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FF:Relationship beyond Relations. IMP note on pg1 (Page 12)

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Posted: 31 October 2012 at 8:04am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Punkin22

Sana, read all back chapters and this one.  Beautifully written dear.  Loved that song too!!  My only problem dear is that I understand very little Hindi so takes me a while.  Any help would be appreciated.  If not I understand completely.  Look forward to next update...

Thank you! 
Oh yes...I'm trying really hard to translate as soon as possible, this chap and the previous ones too.
I've translated the first 2 chaps & will be doing the rest very soon...I apologize for the inconvenience caused due too my addiction to Hindi EmbarrassedTongue...stay tuned...! Big smile

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Posted: 31 October 2012 at 8:13am | IP Logged
Originally posted by HK90

awesome, superb, lovely!!!!!!
this story is really nice, usually I don't like stories too descriptive but this oh God  is really awesomeStar, truly believe me I have no words to describe it Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap
You wrote it really well that you can immagine every single moments, good job Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
The way you introduced Khushi, fantastic, wonderful, lovely Heart
And Arnav's introduction leave you breathless, really, in fact at the beginning as I read his description I was super happy and excited, but then the following sentence (But, kabhi kabhi jo dikhta hai woh hota nahi, aur jo hota hai woh dikhai nahi deta. Uska gussa, attitude, ego ye sab uska shaukh nahi dard hai. Dard ko kai saalon tak dil mein daba ke rakhne ka nateeja hai. Par iss baat ko kaun samjhe, har kisiko sirf uska ahankar dikhta hai uske aankhon ki tadap nahi dikhti) left me without words is very touching, you managed to descivere really, really well the true Arnav.
Thanks a lot to Preetu (shona3) for suggesting this wonderful story.

I'm looking forward for the next part.
Please pm when you update it. 

Continue soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG...Im thrilled Big smile, thank you sooo much dear! Big smile
Im seriously speechlessEmbarrassed, Im sooo happy u guys liked it sooo much ! Big smile...Stay tuned, next chap on the way...! Wink
Love you Hug for this lonngg comment!...
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Posted: 02 November 2012 at 10:41am | IP Logged
Fabulous update yaar.. I loved it Heart

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Posted: 04 November 2012 at 4:20am | IP Logged
shona3 thanks a ton for suggesting to read this story
its superb
i just love it
sana u r a rockstar
plzzz update soon
n add me to ur buddy list - i had sent u request
n plzzz do pm me whenever u update

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Chapter 6

(Hindi readers read the text in Green, Black & Pink & non-Hindi readers read the text in Pink & Black.)

"Khushi have you checked everything?" Garima asked while setting the number lock on shashi's brief case.

"Yeah Maa, I've checked everything..." Khushi said pulling the suitcase out of the room.

"And what about the gifts for the family, you have packed them safely, haven't you?" Garima asked nervously.

"Oho, Maa...I've packed everything with utmost care. Everything is in place & is very safe. But I don't understand why are YOU still so nervous?" Khushi said before walking out of the room carrying the brief case & the last piece of baggage left in the room. Everything has been packed, under Garima's supervision yet she is not convinced. The Guptas are supposed to be leaving for airport in about an hour.

*Kaise bataye tumhe Khushi, kis baat ki fikar hai hume?*

*How do I explain the reason behind my nervousness Khushi, how?* Garima thought.


"Khushi, is everything packed dear?" Shashi asked Khushi, who was now literally rushing down the staircase.


"Ohoo Babuji now please you don't start, I've packed everything with great care and nothing is out of place. Nothing can go wrong now!" Khushi replied with a little annoyed tone.

"Areey areey meri Jhansi ki Rani, why are you getting upset. Humne toh aise hi poochliya tha, cross check karne. Itna gussa kyun horahi ho?" Shashi asked.

"Hey hey, my Jhansi ki Rani, why are you getting so upset. I just asked generally, Uh, to cross check. Why are you getting annoyed?" Shashi asked.

Khushi realizing what she just said, her face fell & she went near shashi and hugged him sideways.

"I'm sorry Babuji, actually I'...I'm, I'm quiet know sca'scared!" Khushi said hesitantly. She placed her cheek on her Dad's shoulder, a place where she felt most secure and protected.

Shashi sighed deeply and wrapped his hand around her shoulder pulling her in a warmer hug, he said –

"Khushi, I know the reason behing your nervousness..." Shashi said in a soothing tone.

"You do?" Khushi asked without looking at him.

