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Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
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Virat ka diary aur ek love story (part 17,pg 72) (Page 55)

Jannat94 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 October 2012 at 6:12am | IP Logged
Don't worry... Take ur time, we'll wait...4 ur update... Hey U r doing superb job... And both of ur ff is super amazing...(all ff) Smile

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.SalmanDeewani. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 11 October 2012 at 7:24am | IP Logged
OMG ! It was amazing part ! I knw am late ! Bt u toh knw na how busy i am ! LOL
But again a terrible past..?Shocked Now wats dat..? Cont soon ! Embarrassed

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Anu101 Senior Member

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Posted: 11 October 2012 at 7:56am | IP Logged
Hey darling, I know. The whole pm thing is driving me mad. I keep sending pms to people who don't want it and end up not sending to people who actually do want itOuch Oh please, how can it be not upto mark??? You got to be kidding meOuch This is one of my favourite FFs, with my cuties Prem and PriyaHug I finish all my work and start reading your update, cause I don't want to do it in a hurry and miss any part. Please update when you are free. Will be eagerly waiting for it. Hugzzz

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forever_young IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 October 2012 at 9:49am | IP Logged
Angry How can you say that your updates ain't up to mark!!??
They are freaking awesomeee!!! Do not think like that again!!  Big smile
Please do continuee when you get timee!!!

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..Singularity.. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 October 2012 at 11:18am | IP Logged
don't worry  take ur time
we'll be waiting 4 long and amazing update

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Kidrauhl IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 October 2012 at 12:57pm | IP Logged
thank you for the link Big smile

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Radharaday Goldie

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Posted: 13 October 2012 at 6:50am | IP Logged
Part 14 

Virat was lost in the memories of his dark past. He never thought that he would encounter with that terrible past again but he was wrong. He had to face that past on that fine day 3 years ago. After that now Manvi is facing again. He vividly remembered how happy he was on that day as it was the day his pyaar ka nishanis turned 6 years old. Ya 'that was prem and priya's sixth birthday.

Prem took Manvi's gift and kissed her on her forehead whispering "Thank you Mama". Priya hugged her mama after receiving a teddy bear as a gift. They were so happy.  They stepped towards Virat who was busy with the guest. Prem tugged his shirt and Virat immediately turned towards him. He smiled at them and kneeled down. Both Prem and Priya folded their hands and stood firmly. Virat raised his eyebrow asking them what? Both of them gave a faint smile and said "Papa did you forget to give us gifts?" Virat bit his lips "Uff' sorry". "We knew it ' u would always forget" both of them said with angry tone and turned back. Virat pulled them. "Abb kyar?" Priya gave an angry look. Virat took out two parcels from his pocket and presented them. "Here it is" he mumbled then gave them smiling. Priya looked at Prem. Both of them marched towards him and hugged him without accepting the gifts. "Papa' u know my friend pinky" priya said breaking the hug. "Yes papa' pinky nar" prem continued but stopped as he didn't know how to continue. Virat gave them confused look "Kyar pinky?". Priya stepped forward hesitantly "Papa ' pinky ya she can eat whatever she likes, she can do whatever she likes, she can sleep whenever she likes" priya stopped and prem continued "Without her mama's scolding' her mama is afraid to scold her". Virat looked at them amused "Why? Do pinky beat her mother?". Both of them shook their head "Nahi" they said giggling and prem continued "Papa u don't have brain?? How can she beat her hitler mama when priya can't beat our pyaari si mama" he peeked at priya feeling scared of her outburst. Priya said growling "What? Baiya ' u mean I m naughtier than pinky". Prem clutched his teeth "No ' I m sorry" priya looked away from "Let's get to the point" then only she looked at him and smiled. "Papa ' we mean ' we know that mama doesn't have parents and u don't have papa but u have mama" then he looked at priya for support. Priya smiled and said with her innocent voice "Papa ' for birthday gift we want dadi (grandma) who will always save us from mama's scolding , who will always treat us candies and chocolates without mama's interference and who will never complained us about sleeping late".  Priya peeked at her brother who gave thump up for doing a fabulous job. Virat was silent .He felt as if priya's words snatched his smile. He was frozen in that time and "we want dadi" was in repeated mode. Prem went forward and shook his father's hand.  Prem was scared of Virat's expression but he went ahead "Papa when pinky can have dadi then why not us? Are we that bad?" prem questioned his father. Priya stepped forward and hugged Virat and whispered "Papa u will give us our dadi as a gift rite".

