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Sharing sorrow is half a sorrow! (Page 3)

boreddamsel IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 July 2012 at 8:53am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Fazila~

 Awesome post...a much needed one...n yes we all r in it goes...

Why are you upset (if at all you are upset)? 

Im upset cause we get spoilers and ppl talk this will happen that will happen...i dont want to take names...i use to keep awake till 3am for sbs n sbb...but nothing happened...Then i stopped waiting for it...n stopped reading it too...cause when u expect n dont get it then it hurts...oh ya it hurts like hell...So i stopped...but being on IF n talking to ppl...i also get my sister has fallen in love with IPK...n i have a poiler teller in my house hahahhah...n what happens...i sit in front of the laotp at 8am...waiting for someone to upload, n when its there im crazily trying to see it...without breakfast or anything...n what do i get??? Nothing... Nothing happens...not is get done...its all fact gets more complicated...n i get more upset...Why cant they show us what we want to see???? i dont understand one day they show us a good epi...n the next day they break our hopes completely...n show us the complete opposite...why is that??? One day its sizzling n the next day they pour cold water on us... :(((( what the???? 

I agree, Fuzzy.. spoilers ruin it for us! I think that's why I hated the hut scene.. well, even then Im sure I wouldn't have liked it.. 'coz it was so unnecessary. Yes, and I totally agree.. one good episode.. one good scene.. get our hopes up (and Arshi's too) and then break all our hearts together! That is what makes me upset too!

What are your expectations from the show? 

Too much too soon...cause i though it was different...i though the day will come when ill be happy with khuhsi and arnav...but...i dont know when all that will happen...

I have given up hope now.. I don't think it will happen unti the show ends.. that's what the CVs seem to be hinting.. I mean now would have been the perfect time.. for them to finally live as a happily married couple.. of course Anjali wont make things easy for them.. they dont have to make out every moment they get.. but some sweet moments together.. would have been good right now.. they both have been through enough already! Give them a break!

Why did you start watching the show? 

I started cause it was different...not the typical Sp saad bahu torture... its different, its like my fav m n b novels...but now i dont know whats happening...i hope they get back on their old track...missing the old IPk...come back soon so upset...Dead

I don't know Fuzzy.. they bring it some scenes.. like Arnav trying to manao Khushi.. now that was the old IPK.. scenes at Buaji's house during ME was the old IPK.. NK and Arnav old IPK.. Nani with Arshi.. old IPK.. rest all .. I dont want to comment! They give us fun and then break our hearts!

The video is awesome...the best part is...darwa za bund kar lo hahahahahha...hope they can have some quality time at Gh...Embarrassed

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boreddamsel IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 July 2012 at 8:54am | IP Logged
Originally posted by silvia1999

ha ha loved this interrupted rabba ve videoLOLLOL.

i started to watch this show,bcoz this is a love story.but its moving in dks way.

i want ipkknd not dks and arshi scenes without interruptionSmile

I knew it might take this track.. but this is annoying.. they could have still taken dks way and shown Arshi trying to tackle the problem together.. but now the show is focusing on separating them.. again! I know thats the theme of the show.. but seriously they cant be together even for one episode?? 

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boreddamsel IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 July 2012 at 9:16am | IP Logged
Originally posted by aadhirai

It is really a great idea yaar

To be honest first thing i have done after joining india forums is i make my intro in introduction thread and then i visited frustration thread(on that time shyam was harassing  kushi and i was disgusted)

it really make a sigh of relief for me after sharing my frustrations there

I have never tried it.. not sure if I want to.. I am already addicted to IF and to the show and if there is a thread like that, I will never get any work done LOL

but now i really loved the current track learned to accept things by the way they go
from my point of view

yes.. I understand.. even I'm trying to.. but its just so depressing.. I mean like I said I understand why the CVs are doing all this.. but at the same time my only problem is why is Arshi still suffering.. they could given them one day to relax.. and just enjoy being in love.. and my problem with the show is that they give us hope and then they break our hearts.. just when things were going well, they had accepted that they loved each other, Anjali goes missing and there goes that.. and of course Khushi should have left.. but Arnav brings up the contract.. and I was annoyed at Khushi for not understanding him that that was just an excuse.. ok that also I forgave when I saw how Khushi's actions were changing Arnav.. making him fight for her.. so I was like.. ok so I have forgiven that.. and then the Raizadas walking in.. they could have made Khushi push him away or fight with him.. or some nok jhok there.. and then Raizadas could ahve walked in and seen the flower path.. it would have been teh same.. they still could have understood what had happened.. but no, you have to make the entire family see them together and have Mami say her insults and then have Anjali be all weak and say those hurtful words to her brother! I cannot learn to accept these things.. believe me, I love the CVs.. I want to learn to appreciate what they do.. but I couldn't.. its just too painful to watch.. which is why I just started fast-forwarding! 