"Yes my love & I don't want to explain you how you are going to behave in front of elders there, & keeping your tone low in front of the family, not interrupting elders while they are engaged in a short I'm not going to give any long lecture like how your Mom has been doing since past few days." Khushi chuckled a bit at this comment made by Shashi.

"All I want to tell you is, you don't have to put in any effort to adjust Khushi. It's your own family; you need not be scared of rejection. & there is no question of rejection dear; because you are their own blood they will welcome you with open arms..." Shashi said calming his tensed princess. Khushi eyes lit up with excitement.

"They will?" Khushi asked looking at him.

"Yes, I promise" He said smiling at her innocence.

"Aww...I love you Babuji." Khushi said while she flung her arms around her super hero dad!

"I love you too my princess..." Shashi said hugging her tighter.

While the father-daughter duo was deeply immersed in this special moment, they were unaware of the pair of vehement eyes staring at them. The possessor of those eyes couldn't control the flow of emotions anymore; she rushed out of the hall to the backyard. Tears rushing down her face, she felt weak in her knees and fell to the ground with her palms joined together to beg Devi maiyya.

"Hai devi maiyya...please help me, I don't know what to do. Even after being aware of the consequences how can he (shashi) give Khushi false assurances? How can he assure her that the family will accept us after all those...Hai devi maiyya I can never see Khushi's heart, her dreams, her world, shattering into pieces in front of my eyes. Her only dream is to have a loving family, where everyone care about each others' feelings, when she will come to know that her very own family has no feelings for her, what will be the effect on her delicate heart...please save her from this pain. All she wants is a loving family; that's it, If I ever worshipped you with full faith, accept my daughter's wish for a loving family, or at least grant her with an angel who will fulfil her each and every wish. Please DM please." Garima prayed with tears streaming down her face and eyes staring intently at the sky.




"Hey Devi is a very big day for me. I'm finally going to experience family life after craving for it for almost 18 years. Even though you have granted me the most beautiful family, in the form of Maa, babuji, Jiji & DJ, but still something is missing. I know you've understood really well what I meant." Khushi looked at the devi maiyya's little idol in her palm & smirked.

Suddenly her expressions changed to those of seriousness & determination, when she said...

"Devi maiyya all I want is...that, you'...I mean...I' just...I...Arghhh...This is sooo tough! All I want to say is, I strongly believe in destiny, & I want everything to happen smoothly & the way God has planned for me, because he knows much better, what is right for me, what is good for me, & most importantly what is for me...what is meant for me!" Khushi said contently. A sweet smile started playing on her delicate lips.

"Khushi...come down quickly. We have to leave in 15 minutes, hurry up dear." Shashi called out from the hall.

Khushi jerked out of her thoughts & glanced at her wrist watch.

"Haww..." she slapped her forehead lightly and said – "Yes, this is what happens when you talk to yourself and smile like an idiot Khushi!" she said before running out of the room & then down the stairs.

"I've sent the luggage with the airport service van, anything else to be taken? I believe I've sent each & every piece of baggage...anything I'm forgetting Garima?" Shashi said cross checking everything at the last minute.

Garima was lost in her own thoughts, failing to get a reply Shashi looked at her.

"Garima stop thinking so much, nothing is going to go wrong. Believe in God, everything is gonna be fine." He assured her once again & she just nodded in reply, it was evident from her eyes that she was still not convinced of the things happening around her.

As they stepped out they saw Raghav and Rajvir uncle's car pulling in.

"Hey Rajvir!" shashi said walking over to the car.

"Shashi, I hope we are not late..." RV said.

"Oh no, not at all..."

Khushi & Payal ran out hearing RV's voice, they were very close to him as they saw a fatherly figure in their Dad's best friend.

"Raghavji you finally came, I thought you will miss seeing us off..." Khushi said.

"Aisa kabhi ho sakta hai ki Khushi kuch chahe aur main uski khwaish poori naa karo?" – (Will it ever happen that Khushi demands something & I don't fulfil her wish?) Raghav said cheering Khushi.

"Aww...Raghavji, I'll miss you sooo much!" Khushi said pulling him in a tight hug.

"I'll miss you too Khushi..." Raghav said wiping a tear drop from his eyes. He managed to paste a smile on his face before pulling apart so that Khushi doesn't notice the sadness in his eyes. And he was successful in it, as she is too excited to notice anything right now.

"Aww..." The family smiled at this cute bond of friendship that their children shared.


Without wasting any time, they locked the Villa and boarded the vehicle to the airport. They reached the airport on time; the boarding would start only after half an hour. The Guptas went inside the airport bidding RV & Raghav a sweet goodbye.

