Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

ArHilicious Droolers #41:Hogaya Hai Tujko To Pyar

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ArHilicious Droolers #41
Hogaya Hai Tujko To Pyar Sajna

  • Song of the week: _Aanchal_
  • Poem of the week: PinkCinderella
  • Summary of the week: _Aanchal_
  • Funny scene of the week: Roshini1494
  • Picture of the Week: stardust-
  • Filler of the Week: Roshini1494
  • Rating of the Week: ~Saraa~
  • Videomix of the week: Deepali_88
  • Rakshabhandan Scene of the Week: Roshini1494
  • Achari Scene of the Week: Roshini1494/_Aanchal_
  • Best Character of the Week: shobrakapooor
  • Most Irritating Character of the Week: ShiningStar18
  • Funny Character of the Week: -Ammie-
  • Video avi of the week, Icon of the week: ..first.rain..
  • Best FF of the Week, Best OS of the Week: -Chinnu-
  • Message to CVs: ~Saraa~
  • Siggy of the week, Video siggy of the week: minuu
  • Most Active Thread of the week: Roshini1494
  • Most Active Member of the Week: -Barun-
  • Costume of the Week: ..first.rain..
  • Dialogue of the Week: 
  • Joota scene of the week: Roshini1494

Banner and animated logos: Khushix

Winning Siggies: -Fatz-

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Arnav lies to Anjali that he had bought the red roses for her to make her happy. Payal gifts a saree to Khushi on her birthday. Nandkishore gifts a bracelet to her. Arnav decorates the poolside with lights to surprise her. Khushi refuses to celebrate when he does not wish her. He forces her to cut the cake. Anjali cooks for Arnav but she becomes upset after seeing him feeding cake to Khushi. She realizes that he had bought the flowers for Khushi and throws them away in anger.

Khushi becomes emotional when Arnav places a red rose on her pillow and wishes her for her birthday thinking that she is asleep. Nandkishore tells Arnav to do something special for her. Arnav asks Nani to cook a special dish for Khushi. However, Khushi refuses to eat. Anjali feels bad after hearing Arnav planning a surprise for Khushi. Akash remains grim with Payal. Arnav gives a gift to Khushi but she ignores it.

Arnav gifts a saree to Khushi. He becomes angry when she refuses to wear it. Khushi gets depressed because of Anjali's turmoil, Manorama's anger and the misunderstanding between Payal and Akash. She tries to solve the rift between Payal and Akash but it backfires. Payal tells her not to interfere in her marital issues. Anjali tells Nani that she wants a son like Shyam. Nandkishore asks Arnav to recall his romantic moments with Khushi. Arnav tells him about his first meeting with Khushi.

Manorama blames Khushi for Anjali's failed marriage but Nani defends her. Arnav hides in the cupboard to make Khushi smile. He tries to recreate their romantic moments but she refuses to cooperate. She refuses to accept him as her husband but he vows to change her mind. Arnav plans to go to the temple with his family but Anjali convinces him to attend his business meeting in Agra. He asks Khushi to go with him to Agra but she refuses and stays alone at home.

Khushi gets scared of the thunder and lightning when there is a power cut at home. She runs into Arnav's arms out of fear. She gets angry after finding that Arnav had deliberately scared her. The rest of the family gets stuck in traffic jam and decides to return home without going to the temple. Anjali sees the surprise Arnav had arranged for Khushi and thinks that he had lied to her about the meeting in Agra. Payal pleads with Akash to forgive her but Manorama interferes in their marital issue.

Arnav sees Khushi sleeping on the bed at night and realizes that he has only 5 minutes left in the day to wish her. He puts a rose beside her pillow, He says 'Happy Birthday' *finally* and wishes she gets all the happiness. He then kisses her on the forehead. *painful Rabba ve was played in the BG* he leaves the room while Khushi opens her eyes and tears roll down her cheeks.  

This is a type of scene in which we all wants to break our TV/Laptop/PC's screen.This week the scene which made us to feel like that is definitely the scene in Friday episode when Raizada family enters the RM and interrupts the most awaited ArHi KissAngry.We thought RM family will go to temple and we can see ArHi romance.But all our expectations went in drain. Anji's rona dhona drama of not taking medicine is also need to be added in thisStern Smile.

