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FF:Relationship beyond Relations. IMP note on pg1 (Page 6)

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Posted: 29 September 2012 at 1:53pm | IP Logged
Will read and Comment for sure Smile

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YOu wrote it very beautifullyyy... loved ittt

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so that was ASR wait parr shaadi well roka kiska ho raha hai not arnie right
but then when khushi is there why fear right
so inn dono ki jodi banne waali hain lekin kaise
well i wonder how the guptas will see the riazadas pls do continue soon
this is getting intriguing so our hero has finally offically made his entry
awww khushi was so lost with what DJ said that she made complete mess of things right
man that was cute
looking forward the meeting of arhi it will be explosive for sure
cheers for pm
see ya soon again

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Chapter - 5 

(Connecticut, 2 pm, scene shifts to the Living area of the Gupta Villa.)


"Tickets book hogaye hai, the flight is scheduled for Friday evening"...Shashi said, walking over to the ladies seated on the sofas.

"Daijaan, baccho ne packing kar li?" Shashi asked as he sat opposite to DJ.

"Haan shashi Babua, aur itne excited hoke packing ki hai; khaskar Khushi bitiya ne." DJ said.

"Chalo accha hai, baccho ko bhi parivar ka saath miljayega" Shashi said.

"Hum sab ke liye chai le aate hai" Garima said getting up.

"Arey baitho bitiya hum le aate hai" DJ said.

"Nahi nahi hum le aate hai" Garima said walking off towards the kitchen.

Garima went to the kitchen and stood by the counter, breathing heavily, beads of perspiration gleaming on her forehead. Her face could not hide the anxiety; it was evident in her eyes.

(Garima thinking)

*Yeh hum kya kar rahe hai? Jaane ke liye maan toh gaye, par kya hume wahan...kuch samajh nahi aa raha hai; kare toh kya kare. Bacche kitne khush hai, aur Khushi, kaise uski umeedon par paani pher de? Kaise bataye usey ki jis parivar mein jaane ke liye woh itni khush hai uss hii parivar ne kabhi hume...Hey Devi Maiyya hum kya kare*

"Garima kya hua bitiya? Hum aaye kya?" DJ called Garima pulling her out of her thoughts.

Garima walked out of the kitchen with a tray carrying the tea; meanwhile Khushi came down the stairs.

"Are you going out somewhere dear?" Shashi asked.

"Haan Babuji hum Raghav ji ke saath ja rahe hai" Khushi said.

"Okay bitiya, jaldi laut aana aur suno raghav ko zyada tang mat karna" Shashi Said.

"Aap bhi na" Khushi smiled and left the Gupta Villa.

Khushi took out her cell from her pink sling bag & dialled Raghav's number, (Raghav in blue & Khushi in red)


Hello? Khushi are you there?

Kahan hai aap?

Papa ke office mein, kuch cases ke files dena aaya tha. Kyun kya hua?

Hum 10 mins mein jimmy's gallery pohoch rahe hai, and I want you there in 5 mins.

What? Khushi you know it takes atleast 25 mins to reach Jimmy's.

I don't know anything you have to be there, chalo aapke liye I'll become thoda 'Considerate' there in 8 mins.

But Khushi...listen...

See youuu...!

She hung up without letting him complete. She took a cab to jimmy's gallery, Khushi's favorite place. It was a book store adjoining a coffee shop which overlooked the city of Connecticut. She would spend hours together with a big cup of her favorite coffee and a beautiful book.

The cab came to screeching halt in front of the pathway; she paid the fare and started walking along the pathway, the pathway lead to a flight of steps which in turn lead to the gallery.

"Hi Joe! What's up?" Khushi said walking over to the billing counter, Jimmy's gallery was owned by Joe's dad. Joe was khushi's classmate.

"Hello Khushi, ah boring day! By the was the book you borrowed last week?" Joe asked.

"Ah, it's so interesting...I love it, thanks for suggesting that book." Khushi said walking over to her favorite seat, beside the huge windows.

"Anytime, so where is Raghav?" Joe asked taking a seat opposite Khushi.

"Running for his life" mumbled Khushi under her breath.

"What?" Joe asked confused.

"Ermm...I mean he is on the way" Khushi replied hiding a giggle.

"Okay I'll send you your favourite coffee, you enjoy and I'll catch up with later. Okay?" Joe said getting up.

