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FF Writers Interview (UPDATED Pg 16, 17, 18) (Page 13)

Sharpay.Evans IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 July 2012 at 4:54am | IP Logged

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abhiya_kapi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 July 2012 at 4:57am | IP Logged
Originally posted by pkyekrox


Thank you so much Gauri. Embarrassed
.AgapiMou. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 July 2012 at 5:53am | IP Logged

Hola peeps!!!!Tongue

News!!News!!! I have shot questions on my doppelganger and our naughty interviewer...RENU!!!!ahaa...bahot mazaa aaya..LOL

okay...jokes apart..I really enjoyed a lot interviewing her..Winkshe z actually very sweet and shy by nature and plus i am very much impressed by her maturity and frank nature.She was very prompt while answering questions.Must say..the gal has got a very creative head..Tongue

Renu aka Disha has revealed some astonishing secrets of hers which are likely to make your jaw dropped.So guyzz...hold on ur seats..she z here to shock you again!!!!

Q1. Full Name:  Disha Kamath Wink *Surprise Surprise*



Q2. Age:  27



Q3. Birthday: 25th Jan



Q4. Country: India



Q5. City: Mumbai



Q6. Hobbies: singing solo, dancing, listening music, reading mysterious books, writing mysterious stories



Q7. Favorite Color:  Red and Pink. But Since Abhay has started wearing black jacket, now Black is my favorite too.Wink

Q8. Favorite Food:  rice, daal, all Chinese dishes, pulav, biryani, sweets, all types of chicken, all sweets (very fond of it)



Q9. Favorite Drink: pepsi, coke, juces, mangola, maazza Tongue



Q10. Favorite TV Shows: Earlier it was sshhh koi hai, sshhh phir koi hai, horror nights, Dil mill gaye, mjht. But since when PKYK had started, that's the only show I loved.  I also love weekend crime shows as I'm big fan of thriller and mysterious stories, so Shapath, CID, Crime Petrol are also my favorites.



Q11. Favorite Movies: DDLJ, HAKHK, DTPH and also all Salman Khan, Govinda's Movies. I'm big fan of Salman and Govinda. Embarrassed



Q12. Favorite Book: Twilight-1 only, Harry Potter all series, Nancy Drew all books, Stephen King my favorite author.



Q13. How did you find India-Forums: I don't even remember how I actually found India-forums. You can see I'm very old registered user of IF. But very rare I used to visit it as my college, graduation and then job didn't permit to stay online for long. So I've been silent reader for many years. Just from past one month I've started visiting IF regularly and addicted already. Tongue



Q14. Why PKYEK is your favorite show: First of all vampire is the theme of the show, which always fascinated me. I'm very big fan of thriller, mysterious, supernatural, vampires, horror all mixtures kind-of genres. Second, since Dill Mill gaye, I'm fan of Sukirti, she was fab in Agle Janam Mohe Beetiya Kijo. That made me more keen for PKYEK. As in this show, she was very different than her previous shows. The hero Vivian I barely knew him in any other shows. But in this show, he just stole my heart from the first day of promo. So he is also another reason for liking this show and missing abhiya like hell. Cry 


Q15. Who are your favorite FF writers here: Honestly, everyone are my favorite writers. If I've to name a few, I would go for Ayesha, Poco, Syria (I have been silent reader for all their FF's. They still don't know LOL) Romi, Nafisa, Harneet. (I've read their FF's and always commented them, as they are much like me. I can connect myself with these three of them and so it's easy for me to comment on their FF's. Embarrassed)  Others please don't mind. I love every writers work here. Because of them, we get different kind-of FF's for abhiya. TongueEmbarrassed


Q16. Who is the inspiration of your story:  First my ex, I can't reveal much about him. But today if I'm a writer, it's because of him. Second, all FF writers who made abhiya so special in their own way. I wanted to do the same thing, so I decided to write FF in my own way. LOLWink


 Q17. How many friends do you have on India-Forums: I forgot to count. But I think so far my buddylist tells me I've 81 friends. But I talk only to 3-4 friends here including Romi, Aishwarya, Tehreema, Mansi.



