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Swayam & Sharon - Frozen in Time - Le GRAND VAULT

LamheChurake IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 July 2012 at 3:34pm | IP Logged
So what is this thread all about ? Embarrassed 
I'll pass on the baton to the forums favourite Fanfic writer, our very own Nidhi . Embarrassed

Originally posted by Sawyer_Tom

Heyy All! Big smile Since the rate of SwaRon posts per page of the forum has fallen down drastically, some of us SwaRon fans decided to put our idle time to good use. Our beloved Kanks here suddenly got up one day and informed us that we would be recreating all of 'em ol' SwaRon scenes to put our mind off the current state of affairs. She likes to stir things up a bit, our Kanks. Wink 

So anyways, we deemed this idea good enough and agreed to once again take a walk down the memory lane. So we talked with each other, discussed how to go about it, argued a little, encouraged a lot, gave brilliant but sometimes outright stupid suggestions and had a whole lot of fun in recreating the SwaRon magic. We rubbed ourselves raw to put into words, SwaRon's intensity and passion with which they once set the screen on fire.

In the process we discovered quite a few hidden gems who would have remained undiscovered had it not been for this "hobby". So here's a small introduction on all of 'em SwaRon fans who put in their efforts in order to relive the awesomeness that is SwaRon.


Who are'The Minds' behind this ? 
Again in Nidhi's words Embarrassed  : 

Originally posted by Sawyer_Tom

Meera (meevee): She our hidden gem, who is not-so-hidden anymore, thanks to Moi! Merci beaucoup! CoolT his woman over here has a serious case of inferiority complex and no matter how sincerely you praise her work, she'll blush like crazy and go on about "how good you are".Stern Smile She writes beautifully and like her signature suggests she will 'Always be a SwaRon fan'. Her in-depth analysis are something to look out for.

Rafi (TanHa911): I don't think I should even bother introducing her. She is like the ultimate SwaRon fan. I know that whenever there is even a slight irregularity in the SwaRon track, she's the one who gets the most affected.Geek And you can tell how much she's into SwaRon just by reading one of her analysis. I don't think anyone has ever dissected Swayam and Sharon's character more effectively and accurately than her. And her writing skills toh Masha-allah! In short, she's an incredibly talented crackpot. LOL

Sudha (Sudha-SK): Our southern belle who doesn't actually live in the South. TongueYou just have to read all her wonderful OS's to know how well she writes. She's one of 'em die hard SwaRon fans who aptly appreciates SwaRon's intensity. You can make out by her posts how descriptively she writes. Embarrassed 

Nidhi (Sawyer_Tom):  Everyone around this place who loves reading SwaRon FF's and OS's simultaneously love and hate this lady. Love for most parts though. LOL Why you ask ? Well we have many a accomplished writers around this place with impressive hold over the English language but very few come close to Sawerray when chalking out Swayam and Sharon the way she does. Her version of Swayam and Sharon are as close to the original as it gets. She sticks to the character sketch like no one does and doesn't let Fandom fancies deviate her prose from realistic to absurd. Masterful wording that touches the heart-nodes in exactly the right places with the right dose of humour, intensity, suspense, grief and most of all ... Love Embarrassed. Sans the cheese ofcourse. Now you may ask why the lil bit of hate I mentioned ?  Ab ITNAY ache FF's likh ke jo haftay tak agle update ke liye tarsaye uske kya log aarti utaarenge ?! Stern Smile  So if you love reading about SwaRon the way they are, if mature complexity is what you look for in prose and if 'cheesy' is your poison, then Nidhi's ur (Wo) man Cool . ( P.S - Rafi had to write this cuz Nidhi wont praise herself LOL)

Kankshita (Savage): Our lil Lady, as Rafi so fondly calls her. The most acerbic of us all, she is the ultimate critic. Stern SmileYou can't put anything past her. She is omniscient. LOL Yet you'd be surprised to see how optimistic she can get in certain seemingly hopeless situations. Shocked She's as sarcastic as she's cute and her classy humour will scream at you through her posts. She digs deeper than anyone else and does not entertain nonsense. Especially Rafi's. LOL

Shalini (lyfisbeautiful): Our life appreciating cheeky patron.Tongue You go on for days thinking how innocent and harmless she is and suddenly out of nowhere she'll display her inherent cheekiness. Stern SmileShe wrote that one OS on SwaRon and with just that one OS she claimed me as her fan. Of course after that we never saw anything else out of her. Disapprove How much ever we begged. Stern SmileShe's like a one-woman-show and you'll be stunned by how intelligently she writes.

