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Mayur FF - It so happened #2...Part 49 Page 47 (Page 37)

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Posted: 24 October 2012 at 3:52am | IP Logged
its a supercute update...BlushingWink
Love d ease in dis matrimony of mayank n nupur!!!Heart
 Hey Pallu u write really beautifully n everything u write just touches my heartStar keep writing n keep capturing people's mind with ur imagination n  words like u alwaz doDay Dreaming
thanx fr d pmHug
continue soon

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Nice part :)

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cute updt payal
cont soon
thanks for the pm

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lovely update

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plz plz continue soon

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Posted: 01 November 2012 at 11:41am | IP Logged too busy right now...I have it all in my head, only that I am not getting time to put it over here...LOL

Will try to update soon...okay Big smile

Thanks for being so considerate Hug

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Posted: 04 November 2012 at 3:39am | IP Logged
Will update today...LOL
Had thought of concluding the FF in this update itself, but as it turns out I might make you'll suffer for one more update after bear kindly LOL
Payal-15 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 04 November 2012 at 8:59am | IP Logged I stated in the above post, this was going to be the last update most definitelyLOL but its now the second to last one as it turns out, sorry people...but I thought it would be incomplete without, do bear with another oneLOL

ReadBig smile

                                        Part 48:

Mayank reached the door bell and rang it once before Nupur opened it with a smiling face and reached ahead to give him a welcome hug, well yes a 'Missed-you' hug to be precise. To her surprise, he moved a bit away looking outside and inside the house, asking, "Ma aur Gunjan kahan hain?"

Nupur gave a dejected look to him and replied, "Gunjan ko kal jaana hai naa toh uske liye shopping karne gaye hain…"

She was doubtful that he suddenly forgotten yesterday completely, even in the morning she got an impression like that! She replied plainy moving inside while she walked back in, ahead of him, not looking in his direction; she had a severe doubt suddenly that she had just dreamt of his confession, was it?

He seemed to be back to his 'stranger-to-unconfessed-love' again; or probably, such a behavior was a rare event and she wondered if she had been dreaming too big already! She felt lost in her confusion and didn't even realize that Mayank was moving towards her when his cell phone rang and kept him busy for another half an hour.

In the meantime, Nupur came in putting a tea in front of him, to which he smiled slightly before returning to his serious look that he had ever since he was conversing about something important from work. He was suggesting ways to convince and deal with a rather 'tough-to-talk-to' guy. It was amazing that he sounded confident and kept on suggesting something lucrative all through.

Nupur came back and saw his tea untouched. His call had just ended and he seemed stressed. Before Nupur could say anything, she saw him dialing to someone himself and he was back to his work, again.

He was kept at work till late usually and whenever he returned home earlier than usual, he was still kept at work as it seemed. Nupur did not like it at all. No wonder he had developed little eye-bags right under his eyes.

She had had a chance to spend some time with him after so long yesterday when she had take away a part of his sweet sleep and it seemed so unlikely that she would today. More so, it would rather be the same everyday. Was it the same from always; or was he over burdened by his work just recently? She noticed that this was a constant, eversince he had taken a leave while she was in the hospital. Had a few days cost him so much? She didn't like the sound of it at all.

She handed him a fresh cup of tea again and sat there looking at him, wondering. Mayank looked at her in question; she just nodded her head and continued doing what she was busy at earlier; looking at him and wondering.

When the phone was off finally, he rubbed his temple, pulled out his laptop and opened his work shop again; narrowing his eyes to concentrate on something at hand while he worked. She noticed how he kept rubbing his temple again and again.


Mayank was just too busy to give a thought to anything else but work. It unsettled him unless he had done it all that is needed to be done. He saw Nupur wanting to talk to him, and also he had noticed how he had unwelcomed her hug at greet. He would talk, once he was all done with his work.

He saw Nupur coming behind him and putting her palm over his eyes. Mayank stated in irritation, "Nupur, yeh kya mazaak hai….mujhe bahut important…"

She said plainly in a very smooth voice which surprised Mayank, "Abhi kitni der mein ho jayega yeh kaam?"

Mayank tried to estimate but couldn't exactly, so he replied back, "Umm…pata nahi par mujhe yeh kal tak kissi bhi tarah ready chahiye…please Nupur tum…"

Nupur replied in the same calm voice, "Okay…par Mayank please tum thoda rest le loge…10 minute…tum itna stress kyun le rahe ho…apne aap ko 10 minute toh relax karne do…"

Mayank went silent and moved her hand away from his eyes and looked at her surprised, enlightened. He had just realized that Nupur wasn't exactly looking for his time for herself, it was for him. It amazed him that he was searching for a rather childish idea in her acts.

He looked at her, still pleased, but to tell her that he would rest later when he is done with his work.

She stopped him speaking while she announced, "Mayank…main kuch nahi sunne wali…pehle tum 10 minute ka break lo aur apne iss stressed face ko bhi thoda saans lene ka mauka do…main uske baad kuch nahi bolungi…"

Mayank looked at her and saw another shade of Nupur coming strong on him. He realized it was harder to argue with her when she spoke in that newly developed still and calm voice of hers. Ironically, she was the same Nupur who was taken extreme care by him in recent past because she didn't care enough for herself, even yesterday. She signaled him to lie back on the couch that he was sitting on and relax for the time being.