"Yeah sure, thanks." Khushi said flashing her million dollar smile.

"Hmm...Let's see, Kahan tak poonche hai Raghav ji." Khushi said smiling mischievously. She dialled Raghav's number '

"Hello...sirf 30 seconds baaki hai, Kahan tak poonche aap?" Khushi said looking at the fancy clock on the opposite purple wall.

"Bohot khareeb, nazar ghuma kar toh dekhiye!" Raghav replied.

Khushi's eyes widened, she looked around & found Raghav at the entrance, leaning on the door frame, smiling victoriously.

"I reached 30 seconds before! Now may I know the grave reason behind calling me here like this?" he questioned sarcastically.

"Reason, you are asking for a reason? I am going to India, for the first time, and you know very well that before taking any major step I always talk to someone. & this is one most major step of my life ' I am going to INDIA!" Khushi said.

"Okay! Tell me what do you want to talk?" Raghav said lightly.

"Why the hell are you taking it so lightly?" Khushi asked.

"Khushi relax, I'm not taking it lightly. I understand what you are feeling right now!" Raghav explained.

"No you don't, I'm going to India for the first time. It's all going to be so different, different people, different place, different relations, different meaning, and different feelings. How will I be able to adjust, what if I...what if I do some mistake." Khushi said walking over to the window.

"Khushi just stay calm okay. I know it's all going to be different but I also know that, you will mix with them very easily. After all you belong're heart belongs there." Raghav said smiling.

Khushi's eyes widened at this, she instantly turned around & took a seat beside him and said '

"What, what did you say?" khushi asked.

"What?" Raghav asked confused.

"You just said something like heart & belongs to somewhere, something like that" Khushi said.

"Oh that, I said you're heart belongs there" Raghav replied smiling at his best friend's childishness.

"You know today morning DJ was telling me something about finding my soul mate" Khushi said nervously.

Raghav's eyes widened, he suddenly stood up and said '

"Don't tell me they are looking for a 'rishta' or something for you!" Raghav said.

"Argh, don't be stupid & listen to me carefully" she said pulling him making him sit beside her.

"DJ said destiny takes you where you belong, and we are destined to meet our partners at the right time, at the right place." Khushi said smiling.

"So?" Raghav said confused.

"Raghav ji how can you be so naive? See, after such a long time suddenly Babuji decides to take us to India...why?" Khushi said.

"Why?"  He asked naively.

"Because maybe I'm destined to go there buddhu! Maybe I'll find my soul mate there." Khushi said smiling.

"Who knows maybe he is right here in Cc, & you are not able to recognize him" Raghav said promting her. 

Suddenly DJ's words flashed Khushi's mind - "You would not require to put in a lot of effort to recognize him, it'll just happen...jab bhi aap unse takraogi yaa unke paas jaogi, aapko ehsaas hojayega, app jab unse milengi pehli hi nazar main aapko unki aankhon ki gehrai bhaa jayegi. Jab bhi woh aapke paas honge aapko unke aane ka ehsaas hojayega, aapki dhadkane tezz hojayegi, aapki saansein tham jayengi aur aapko yakeen hojayega ke haan yahi hai woh!."

"Par aaj tak aisa kuch toh hua hi nahi aaj tak...iska matlab woh wahi India main hai!" khushi said under her breath, lost in her thoughts.

"What, what did you say?" Raghav asked.

"Haan? nahi kuch nahi. Hum soonch rahe thein woh kaise dikhte honge?" Khushi said smiling.

"Hmmm...Tall, handsome & dashing bilkul meri tarah." Raghav said animatedly.

"Hum bataye?" Khushi said, Raghav nodded in reply.

"Come 'on let's go" Khushi said pulling Raghav out of the gallery.

"Goodbye Joe" Khushi said pulling Raghav out.

"Goodbye guys" Joe replied.

"Khushi where are we going?" Raghav asked confused.

"Shushh...follow me" Khushi replied.

(Scene shifts to Delhi, RM, Roka ceremony is over, dinner is done now the dance performances by the family members is going to commence in a couple of minutes. The time is 12:30 am)

Roka ceremony is over, the groom Arnav's cousin Avinash is busy discussing something with nani and Anjali when suddenly anjali glances at Arnav & excuses herself & walks off towards Arnav. Arnav is walking towards the stairs to go to his room; he never participates in these kinds of functions. As he climbs the first step a loving hand on his shoulder stops him in his tracks, he turns around to find a motherly figure standing in front of him.

