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Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

Virat ka diary aur ek love story (part 17,pg 72) (Page 54)

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Chapter 13

What's life? What's sadness? What's happiness? What's true friend? The Answer is Manvi. She is hundred percent not my life but she showed me the way how to live life to the fullest by overcoming the obstacles of past. She is not the reason for my sadness but because of her I know what real sadness means. My sadness over losing Maya was very small in front of Manvi's.  She is partly the reason for my happiness. Her craziness never fails to brighten up my days. Not to forget the tali Manvi who was ready to kiss me to prove nak beech may nahi arta. N she is more than hundred percent a true friend who helped me to kick away the guilt I was feeling not caring about her past ..her terrible past .She used to say don't let the shadow of yesterday  spoil the sunshine of tomorrow. Live for today. She is so right.. we should live for today..just today .  A friend I don't know when I will meet again. I don't think I will even meet her coz I am going to London soon. Uff I still need to tell Maa about it. How will she react? Will she even let me go? I don't know. I don't know anything. I don't know where my life is leading. I don't know where my future belong … In London? In Chandigrath or somewhere else? I don't know!

I knocked Maa's door and waited for her to remove her attention from the photos in her hands.  I don't want to be a thief. No I never wanted to be. I don't want to steal Maa's smile; her beautiful smile which makes her so pretty. I don't want to snatch her beauty. I don't want to be a thief. I took a deep breath as I realized that I have to be a thief. I will have to steal her smile and beauty. She looked up at me beaming with smile. Her lips curved more to give me bigger smile when she saw me. Why she loves me a lot? I went towards her and sat at the edge of the bed nestling my head on her lap. She started to do her routine work of massaging my head. "Virat… kyar hua?" she said half looking at the photos as well as massaging my head to reduce my pain not knowing I was here to give her pain. Why mothers are too kind? Why do they care a lot? Why? Why? "Virat?" she questioned as I haven't given her the answer. I looked up her and she stopped massaging. "Maa… main" I was about to pour out my heart but she shushed me and pulled the photo album towards us. "Look at this one… how Viren is happy being a dulha" she said pointing towards the photo of Bhai's wedding. True he was very happy near his life partner but my partner is far away from me, how can I be happy? "Don't you want to be happy like Viren being a dulha?" I chocked as soon as she said. I was lack of oxygen. I patted my chest then gulped.  She tapped my back panicking. She caressed my face lightly with the eyes filled with tears. I stood up immediately which shocked her. "Virat … main toe sirf ek suggestion dey rahi thi ..  I am not pointing a gun and ordering you to be a dulha" she said with such a speed that it was hard for me to catch the words. God... she was scared of me, with her son. Maybe my expression is scaring her so to make her relax I smiled.  I went near her and held her hand tightly. "Sorry but Maa… Maa why don't you understand Maya is my life" as soon as I finished my sentence she abruptly took away her hand from me. "Woe churail ab tak meray betay kay life ko rule kar rahi hai .. hum toe kuch nahi hai" she pouted. I smiled slightly at her anger and her word "churail". I made her face me and planted a peck on her forehead. "Maa… meray life ko sirf tum rule kar sakthi hoe … kissi churail nahi" I murmured biting my lip and controlling my laughter as I said Maya Churail that's what I never thought. I didn't say it from heart just from my mouth to please my Mom. She smiled and I leave her room unable to tell her the truth this time.. Maybe next time.

Time was flying so quickly then it was only a week left. Bhai and Bhabhi were ready to go to Hrishikesh for pak fera rasam. I hugged them and they bid farewell to us. I felt like going with them and enjoyed the cold breeze of Hrishikesh and meet that Bandariya but it is not a good idea to disturb newlywed romantic couple.  I was ready to tell everyone that I will be heading to London soon. Just when Bhabhi opened the door, a familiar figure stood with the sweet smile plastered on her mouth. "Dee" shouting that Manvi hugged surprised Bhabhi . "Mannu .. tum yaha" Bhabhi said breaking the hug. I run towards them and stood firmly beside Bhabhi. "Kissi ko promise kiya hai .. isliyae" she looked at me then approached towards me. I was baffled and lost in the thought of what she was saying. "Virat .. Virat" she shook my body. "Haa ... kya hua?" I asked her."Kab say main tumay hi bol rahi hu… tum toe koi reply nahi dey rahay hoe" she said childishly. I tapped my forehead with my palm then smiled "Sorry … HI".

