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Beyond All Reason UPDATE 30/09 LINK FOR BLOG (Page 31)

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Arshi filled chapter? Yes please!

Chapter Four : Soul Mates.

What draws friends together
does not conform to the laws of nature. 


Khushi patted down her pale yellow floral sundress and straightened out the silver chain around her neck before pulling on her white cardigan. The sound of a horn let her knew it was time and she made her way downstairs to the sound of her grandma's voice.
"Garima, dear how are you?" The elderly lady asked with genuine care as she embraced Garima.
"I am very well Sheila, you look lovely. How is your knee today?"
"Oh it's playing up again but one just has to learn to deal with these things...There's my pretty little girl! Come and give grandma a kiss, Kristie." Sheila beamed up at Khushi who was making her way down the stairs in her best Sunday Church dress looking like porcelain doll. She had preferred to call Khushi by her middle name, knowing that her pronunciation of her Indian name was not how it should be. Gureema was still ok; Kooshi was just all kinds of wrong.  Khushi skipped into the waiting arms of her grandma and gave her a peck on the cheek.  She had always looked forward to Sundays even if she didn't look forward to attending church. She loved listening to her grandparents  telling her stories about her father, taking out for a treat after church and hear them bicker. It would always start with her grandfather doing something, anything, on purpose that would get a reaction out of her grandma and then all hell would break out. Back and forth, back and forth the two would be at it until they were a street away from the church, when grandpa would say something that would melt away all the frustration she felt towards man and laughing to her heart's content. Though she felt joy seeing the love her grandparent's shared and it made her wish her father was still here. So that she could watch him and her mother both share such moments.
"I'll just go and put the kettle on...Will Vic not be joining us?" Garima asked as she began to make her way towards the kitchen.
"Oh no no, don't trouble yourself dear, we're getting late as it is. Vic and I will stay a little longer when come to drop Kristie off." The horn sounded again. "Oh alright, alright old man I am coming!" Sheila shouted the front door, waving a dismissive hand towards her husband who was pointing towards the watch on his wrist. "We had better get going dear before Vic pops an anxiety vein." She chuckled kissing Garima on the cheek and taking leave.
"Khushi, behave!" Garima called after them pointing a finger of warning towards her daughter before blowing her a kiss.

Khushi climbed into the back seat of her grandfather's blue Rolls Royce  Silver Cloud breathing in the pine wood air fresher which engulfed her in comfort. "Ah, my little angel." Vic smiled as Khushi leant forward to place a kiss on her grandfathers stubbly cheek.
"Can we have the top down today pops?" Khushi grinned.
"I don't think your gammy will be too happy since she had her hair done today, so yes we can have the top down today." They both giggled as Khushi sat back in her seat buckling up.
"Oh, Victor must you put the top down." Sheila complained as she sat in the passenger seat and began to rummage through a handbag in hopes of finding a scarf.  "You know very well that I have had my hair done this morning." Sheila was beautiful even at her age. You could see it in the high rise of her cheek bones, the slim nose the doe like eyes and the glow of her skin and the natural pink tinted lips that she had broken many hearts in her day.
" I also know that whether the top is up or down it will make no difference to the way it looks. Don't worry love, no one will notice."
"Oh you just wait until Roger sees me."  Sheila said tartly as she wrapped a silk scarf around her head. Khushi suppressed another giggle at the mention of her grandmother's admirer.
"I thought you would have heard love, Roger won't be attending church for a few weeks he has had to have a hip replacement.  On the other hand Mrs Barker is back from her trip from Spain, she told me she couldn't wait to show me her tan." He winked at his wife whose jaw dropped open at the implication. Victor Griffin was handsome and charming man and despite all his efforts to annoying his wife, she could never be annoyed enough with him to stay mad at him for long.
"Oh you devil!" Sheila said scandalized swatting her husband's arm as they set off. "Enough of your nonsense Victor. Here Kristie dear." As tradition Sheila handed her granddaughter a strawberry flavoured lollipop from the glove box but Khushi refused shaking her head.
"I'm grounded. Mama says I am not allowed any treats." She explained.
"Oh, well that's a shame." Sheila nodded tuning away and putting the lollipop away.
"We won't tell if you don't." Vic grinned at Khushi through the rear view mirror giving her a wink.
"Victor! That is no way to spoil a child." He grimaced as Sheila swatted his arm as she scolded him.
"I was looking forward to Pizza Hut." He mumbled dejectedly making Sheila chuckle.
"You look forward to eating all the time, always...It's ok Kristie dear we will go some other time." She smiled reassuringly.
"What did you do this time kid?" Vic asked looking over his shoulder before looking back out to the road ahead.
"I may have ruined something that meant a lot to someone." Khushi answered quietly as she looked down at her fingers, picking away at her nails.
"Did you mean to do it?" Sheila asked making Khushi look up at her and then back out to the passing countryside.
"At the time, yes." She answered her fingers reaching up to the silver chain around her neck. "But I didn't know it had sentimental values." She quickly added in her defence.
"And who is this someone?" Vic enquired.


