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Second.Hand.Jaawani.Of.The.Week #5 (Page 15)

VishaD. IF-Veteran Member

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Posted: 28 July 2012 at 9:42am | IP Logged
Originally posted by angel_juhi04

1. Name- Visha
2. Age- Wink
3.Place- Malaysia
4.Height- Smile
5. Weight- LOL
6. Eye colour- Dark Brown
7. Hair colour- Dark Brown
8. Hair length- Shoulder length
9. Favourite movies- Many
10. Favourite actors- Ranbir Kapoor
11. Favourite actress- Shruthi Hassan
12. Favourite serials- YMGGK
13. Favoyrite TV actor- Karan V Grover
14. Favourite TV actress- Suhasi Dhami
15. How u became IF member?- While looking for updates
16. First section in IF- YMGGK
17. Sections u were/are part of- YMGGK, RSSI, Fear Files, Sensational South, Bollywood
18. +ve things of IF- Many friend
19. -ve things of IF- Addiction
20. Have u met any celebrity in person? If yes then who? No
21. Which celebrities u wanna meet? Abhaaran
22.Fav songs of TV serial- Prabhu Ki Kirpa/ Tum Mere Kaun Ho
23.Fav songs of movies- Many to say
24. Fav songs of non-movie by singers- 
25. Fav singers- Sunidhi Chauhan
26.Fav cartoons- Tom & Jerry
27. Fav sports- None
28. Fav foods-Mum's cooking
29.Ur hobbies- Online
30.Ur aim in life- Become successful
31. Fav colour Pink
32. Fav fruits : Watermelon
33. Fav vegetables: Mix vege
34. Girly, tomboy or combination of both Girly
35. ur name meaning : Not sure
36. Fav animals: Puppy
37. Fav birds : Parrot
38. Do u hv pet/ If yes then wat? A puppy
39. Fav season: Raining
40. ur zodiac sign
41. Is ur hair curly or straight? Straight
42. Do u wear glasses? No
43. Do u wear braces? No
44. Do u wear clothes shorter than knee n wid deep necklines? No
45. Make-up or natural look: natural
46. Fav foods  ;Mum's cooking
47. Love- Wink
48. Friendship- Forever
49. Life- is complicated
50. About me- You are lovely

Well, to make ur both girls mood exciting n excellent, d following asked by me vl only be related to YMGGK...so enjoySmile