Bhai looked at the watch and said "Jeevika … we are getting late  ... let's go now". Manvi stormed towards Bhai. "Kyar?? … let's go ??.. behanoe kay dushman .. jab bhi deykhoe disturb karnay par tulay hoe… kyun Behanoe kay dushman bantay hoe.. kabhi toe behanoe kay dost bhi banoe" she started uttering her nonsense which made the atmosphere filled with laughter. "Kya .. main dushman" Bhai whispered pointing towards him with perplex look. Bhabhi dropped her bag and stepped towards Bhai. "VirenJi … How can I go to Hrishikash when Manvi is here" she said with the love for her sister written all over her face. Manvi hugged her from back then purred "Behan hoe toe Jeevika di jaisi".  Bhabhi held Manvi's hand and pulled her in front of her "Manvi … how come you are here" she said with confused expression. Manvi removed her eyes from her Dee and stared at the floor "Dee .. I m here to complete my education" Bhabhi abruptly pulled her into a hug "Mannu … I m so happy that you take this decision" murmured with the teary eyes which showed how happy she was.

Oh she was here to fulfill the promise she made to me but what was doing? Breaking the promise I made to her by going to London, my past and immersing into the dark world of my past. But Manvi I can't do anything else but to break the promise not completely but partly I need to break it. If I don't break the promise, my life will be broken.  This time also I had to step back from revealing the truth to my family … maybe next time again but only a few days left. I needed to do as soon as possible.

It was evening and I was in the terrace lost in my thought. I got back to reality when someone patted my back. Manvi sat beside me with her usual posting and with that smile which forced me to smile although how messy life is. "Toe Virat … aren't you happy to see me here?" she asked me with doubting look. "No Manvi … it is not like that. I m very happy to see you here and in fact more than happy to see you stepping your foot towards the path of education again … you know without education …life is meaningless and not completed" I stated still not facing her. "Bar paray bap .. itnar bada lecture kisi lecturer nay bi nahi diya" she said with glint of tease then continued " Mainey sirf ek question hi puchar .. tunay toe ek essay lek diya" again she was up with her stupid nonsense. Both of us were silent for a while then she stood up "Virat … I m going back" as soon as those words entered my ears, I stood up immediately. "Kaha Manvi?" "Virat .. I m staying at hotel … I just came to meet Dee … I will be coming here frequently to eat your brain don't worry" she replied giving her cheeky grin.  "Bhabhi don't know right?" I asked with the demanding look. "Virat … I will tell her when I reach hotel so that she can't stop me" she revealed without keeping the eye contact. I forcefully pulled her right arm "Kyun?? What will happen if you stay here? We won't boil you in hot water to make Manvi ka dish for the dinner" I sounded sarcastic I knew that. I did that on purpose but I didn't know why I was doing that on purpose. She was shocked after hearing me then pocked my arm with another hand "Kya yae dream hai?" then she laughed "Virat … itnar change … wow kaminay say cook kab ban gaya?".  "Alright then but I m going to tell Bhabhi about this" "Virat … I told you I will tell her later … why don't u understand I cant stay here … It is my dee sasural". My anger made me blind then I shouted "What's the difference between your Dee and your sasural?" At first she was shocked then later laughed and slightly beat me on my arm "Don't you even know that? Buddu!" . "Sorry Sorry sorry" I whispered "Phir say Buddu" she said controlling her laughter while I have confusion all over my face. Why is she like that? Always smiling and making fun of serious things. Not making fun but taking fun out of serious things. She looked at me with puppy face then uttered "Virat … will you drop me to hotel?" I smiled at her then hit her head playfully "Kyun nahi".

Then we headed towards Manvi's place without informing anyone about it Chori Chori Chupke Chupke wala. She was enjoying the cool breeze of Chandigarth with her open arms. I glanced at her "Manvi …so why did u come here … I mean u can also attend uni in Hrishikesh" I asked her then immediately she changed her mouth posture to "o" shape "Oh  ... mujay toe pata nahi thar … thanks for the information toe I will go back to Hrishikesh .. ok" she sounded sarcastic. Why? "O shut up Manvi … I m just asking you a question and you are making a big business out of it". She suddenly pulled my hand angrily "Stop the car … now… I said NOW". I abruptly applied the brake filled with rage. What was wrong with her? This girl … it is very hard to understand.

She ran like a crazy in the middle of the road flying her duppatta in direction where the current of air took it. "Manvi" I shouted feeling scared of her new behavior. She looked at me and signaled me to follow her. I followed her feeling scared of her new craziness.  After running like a crazy for about ten minutes, she stopped under a big tree. She adjusted her duppata and sat under the edge of the tree with her grace. I sat next to her. "Manvi .. yae kyar pagalpan hai?" she beamed with smile. "Yae kyar bachpanar hai ..aur tum kitnar crazy hoe .. meri toe jaan nikal jaar rahi thi … tumharay pass dimag nahi hai kyar… I can't understand you yar .. kab gussa .. kab hassi .. kab pyaar .. kab nautanki .. kab caring .. kab …. Kab kyar?" she said without taking a breath. "Yae tumhara line thar .. ab kab kyar .. bolo" she mumbled taking a deep breath. I was shocked seeing this girl. "Itnar shock bhi math hoe … ek chota sar nautanki he ki thi mainay … yae hawa joe kharni thi" I looked at her with the undigested look. "Hogaya .. pat (stomach) bar gaya .. hawa khar kar?" she changed her expressions to same as a comical character. "Virat … kabhi kabhi nautanki karnar bahut archar hota hai… we will never forget this time" I gave her as-if look then she laughed again. "It seems like you have a bad mood today… friend kaha tay hoe nar  share bhi karo" "Nautanki ki maharani … we are getting late" I diverted the topic then again we set out for hotel.