Garima was in the kitchen preparing lunch for when Sheila and Victor arrived back from the church.  She wrapped a white apron on around her waist bringing the ties around to the front were she knotted it securely. She flicked through the black note book in which she had written down recipies trying to find the one she fancied.

"Just order something in Garry, they will never know."

The memory echoed in her mind making a smile touch her lips as she remembered the first time she tried to cook a full on English meal.

"I can't just order in! That would be cheating, now, how about keeping your stupid ideas to yourself and actually helping me find something in this darned magazine."
"You're not going to find anything you like, you are a vegetarian and Sunday lunches are stuffed with meaty goods."
"They are going to hate me."
"They will love you...Just spice it up the way you know best. The Indian way."
"But this Sunday roast is an English tradition with English ingredients."
"The Foreign Secretary claimed Chicken Tikka as a British national dish...I'll think you will be ok."

She bit back her trembling bottom lip and fought the tears in her eyes as the familiar hole in her heart made its presence known. A knock on her front door gave her a little jump but was thankful for the distraction.
"Good morning aunty."
"Good morning Arnav what a pleasant surprise. Would you like to come in?"  She smiled down at the  boy making way for him to step in but he made no move to do so.
"Aunty, may I speak to Khushi?" He gazed up into her warm brown eyes which were highlighted by the vintage looking peridot knee length dress that had a bateau neckline. Her hair was perfectly up in a bun and her only accessories were two small pearls in her ears and a single pearl on the thin band she wore on her left hand.  'Stepford.' He thought to himself looking at the spotless white apron, remembering how his father would teased his mother with the word every time she dressed in a such a way. But there was warmth that Garima exuded, a genuine smile which never faltered on her lips and it was easy to see that there was no pretence to her look.
"I'm sorry beta, she is attending Sunday Mass with her grandparents. She will be back in time for lunch."  Arnav's brow furrowed with confusion as she looked at the small statue of Ganesh that sat on the sideboard in the hallway of the house.
"Sunday Mass?" He thought out aloud making Garima chuckle knowing that her friend hadn't explained Khushi's heritage.
"Yes Sunday Mass, why don't you come in she won't be gone for too long and then you can join us for lunch. You can ask Aki to join us if you like."
"Er, no I should go Mami will be expecting me at lunch."
"I understand. I'll let Khushi know you called for her."
"No." He replied quickly. "It's ok, I'll see her tomorrow. Thank you."  He turned briskly and walked away.  Not quiet understanding what he was doing at her door so early in the morning. He had read the note she had left him the day before countless times, going over the pros and cons of befriending someone as wild as Khushi. The trouble she would cause. The hurt she could bring to him. It hadn't taken him long to devour the piece of cake for him which quickly swung the argument in her favour.  "But what if she does something mean again?" He mumbled to himself.
"Who is being mean to you?" Manorama said answering the door to see Arnav lost in thought. "Arnav, I asked who is being mean to you?" She lifted his chin so that she had his attention. "Was it Khushi again?"
"No Mami, it's nothing, Khushi's not at home."


Garima had finished setting the silverware on the table as the door bell rang again. She untied her apron throwing it into utility room before making her way to answer the door. She took a deep breath before opening the door.
"Smells absolutely marvellous!" Victor said taking a large sniff through the door. 
"You behave as if I refuse to feed you. I apologise Garima dear."
"Oh it's quiet alright, it's lovely to see you Victor." Garima smiled as the elderly man stepped into her house.
"You look as beautiful as ever my child." He wrapped an arm around her shoulder pulling her into a side and placed a kiss into her hair.