everything takes time anjali takes much time to come out of the greatest shock
so i don't expect anything to be happen now

let it heel slowly

whatever may happen it has to be heeled na
there is no other options

Yes.. it might take another 5-6 months and the world will end.. but even then I don't think Arshi will be together LOL As for Anjali's greatest shock.. I can see why she is behaving this way.. she is weak. she wants things to be happy all the time.. but accusing her brother of changing.. that's her younger brother.. does she not love him at all? not eating food, now accusing him of not loving her.. how selfish can she get.. if I'm not happy, then neither should you be.. I mean until now IPK had been a fun, young serial even with the Shyam drama.. Shyam was the villain .. he was disgusting, yet amazing.. but the Raizadas are good people.. at least Anjali and Akash were.. Mami has always been this way, but in a comical way.. But now..?? I agree that people break at situations like this.. but IPK doesn't have to be so predictable like other shows.. IPK was different 'coz it was unpredictable.. .. I guess this is what happens if the show is on SP, for the TRPs to go up you need to add melodrama!

my humble request to all my friends is please have patience and don't expect everything to happen today itself

i love IPKKND in the way it goes
and i don't need any modifications to be happened i still trust IPKKND team that they will make everything to be fine

I'm happy to know that you are happy with the current track... I know the team will make everything fine.. it's just it looks like its going to take forever... !!! I'm sure we will have to wait a year, or at least half a year for htis to be fixed.. 

Sorry I hope nothing I said hurt you.. I'm just trying to make myself feel better by ranting out my frustration! Thanks for your comment!!!!!!
vandana.sagar IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 22 July 2012 at 9:18am | IP Logged
I started watching the show just a few months back when arnav and khushi go to her bua's house to stay and was hooked for mainly the same reason stated above no usual crying and the characters were so real the characterisation so superb down th the last detail of arnav and his diabetes but now ??? There are so many instances that khushi and arnav shared in the past that now after all the drama should make for them to have realised the value for each other and have an honest relationship, the rest of the family ESP stupid mami who knows what khushi went through should be the first ones to support her now. If because of his sister arnav and khushi's relationship suffers she should leave the selfish and obsessive family, she deserves better and Payal should stop suffering silently. First with bubbly and now again!!

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boreddamsel IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 July 2012 at 9:26am | IP Logged
Originally posted by khushifan84

why i am upset?

coz i am frustrated with the negativity shown. this is the only soap i watched so far and i luved this show becoz of its more real and less drama concept. From the beginning, when LA  found out abt ASR and khushi, unlike other serials , they did not turned her into a grey character but shown her a mature person...till few months back every character was so close to reality and we can actulaly relate them with our grany, brother, sister...but everything has been changed and it turned into a high voltage hindi drama where everything being manipulated...which affects ...

Agreed.. I didn't think of that.. yeah, you would have expected La to react differently.. but she handled it maturely.. then why couldn't Anjali? La changed so much. and Anjali? I agree!

why i started watching this show?

becoz i seem to me a real story which is different

Now it's become just any other hindi soap!

what i want to see?

i want to see a mature luv story which all the characters having their own separate but linked story to tell...not just twist the original flavor..

it seems like i started eating a chocolate cake and suddenly i realized its not chocolate cake , its a bhel puri..

Totally agree!!! LOL 
boreddamsel IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 July 2012 at 9:28am | IP Logged
Originally posted by godhuli12

firstly, ur heading is really true...  but Why my sorrow is not going half..  one day its reduced a bit next epi its increased like hell.. Cry

this is exactly my point.. they get our hopes up one day.. then break our hearts the next day!

IPKKND fans r these days not only feeling sorry but also frustrated, exasperated with interruptions, fade up with blame game... and irritated by u-know-who...

I loved d show for its awesome casting, camera works, intensity in every scene.. above all the uniqueness of most characters... not to forget the awesome background (it has the best original background score)

yup, everything about the show is amazing!

I want to see only some sensible story line with proper linking.. no abrupt events.. no unnecessary character addition .. above all no lengthy dragging filler episodes..

These days im missing SENSE in the story...

well said! exactly!

