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Beyond All Reason UPDATE 30/09 LINK FOR BLOG (Page 22)

cpervaiz Goldie

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Posted: 25 July 2012 at 7:36pm | IP Logged
Awsome story, just love little khush
Plz cont. Soon
Thanx for the pm:)

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dhwanimehta23 Senior Member

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Posted: 28 July 2012 at 8:54am | IP Logged
nice update!!!!!

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schatten Senior Member

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Posted: 28 July 2012 at 11:19am | IP Logged
nyc update
lovd the last line
thnx 4 pm

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inanyregard Groupbie

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Posted: 28 July 2012 at 3:49pm | IP Logged
oh kids!  they feel everything so intensely at that age.  Yet, they're still adorable. 
Enjoyed reading this chapter! Smile

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meghnas Goldie

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Posted: 28 July 2012 at 3:58pm | IP Logged
loving this story! Khushi is adorable as ever! n I feel sad for Arnav Cry
looking forward to more of this!

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ChocoBloc_12 Senior Member

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Posted: 29 July 2012 at 11:36am | IP Logged
Ohh I love it :)
Sorry for commenting late, i've had no internet connection so i've recently been catching up on stuff...

Anyways.. i love the concept of the story, it's so gripping, and the fact that it's like a journey makes it more exciting, their childhood sounds so typical and just kids being kids, but the way you've written it is brilliant, you get swept up in the chaos that they all create :)

Thanks for the PM... looking forward to this one :)

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Bubblii Senior Member

Joined: 05 December 2011
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Posted: 29 July 2012 at 8:20pm | IP Logged
...So maybe there will be one more chapter on their childhood after this one.
But I did warn you about my unpredictable ways so Tongue

Enough yap yap... I still have to work on the update of my other FF!

Chapter two: Let the right one in.

"There is a candle in your heart, ready to be kindled.
There is a void in your soul, ready to be filled.
You feel it, don't you?" ? Rumi.

They sat across from one another with their arms folded, their eyes down cast, their minds buzzing with nothing but the words the other had spat out. The pair had been dragged upstairs and whilst Arnav tried to argue his case to Manorama Mami and Khushi dramatised the situation with her kicking and screaming and cries of justice against the boy who was mean to her. 

Neither of the elder women spoke a word other than instructing the children to do as they were told as they got cleaned. Once they were cleaned up and dry they were led to the small room at the end of the house which Garima had turned into a library...Khushi knew shit was going to go down, the library was her naughty corner.

They sat in large armchairs, their feet dangling, their brows furrowing as Garima paced the length of the room, her arms behind her back. This is not something she had had to deal with in the past. Khushi, like most children was mischievous from time to time and stubborn, 'just like her father.'  But she was not cruel to anyone, she had never intentionally went after someone to cause them pain. That was just not how she had raised her. And it frightened her just a little, what it meant for Khushi as a person and her as a parent. Was she doing something wrong?

 Monrama was standing by the door way with Akash standing behind her. She had known Khushi ever since she had been born and was extremely fond of her. She was never put in a position where she had to pick side since Akash and Khushi got on so well. But today was different, she would never have thought that the bright, kind, gentle, a wee bit crazy girl from next door, would almost bring her tough like granite nephew close to tears.  For the first time she felt upset with the little girl who bought pain onto a boy who was already going through so much. For the first time Monrama was taking sides.
"Ma-."Akash began, trying to save Khushi from the mess she had got herself.
"Dont you dare young man." Manorama said in a low voice as she glared down at her son. "Don't think I won't be having words with you later."  Akash was well aware of Arnav's situation and still remained indifferent and this didn't settle well with his mother. Yes, Mahindra's constant comparison would cause Akash to keep his distance from his cousin, to not warm up to him as a younger brother maybe should. But for him to help Khushi with this act of bullying was something she had ever expected nor did she want to see it again. Yes, for the first time Monrama was picking sides amongst her children where Akash and Khushi were standing on the other side.

