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Virat ka diary aur ek love story (part 17,pg 72) (Page 59)

Bella-Edward Senior Member

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Posted: 21 October 2012 at 8:30am | IP Logged
hi i do accept that you would be busy with your life and work but please do upload your story because i'm getting to very desperate to know what is next..

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nishi12345 Senior Member

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Posted: 25 October 2012 at 1:41pm | IP Logged
omggg yaar
u r terrific
i have no words for u yaar
wat a work yaar
i missed ur lat few updates and read them altogether it was superb
please cont soon an dpm me again
i shall be waiting for ur next update

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tadi-maro IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 October 2012 at 8:26am | IP Logged

Im too late now Radha!!& u know the reason...

      Virat's impatient  to find Manvi was soo cute...It clearly shows his love towards the girl...

       Maya is backAngryJust want to kill her nowAngryEvil Smile

                 Plz update soon darling...Im waiting!!

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say_cheese Goldie

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Posted: 26 October 2012 at 9:50am | IP Logged
now the story is getting damn interesting ..
so plz hav some pity on us ..
n update soon..
eagerly waitin...

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Radharaday Goldie

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Posted: 03 November 2012 at 11:06pm | IP Logged
I m really sorry about the delay. I will update next part soon maybe tmr. 
Thanks for commenting and liking.Smile

Part 15 

My love was in my arms. Was that true? Was I dreaming? It was true and I wasn't dreaming. She was right in my arms with her head resting on my chest more like on my heart. She rests on my heart. Really only rest?? Is she going to rest again and go away? She won't stay forever?  I cupped her face questioning that how come she is back after many years. She caressed my face with her tender hand and whispered "Sorry sweetheart". I moved away from her after the reality kicked in. She left me without a reason and now she is back. Doesn't she know how much I suffered without her? Was she back to go away from me again and giving me more pain? I wouldn't be able to handle. "Never" saying that under my breath I moved backwards. I stopped when someone touched my shoulders. I looked backward and saw my friend Manvi who has lots of questions regarding my situation. "Maya" I whispered giving Manvi Goosebumps. Then everyone hurried towards me including Maya. She hugged me "Virat' Please don't think me wrong ' I just want to see how strong is your love" she broke the hug and put her fingers on my cheek "But Virat you have prove your love is very strong" then smiled.  How right I was. I thought of that reason and she came up with that reason. We have some connection that's why people say we are perfect together.

"Virat' how quick u seem to forget the pain u have went through and in true love u don't need to prove anything" Manvi said looking disgusted at Maya. Ya she had got the point but I don't want to see any logic as well as Maya is in front of me, it means I don't need to go back to London. Wow that means I don't need to be away from Manvi. Manvi? No it should be Maa and my family. Manvi looked at me confused. I guess she saw how my face expressions changed in a few seconds. I shook my head along with a smile. I put my hands over her shoulder "Manvi ' Maya is back that's means I can stay with my mom forever". Manvi slapped my hands and stepped backward while Mom came forward with an angry face "That's means u were going away from me?". Before I nod, I got a tight slap from my Maa and I think I deserve that. Once a bad son will always be a bad son. I folded my hands "Maa ..please mujay maaf kardo ' My intention was not to hurt you Maa 'please" she pulled me into a hug and both of our eyes were over-flooding. She then cupped my face "If Maya is the reason for you to stay back, then I will never let go that reason away from me. If you can forget everything, why not me?" after that she faked a smile. "Thank you" I murmured. I didn't know how to thank Maa, she is very understanding. Manvi came forward with the thump up "Congrats hun? Allz well" she said sarcastically. I didn't know why she was taking it as if it was her life. I pulled my ears "Sorry". She made a face and looked away from me. I know she will never forgive Kushal. She was comparing my life with hers. But little did she know it is completely different. I need to forgive Maya coz I love her and also I wanted to stay here with my family. One thing I m not cleared is that when I wanted to stay here, why I was about to go London? Am I that much confused?  I don't know.

Everyone welcomed Maya and after a few days everyone started loving her even Manvi she become friend with her. When they two are together, I need to run away from them just to save my life. They would kill me with their nonsense and stupid jokes and never stop pulling my legs. I saw the changes in Maya after Manvi came in her life. Manvi is the angel with a magic wand changing others life into a fairytale.

On the one fine day, Dadaji had planned for a family outing. We went to the picnic out of town. The place was so magical surrounded by different types of trees and small huts. As soon as we reached there, Manvi spread her arms and took a deep fresh air inside. "Virat ' U know this is a fairyland". I put my hands over cheeks cupping it "Manvi aur tum iss fairyland ki fairy hoe". Something sparkled in her eyes after she heard my comment. "Virat ' tumbi nar ' U never leave a chance to insult me" she said making a face. I pulled away my hands and looked at her intently "Kya? Insult? If compliment is insult for u then what is insult for you". "Tum" after saying that she let out a small laugh then run away. I run after to chase her. Nautanki.

