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ArHi SS:**Eternal Love**...updated part 8, pg 40 (Page 21)

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Posted: 26 July 2012 at 5:30pm | IP Logged
WOW... Nice Updates... PM pls

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Nice SS - Good concept..

Please continue and PM me.

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Originally posted by KaShGurTiLuverr

Originally posted by Yazzy91

Originally posted by KaShGurTiLuverr

Beautiful update :) loved the strong khushi :D awww thyr cute nicknames bless :P ohhh can't wait till they meet update soon xoxoxo
Thank you!!! Embarrassed...I really like they're nickames as well, reminds me of my own friends!! LOL
Lol same here well ours are but different as we call eachother smurf and all that crap LOLLOL
Haha Im imagining the person who's being called smurf is very short!!! LOL
Yazzy91 Goldie

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Note: Thank you for your lovely comments, replies is on page 21-23.Big smile


Part 5 '



Khushi's phone kept ringing, 'nooo, let me sleep' mumbled khushi, keeping her eyes closed. She searched for her phone under her pillows, around her bed and finally managed to locate her phone near her knees. She opened her eyes lazily and looked at the caller ID; and answered her phone screaming.




'Khushhh' NK replied back with the same enthusiasm


'OMG NK, I miss you loads, I see how it is, forgot all about me, being busy with tickles (aditi) I see, hmphhh' Khushi pretended to be upset.


'No khush, it's not like that I've just been extremely busy with work but I thought I'll call you and give you good news'


'Huhh, good news? what good news? OMG did you propose to tickles (aditi)? Did she say yes? OMG that cow didn't tell me anything, wait till I get hold of her today, you watch what I do to that girl' huffed khushi.

NK laughed hysterically over the phone 'Oh god khush calm down, I haven't proposed to her yet, but the good news is that Im coming over to Goa tomorrow for your fashion show!!! See I remembered!!' NK said proudly.


'OMG are you being serious, that is good news, ahh you're the best NK, I can't wait to see you on Friday. You know my guest room doors are open for you if tickles (aditi) decides not to share her apartment with you' khushi giggled.


'Hahaha very funny khush, actually she is willing to share her apartment with me, shame. Anyways khush I need to go, speak to you soon? Actually I'll see you soon, take care of yourself'


'Okay NK, see you soon' khushi hanged up on the phone and got out of her bed with a big smile on her face and walked into her bathroom. She went into her bathroom and ran back out to her bedroom and went to her bedside draw and got the frame out and wished arnav a quick good morning and went back into the bathroom.


She came out of the bath and saw it was 8am, and thought she has enough time to dress up and have tea!! She went to her wardrobe and pulled out some clothing. She wore her clothes and put some make up on.




She looked at her long hair, thinking how to do her hair today.  She finally decided she would do some loose curls on her hair. Once she finished dressing up, she made her way to her kitchen to make herself a cup of tea and walked to her balcony to view the beautiful beach.



Arnav stepped out of the bathroom, ready wearing his suit and looked at the time; 8.30am. He had enough time as the meeting was at 10am and it was only 15minutes away from the hotel. He ordered a coffee to his room and walked out to the balcony to view the serene beach wishing khushi was here with him, sharing this beautiful view. He looked out to the sea and can imagine khushi dancing around the water, splashing water on him. He could picture how he and khushi will be holding hands, walking on the sand whilst the sun sets'


Arnav came out of his thought as someone was knocking on his door;


'good morning sir' aman greeted as arnav opened the door. Arnav nodded his head to acknowledge the greeting.


'Sir just to remind you the meeting is at 10am at Elite designs; Mr mehra will be present with his designer KG'


'KG will be at the meeting? Wow that's really good considering from what I heard, KG doesn't attend meetings, just designs. Finally I can see who this KG is, who is much known for his designs yet no one has seen him'.


'Erm sir, erm it's a her, not a him' aman stuttered, terrified just in case his boss decides to fire him immediately for correcting him.


'WHAT?' arnav was astonished as he was thinking all this time KG was a male.  