"Apologise." Garima said in a low voice her eyes zeroing in on Khushi as she turned to face her. Khushi gulped down the lump she felt in her throat, tears beginning to sting her eyes again, her checks burning with the anger she felt for the boy sat across the room, wishing she possessed the powers of Cyclops from X-Men. "Khushi did you not hear me!"
"Sorry!" Khushi spat at her mum her, the tears burning her cheeks, feeling nothing but betrayal.
"Not to me...Apologise to Arnav and apologise like you mean it." Garima said through gritted teeth. "Do you honestly think what you did was ok? Do you think you were being funny? Is that what I have taught you? What your teachers have taught you? When has it become ok to bully someone?"
"He is the bully!" Khushi shouted pointing at the boy who hadn't even thrown a glance her way.
"Because he refused to play football with you?" Garima asked "Honey, not everyone will want to play with you, that was his choice to make."
"He didn't have to push me, he didn't have to be mean about it."Khushi protested.
"You are right and he has apologised for his behaviour, in fact he even joined you for a small game of football to make up for it."
"Khushi there is nothing you can say that will make what you did, what you have done, ok. You have to apologise. Now." Garima instructed her eyes not blinking as Khushi tried to hold her own but failed miserably. She couldn't, for the life of her, remember the arguments she had in line to justify her actions.
"Sorry." She whispered as defeat settled in.
"Sorry what?"
"I am sorry Arnav." The words tasted like acid as they left her mouth.
"I am sorry for throwing paint and glitter filled water balloons at you Arnav."She sniffed through her tears which were constantly raining from her eyes.
"It won't happen again." She promised her mother rubbing her sore eyes.
"Thank you. I would now like you to apologise to Mona aunty as well." Garima said looking over to Monarama who shook her head letting her know that it was not needed. Garima nodded once closing her eyes with a faint smile on her lips telling her friend that it needed to be done.

"I am sorry Aunty...Akash didn't do anything, he didn't even touch the water balloons." Khushi tried to save Akash from this mess that she had got them both into.
"But he knew what you were going to do and still did nothing to stop it Khushi, that makes him just as much at fault here as you." Manorama said solemnly. Akash felt his stomach knot as the fear of facing his mothers wrath dawned upon him.
"Khushi, you are grounded for the next month." Garima decided. "There will also be no treats, your T.V time has been reduced down to an hour-."
"One hour?!" Khushi exclaimed.
"You are lucky I am still letting you have your normal allotted time in your play room." Garima warned her. "I also want you to write down why you felt you had to do this."
"I have already told you."
"I would still like it in writing Khushi." Garima asked hoping to get more of an insight in what exactly was going on in that curly head of her daughter. She then turned to face Arnav who hadn't so much as moved an inch since he sat down on the chair. Garima's arms dropped from chest where she had folded them as she knelt beside him. She lifted her hand gently placing it gently on his head.
"Arnav, beta, are you ok?" Garima asked in the softest voice Arnav had ever heard making him look up. What he saw were two of the most deep chocolate brown eyes filled with guilt and love. He only nodded in response to the woman not knowing what else he could say to her. "I know what Khushi did today was a very bad thing, not something that I am proud of, but she isn't a bully, not really...She just gets a little crazy that cartoon, Taz from Tazmainia." She smiled hearing Khushi huff behind her. Arnav saw the image of the brown rabid hamster like cartoon character who caused havoc where ever he stormed through. Then he looked up at Khushi, her once neat curls now in a ball of frizz, her face red from all the crying and not doubt anger she felt. Her bottom lip was jutting out and her arms were folded as tightly as she could fold them and he saw, that Garima was not far from the truth. She was a lot like Taz, 'she is the tazmainian devil.' He thought.

"I like to read." He said quietly looking up at the books that filled the wooden cases. Garima saw it, the faintest of lines lifting the corner of his mouth in a crooked smile. She knew in that moment that this boy was special, that she would love him just as much as she loved Khushi and Akash, that she wanted him to be a part of her life just as much as them. She cupped his face in her palms placing a soft kiss in his hair.  "You are more than welcome to come and read here beta."



Khushi sat up in bed, her legs folded under the bright pink covers which matched the bright pink lamp and the bright pink dressing table and her bright pink wardrobe. The rest of the room was in a lighter, more of a candyfloss, shade of pink, the sight of which made Akash sick. She giggled to herself remembering her best friend's face cringing every time he stepped into her room. She hastily picked up the book which was sprawled in front of her when she heard her bedroom door click open.

