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ArHi SS:**Eternal Love**...updated part 8, pg 40 (Page 30)

princess84 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 31 March 2010
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Posted: 01 August 2012 at 9:31pm | IP Logged
hahaha NK scared of nanav too cute continue soon

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praj_praj Groupbie

Joined: 03 March 2012
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Posted: 02 August 2012 at 5:12am | IP Logged
WAiting for 7th part...

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anyacrazy Goldie

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Posted: 02 August 2012 at 9:02am | IP Logged

just read all the parts together nd wat an ausum ff.superb writing..thnx a lot for the pm Smile

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luckyarnav Senior Member

Joined: 01 June 2012
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Posted: 03 August 2012 at 5:26am | IP Logged
really nice.

plz update soon.

hope our sweet NK dsnt get into trouble.

Thanks again

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Yazzy91 Goldie

Joined: 04 December 2010
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Posted: 03 August 2012 at 5:35pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by luckyarnav

really nice.

plz update soon.

hope our sweet NK dsnt get into trouble.

Thanks again
Thank you!!! Embarrassed
Yazzy91 Goldie

Joined: 04 December 2010
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Posted: 04 August 2012 at 10:51am | IP Logged

Part 7


Khushi woke up and looked over to her alarm clock and started to panic, 'OMGGG 7.50am??! Oh god, what a day to be late.' She jumped out of her bed and ran to her bathroom and had a quick shower and quickly put on her white Mickey Mouse vest top and her light blue skinny jeans and white sandals. On her way out of her house she grabbed her sunglasses as she had no make up on whatsoever.


Arnav woke up in a good mood, after yesterday's meeting with khushi and how they progressed from being 'strangers' to 'friends'. He was extremely looking forward seeing khushi in the evening. As he was in a good mood, he suggested to aman to go to the coffee shop on the beach and discuss the contract paper that he will present to elite designs. Also he wanted to include one big clause in the contract. Aman and arnav made their way to the coffee shop until he bumped into someone.




Khushi walked through the beach whilst trying to call NK and get through to him. She desperately called NK but it kept going to voicemail. She rambled on to herself until she bumped into someone. She was getting ready to shout at the person but instead she heard the person say her name; 'Khushi'


khushi looked up and said; 'Oh hi arnav, sorry I didn't see you there'.


Arnav checked khushi out with a smirk; she wore oversized sunglasses with her white mickey mouse vest top. Her hair was still wet; she looked amazing, just like an angel he thought.


'Good morning khushi' arnav smiled, glad that he bumped into her.


'Morning arnav, sorry I can't stop around, Im running late for work'


'No worries, Minnie, I wonder who's the lucky mickey' winked arnav while he was pointing to her top.


'Karan' khushi said as she answered her ringing phone. 'Hold on' she told karan on the phone. 'Arnav I need to go, see you in the afternoon, bye' and khushi walked quickly rushed to her office.


When arnav heard the name karan his smile dropped. Was karan and khushi in a relationship?? He couldn't help thinking about last night, he did see karan hugging khushi, and even the pictures on the wall kind of confirmed his doubts. Did he really lose khushi to another guy?...Arnav didn't care, he will still desperately try to win khushi back. With that thought arnav went to the coffee shop.


Khushi walked into the office and immediately asked karan if he picked up her dress for her, which karan did. All day long khushi was busy going back and forth from office to the venue of the show. Around 5pm khushi headed home, so she can get ready for the show as the car that has been booked for her is coming to pick her up at 7pm sharp.


Khushi wore her teal long dress which she specifically designed for herself and was one piece exclusive. She wore a matching belt across her waist and tied her into a messy bun with loose curls. She had decided to wear big ivory white stud earrings. She put on her glamour heels on and looked at herself in the mirror and twirled feeling extremely sexy.




Her phone rang, the driver announcing that he is waiting downstairs, and khushi grabbed her matching clutch bag and made her way to the fashion show.




Arnav arrived at the fashion show and was welcomed by mr mehra and they both went to over to the seats that has been reserved for VIP. Whilst he was being introduced to all these business people, his passionate eyes kept searching for one particular person; wondering where she is, if she is already here or not. Mr mehra disturbed his thoughts by asking him who he is looking for, and just when he was about to answer; he heard the most sweetest voice saying, 'hello mr raizada'.


He turned to face her and what he saw made him breathless. She looked absolutely breathtaking, the way the dress adorned her body he could see her curves; the most inviting curves he has ever seen. Before he could respond back, khushi turned around to reply back to someone that called her. And what he saw almost made him faint. Her back covered with the sexiest appealing lace he has ever seen; damn the girl was seducing him without even realising. He was so tempted to run his fingers down her back, to touch the soft milky skin that was alluring him.


The minute khushi saw arnav turn around and roam his intense eyes all over her body; her heart stopped beating. She almost felt naked in front of him, she felt him undressing her with his eyes. She felt shy, wanting to cover herself from his wondering eyes. Damn he made her feel something, stir some unknown feelings in her guts. She turned around to face aditi but couldn't concentrate what she was saying; all she could feel is arnav's eyes on her back.


Arnav saw her turn back to face him again; He cleared his throat and with his husky voice he said;


'Hi khushi, so you finally made it' smiled arnav

'Yeah I got caught up in the traffic' khushi smiled back.


Before arnav can say anything, khushi told him she needs to go and check on the models. She walked off to make sure the models are wearing the correct outfit the correct way. After making sure all the details were perfect, she made her way to the VIP to take a seat next to mr mehra but only found arnav seated. She went over and sat next to him and shyly said 'hello again'.


Arnav was surprised to see khushi sit next to him but was pleased.

'You look beautiful' arnav told khushi.


