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Virat ka diary aur ek love story (part 17,pg 72) (Page 45)

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awsm updt.
letz c wat happens nxt?
thnx 4 d pm.
ps-sorry 4 late rply.

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Part 11

They started reading.

I don't know how to make excuse for the drunken Manvi. What will Bhabhi do when she find out the truth? I am so scare… scare to death. I looked at Manvi who was smiling and murmuring "Nak bechmay nahi atar" on her sleep. No tension, no sorry, no worries and so much innocence … she is one piece. You can never find someone like her on this whole planet. Why can't I be like her? Why my past is always shadowing my present or future? Maya had taken my happiness away with her but happiness again knocked my life in the form of Manvi. The moment she entered my life I found stupid reasons and jokes to smile. My mind becomes active for making pranks and irritation people.  Before her, I even forgot what am I? Am I really the same Virat who used to enjoy the life to the fullest? But it doesn't mean that Maya is lost from my heart. She can never be lost as she is my heart itself.  And without heart, how can I survive? Just then Manvi turned towards me blurted out "nak beech". I was waiting for her to continue but she stopped there. I smiled at her and made her comfortable. This time was for making a pledge "Main iskay nak bechmay nahi atar ko shapaath lay tar hoe ki ab mere past , mere future yar present ko disturb nahi karega" I said that putting my hand over Manvi's nose but without touching it. If only Manvi had seen that, I would be gone … she would have killed me to make fun of her nose. I chuckled at the thought that she is quarreling with me because her nose become gita ka kitab(book). 

Just then we reached the guest house. Happiness was gone and worries covered my face. I carried Manvi and went towards the door. No it was not a good idea to ring the bell; it might wake everyone so I went towards kitchen's window. Thanks to god that it was left opened. I pushed Manvi from there and I went inside later. Mainey itna bada dakka diya firbhi kitna soethi hai yar. Then I carried her again and went towards her room. Bhabhi was wide awake. For my bad luck manvi murmured "Nak bech". Bhabhi looked at me with questioning eyes. I placed Manvi on her bed and smiled at Bhabhi feeling scared. I don't know how she will react. If she reacts like last time, I would be the luckiest man on Earth. "Virat .. ye kyar hai?" Bhabhi growled. I took a deep breath. "Bhabhi…" . Bhabhi looked more angry with passing seconds "Haa bolo… continue karna bol gayae kyar?". Then she examined my clothes and touched Manvi's clothes. "Ye toe bigar hai". I was frozen.  What should I tell her? Should I tell her that we danced on the rain... correction not we, only Manvi. "Aur ye smell … itna batbu araha hai… ye sab kyar hai Virat?" Bhabhi looked more furious. I was nervous. Word doesn't seem to come out from my mouth. Then she came towards me "Virat … bolo ye sab kyar hai?".  Brain please help me with some ideas. Then after few seconds I got an idea "Woh bhabhi humlog fishing karnay gayae thay". Bhabhi looked at me with annoyed look which was telling me that I should stop lying. Then Manvi murmured "Nak bech". "Aur yae Nak bech kyar hai?" I smiled at Bhabhi "Nak(nose) nahi naag(snake).. bech nahi beach..". This time Manvi continued her sentence "Nahi atar". "Kyar? Aur ye kyar hai". I scratched my head for more ideas. What was the need of continuing the sentence this time? This Manvi will surely kill me one day. Then I managed to come up with some more ideas "She was insisting me that snake won't come on the beach but I told her at night anything can happen … snake can also come... but she didn't believe me and fishing karthay karthay fisherman say naagerman bangayi aur she started hunting for snakes. She also swam that's why her clothes are wet and mine too in attempt to help her" I presented my lies in front of the India's best lawyer's fianc who is going to his wife tomorrow trying to look as innocence as I can. How I wish she doesn't have any of her husband's trait about the law otherwise mera bachna mushkil nahi nar munkil hai. "And what about the smell?" she said giving me u-stop-lying look. She surely possesses some trait of Bhai about the law. She was killing me with her questions. Seconds felt like years. I gulped "You know Bhabhi in here in Changidarth there is no such beaches but your crazy sister" I stopped as Bhabhi shot me with her uneasy look then I planned to change my sentence "But your sister think river bank as beach … U know how polluted are the rivers these days.. she is stinking because of the polluted water" then smiled at her .Before she murdered me with more questions I planned to go out from there. "Bhabhi it is getting too late  ... I m going" without waiting for Bhabhi's reply I run away from there.

