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ArHi SS:**Eternal Love**...updated part 8, pg 40 (Page 29)

Yazzy91 Goldie

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Posted: 29 July 2012 at 5:52pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Maddy1270

a heart-warming update... really like the nk-khushi friendship: their closeness and comfort-level can be gauged by the jokes they crack at each other's expense... that was so realistically done! yippee, their sixth sense still kicks in to tell each of them of the other's presence ... and in each other's presence, they see only their loved one to the exclusion of everyone else Day Dreaming! loved asr's naughty side the moment he decided he had to have khushi back... and khushi's reaction to her boss' statement, plus her desire to strangle him really cracked me up LOL! loved this update
Sixth sense will always be there!! Wink...ASRs naughty side is too lovable!!! TongueTongue
Who woudn't want to strangle her boss!! LOL  Thank you for your lovely comment!! xx

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hey wen r u updating?

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Posted: 30 July 2012 at 12:34am | IP Logged
Like button not working :(

They finally  met <3  Amazing update hun =)

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Posted: 30 July 2012 at 7:59am | IP Logged
Originally posted by kins103

hey wen r u updating?
Heyy, will update very soon. Don't worry i will send out PMs, if your on my buddy list. Smile
Yazzy91 Goldie

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Posted: 30 July 2012 at 8:00am | IP Logged
Originally posted by --SweetFarwii--

Like button not working :(

They finally  met <3  Amazing update hun =)
Thank you hun! Embarrassed
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 Part 6


'Khushi, just be professional, be nice and get the contract and get out and go home, be nice khushi.' Khushi kept telling herself throughout the drive to whatever place he was taking her to. Ever since they left the office, they didn't say a word to each other, yet there was so many questions hanging in the air. She avoided looking at him and her best option was to stare out of the window.


Arnav couldn't help but look at her every few seconds. He couldn't take his eyes off her. He couldn't believe that khushi was in his car, sitting next to him after so long. He could sense she was nervous, as she kept playing with her cardigan sleeves.  He thought some things never change; whether she used to play with her dupatta, or now playing with her sleeves, he chuckled to himself.


Arnav stopped the car and parked up. Khushi looked to see where he stopped; her eyes nearly popped out. He was taking her to her favourite Italian restaurant? She narrowed her eyes and looked at arnav, wondering how he knew that it's her favourite restaurant in the local area.


'What??' said arnav with a baffled expression, wondering why khushi was looking at him like that. Khushi got out of the car and slammed the door shut and walked towards the restaurant. Arnav followed her into the restaurant and asked the waiter for table of two.


Once settled on their table, arnav just kept staring at khushi instead of looking at the menu and khushi was avoiding arnav's eyes, scared that once she looks, she won't be able to resist him. She continued to pretend to be looking at the menu


A waitress approached their table, are you ready to or' 'khushi' shrieked mona.


Khushi looked up to see mona, the waitress who always served her and her friends whenever they came to the restaurant.


'mona how you been, long time no see'. khushi smiled at mona.


'Long time no see? girl you was in here last week stuffing yourself' laughed mona.

She looked at arnav and raised her left eyebrow.

'I see no aditi, priya or karan' this time, just this pretty dude' winked mona.


'Karan? I wonder who he is? Does khushi have guy mates??' the thought of khushi hanging around with other guys made arnav feel envious.


khushi was embarrassed and hastily said 'usual please'. Mona looked at arnav; without taking his eyes of khushi arnav said 'whatever she's ordering'. Mona smiled and walked away.


'So you come here often I take it' arnav asked khushi.


'Yeah I do, it's local to me and my favourite restaurant'

'Ahh that explains the look you gave me in the car' chuckled arnav.

There was silence for 2 minutes until khushi asked arnav,


'How did you find me arnav?' a serious khushi asked looking at arnav.


'Why did you leave me khushi?' questioned arnav with hurt in his eyes.


They both stared at each other trying to make each other answer first. Arnav couldn't do it, he couldn't take the risk. He leaned back on his chair and said

'Khushi after you left me, I tried looking for you everywhere, delhi, Mumbai, lucknow' but I couldn't find you, I gave up, hoping that one day you would come back to me. Khushi I didn't know you worked for elite designs and that you are KG; I just came here to finalise this deal'.


Khushi was shocked; arnav singh raizada, just gave in, just like that. she cleared her throat, 'well I thought by me leaving, everyone will be happy, di won't feel depressed seeing me in the house, jiji and jija ji won't be having any arguments because of me, and you would be happy'.


'What khushi? how could you even think that I'll be happy without you? The past one year and a half was hell for me khushi. Without you by my side, I felt like life isn't worth living, and you're sitting here telling me that you left me because you thought I'll be happy? Arnav looked at khushi shocked; arnav put his hand through his hair as he tried to grasp the fact that khushi left him was because she thought it would make him happy.