1. how u got attracted to ymggk? Saw Karan while switching the channels
2. 4m which episode u started watching? wat was in dat epi? The episode Abha comes to work at Karan;s house and Karan sees her
3. ur fav characters : Many but mainly Karan and Abha
4. ur fav couples : Abhaaran
5. fav episodes: The episode Karan married Abha
6. episodes dat made u cry : The episode Abha sits in front of Karan's photo and shouts as she thinks he is dead
7. epis dat made u sad : CP dies
8. epis dat made u angry: Koyal, Yasodra
9. epis dat made u most happier: The marriage and re-union
10. fav chemistry : Abhaaran
11. fav songs : Tum Mere Kaun Ho
12. fav dialogues(4m anyone)- Karan's dialogues to Abha
13. dialogues dat made u cry : When CP Died
14. dailogues dat made u angry: Yasodra's dialogues are annoying
15. dialogues dat made u laugh: Sheetal maami's ones
16. dialogues dat made u sad : None
17. dialogues dat made u happier : Many
18. fav kids. wat made u like them more? Tanvi and she is cute Embarrassed
19. fav scenes- Abhaaran scenes
20. scenes dat made u cry - Last episode
21. scenes dat made u angry When evil ppl does something
22. scenes dat made u laugh - Not much
23. scenes dat made u happier - When all are happy together
24. scenes dat made u sad - When Abha is sad
25. fav tracks- Abhaaran marriage
26. tracks u hated- The accident track
27. fav supporting characters- Laaj
28. characters u hated most- Yasodra
29. fav cameos(good or bad or change of nature)- Dr Aruntathi
30. have u ever dreamt anything related to ymggk. if yes wat was d scene?Daily LOL
31. describe qualities of these guys u want in ur mr. right:
a. karan- The whole package
b. jagmohan- Loving
c. vimal- Caring
d. veer- Naive
e. thakur- Strict but loving
f. sanskaar- Confused
g. ranchod- Funny
h. prakash-Quiet
i. viren-Selfish
j. raghav- Tolerant
k. raj- Subtle
32. heartbreaking:
a. scenes : Many Confused
b. dialogues: Can't remember much now.
c. episodes : Last episode
d. moments : When Abhaaran gets seperated.
33. which characters r u dying to meet? Karan and Suhasi
34. couples u like apart 4m abharan Laaj
35. couples u wanted to happen but never happened in ymggk Viren and Shelly
36. wat excited u most? Ranchod and Albeli
37. wat disappointed u most in ymggk apart 4m ymggk ending? The 4 males dying
38. fav comic scenes
39. irritating scenes
40. characters u want to hug Karan
41. characters u want to slap/kick/punch/kill/giive gaalis or watever Sheetal mami
42. fav supporting characters Thakur
43. wat u liked n hated in lookalikes: 
a. ranchod- He is funny and different from Karan
b. albeli- For a chance, Albeli was not a mahaan
44. -ve characters u hated most : Yasodra
45. wat u hate or hated in lead couple(yaa, they have/had some -ve points which v all know):
a. abha : Too good
b. karan How he could not recognize his Abha? Confused
46. which marriage of abharan u liked d most? The first
47. fav mother figure CP
48. fav father figure Jagmohan
49. fav angels in abharan's life Shelly
50. wat do u think r d most dreadful storm in abharan's life? The two years seperation
51. fav moments Abaaran moments
52. sad moments Cry
53. happy moments Smile
54. moments making u laugh LOL
55. angry moments Angry
56. moments making u cry Cry
57. cameos u hated : Sushant
58. wat do u want in ymggk in future? To re-start
59. things u want to change to change in ymggk after albeli track 4m 24.3.12 episode, d way u actually wanted it to go n finally ymggk to end : A proper ending
60. character 4m ymggk u want to play in its sequel/movie/remake/play : All of them
61. ur reaction wen ymggk ended Sad and shocked
62. whose else watch ymggk wid u @ home? My dad and mum
63. how u like ymggk forum n members? They are cool and friendly
64. fav looks:
a. abha
b. karan
c. ranchod
d. albeli

e. any other
65. which pratibha u liked most? zarina wahab, natasha sharma or surbhi tiwari n why? Zarina Wahab was the best
66. which kanika u liked most? lavina tandon, silkina kaur or shivangi sharma n why? Silkina was better
67. fav siblings Lata-Abha
68. fav family Prasad
69. fav mom-daughter CP-Abha
70. fav father-daughter Thakur - Abha
71. fav mom-son CP and Prakash
72. fav father-son Jagmohan with Karan-Vimal-Veer
73. fav parents/couples wid kid/kids Laaj and Taanvi
74. cute:
a. scenes
b. moments
c. dialogues
75. characters u wanted to go in TV n:
a. hit
b. kiss
c. hug
d. slap/punch/kick
e. give gaalis (Said it above Wink)

76. wat u learnt 4m ymggk? Values
77. wat u want in season 2 if it happens? season 1 continuation or a whole new story like kini mohabbat hai 2 n chhoti bahu 2? any concept or ideas u hv... Whole new story
78. fav montages : The second one
79. montages u loved most : The one Abha is holding Paavni and Karan kisses Abha's forehead
80. montages u hated most : The one that had Koyal in it
81. fav promos : All of them
82. promos u loved most  All
83. promos u hated most : The Viren- Abha wedding
84. fav promo before ymggk started: YMGGK Ki Shaan
85.fav abharan: (All of them)
a. moments
b. scenes
c. dialogues
86. wat qualities u love in abharan? Mutual Understanding
87. 4m wer do u watched ymggk? Online
88. fav turn of events in ymggk Karan marries Abha
89. turn of events u hated most : CP dies
90. things u loved most in ymggk :All
91. things u hated most in ymggk Confused
92. bloopers dat u still remember : Ermm
93. characters u wanted to see most n does not wanted to end soon :Karan and Abha
94. characters dat got on ur nerves d most so u wanted it to end but never happened Sheetal
95. which characters death scenes made u most sad n even made u cry? CP and Dadi
96. do u really wanted to see abha n other female characters in western clothes before marriage n also after marriage wen needed? if yes then wat type of clothes? Modern or party kind
97. who u actually wanted to see as widowed ladies husband/
a. shelly-viren(hope u wanted dat) Yes Wink
b. kanika-enter ur fav actor Karan Wahi
c. priyanka-enter ur fav actor Barun
98. hv u watched ymggk shooting? No
99. vl u get bored watching ymggk epis again n again? No
100. any message for ymggk Please return soon