He calculated what 10 minutes could cost his work? Negligble was the answer and so he went ahead with her instruction and found her closing his eyes while he tried to relax.

It was strangely a nice feeling for him, of being taken care of, by Nupur. It had always been the other way round, well mostly and he liked this for a change.

With closed eyes, he thought of how Nupur's plea to have some time out of his own time had made him understand something more about her.

He just lived that moment by vacanting any other thought out of his brain and just rejoiced to listen to the silence for now. Silence was totally his arena of recovering from any stress or any situation, how could he forget. He fell asleep in no time.


It was half an hour later that Nupur came and sat beside him, waking him up, "Mayank utho…itna so-oge toh tumhara kaam toh dhara ka dhara hi reh jayega naa…?"

Mayank woke up to see his beautiful wife waking him up like this for the first time. He liked the start of this new trend. He heard her voice more clearly once he was done having a glimpse of her and a relaxed yawn.

He opened eyes wide while she said, "Arrey aadhe ghante sone ko nahi kaha tha maine…par ab tum thoda fresh lag rahe ho…kam karo,jo karna tha…warna mujhe kahoge ki meri wajah se nahi kar paaye…uttho ab…"

Mayank knew she was winning here hands down, so he went ahead and rinsed his face before getting back to work. He was done with his work within an hour and half.

Just as he was done with the work his attention was pulled by the noise in the kitchen, he went there and saw Nupur was trying badly to prepare some food. She was still required to rest thouroughly and he felt hyper seeing the way she was using her unhurt hand singularly to perform most of the tasks at hand.

He went ahead and snatched the ladle from her hand that she was using to thoroughly mix the vegetables in the frying pan.

Nupur gave a known look to his hyper reaction and said smiling, "Ho gaya tumhara kaam?"

Mayank stated ignoring her words, "Nupur…yeh kya tareeka hai attention pull karne ka…tumhe ache se pata hai naa ki tumhe yeh sab karna nahi chahiye…phir tum…"

She in turn ignored his words and said, "Tum apna kaam chod kar toh nahi aaye ho naa?"

He stopped her and made her face him saying, "Nupur!!!"

He twisted his face, looked around and picked her up and made her sit on the adjacent platform. He took the charge of the sabzi that she was trying to prepare and said complaining, "Tum toh aise behave karti ho jaise hum ek bhi din bahar ka khana nahi kha sakte…"

Nupur laughed at the way he cribbed and stood beside him saying, "Main waise hi pura din aise hi bore ho jaati hoon…kitna aaram karoon?"

Mayank looked at her beside him and said, "Toh movies dekho naa…tumhe toh bahut pasand hai….baar baar movies dekha…" His sarcasm was back and Nupur was enjoying it this once.

Nupur took the salt jar and put some in the pan when Mayank said, "Main kar lunga naa Nupur…tum jao wahan baitho…"he pointed to the place where he had just made her sit.

Nupur said plainly, "Wahan kyun…bahar kyun nahi…jab tum mujhe kuch karne hi nahi dogey toh yahan baith ke kya karoon…"

Mayank replied as a matter-of-factly, with a smirk, "Wahi jo tum subah kar rahi thi….aur kuch der pehly bhi infact, jab main phone pe baat kar raha tha…"

He need not mention what he was pointing at, Nupur knew he was smartly teasing her for staring at him; he just never missed the chance now did he?

She waved her hand and said, "Oh…tum bore hone ki baat kar rahe ho…subah bhi bore ho rahi thi aur abhi kuch der pehle bhi…mujhe office ki yaad aa rahi hai pata hai…"she added the last part half truthfully and half to sound convincing.

Mayank's expression changed for the slightest part of a second, which Nupur couldn't read and then he cornered her with a grin, "Jee nahi…tum bhi jaanti ho kya…umm…kahin tum yeh toh nahi soch rahi thi ki woh baat kaise kahoon jo hum dono ne 'Notice' ki hai…"

She was caught this time and bad at that! It was like he was the ultimate winner when it came to teasing. She always found herself weak in knees at such times, didn't he ever?

She knew she was chilly-powder red this time as he asked her the inevitable and she couldn't utter a word in response. She kept her hand on his eyes and she had almost started to say when he pulled that out instantly, with warning eyes that said 'that-won't-work'.

At that very instant, they heard the door bell and Nupur ducked answering under his grilling eyes; how would that ever be romantic, huh?

Nupur was happily busy with Gunjan and Ma for the rest of the evening discussing their shopping spree. Honestly, he never understood why they found it necessary to discuss every single detail of their shopping hours, including how they travelled, what was the fabric of the dress 'they didn't buy', how they bargained and how much they saved when clearly the vendor made a high claim and sold stuff keeping a reasonable margin for himself. It really amazed him that his Ma was also so keen to discuss that, he never knew that before!