Meera (Meery): LOLJust the other day I was like a good girl drinking my milk and reading one of her posts and it was so hilarious that milk actually poured out of my nose. I swear till date I've laughed at each of her posts be it on anyone. This chicka here has a terrific sense of humour and will kill you with it. If you want a good laugh and a light read, I would recommend reading one of her posts. Wink

Shishir (Boy! LOL) (Marauder): Yes yes he is a boy. LOL But with awesome writing skills. And you should see the parallels he draws. Kaha ka kaha tak kheech ke lekar jaata hai. Stern Smile He doesn't think your traditional way. He looks at a thing from every damn angle and comes up with ridiculously hilarious posts that will leave the forum ROFL for days to come. 

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LamheChurake IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 July 2012 at 3:37pm | IP Logged
The MINDS (This post will be updated with their take on SwaRon)

1. Sawyer_Tom = Nidhi

Originally posted by Sawyer_Tom

"SwaRon: The most perfect pair of the most imperfect fairytale"

2. Savage = Kankshita/KD

Originally posted by Savage

SwaRon were a case of curiosity to me in the beginning. They evolved into a treasured pairing eventually and managed to impress their intense conflicted natures in my memory particularly deep. I have allowed myself to cry during my witnessing of them, that's saying them. I have cherished the closeness I feel toward their brilliantly etched characters, thus turning me into a shamefully mainstream fan of the bittersweet duo, so much so that I still watch the show in hopes of improvement, it can never be that bad, not with Swayum and Sharon in it. 

3. SwaRon911 = Rafi 

Originally posted by SwaRon911

They re-wrote fairytales, the way they are supposed to be told to the 21st Century"

4. meery. =  Meery

5. lyfisbeautiful = Shalini

6. Sudha-SK =  Sudha 

Originally posted by Sudha-SK

Swayam and Sharon redefining romance.

SwaRon together as they are fondly known, by us fans are epitome of intensity, chemistry and passion for what they believe in.

They are the magical couple of our times and just the thought of them make's us smile and gives a pleasant feeling from with in. Unlike your regular TV couple it's not a story where a popular Casanova boy falls for the girl next door. SwaRon for you are different and rightfully rewriting fairytales.

It's strange as to how someone we haven't spoken to or met in real life are of constant source of pleasure and inspiration in our life. We have enjoyed their dance and acting and as SwaRon they give us the most beautiful fairytale of our times.

From the time we very first saw them to the recent SwaRon confession they have managed to put a smile on our faces and also at many instances made us cry along.

7. meevee =  Meera 

Originally posted by meevee

Swaron ' the very term brings a smile to my face, it echoes the emotions in my heart which register in my mind when I refer to Swaron ' Swayam & Sharon'.itz not the first time that I am watching a luv story unfold'but believe me when I tell you I am not gonna be affected by anything of the kind that cums after this'At first look a teeny bopper luv story??? ' perhaps beginning as an infatuation for the unattainable in the heart of a young guy on the threshold of manhood'they say maturity in luv cums with age'.but Swayam always epitomized the ideal luver boy for me'perhaps most obviously for persistently having faith in the sincerity of his feelings and for seeing through the faade of sheer uninterestedness that the object of his desire so diligently tried to maintain ' indeed he did have his moments when he was misconstrued, humiliated, wronged and rejected by her'but that never made a difference to the way his heart throbbed still for her & only for her.  On the other hand, Sharon was the most unlikely girl one would associate as a sweetheart for someone as unassuming and unaffected by appearances as Swayam ' she always had an image to maintain and a reputation to keep ' which were more a sort of defence mechanism to protect her vulnerability than a reflection of her character'she was a fiercely loyal friend and an independent personality who took no nonsense and gave full attitude'she saw her defences crumble in front of the one & only Swayam & realized too early that she couldn't do much about it ' not that she gave up her efforts to dishearten Swayam in his endeavours but each time she hurt him she found herself hurt more & that was what created Swaron ' a relationship born from the intensity of one person's feelings of luv and the determination of the other person to stand up to that intensity in whatever reaction she gave whether disagreement, insult, or acceptance.  Swaron for me is a tale much beyond any looks, talks and kisses story'it is how two people who conveyed feelings through saying so less  and were constantly engaged in a mission to show who is more deeper  in affecting the other '.the moment they came together and agreed on giving their feelings a chance to thrive, it was just an extension of a union that they had already achieved within their senses & were merely giving it a physical atmosphere'

I wuld like to keep my memories of Swaron in that moment frozen in time when Swayam cupped Sharon's face in his hands and reassured a teary-eyed, eager to hear Sharon that he still luved her as much and that his heart wouldn't let him do otherwise'                           

8. marauder = Shishir (Boy ! LOL)

Originally posted by marauder

SwaRon!! I even don't know from where to begin? And what shall I talk about? Whether I should talk about their unmatched intensity or should I talk about their scintillating chemistry!! Well for that matter let me talk about their USP. The best bit of SwaRon is that they are flawed. Their characters are almost real and natural. They are like someone whom you could spot among the people you meet whether in your college, school or in workplace. They are relatable.

