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Beyond All Reason UPDATE 30/09 LINK FOR BLOG (Page 10)

prpk525 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 July 2012 at 4:05pm | IP Logged
Sonds interesting.. :)

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jdots Senior Member

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Posted: 22 July 2012 at 5:57pm | IP Logged
loved it..Nice story...Keep it coming...

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xsumi IF-Sizzlerz

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great FF
loved  it Clap

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Aww this I super cute!!! Big smile
Plz pm me when u update! Big smile

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pinkpearlz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 July 2012 at 8:36pm | IP Logged
Love love love it! Awww what a first fight. Lol, Khushi by force must get a valentine.
Must say, manorma and Garima friendship struck me as so odd, not as in what you wrote, that was brilliant, but i guess its the first time am reading them being friends. Pls do continue soon.

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darkninja Senior Member

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Sounds interesting do continue soon

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Bubblii Senior Member

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Posted: 23 July 2012 at 9:42am | IP Logged

Wow I am really and truly humbled by the response and all the comments...You guys rock
To clarify a few points:

The story is based on the outskirts of Derbyshire, England. (Peak district is stunning!)

The story is not solely based on Arhi's childhood...this and the next chapeter will focus on their childhood, a few chapters to focus on their teens and then we hit the early twenties to early thirties phase... though that is not guaranteed.  New readers will learn I get carried away with my stories...Regular readers are already well aware of the bizarre workings of my mind.


The differences with Khushi's and Garima's names will be explained in the course of the story.


This story does not have the mindf*ucking twists as my other FF, there is no real bad guy (yet), nor will there be such a high number of characters... It's a full on love story...Hence writing for it will be easier, but updates may also be shorter due to this.

Oh k I don't know about the rest of the UK but my 8 year sister had to make a valentine's day card for a fellow student and not her sisters or parents... children did leave that classroom in tears...True story.




...And then she found me is not ending soon nor am I putting it on hold...So calm down, breathe and stop flooding my inbox Tongue
 ... Love your crazy asses Hug!

I don't want to give too much away because this really is just a simple story...But I think I covered the questions raised...If I haven't don't hesitate to bring it to my attention

Any other questions?



Chapter two: Ghosts and Friends.

"Those whom we can love, we can hate; to others we are indifferent." -Henry David Thoreau.

Garima watched as Khushi skipped over to the boy, something about him familiar and yet so unknown. She closed the front door shrugging off her navy jacket and slinging it over her arm. She walked up the large stair case of her home, her thoughts busy reliving a time when everything was right, a time when she had everything she could ask for, a time when she still had him in her life.

"Gary is this some sort of joke?"
"When my mother named me Garima I don't think it was with the intention of you calling me Gary."
"Don't change the subject."
"Why would I lie? It wouldn't make for a very good joke... Hi, I am pregnant...just kidding Haha!"
"Am I going to be a Dad?"
"You can smile a little you know!"
"You are- I mean we – It's actually happening? We are...We are going to do this? I have told you just how much I love you right?"

She walked into her bedroom draping the silk scarf that was around her neck over the foot of her bed on her way to her dressing room. She took the footstool from her dressing table and took it in to her small but spacious wardrobe, climbing up onto it to reach the top shelf.

"We should get a smaller place, in fact, I have seen the perfect two bedroom apartment...I am not going to be able to keep both the house and the baby clean all at the same time."
"Nonsense! ...You are just being lazy."
"This is a five bedroom house! There is only going to be three of us!"
"Well it's a good job you have me then isn't it?  We can share the work load. Partners for life, remember? And if all else fails we can hire some help."
"A small three bedroom cottage..."
"I want our baby to grow up in this home Gary, please?"


She took down an ivory box, her fingers tracing the faint flock relief on the cardboard. She sat down on the plush white rug in her walk in wardrobe, placing the box in front of her. Her fingers hesitated slightly as they lifted off the lid. Her eyes greeted by memories which had locked away, the pain that they brought with them almost soul crushing. Had she not put an iron cast on her heart then Khushi would not have been with her now.

