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Virat ka diary aur ek love story (part 17,pg 72) (Page 50)

malini96 Goldie

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Posted: 09 September 2012 at 7:24am | IP Logged
nice update Clap... i am in love with ur storyHeart...continue soonSmile

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...Jes... IF-Addictz

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awesome,as usual Clap
cont soon & thank u so much for d Pm Hug
sorry 4 d late reply Embarrassed

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tadi-maro IF-Dazzler

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Plz update soon dear...

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Roses-khushi IF-Stunnerz

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its nice cont soon 

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Radharaday Goldie

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Posted: 13 September 2012 at 2:50am | IP Logged
Thanks everyone for the comments. I really appreciate them.Embarrassed Plz do comment , it encourage me. Sorry about the delay but i will try to be regular from now on.

Note : I have mentioned god ganesh in this update and said something about him.. trust me .. my intention is not to insult god.. i cant even dream of insulting .. it is just the example. So please forgive me if it hurts you. 

Part 12 

Please read note before continuing .. it is very important.

The kids closed the book with their wet hands which were tired of wiping away the flowing tears from their eyes. They run to their parents' room filled with tension.  Once they reached there they rushed to their father who was reading a book.  Virat took out his spectacles and placed it on the nearby table then the book. "Kya hua? What's wrong? Why are you crying?". Priya lay down on Virat's lap and Prem rested his head on Virat's shoulder. "Papa… we already knew Mama's past" Prem murmured trickling down a drop of tear. Virat stroked his head and asked"toe?". Priya changed her position and sat down angrily "Toe? U r saying toe? Mama is in Mumbai and u are saying toe? Such a shame on you papa.. Mama ka jaan danger may hai aur app toe bol rahay hai." Priya breathed the air in making a noise. Sometime she acted like her mother blurting out whatever she likes … that's called gene that she inherited from her mother who talked first and then think later. No wonder, sometimes she proved she is little Manvi. Virat looked at Priya's expression and smiled "Priya" . Priya stopped him by signaling him with her hand "Bas .. papa bas ..stop your drama … u want to put mama in danger so that u can marry Miss.Julie .. Mama is your headache rite?" there was no measure of Priya's anger towards her darling papa. It seemed like Virat eyes were about to fall off from his sockets after hearing Priya's opinion towards him. Prem distant himself from Virat with teary eyes "Papa kya ye sach hai?". "Papa toe app hamay anartharsharam may chor dey gey?" prem's vision was blurted with the over flooded pool of tears. "Yae tum log ka dimag toe theek hai nar? Papa aisay kaisay mama ko choray gay… papa loves mama … priya papa loves mama" Virat put his hand over priya's shoulder. "Priya how can you think I love your Miss.Julie? At first I thought u were just joking ….but u really think that papa loves your Miss.Julie? Love toe durki bath hai I haven't even seen her face properly … how can you just blame me?" Virat couldn't believe his children have blamed him of cheating his dear wife. He never thought that this was coming and that too from his angel. His eyes filled up and tears gushed down. Priya crawled towards him and wiped away the tears from his cheek with her small and soft fingers. "Papa .. sorry .. main aisi hi hu .. I never think before speaking n about Miss.Julie it just slipped from my mouth .. I was worried about mama ..so papa I m sorry .. I should be punished papa" Priya pulled Virat hand and hit herself "Papa beat me for making you cry .. beat me papa .. coz I m not an understanding daughter … I m a bad draughter .. papa beat me" Virat pulled away his hand and hugged Priya tightly. After a while Prem joined them. "papa sorry" prem said with his faint voice. Virat said sniffing "Beta Papa and that guy face is the same but Papa will never to do something which will harm your mama … Mama is papa's life's zindagi" Priya looked up at Virat with questioning eyes and asked "Life's zindagi?". Virat smiled remembering Manvi who have asked exactly the same question when he declared "Manvi you are my life's zindagi".  " Ya papa what is the meaning?"  prem asked. "Meaning seaning ko aside may rakhoe kyun ki yae toe tum log ko read karnar hai … ab papa ko proof karnay doe ki papa baykasur hai" Virat said smiling. Finally smile took over the tears of three pairs of eyes. "Woe kaisay?" "Woe kushal abb Mumbai may nahi hai … woe jail may hai and he can never be escaped from that place and harm your mama.. ab kush?". Both of them shouted "Haa" smiling with relieve but after a while they pulled their ears and said "Sorry" "It is alright… aisay baray baray papa kay saath aisar chota chota bachau(children) ka shikaryath hota rahata hai" this made three of them chuckled. 