"It's time for bed sweetie." Garima smiled bringing in a warm glass of milk for Khushi and settling it down on her small beside table which was, of course, was bright pink. Khushi closed her book and sat it beside the glass refusing to look up at her mother. Her little hazel eyes were still a little red and puffy.  Garima sat down on the edge of the breath taking a deep breath, not quite sure if she was doing the right thing. "Khushi I know you are upset with me because I told you off in front of everyone. But you have you understand that what you did was very very wrong. It's just not acceptable and I won't tolerate bully of any form." Her tone was stern and yet soft as she knew she was only repeating herself to make sure that she was understood. She saw Khushi frowning who thought she had heard the last of it.  "I didn't say anything before because I didn't think I would have to tell you. Because even if I this were not the case it does not make whatever happened today ok... I don't know if you are going to understand the seriousness of what I am about to say..." She looked down at her little daughter whose eyes were gazing up at hers questioningly. "Would you like to know why Arnav is staying with Akash?" Khushi nodded "Two years ago, Arnav's father passed away, the t-shirt he was wearing today was the last gift his father bought him before he...That may just seem like a silly football t-shirt to you and Akash but to him, that is something very precious to him."
"Like my chain." Khushi whispered as her hand lightly touched the silver chain around her neck. Garima nodded, pushing back the tears as she felt a hole being punched through her heart.
"Yes like your chain."She agreed. "So you can understand how hurt he must feel right now?"
"I didn't know." Khushi said evidedntly upset with hr self as the truth of what she had done finally hit home.
"I know, I know but even if that shirt wasn't so special you still shouldn't have done what you did."
"How come he is here on his own, where is his Mamaa?" Khushi asked her concern for the boy se thought was a monster taking over her thoughts.
"She's not too well." Garima said gravely.
"Has she got the cold like my teacher Mrs Wilkes?"
"It's a little bit more serious than that honey, she is in hospital where the doctors can look after her properly."
"Is she going to be ok?"
"To be honest, I don't know."

Both mother and daughter sat there in silence. Lost in their own thoughts of what this revelation meant and what would become of the boy, who had stepped foot into their world less than 24 hours ago but one who they knew was here to in their minds and heart indefinitely.


Arnav finished unpacking the last of his clothes closing the wardrobe door shut. He had insisted on moving out of Akash's room after the incident at the Griffin's. He failed to understand what he had done to Akash, that he was compelled to side with the she devil from across the yard. 
"She devil."He smiled to himself which he quickly brushed away. He didn't want to smile.

"It's  commonly known as 'Broken Heart Syndrom' and is something that is experienced when someone is under great stress or in this case has lost a loved one...Treatment will commence straight away, there are no long term effects and it won't interfere in the medication she is already on..."

Arnav slumped down to the floor as he remembered Dr Watkins ever friendly face smiling apologetically at him before he rushed through his house and towards his mother's bedroom. The house filled with the wails of people mourning his father sudden death.

"Mahindra, this is not about a battle with her health. She has been fighting her illness for years and has been fighting strong. She is not giving up because she is tired of being ill she is giving up because she is tired of fighting alone. Amar was her support system and he is not here anymore...His death effected her more than we could ever have imagined...She...She didn't even think about Arnav before she cut herself...You should take him with you."

He was still there, stuck on top of those stairs in his stately home, watching the paramedics rush in, hearing the panicked voices of his family, seeing his mother being carried out and taken away. The ornate rug which his father once insisted belonged to Aladdin, now stained with his mother's blood.

"She's lost the will to live Mona, I don't know what to do. How do I get her back when the one thing she wants is the one thing I can't give her? I can't bring back Amar and she won't spare a single thought for Arnav... He is too young to go through all of this Mona..."
"He isn't alone, he us and Dr Watkins is right, we should take him with us...He will stay with us until Shanti gets better...and maybe even after then."

Arnav didn't want to smile. He didn't feel he deserved to. Why should he get to be happy, when the person who he loved the most was constantly reminded of her pain every time she looked at his face?  He looked up at his Yamaha Guitar the words 'Mini Me' written on to the side with a black marker pen by his dad.

