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Beyond All Reason UPDATE 30/09 LINK FOR BLOG

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I was not going to start this story until I had finished working on the current story I am telling.
But my Khushi and Arnav just wont let me sit in peace, 
so I need to get them out of my system! 

This is a very different FF, nothing like my current ...And then she found me. ... n fact I dont even know if this will be an FF or and SS... I doubt the chapters will be as long but as the saying goes... 'Its quality not quantity'

Beyond All Reason

Chapter One: Love at first fight...

"Don't grieve. Anything you loose comes around in another form."- Rumi.

There were two things Khushi Kristina Griffin was certain about. One, she would forever be alone and that her fairytale prince would always remain in fairytales. The second, she would always be remembered as the girl who never had a valentine.
She walked home with a heavy heart, tears streaking down her rosy cheeks, her curly locks rubbed in to her eyelids as she tried to clear her hazel eyes of the salty water.
"Khushi, sweetheart you are always my valentine." Garima soothed squeezing her daughters hand gently and placing a kiss on her hair. She took in her daughters mud covered jeans knowing all too well that she had spent her break time running around with the lads in her class and not playing house with the girls.
"That doesn't count Mama!" Khushi whined stamping her feet as she walked along the crowded street. "Vivian said it doesn't count! Akash broke his promise... No one likes me! I don't want to go back on tomorrow."She wailed. "They are all just going to laugh at me, stupid bullies!" She cried as fresh tears stung the soft skin of her face.
"Khushi, what have I told you about using that word." Garima said more sternly.
"But it's true! No one likes me." Garima felt her heart breaking into pieces with each and every tear that fell from her beloved daughters eyes.  She felt lost at not being pacify her and felt she had failed as her parent when her daughter failed to see just how beautiful and special she was.

Garima Gupta Griffin had seen a lot in her short life. Growing up in the streets of Lucknow with her small orthodox family felt somewhat like a dream, walking in the streets of a small town on the outskirts of Derbyshire.  Life was harder then, making ends meet a priority where as chasing dreams was something unheard off. She remembered the small two bedroom rented house she grew up in, the dusty lanes where she would very rarely be able to play. Ever since she could remember her days consisted of either being at school or doing the house hold chores, her mother working around the clock to put food on the table, her brother, only a year elder than her, sent away with her uncle's to work in another city. She had no memories of her father who had walked out on the family when she was all but two, a pocket sized photo in black and white of her sitting on the lap of man with formidable eyes was all she had of him.
Though it seemed like her life was destined to shadow her mothers, she dared to dream. Reading stories of faraway lands under the covers with the torch her brother had sent... A torch which still had, one which she had carried with her across the seven seas...The men in the stories she read were ever ready to rescue the damsel and whisk her away from her misery.  She was 16 and was giving the neighbourhood girls lessons in classical dancing when a certain man had caught her eye. Shashi Kumar Gupta. Smitten with just once glance at an ethereal Garima who was dancing to the sweet notes of a flute, Shashi wasted no time in asking for her hand in marriage.
And how could her mother refuse, he was an NRI visiting home in search for a wife to take back to his new found land. Garima couldn't refuse her prince who had come to whisk her away from her misery. She didn't care that he was not all that handsome as her or that he was considerable older than her, all that mattered was that she would be loved by this man and in turn she would love him all her life. It was her duty.
She no longer had to work several jobs to keep a roof over her mother's head or worry about her health, Shashi insisted on sending money back home every month and appointed a doctor for regular check up's. He was doting and caring, he showered her with love and pleasured her in way she thought not possible. He respected her and demanded that others do the same too. And in return Garima did all she could to show him her love for the man who saved her. Garima lived on cloud nine.
"Khushi bitya, why are you crying?" Manorama's voice breaking through Garima's memories as she turned into the small quite street they lived in to see her neighbour walking  towards them. "What's wrong Garima?" She asked again, concerned by the distress caused to her best friend's daughter.
"Khushi, why don't you go over to Aki, I think he is waiting for you?" Garima asked pointing over to Akash who leaning against the front door to his home waiting for his mother. His ruffled hair fanning over the rims of his glasses, his usual smile warm smile missing.
"No! He was meant to send me a card and he didn't so no!" Khushi stuck her tongue out at an indifferent Akash before storming over to the front door to her home where she waited for her mother.
"It's Valentine's day tomorrow and for some godforsaken reason the school decided this year that children will make their cards and instead gifting it to their parents, they will gift each other."Garima said rolling her eyes.
"Right and then the board of the school wonder why there has been a recent increase in bullying incidents. Why create situations where children feel divided?"Manorama asked with a sigh of defeat.
"Exactly, Mona you should run for school governor." Garima suggested.
"Well I would definitely do a better job I will tell you that. You looked a little lost in thought earlier, you ok?" She asked rubbing her hand on Garima's arm knowing the look in her friend's eyes all too well.
"Remembering salwars with gota's... and missing him." Garima forced back the tears as Manorama took her in a warm embrace. Garima saw the door open to her friend's house and a tall young boy walk out, letting Akash in. "Who is this?" She asked wanting to change the subject needing to distract her thoughts.
"That's Arnav, my nephew." Manorama smiled.
"Shanti's  son?" Garima asked with a smile recollecting the times her friend had spoke of her sister-in-law. "How is she doing?"
"Not too good Garima, Arnav has come to stay with for the time being, it's all getting a bit too much for the boy." Manorama said tears reaching her eyes but she forbid them from flooding over the top.
"Poor thing, to have lost his father so early and now his mother too." Garima's heart reached out for the boy who was aimlessly kicking around a ball in the front yard, one who she had only just seen, but felt love for like she had known him all along.
"Life is cruel. But now that he is here hopefully we will be able to see him smile again." She smiled looking at her nephew who was always distant and lost in his own world.
"Of course he will smile, with a brother like Akash and a colourful neighbour like Khushi, he will be smiling from ear to ear in no time." Garima reassured her but Manorama knew better. Akash had never been kind to Arnav and Arnav had never reached out to find out why, the only person to blame was her husband. Who constantly pitted her son against Arnav, who he felt was the ideal son, who excelled in school and sports, had desirable manners and qualities and handsome from a young age. She would not turn out her nephew, nor would she hold his strengths against him. But she knew that his presence would crush Akash with the constant pressure from his father. "I'll send Khushi over, hopefully it will cheer her up too." Garima smiled walking over to her house were a sulking Khushi stood with her arms folded. "See that boy over there?" Garima asked pointing over to an oblivious Arnav. "That's Aki's older brother and he is going to stay with them for a little while, but I think he is getting bored with that ball. I think you should go and ask him if he would like some company. Maybe you two can be friends?"Garima suggested and her heart swelled when Khushi's frown disappeared and the pout on her lips bloomed into a smile.
"I can teach him the move Uncle Mark taught me." Khushi beamed up at her mother before skipping across to the yard where the boy played.

