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Virat ka diary aur ek love story (part 17,pg 72) (Page 27)

arjunadisidpari IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 4:58am | IP Logged
Amazing... :)
Please continue soon and pm me :)

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Posted: 11 August 2012 at 6:41am | IP Logged
wow...its so cool
plz continue soonBig smile

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Radharaday Goldie

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Posted: 12 August 2012 at 12:06am | IP Logged
I am really sorry about the delay ...
Thank you so much for commenting, liking and reading my story.

Part 7

I followed the path she directed. After about 20 minutes of walking, we reached a small hut nearby Ganga ghat. Then she hurried towards the hut.  I followed her silently. The hut seemed to be shaking when we stepped inside. It was dark inside the hut. No lights and no one. "Manvi… is this a ghost house?" I whispered to her but she didn't reply. "Manvi  ... I am already afraid of your revenge … please ab chal thay hai" I begged her. Before she could reply, a child with a small candle light approached near us. This made me more terrified. Shaking Manvi's body "Manvi  ... let's go when we still have time". "Chup …ek daam chup" she told me placing her index finger on her mouth. That child run towards Manvi and hugged her tightly still holding the candle. "Dee I was scared that you won't fulfill your promise" the child said. "Never…. Manvi chaudary never break promises" she shouted along with her pride. I was like oh. "Array … where are the panters?" "We are here" then the light was on. About 10 children who were not over 10 were standing with their sweet smiles. Although the light was on, I can only see the outline of the things and the people. What kind of place is this? Then Manvi hugged everyone. "So let's start the party" Manvi said. What party? And with these kids? She must be kidding. But no she wasn't kidding, it was real. She was having party with these small kids who were halved her age. "Happy birthday Arjun" Manvi said kissing the kid who had hugged her at first when we entered the hut. The outfit of that kid was terrible compared to others. "Dee  ... who is it?" one kid asked pointing towards me. "Ye Dee ka bodyguard" another kid shouted. "Haa… bodyguard woh bi free ka" Manvi said along with her evil smirk and glanced at me when she said that.  Everyone laughed including me. Then all of them circled around a small table where there was a plate with a piece of bread and butter on it. Arjun said looking down at the floor with his teary eyes "Dee … I don't have the best birthday cake". Manvi kneeled down and hugged him "The best people don't have the best of everything. They make the best of everything they have! And you are one of the best people" she said while kissing his forehead and everyone clapped. Manvi, you are one of the best people too I said under my breath. She is amazing. She is always there for others. I don't know how many sides of her are still left to see. Rude to adorable. Crazy to caring. While I was indulged in my thoughts, the birthday party was already starting. Arjun blew the candle and everyone sang happy birthday song. He treated everyone including me a piece of bread. The bread tasted very delicious, not that it is an expensive one but because of the love and affection that were purely poured into the bread. I wished Arjun happy birthday and he said thank you. Then everyone gave him their gifts except Manvi. She came towards me with her sad expression and pulled me to the corner. "Take out your wallet!" she said. I was shocked. What could I say except "What?" "Are you deaf? I said take out your wallet" she said with a serious tone. "But why?" I asked with a confuse look. Pointing her finger at me she said "Because of you I forgot Arjun gift" "How?" again with a confuse look. "If you hadn't frightened me at the kitchen, I wouldn't forget… u are responsible now". I hesitantly reached my hand towards the wallet and took it out. As soon as she saw the wallet, she snatched from my hand. She opened the wallet without even bothering to ask me. She stopped when she saw the photo of me and Maya together. She observed for awhile. "You can keep this one" she said handing me the photo. Then she took out the atm cards and other visiting cards leaving only money in the wallet. She was walking with my money and wallet. Then I pulled her and she turned backward. "Ye.. sab… Are you going to give all the money?" I asked her innocently. She came closer to me "Haa.. What's wrong in that? You won't become poor with that right" she said raising her eyebrows. I just stared her with a shock. "Don't worry I am going to give you all the money back even the price of the wallet" by saying that she went away and gave my wallet and money to Arjun. Arjun was very happy and hugged Manvi. "Thank you Dee … now Mom will be alright. I am going to buy the medicines straightaway". "That's like my good boy" she said smiling. I was smiling all the time seeing the innocence as well as maturity of those two amazing people in front of me, Manvi and Arjun. Then the party ended and we came back.