That day was supposed to be filled with happiness in Virman's life but it took a U turn and the day was filled with sadness. Virat swallowed all the terrible past and fall asleep.

The next morning

Virat pulled the blanket which was covering his pyaar ka nishani's bodies. Priya groaned as well as prem. By looking at them Virat chuckled. Priya opened her eyes slowly "Papa ' we want to sleep" then pulled the blanket over to warm her body. Virat playfully pulled away the blanket again "Array aisay kaisay we want to sleep , u have school .. Don't you know?" Virat said with teasing tone. Prem got annoyed and sat down rubbing his eyes "Papa ' u will always be buddu ..today is Saturday". Virat sat down next to Prem and played with his hair. Prem moved away from him and gave an angry look then murmured "Papa ' u r no less than a kid ' I wish mama was here" prem said angrily thinking about times when his mom was there Virat couldn't disturb them with his kiddish antics. Priya slowly crawled towards the table and took the diary smiling happily. Prem rushed towards her and sat next her facing the diary. "Yes ... today we can read the whole day" prem said excitedly. Virat moved towards them and said snatching the diary "Tomorrow is not my birthday ' it is your birthday ' then who should make the preparations?". Priya pulled away the diary from her father's hand "You are our father rite ' kabhi toe kaam kay cheez toe banoe" after saying that she gave her cutest smile and winked at him. Virat surrendered and went away while the kids continued discovering their parents' love story.

Now only one thing left to do and that is the most difficult thing. Maa' I need to tell her about my intention. Why I am so struck in this one? Whenever I am going to tell her someone disturbed me, why? There was someone and I m sure that someone will continue to disturb my life. Making my life sad or happy with her childishness, she is always disturbing. Uff ' Manvi' Itna kissi ki life may disturb kyun? Shaitaan ka bas naam liya thar shaitaan harzir. She was leaning on my door with her usual smile. "Knock knock" she said raising her eyebrows. I knew why she did that coz I didn't ask her to come in after seeing her. "Who's there?" I irritated her with my question. It is the best thing in the world irritating her and I m pretty sure I m gud at that. That priceless angry face she was showing me. I laughed at that face. "Manvi Chaudary' Can I come in Mr. Junior Vadera saab?" she asked me with irritated tone mimicking one of the maids' voice. "Nahi ' maids are not allowed to come in' you know that my new Ms. Maid Chaudary Jee" I said suppressing my laughter. I didn't hear any sound of her so I looked at the door but she wasn't there. Oh god she got angry. Bahut Zarda hogaya.

I searched her everywhere but she was nowhere. Then at last I went to Bhabhi's room. Bhabhi was smiling and reading a book. "Bhabhi" I said to move her attention to myself. She looked up at me and was confused "Virat ' you were supposed to with Manvi rite?" she questioned. "What? No Bhabhi she is not with me '. I came here to ask you" Bhabhi immediately stood up and came towards me "But she told me, she will go with you for the interview" she said with a concerned voice. I bit my lip "Really? So I m going" I run away from there and headed towards Manvi's Collage. I did a big mistake. She doesn't know anything about Chandigarth and I left her alone.