"Chottey...kaha jaa rahe hai ho tum?" Anjali questions him.

"Di, function is over. Dinner bhi hogaya hai, aapke kehne par mai ab tak is party mein ruka na, now I've got to go." Arnav replied sternly.

"Chottey please kuch der aur ruk jao na...NK bhai ka performance hai. Chottey ye performance bohot special hai khaskar tumhare liye. Dekho toh sahi tumhe zaroor pasand aayega." Anjali tried convincing him.

Arnav started - "Di I can't..." but Anjali interrupted him.

"Chottey please humare liye..." Anjali said. She knew that now he cannot deny her. She couldn't hide that victorious smile when he nodded in acceptance.

Meanwhile NK who was getting ready backstage called for Anjali.

"Kya hua NK bhai, everything okay?" Anjali asked.

"Yeah yeah Di, everything is fine but mujhe abhi bhi samajh nahi aa raha hai why did you ask me to act as Nannav?" NK asked confused.

"Woh isiliye NK bhai kyunki hum chahte hai ki Chottey ko iss baat ka ehsaas ho ki ab unhe apne jeevan saathi ki khoj shuru kar deni chahiye" Anjali said placing a loving palm on NK's cheek.

"Oh right! By the way Di, ye bhoj mujhe kab shuru karni chahiye?" NK asked.

"Bhoj nahi NK bhai Khoj" she replied.

"Yeah yeah, wohi wohi..." NK said.

"Abhi us mein time hai NK bhai, tab tak aap apne performance ki practise kijiye" she said before walking away leaving a confused NK behind.

The lights in the hall went off, the crowd started murmuring when the spot light flashed on Anjali who was standing on the stage holding a mike.

"Ladies and gentlemen please put your hand together for the first performance of the night." Anjali said.

A guitar tune started playing in the background, a suavely dressed man entered, holding a file. Suddenly a harsh wind started blowing and blew away the papers in the file, "What the..." he said. Suddenly Anjali came & tapped on his shoulder.

"Chottey, dekhiye...hawaon ka rukh badal raha hai. Pyaar ka mausam aagaya hai, ab waqt aagaya hai us andekhi anjaani saathi ko dhoondh ne ka!" Anjali said. NK turned around and started swaying to the tune of the song, 6 dancers started dancing behind him & one of them handed him a guitar.

Arnav was shocked to see NK imitating his action, more than that he was angry on his Di for making someone imitate THE ASR, & the thing which was actually bothering him was his Di, who has now gone public to convince him to settle down. He HATED this whole concept of getting married, & this performance only added fuel to the smoldering embers in him!

Meanwhile NK started the performance...

(Green ' Happening in India at RM, NK's performance.Blue ' Happening in Connecticut, Khushi singing in the park with Raghav.)

Hay...hay hay hay heyyy...hey hey hey hey aa haa haaahaaa...

Laa la la la...lala la la laaa la laa la...!

Andekhi anjaani si pagli si deewani si, jaane woh kaisi hogi re - (2)

Hooo...chori se chupke chupke baithi hai dil me chupke

jaane woh kaisi hogi re?

Khushi literally dragged him to Lake View Park, which was a 5 minutes' walk from Jimmy's. She made him sit on a bench opposite the lake and sat beside him.

"Raghav ji kitni ajeeb baat haina koi andekha anjaana kaise aapka itna aapna banjaata hai..." Khushi said lost deep into her thoughts.

"Khushi koi kitna bhi andekha anjaana ho, dil se jaana pehchaana hona chahiye." Raghav said smiling.

Khushi looked at Raghav and smiled and got up, she walked over to the lake leaving a confused Raghav behind. She turned around and started '

Andekha anjaana sa pagla sa deewana sa, jaane woh kaisa hoga re - (2)

chori se chupke chupke baitha hai dil me chupkejaane woh kaisa hoga re?

She walked over to a group of girls who were fishing near the lake; she whispered something into one of the girl's ear. The all got up and joined Khushi in the song. Raghav was surprised that how the hell did Khushi managed to convince people so quickly ' only a word from in her silky voice was enough!