Q18. Best friends in your real life: Just one my childhood best friend. Can't name her, she don't like it if I reveal her name in front of everyone. LOL



Q19. All-time favorite FF story: Sand of Time. Embarrassed I simply loved the chemistry of Abhiya in Aysha's story.


Q20. Do you plan to make career in writing: ha ha Yes. I'm already doing this. Wink That is the only the reason I'm sharing different ideas of FF with everyone. I like to take feedbacks, because it will help me for my first novel which I'm planning to publish soon.


Q21. Piya Abhay and other characters personality are they related to your real life: Yes they are. If I can't related myself to the characters, I can never enjoy writing different concepts for my FF's.


Q22. Which FF have you enjoyed writing the most: Pyar kii Ye India-Forums ki Kahani. This is the FF based on fan's life. My life is much similar to Piya of this FF. So I enjoyed writing this most. 



Q23. As a writer, how much important your FF story is for you: My all stories are important for me, because I write for myself, not for others.



Q24. What will be your reaction, if Ekta Kapoor converts your FF story into PKYEK 2: ha ha ha LOL I wish if this could be possible. There are better writers then me, I'm sure she would choose one of them.



Q25. Every writers want instant fame with their FF. Do you think your perception will change if Ekta Kapoor chooses you for her PKYEK 2: Nope. No way. Wink



Q26. If you are still a student and you get chance to make career with Balaji Telefilms as a writer, will you give up your studies for working as a full-time writer or you will reject Ekta Kapoor's offer for her serial: I'm already full-time writer and hmm graduation is over. Wink


Q27. What is important for you, studies or PKYEK 2: Both. When I was studying, I hardly got any time even to visit IF, so now you can imagine what is important for me. I'm over here because I'm settled in my career. LOL



Q28. How much possessive you are for Abhiya and PKYEK serial (Express yourself): Ok let me explain this by taking you to the flashback of my small little life of past.

1. My ex dislike this show and I loved it so much that I never talked to him in that half an hour. He always teased me and criticized the show. I used to get angry on him and stop talking to him. Angry

2. My friends, cousins always comes at wrong time. But I don't leave my bedroom, don't meet them and don't talk to them in this half an hour. Embarrassed

3. Even after the show ended, I switch to star utsav and saw all the repeat telecast that they showed at 10 p.m. but there also it's ended. Cry

4. Aysha posts all the episodes. I still visit her post as silent reader and watch all videos, still makes me realize as if it's happening it now. So thank you Aysha, even if I never commented on your post, still I admire it a lot and see in my interview I'm admitting it. Embarrassed

 Now come out of flashback LOL and now in reality, you already know how many crazy FF's I've created for our abhiya's.

What else should I prove you now? LOL I hope you got it now how much possessive I'm for our abhiya and PKYEK show.  I wish the show comes back with Visu. Cry


Q29. How much your characters are close to your real life: Piya's character almost similar to my own life. My mom is just another Madhu. My dad's character shade you will find in my new ff the vampires family. In rest other story, there is no similarity. One of my college friends is just like Misha. There is no Ruhi in my college. Angad's character is just too similar like one of my college friend who was crazy for one girl. LOL Though, she rejected him always. Wink Rest too are much similar. Abhay is fiction, so no similarity. His parents also have no similarity.



Q30. Sometimes writers become so busy with their story that they forget their own real life. Did this ever happen with you? Have you forgotten your real life because of your story characters? (Express yourself): Nope. Wink Even if I dare to forget my real life, my mom drags me out from my story and makes me aware that I've to do cooking and go for outings with her. LOL



Q31. How much possessive and passionate are you for your FF story: Do I've to answer this? Don't you know how much possessive and passionate I'm? I created so many FF's, why? Because I'm possessive and passionate, so you get different flavors of my abhiya romances. Embarrassed


Q32. How many hours do you dedicate to write your one chapter: Honestly, I like to write long chapters and so for 15-20 pages, I take minimum 4-5 hours.



Q33. How many hours do you spend on internet and on India-Forums: When I was in college and graduation or during my job, I hardly used to get time for browsing net or visiting here. But since the time I left the job, I'm always online here. Tongue



Q34. What tips would you give to other new FF writers: I'm just a month older in FF writing. So what tips I can give? hmm let me think...

