


Geet gets all shy and Dadi just hugs her''..


Geet: But Maan''


Dadi: Now you have tell Maan this''.. He is not aware that the girl chosen for him is none other then you'''


Geet: Hmmm''' I have a plan'''



Adi called Maan: Yaar Maan you come directly to our farmhouse'..


Maan: You know very well that I have stopped going there'''


Dadi snatched the phone from Adi: Maan beta I have told Adi to tell you to come to farmhouse now'.. It is something urgent''..


Maan cannot deny his Dadi's order so he just said yes''' The memories of 4 years back flashed in his mind'''


Adi: Geet I will drop you'' It is raining very heavily'''.


Geet: No Adi I will go and because of this rain only we had met and because of this rain only we will meet again''


Geet left from the mansion immediately''' The rain was the same as it was on that day''..



Maan reached the farmhouse and saw someone sitting at the same place where 4 years back Geet was sitting all wet'''.



Maan went near her'''. He was shocked to see Geet sitting'''.



Maan: Geet, tum yaha''..


Geet: I forgot my way'.. Can you give a shelter for tonight''


Maan just nodded'' But''.. He did know what to say and just kept on looking at the angelic face''' He broke out of the trance by his phone ringing''



Maan: Ji Dadi'.. I have reached the farm house'''



Dadi: Then why are you standing outside'' Why don't you take my Bahu inside''.. Why are you making her stand in the rain''' If anything happens to her I wont spare you''



Maan: Bahu''..



Dadi: Ha the one whom you are staring at'..


Geet was all shy by now as she was aware what dadi must have told Maan''..


Maan just gave a smirk smile on his face and said: I will take care of your Bahu very well Dadi don't worry''


 Maan after cutting the call kept on looking at Geet who was fully flushed with the intense gaze''..


Maan: So my Dadi's Bahu''.. But I need to tell you something that I love someone else''..



Geet looked at him with shock and tears gathered in her eyes: Whom???


Maan: I had met her 4 years back at the same place where we are standing now and we shared a most beautiful moment that night and from that night I just could not forget her''' I love her a lot'''..


Geet: Maan''..   



Maan: Hmm''' So with this also you are ready to marry me''



Geet just nods and hugs him tight''..



Maan: I love you Geet''' I love you'' Why did you leave me''



Geet: I am sorry Maan'.. I am sorry'''.



They kept on hugging each other with no space among them'..


Maan: Geet you don't want to say anything'..


Geet innocently: What???


Maan: acha what wait'''


He started tickling her'.. and she ran in the rain and Maan went behind her and hold her and they both lost their balance and fall on the ground and Maan was on top of Geet and was tickling more saying now where will she run'''



Geet: Maan stop it'.. Maan'' please'..



Maan: Then those words'''



Geet just nodded no''..



Maan: theek hai'' He started again but this time his hand was roaming everywhere''' and was nuzzling her neck more passionately''.. Geet could not take it she hugged him close and whispered I Love you Maan''


Maan just looked at her and gave a peck on her lips and that small peck turned into a passionate kiss and in turn it turned into the hot night''



They became one forever'''.

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yeppieee ... mee first at this beautiful story ...

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second too ...

meri aadat hai .to rserve all places for my self Wink

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