The next day

"Virat .. R u mad at me?" she took some time then continued "I mean us.. me and Dee?". I looked at her with the guilt in my eyes with the pain in my heart and with no words on my lips. "Virat" she said with a soft tone and put hand over my shoulder "Virat … I know it baffled you when Dee followed us that day  but trust me she didn't have any intention to hurt your feeling .. it is just that she is overprotective about me … she loves me too much" she said while tears coming back to her eyes . I shook my head "No .. I m not mad at anyone.. I m just mad at destiny" I whispered.  A drop of tear rolled down to her cheek but she immediately wiped them away. "If you are mad at destiny then why are you punishing me by not talking with me" she said sounding angry. "Manvi I just need some time alone" then I applied the brake as we reached the guest house. She climbed down from the car without looking at me and then after a while disappeared from my vision. I started the engine and drove towards the home.

Why am I too affected by her past? I am not really involved.. but why I am feeling so bad? Why? My head was occupied with these thoughts.  Manvi … the selfless girl .. the amazing girl … she is beyond description. Suppose if I were in her place, will I still be friend with her? Will I talk to her so openly? The most important will I be able to face her? No never. I am not that strong like Manvi and I can guarantee that no one on this Earth has the ability that Manvi possesses. She is one piece. More than guilt I was sad … sad because my face is causing her problems .. sad because I am the reason for her terror … sad because she hates my face. The time was flying so quickly. Bhai forced me to dress up. He didn't notice the lack of excitement on my face coz he was overwhelmed by his excitement… his biggest day was waiting him.

The time had arrived.  The bharrat was leaving to the temple where the wedding will be held. The loud music was switched on but "Virat .. he looks exactly like you" was only ringing on my ears. Many people pulled me to dance but dance was far away from me coz I wasn't even moving. After awhile we reached there. My eyes searched for her figure but I couldn't find her shadow even. Then after awhile she came down with the Dulhan(Bhabhi). My eyes were fixed on her twitched lips which showed how strong she is. Her eyes were on me, she was seeing her most hated face in this whole world but she welcomed me with her million dollar smile. I couldn't do that. I couldn't reply her with the same smile but with a fake which won't cost a cent. It seemed she was disappointed with my reaction. Ya disappointment is only thing I can give her… so I will give her best of it. I won't show my face to her to stop ourselves from feeling guilty. I will go away from her so that she will even forget how I look.  I am just praying the wedding to over and I will fly to London away from this land … away from her and away from the guilt.  