'Thank you' khushi smiled shyly


'That dress is absolutely stunning; let me guess you designed it right?'


'How did you know? It was one piece exclusive; just for me' a surprised khushi asked.


Arnav winked at her and said 'It has a bit of 'khushiness' on it, you can tell it was designed by you'.


'Khusiness??' Khushi laughed out loud and they continued sharing small conversations about the show, and the outfits she designed.

He was feeling at ease until karan disturbed them by whispering something in khushi's ear. Khushi immediately looked nervous. She stood up and told arnav she will be back in a short while. Arnav couldn't help but wonder if she and karan went to be somewhere quiet together. He leaned back in his seat with a weight of disappointment.


'Where's NK', khushi questioned karan as she walked away from arnav.


'Im here khusssh, very eager to meet me aren't you khushh' cheeky NK said to khushi, with aditi by his side.


Khushi turned around and saw NK, she immediately went over to NK and gave him a big fat hug.

'I missed you NK' khushi said with a pout.


'Well Im here now, for TWO WHOLE WEEKS' NK shared cheerfully.


'OMG that's great'.Oh crap, I've been calling you since last night NK; I need to tell you something really important. Guess who's here right now, in this fashion show' khushi told NK without inhaling any air.


'Whooo? whoo?? the prime minister?' NK said jokingly.


'NK you won't be joking after I tell you, actually you'll be running for your life' khushi said feeling slightly annoyed.


'Oh really? Try me' NK crossed his arms around his chest.


'Arnav singh raizada' khushi crossed her arms.


'WHAAATT!!!!!!!' NK dropped his arms and paled immediately.


'Oh god, naanav will kill me if he sees me, OMG where should I hide?? under the tables? noo, im going to the model's dressing room so he won't find me. Yes that's a good idea NK' NK told himself, heading for the dressing rooms only to be stopped by aditi.


'Excuse me, you step inside the model's dressing room and it will be me KILLING YOU' aditi sternly said.


'Anyways why are you hiding from arnav, I thought his your cousin' aditi questioned.


'long story' khushi and NK said at the same time.


'Sorry to interrupt your planning meeting of where to hide, but khushhh you need to be seated, show starts in two minutes.' karan interrupted.


'Avoid arnav whatsoever' khushi said to NK and walked off to be seated in the VIP area.  NK and aditi decided to find a secluded place so they can be alone together and yet watch the fashion show.




Khushi seated next to arnav and they both enjoyed the show, both were discussing the designs. Arnav was admiring khushi's designs and was also kept stealing glimpses of khushi every 2 seconds as he couldn't stop staring at her. She looked gorgeous, he thought.


Khushi was glad she sat next to arnav, she felt at ease; as they talked about her designs, the outfits, she almost felt like they were friends with no past. She caught arnav looking at her and she smiled at him.


After the show was finished, khushi had to go off and meet some important clients so she asked arnav to enjoy some complimentary drinks and snacks and with that khushi walked off with mr mehra, reassuring arnav she will be back soon. After 20 minutes, arnav had enough of waiting for khushi so he went searching for khushi. He walked out of the hall and walked through a corridor and thought maybe khushi is in one of the rooms and he walked into a room and what he saw popped his eyes out.


He saw khushi's boyfriend kissing khushi's friend priya. He was gob smacked; he didn't know how to react, so he immediately walked back out slamming the door shut behind him. He didn't know how to feel, whether he should be happy so khushi can dump karan or should he feel bad that khushi's boyfriend is cheating on her with her close friend. All he knew is that he had to tell khushi what he just saw.


He continued his search for khushi. He went back into the hall that held the show, he searched all over the hall, he even asked few people if they saw ms gupta, everyone responded unhelpfully. Suddenly he saw khushi's best friend aditi talking to a guy, whose back was facing arnav. He immediately made his way to aditi. And said to aditi


'Sorry to interrupt aditi, but have you seen khushi anywh'' He stopped mid sentence when he saw who aditi was talking to.


'NK, what are you doing here?' a baffled arnav answered.


'Naanav bro, erm how are you?' NK asked hesitantly.


'Im good, but you didn't answer my question; what are you doing here? How comes you're here?' a suspicious arnav asked.


'Meet me girlfriend; aditi chopra; aditi meet my cousin; arnav singh raizada' NK said hoping to avoid arnav's questioning.


'We have already met' a cheerfully aditi said to NK and she turned back to arnav and said; 'Also NK always comes over to bubbles fashion show's; if he ever missed one, even by accident then bubbles will murder him' giggled aditi, not realising she blew her boyfriends cover up.


Arnav couldn't believe his ears and eyes, NK was here, and what did his girlfriend just say?? 'NK always comes over to bubbles fashion show's'

Did NK know where khushi was for the past 1year and half??

The thought of NK hiding that important fact actually hurt him, it infuriated him.


'NK, can I have a word you, in private' arnav clenched his teeth to avoid creating a scene in front of everyone.


'Erm naanav, now? Can we not talk later?' NK said trying his best to avoid arnav's wrath.


'NOW'. Arnav turned around only to bump into a scared khushi.


Khushi gulped some air and said 'I can explain everything'.



Sorry for any mistakes; didn't have a chance to proof read it!!!..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed


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KaShArHi_Krishi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 August 2012 at 11:26am | IP Logged

First to comment!!! YAY!!!! Ohhh!!! Arnav found out about NK. Can't wait to see how Khushi and NK explain themselves. And I can't wait to see Arnav's anger. LOL!!! Arnav thinks that Karan is cheating on Khushi. Thats EPIC!!! Please continue soon. Thanks for the PM!!


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fffan123 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 August 2012 at 11:29am | IP Logged
Oh Wow!!! That was a fabulous update.
NK is so dead and so is Khushi LOL LOL LOL

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