This week the scene which made us to ROFL is the scene in which Arnav explains about ArHi love story to NKROFL.NK asks the pissed off Arnav to tell abt their love story and the way he shows the "romantic look" to Arnav ROFL.Arnav starts to remember everything and almost scares NK by telling abt ArHi love story.NK gets irritated and tells him at last that he wants Romantic love story not any Horror or Thriller storyROFL.On the whole the scene was so cute and funnyROFL.

This time we have two scenes in this category.One sisters scene and one brothers scene.Khushi-Payal's scene is my first choice for this category.The way payal gifted khushi the saree and prayed for Khushi's happiness was so nice.They both forgot their problems for a moment and made each other happyEmbarrassed
Another scene is Arnav-NK scene.Actually i can't specially mention one scene.All their scenes were awesome.Let it be Arnav telling NK abt ArHi love story or NK giving him advice.They both were adorable.Their scenes were cute and funny.Day Dreaming

The scene in which the whole RM gets ready in car to go for satsang is definitely the filler of this week.The whole scene was dragged with mamiji's whole drama.Starting from making Anji sit in first seat and making payal sit in last seat, the whole scene was dragged for more minutes with mamiji's useless drama to insult payalStern Smile. Really, we have seen enough of mamiji insulting Payal. Time for everyone to see the changed Mami Cool

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Baby ... Sweetheart... Iss Heartthrob Ko Kya Naam Doon...

dont think that ive gone mad its him who made me mad. no no nt the hottie but cool-lieLOL NK hw sweet can u get? he 's a gud moral support to arnav especially when arnav gets mad on hw to make khushi hppy, he comes on the right time gives him the idea.
 Arnav intentionally or unintentionally follows his sayings specially the old memories. wow i juz lovd Naanav-NK bonding. he was funny at the same time acted as a mediocre between ArHi. issliye arnav was able to control his anger nd romance with Khushi. Keep rocking NK!

The most irritating character of the week is one who annoys the hell out of us whenever he/she comes onscreen. Well, this week's most irritating personality is none other than Anjali.

Though It's understandable that she is in a bad state and has just witnessed a really bad phase of life but that doesn't mean that she should start blaming it just one person.

It was really irritating to see how she looked at Arnav and Khushi during her birthday celebration Arnav did for her. Don't really expect that from Anjali. They even showed Anjali having the flashback of Arnav and her at the mandir when he enlightened her of her being the only important person in his life but times have changed. Now Arnav has a wife and Anjali  should understand this, not look at them with big eyes all the time.Confused That was really heartbreaking.

Secondly, why does she refuse to see or acknowledge Khushi? Agreed that Shyam turned out to be a snake but it wasn't Khushi's fault he was unfaithful to his wife. It could have been any woman at all. Confused

Anyways, that's it for this week. Will see you guys in the next! Embarrassed

Hello hi everyone and welcome to the funniest character section. This week was another interesting week with a couple of Epic arhi scenes here there and massive drama everywhere! Anyhow m not going to be a fussy fan and imma just get down and concentrate on the positives...!

I loved the arhi scenes this week, specially the Hug, intense and passionate! But another thing that m really liking about this track is the NK-Arnav Bonding. Its just coming along so well!

So without any further delay this week's funny character Goes to both NK-Arnav. Their scenes really did put a smile on my face! They were cute and funny! m loving this bonding...hope its introduced to stay, hope it stays once this track is over!

So this is all for now see u all next week!