The wedding started and Bhai was looking almost heaven beside his shy bride. The music became louder. Manvi stepped towards the dancing group and pulled me by my hand. I moved a step back. She pulled me a step forward. I moved back. She pulled me again. I was on the same place after the game of pulling and pushing coz when she pulled me a step forward; I moved back a step. She was irritated. I can see that clearly from her crystal clear eyes. "Enough of your drama .. Mr. Drama King" by saying that she dragged me away from the crowd of people. I followed the path she took me without my knowledge where we were heading. She stopped infront of the god Ganesh idol and bowed down to give respect. She sat down and I sat beside her. "Look at bappa(god ganesh)" I looked at her unable to guess what's on her mind. She slapped my head playfully"Array buddu .. look at bappa not me" then I located my eyes on Bappa. "First look at his heart" both of our eyes were penetrating the Bappa's chest into his heart. "The greatest treasures are invisible to the eye but found in the heart which hides beneath our flesh and bone." I looked at her innocence face. Her eyes were on Bappa with lots of feeling burning in them she continued "Heart … most people don't look… they look at the appearance and conclude their jugdement … trust me Virat .. I m not that kind of person because of your appearance I wont neglect your beautiful heart" "Manvi" she looked at me and smiled "Just focus on Bappa and let your heart speak not your brain". After a few minutes of silence "Many people who don't know Bappa will be afraid of his appearance … I mean the other religion the people who don't know him as a god  ... they will conclude that he is not a god he is a demon just because of his appearance … how lame are people.. cant they have a one insight look at his heart his big and beautiful heart which is showering all his devotees with love and blessings. Why are we so unthinking Virat? Why are we? Why do we neglect the heart because of the appearance Virat.. why?" she held my hands while saying that. I noticed that she was talking about me. "Just take out the guilt from your beautiful heart Virat … just take out and waved good bye … it doesn't worth for the guilt to stay at your priceless heart… just close the door Virat… just close it". I looked at her with blank expression. I didn't know what to say or do. Sometimes I guess she is an angel who is sent from heaven to guide me, to support me and to encourage me. I was causing her problem and she wanted to vanhised away the problem from my life not caring about her. Sometimes I wonder I am her problem or she is mine? My problem is too small infront of hers. How can I make her problem bigger by showing my face to her everytime? I looked straight throught her innocent eyes "It is hard". It seemed like anger was arousing in her. She let go of my hand abruptly "Hard? U must be kidding… compare to what?" Compare to what? Really compare to what? I didn't have answer for that. The level of her anger was increasing seeing my silence. She shouted "coconut? Stone? Or watermelon?" she shook my body "For god sake Virat… compare to what?" I looked down at the floor unable to face her "nothing … compare to nothing".  Her anger vahished away with my answer. She smiled at me "that's what I am trying to say you… it is easy not hard". I replied back her smile with a smile "I think so .. it will be easy..I will try" I didn't know that I was saying was truth or not but for her smile I said that. Later I feel lighter.. ya it was easy to let go of guilt just by looking at her innocent face. "Virat we should try to adjust our life through thick and thin" I nodded. "So lets go.. my job is done" she hit her forehead "Uff… jotha(shoe) .. I need to hide". She took a step forward but I stopped her and pulled her towards me. "Stop".I made her sit beside me forcefully. She looked at me with her puzzled look. "U think u are mahan like him?" I pointed my finger to the idol of god Ganesh. "No" she whispered and shook her head. I smiled "No u r mahan like him". Again she shot me with a confused look "What?". "U have big heart like him" she smiled at me. "But u r lack in one thing" this made her change in appearance. She listened to me carefully "God Ganesh is known as the god of education but u have not even completed your collage". Her face went gloomy. "VIrat I don't want to talk about it" by saying that she stood up. I pulled her back "No we need to talk about it .. U were teaching me a lesson .. how can u expect your student (me) to believe whatever philosophy you have delivered me when you are not following it… Manvi remember people do the way you do not the way you say" Her eyes sparkled with tears "Virat I cant" She covered her face. Looking away from her angrily "If u cant then how can u suppose I can? .. U r selfish" She looked up at me "I m not" "U r" "I will continue my Collage will that prove I m not selfish?" I smiled at her and nodded positively "of coz". Happy that I changed someone life positively. "Everytime will be fine" I took her hand and put my hand over hers "So lets promise infront of the god". She looked at me and nodded. I took the chance first "I promise that I will never let the guilt interfere in my life" I signaled her that it was her turn to take the step. She smiled "I promise to continue my Collage". Our hands slowly parted "That's like a good girl but the Jootha(shoe) will be mine" I winked at her. "Lets see who lose and who win" she said biting her lips.