Nupur slowly opened the door of her room, not wanting Gunjan to wake up. However, she felt the nervousness of a girl who was trying to meet her boy-friend secretly; she opened the door slowly looking at Gunjan as she did so. She laughed mentally at her own thought and somehow felt excited too.

She had decided she would not wake him up or keep him awake for longer; she just wanted to say a 'good-night' to him. But as she opened the door, she saw that Mayank was walking towards the door, and infact they had just missed walking into each other.

As it turned out both broke into a laughter and Mayank had to keep his hand on Nupur's mouth before ushering her out and closing the door carefully behind her.

However, as now they were alone, and he looked into her eyes with his hand still on her mouth; they had both grown silent. It was just the faint light that was falling onto them and their eyes were fully attentive of the other's. Somehow the air had gone thick.

Mayank moved his hand away and Nupur giggled a bit consciously as her laughter died in nervousness that was now gripping her hard for some reason. She wondered what was wrong with her suddenly but she felt too nervous just now; as she was informed by the continuous knocking of her heart too. Probably what got her so nervous was the fact that his closeness and his agreeable nature were new to her; he mostly reacted his stern-usual way and his adoring ways were getting to her, quite stronger than she had thought it would.


Mayank sensed Nupur's nervousness and held her hand and said casually, "Kya hua…?"

Nupur denied with her head, unsure of how confident that looked like and walked with him as he walked towards the couch, sitting relaxed with his legs stretched out, rested on the table in front of the couch.

Nupur guessed he was being over-casual because she was being coy suddenly. She took a deep breath and sat beside him, exactly in the way he was sitting, with her legs stretched out beside him and close enough so that she could rest her head on his arm and hold the same.

Clearly, Nupur surprised Mayank every single time!

Just a moment ago she was being so shy and suddenly she was not. But he was glad that she wasn't so; it made him react odd too; he was under an impression that they had grown completely comfortable with each other but as it seemed they were still to. Though he teased her mostly, but her nervousness had made him nervous too just now, that was weird!

He came out of his thoughts when she said out of the blue, "Waise Mayank…grey tumhe kaafi suit karta hai…"

Mayank said reflexively, checking his t-shirt colour, it was gray, "Kya?"

Nupur laughed and said, referring something new to her, "Mujhe nahi pata tha ki tumhari dhadkan itni tez ho jaati hai apni tareef sun kar…"She could hear them clearly now as her head was resting on his arm, and she could hear his heartbeats clearly.

Mayank was glad Nupur couldn't see his embarassed face right now. He was the one who messed with her 'such' reactions always; he wouldn't like it to go the other way round at all. He held Nupur's hand that was holding his arm and said, "Nupur…tumhe apni hi dhadkanein sunayi de rahi hai…"

Nupur looked up in his eyes to catch his reaction and said, "Achha?"And realized just how close he was. His warm breaths were as close as her own were. Might be he was right, was it her own heart-beat?

Before she could clarify her ownself, next she knew was that he pecked her lips softly and looked at her intently.

She suddenly went back to resting her head on his arm and looked straight ahead. She felt a kiss on top of her head and smiled. She reached out her hand to hold his and he held it back, mingling them both as one.

She heard him speak then, "Tumhe toh…har colour…suit karta hai…"

He never complimented her earlier this way. This was a first for him and he wanted a reaction from her. He half-tossed a chance of this being the last compliment too if she didn't react.

Well, she didn't react!

He kept his plan on a hold and asked for himself, "Nupur…" and looked down at her face trying to face her. She was smiling, blushing red to be precise. He felt happy seeing her so. He stretched his arm a little and held her closer instead, almost in a hug. And then he saw her wounds.

Moving her hair aside, he traced his hand faintly over her bandages around her neck. She looked in his eyes embarrassed for some unknown reason but saw only concern there.

In an unknown split second she heard herself voicing out, "I love you Mayank…very very much…"

Mayank was surprised at this sudden confession and also for the fact that she didn't look away at all but kept looking at him through the time her tears slowly started to fill her eyes and finally trickled down on her cheeks.

He smiled and kissed her lips for saying that to him, that was confessing back the same to her and she understood!

It was a strong moment for the two.

He broke apart and he kept looking in her eyes that still held the confession in them; trying to capture the look in his forever. It was so hard for Nupur to hold the gaze with him when he looked at her this way; he was closer, so much so that their eye-lashes battled with each other and went ahead and surprised him by kissing him back to uncover all the passion that she didn't know she had and didn't know how to convey too.

Mayank smirked and grinned at her when they pulled back and before she could smile shy; he flicked her nose and hugged her lightly for the time they both didn't keep a track of. It was not even necessary.


Today was different, like any other day for them. Sometimes they talked more and understood less. Sometimes they talked less and understood more. Today, they had learnt how their feelings could talk so conveniently with each other. And the best part was that everytime it seemed like a start, a new start with the other. A start for a foreseen happy life which was so looked-forward to. They didn't even know exactly when they fell in love…may be from the start, may be just a few days back…may be just now…


Sorry for the mistakes, if anyLOL


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