"She's not fit to be a mother, just look at the state of her! She is my grandchild and she will stay with me."

She sorted through the love notes and letters, tickets of concerts and movies, boarding passes and small nic nacks, lifting them all to find a small 6x4 photo.

A boat, the sun in the horizon, a day at the sea, fishing, champagne and strawberries, dancing to the waves, a man sitting in the captain's chair. His head full of dark locks, a contrast to his porcelain skin, his smile small but warm, his handsome face and his light blue piercing eyes, eyes which would make her feel as light as a feather and held depth like no other.

"Dance with me Gary, who knows when we will be back out here."
"You are drunk."
"And you are beautiful, now tell me this was not a good idea?"
"This was not a good idea."
"Oh nonsense! We needed a break, a celebration."
"This will be the last of my celebrations since I can't drink for the next nine months."
"Then come away and get lost with just this one last time...well for nine months or so."

Tears ran down her cheeks, their laughter from the trip still loud and clear  in her ears. It was the last time they had gone away before...His eyes...His face... All gone. All but for the his complexion which Khushi had.
"I told you she would look like you, she has your hazel eyes Garima."
"I wanted her to be like you."
"Nonsense, she is perfect the way she is. My angel."
"Khushi Kristina."
"Khushi Kristina."

A knock at the door broke Garima from her trance like state."Aunty G Aunty G, Khushi is crying." Akash said as Garima opened the door her eyes flying between a wailing Khushi and the frantic look in Akash eyes.
"What happened?" She asked rushing over to her daughter who's arms were stretched out towards her mother. 
"I don't know I was inside, I just heard her cry."He lied having seen and heard everything. He knew if he told Garima what happened she would simply walk away rather than causing a scene and that wasn't what he wanted.

He had heard it all, how Khushi was almost begging Arnav to be her friend to give her some form of attention. 'She's my friend.' He thought possessively, an emotion rarely displayed by usually amiable Akash. But this a not some random new kid on the block. This was Arnav, the boy who he was always compared with, the boy his father wished he was, the boy who was now threatening to take away the one person who looked up to him.

"What in god's name- Khushi what happened beta?" Manorama asked stepping out of the house following the sound of Khushi's cries before kneeling down beside the distraught girl. 
"Maaamaaa." Khushi continued to cry not wanting to be with anyone apart from the one person who she felt safe with the most.
"I am here, I am here sweetie." Garima soothed taking Khushi into her arms and rocking her. "What happened sugar?"
"Ar-A-Ar." She hiccupped.
"Arnav?" Manorama asked to which Khushi nodded. 
"Heee pushed me!" She cried. "Really hard and I fell and I hurt my hands and my bottom and I got my jeans dirty and he didn't sorry and he didn't want to be my friend or my valentine but I said I am his girl friend now so he should maaake mee a carrrd." Khushi fizzed with frustration before she went back to rubbing her sore eyes.
"Let's get you home." Garima said rubbing Khushi's back to try and sooth her hiccups.
"Arnav!" Manorama called clearly upset at what had happened.
"Mona, it's ok I am sure it was an accident."
"It wasn't! I don't like him!" Khushi argued. 
"This is no way for a boy his age to behave, that's not how he is being raised." Manorama justified as she went back into her house to search for her nephew.

All was calm in the Griffin residence. Khushi had had the tiny scrapes on the palms of her hands cleaned by her mother who put some lotion on to the sore skin promising it had magical healing powers. Khushi had wandered off into the garden as her mother prepared her favourite after school snack of jam sandwiches. "Stupid Arnav." She cursed under breath as she kicked her small pink ball towards the goal posts in her large garden. "Stupid stupid stupid. I bet no one even likes him, I bet he doesn't even have any friends. No wonder he didn't have a girlfriend. I bet he didn't get a Valentine 's Day card either." She said, feeling slightly better and allowing herself to smile at the thought that there was someone around who would make her look popular. She kicked the ball aimlessly which flew into the shed through a window which she had already smashed. With a huff she walked over to the shed opening the door. Her eyes falling onto something other than the football, her mind already coming up with a plan, her lips worked up in a mischievous grin.