*Hug Scene* Day Dreaming
Khushi : Devi maiya ka lakh lakh shukar hai ki aap ghar wapas aa gaye, aap jante hai hum kitna dar gaye the.
Arnav : Shhh! LOL
*mood change as lights are turned on*
Arnav : Kya hua dar gayi thi tum?
Khushi : Ye sab aapne kiya? aapne ye sab kiya hume ye sab darake D'ohaapko hasi aa rahi hai?? Angry aap jante hai hum kitna dar gaye the.
Arnav :*grabs her tightly* Blushing

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AAATT! whatta week!! is there something SaRun/ArHi cannot do to set the screen on fire? It was a treat with such picture perfect Kodak Moments Star

Lage raho Mr. and Mrs. Raizada Heart

show me someone who can do Love struck better than this? Blushing

some off-screen ones, as if the on-screen ones were not enough to kill us? LOL

300 episodes celebration eve

So I had to choose this pic... Wanted all three of them in the frams. honestly, I'm like this trio jodi. And Nannav-NK rocks! Their convo's are just perfect humor. And well KKGSR, I love the color of her suit. Is it just me thinking or was she not shown in green anytime soon? (Minues the awards earth dance she had done) I don't remember green suit on her... Ermm It looks super pretty on her Cool

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Made by: black_scorpio

Here is ur Gift


Made by: Broken.Angel

Here is ur Gift


Made by: ~Saraa~

Here is ur Gift


Made by: Shruti_P 

Here is ur Gift

Made by : Zoha (UltimateBarun)

Here is ur Gift

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Pride and Beauty

In Your Arms is my heaven.

Laying in your arms
Your breathing in my ear,
This might sound strange
There's nothing else i rather hear
Your arms tight around me
Im drifting off to sleep,
And god forbid if you leave
This memory ill always keep,
How one person's time
Could touch your heart and soul,
So if your asking where i wanna go
There's no place i rather be

I look at me and see the things I've done
I see the pain that ran through me once
And the way it always brought me down
When my heart felt sorrows every ounce

The moment we touched I knew it was you
That I would hold forever, that I'd love
I always dreamt our lives would be just us two
Because our souls carried the truest love,
When I looked deep into your eyes
I would always fall deep oh so deep 
Into your heart where your love lies,
As I broke down and baby I would weep
From the first kiss, emotions ran inside me
I tried so hard to keep them inside

I feel you every day and night
You are always within sight
And nothing in this far and wide world
Can possibly make me happier
Than spending my time daydreaming of you
For there is no fear how far beneath the ocean waves of blue
You rescue me raise me up with you I cannot drown
And my hope and constant prayer is that you smile

You are the only one I see,
You are the one that heaven meant for me
For surely you were sent down from above
For me and me only to cherish and to love,
I love you ever so much
And long to be able to reach out and touch,
Your dear and precious face
And feel the warmth of your embrace

Runner Up
Living and Loving by -_-harsh42

Here is ur Gift

 Chains of Gold by HeadoverHeels

Here is ur gift

Runner UP
Living and Loving by -_-harsh42

Here is ur gift

Chains of Gold by HeadoverHeels

Here is ur Gift

Here is your Gift


Here is ur Gift

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Why is it not a perfect 5? Welll, I'm just gonna say a few names name. Anjali Shyaam Jha, Aakash Singh Raizada, Manorama Raizada and Payal Singh Raizada. Does that ring any bell? YES. These names are pretty much self-explanatory, aren't they? LOL 
The other 4.5 goes to Arnav for bringing the much needed romance in the show this week. Nandikishore for being the funniest guy on Indian TV. And that Angry Birds shirt totallly got the .5 there. Big smile And lastly, Khushi. Thanks for being so stubborn about making Arnav work harder. Clap

Dear CVs,
Hello Hi Bye Bye. Yes, this week I would like to tell you that I actually didn't want to hear this statement.
Please, get Anjali to learn that her brother needs privacy. He is married. And we are really happy that he is actually making up to Khushi for the lost time. Thankyou for the ArHi-licious week. Big smile

Payal and Aakash, hmmm. I have no words for Aakash, maybe he needs training from Arnav Singh Raizada in respecting his wife. Also, it can't be ignored that now Aakash and Arnav's roles have reversed. We're happy though. Thankyou for a great week. Please continue being awesome.ClapWink

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So here we finally are.. Kaan pakadke sorry for being late this time Embarrassed Stuff happens Tongue Hope you all enjoyed the edition! Congratulations to the winners Hug Bit thank you to the NL team for doing a lot of my sections this time LOLHug 

And and and, welcome new members to the team! 


They will be officially doing sections for the NL instead of just helping me with layout Big smile 

See you all next time!

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