The whole night I couldn't sleep feeling guilt for doing that crazy thing and I don't think Bhabhi will believe my stupid lies. How I wish to go to my past and stop myself from doing that crazy thing. Then my eyelids become heavier and I dozed off. As soon as it was morning I wanted to meet Manvi and confess everything. I walked to the guest house as it was only 5 minutes walk away from my house. Before entering Manvi's room, I called Bhai and told him that Bhabhi wanted to talk to him.I went to Manvi's room where I found Bhabhi giving medicine to Manvi. "Hello … how are u naagerman?" I smiled at Manvi who gave me a confused look. I went towards Bhabhi with my phone "Bhabhi Bhai wanted to talk to you" then I handed the phone to Bhabhi who was blushing as soon as she heard Bhai's name. Then she walked out of the room with the phone. I closed the door and went towards Manvi.  Manvi held her head "Virat .. Sir(head) bahut pain horaha hai". I pulled my ears and started doing sit and stand. "Virat …. Early morning exercise karna thar toe yaha kyun arya appnay ghar may bi toe kar sak tay thaynar". Still doing sit and stand "Array Bandariya … it is not early morning excise but it is a way to say sorry and to ask apology" I told her giggling.  "Par kissko sorry bol rahay hoe?" after saying that her face expression changed as if she had realized what had happened yesterday. "Virat woh tumnay jan buch kay kiya thar nar?" she asked me while her face turned tomato red in anger. I went towards Manvi and sat behind her "Manvi .. I am really sorry.. I know I was bad but please I had realized my mistake".  She threw a pillow towards me but I was able to catch it. "Manvi… I am sorry.. please". "But why did you do that?" she asked me with her shrill voice. "Tum nikal jao abhi kay abhi nahi toe main di ko sab bata dugi".  But I didn't move an inch. First I needed to pacify her as today was the last day we will be meeting. After the wedding we won't be able to see each other's face so I didn't want to her to say goodbye to me with anger and hatred. She pushed me towards the door "Get out  ... I don't want to see your face" she shouted at me. Just then Bhabhi entered with my phone. For a second she was shocked to see us like that "Yae kyar ho raha hai?".  Manvi gave her blank expression and went towards her bed. "Bhabhi phone" then Bhabhi gave me my phone and I went to the house.

Seconds were hard to spend without Manvi forgiving me. I stayed at the corner silently and looked at the people who were very excited for the wedding at night. It was already afternoon but for me the moment just stopped there when Manvi pushed me away from her room. I can't express my guilt in words. At first I was a bad son and a bad brother but now I proved that I am a bad friend too. Then the clock struck 3 pm. When I moved my eyes away from the clock, I saw an image of depressed Manvi in front of me. To make sure it was really Manvi, I rubbed my eyes several times. She approached towards me and pouted "I wanted to see my parents". I cleared my ears to make sure what I was hearing was true or imaginary. Then she shook my body "Virat! Did you hear? … it is the punishment from me". I looked up at her and I was like "Hun?".  "I wanted to talk to Mama and papa" she said while tears filling up her eyes. "Manvi .. How can we go to Hrishicage at this time? And the wedding will start soon" I said while I was thinking how did she forgave me. "Virat .. Dee was telling me that we went for fishing on the river last night … why don't we really go to that river for fishing today?"  she said hoping that some river still do exist in Chandigarth. I smiled at her and nodded "Of course there is a river .. my favorite one .. Let's go there".