Thinking... Wink

Thinking... Wink

Thinking... Wink

Ok. Got the tip Wink Anything you like, you write. Just keep on writing, more you write, more you get better. Always think positive and don't hesitate to post your FF. Even if it is a dumb story, like mine. It will still be admired, because it's about our abhiya. EmbarrassedWinkTongue



Q35. Five things about you that nobody knows: 

1. I quite my job for my passion. My passion is writing stories which I'm soon going to publish as novel. Wink

2. I'm very weird or you can basically call me abnormal or superstitious. Confused Because I believe in vampires existence. Tongue That is the only reason I started writing on Vampires True Love.

3. I'm very obsessed about vampires. 

4. I'm not a emotional person. But whenever abhiya used to get separated, I used to cry Cry and wanted to hug Piya Hug for her obsessiveness over Abhay, because I'm like her in my real life. Embarrassed I can give up everything for my true love like Abhay. Embarrassed

5. In my real life, I'm very reserved person and hardly make any friends or even talk to any of them. Confused


Q36. List the names of your all FF's and the link to all your FF's:

The list is very big. But I'll add them here.

1) Writers Corner Forum - Light Returns To Darkness

2) PKYEK Forum - Shrapit Shaitan The Curse of Dracula

3) PKYEK Forum - Vampires True Love - Real or Not

4) PKYEK Forum - Pyar kii Ye India-Forums ki Kahani

5) PKYEK Forum - Ghost kii Nayi Prem Kahani

6) PKYEK Forum - A Weird Game of Love

7) PKYEK Forum - PKYEK A Movie A Game: A Challenge

8) PKYEK Forum - The Vampires Family

9) Madhubala Forum - Love Ka Tadka



Q37. Do you have a fan page for all your FF's? If you have it, then link them here: I'm not a social person, so I don't socialize on social networking sites. So I don't have any fan page. Neither I'm interested.

But I've my official website that I never promoted. But you will get all my creations in my site.



Q38. Is there anything you would like to say to your readers (Express yourself): Today whatever I'm, it's because of you. I could have never published or update any of my FF's, if you wouldn't have liked it. Honestly, you make my life blossom and I want you to stay like this forever. ClapThank you so much for all the support and love you gave to my FF's. Embarrassed I began my journey in this forum as silent reader and now I'm official writer, because of you. Wink So please please please, never stop supporting me. Embarrassed  Also please don't throw tomatoes or onions on me for my such a long interview. LOL

Q.39suppose..pkyek starts again..n u r asked by cvs to choose anyone of the ffs from dis forum for the storyline.which one would you suggest?: Sand of Time, that's the only story I loved to the core from beginning to end. Ayesha has beautifully expressed that FF about our abhiya and I would love to see same chemistry between them. Embarrassed

Q40.Do you get snapped out of reality when you fancy pkyek n abhia?: Yes very much. 

Q41 Any silly thing that you did 2 watch pkyek: I already said that earlier when I took you to the flashback of my little life. LOL

Q42 Do you get annoyed if sum1 bashes pkyek and defend it or u jus ignore it: Yes I get annoyed, but instead of defending or arguing with the bashers, I would rather like to report such kind-of members to the mods and ignore them. Fighting is not the solution of any problem. It's better to ignore it. 

We see several street dogs in our life. They keep on barking, but can we do the samething? I hope everyone will agree that you would rather like to ignore such dogs, instead of throwing stones or fighting with dogs. LOL

Q43.something you would like to say to people:  ha ha already told so many things. What else I can say? Embarrassed

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abhiya_kapi IF-Dazzler

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OMG renu you are embarrassing me. Embarrassed
cuteteddy Goldie

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It sounds interesting. I'll surely read about ff authors here whenever I get time! Big smile

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abhiya_kapi IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by cuteteddy

It sounds interesting. I'll surely read about ff authors here whenever I get time! Big smile

so nice of you. All are awesome ff writers here. LOL

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flora212 IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by flora212


oops really? Tongue Thank you nafs. Embarrassed

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