'You and me Mini me.'


It was a little past ten in the evening when Manorama decided to check up on her nephew. se soft licked open his bedroom door to find his bed empty. Her heart leapt into her mouth with the possibility of at eleven year old run away to search for but then her eyes fell on the small figure on the floor. He was lying curled up in a ball on the floor in his plain blue pyjamas. She fought back a sob seeing him in such a state.

He was always was much older for his age which led to him being an outcast amongst his peers. Not that Arnav had let that bother him. His wisdom didn't take away from his innocence his ability to enjoy his youth, to seek adventure, to cause mischief. A part from his ability t understand grownups a lot better than most kids his age, Arnav was a regular eleven year old who dreamed of becoming superman one day.

Manorama wanted to see the familiar sparkle in his eyes again. She wanted him to be his quirky self and discus the climate change with his uncle and in the same breath argue with Akash about DC and Marvel comics. She stroked his soft thick dark hair, noticing the dried up path the salty waters had left behind near his eyes as her own tears streaked down her cheeks.  She lifted him up into her arms and placed him onto his bed, drawing the covers over him. She placed a kiss on his brow before leaving the room. Cursing Shanti and then in the same thought pleading for her to come back home to her son.


He lay awake in bed. Not something he enjoyed doing. He was usually up and out of bed as soon as he awoke from his sleep. But today was different. There was no point getting out of bed. There was no games to be played, no cake o be eaten and no trouble to be caused. All that lied ahead of him today was chores which was followed up by some chores and of course the constant babysitting of his 'elder' brother. 'Some brother!' Akash scoffed as he folded his arms in bed and stared up at the ceiling, remembering a time when they had both taken part in a friendly race.

"Look at Arnav, at this rate he will be competing in the Olympics and you...You are no better than the Teletubbies you watch all day long, why can't you be more like him? Why can't you try harder?"

The patter of small footsteps down the hall broke Akash away from his thoughts. The sound making his frown melt and his lips broaden in a smile.  Only Khushi Kristina Griffin could get away with meeting her best friend, at his house, a day after she had been grounded.



He heard a small tap on the door followed by the sound of steps running away down the hall. Arnav finished pulling his fresh clean shirt over his head before he opened the door, finding, as he expected, no one there. "Very funny." He called out thinking it was Akash poor excuse of playing knock-door-run.
He was about to close the door when he spotted the red envelope on the floor beside the plate. A Plate which had a generous serving of double chocolate fudge cake wrapped with cling film. He picked up both the plate and the envelope and took them inside closing the door.

He placed the cake down, choosing to open the envelope to find a small note. The handwriting was the neatest he had seen, all the letters clear and big with a roundness to them all.

"I didn't know about Amar Uncle and Shanti Aunty.
I am sorry, I really am, I mean it. Pinky promise, no more water balloons.
I would still like to be your friend, if you would like to be mine."

He read the letter again to try and find a fault. To see if he could find any signs of this act of friendship being forced, to find a clue to prove this to be yet another prank of the curly haired she devil. But he found none, instead he only saw two clear, warm hazel eyes staring back up at him. The small note tugging on familiar strings of his heart as he began to hum a song he hadn't heard for a while. A song which was always on his father's lip whenever he strummed the strings of his guitar.


The  breakfast bowl slipped out of Monarama's hands before Mahindra caught it. The couple stared at each other with disbelief before they stepped out of the kitchen and looked up towards the stairs. They looked up towards the top of the stairs in a trance like state from where the melodious sound of Arnav's voice made its way down harmoniously with the strings he had perfected at a young age. He was coming back. Arnav was on his way home.

It's The Beatles...Do I honestly have to ask you to listen to it?...But you should to understand Arnav's relationship with his father.

There you go folks... let me know what you think and leave a comment if you would like a pm Big smile

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loved the update glad khushi had to apologized and them very glad she apologized on her own loved how she has already affected him akash hate is not nice in a boy so youg his father putting him against arnav is not nice poor arnav at a young age suffering so much loved the update thanks for the pm

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