Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2


Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2
Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2

MMT-Sunday_NBT 2.0 Top 5 Scenes of the Week

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Discussion Topics

1. Megha's confession
2. Mohan Nanhi scenes
3. Megha & Mohan scene
4. Megha - MIL scene
5. Megha - Addu scene

You can include any other scene of your choice as well. Please post pics, avis & videos to support your argument if necessary. Smile

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I find choosing a favorite scene from last week too difficult as i'm not able to relate to this new mohan and new NBT 2.0Ouch. So i will try with Pics 

I always wanted to see good bonding between Mohan and FIL. But under current scenario everything is ignored for unnecessary. FIL- Mohan bonding is no TRP materials. So they won't really deal with it. 

Still i liked when FIL came to mohan's house with the proposal. Mohan's dazed, reserved state with FIL. Looks like he can't Papaji considers him good. He obviously wants a father like Papaji. In all their scenes, it seems to come out. 

FIL Enters and mohan/Guru welcome him. 

Fondness and respect in Mohan. (kuch khaa raha hai kya mohanLOL. MIL ne prasad diya haiLOL)

Now Mohan Nanhi Sweet Moments 

At mohan's house 

I guess Its a mix of emotions - happy for NanhiBig smile and guilt about the Riddhima KaandOuch

Nanhi in Nani modeLOL

Mohan enjoying her Dadima actsSmile

Nanhi exposes her mom's lieLOL

Mohan's you are caught look and Megha's caught look 

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New TellyBuzz video of MM sangeetParty

There is new TellyBuzz video of MM sangeet..Big smile please comment on it.Tongue

It shows whole sangeet and MM singing NBT title trackEmbarrassed and Kunal whistles the tune too..EmbarrassedLOL and Parichay heroine says Megha is very samajhdaar..ShockedLOL sab sambhal legi..ShockedLOL 

here is link:-

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kkkap00r Goldie

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Although Megha's confession in front of Mohan himself and their lovely hug was the most awaited scene for last 7 months for me just like it was for others.

But out of the given scenes above, I would rate Megha - Mohan conversation as the best.
This scene showed a conversation between two matured people who are just going to get married in a day's time and who wanted to tell important things to each other which they didn't tell before. It showed the trust they have in each other.

This conversation not only showed Mohan in his true character but also showed Megha's maturity.

Mohan didn't want to hide anything from Megha even after knowing what impact it may have on their relationship. He even told Megha that he doesn't know how she would react after knowing the truth as it was different from whatever has happened earlier.

Megha on the other hand told him why she agreed to marry Manav and why she had to hurt Mohan. When Megha said that its not necessary to tell each secret before marriage as long as they have trust in each other's love. To me it was symbolic of Megha's experience of a married life, the time she spent with Amar. She is now senior to Mohan in these matters.
Megha's confession Heart was one of the fav scenes of mine. It was like Megha breaking out of all her inhibitions.

Megha's conversation with Addu showed a mother who loves her kids so much and showed that with love and soft talk with kids you can easily win their hearts Smile
Mohan-Nanhi scenes have always been great. The way Nanhi speaks to Mohan thinking they are at same level brings the much needed break from the serious sequences. It makes feel so relaxed. Mohan in turn does the same thing to Nanhi. He loves her so much and not a single time he behaved with her as if he is so elder to her. Such is their chemistry.

Megha MIL scene was also good. It was really good to see such transformation in MIL's attitude in a few weeks time!!!

Well, I hope nothing makes Mohan and Megha suffer anymore. I would love to see them together, happy and always in love!!!



 Here I want to dedicate my VM to Mohan and Megha:

"Is Qadar Pyar Hai Tumse E Humsafar"
And I hope ... no more heartbreaks for this lovely couple!!!

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Thanks for this special MMT thread Subha..Hug

I think..the much awaited  Megha's confession scene was definitely the top scene of this fact it was the Best MM moment till brilliantly portrayed by kunal n Akanksha..ClapStarClap

Wanted to share My vm made on MM confession scene..i  mxed  HD instrumental version  with  the original  song..found these lyrics..opt for the scene..