"I can't believe how much you are like your father, I understand now where you get your strange sense of humour and love for food."
"And my devilishly good looks?"
"Naa, Victor is far more handsome than you."

She led them into garden for some wine and small starters when it dawned on her that Khushi had still not come in.
"Where is Khushi?" She enquired peering back into the house.
"Oh she gone over to Mona's to see that little boy, oh, what was his name?"
"Aki?" Garima asked.
"Araav." Victor said with a smug look thinking he had got it right.
"You mean Arnav?" Garima corrected.
"That's it Arnav, yes she's gone over to see him."
"But she is grounded.  Didn't she tell you?" Garima asked evidently annoyed at her daughters little stunt.
"Well yes she did..." Sheila said with regret. As a mother she understood how it felt when others interfered in the up brining of your child, especially if you are trying to discipline them.
"Oh calm down love, she's not run off to Disney land with a suitcase full of chocolate."Victor tried to reason almost spilling his glass of red wine. "She told us what had happened to the boys t-shirt. She didn't mean it. Our girl would never do such a thing if she knew what that shirt meant to the poor boy. So we made a trip into the city-."
"The city! No wonder, here I was thinking why it was taking you so long, please tell me you didn't take her out for lunch?" Garima ask sinking down into the empty deck chair.
"No no no, we took her shopping." Victor answered flatly taking a casual sip from his glass.
"Oh lord." Garima sighed, closing her eyes.
"It's not like that dear, let me explain since victor here is giving you a heart attack of sorts." Sheila placed her hand a top of Garima's as Victor stifled a laugh.