"Can I show you something?" She smiled at the boys back who was kicking the ball against to wall. "My name is Khushi." She said when he didn't answer.
"Arnav." He simply replied but refused to turn around.
"Are you going to be coming school with us?" She asked again and he shrugged in response. "Do you want to be friends?" She chimed hoping he would say yes knowing that she was too annoyed with Akash to ask him to play ball with her.
"No." He answered back throwing her a glance over his shoulders, his young molten eyes cold with indifference. Khushi could feel tears being to sting her eyes but she stomped forward grabbing the ball as it rebounded off the wall.  "Give it back." He demanded reaching out for the ball.
"No." Khushi simply said hugging the ball close to her chest.
"Why? It's my ball." Arnav tried to reason.
"You can't make me." Khushi stuck her tongue out at him.
"Yes I can." Arnav threatened stepping forward towards the small girl.
"Do you have a Valentine?"Khushi asked throwing him a glacing before looking away, the ball still held closely to her chest.
"What-No!" Arnav exclaimed confused by the question thrown his way.
"Do you want to be my valentine?" Khushi smiled again, hoping he would say yes so she could rub it in Akash's face. 'Stupid Stupid Akash!' She thought.
"Ew no!" Arnav said cringing back a little getting a death glare from Khushi.
"Do you have a girlfriend?" she asked narrowing her eyes.
"No, just give me back my ball!" Arnav demanded stretching out to snatch his ball.
"Well you do now!" She stuck her tongue out at him. "And you have to make me a valentine's day card if you do you get your ball back."
"Khushi, I want my ball."
"No." She retorted. Arnav stepped forward pushing Khushi by the shoulders and she fell flat on her bottom, the ball bouncing out of her hands. The stared at one another with nothing but hate and anger for a moment which seemed as long as time before Khushi's sweet face contorted in to a frown, her lips turned down and cry escaping her mouth.
"MAaamAAA." She wailed rubbing her eyes as Arnav stomped over to the ball picking it up and walking away.

And it was at the tender age of eleven that Arnav Singh Raizada met a ten year old Khushi Kristina Griffin, his life forever changing. 

Even if you don't like Florence...(Shocked)... just give this song a listen... it has ARHI written all over it.

There you people! ... Don't you want to know what happens next???

P.S PM's for this FF will only be sent to people who comment or like...I send over 260 pm's for my other FF and don't get half the amount of comments back...understands pleeej.Smile

More love down below...

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

For rest of the story please visit:

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sounds very interestingWink

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interesting start loved it can't wait to read more thanks for the pm

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really interesting...i like it dear...update soon n thnx 4 pm... :)

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Loved it sounds really Intresting :D update soon xoxoxo

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Hey babita,
So u started another story. Awesome. I'm already in love with "and then she found me@ and I hope it's as romantic as that and with equally interesting characters. I'm so looking forward to read this one as well.
P.S: childhood love is my second favorite romantic theme so I'm really excited to read more

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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Hi bub congrats for the new ff Wink dear
choory just landed home today after small vacation,will read it n cmt later okBig smile
i think cracky rain   in ur place made u more romantic to start a new story    

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