Khushi looked at arnav, his lost weight, he looks tired and overburdened. Khushi couldn't help but feel guilty but she was pretty sure he has moved on, after all he's arnav singh raizada.


Arnav gazed at khushi, no sindoor, no mangalsutra; it just confirmed his doubts that she has moved on.


'No sindoor, no mangalsutra' he whispered just enough for khushi to hear him' He stared wistfully. Khushi felt conscious and staring to rub her neck.


'We are no longer married' khushi avoided his eyes.


'You are still my wife legally' arnav said convincingly


'6 months contract is over' khushi looked at arnav.


'Marriage is only over, if I appeal for a divorce'it said in the clause' arnav smirked as he leaned back on the chair.


Khushi was utterly shocked, and tried to understand that even though arnav said it was a 6 month contract, it wasn't until there was a divorce. All this time she thought her and arnav weren't married because 6months was over. She thought the marriage will be invalid after the 6months. She didn't know whether to be happy that she and arnav were still married or to be angry because he didn't tell her that a divorce had to be appealed for.


'Well I don't care; I don't consider myself as your wife and certainly don't consider you as my husband. Like you said no sindoor, no mangalsutra' khushi answered back in frustration. She stood up and walked out of the restaurant. She ran home, as it was only 5 minutes away.


Arnav froze, khushi's words replaying in his head 'I don't care; I don't consider myself as your wife and certainly don't consider you as my husband.'

It hurt him to think that khushi has moved on, forgot him, and no longer considered him to be her husband. No he won't accept defeat easily, he will definitely make her his again, make her his wife. He stood up only to be stopped by the waitress; mona who brought food to their table with food.


'Erm khushi had to go' arnav told mona, hoping she wouldn't be asking too many questions.


'oh okay, I suppose you can take it away and drop it off to her house.'


'I don't know where she lives'


'Oh don't worry pretty dude, I'll give you directions'I can sense that your not a complete stranger and I can trust you'. winked mona.


Arnav flashed a smile to the lady and said 'thank you'.



Khushi walked over to her wardrobe and searched for a small box and opened the box. She picked up her mangalsutra and her little box that contained her sindoor. Khushi quietly wept hugging the objects, letting her tears flow hoping she'll feel less guilty after what she said to arnav. 'Im sorry arnav' she whispered.


After 20minutes someone knocked on her door, 'coming' shouted khushi as she opened the door she was shocked to see arnav standing there with a bag.


'You didn't wait for your food, so I thought I'll bring it you, after all it's from your favourite restaurant.' smiled arnav, whilst admiring khushi in her PJs, which made him laugh quietly. He thought how she hasn't changed, still immature in her own ways.



khushi was surprised to see arnav standing in front of her in her apartment.

'How did you find out where I lived??'


'Well your friend in the restaurant told me' winked arnav.


'Ohh okay'erm come in' khushi hesitantly invited arnav inside.


Arnav followed khushi to the living room and was admiring her apartment, especially the view from the balcony.


'Unbelievable' arnav chuckled.

'What?' khushi asked

'That's the exact view I can see from my hotel, the same beach' he looked at khushi and saw her smile. Damn he missed that smile.


'Erm would you like me to serve you some of the food?' khushi asked politely.

'No thanks, Im not hungry, I just wanted to give you the food'.

 Khushi looked away to cover the disappointment in her eyes.


'But I wouldn't mind a coffee please, sugarless'

'I remember' khushi flashed a smile.

And walked to the kitchen to make herself tea and arnav coffee.


Whilst khushi was making coffee, arnav wondered around her living room and stopped in front of some pictures which made him smile but the last picture made him frown'he wondered if that guy was khushi's boyfriend. The thought of khushi being in another guys arm made his blood boil. He had to clench his hands just not to smash the photo frame.


She came back to the living room, to find arnav looking at the photo's on the wall. She had a picture of her and aditi giving each other a bear hug, another picture; her, aditi and priya showing tongues to each other, another picture of all four of them pretending to pout, and lastly a picture of her and karan, with his arms around her shoulder, smiling.


'Coffee' khushi announced handing him the mug with coffee.

'Those are photos of my good friends; aditi, priya and karan' khushi told him whilst sipping her tea.


'I see' arnav said grimly as remembered that's the name that the waitress mentioned in the restaurant.

'Oh I forgot to tell you, mr mehra phoned me and asked me how lunch went..'

'Arnav Im sorry about before, I didn't mean to snap at you, please don't cancel the contract' pleaded khushi showing her soft eyes.


Arnav laughed, 'khushi let me finish, I told him I had a great lunch and I've also told him Im more than happy to finalise the deal, so tomorrow at the fashion event show we need to sign the contract. Is that okay?'


'OMG that's awesome, thank you so much' Khushi was literally jumping around with her hot tea in her hand.


'KHUSHI, be careful' shouted arnav and managed to stop khushi jumping by holding her hand that held the mug. Both looked at each other, feeling each other's touch, stirring the feelings that they buried deep down in their heart.