 MOhan MEgha Vm ~ Bol na Halke Halke ~

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edit ..haan i m here .after thinking hard over these or even other scenes  ...  dis new nbt isnt giving my logical n philosophicla brains to think (jo already kum hai ) bt i tried my level best to do soo ... 

1) Mohan- megha hug ... a scene for we all were craving to see ... a sweet hug between dese to love birds ... (sad thing is tht we dint enjoy it even )... well d scene the hug looked more lyk a cheating stii kunal n aakansha played it out well ... specially kunal  he sucessfully emoted inner turmoil of mohan wid perfection ...all dat mohan felt ws even felt by us ... d only fact is tht i wsnt able to empathise  wid mohan very much ...coz 'dis-guy-married-in-drunk-state-in-anger' ws a thought bothering to d bits ... bt here i m still trying to analyse der feelings (wish me luck hope i dnt get  wrathfull current n anger towards mohan) ... kunal ws show stealer dat day his expressions ...were bang onn 

the moment mohan gt down his bike he saw megha before him ... and he even nodded his head thinking tht dis must be a dream ... how funny is it u hav been crusading fra thing to happen in ur lyf ...  n der it is b4 u ..n u think it is a dream anyways ... mohan came to kno tht megha is der fr real ... n he isnt dreaming ... megha ws onn 9th cloud tht day . ...she ws finally going to achieve her love ... all she had in her brains ws tht  frm nw on wards she isnt reqd to cramp her feeling in her already tear filled heart .she is blessed wid love again more barriers ... though she ws denying b4 .she sumwhere wanted to be mohan since a long tym ... bt different circumtances dint allow her feeling to pop up ... bt nw every obstacle is cut thrown out of d way n she is a b4 she captures all her happiness ... mohan went numb he had many feelings running over his head .his shivering n disbelief said it all (kunal u r d man ) it ws a tough moment fr mohan his very fantasy his very passion his dream his luck .his love ..his lady  is be4 him ...has by herself walked to he wants dis to false .dis cnt be true .at dis pt never ws d only thing going onn in his mind ... well hus few moments b4 we soo eruptions of different feeling on mohan's face ...when every thing was happy n quite around him inside him der ws noise ...he ws screaming when megha started wid biwi tlks  n said yeh sapna nahi hai ...he ws still ... he had no movements ... he ws unable to react .rather unable to think ... he ws stuck in weird n freaky situation ... where around him everything is noisy  bt inside him everything is quite .every thing is silent n everthing has frozen ... his power to understand n react ws totally lost ... so during dat scene when ws in dreamy mode wid biwi  dialog  (i really felt fr dis gal ...she ws soo happy bt has no idea wht next is gonna happen .. she ws fr d first tym ws nt thinking abt future abt difficulties bt ws living in present moment ... her talks  quite clearly tld   tht she firmly believes  d fact tht  nthing will go wrong ... coz nw i hav mohan .nthing cn go wrong ... poor gal ) he ws just quite ... megha den took dat one step which kept her away frm her love ... she hugged him .tightly ... nw she wont let her love go ...nw she wont lave him alone ... she at tht very moment decided to stand by mohan ... megha  just hugged whole world in her arms ... she had it all at tht mohan ... mohan still ws numb ... bt he had his wold in his arm too.. hw wuld he let go her ... fr a sec nthing  made sense to him .. he deep inside heard hug her ... n he did tht ... d moment he hugged her ... every relation every sorrow every thing in dis dis wrold seemed worthless to him he had grabbed priceless thing in his arm ... he ws soo lost in moment ...he for once thought everything will be fine .. even he gt involved wid megha n gt lost in fantasy ... ahhh a moment both fr mohan n megha 

bt fr us viewer it ws a pathetic thing to see ... it felt lyk mohan is cheating on megha ... n megha will only be left wid tears ...her happiness ws short lived ...Ouch

bakia ka i ll write later 

tell me kaise laga Confused

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Hit.It.Miss IF-Sizzlerz

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Nice title Subha, it's indeed a revised version of NBT that we are getting to see nowadays  but  got to make the best and most of it while it lasts. Going back to my original optimism and loving self (like Kul said, we are all swinging like pendulums), out of all the highlighted scenes for today, the two that formed the focal feature for me were the MM doorstep convo from 18th & 19th July and Megha Saroj convo from 18th july Episode. So me be delving deeper into those.