She went near Bhai and talked with him in kiddish manner little did she knew that all her effort will be in vain coz my friends told me to exchange my Jootha with Bhai when the Bharat reached Mandir and Bhai sat on the Mandap. Bhai Jootha was with me. I looked at the Dulha Jootha and smiled evilly at her. She smiled mischeviously at me coz she had my Jootha with her. She disappeared from there in the blink of an eye. I followed the path my heart told and I saw her there hiding my Jootha. When she looked back, she was shocked to see me then tightened her grip on my shoe. I went closer to her and whispered "Kissa Jootha hai ManviJee". She hid the Jootha on her back "Kya? Kis.. ka … ar.. um .. mera hai". I rolled my eyes "Tumhara? Woe bhi itna bada size?". She made her face "Haa toe .. tumsay matlab".  "Colour toe mara Jootha say match kartha hai aur size bhi wahi hai… mera Jootha toe nahi hai?" I reached my hands to the Jootha but she immediately pulled away. "Mainey bola nar mera Jootha hai" she shouted. I put my hands over my waist "Oh aisa bath hai .. looked down at my shoe… doesn't it look like dulha one". Her eyes widened, he mouth left opened when she saw my shoe. Closing her mouth "Array mouth toe band karo… lets see who win" by saying I tried to walk away but the ground was pulling me. When I looked back, I saw Manvi clinging to my shoe. I put my hand over her head "Sudar suhagan rahoe bacha!" then laughed. "Virat .. tum cheater hoe" then we heard the announcement that dulha needed his shoe. I ran away from there and she followed me with my Jootha. I stayed silent when she approached towards Bhai covering my Jootha with her dupatta. "Jeeju pahalay paisa.. phir Joota" she ordered. Bhai looked at me "Meray Bhai u are eating lodoo, they are eating my brain… do something". I looked at Manvi and smile evilly "Joe karnar thar kardiya".  "Jeeju is kaminar kar bath kyun sunrahe hoe .. pahalay paisa deydoe aur Jootha layloe nahi toe late hojayae gar". "Virat tumay kaminar bolrahi hai .. ab toe arjao meray bap" Bhai pleaded. "Nahi … hero ka entry sabkay bat may hoga.. damarkaydar entry" I took another ladoo.  Bhai took out his wallet and ready to give the money. I rushed to Bhai and snatched the money from his hand and looked at desparate Manvi. I said raising my eyebrow "Jothay doe Paisay loe". She angrily removed her dupatta and revealed the Jootha. Bhai looked at me confused "Ye mera Jootha nahi hai".  "Kyun ki appka Jootha yaha hai" I said pointing the Jootha I was wearing. "wa Virat .. Kya plan tha" "Par yae cheating hai" she shouted angrily. "Haa cheating hai" followed by the girl group. "Kya yae cheating hai?" I asked boy sides. "Nahi hai" they shouted. I raised my eyebrow to annoy her. Just then the pandit Jee told that it was time for Bidaai. Manvi eyes flooded with tears. She hugged her di and cried her heart out. I waved final good bye at Manvi not knowing when we will meet again. Then we left to home with our new family member, Bhai ki pyaari Bhabhi.  


If u want pm, please like my post on page 49. Smile 



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Shona1907 IF-Rockerz

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Awww i luv des kids yaar truly dey r so cute... I was shocked at priya's reaction she changed into sherni Manvi... Virat's guilt n da way Manvi set him free of it was nicely written... Da promises dey made will bring dem close i guess... Lol da whole joota churana thng was fun... Lovely update dear... Thanx for pm n update soon dis tym plz...

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abhilasha143 Senior Member

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It is amazing part. Shaadi over...now when will virman meet. Will Maanvi  join college? What happened to that Kushal? Very much excited for the further story. Thank u for the pm. Please update soon.

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girl_rocks IF-Dazzler

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nyc update

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