After a few minutes I reached there. I searched Manvi but she was nowhere. I dialed her number but she wasn't picking up. Oh this girl making me crazy. I dialed her number again and again but she never picked up. I sat there for more than an hour feeling sad. Many bad thoughts were flashing my mind. What if she caught up in an accident? What if she forgot the place? I was immersed in my deep thoughts when someone touched my back. I moved my head back to see an angry Manvi. I should be angry or she? She is really driving me crazy. I pulled her hand angrily and stood up. "What!! What do u think of yourself?? Hun? What do you think?" I shouted at her while she was busy freeing her hand from my grip. "Virat' it is hurting me" she said with the teary eyes. I tightened my grip "Let it be ' I want u to feel hurt". She looked up at me angrier then I continued "Do u know how I was hurt when I couldn't find you?".She freed herself and looked away from me. I pulled her hand again. "Manvi ' why don't u understand me" I said trying to calm myself as well as Manvi. She turned her body to face me "Virat ' u aren't understanding me ' I came there to tell you but u  ... u threw such a lame dialogue I don't feel like asking help from you". Suddenly her hand slipped from mine and I just could stare at her with pleading eyes "Manvi 'sorry ' I was just playing a game" she nodded and smiled lightly "It's alright' let's go".

We sat on the car heading towards the house. I playfully smacked her head "Kyun Bandariya ' u weren't picking my call'why?" she looked at me with her sherni look "Do u expect me to pick your call when I was interviewing ' thank god u make me realize that because of you I was about to be rejected" I gave her confused look then she continued "ya you' my phone was kept ringing and the interviewer was irritated". I smiled at her "I know I m good at irritating nar ' I think I should open a class to teach how to irritate someone" she laughed and I giggle. She playfully hit my hand "Virat ' tum bi nar ' pagal ho..nahi kaminar" I pull her hand and bit it "Aur tum kuthiya". She immediately pulled away her hand "What! I am kuthiya" she showed her wrist where my teeth mark was visible "Who bite my hand just now' u or me?" I winked at her and murmured "Koi sabuth(proof) hai kyar?".

Manvi didn't argue with me further. I didn't know why. I glanced at her but she didn't look fresh like before. After a while I again peeked at her but she didn't change her posting. I stopped the car and shook her body slowly. "Manvi" after I said that she collapsed into my body. I rubbed her face slowly. I was panic. What was wrong with her? I didn't do anything. She slowly opened her eyes and my heart beat went to normal. "Virat ' water" she murmured softly. I made her drunk the water holding her body. "Manvi 'we should consult with doctor' I have seen u fainting many times'plz this time let's go and check with doctor" as soon as I said that she immediately pulled her body away from me. "I m fine" she said adjusting her salwaar. "Manvi" "Virat' I said I m fine' let's go now" "Alright" I said angrily and started the engine.

That night I couldn't sleep not because of Manvi but because I planned to tell Maa everything the next day. I was waiting impatiently for the morning. As soon as the sunrays touched my skin making it glowed, I get up from my bed to make my future bright with Maya. I had my breakfast with the whole family who were amazed at my new behavior. I never get up that early. "Virat ' kyar baath hai ' ajj kis kay saath date hai kyar?" Bhai said with his teasing eyes peeking at Manvi and then me. Bhai kabhi nahi sudaray gay. I got up from my chair and moved front so that everyone could see me. "Maa' aaj mujay saab say kuch kaha nar hai" I said while my lips were trembling and my heart was thudding like a drum against my chest. "haa.. Virat kyar hai bol nar" Maa replied.  "Maa' kyar hai nar" I closed my eyes and prayed silently. "Virat'" Bua called out. "Haa' main bol raha thar" I bit my lips. "Virat itnar drama kyun kar raha hai" bhai said still giving the teasing glances. I gave u-better-stop look at Bhai and he stopped but he was trying hard to suppress his laughter. "Maa.." I looked at Maa and she came towards me. She put her hand over my shoulder "Virat ' kyar hai beta?" she asked me with concerned tone. Just when I was about to speak, my life disturber came there "Dan tan dan" Manvi hugged Maa from behind and said "Aunty ajj Virat mujay Chandigrath gumar yae ghar' he was saying that ' isn't it Virat?" then winked at me. This girl' I felt like killing her. I looked at Bhai and he whispered "Yae thar date" then winked at me. Ufff' mera band baj gaya.