Khushi looked at her wrist watch; 9.30am, karan walked in 'khushi conference room 1 is all ready for the presentation'


'Thanks, send the models in' She stood up and make her way to conference room 1, she put her pen drive into the computer and opened the presentation that held statistic figures on how KG designed clothes is triumphing in the fashion industry successfully. She opened her portfolio and looked at her designs


Four models walked in to the conference room, wearing KG designed outfits. Khushi looked at the outfits and admired them. She couldn't believe it that she designed them and they were a huge success in India. She came out of her thoughts when mr mehra came in and asked if she was ready as she has 5 minutes before the client comes. Khushi felt nervous, as it was the first time she was directly involved in a meeting, normally she avoided it and allowed mr mehra to deal with it, but this meeting was different, they needed the contract to reach a higher level of success in the fashion industry. This client is the best in India and if they can get a contract with the company then Elite designs and KG designs will become a bigger success in India. She would go to any extent to get this contract.


'Khushh I need your signatures on some paperwork so I can process some information for Friday's show, is it possible to get your signature before you start your presentation?' karan asked politely over the phone.


'Sure, Im coming over to you' with that khushi left the conference room.


Arnav walked into Elite designs, with aman by his side. The minute he stepped into the office, he felt a familiar presence, like khushi was here. He shook his head to get rid of the thought, who was he kidding? why would khushi be here?...

'Good morning Mr raizada, I hope you had a pleasant journey from delhi to Goa' Mr mehra asked arnav.


'Yes it was good, shall we talk about why Im here today?' arnav snapped at mr mehra, as he couldn't get rid of the feeling of khushi being around.


'Yes mr raizada, follow me as the presentation will be held in conference room 1'.


Khushi signed few papers; 'I hope you have enough autographs of me karan' joked khushi. 'Thank youu khush, I can finally get this processed'

'ahaha just admit you enjoying asking for myy'' khushi stopped mid sentence as she felt a familiar presence, almost like'arnav was here. She shook her head, telling herself she's going crazy, like arnav would be here out of all places.


'khusssh it's 10am, run to conference room 1' karan shrieked



Khushi made her way to conference room 1, and every step she took towards the room she felt butterflies in her stomach.


Arnav sat down on the chair waiting impatiently for KG turn up.


'Where is KG??' arnav asked with frustration


'Sorry mr raizada, Im not quite sure what is holding her up''


The door pushed open, khushi walked in saying 'My apologies, I got held up signing some important doc''


Arnav couldn't believe his ears, that voice, so familiar, almost like khushi's. He swung his chair around to face the person that the voice belonged to.


Khushi stopped in mid sentence as she saw the client swung his chair around to face her'


'arnav''she whispered, she felt her heart stop beating, was she dreaming? Was arnav really here? She stepped forward to feel him, to see if he was really here. She stopped as soon as she heard mr mehra.


At the same time''khushi' arnav whispered, not blinking just in case she would disappear. He couldn't believe his eyes. He stood up and was about to walk up to her as he heard mr mehra say


'Mr raizada, meet my designer; KG'


Khushi blinked her eyes, and looked around the room like there wasn't enough air.


Arnav couldn't believe it, khushi was KG? Khushi was here, in front of him after 1year and half, after searching for her everywhere.


'Khushi' she heard mr mehra whisper


Khushi cleared her throat and told herself to be professional; she walked up to arnav and held her hand out 'Hello mr raizada, you can call me ms gupta instead of KG, it's a erm a pleasure to meet you' she hesitantly smiled at arnav.


Arnav shook her hands and cleared his throat, 'Yes it's definitely a pleasure to meet you' smirked arnav.


Khushi narrowed her eyes and looked at him, 'please take a seat' and she walked towards the board and took her position to start the presentation.


Arnav sat down and couldn't take his eyes of khushi, he couldn't believe it. She looked so different. She looked beautiful as ever, but she wasn't the old khushi who wore Indian suits and she spoke fluent English. However he knew khushi hasn't changed one bit at all; her eyes told him, she still had the sparkles in her eyes. He couldn't help but smile.


'Firstly I would like to say welcome to elite designs Mr raizada, it's a very tough competition in the fashion industry but I can assure you Elite designs is the most fashionable and exclusive company with the KG designs and the different range of clothes that has been designed in the past''' she couldn't concentrate as she can feel arnav's eyes on her. She can feel his eyes roam all over her, trying to capture her whole body in his memory. She was looking at everything else apart from him as she avoiding his gaze. 'Stupid laad governor why is he smiling' she thought to herself.


She finished her brief presentation about statistics and elite designs position in the fashion industry. The four models walked in, walking up and down the room, twirling around to show arnav the different outfits.