Then we set our journey towards the Chandigarth most beautiful river. When I was young, Bhai and I always went there on our holidays but no more when we turned adults but now a got a chance to enjoy the cold water again. After a few minutes, we reached there. As soon as Manvi saw the river she rushed towards it and sat on the bank. I sat behind her dipping my legs on the shallow water. She didn't spoke a word but tears were falling down like rain. I held her shoulders from behind then she managed to say some words "Mama ..papa … Dee jarahi hai".  More tears were gushing down from her eyes to her cheeks "Mujay chorkay... mama papa app hi batao main kaisay" she stopped. She couldn't continue. Pain of separation with her sister was building up on her mind more and more with time. "Manvi .. are you alright?" I asked her shaking her body a little. She was silent even a drop of a pin could be heard. It was frightening me more "Manvi" again I shook her body. "Dee meri zindagi hai" she said with fatigued voice. Slowly her eyes were shutting down. Her body became too weak to control her own weight. She was collapsing slowly on my arms. "Dee" by saying that she went into unconsciousness. My heart beat faster and my brain stopped working. I didn't know what to do. I shook her body but it wasn't working. I collected some water from the river and sprinkled on Manvi's face. She slowly opened her eyes and sat down. "Oh my god .. u r fine now … I was about to take u to the doctor" I said with relief. She gave me her weak smile "I was hyper nar but when it comes to dee I always become hyper because she is my everything … without her I don't know what could have happened to me … After Mama papa left me , Dee was my one and only support." Her eyes again started to flood with pool of tears "Abb Dee bhi mujay chor kay jaa rahi hai Virat … Mera iss duniya may koi nahi hai" she said resting her head on my shoulder. I could feel her pain, the pain that I had felt a year before when Maya left me without a reason. It is the hardest thing in the world to see someone who means the world to you going away from you. "Manvi jiss ka iss duniya may koi nahi hai uss ka bagawan hai" I said her nodding "And you have so many people by your side" she smiled. I winked at her "I am also included in that list … so why fear when Virat is here". This made her chuckled with my new dialogue. She punched me on my chest "So who is fear now kaminey?" she said giggling. I raised my eyebrow "Again kaminey? Not gonna forgiving you this time". Before I do anything, she scooped some water from the river on her hands and sprinkled on my face with her naughty laughter. "How was it Mr.Kaminey?" she said flapping her eyelids. "So u love water?" I asked her. She nodded "It is where I found myself the river the rain the water… all these are inspiration for me". I gave her baffled look and she continued to explain further "the water mark very important in everyone life that's I want to be. The river comes down from highland to lowland supplying everyone with water that's needed for surviving. No demands and no complain that's its rule. It doesn't care about the drinker's standard or appearance and it allowed you to take as much water as u want. The rain... it comes down from the heaven to the hell like place just to fulfill the greedy humans' needs who even forget to thank the river, water and rain back but instead they end up contaminating it" she stopped to take a fresh air and then continued "I want to be selfless and help everyone … that's my mission to do on this Earth".  I looked at her surprised. How can someone be so selfless? She smiled at me "So what's your inspiration?" she asked me. "Mine?"I asked her raising my eyebrow then she nodded "I didn't have any inspiration but now I think I have got one .. and that's you". She smiled at me with amaze "No how can I be someone's inspiration?" "I don't know about someone but for me you are my inspiration". Both of us stared at each other without blinking. Then she suddenly looked away from me making me realized what was I doing. My mind filled up with something about the past, the way she hated the rain at first and her weird way of welcoming me. I wanted to clear up the confusion so I planned to take that challenging step of asking her why. "So why Manvi?" I asked her. She gave me perplex expression "What Virat?" I took a deep breath as I needed to have a dare to ask her why. "Why did you hate the rain at first?". I sensed the change in expression of her face. I didn't know what expression was it… terror, hatred or other thing. She spoke out "U will regret knowing it". I smiled at her "I love regretting". "But Virat, after knowing the truth u wont act differently in front of me... I want old Virat not new who is affected by my past .. I don't want to see any guilt on your face nor do I want you to express any sympathy for me… promise me that". Why would I be affected by her past? Why would I change? I accepted her promise and she said "Mumbai … I stepped my feet on Mumbai to finish my collage. As soon as I reached my hostel with my dee, it started raining heavily. I couldn't control myself but run on the road like a crazy. I closed my eyes and started dancing but suddenly I stopped feeling the rain drops on me"

