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ArHi SS:**Eternal Love**...updated part 8, pg 40 (Page 13)

riafna IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 July 2012 at 7:36am | IP Logged
Like it continue soon

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sarunlicious.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 24 July 2012 at 7:58am | IP Logged
This Is Gonna Be Interesting :) Embarrassed

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fan145 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 July 2012 at 12:35pm | IP Logged
damn cool why did u stop plss pm me next time

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Maddy1270 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 July 2012 at 12:49pm | IP Logged
a lovely update... really emotional... thank god the family let her leave and just loved buaji first berating arnav and then regretfully telling him that she didn't know where khushi had gone to... nk is a true friend... can't wait for arnav and khushi to meet in goa, by which time khushi hopefully would have found her portfolio!

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Yazzy91 Goldie

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Posted: 24 July 2012 at 6:47pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Maddy1270

a lovely update... really emotional... thank god the family let her leave and just loved buaji first berating arnav and then regretfully telling him that she didn't know where khushi had gone to... nk is a true friend... can't wait for arnav and khushi to meet in goa, by which time khushi hopefully would have found her portfolio!
Thank you for your lovely comment!!...I really enjoy the bonding between bua  ji and arnav on the show so i thought i can't keep bua ji angry with arnav for too long in my story!! LOLLOL...Ahhh the missing portfolio WinkWink...let's just say our khushi hasn't changed that much!! LOLLOL  xxx

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Yazzy91 Goldie

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Posted: 25 July 2012 at 8:06am | IP Logged
Pictures for part 4
Khushi's apartment
Khushi's bedroom

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Yazzy91 Goldie

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Posted: 25 July 2012 at 8:06am | IP Logged

Note: Hey everybody, thank you for your wonderful comments; I have officially changed this OS to SS, and I have also changed the name to Eternal Love, as I thought it suits the story. I hope you like it.


Please look at the above post ^^ to help you imagine!!! EmbarrassedEmbarrassed


Enough of blabbing,LOL... ladies and gentlemen (not sure) Embarrassed...I present you with part 4...


Part 4:


*** 1 year and half later ***




" brrriiinggg brriiinnng brriiinggg"


'Nooo, not yet' groaned khushi, who was sleeping on her stomach.

Eyes shut, she removed the duvet cover and got her left hand out and started to feel for her alarm clock on her tableside draw. She finally managed to hit the snooze button on her alarm clock off and went back to sleep''


'bbriiinng bbriiinng, bbriiinng bbriinnng' khushi's alarm clock kept on ringing,


'Argh stupid alarm clock, won't let me sleep?'

She turned around and lay on her backside, and finally managed to open her eyes. She looked over to the alarm clock and saw it was 7.30am


She lay on her bed and looked through her bedroom window and looked at the view. She thought how much her life has changed ever since she left Delhi, since she left RM, since she left arnav.


She reminisced how she came to Goa and met aditi; her best friend ever; NK's girlfriend. She stayed with aditi in her apartment for 6 months; who now lives two apartments away from her now. She loved aditi and considered her as her own sister and would do anything for her. She was grateful to aditi for helping her get where she is now in life. Thanks to aditi, she managed to do a fashion and design course and now she worked for a very well known company; Elite Designs.

She loved designing and making her own clothes, so aditi suggested for her to do the fashion and design course, and that was best suggestion aditi has ever made'khushi giggled to herself.


Khushi turned to her bedside draw and open the first draw and pulled a frame that held a very special picture...


'Good morning arnav ji' she whispered as she stared at the picture.

'I hope you have a nice day...I miss you' she sadly stroked his picture.

'Enough khushi kumari gupta, time to start your day' she said strongly.

She put the picture frame back into the bedside draw and got up and dragged herself to her bathroom.

After having a quick shower she walked over to her wardrobe thinking what to wear? She slid the doors open and stared at her clothes. She pulled few clothing's out and wore them. She went over to her dressing table and put some make up on.  She quickly tied her long hair in a loose messy bun and walked over to her wardrobe mirror and looked at herself...

She rolled up her jeans just below her knees and grabbed her cream open toe shoes from her shoe rack.

 'Tea?' she asked herself, and looked at her clock...*8.30am*, 'Oh nooo, noo khushi run to office, forget tea' she told herself. She ran out of her apartment and walked through the beach and made her way to her office, thanking god that it's only 15minutes away from home.