Andekhi anjaani si pagli si deewani si, jaane woh kaisi hogi re!


Mere khayalo me na jaane kitni tasvire banane lagi,
She sang with dreamy eyes staring at the skies.

Bas aasmaano pe do dilo ki takdire banane lagi,

Nk sang, he came to Arnav & pointed a finger at his heart first then at the sky out of the french windows, something attracted him & he was forced to look at the direction where NK pointed. The starlit sky! 

Bin dekhe hai aisi bechaini tauba, Oye rabba dekha to jaane kya hoga...Khushi happily danced with the girls. 

Sapno me aane wali neende churane wali, jaane woh kaisi hogi re...NK danced with the group. 

Palko ke upar niche dil ke dhadkan ke piche, jaane woh kaisa hoga re...

Khushi came to Raghav and pulled him to dance with her. 

Andekhi anjaani si pagli si deewani si, jaane woh kaisi hogi re...
NK curled his lower lip like a child saying *I-Don't-Know*

Khushi & Raghav danced with the girls, finally after bidding adieu they started walking towards the street, they walked along the sidewalk while Khushi still kept singing! 

Na jaane kya hoga na kya hoga pehli mulakaat mein?
He sang with a red dupatta in his hand.

Kaise chupaoongi chand ko main us chaandni raat mein?
Khushi sang while waving her red scarf in the air. 

Bas ab to mai uska ghunghat kholunga,
Chupke se dekhunga kuch na bolunga...

He sang throwing the dupatta in the air which eventually landed on Arnav shoulder. He took the dupatta & was about to throw it when anjali held his hand. He started walking away when Anjali stopped him & looked at him with requesting eyes which said *Please-stay*, Arnav couldn't deny his Di therefore he had to stay back. 

Oye hoye hoye yeh bechaini oye hoye hoye  yeh betaabi, jaane woh kaisa hoga re! Khushi ran to the car dancing. 

Jis ko dekha na barso, dekhunga mein kal parso...
Jaane woh kaisi hogi re...

Andekha anjaana sa pagla sa deewana sa jaane woh kaisa hoga re...

Raghav & Khushi sat in the car and headed towards home. 

Andekhi anjaani si pagli si deewani si, jaane woh kaisi hogi re...
The lights started blurring & NK disappeared behind the falling curtains.

Jaane woh kaisa hoga re, Jaane woh kaisa hoga re...
Khushi sang while staring at the skies from Raghav's black convertible... 

They reached home & Khushi ran towards the main door before bidding Raghav a quick goodbye.

Precap: "Ah...finally hum India poohanchne waale hai, just 20 more mins! aur phir hum apne dil ke paas honge bohot paas...!" Khushi said excitedly under her breath looking out of the window, staring at the clouds beneath. Meanwhile Arnav is sitting in the hall working on his laptop when Anjali comes to him and says, " Chottey, humra ek kaam kardo pls.  Aaj 10'o clock ki Connecticut ki flight se bade Mama ji aarahe hai, tum pls unhe pick up karne chale jao." Arnav says, "but Di I've got work", "chottey plsss tum jaante ho na Mamaji ko, agar driver ko bhijvaya toh woh naraaz hojayenge" Anjali said requesting. "Alright fine, I'll go!" Arnav said getting up.

Ahhh...finally! So how was it!?...Guys I've been getting such a low number of likes & comments, plsss tell me the reason!? Cry If Its boring pleaseee let me know so that I can add the missing flavor. There must be some reason naa...!? If you would tell me I can at least try to write up to the mark. Bohot mehnat se likha hai isse guys! critisize karne se bhi mat katrao, feel free to do so...Smile It gives me strength to come back again with a power packed update! aaj ke liye kaafi hai...plsss hit the like button & comment! Embarrassed...Happy reading!


~ Heart Sana Heart ~

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NSohi13 IF-Rockerz

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Hey wow my ever Fav movie's song... Thanx dear for PM me:) nice updates Clap

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they are so gonna meet and soon
pls tell me they arent related though please
okay whats all this garima was on about what was that all about
do they havce a family in india
and anji wants arnie to settle down
how will that be possible till khushi comes into the picture man
awww khushi is so magical onw word and ppl do things for her
but will that work with our always rude and angry ASR
well lets wait and watch ppl
wow i love this so far and will continue to love it ahead too
cheers for pm dear

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