"Khushi? Hmm for a girl that's grounded you sure do get out a lot." Mahindra ruffled thecurly locks of the little girl letting her into his home.
"Uncle!" Khushi beamed standing on her tiptoes as Mahindra bent down so Khushi could place a kiss on his balding head.  "Hmmm Aloo parathe!" Khushi said walking like a trance like state towards the kitchen.
"Yes Mami has made some fresh for lunch, joining us?"
"Ermmm. No. I mustn't. I mean I can't. A...Aki in?" She asked knowing full well that he wasn't.
"No beta he has football on Sundays, remember?"
"Oh. Yes...Uncle, is Arnav in?" She asked drawing big circles on the rug with her toes.
"He's probably up in room." Mahindra answered nonchalantly as his phone buzzed with a text.  Khushi took her cue and run up the large set of stairs and down the corridor to the last room. The door was open and she could see Arnav at his desk reading something.
"Did you get the note, did you eat the cake?" She asked barging into his room. Arnav turned around to see Khushi in her pale yellow dress and white cardigan, her hair was a little windswept but her hands were strangely behind her back. He looked at her and then back at the door, then back at her and back at the door.
"Sorry." Khushi mouthed as she backed towards the door and then gave it a quick knock. Arnav shook his head and turned his attention back to the book. "May I come in?" She chirped. Arnav gave a her single nod whilst still being engrossed in his book.
"So?" She asked taking another step into his room. Arnav closed the book and turned to face her with his arms crossed. "Did you get the note? Did you eat the cake? Will you be my friend?" She bombarded him with question making him lean back at the onslaught. "Did you? Did you?" She asked with hopeful eyes.
"Yes? As in yes to all of them or yes I read the note but don't want to be your friend or yes I want to be your friend but didn't eat the cake or yes I did eat the cake but didn't read the note or yes-."
"Yes I did eat the cake. Yes I did read the note." Arnav said cutting Khushi off mid rant.
"And friends?" She asked but received nothing but silence. "Your weird." Khushi noted as Arnav continued to look at her without moving or saying another word.
"Look who's talking" He retorted.
"Oh so you do know how to say other words apart from just repeating the ones other people have already said?!." Khushi countered clenching the paper bag in her hands.
"You know, you're not as dumb as you look." He smirked.
"And you are as nasty as you look!" Khushi snapped back. Her eyes filled with loathing and rage.
"Good!" He declared with a slight shrug
"Good." She called back folding her arms with the paper bag still in her hand
"Fine!" He spat at her.
"Fine. Here!" She shoved the paper bag to his chest. Her brow furrowed her lips in a pout. 'Angry little lion.' He thought looking at the curly mane that danced around her pretty little head.
"What the-." He took the paper bag and pulled the crumpled edges apart to see inside. Khushi walked over to his bed and sat down with her arms still firmly folded. "What's this?" He asked looking at the bag and then at Khushi.
"Are you blind as well as mean?" Khushi asked sticking her tongue out at him. Arnav rolled his eyes and reached in pulling out a familiar looking shirt. "I don't remember my dad much." Khushi said quietly as her hands fell into her lap. "I was very young when he passed away."
"I'm sorry." Arnav said quietly as he came to sit beside her on the bed.
"Me too." She smiled a faint hint of a smile before looking back down at her hands. "He left me this though." She said holding up the silver chain around her neck. "If anything were to happen-If I- I didn't know about the shirt, I promise. Akash never told me."
"I know."
"Did the stains come off?" She asked grimacing in anticipation of a negative answer but to her surprise he nodded. "Yey!" She exclaimed jumping where she was sat. "Well what I, well we thought that you should put that shirt away, you know for safe keeps and instead wear this one."
"Ye, me, gammy and pops." She answered nonchalantly.
"And you decided this when you attended church today?"
"Yes I attend church every Sunday." She answered confused with his random questions.
"But you have a small mandhir in your house and a statue of Ganesh. I saw them."
"I know." Khushi asked getting up from the bed not quiet understanding his point. "But what do you think? Good idea right? And so you don't get mixed up in the shirts I have marked this one with a 'K' on top of the team badge." She said with broad smile taking the shirt from his hands and pointing at her intial. Arnav looked down at the shirt. All the memories drifted before his eyes, the matches, the lunches, the big screen TV's, the tickets through the post.  'Dad.' His smile, his laugh, his singing, his shouting at the ref, the way he would sneak in treats after desert, his hugs, his stories, his love for old movies.
"Mogambo, khush huwa." Arnav said holding up the shirt with a nod of approval.  Memories, life is about making memories. He had memories with his old shirt and now he wanted to make some with the new. The girl didn't have a malicious bone in her body, he saw that now. He believed that she was telling the truth about not wanting to hurt him. He believed that they she was genuinely wanting to be his friend, why else would she tell him about her father or the chain. It occurred to Arnav then that being friends with this wild child was maybe something he needed to do.
"DO you like watching old movie?" Khushi fizzed with excitement to which Arnav nodded. She fist pumped the air and turned to leave. "Great! Then you can come over for movie nights on Friday! It will be sooo much fun, I can't wait. Wait, you are going to come right?" She turned sharply to find him following not so far behind. She looked at the finger she was pointing at him and then pulled it away.
"I'll ask Mami." He smiled.
"Oh you won't need to. Mona darrrling will be just fine with it." She headed out of the room when she stopped again placing her hand on to closing door. "So we are friends right?" She asked offering her hand. Arnav took her hand in a firm shake making Khushi smile like a Cheshire cat. "We are going to have soo much fun!"
"I was afraid you were going to say that."


"I don't get it how can you attend church?" Arnav asked with his hands in his pockets as he kicked the ball towards Khushi.
"I just walk in and sat down with gammy and pops."
"No I didn't mean...Aren't you hindu?"
"Yes, I told you I go mandhir." Khushi replied kicking the ball back to him."
"Then why go to church?"
"Because dad was raised a catholic dunh!" She said pulling a face. "Mum and dad wanted me to respect and learn about both faiths. nd since dads not here gammy and pops take me to church." She shrugged  before kicking the ball purposefully at his head. With a squeal she jetted off as Arnav caught the ball and chased her around the garden, threatening to get her back.