I still can't believe this girl destroying my entire plan, enjoying her life in Chandigrath shopping mall and I brought her here. "Manvi .. mujay ice-cream kanar hai' I will just go" she pulled my hand. She will never let me run away from her. Here I was feeling embarrassed in front of the shopkeeper because of ManviJee's bargaining. She is such a crazy demanding 90 percent discount.  I found one excuse but she is holding my hand. "Virat ' mujay bhi kanar hai but please wait me nar" she said with innocent voice. Wait me nar' array aisay kaisay wait me nar' kitnay bar meray izzat lutay gi. Quarrelling shuru. I didn't know what to do. I carried her and went away from that shop. "Wow ' kyar baath hai nar ' every time u make me carry this heavy weight" I said sarcastically. I put her down when we were far away from that shop. "Did I ask you to carry me? It seemed like you enjoyed carrying me" "U didn't left me any option" before I said anything she run towards the ice-cream stall. Kis pagal say main fas gaya. I followed a crazy like a crazy.

"Strawberrywala bhaisaab" she said pointing at the strawberry ice-cream. "no" I shouted remembering the past incident, how she fainted and got ill just because she ate strawberry ice-cream. She looked at me shocked "Bhaisaab .. Strawberry hi dey nar" she ordered. I held her shoulder "Manvi ' strawberry ' u know nar' u might get ill" she smiled. "Virat ' if I get ill u are always there" I was lost in her eyes then she continued giving mischievous smile "Then u will have only one option left to carry me '  I know u enjoy doing that" I playfully hit her head "Bandariya ' kitni kamini hoe nar ' bachara Virat ka band bajar nar hi janthi hoe". She bit her lips "Sach may tumhara band baja o kissi ladki kay saath?" before those words entered my ears she run away. I followed her with the strawberry ice-cream. "Manvi rok jao" I shouted. She looked back still running "Did you forgive me?" " I wasn't even angry with you" then she stopped and I handed her the ice-cream. She grabbed the ice-cream and pushed into my mouth. I looked at her with wide eyes. I pulled out the ice-cream "I thought u were going to eat" I said smiling. "Nah' I know what is good for me and I thought u like strawberry" then she pushed the ice-cream from my hand into my mouth again.

Days were passing and I was still holding my secret with me. Just one more day left to go to London.  I built up my strength and went inside Maa's room but she wasn't there. I went to the living room where everyone was seated and serious discussion was going on. "Maa" Maa looked up at me beaming with smile. She signaled me to sit next to her " Virat  come near me". I shook my head negatively "naa.. maa.. app kay pass nahi durr jaraha hu". Maa stood up immediately followed by others. "Virat ' tu kyar bol raha hai" Maa came forward with tensed written all over her face. Just then the bell rang and Bhabhi opened the door. My heart was welcoming me with her open arms. I run towards her without caring about anything and hugged her tightly. I knew that she would come back. I knew that. "I love you Maya" I whispered and she hugged me tighter saying "I love you more Virat".


Girls I was really nervous to update this one. Please tell me  how is it? 

If u want pm, please like my post on page 49. Smile 


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forever_young IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 October 2012 at 6:55am | IP Logged
Yaayyy i'm first!!
soo..what to sayy!! That was freaking aweesomee!!
Loved how Virat was so deperate to find Maanvi.
The care, concern and love he has for her is clearly visible..
They just need to realise itt!!
Maya is back! The chudail who made Virat sufferrr...Angry
Ahhh welll Maanvi is always there to make things better Smile
Hope VirMan realise their love soon Heart

Hmm..past is dauntingg!! The dadi's suspense was good..eager to find out moree!!
Continueee sooon..

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