Arnav saw his clock turning 7am and gave a huge sigh, as usual he had a sleepless night, just turning and tossing around in his bed, thinking about one special person. He turned to his bedside draw and pulled out a frame and just stared at the picture.


'Good morning khushi' he said quietly...

'where are you?...I miss you' and he cuddled the picture.

 'Khushi wherever you are please come back to me; I looked everywhere for you, I even hired a private detective to find you...I searched in Delhi, Lucknow, Jaipur, Kanpur, Mumbai... couldn't find you anywhere...please come back to me' arnav thought to himself.

He got up from his bed and walked to his bathroom to have a quick shower. He got ready to go office and made his way downstairs.

He walked towards the doors of the RM when he heard his di,

'Chotey, please eat breakfast' anjali walked towards arnav.

'Im not hungry, bye' arnav tried to walk away but anjali held onto his hands and made him face her.

'Chotey how long is this going to go on for, have you looked at yourself recently? Your losing weight, you look tired due to no sleep and long hours of work, chotey you need to look after yourself...look chotey I understand, ever since khu..khushi'

'Di please stop...bye' arnav walked off leaving anjali staring after him.

 Arnav walked into his office, only to be stopped by aman

 'sir, just to remind you, you have an important appointment in Goa tomorrow with Elite designs'

'Ahh dammit, that's the company with the KG designs isn't it?

'Yes sir'

'Damn it's really important for me to get a contract with them tomorrow, their designs are very unique, almost reminds me of khu'' Arnav cleared his throat and continued 'erm aman book my plane tickets for Goa tomorrow and also make sure my hotel booking is sorted'.

'Definitely sir' aman walked out of the cabin.


Khushi walked into her office and the first thing she did was call her trusted PA;

'Karan is aditi in yet?'

'Yes khushi she's in, shall I tell her you need her?'

'Yes please tell her to come into my office and by the way have you asked priya out yet?'

'Whatt? ermm, yes, no, erm I dunno' karan mumbled over phone, blushing really hard.

Khushi laughed over the phone 'my dear, sweet friend, when are you going to ask her out? In your pension years??'

'Khushhh not funny, you're supposed to be on my side, you're my friend!!!'

'Karan Im also priya's friend dummy, okay enough pulling your leg, are you going to come into my office or do you need a special invitation my lovely PA!!!'

She put the phone and sat on her chair and thought how grateful she was to have karan and priya in her life. She first met karan as her PA in the office and priya as the stylist who helped choosing the correct fabrics and materials to help her designs become reality. And aditi also worked for Elite designs as an event manager.

But then they became good friends, friends who became a part of her life'She was grateful; she has good friends like aditi, karan and priya! The most precious part was the fact all three girls had a special name for each other, as karan thought it was too girly for him to be involved in the 'silly nicknames' He just preffered shortening their names.

'Bubbles, here's your tea' aditi barged into khushi's office, trying to manage tea, coffee, a folder and a diary. Aditi loved calling khushi bubbles, because khushi was such a bubbly girl.

'Thank you tickles' giggled khushi. Khushi loved calling aditi tickles, as she was very very ticklish.

Aditi sat down opposite khushi; 'Bubbles, did you see smiley today?' aditi asked khushi whilst sipping her coffee.

'Smiley was busy 'flirting' with karan this morning'  both girls burst out laughing. Both loved calling priya  'smiley' because priya always had a smile on her face.

Just then karan walked in saying 'important reminders for Wednesday, for ms gupta'

'Shoot, my efficient PA'

'9.30am - meeting with Mr mehra, showing your portfolio for tomorrow's meeting, 10am - choosing models for tomorrow's presentation, 11am -  visiting the venue for Friday's event show', 1pm -  event management meeting with aditi for Friday.

That's all the important reminders for today'.

 Khushi was sipping her tea and acknowledging what karan just said. 'Thann, OMG my portfolio??'

She stood up and started to rummage through her desk. Khushi started to panic as she couldn't find her portfolio.

'OMG, where did I put it?' she looked at her watch''Oh lordd, 9.10am??! 9.30 meeting, Oh oh oh I think I left it in my apartment, I ran out of the apartment, I need to go back'

'Hold on khushh, let me quickly go over, you stay here just in case mr mehra asks for you' Karan grabbed khushi's apartment keys and went over to khushi's house.