'These outfits are last season's range which were designed by myself' khushi motioned for the models to get out of the room. she then opened her portfolio and showed the designs to arnav, 'As we are focussing on bridal outfits for this specific range, here are some designs that I would like to propose to you, if the deal is confirmed and agreed between elite designs and''


'AR designs' Arnav finished off the sentence for khushi, as he admired khushi's designs. He had to admit, these are most beautiful designs he has ever come across, after all they were designed by khushi.


'Yes, AR designs, the final range will have these included and also one limited exclusive design; which will be a combined design between AR and Elite designs'.


'So I presume, you will be the designer for Elite designs, and a designer from AR company will join you and both of you will design a bridal outfit, am I correct?' Arnav asked with a smirk on his face.


'Yes you're correct' khushi replied back cautiously, thinking what arnav is up to.


'So the best designer in AR designs, which is me and the best designer in Elite designs is you, so you and me will design a bridal outfit together?' arnav spoke with a challenging voice and a smirk.



Khushi's mind froze, why didn't she see that coming. Khushi was panicking inside, her and arnav working together? noo, that can't be happening,  how would she work with him??!


'That would be a delight, Mr raizada himself designing would be mind blowing, as everyone knows you only design for special occasions. If we agree to this deal then I can see AR and Elite designs creating phenomenal outfits that would immediately be success in India as well as international. Don't you agree khushi?'


Khushi had no words to say, all she could think is her and arnav working together'she needs to avoid that but still get the deal. She nodded her head in agreement.


Arnav leaned back in his seat and just stared at khushi, seeing panic, confusion, and dread in khushi's eyes. He was enjoying this meeting, as it turned out to be more fun than he thought it would be. He knew he had to use this opportunity wisely to get khushi back in to his life.


'Well mr raizada, when are we expecting to hear your decision to this deal?' mr mehra asked eagerly.


'Well mr mehra, I will not lie to you, I am quite interesting in working with Elite designs as the designs ms gupta  showed me are very impressive, but I would need the guarantee that KG herself will be involved in the designing process with me.' arnav looked khushi, smiling.


khushi's mind was working fast for an excuse, thinking how could she come out of this one. this raizada is not leaving her alone, she thought. Before she could answer; she heard


'Of course mr raizada, you have my word and we can add that into the contract if you would like that' mr mehra said with a big smile.


Khushi thought she will faint, 'what is this mehra doing??' she thought to herself. she felt like strangling mehra so he wouldn't be able to say anything or wouldn't be making this situation more complicated for her. She had to think fast..but she was in need of this deal. 'oh god help me please' she thought to herself.


'Also one more thing, I always like to get to know the person that I will be working with, so I can see if I can trust them or not, so I was wondering if I could get an opportunity to get to talk to ms gupta, maybe over lunch?' arnav raised his eyebrow at khushi with a smirk.


Khushi turned her head to face arnav so quick that she thought she snapped her neck. 'erm erm' she stutterd, panicking as she really really wanted to avoid spending time alone with arnav'


'Of course mr raizada, khushi will be happy to get to know you as well'


'erm mr mehra I actually got a meeting with ermm priya today in regards for the fridays show'. khushi mumbled.


mr mehra pulled khushi to a side and told her he doesn't who she has a meeting with, she has to cancel it. She can't afford to lose this deal as mr raizada is so close to saying a yes. He also warned khushi 'any trouble that lead's to cancellation of this deal, consider yourself fired khushi!' mr mehra threatened khushi


Khushi slapped her hand across her forehead and inhaled a long deep breath. 'Do this for your job khushi' she whispered to herself. She turned around and faced arnav with a smile' 'Shall we go to lunch mr raizada?'


Arnav stood up with a smile 'most definitely' and told mr mehra he would let him know by tomorrow in regards to his decision. Mr mehra in return invited arnav to their fashion show on Friday which will be showing KG designs. Arnav turned around and smiled at khushi, 'Oh really, showing KG designs? I'll be definitely coming, and I guess I shall let you know my decision then'.


Arnav held the door open for khushi. 'Watch khushi kumari gupta, how I get you back into my life'


Khushi walked out of the conference room thinking to herself 'god please help me'.




Precap: Arnav and khushi having lunch together.

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Amazing so hooked
Pl update soon!

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Awesome... Please continues soon Smile

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Nyccc update...thankss for d pm

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