In a time where TV is filled with shows where the rich flirtatious or temperamental guy falling for the girl next door; SwaRon were like a breath of fresh air. A guy next door (not exactly but still) falling for the college diva. One trying to make his identity in the other's eyes and other desperately trying to hide her insecurities from the first. In the process both learning some valuable lessons. One has graduated from being a love struck teenager to the most mature and sensible character on the show and the other from being self centred person to be the person who genuinely cares and is protective of her friends. The character of Swayam and Sharon is written and developed so beautifully over the course of one year that it feels like we know them like back of our hand. This is one of the reasons why we fans make so many hue and cries if SwaRon do something out of box. Because we are attached to them in a very strange way.

Their journeys through the realms of love have been such a roller coaster ride that you can't help but get completely engrossed in these characters. I would also like to mention about Shantannu and Sneha. They have enacted the character gracefully and have beautifully portrayed the growth of the characters over the period of time. Now it seems impossible to imagine Swayam and Sharon without them.

Over the period of time SwaRon had made a special place in our heart. Their scene is something which I will cherish forever.

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LamheChurake IF-Sizzlerz

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1. Scene 1 -  ... By Rafi (Coming soon)

2. Scene 2 - "Bittersweet" (26th April, 2011) -  KD 

3. Scene 3 - "Bheegi billi and Marylin Monroe dreams" (4th May, 2011) - Sudha 

4. Scene 4 -  "The Stupor of First Love" (10th May, 2011) - Meera 

5. Scene 5 - "She is SO out of his league" (11th May, 2011) - Shalini

6. Scene 6 - "Angrezzi beat dey" (17th May, 2011) - Nidhi 

8. Scene 8 - "Suit Boot mein ayaa kanhaiyaa" (23rd May, 2011) - Shishir

9. Scene 9 - "SwaRon and the Finger heart" (24th May, 2011) - Meery

13. Scene 13 - "Subah bilkul tumhari tarha" (1st June, 2011) - Reserved for Sudha 

14. Scene 14 - "No Knights in shining Armour" (1st June, 2011) - Rafi

16. Scene 16 - "Food Fight" (...  june, 2011) - Reserved for Shishir 

17. Scene 17 - "Into you, Like a Train" (8th june, 2011) - Rafi

20. Scene 20 - "The dare" (20th june, 2011) - Reserved for Meera

21. Scene 21 - "In promptu Waltz" (20th june, 2011) - Reserved for Meera

80. Scene 80 - ... Reserved for Meery 


96. Scene 96 - "Kanch ki tarha woh toot jana tera" (6th October, 2011) - Rafi

136. Scene 136 "Sharon's journey begins here, Begins now" (21st November, 2011) - Rafi

146 . 

"They have to get through me to get to you" (7th December, 2011) - Rafi

"Of fond fascination & wounded love" (7th December, 2011) - Rafi

163 . 

"The Nano-Second Fairytale" (16th January, 2011) - Rafi

167 . 

"To infinity and beyond" (18th January, 2011) - Rafi

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LamheChurake IF-Sizzlerz

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INDEX post 2

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Sawyer_Tom IF-Dazzler

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Rafi! Kahi ka nahi choda! iDiedoutofembarassment BlushingBlushing

Finally this thread is open. Or is it? Either way I couldn't stop myself from commenting.

PartyPartyParty WooHoo!!! The Main Vault!!!

P.S. Does this count as reserving?

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LamheChurake IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by Sawyer_Tom

Rafi! Kahi ka nahi choda! iDiedoutofembarassment BlushingBlushing

Finally this thread is open. Or is it? Either way I couldn't stop myself from commenting.

PartyPartyParty WooHoo!!! The Main Vault!!!

P.S. Does this count as reserving?

^ its no posting for the Masses until all the Minds res Cool
And yayyy its almost ready for inaugration , yes ... our dear Vault it Embarrassed

BTW this is MY response cum res LOL

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marauder IF-Sizzlerz

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Finally this thread is open. Party
Never thought it will be ready this soon.
Aur aage ke liye - *RESERVED*.

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Snowey IF-Rockerz

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Wow..the thread is finally open Party


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