Garima had not seen Khushi this happy for a while. She found it hard to believe that her daughter was grounded with the size of the smile on her little face. Three weeks since they had become friends and they had become inseparable. Though she was still grounded Arnav would be at their home waiting for her to be back from school.  He would have his tea and supper with her, he would help her do her homework and chores and in return she gave him back his smile and laugh with her antics.
"He is good for her." Garima told Manorama as she sipped tea and leaned back on to her sofa.
"And she is trouble for him." Monrama snickered shaking her head.
" She is not." Garima tried to defend but failed as she followed her best friend with her own laughter. "She's going to have him wrapped around her little finger like Aki."
"Only Aki is not as innocent as Arnav." Manorama noted placing her cup on the coffee table. She had watched as Akash distanced himself from Khushi, refusing to play with her when she was with Arnav, which was most of the time. It was natural for him to feel betrayed by Khushi. But her biggest concern was how this feeling of betrayal shape him as an adult?
"You really think so?"
"Aki turns a blind eye but that doesn't mean he doesn't understand. Arnav on the other hand wouldn't know trouble if it smacked him in the face." She knew Arnav didn't trust anyone easily but when he did he would do anything for them at any cost.
"I bet she has already!" Garima laughed.  "But Khushi is not a bad kid."
"No, just adventurous. I'm glad he has found a friend in her, someone who makes him normal." Garima nodded with reflecting on the point.
"Hmm, he should be making trouble at his age and not locking himself up in his room."
"Exactly, so let them cause all the trouble they want, they won't be kids forever."
"Oh no we have the dreadful teen years to look forward too...But Shanti is back at home now, so will that mean Arnav goes back?" It hurt her that the newest member of their family was not going to stay as long as she had hoped. He was a breath of fresh air and yet something about him felt like he was here with them all along. Manorama nodded witha flash of pain filtering through her own eyes with the reality of her nephew leaving them.
"It's his home." She said simply.
"I'll miss him."
"I'll make sure he visits...Have you told Khushi?" Manorama asked
"I don't know how to."


Khushi dumped her school bad in the hall way not bothering to go upstairs to freshen up. She hurried through the hallway and peeking into the rooms trying to find him.
"Khushi, that's not where we leave our school bag, is it? Please take it up to your room." Garima called after her.
"Where is he?" Khushi asked with a look of concern. 'Did they find out about the broken candle holder?'
"He's not here, he's at Mona's." Garima replied shrugging her jacket off and walking towards the cloak room.
"But why?" She heard the hurt in her daughter's voice which only made it harder for her to look her in the eye. She knew it would break her heart.  'Her first heartbreak  and at such a young age too.'
"Khushi we need to talk."


Khushi ran out of the house not heeding to her mother's cries of telling her to stop. Garima followed quickly behind as Khushi ran towards the Raichand residence, banging on the front door once she got there.
"Khushi?"  Manorama asked as she opened the front door to see a crying, more than upset, Khushi at her door. She pushed past the older woman dashing up the stairs as Garima reach the door. "I took it you told her?"
"I am soo sorry." Garima said but was taken into a fierce hug by her friend Mona.


Arnav was packing the last of his clothes in his small suitcase. A task which should have only taken him an hour or an hour and half at the most. Instead he stretched the process out for most of the day. He knew once he had finished packing that would be it. It would be time to leave and as happy as he was to see his mother again he couldn't bring himself to leave.
"You're leaving." She said breathlessly barging through his bedroom door.
"Why didn't you tell me?" She demanded.
"I thought you knew. Everyone knew I was only here for a couple of weeks." He explained getting up from the floor.
"No, no! I didn't think you would actually leave. Why are you going why can't you just stay here?" She argued not wanting him to make sense and prove her wrong, she didn't want him to be smart or have the right answers. She didn't want him to win like he always did.
"Because my mum is at home waiting for me." He reasoned with a smile hoping she would understand.
"Why can't she come and stay here and that way you won't have to leave?"
"I can't." He could never ask his mother to leave the home where she held all the memories of his father.
"I hate you." She said through fresh tears which stung her cheeks as they ran over the reddened skin.
"No don't, I should never have been friends with you. Akash was right. He was right. He knew you wouldn't stay, he kept telling me that you would leave me." She rubbed away the curly locks of her hair which brushed against her eyes.
"I'll come back during the summer holidays." He promised not wanting to leave. Oh how he didn;t want to leave. Not after being with the curly haired she devil that had bought him back to life. He didn't want to be in that dark and miserable place again.
"What if I need a friend before that?"  Her voice broke as a new sob filled the air. "I want my chocolate fudge cake back!" She spat taking a threatening step forward whilst waving a finger at him. She turned and ran out of the room before Arnav had the chance to say anything else.

"Akash was right. He was right. He knew you wouldn't stay, he kept telling me that you would leave me."

"Mum don't go! Mum please stay I need you!"
"I can't do this Arnav, I can't get better with you constantly reminding me of...I'll be back soon."
"But what if I need you?"