After 10minutes, she couldn't wait any longer she phoned karan;

'Karan, did you find my portfolio?? What do you mean you can't find it??' Khushi screamed down the phone. 'Please karan check my wardrobe properly'. She slammed down the phone and started to pace up and down in her office.

'bubbles please calm down, you can trust karan right, he'll find the portfolio for you, are you sure u didn't place it somewhere here in your office?' Aditi started to search for the folder.

'Mr Mehra will definitely fire me today, I know it, I can feel it'.

'Khushi calm down, stop over breathing' Aditi walked over to khushi and made her sit down on  the chair and poured her a glass of water. Khushi gulped the water like there's no tomorrow.

"ring ring"

'yes' aditi barked down the phone

'oh sorry sir, yes sir, ok sir'  Aditi put the phone down and gulped some air to help her breathe. 'Mr mehra wants you in his office immediately, khushi trust me we'll find the portfolio'.

Khushi knocked on mr mehra's office door,

'Come in and sit down khushi' replied mr mehra with his deep voice.

'Is everything ready for tomorrow's presentation khushi?' Mr mehra; her manager looked at her through his rimmed glasses.

'Yes sir' khushi replied slowly.

'Good, the client is a very important client, his coming over from Delhi, we need this contract. Do you understand? Any questions?'

'Errm one sir, who is this client? I mean what's his name, his company name?'

'He's name is...'

'knock knock'

'Come in' mr mehra said with irritation.

'Sorry to disturb sir, but khushi left her portfolio in her office' aditi walked in and handed the portfolio to khushi, and walked back out of the office. Khushi handed the portfolio to mr mehra. She nervously waited while mr mehra looked at her designs.

'Well I must say khushi, Im really impressed and Im sure you will be excellent during tomorrow's presentation.' Smiled mr mehra

Khushi finally inhaled some air, 'thank you'. She stood up and went to her office with a big smile, 'thank you thank you tickles, where did you find my portfolio??'

'In your bag bubbles!!' Both girls burst out laughing

'Khuusssh, im so so sorry, I didn't find the portfolio' Karan was on the verge of crying.

Aditi and khushi both burst out laughing again,

'Karan don't worry, tickles found the portfolio in my bag, I must of put in my bag last night. Thank you so much' Khushi gave karan a big fat hug.

'adi, you're a meanie, couldn't you phone me and tell me that you found the portfolio?' moaned karan

'errrm and miss the panic attack you was having? hmmm'nope' aditi laughed her head off.

'meanie' karan showed his tongue to aditi.

'Anyways kiddies shall we all do our jobs, I know I got a big presentation to get ready for tomorrow, so out of my office everybody' khushi giggled and pushed aditi and karan out of her office.


By 7pm arnav went home and packed his bags, getting ready to fly to Goa. As he walked downstairs he saw nani sitting down on the sofa.

He approached nani , 'Nani...I've got an important meeting tomorrow in Goa so I will be flying over there tonight and I will be back tomorrow, can you let di know.

Nani nodded her head in agreement and 'ok chotey, please take care of yourself'

 Arnav nodded his head and walked out of RM, making ways to Goa.

As arnav sat on the plane, he felt quite anxious and uneasy for some weird reason; he dismissed the feelings and started to read a magazine.

'We have reached Goa and we hope you had a wonderful journey with us' the flight attendant announced.

Arnav walked out of the airport and went to the car that was waiting for him. Once the car reached the hotel, he was welcomed by the hotel manager and was informed about his room. He walked into his booked room and immediate went to the balcony and looked at the beautiful view of the beach. He had a quick shower and got ready for bed'for some weird reason, he had a feeling that he would have a good sleep tonight and with that thought he fell asleep.


Khushi walked into her apartment by 9pm and was shattered. She had a long day at work preparing for tomorrow's presentation. 'O god, please let me get this contract' she thought to herself. With that thought she went into the shower and got into her PJs and went to her bedroom balcony and looked at the beautiful view of the beach. And for some weird reason, she had a strong feeling that she would be getting a good night sleep tonight.


Precap:  Arnav and khushi meet!! WinkWink

 part 5 -

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-Yuks- IF-Sizzlerz

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Nice update. Its nice to see that they have not moved on and hold no bitterness towards each other. 

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