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Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

Virat ka diary aur ek love story (part 17,pg 72) (Page 40)

rasp_berry IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 August 2012 at 2:44am | IP Logged
awesome updts pls cont soon n pm me

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swetha811 Goldie

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Posted: 24 August 2012 at 6:20am | IP Logged
Update soon...

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manu9 Groupbie

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Posted: 26 August 2012 at 9:02am | IP Logged
Clapso sorry for the late rep...it was awesum...Big smile

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Radharaday Goldie

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Thanks so much for the lovely comments. Embarrassed

Part 10 

I was woken up by the nervous and excited Bhai who pushed me and pulled me from my bed. "Virat bas .. yaha meri Jann Jar rahi hai aur tum Kumbkaran ki tara soe raha hai". (Virat 'I am dying and U r sleeping like kumbkaran) I slowly opened my eyes. I pulled him and made him sit near me. "Just Chill Bhai". He looked at me giving his angry look "Kyar Chill? Ajj Sanget aur Mahandi hai aur tu Chill bolraha hai"(What Chill? Today is Sangeet and Mahendi and  you are saying Chill). I jumped from the bed "Kyar Bhai ajj mahendi aur sangeet hai?"(What today is mahendi and Sangeet?" I asked him excitedly. He smiled and said "Haa"(Yes). Giving him a wicked smile "Mujay toe laga ajj appka suhaag raat hai isliyae itna excited hoe"(I thought today is your  Suhaag raat that's why you are so excited). His smiled faded away replacing it with both angry and shy look. He was looking so funny. "Ok ok sorry" by saying that I held his hand "Are you nervous?" He nodded. "But why? Only ladies feel nervous right?" I looked at him giving a shock look "App ladki toe nahi hoe nar? Gay nahi"(you are not a girl right? Gay no) I covered my mouth with my palm, my eyes reflecting shock. "You have become very naughty" by saying that Bhai started to chase me with the pillow. "Bhai sorry .. it was just a bad joke" I shouted smiling. "Ya joke  ... aur tum joker".

The house was decorated like a palace. I entered the hall where the function was being held following behind Bhai. Slow music was switched on and Bhabhi was surrounded by many girls who were complimenting on her appearance. A small petite figure was standing away from Bhabhi and gazing at her without blinking. That was none other than Bandariya, Manvi Chaudary. My mind was filled up with the naughty ideas to irritate her after all she is my debtor who haven't pay me my money back. I went near her and smiled at her evilly and she also gave me her rude smile. "Who are you?" I asked raising my eyebrow. She narrowed her eyebrows and looked away from me disgustingly. "Madam, beggars are not allowed" I whispered her. She immediately looked at me and pointed her finger "Tum' U better shut mouth up" she said anger flashing her mind. "Oops .." smiling I zipped my mouth. "That's better kaminey" she said giving her devilish smile. "Ka..ka..kaminey" I shouted. "Virat ' what's wrong?" Dadaji shouted who was behind me. I never thought that my voice would be that much loud to penetrate into Dadaji's ears. "Dadaji mainey bola" .Oh god what should I tell. "Kya bola?" "Ka... kam nahi hai.. mera" I took a deep breath with relieve.  At least I got an excuse otherwise Dadaji would think that I told him kaminey. Uff ' such a breathtaking moment that's all because of that Bandariya. I glared at her and she gave me her funny look which indicated that that's my punishment. Dadaji put his hand over my shoulder "Don't worry Virat, I will give you some work". I gave him fake smile and nodded. Dadaji went to the stage and announced "Today, the function is becoming boring" "Dadaji" Manvi cut him off. Dadaji looked at Manvi and asked her what's wrong. Manvi smiled at me evilly. She is up to something. "Dadaji ..In here we have VV, the modern KK". I knew what she meant. Dadaji looked at her confused "Manvi beta.. what are u saying?". She smiled "Dadaji .. Virat Vadera our modern Kishore Kumar... he can sing for us". Dadaji smiled "Great idea Manvi beta". "No dadaji.. I can't sing" I shouted. Manvi came towards me "Kya dumb hoe?"(Are you dumb?) she shook her head "Nahi nahi ..mujsay daar gayae hoe (no u r afraid of me)' I know Manvi is the great". What did she meant? She will also sing? "Will you sing too?" I asked her with confusion.  She winked at me "Ya .. Manvi is not dumb like you". I smiled at her "So challenge accepted  ... let's see who's dumb". It is not that I never sing but I only sing missing my Maya but this time I m singing for fun. I don't know why I accepted her challenge. The lights were dimmed and both went to the stage and started singing and dancing "Hua kya hua".  After finishing the song, we got many appreciations. "Kya jori hai" (what a nice couple) people were saying that but i didnt care about their comment as i can only be partnered with "MY Maya".