Garima opened the large wooden door to her front house to see a fuming Manorama with a very upset looking Arnav and an amused Akash. 
"Apologise, please." Manorama instructed placing her hand on Arnav's shoulder.
"But Mami-." Arnav looked up at his aunt and began to protest which fell short. Though he found his aunt a tad bit clingy he did adore her. She held no prejudices against him much like his uncle and had always welcomes him with open arms in to her home. It was Akash who always put him off the idea of visiting.
"Arnav, apologise." She said again her voice calm, her anger in control, her eyes disappointed. Arnav looked up at the woman standing at the door. Garima was a woman who had become a mother far too young and it showed. Her demure beauty was still blooming far from reach of the signs of aging. He had often heard his aunt talk of her best friend how she would rave endlessly to his mother about her stunning looks, evidently envious. 
"Mona there is no need, kids will be kids." Garima tried to reason. 
"Today it was Khushi tomorrow it may be someone else. He came here as a boy with manners and morals and I will be damned if I send him back rogue. Arnav, I don't hear you apologising."
"Sorry." Arnav finally said, gritting his teeth as the words left his lips. 
"Sorry what?" Manorama prompted.
"Sorry Garima Aunty, it won't happen again." Arnav said more sincerely, his eyes beginning to fill with water before he looked away. 
"Good, now go and find Khushi and apologise to her." Manorama ordered.
"But Mami she snatched the ball off me first." Arnav argued.
"Arnav, she is younger-."
"He has a point Mona." Garima interrupted as she took the boy by the shoulders and led the trio in. "Arnav is not the only one who should be apologising.

"Khushi beta." Khushi came running to the kitchen at the sound of her mother's voice only to stop dead in her tracks at the sight of her guest.  She looked down at her entwined fingers as her toes drew circles in the stone floor tiling. "I think you and Arnav got off on the wrong foot." Garima said with a smile. "I think if Arnav says sorry to you and you say sorry to Arnav and you two both go ahead and play nice, there may be some chocolate cake in store for you both." Khushi looked up at her mother with her big doe like eyes a smile touching her lips, her head nodding enthusiastically. 
"Sorry." Khushi smiled at Arnav who if truth be told was having the hardest time trying to figure out the ten year old before him. She no longer looked like the homeless child he had met earlier who was covered in mud. Her face now clear of dirt, her curly locks no longer in a mess. 'Pretty...What! Shut up Shut up Shut up Arnav, she will give you the cooties and the lergies!"
"Sorry." Arnav said with the faintest of smiles touching his lips, wanting the play date to be over with as soon as possible so he could eat his piece of chocolate cake and go home. 'No, Mami's home is not your home. This is not home.'
"Sorry." Smiled Akash getting a laugh from the older women. Arnav rolled his eyes. 'Kiss Ass.' He thought.
"Oh Aki my dear, you would have got a piece of cake even if you didn't apologise." Garima said fondly, pinching Akash's cheek who promptly pushed up his glasses on the bridge of his nose.
"Let's play in the garden." Khushi said with excitement as she jumped on the spot. Arnav shrugged and walked passed her and into the garden with Akash following behind him.
"Chocolate never fails with kids." Garima said winking at Mamorama who looked up at the heavens.
"What is with it with kids these days? It's like they are all born and destined to be crooked politicians." She asked the big man in the sky, waiting for the answers as she always did.

Akash felt a tug on the sleeve of his shirt and he turned to see Khushi with the most ridiculous grin on her face. "Is this the cousin you told me about?" Khushi asked in hushed tones so that Arnav wouldn't hear.
"Yeah, you know he has been wearing that same shirt for the past two days...yuck and I have to share my room with him until he settles in. How stupid is that!?" Akash whispered not to quietly. He knew why Arnav was wearing that shirt. Arnav had told him it was the last present he had received from his father. Not that it made a difference to Akash.
"Shhh don't say that word too loud or mamaa won't let us have cake." Khushi said placing a finger over her lips. "I have an idea." She grinned.
"What are we going to do brain?" Akash asked excitedly.
"The same thing we do everyday Pinky, try and take over the world!" Khushi said in her most menacing voice before she grabbed Akash's shoulder, pulling him and down whispering into his ear.