"So Manvi… when will the uni starts?" I asked her half glancing at the road. "Main ab interview dungi and they will finalize and tell me after two weeks then I can join the uni… and I m going after this week and will come back next week … kyunki I will miss Hrishikesh a lot.. I need to give final fine good bye yar" I gave her annoyed look for giving more than enough answer. My question was short and simple but her answer was very long. "Essay lek diya nar… tum say hi sikha hai" I can't help but gave her aww look after hearing the last sentence. Just then we reached the hotel where Manvi was staying.

She climbed down and looked at me then continued walking. I went near her and pulled her duppata and said giving her puppy look "Manvi … please math jar o… Come back with me" she pulled her duppata and smiled genuinely "Virat ..please try to understand … how can I just stay at someone's home and your house is not a hotel that too with a free of charge". I bit my lip trying hard to suppress my laughter about the thing going on my brain. She raised her eyebrow demanding me tell that thing. But why should I tell her? She is really going to get a Jatka.  "Tum meray sath nahi aryi nar now u will regret" I murmured under my breath. I followed quietly when she went towards the hotel. She looked back and saw me "Virat… I m not coming back" "Then don't come". Again she walked and I followed her until we reached her room. Before opening the room, she looked back at me again "Virat … mainay bola nar … I m not coming back" I gave her evil smile "Mainay bhi bolar nar don't come". In frustration, she opened the lock but unable to unlock. By seeing her failing miserably, I planned to help her. I placed my hand over hers and slowly but carefully turned the key then it was unlock. She looked up at me and her eyes said thank you… but it would be better if her mouth said that…let it be at least she said that before killing me.

She went inside and got a heart attack. Bhabhi pulled her ears and shouted angrily "Mannu ki bacchi … tum apnay app ko kyar samaj thi hoe ... how dare u think u will be staying here" she gave me U-will-suffer look and pleaded her dee for mercy. "Dee I m sorry … sorry aur Jeeju app he Dee ko samjar o nar" she said running towards Bhai for shelter from her Dee's wrath. Bhai gave mischievous grin "Hum behanoe kay dost banar chahatay hai dushman nahi" by saying that he raise his hands. Bhabhi lightly hit her head "If Virat didn't told us, then we wouldn't know your intention … thank you Virat" one was saying thank you and another one was saying mardarlu gi. I didn't know what to do, smile or cry. "We don't want to hear anything … u are coming with us .. that's it" Bhabhi gave her final warning then she went to pack Manvi's bag while Manvi picked the pillows and threw on me. "tum I hate you… kaminay… kaminay hi rahogay" then thew another pillow. After that we came back to our house with that Nautanki.

The kids fall asleep. Virat switched off the lights and went to his room when his phone rang. A smile cross his lips when the screen showed Manvi's name."Hi … Manvi kaisi hoe? U r coming back right .. humlog ka pyaar ka nishani ka manufacture ka din 2 din baat hai… Priya aur Prem hum doenoe kay life may entered kiyae thay … Ek toe plan thar par ek surprise" the he giggled but Manvi couldn't. "Virat" she sounded worried. "Haa… u have to come .. no more excuses" "Virat… Maa..aryi hai" Virat tightened his grip on his phone after getting a mini heart attack. "Manvi .. tum teek toe honar?" Virat whispered feeling scared. "Main teek hu but Virat… tum hi bolo main kyar karu?" "Kuch bhi math karo… just take blessing ok" Virat said while tears filled up his eyes. "Ok.. bye" "bye". After cutting the call, Virat was lost in his past. The terrible past which changed his life. 


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pm me nxt time too

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SmileSmileawesome update dear:)ClapClapClap
i m wondering...wat tat past mayb:)Shocked
loving ur story soo much...but next tym plss make it soon:)Smile

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Kya past hai hayye yeh kya suspends main kyun rakh te ho yaar
Loved it truely amazing
THNXS for da pm
Update soon
Inz Wink

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continue soon...

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nice update
thanks for pm me

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awsm one...but ek aur mystery...solve it!!!! nd nd nd continue soon

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Wow... Awesome update. Emotional and funny... Loved it.

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