"Priya, prem ..Mama's phone" Virat called out. Both priya and prem "Bad timing Mama". They closed the book and went to attend Manvi's call. Prem snatched the phone from Virat's hand as he was very eager to talk to his mother. "Hi Premu .. miss me?" Manvi asked. "Mumu don't call me premu… I don't like that" "And u don't call me mumu … I don't like that too" "So stop calling me premu" Prem pouted. Priya shouted from the behind "And don't call me priyu .. mumu we don't like that". "Ok ok I wont call premu and priyu" Manvi said chuckling. "Mama u r calling it again" prem uttered exasperatedly. "Beta mama loves you that's why mama call you premu" Manvi said controlling her laughter. "We also love you that's why we call you mumu" prem said chuckling. "So mama when will you come back? U have to be back before our birthday ok." Prem gave command to his mother. "Ok Mama will be back before your birthday" Manvi said smiling. "Love you mama" prem said tears filling up his eyes. "Love you too" Manvi couldn't control herself as she was missing her children a lot. "Ab priya ko doe" Manvi told her son as she would end up crying if she continues talking with him. "No .. mama" "Nahi deygar .. ab tumay itnar pakau gi nar" Manvi joked trying to overcome her sadness. "No paka nar math … we have already eaten .. if u cook again, it will be a total waste" prem said giggling. "Nautanki" Manvi said laughting. "App ka beta hu itna nautanki toe banta hai boss" prem said giving a half-suppressed laugh. Then he handed the phone to Priya. "Hello mama" priya greeted her mother with a sweet voice that melted her mother's heart. "Priya mama miss you so much" this time tears dropped from Manvi's eyes. "Mama are you crying?" Priya started to shed tears. Virat lifted priya and wiped her tears and took the phone from her. "Priya app jao Kal bath karna … ajj appka halat theek nahi hai .. mama aur bhi cry karaygi app doenoe say bath kiya toe" by saying that Virat stroked her hair. Priya run towards her room and lied down on her bed sobbing. Prem sat behind Priya "Priya it is ok .. just 2 days left .. mama will be back soon" priya immediately sat and hugged her brother tightly. Prem kissed her on her forehead and wiped her tears. "Priya bas hogaya" by saying that he tickled her. "Bas baiya … main nahi cry karogi" scratching her head "Past .. mama ka past bi toe discover kay nar hai" by saying that she took the diary and opened it.