"I don't want to play football anymore." Akash whined as he sat himself down on the dewy lawn. 
"I have an idea." Khushi beamed winking at Akash.
"Oh great." Arnav said sarcastically whilst lifting the ball over his head and bouncing it hard onto the floor.
"No No No, it's really good. But it's in the shed."
"Well go and get whatever it is then." Arnav sighed. Akash got up walking over to Khushi's side, taking her lead.
"You are not allowed in the shed Khushi." He said trying to control the bubbling laughter.
"I know but mamaa won't know if I am in the shed, me and you will quickly go and get it and Arnie here will stand guard right?" She asked almost fluttering her eyelashes at him making him cringe back 'Cooties Cooties!'
"Don't call me Arnie." He frowned.
"Fine Arnav. But you will stand guard right?" Arnav nodded and Akash and Khushi both shared a look of victory between them.
"Let's go." Khushi waved towards the shed before making a dash for it as Akash ran along with her. Arnav took slow deliberate steps towards the small wooden shed at the end of the garden. 'Should have joined dance classes instead.' He thought to himself.

"How long are you-." He felt the small squidgy ball hit the front of his top before it exploded letting the thick gloop of paint and glitter run down the front. 'That's genius.'  He looked down at his sky blue top being smeared with red paint as the water balloon popped. And then he felt the rage.
"This is for pushing me you bully!" Khushi snapped before picking up another balloon and launching it at him. The howls of Akash's laughter shredding Arnav's eardrums. More than anything he felt betrayed. Yes, he had felt bored most of the afternoon but he thought that they were actually getting on, that he and Akash may be able to get along and maybe that Khushi was not so bad after all. His hands balled into small strong fists as she strode into the shed towards Khushi who squealed and launched another balloon, aiming it at his face.

She had hit the target and it bought her enough time allowing her to escape from the shed and run into the garden. But he was fast, faster than Akash. She saw him from the corner of her eye run past her with no signs of stopping. Khushi pumped her arms harder, wanting to get inside and get to the safety of her mother's arms.  He turned to face her abruptly with armed with a hose pipe, shooting her with jets of ice cold water, making her splutter and gasp and squeal.


"Awww they sound like they are having soo much fun." Garima said to Manorama, both women leaning back into the comfy sofa satisfied that the plan had worked.

Khushi ran towards the jets of water, the closer she got the more it hurt but she didn't care. Arnav pressed down harder on the lever for the hose pipe as he saw Khushi charge towards him. She literally jumped at him grabbing fistfuls of his dark hair in her small hands, yanking his head back and forth. 
Arnav cried out in pain trying to yank her wrists away but when that failed he tried to beat her at her own game. Grabbing on to her curly locks making her cry.
"Let go of me you stupid girl!" Arnav screamed.
"No you let go of me first." Khushi demanded.
"I hate you!" Arnav spat back.
"I hate you, you stupid dog!" Khushi said venomously.  
"You stupid dog, you wait till I tell Mami you called me a dog! You're going to be dead!"Arnav threatened.
"Dog dog dog! You are a dog your mum is a dog your dad is a dog your whole khandan is just one big fat stupid dog!" Khushi screeched with both pain and anger as she felt Arnav's fists tighten in her hair.

They both felt the other being ripped out of their hands as strong arms wrapped around them, pulling them apart. But they still fought trying to get hold of the other, their eyes full of nothing but loathing and the thirst of revenge. She stretched and she twisted and turned in her mother's arm to reach out to the boy who affected her in such a way. Not knowing that once she got hold of him, she would never be able to let go.

There we go... I know its not a shocking chapter but lets get all the hate out of the way so we can focus on the Luuurrvve Wink

...For Garima.

don't forget to comment to get Pm's Big smile






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love it love it!!!...continue with the amazing update...update fast superb...oasm...TongueWink

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