I went away from there as my mind was filled with Maya and I wanted to spend some time alone. I knew everyone gaze was on me. I went out and sat at the bench away from the hall where the celebration was full on swing. I covered my face with my hands and whispered "Maya". Then I felt someone's hand on me. I removed my hands from my face and then looked at that person. Manvi was sitting behind me with her guilt expression. "I am sorry ' I didn't mean to hurt you" Manvi said with pleading eyes. I just gave her fake smile. "Oye .. What do u think of me?" I looked at her with shock. "What?" I asked her. "You think I can't differentiate between fake and real smile' U look disgusted with that fake smile" she said with anger. I smile broadly at her attempt to make joke. "Now that's a real smile" she grinned.  "U came here to attend your brother's wedding right' so why running away from it .. dar porkh" "Main .. darr porkh .. with whom I m scare" I asked raising my eyebrows. "Obviously me coz u lose that challenge" she said smile beaming on her pink lips.  "Who said I lose that challenge?" "That's why u came here unable to face anyone' darr porkh" she said giving her challenging look. "ok then" by saying that I stood up from my place and went towards the hall and she followed me happily satisfied with her plan. The function ended after sometime and everyone went back.

I went to Maa's room as we haven't had a private talk since I came back but I was stopped at the door when I heard Maa and Bua talking about me. "I never thought that we will be able to see our old Virat again ' I am so happy dee Virat is back to his real nature" Maa said tears of happiness gushing down from her eyes. I was happy at the thought that at least I made Maa happy now. Bua held Maa's shoulder "I am also very happy but did u saw something  ... it is all because of Manvi  our old Virat is back". What the hell? Why because of Manvi? It is just because of my family. Because I am surrounded with them I hope Maa understand it. Maa looked up Bua "Haa Dee.. Virat seemed to enjoy Manvi's company why not we ask Manvi's hand for Virat? Isn't that great?". I cant believe Maa said that. The person who understands me more than anyone else said that. How can she forget that I love Maya only? What's wrong with Maa? I hope Bua doesn't agree with this. Bua smiled "Ya .. that's such  a great idea".  My heart beat faster, I was feeling dizzy and killing that Manvi after all it is because of her. When they know only Maya completes me, how can they think of I marrying somebody else? Have they gone crazy? I know I will never agree with Maa and Bua about the marriage with Manvi but if they force or blackmail me? I need to find solution by myself. After hours of thinking, an idea flashed my mind. Humiliating Manvi in front of whole Vadera clan is a great idea. After that no one will speak about me and Manvi marriage. Wow that's a great idea. I took a deep breath with satisfaction that it will work.

I saw Manvi approaching towards the kitchen. I held my phone and shouted enough for Manvi to hear "Ya .Bachelor party' Ya drinks and grils". I saw Manvi stopped and she came closer to the wall. She hid behind the door and placed her ear on the wall. I went near the door and shouted"Of coz Bhai will come after all today is his last day of freedom" I stopped and peeked at Manvi who was busy talking alone "Kyar? Jeeju will go? How dare Jeeju?".  I knew it won't affect her if I didn't include Bhai as she cares about her Dee a lot. Then I continued talking "Yes today is your last day "Natasha" to be with your ex-boyfriend Viren Vadera". I took a secret look at her again "Kyar Jeeju have a ex-girlfriend'. He is a liar 'n who is that Natasha' no I will go and see". Great job to myself. Thank to god for this great idea. Manvi u don't know what you are going to face. This is punishment for coming between me and Maya. I made Bhai agree with the party and we went out from the house. Bhai was unaware that his Saalisaheeba was following us but I was aware. To give her a chance to hide in our car, I took Bhai away from there and when she was done with her work, we came back. I disturbed Bhai  not to see her. Then after a while we reached there. Manvi was still following us. Everything was going according to the plan.  