"I stopped feeling the rain drops on me so I looked up at the sky but I couldn't see the blue sky. The black umbrella was covering the sky. God was signaling me that my life was covering with darkness which I didn't notice at first. I turned my body and saw a muscular boy. When I observed him carefully, I noticed that he has a tall figure, pencil like sharp noise and chocolate brown eyes. I couldn't stop but fall for him. He was so attractive but then I noticed on his right cheek there was a big scar and above his left eyebrow there was a big mole." She looked at me and continued "He looks exactly like you except the scar and the mole". I was shocked.. how can someone be like me? "That's why the plastic surgery thing came up?" I asked her giving her shock look. She nodded obediently with the guilt expression then she continued "he pulled me towards my hostel. I couldn't utter a word as I was so much attracted to him that I didn't knew that I was being dragged by him towards the hostel. He smiled at me and said I shouldn't be out when it is raining. The Mumbai rains are very dangerous. You can catch with cold anytime. I thought how sweet of him to think like that. He said his name is Kushal and I instantly fall in love with that name. Later I knew that he was my senior. We started seeing everyday at the collage. We gradually become friends then we were in relationship for about a year. I could never think of my life without him. I felt incomplete without him. Then one day it was his birthday and I wanted to give a surprise for him. By that time Dee was already graduated and she was ready to go back to Hrishcage. Dee also wanted to give him a surprise as he was her friend too but she forgot to buy the gift. So she went to buy the gift and I went to his home. Some strange feeling was arousing in me whenever I took a step towards his home. It seemed like sometime was stopping me to approach towards his house but I managed to overcome that feeling and went towards his home. Finally I was right in front of his room when I was planning to ring the bell; I noticed that the door was unlocked. I pushed slowly and entered without making a noise. I was very happy as finally I am going to give him a surprise birthday gift. I looked around to find him for my astonishment; I saw many pictures of girls undress revealing everything. I couldn't believe my eyes. I knew my kushal was not like that. I heard some voice and followed the track of the voice. By seeing that I was nearly got a heart attack, he was undressing a girl who was unconscious. I saw syringes and drug bottles by the table. How can kushal do that? I made a shriek due to scenes I was seeing this made kushal attention turned towards me. When he saw me he was shocked but then later he gave me an evil smile. I tried to run away but he was too fast for me. He grabbed my hands and said "So you knew everything hun?". I was trembling with terror "Kushal let me go" I yelled but he tried to make me closer to him. I pushed him and made myself free but again he caught me "Never … my love". He pulled my face and tried to forcefully kiss me. I stopped him with my hand but he bit my hand making blood all over my hand. I couldn't bare the pain. It hurt me a lot. He again pulled me and tore my blouse's hand. I cried for help but there was no help available. "Manvi ..  u wanted to give me birthday gift rite … just tonight baby that will be my best birthday gift" he came forward me with the syringe filled with the drug which can make me unconscious. I sat at corner and sobbed except than that I couldn't do anything. I asked him for mercy but he was a ruthless man who didn't know the meaning of mercy. He was very closed to me and the syringe was right in front of my right arm. Just then he became unconscious. When he fell down, I saw dee with a broken flower vase. She pulled me and we run towards the train station. Then we left to our home where we can stay safe. I am not a graduate Virat… from that day I didn't join any collage if people asked me about the reason, I would simply say that I don't want to stay away from Dee" She finished her story. I wondered how she can trust me after all that happened. She said "Past is just Past ... dont think it just for the time pass" I was following this quote but when u enter my life, everything flashed upon my eyes. I was lost in my Past again. I was totally lost that I couldn't see my present nor future but the ice-cream brought me back. He never like ice-cream and you were enjoying that a lot. Then again I trust Jeeju a lot and we know that he never lies. That's made me trust you." She answered my questions as if she can read my mind. I was feeling so guilty after hearing the truth. She continued again "I never want to punish someone who doesn't have any fault… this goes same with you, it wasn't your fault that guy face is similar to you … that's my bad destiny." She smiled after finishing but I couldn't face her. If I were in her place, I don't know how I would react. "Virat I told you no regret no guilt .. did you forget that?" she asked me with tensed tone. I just gave her fake smile and went towards the car unable to face her anymore. She followed me. Then we set towards the house. Both of us didn't utter a word. I was making her sad that's matter to me the most. My face caused the problem in her life. I brought back her past. These all thoughts surrounded me and I was suffocating. I shouldn't have asked her to tell me about her past. I regret knowing that. 


How was it? your comments and criticisms ares welcome. 

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Ahh.. i loved reading it..
Seriously it was amazing !
The first part was so funny !
Virat cooking up stories to make Jeev believe.. and She is blabbering.. naak beech... and he say Snake beach ROFL
But her past was so terrible !Disapprove
And u named him Kushal .. How could u.. Angry I love Kushal ..LOL 
And yeaa nt this one..  Tongue
Cont soon ! 
Am in love with ur story ! Embarrassed

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Virat blaberring to jeevika was hillariousROFL
Kushal as a bad guyShocked shocking name...
terrible past ...
thanks for the PM and update soon

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nice update 

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this is amazing awsm

continue soon

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Nice update!

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Amazing amazing amazing!!! contniue soon...hope love story startsfrom the next updatE! thanks for the pm!

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