VishaD. IF-Veteran Member

Joined: 19 February 2008
Posts: 77634

Posted: 28 July 2012 at 9:45am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Priyyanka

k since i've not been here fir so long, you gys have to answer my questions

1. Would you like to meet any friend of yours you met online?? YES Big smile

@. Would you give an online friend who you are close to your number?? Ermm
aarcha IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 15 April 2010
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Posted: 28 July 2012 at 10:18am | IP Logged
visha...u didn ans my Q ... AngryLOL
VishaD. IF-Veteran Member

Joined: 19 February 2008
Posts: 77634

Posted: 28 July 2012 at 10:20am | IP Logged
Originally posted by aarcha

visha...u didn ans my Q ... AngryLOL

On the way dee. That's why i didn't post 'Yeah, im done' yet LOL

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VishaD. IF-Veteran Member

Joined: 19 February 2008
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Posted: 28 July 2012 at 11:00am | IP Logged
Originally posted by aarcha

i luvd those Qs...good grilling & frying of visha & aanchal... Thumbs UpShocked 

so from me...for both of u... 

u r all alone in u'r home...Home Alone...the clock struck once !! the power went off... it was pitch dark...suddenly u saw a candle lit... wind flew... the curtains danced... a dark figure moved forward ...and...

bolo...bolo wat hapnd ?? Evil Smile 

i closed my eyes and when i opened them, i saw all my friends and family members around with a cake in front of me and all screamed Surprise!!! Happy Birthday Big smile

it was a lazy sunday evening... the weather was good with cool breeze... somebody rang the bell ...u opened the door & received an envelope... u'r heart skipped a beat...it was an invitation for a candle lit dinner in a beautiful resort with a note...meet me @ sharp 7.30 pm...u went there...& was surprised 2 c barun , karan & arjun der...they came 4ward & greeted u...hey lovely Sister Clap...wat can v do 4 u ?? Wink

do continue...Tongue

Hi brothers, how are you? Want me to tie some rakhi for you? I bet that question must have made them shocked but Karan, you can be my date but never my brother LOL

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aarcha IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 15 April 2010
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Posted: 28 July 2012 at 11:23am | IP Logged
achaa...toh karan ko nahii chodunga...kyun ?? arreyy...usse bhi rakhi baandhonaa  ... Wink only for the sake of us... ROFL
VishaD. IF-Veteran Member

Joined: 19 February 2008
Posts: 77634

Posted: 28 July 2012 at 8:42pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by aarcha

achaa...toh karan ko nahii chodunga...kyun ?? arreyy...usse bhi rakhi baandhonaa  ... Wink only for the sake of us... ROFL

Nehi dee, Karan is my jaan. How can he be my brother? ROFL
angel_juhi04 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 16 September 2011
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Posted: 30 July 2012 at 11:10am | IP Logged
in 64th ymggk, u hv to answer d given character's look u liked...
for eg. abha-modern corporate look n saree wid short blouse sleeve before d leap look
karan-clean-shaven look
albeli-straight puffed hair look wid sarees 4m d raj bday party
ranchod-1st look wen he entered n also clean-shaven look
others u can include anyone u wishSmile

kanika's character wud hv turned positive a long early if silkina wud hv continued playing kanika but d bringing of shivangi changed everything...wateva any1 say, silkina was d most beautiful lukn kanika which i thought vl turn positive after thakur paid for jaggu's heart surgery wid d d 5 lakhs he got after publishing his book wid kanika thanking thakur n also allowing her to do modelling but d achanak se changing of kanika wen she 1st came to hospital wen lata was in hospital in koyal-raj-dev-abharan-vimal-lata track, she was nowhere acting wat v expected her to be good

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