Khushi's words resonated in his mind with the memories of his own past mixing in.  Arnav was not new to the feeling of being left behind or unimportant. Tears formed in his eyes as he realised he had just been the reason why Khushi felt unimportant and left behind. He didn't want to be that monster.

Akash had stood in the corridor watching the scene unfold. He hated him for making Khushi cry, for trying to steal her away and then just disregarding her as it was time for him to leave.
"You should have told her." He said.
"I thought she knew." Arnav explained.
"You don't deserve to be her friend.  She was my best friend and everything was perfect until you came along and messed it all up!" The door slammed shut as Akash Astormed into his room leaving Arnav's wide open.


Khushi was still hiccupping from the all the crying she had done. It was past ten o'clock and she knew she would have trouble waking up for school in the morning. She snuggled her teddy bear under her chin willing for sleep to come.
She couldn't tell if she was dreaming or not when she heard a rap on the window. She decided to go back to her dream when she heard it again. Armed with her comb she got out of bed turning on her bedside lamp and made her way towards the window. She wasn't one to fear the boogy monster or he shadow man. She laughed at the thought of witches and thought ghost were to befriend.  She peered out the window out into the darkness when a small figure down below caught her attention. She slided the window up to poke her head out.
"What are you doing here?!" She shouted.
"Shhh you'll get us caught." He said loud enough to her to hear before he began to climb the trelice on the side of the house.
"You're going to fall." She said with her arms folded.
"No I am not. I'm an A star student in P.E." He smiled up at her grateful for her concern.
"I'm going to call mum." She said lifting her chin.
"No you're not." He smirked knowing that if she had any intentions of throwing him out she would have already screamed the house down by now.  He finally reached the top and climbed in through her window.  He took out napkin from his pocket and revealed two cookies. "I know you're still grounded." Khushi took a cookie biting into it.
"I am still not your friend." She said bitingly making her way back to her bed.
" I know."
"I know." She said in a mocking voice.
"Don't do that." He said not looking too pleased at the face Khushi was pulling.
"Why are you here?"
"I couldn't sleep." he shrugged.
"What do you want me to do? Sing you a lullaby." She asked with the fakest smile humanly possible. On any other day he would be in fits of laughter but today was different. Taking a seat next to her he handed her the second cookie.
"Tell me it's ok to go. That we will still be friends when I get back. You are my best friend Khushi. I've never had a best friend before."  She looked into his dark amber eyes not understanding the bond she felt with him but knowing that it was something that he felt too.
"You can sleep here tonight since you're leaving tomorrow." Khushi pulled her feet up and tucked them into the covers. Arnav smiled knowing that that was as far as the conversation was going to go. They would remain friends and she would wait for his return as he waited to be with her again. He walked over to the other side of the bed taking a pillow and placing it down near her feet.
"Don't put your stinky feet near my head." He said with disgust as Khushi wriggled her toes in his face.
"EEe Arnav likes smelling toes, eee."
"Stop it!" He protested swatting her feet away making her laugh. It wasn't long before sleep began close their eyelids and make their head light.
"Arnav." Khushi called drowsily.
"Why can't I keep you?" Her eyes protesting in pain as she tried to keep them open.
"Because I think that means that we would have to get married." Arnav asked his own voice heavy with sleep.
"EEewww" They both sang in unison before peeling with laughter which subsided into silence.


Garima opened the door to Khushi's room as quietly as possible. The sound of gentle snoring filling the room. Manorama sighed with relief as she saw Arnav sleeping on the bed.
"I told you there was nothing to worry about." Garima smiled reassuringly making a move to close the door.
"I'll just fetch him." Manorama said heading towards the bed only to be pulled back my  Garima. She closed the door and walked down the hallway so that the children would not wake to the sound of their voices.
"It's ok Mona, it's only for one night let him sleep over." Garima said knowing that this separation was going to be hard on both of them.
"But Garima, how is this right he is in your daughters bed?" Manorama exclaimed with panic. Not only had her abiding nephew ran away in the middle of the night he was caught in bed with the girl next door. At eleven years old!
"They are children! Aki has had sleep over's." Garima arguesd.
"Aki is not that charming. And it was only in the papers the other day how a 12 boy had become a father."
"In that case Arnav still has one year to go before he make s you a grandma! Will you listen to yourself. You need to see a doctor and get your head checked.  Those are our babies, we have raised them right. Don't you ever doubt that."


