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Virat ka diary aur ek love story (part 17,pg 72) (Page 72)

Radharaday Goldie

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Posted: 30 November 2012 at 6:29am | IP Logged
Sorry for late update and thx for those lovely comments.

Part 17

This is my third visit to Rishicage and I m on the mission to presenting those magical three words in front of Manvi with the true feeling.  The cold breeze of Rishicage woke me from my sleep. I smiled lightly knowing that she is not far away from me. The thought of meeting her soon increased my heart beat. Manvi how and when I fell in love you? With that crazy Manvi, caring Manvi, tali Manvi, doggy Manvi, heartbroken Manvi or the angel Manvi who changed my life forever. I guess I fall in love with the Virat ki Manvi. I m not going to share my Manvi with the crazy, caring, tali, doggy, heartbroken or even angel'Just Virat' and sweet and simple Virat ki Manvi.

Then the car stopped making my heart beat skip a beat. Manvi . Manvi . Manvi. I could only hear name. I lightly slapped my head for going crazy. Then I fixed my hair, to make her fall for me in the first look. Yaar Manvi if u don't fall in love with me, I will make u fall by pulling your hand or making u step on banana or some other ways but at last u need to fall.

I knocked the door and smiled remembering our first meeting. So strange nar ' I thought she was crazy, now who is crazy? Bhabhi pulled me out from my dream world by opening the door. "Hello Bhabhi" "Virat tum?" Bhabhi asked with a shocked tone. "Bhabhi I though Bhai told u that I m coming". Bhabhi's gave a sad expression "Ya he told but he said u will be coming tomorrow". I was lacked of words. How should I say I wanted to meet Manvi a lot that I couldn't wait a day? This is Manvi's fault, not mine. Because of her only, I couldn't show my anger towards Maya or tell her anything. This love is so strange; it made you forget all the things and just filled your mind with the memories of that person. "Virat?" Bhabhi said with a baffled expression. I grinned like an idiot. "Chalo ander" I followed Bhabhi.

Bhabhi served me a cup tea which tasted more than delicious. Nowadays everything tastes out of the world. "Aha Bhabhi , Kyar chai hai!" Bhabhi gave a sweet smile "Of course it should take best coz my best in best sister had made it". My eyes were about to pop out from my eyes. This delicious tea was made by Manvi, uff it tasted sweeter and more delicious after knowing it was made by my jaan.  "Toe Bhabhi, where is your best in best sister?" I asked her while my heart beat fastened. "Why? Are you bored with your best in best Bhabhi jaan?" she gave a fake sad face. I moved towards her "Oye Meri bhabhi jaan, I m thinking that u r bored coz your best in best pathiji is not here, have some chit chat with him till then I will find Manvi" then I rushed to Manvi's room without looking back at Bhabhi. No one knows how much I was desperate to meet her and to present my feelings.

My angel was sitting on her bed covering her face with her hands. She did it wrong, how much I wanted to see that face which always came in my dream. I sat behind her moving my hand around her shoulder. She got frightened. She shivered. She moved her hands away and moved away from me. I closed my eyes tightly and I got the flashback of our visit to park. She was acting just the same way. What's wrong with her? I moved my hand over her hand and held it tightly. No matter what, she got to tell her problem to me.

"So, still angry with me?" I looked at her eyes which were lowered. "Manvi?" She looked towards me and gave me a faint smile. She was looking so pale and weightless. "How dare you break your promise Miss. Manvi Chaudary?" I shouted at her. She looked away "What are you talking about?". "Don't act so innocent Manvi, why did u break the promise that u made. Why don't u continue with your studies?" She looked at me and smiled rudely "U were about to break also." How did she come to know that? She put her hand over my hand "Destiny is always not fair especially with my life" she said without looking at me, she was constantly gazing at the floor. "U know what? If destiny is not fair then I will sue it". She smiled "You joker". Haasi toe fassi. "Really, I m a lawyer. My first case will be battle against destiny for being unfair with my Manvi" I said in a serious tone. She looked into my eyes directly "My Manvi?" she whispered. "Ya My Manvi" I whispered back. "Kaminey as if u own me" she punched me while giggling. I will make sure one day I will fully own you and make you Manvi Vadera, that's a Virat Singh Vadera's promise which can never be broken or shaken. "How are you?"I asked her. "What do u think?" she replied. "Nothing can be wrong with you, you are my strong girl" I said cheekily.  "The girl who appeared strong from outside is the weakest from inside" she said seriously. "Today you are giving lots of lecture, are you planning to be a lecturer?". She smiled "Ya is hasi kushi zindagi may boredom bhi toe chahiyae. I m tired of happy life and u know what I m buying boredom". "You know what u are talking like me" I said winking at her. "Nar ' u are talking like me" "I said u are talking like me so u are talking like me" "And I also said u are talking like me, U aren't deaf right?" "No... u r deaf" "U said I m deaf'. U kaminar , monkey, chor" "Oye I know I m kaminer and monkey but how did that chor come from? What did I steal?" I asked her while her cheeks turned red. "Hello I m asking you something" "What if I don't want to answer you?" she said. "What can I do? Nothing" she laughed "Nothing right, stay quiet". "In one condition" I said giving her mischievous grin. "What?" "let's go out for a walk 'plz just for few minutes". She nodded "Anything to make you silent". "And thank you for that madam".