@aadhirai  I also exactly do it when I am frustrated.. go to the frustration link.. until now three times ...Tongue
boreddamsel IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 July 2012 at 9:35am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Zindagirocks_21

I started watching this show because it want like those saas bahu shot , i liked their fights and the mystery about Arnav past made me watch the show but mostly because it's a love story ( Im a sucker for love story ) I thought it'll e good romantic obviously with some fights , misunderstanding but this is too much !!

yup.. that's what I thought too! I thought for once,  a hindi show is sensible.. and not the usual melodrama!

I was really expecting Arnav to support Khushi yeah he is doing it and love their romance , but everytime they get close something always happens like phone but I was actually do embaressed when I saw how the whole family came in and saw them , I was like seriously !! Anjali should seriously get Over it , you can't just spend your whole life like that , for some reason I feel like as if she Is being selfish , Arnav needs to be with his wife , he needs to give her attention as well not only you and I don't get what's te problem with her that Arnav should tell her everything , broter these days when they get married they only tell their wives about their wereabouts but it's not neccesrry that you should tell your sister as well

Anjali is selfish! They have turned her into someone who never loved her brother sincerely.. I mean even in your darkest hour, you do not hurt the people you love.. if she did feel threatened by Khushi, she would cry and honestly tell him.. I wish you would spend more time with me.. not try to say it in such a twisted manner when you know its going to break his heart.. I was most angry the other day when she wouldt eat the food from him.. when she knows he has to eat, he is diabetic and she knew that he wouldnt eat if she wouldnt eat.. I mean she doesn't love him at all.. this is ridiculous!

I would love to see Payal leaving Akash , okie we got it that Khushi didn't tell anyone but it was for ur own good but no everyone just have to Blame Payal and her
Akash should man up and try to understand her situation but everytime she does something he just insults her BULLSHIT !!
Payal leave him and that'd when he will realize WhT grave mistake he did :) 

Payal should leave and never go back.. Guys never change!
If you think about it, Arnav hasn't changed.. he has always been a nice person.. he just didn't know how to show it.. he preferred to act mean so that he wouldn't get hurt.. but he has always been nice.. he only showed his real character to his Di.. and to that little girl at the temple, remember? 
Akash's character itself is weak.. he needs a stronger wife, like Mami for Mamaji.. someone who can overpower him.. make decisions for him.. right now he relies on Arnav and Mami for everything.. Payal can be that.. but she is just trying to be a good wife and bahu and not doing it!

Just want our Arhi scenes back , those eyelocks and rabba ve 

Agreed.. as long as Arshi spend some time together.. as a happy married couple.. I can take any melodrama this world gives me.. I just need some happy Arshi moments and when I say give me some.. I don't mean give me one, and then break my heart the next instance!

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boreddamsel IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 July 2012 at 9:39am | IP Logged
Originally posted by jazzpreet

wow, couldnt have said it better myself. i completely agree with your points. i too watched this show because it was different, as in it wasnt the typical emotional attyachar on the lead female character...but now thats happening in the im kinda bleh about it. yeah arhi's chemistry is the BEST, but that doesnt mean that the CVs can give us 8 mins of them, then fill the rest with nonsense. thats like secretly blending broccoli in your fruit smoothie -  forcing something that we dont want down our throat under the pretext of something pleasant. gah. this show is getting super annoying, because nobody speaks up! every character has been butchered in some way or another. mishti's spoiler for today doesnt even seem appealing; looks like we're in for an overdramatic anjali week filled with tears. i dunno if this is considered "bashing", i tried my best to keep my opinions non-bashing-ful, but it is what it is. right now the only thing that motivates me to watch this show, or at least read the written update for it, is the arhi chemistry, and the fact that arnav and khushi are not (severely) misunderstanding each other. thanks for making a great post ! 

Agreed! That is not bashing.. or at least not bashing in my mind LOL 
I mean they say we want only Arshi.. but thats not true.. there was a time when we loved Anjali, when we like Akash and even we cheered for Manorama bond.. til now Manorama was the only over-the-top melodramatic character in this show.. but even then she was funny.. so she was forgiven. .but this is just too much.. They just killed Anjali's character.. I mean I understand she is weak and selfish, but even in your darkest hours, you still will want your diabetic brother to eat food and you will not purposely tell him that he has changed and that he doesn't love her anymore! Even if you do, that will be very honestly.. I can see her complaining that she suffered a lot. and she doesn't get any attention.. not the way she said it!

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