Maya came towards me stopping me from chasing that Bandariya. She pulled my hands "Virat ' I need your help" Maya said. My eyes were still on Manvi "Maya wait a minute nar". I was about to run again but Maya pulled my hand harder "You are not the same Virat who loved me" she shouted. I was motionless after hearing her. What is she saying? I looked at Maya direction. "Yes ' u have changed" she said softly. If I m not the same Virat then who am I? No way I m the same Virat. This Maya bhi nar ' she had forgotten me. I smiled at her "Maya ' I m the same Virat who loved you and will do forever". Maya closed her eyes and gave me a mocking smile "Who are you lying? U have changed' U didn't care for me like the way u did, I cant see the passion for me in your eyes anymore ' isn't that enough that u have change". I pulled her by her bare waist with a smirk "So I have changed hun?" I asked her titling my eyebrow upward. She nodded. "I didn't care for u hun?" I asked her. Again she nodded biting her lips. I carried her in my arms. "Virat 'yae kyar hai" her cheeks were turning red. "Care" I smiled. Then I walked towards the hut. "Virat?" she questioned while her cheeks were becoming tomato red. I winked at her. We reached the small hut and I entered the hut carrying Maya in my arms.

I placed her on the side. "Maya ' bahar bahut garam hai aur ur skin will burn with sunrays so it's better u stay here ok darling" I said smirking. Maya looked around the surrounding weirdly. "Hey I still know you nar" I winked at her. Maya was fuming with anger now. "Virat!" she shouted. "Yes darling" I let out a small laugh. She threw at me something. I looked at that thing and smiled widely holding the cockroach "Maya u aren't afraid of this thing anymore?" I threw at her before she replied. She jumped around, shaking the small hut. She came towards me and pulled my shirt in anger "U have become so naughty, Virat!".  "Nar ' main toe sirf appnar care batar raha thar" I smirked. "Ya funny thar" she said with irritated tone. I was sure about one thing that she girl surely not changed a bit . She is the same Maya I have fallen in love with.

When we stepped out of the hut, I realized that at first she was asking me some  help. "Maya, what help do u need?" I asked her then she smiled. She showed her back to me "Virat meri lori" she said shyly. Manvi was walking towards us so I called her and told her to help Maya. Both of them were shocked me too as well.  What's wrong with me?

I and Maya were seated next to Bhabhi, Bhai and Manvi at lunch time. My focused was on Manvi who was enjoying the Rajma Chawal. I was about to get a heart attack when I saw Maya so closed to me. She smiled and continued to move closer to me. Her lips were only an inch away from me. She tried pushing towards me but stopped by me. I covered her lips with my palm. I didn't know what to do; the situation was so complicated that I didn't found another way to stop her. She was fuming with anger. I don't know why I did that. I think something is wrong with me. Maya was right I had changed. Uff ' life is so messy.

I walked away from there after embarrassing Maya unknowingly. Have I gone insane? I stayed under the big tree thinking about what had just happened. It seemed like my brain would burst out. I felt like slamming my head. It is the worst feeling when u don't know what your heart wants. I covered my face with my hands. Where is my life going? Just then I heard Maya's voice from another corner. I thought she was calling but I was wrong, she was on the phone. She didn't realize that I was on the other side of the tree and continued chatting. I felt really sad to embarrass this little angel. My attention shifted to other side where Manvi was playing with crows. She is totally crazy. She never fails to brighten up my day. Then Maya snatched my smile again when I heard Maya saying "Virat is currently the richest on my list. He is so fool nar, he believes me". I didn't have energy to react her so I turned towards Manvi thinking that she would brighten up my day again but she was hardly controlling her balance.

I rushed towards her and held her body. "Manvi' Manvi" I rubbed her face. She was closing her eyes slowly. I patted her back with tears filling up my eyes. "Manvi!" I shouted. Maya was so lost in her talking that she didn't saw us and others were far away from us. Drop by drop, my tears were falling on her cheeks. I again rubbed her cheeks. "Manvi ' tum theek ho??" I asked her knowing that she wont answer. I tightly held her hand "I think I need to take her to doctor" I told myself. Instantaneously Manvi opened her eyes and tried to stand up but falling miserably. I again held her body "Manvi I think we should go to hospital" I told her. "Why?"her body was shaking. When I was about to her answer, she cut me and continued "R u dying?" she closed her eyes then again continued without having energy "No no ' u aren't dying rite? I think today is your due date my pregnant lady that's why u want to go to hospital for the good news" then she gave a weak smile. This time her smile boiled my blood more and my anger was uncontrollable. Why is she taking her life as a joke? "Mavi this is not a joke" I shouted at her. She became pale coz she had never encountered this much high intensity of my anger.  I pulled her hand and dragged her "no excuses anymore, today I m going to  show you to the doctor" I said with authority. She freed her hand "I m not going" she said angrily. I pulled her hand again "You think I m going to listen to you?" She looked at me with her those piercing eyes "And why should I listen to you? Who are you to me? You don't need to worry about me ok". I tightened my grip on my hand. My anger was rising "U need to listen to me and I need to worry about you Miss. Manvi Chaudary .. Coz I LOVE YOU" I said without thinking. 

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ShivRajput IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 November 2012 at 11:46pm | IP Logged
Wow... he confessed... Awesome update... Cant wait for her reaction update soon...

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Syed695 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 November 2012 at 12:08am | IP Logged
Wow...he confessed...that too unintentionally...cant wait to knw wht would be the reactions...awesome update...continue soon n thanks fr the pm!

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naina927 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 November 2012 at 12:08am | IP Logged
OMG...!!!! virat finally confessed... i am dancing ryt now... Party Dancing
loved how u showed virat's dilemna and the cockroach scene...
thanks for the pm...

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