This time I was faster than Manvi as she was a bit sleepy so she couldn't concentrate on walking. "Virat .. wait for me" she said with a sleepy tone. "Nahi.. Never it's time for revenge" I said with my devilish smile. Although I didn't know the route clearly, I pretended as I know. "Virat .. please.. waisay toe tumhay mujsay mafi mangana hai aur mujay tumsay revenge lena hai …. Pur tum" She shouted. I went near her "Ok ok  ... Miss. Bak bak … please stop this bak bak". She didn't reply me but leaned on me. When I looked at her, she was already asleep. I was left with no choice but to lift her. Lifting her was not a problem for me; the problem was that I didn't know the way to Chaudary house. I collected all the information from my brain but I still didn't remember the path clearly. It was already 12 at night. Manvi started to become heavier. My hands started to hurt. I tried to wake her up but she was the daughter of Kumbkaran. I carried this heavy weight and wandered the town without knowing the exact path to the destination. Sometimes I heard someone following me but when I looked back I found nobody. This made me terrified as I am scare of ghost. It was already 1 am. I am tired of carrying Manvi on my hands as well as I m sleepy too. Again I made an effort to wake her but this one also went in vain. Then I saw someone sitting nearby road. I wouldn't like to miss this chance so I went near that person. That was a man with an alcohol bottle on his hand. I planned not to ask again as his condition was very bad. As I walked away from him, I felt someone touching my back. I turned around and saw that man. "Any problem?" the man asked while his body was shaking due to too much alcohol. I nodded "Yes, can you tell me the way to the chaudary house?". Still shaking " Kon chaudary?". "Madan Chaudary" I said. Thank god Bhai told me everything about Bhabhi's family. "Oh .. woh mere yaar" (Oh .. he is my friend).  "Address?" I asked raising my eyebrows. "Who is that?" he asked pointing towards Manvi. What should I say? If he came to know the truth, everyone in the town might know about it by the morning. I hid Manvi's face with my shirt. "Is that concern with you? If you don't want to tell, then it is alright I might find someone else" I told him with trying to be harsh and walked away. "Wait! Wait!" he shouted. I looked back at him. "I will tell you but you will have to give me something" "What?" "2000 would be alright" "What!" Now I don't even have a rupee how can I give him 2000 rupees? "I don't have money" I told him. He examined my clothing. "I want your belt" he said and I handed him my belt. Then he looked at my shirt. "I want your shirt" he said pointing towards my shirt.  "What!" I shouted. "If you don't give then forget about the address" he said. Then I placed Manvi on the grass away from him so that he wont notice Manvi's face and took out my shirt and handed him. He didn't seem to be satisfied. He looked at my trousers. "I want this one too" he said pointing towards my trousers. It was enough now.  I was so angry with this greedy man. "Did you see my fist, do you want this one?" I shouted. He seemed to be terrified and blurted out the address and showed me the direction. Then I lifted Manvi again and followed the path that the man showed me. It was a cold night and I was showing my body. To get some warmth, I held Manvi tightly reducing the gap between us. Finally I reached the house. It was already 2 am. I went inside without making any noise. Then I placed Manvi on her bed. I covered her with the blanket. When I was about to leave the room, she pulled my hand. "Bodyguard, meray tabayath guard nahi karogay?" she said while asleep. I turned around and touched her forehead. When I was touching her forehead, I sensed someone near me. I turned around to look who is that someone while my heart was racing with terror. Many thoughts were flashing my mind. Oh my god what excuse should I gave to be in Manvi's room at this time and almost naked. When I was fully turned, I saw Bhabhi standing there. "Bha… Bhabhi" I was stammering. Now what should I do? I was so frightened. Bhabhi smiled "Thank you Virat for everything". What? I was expecting something and I got something else. "This girl won't listen anyone, now go quickly and change your clothes otherwise you might get cold". I was shocked. I didn't know what to say or ask. Then I remembered that Manvi forehead was so hot. "Bhabhi … I think Manvi's got fever". She smiled and said "I will take care of her". By saying that she went near Manvi and I went outside of the room.

The whole night I couldn't sleep due to Bhabhi's strange behavior. Our first meet was so terrible which I wasn't expecting and tonight I was expecting her to be an angry young woman but she was calmed which I wasn't expecting. Everything is happening which is not expected by me. After sometime I dozed off.

The next morning when I was going to the kitchen, I passed across Manvi's room and saw Manvi and bhabhi was talking. To ask her health I went to her room but I was stopped half way when I heard their conversation. "Yesterday I was following both of you closely and I can say that we can believe him. Don't worry Mannu … everything will be alright… I won't let anything or anyone to harm you." Bhabhi said while stroking Manvi's hair. I got the shock of my life. Bhabhi was following us. That's why she wasn't mad at me. Oh god why can't she trust me? What have I done to be suspected by Bhabhi?". Then I made up my mind and went to kitchen instead of Manvi's room. 

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 Im the 1st to commentEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
       It was perfect ,fantastic awesome...& the list continues so on & on...Clap

Im deeply in love with Manvi's character...Hats off to u  dearClapHeart
                  Thanx for making my day with ur updateSmileSmileLove uHeart

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riyashaan Groupbie

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i loved this update...it ws juz amazing as ur earlier updts...plz pm me wen u updt it..continue soon

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nice update.. Thxs for the pm

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Prem Prem
Prem Prem

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It was awesome nd thanks for the update Smile

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Awesome updateThumbs Up but u nw i am more eager to noe the reason behind strange behaviour of  Jeeman Confused continue asap and thanks for the pmSmile

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