We came out to the road and went in the direction towards ganga ghat. The breeze flew her hair in every direction and she was controlling hard to place them in their places. Her angelic face is what I yearned to see every second. She had got control over my naughty heart but trying hard with her soft and silky hair. I fixed her hair in their places while she looked at me in awe. How much I wished to hug her and tell her how much I love her. I keep reminding myself that sabar ka faal meetha hota hai. She caught me gazing over her and gave me an uneasy look. I looked away from her and continued to walk. She came behind me. "TOe Virat ..tumhara life kaisa hai?" I looked at her and smiled genuienuly "Mera life toe jingalala hai .. I can only see new hopes arising in me, I can only see lights coming out from every direction". I kicked a small stone in front of my foot playfully then continued "But there is a problem" I said biting my lip."Kon sa problem?"she said giving me a puzzled look. I smiled "Lights toe arraha hai par uska source ko ab tak locate nahi kar paya hu" I stopped."Maybe i might find that source which lighten up my life and hidden somewhere' here in Hrishicage" as soon as I finished I winked at her. "Your stupid wala bath .. I dont understand" she said giving me irritated look. "My stupid wala bath u will understand when time comes". Then we continued walking again.

"Kuch kuch hota hai" I hummed the song while she gave me annoyed look. I bought a bouquet of roses and flew the roses over her face. "Virat stop it" she shouted while I grinned. "Saas may teri saas mili toe mujay saas aa yi , mujay saas aa yi" .  She walked away. I followed her. "ruk ruk ruk arey baba ruk, o my darling give me a luk". She looked back and took out her tongue then continued to walk. "Mashallah mashallah Woh oh ho..Mashallah mashallahChehra hai mashalla" She came towards smiling evilly "Wow Virat ,Mashalla tum toe bathroom singer niklae. Next time Meharbani kayka sing mat karnar' bicharay batak tay hua aatam bhi pari shaan hogayay hongay" . "Tumnay meri talent ko kyar samja hai?" "Waste" then she laughed. "Joke thar nar? " I asked her. "Sacchi ' tumhara talent toe kyar, tum hi waste ho" then she laughed more. She was looking so gorgeous that I couldn't keep my eyes away from her. I have always wanted to make her happy and I accomplished my plan. I got my old jolly Manvi back. Then we continued with our walking.We reached ganga ghat after a while. She got down to the river shore as soon as she saw the ghat. She shivered as the wind was blowing. I took out my jacket and put around her. "Why are you shivering a lot, today?" I asked her. She shivered more. "I just felt cold". "Take care of yourself ok" She nodded. I splashed the water over her face. She scoped out the water and splashed over my face. Both of us smiled looking at each other's wet face. I played with the water and felt like confessing my feeling. "Manvi , like this river is flowing and never stopping at anywhere or anytime, I will never stop pouring my love over you. Like it doesn't care about any obstacles, no problem can snatch my love from you. Manvi , like this water is pure, my love for you is right from my heart n everything is pure which is done by heart. I love you Manvi. I love you very much" She looked at me with her shocked expression. "Virat" she whispered. I pulled her hand and placed over my heart. "You don't believe me, just feel it. My heart is calling out your name. It is shouting that I love Manvi." She pulled her hand away. "Virat". I pulled her face to make her see eye to eye. "Look into the depth of my eyes, there is only you Manvi. Only you and your love." She moved her face away. She took a deep breath. "Virat , nice practice , Maya will surely fall". How did that Maya came? "Practise?" "Ya I m saying it was nice but needs a bit improvement, then it will surely become best. Maya toe fassi boss" she said forcing a smile. "Manvi ' listen" Just then Manvi phoned rang. "Di Ko kya huwa???...Jee '..I will come". "Virat we need to go" she said tear forming in her eyes. "Why?" I was tensed. "Di has been hospitalized" Now she was crying. "Manvi , control yourself. We are going." Then we directly went to hospital.  

 Manvi hugged Bhabhi who was beaming with a smile. "Di ' kyar huwa?"  Bhabhi pulled her face and planted a kiss on her forehead "Array pagali ' u r becoming a masi (aunt)". "kyar?" Manvi eyes popped out with shock. "Kyar ' main masi?? Main masi '. Apka matlab app maa aur Virat 'chacha" "haa pagali'haa". I was relieved. I thought something was wrong with Bhabhi. Thank god. As soon as I got the news, I phoned Bhai and congratulate him. He was overjoyed. I could feel his feeling although I haven't felt that feeling. I wonder when will Manvi give me that feeling. Bhai told me to take Manvi as well coz no one is at home. He wanted someone to take care of Bhabhi. I thanked him for his this decision. Now Manvi chaudary get ready to fall in love, I m going to do every single way to make you mine.


If u want pm, please like my post on page 49. Smile 



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..nikki_vijay.. IF-Dazzler

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first to comment!!
wow awesome!
it was really nice and when virat confessed his feelings i was awww
but manvi took at as something!
and the songs which he was singing were too cute!
jeevika pregnent!
great news! now virman will be together!
can't wait for their lovely dovey moments!
hope maya doesn't create any problems!
continue soon!SmileClap

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Syed695 IF-Rockerz

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Superb update! loved the way virat spoke his heart out, but maanvi didi not take him seriously..i guess she has feelings for him but will not admit it...as virat said in the end he will make her fall in love with him...continue soon n thnks for the pm!

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girl_rocks IF-Dazzler

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i was badly waiting for this update...it was awesome...loved it

continue soon

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preity_d IF-Sizzlerz

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te was just too good loved it to the core
the ganga ghat scene the sentences confessed by Virat was just too good

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..BlueBird.. IF-Dazzler

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awesome update
loved virat's confession... sooo sweet confession
hope maanvi will also confess her love soon
waiting 4 next part
don't be so late next time plzz
thnx 4 pm

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smileysmi Goldie

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very nice update..continue soon

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Wow... Awesome update... He confessed... Continue soon... Heart

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