Khushi moved back and sat down on the sofa and arnav sat down on the opposite sofa.

'Arnav, can I ask for a favour please?' Khushi asked timidly.

'Of course, anything'

'Can we please forget the past and carry on with the present. I don't want our past to interfere with our business work. I'll appreciate it if we can leave the past where it belongs' khushi looked up to arnav, silently pleading arnav to let go of the past.


'I will do that only on one condition' smirked arnav


'Which is'' khushi asked cautiously.


'That we be friends, agree?' Hoping that khushi would agree, so it would give him an opportunity to win khushi back, win her trust as well as her heart.



Khushi thought for a while and then decided 'deal' and they both shook hands and smiled.

While they both enjoyed their hot drinks and talking about how their families are in delhi, someone started to knock on the door, khushi stood up and went to the door and opened to see her friends; aditi, karan and priya. They all barged in her house heading for the living room before khushi can stop them. khushi followed them to the living room, and couldn't see arnav and then saw him in the balcony in the dark.


'Khushhh im so happy for you, we heard the good news; you got the deal with AR designs' karan hugged khushi from the back.


Arnav went to the balcony to admire the view whilst khushi went to see who was knocking on the door, he suddenly heard few people talking and one voice that stood out was a male voice and he turned around to see; the guy was hugging khushi from behind. What he saw infuriated him, he clenched his fists to stop him from going over to the guy and punching him. He kept calm by telling himself 'friends, we're just friends, until I win her back'.


 karan left khushi and they all stopped talking when they saw arnav.

'Erm, this is arnav singh raizada, the owner of AR designs, the person who agreed for the contract to go ahead' khushi introduced arnav to everyone.

'And this is aditi, priya and karan' khushi pointed to her friends.


'Hello mr raizada, it's a pleasure to meet you and I must tell you Im so happy that you've accepted the deal and Im looking forward to working AR designs' priya said with a big smile.  Arnav smiled genuinely and said 'so am I'


Whereas aditi was guessing there was more to this so she questioned khushi; 'bubbles what is mr raizada doing in your apartment? No offence mr raizada, I mean business should stay at work, don't you agree?' aditi asked curtly, showing that she's very protective of khushi.


'Well ms aditi, me and khushi already know each other, we're''


Khushi was panicking in case arnav told them about their past, which no one knows about so she hastily interrupted and said  'guys, mr raizada is related to me'

Aditi, priya and karan looked confused.

'Well remember my sister payal I told you guys about, she married arnav's younger brother, so in relation arnav is payal's jeth ji' khushi exhaled the minute she told them. Wiping sweat of her forehead.


Everyone 'oooh'd and aww'd' and was being friendly towards arnav. Until aditi said 'hang on that means your related to N'.'

Khushi had another mini panic attack, 'oh god please aditi shut up don't mention NK' khushi desperately begged in her thought.

She interrupted by saying 'Guys I want you all out. It's 10pm and I need to sleep, have you guys forgotten, I got a big fashion event show tomorrow, so I need my beauty sleep. She showed the door to everyone. They all said goodbye, but arnav was the last to leave.


'Goodbye khushi, I'll see you tomorrow right?' arnav questioned eagerly.

'Yes definitely, my show so I'll be there tomorrow, see you tomorrow arnav' khushi waved arnav off with a big smile.


Arnav made his way back to his hotel which was only 10minutes away, and made a call to his family letting them know he will be staying in Goa for few more days.



Khushi got in bed thinking how today changed a lot of stuff between her and arnav. She felt guilty for not telling the truth to her friends about arnav. She suddenly sat up in her bed and remembered NK. 'Oh god she had to let NK know before NK and arnav bump into each other in the show' she thought. She desperately called NK but his phone was switched off. And with that thought she fell asleep.




'Whooo? whoo?? the prime minister?' NK said jokingly.


'NK you wont be joking after I tell you, actually you'll be running for your life' khushi said feeling slightly annoyed.


'Oh really? Try me' NK crossed his arms around his chest.


'Arnav singh raizada' khushi crossed her arms.


'WHAAATT!!!!!!!' NK dropped his arms and paled immediately. 'Oh god, naanav will kill me if he sees me, OMG where should I hide?? under the tables? noo, Im going to the model's dressing room so he won't find me. Yes that's a good idea NK' NK told himself.





P.S: I just had to include spongebob square pants PJ's!!!Tongue Just lurrrvee spongebob!!!LOLLOL

Hope you enjoyed the update!! Embarrassed


P.S.S: If you would like PMs, please add me, it makes life much more easier!! LOLEmbarrassed xxx

Part 7 -

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OMG! im actually the first person!!Big smile

awesome update!!Clap

yes Nk is bak!LOL

update soon. thanks for the pm!Smile

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Lovely update. NK toh gaya kaam se. Arnav is not going to leave him if he knows that NK was the one who sent Khushi to Goa. Looking forward to the next update. Thanks for your pm.

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