The family seated themselves comfortably, shashi, Garima & DJ were discussing something about the function, and meanwhile Khushi saw a book store & went to buy something to read in the flight. Khushi loved reading love stories and fiction therefore she opted for a revised version of the epic 'Romeo & Juliet', she wasn't convinced with just one book as she would complete it right on the airport...yes she loved reading to this extent!

She searched for some book, she asked the attendant for a particular book by a famous author. As soon as payal heard the name of the book she came near Khushi and said –

"OMG, Khushi, do you even know how complicated is that story...?"

"Shuuusshhh...Jiji please don't spoil the suspense, & yes I know it has a bit of complication in it. But Jiji just think, 'Woh Pyaar hi kya jismein thodi complication, thoda drama, aur thoda masala na ho'? (What kind of love it would be which lacks a bit of complication, a little drama and spice?)...Boring naa...?!" Khushi said twitching her eyebrows and grinning.

"Ah, Khushi you are crazy...!" Payal said walking back to her seat after paying up for a few comics & and a romantic comedy she just brought.

"Tell me something I don't know...!" Khushi said giggling before getting back to her books. Finally she brought the books and got back to the place where she & Payal were sitting.

Payals jaw dropped at the sight in front of her eyes –

"Khushi what the hell is this? The flight is just for 16 hours."

"I know Jiji, but I think this is not enough." Khushi said counting the number of books.

"Khushi, the flight provides you with entertainment you don't need to carry your whole hobby kit on the flight!" Payal blurted out.

"Ohho Jiji, relax I'm not carrying unnecessary books, these are my favourite, & just look, 1 'Romeo & Juliet 's' novel, 1 'Right fit & wrong shoe', 2 books of short love stories, 2 books on landscapes, and 2 on the ancient myths, legends and love stories. That's it!" Khushi replied meekly.

"O God!!!" Payal said before rested her back against the chair.

Khushi just shrugged her shoulders andkept the books safely in her laptop backpack.

The Guptas then boarded the flight for Delhi at 6:15 pm Friday...



(The next day, 6 pm, RM, India)

 The preparations for the wedding are in full swing, the RM is full of hustle-bustle. The decorators are running with baskets full of fresh yellow marigolds, the lights men are decking the walls with more and more fairy lights as ordered by the chief party planner – Mrs. Anjali Kapoor!

"What...the preparations are not yet done? Come 'on everyone please hurry up...the party is supposed to start by 8 at any cost!" Anjali said loudly and worriedly.

Anjali went towards Arnav who was working on his laptop sitting in a corner away from the hustle bustle of the lounge area.

"Chottey, humara ek kaam kardo please. Aaj 10'o clock ki Connecticut ki flight se Bade Mama ji aarahe hai, tum please unhe pick karne chale jao." (Chottey will you do me a favour please. Bade Mama ji is arriving from this flight from Connecticut scheduled at 10' o clock. Will you please go to receive him?) Anjali said.

"But Di, I've got work!" Arnav said without looking at her.

"Chottey please, tum mamaji ko jaante ho na. Agar driver ko bheja toh woh naraaz hojayenge." (Chottey please, you know how fussy Mamaji is, if I send the driver, he'll be become angry.) Anjali said. 

Arnav sighed in despair before shutting his laptop; he looked at Anjali & said getting up –

"Alright fine, I'll go..."

"Thank you chottey" she said caressing his cheek. 


Here is the next one, please comment and hit the like button. Ignore grammar & spelling mistakes, if any Wink...I've tried writing this chap completely in English to help the non-Hindi readers, I hope it isn't a problem for the Hindi readers... criticism is whole heatedly welcome, plsss read and review.

Lots of love

~ Heart Sana Heart ~ 

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okay what is all this mystery behind their going to india
why is it that their family wont accept them
if that is the case why are they going back
and what has this gotta do with the raizadas man
or does it have anything to do with the raizadas maybe the only connection between the two families is arhi
or is it
god am i confused or what
wow thats a long flight twice as long as from london to delhi
okay hope to see ya soon again
cheers for pm dear

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wow. brilliant update..Clap
loved the father and daughter conversation..
khushi and raghav's bonding was adorable
what was that bothering garima and sashi? 
finally, arshi's meeting would be at airport???? cant wait to read more

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really nice post...ClapClap I went thru it [story so far] at one shot...Big smileLOL

Edited by dieforasr - 07 November 2012 at 1:35pm

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