I took Bhai away from Manvi so that he won't disturb my plan. Then my plan was started. My friend, Rajesh, he blocked Manvi's way. "R u blind?" Manvi asked glaring at him with her angry look. "No... Let's be friend" Manvi tried to push him away but he was too strong for her. I went away from there to be with Bhai not to make him suspicious about anything. The plan was simple to challenge Manvi to drink. After awhile when I came back to Manvi place and I saw her drunk. She couldn't control her body and sat down. I was happy to see that in fact so much happy that I feel like jumping. When I went closer to them, to my shock Rajesh was also drunk. I told him not to drink but how can I forget he can't control if he saw alcohol. This was my stupidity. He also sat next to Manvi and started crying out loud. Manvi held his shoulder with her shaky hands "Kya kya hua .. rajesh?"(what's wrong Rajesh?). He wiped away his tears like a child and pouted "My girlfriend never kisses me" then he cried out loud. She rested her head on Rajesh's shoulder "but ' but 'why?" she shouted. He sniffed and said "woh naag bechmay arta hai ' kabhi toe lagtha hai yae salay naag ko cut doe"(Because nose come between us ' sometimes I feel like cutting this stupid nose). She threw the bottle on her hand angrily and shouted "Naag bechmay nahi arta hai ulloo"(no nose doesn't come between) . He looked at her "Arta hai' meri girlfriend yahi raha thi hai"(it comes' my girlfriend said that).  She narrowed her eyebrows and gave her evil smile "Nahi arta hai .. woe teri girlfriend tujay love nahi kar thi hai"(It doesn't come' that your girlfriend doesn't love you). By passing seconds, I was becoming more worried. My heart started to beat faster and my lips dried out. "Karthi hai woe bhi bahut" (She does and a lot)Rajesh shouted angrily. "Toe challenge laytay hai naag bechmay arta hai ki nahi bolkay" (So lets challenge, lets see nose come between or not) Manvi suggested him. Oh my god she is such a challenger. I think she loves challenging everyone. He agreed and both of them were ready for the kiss. Manvi pushed her lips towards him and he moved towards hers. Before it is too late, I needed to do something. I went towards them and pulled Manvi.  "Mujay chordoe' mujay proof karna hai naag bichmay nahi arta bolkay"(let me go ' I need to proof that nose doesn't come between) she said shouting at me. I grabbed her hand more tightly but she bit my hand. "Kuthi" I shouted. She might be dog in her previous life biting me everything. "Aur tum kaminey" by saying that she run towards Rajesh. I again pulled her and lifted her. "Oye Virat.. Let her proof man" Rajesh shouted from behind. I didn't listen to anyone and carried her away with me.

When we reached outside, she kicked me on my face and I have to let her go. That moment it started to rain. She looked up at the sky and stretched her hands and collected some of the water on her hands. That time what I saw was only happiness in her eyes. She was too excited to dance on the rain. She started dancing but she couldn't control her body and fell down. She looked at me and smiled like an idiot. I smiled at her back. Then she stood up again and tried to go to left but she unfortunately reached right due to alcohol's effect. "idhar chali main udhar chali, jane kahan main kidhar chali" she tried to dance but fall down again. "are phisal gai le tere sang ho chali" looking at me angrily she sang "nazar yeh kiski hamen lagi". She tried to stand up again. I went near her and gave her support. She leaned on me but when it started to rain heavily, she run away from me. She shook her head, sprinkling the water of her hair. She pulled her kurta up and jumped "Zara Sa Jhoom Loon Main" A truck came towards her and pulled her to other side of the road. "Arre Na Re Na Re Na" I warned her but she smiled and started to walk away "Zara Sa Ghoom Loon Main". Showing my watch indicating that it is too late I told her "Arre Na Re Na Re Na".  She came closer to me and pulled my collar "Aa Tujhe Choom Loon Main". I pushed her "Arre Na Re Na Baba Na" but she leaned on me again. I carried her as she was asleep. This girl always made me carry. I was feeling guilty for the thing I did to her. Why I forget that she wasn't responsible for it? She murmured while asleep "I can prove naag bechmay nahi arti". I smiled at her. She is pagal. Then I took her to the guest house.  I don't know what will I face when I reach there?

The kids closed the book and slept.

The next day (evening)

Priya secretly went inside the room and opened the diary and searched for the page where her mom had revealed her past. She stopped when she found it and smiled wildly.

She said "Mumbai ' I stepped my feet on Mumbai to finish my collage. As soon as I reached my hostel with my dee, it started raining heavily. I couldn't control myself and run on the road like a crazy. I closed my eyes and started dancing but suddenly I stopped feeling the rain drops on me"

"Priya , you are a cheater" priya stopped reading when she heard her brother. Priya immediately closed the book and looked at her brother innocently. "Don't act innocent, i hate you priya .. u r a cheater.. I told u not to but u didn't listen to me ' why?" Prem shouted. Priya eyes started to fill up and she started sobbing. Prem took a deep breath and held his ears "Sorry.. I m sorry". Priya smiled at him "I was just acting" .. Prem smiled at her "Nautanki ' let's continue reading".

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Amazing update
I love kamine scene wid dada ji n what the hell he was thinking he loves maya...
Beautifully writen n update soon

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abhilasha143 Senior Member

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OMG...as usual amazing update...what happened after virat take her to guest house...why Maanvi's past came in between. Curious to know. Please update soon.

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Syed695 IF-Rockerz

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Amazing uodate!!!! continue soon if virat din like the idea to marry maanvi then how did he fall in love with her??? Please continue soon...!!
thanks for the pm!

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avika26 IF-Dazzler

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Awesome radha. .it was a superb update. .bechara virat he was too adorable as he cant resist manvi and cant c her in trouble.

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