Megha Mohan scene

Ahh the scene took off with shyness galore where we saw our Mirchi madam turning into a shy baby bird. We all had been long-awaiting this moment in time when Megha's love would manifest itself in exactly such a way, when just Mohan's single piercing, heated glance from across the room would turn her cheeks all rosy and her heart-rate shooting rocket high.
Loved how playfully Mohan brought her out of that shy awkwardness and set the tempo of the meeting clear. Little did he know that Megha's next words would make him tremble all over. Megha did what we all, especially Neelu and me, had been so yearning to watch her do, for ages now.

Till that moment, Megha had clearly hadn't ever thought to take the initiative as she must have been waiting for a magic bullet to come and make this problematic issue disappear out of her life but now on the eve of her Sangeet, which formed their very first step together into a new sunny horizon, she wisely decided to get herself free from all the silent hurting shadows of her fears. Megha shared all her fears and apprehensions about Indu with Mohan, frankly and honestly. Somehow I had expected her to also voice out her reasons for not wanting to embitter Mohan's relation with Indu but anyways, what she told and how she went about doing it, was nearly upto our expectations. Her show of trust in Mohan and his capabilities to deal with this issue with a sound and tolerant mind, was proof enough of her new resolute state-of-mind. I do hope that as per her words, whenever this issue of Indu comes back to seriously haunt their married life, Megha will choose to follow these very words of hers and give Mohan a strong shoulder to fall back on.

Megha's frank sentiments, brought out the agaitation and inner struggle of Mohan so visibly. His face displayed clearly, the warring between his heart and mind whic were in bitter conflict with each other. Voicing out all his concern and off-loading all his troubling thoughts right there and then, seemed to him, like a trip to the Dentist. He was aware deep inside that all this discomfort will stop once the issue is out in the open but all the same, he didn't want to go through with it, knowing that it would hurt too much, hurt Megha, consequently him too.
Right then Megha's donned the role of his senior, magically!! I say magically because one moment she looked all perturbed watching the conflicting emotions flitting across Mohan's agitated face but the next moment, she decided to take the situation in her hands and voiced out those words of experience. It depicted her familiarity with what responsibilities and burdens the marriage and wedded life brings with it. 

Megha's words -

"Aitebaar ki baat hai, dheere dheere aata hai, Uss mein itni jaldbazi mat karo"

"Merey liye iss se ziada kuch bhi nahi, ke Tum mujh se pyar karte ho ' Imaandaari se Pyar, aur mai bhi tum se pyar karti hoon, Iss ke ilawa mereyliye kuch bhi matter nahi karta, kuch bhi nahi"

These words, acted as a soothing balm for Mohan's disturbingly flustered soul. Her words re-instated the fact that their relationship will be strong enough to weather the storms, If they both are not able to talk things over, smile into each other's eyes, share little joys, intimacies and stick together when big trials come, only this way their love won't lost indeed.

Megha Saroj scene 

I loved this scene as much as the Megha Mohan scene. It induced and depicted all the dynamics of pain, angst, regret and new found love and respect that their relationship has undergone since Amar's untimely death.

MIL ' DIL relationship is one which is very delicate, sensitive and one of the most complex among all the relations. Right from the very start we have always seen Saroj tripping long helplessly on the slippery slope that this relationship comes with, which got compounded with the bitterness and doubts that shrouded Amar's sudden death. This conversation held so much depth for the sole reason that after all the long-term prejudice, Saroj decided to lay the past to rest and embrace this new phase in Megha's life with open arms. Recalling the moment of Megha's entry in their lives as Amar's wife, she made sure to bolster Megha's belief that indeed she as Amar's mother, is now atoning by letting go of her previous aversion and dislike, her prejudices. She also brought up the subject of Megha's suffering the abandonment from her parents, that moment was so heart-warming to watch. That's what brought tears to Megha's eyes. Indeed it was a redefining moment for them both

Megha Addu scene
It was a cute one, lovely and adorable to watch. Megha did so cutely reassured Addu and laid his fears to rest. It was one of those moments which we all had been hoping to see, especially since Addu has been largely absent since last few weeks. So it was a a sight for sore eyes.

Sorry it took so long, mobile typing at work does take long lol

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