Khushi stretched to switch off her alarm and then stretched some more trying to wake her body up. She gasped remembering that she had shared the bed with someone and got up to see the damaged caused. But she found herself alone in bed. He was gone. 'But he will be back.' She told herself as she got out of bed, her eyes falling on a red envelope on the windowsill.
She walked over rubbing the sleep from her eyes picking the envelope up and turning it from side to side thinking of what it could be. It had her name on the front and so decided to go ahead and open it. It was a valentine's day card. It was simple with two little bears holding hands and sharing a balloon. She opened it up to read the scruffy writing inside it.

"A ring is round it has no end and that's how long I'll be your friend."

"Mama made me write that so don't laugh. I'll see you soon curly haired devil."

Khushi laughed whole heartedly knowing how bad Mahindra was at poetry and that Arnav would keep his promise.


Arnav didn't visit in the summer holidays nor did he stop by during the Christmas break. Almost a year to the day he first met her Arnav's train pulled up into Derby station. After a whole year of not seeing her he was finally there, to be with her as it was intended.

Khushi jumped out of the car as Garima parked up and ran towards the station. Mahindra had et Arnav travel by train as he requested as he dealt with moving the rest of his belongings up to Derbyshire.
"Akash?" Garima asked and Akash reluctantly got out of the car and followed Khushi behind. He didn't see the point of being dragged along since from now on this was going to be the Arnav and Khushi show.  She was his best friend who had now found a best friend in someone else.  Akash was going to have to put up a fight if he wanted his friend back.
She pushed through the small crowd at the entrance looking up at the escalators for his arrival. A year of letters that's all there had been to them. They had become pen pals sharing with each other the deepest and darkest secrets that they held. All their fears, hopes, dreams and pain.  She searched for frantically. 'He is back, he kept his promise.'

If it wasn't for her letters he would never have been able to pull himself together as quickly as he did when his mother passed away. 'No killed herself, she did this to herself, to me.' He remembered with a painful ache in his chest.  He dragged his suitcase up the stairs and across the bridge finally reaching the escalators looking for the eyes he knew were searching for him.

As his amber eyes met her clear hazel orbs, relief washed over them as they felt complete once again. He saw all that he needed in those eyes warmth, love and concern. All that he needed to move on with his life was in this small yet amazing girl.
 Arnav Singh Raizada was back in her life, for good. And Khushi Kristina Griffin promised herself that this time she would not let him go.  

It's not a long song so please listen to it... This is a case of the simplest lyrics having the biggest impact. 

Big smile
Who is ready for some teenage arshi action? That's right kiddo's its time to be a little rebelious and being a little experimental Wink if you get what I mean *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge*

Comment if you would like a pm ... Yes I will have my pm service working properly by the next chapter so dont go pulling sly one Tongue

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awesome update loved it was so beautifully written their bonding was so soul fulfilling awesome loved how she bought the t shirt and what she told him loved the innocent conversation awesome akash is going to be brat her reaction to him leaving was so sad and it was so sweet he climb on the roof to get to her loved how they fell asleep together garima and manoram please they were raised well loved how her letters kept him sane and he is back after a yeah awesome update loved it beautifully done thanks for the pm

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That was sooo sweet and cute
can't wait to read more
Thanx for the pm:)
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super cute:)
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awesome update.. it was so cute when arnav came to meet her before leaving.. slept together that night.. how cute..

What Akash is feeling is reasonable.. but this what happens when you are kids.. you form friends, you forget old, you go back to old friends.. :)

loved their cute interaction.. i am so ready for their teenage actions..

just a suggestion.. you could email your readers instead of PMs.. i know it is painful to send it to so many readers.. Maxine has chosen that option.. she sends us emails instead of PM..
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awesome update
loved it
thanks for the pm
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This is so cute...

I can imagine curly haired Khushi running around in her short summer dress playing ball with kid...with beautiful! what a picture you create!

I was heart broken for both of them, the separation is always hard on young friends...I have been through this...though we were just friends...but its somehow get attached so much that you dont wanna let go.

I cant wait to read the teenage!!!

Sad for Arnav...his mother killed herself...this is sad and heartbreaking!

Thanks for the PM

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