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Mayur FF - It so happened #2...Part 49 Page 47 (Page 10)

Payal-15 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 05 August 2012 at 10:15am | IP Logged
Originally posted by drfizaahmed

lovely part
i m dying to see them talking...and him poring out his concern...though i  thought as soon as she is gonna be fine he is goona scold her of being carless..

loved it

Fiza...hmm...U'll get that in the next to next update...n about his scolding, U understood Mayank right but let Nupur be fine first n he'll definitely be himselfLOL

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Payal-15 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 05 August 2012 at 10:18am | IP Logged
Originally posted by SujaLuvsMayur

nice update.

thanks for the pm
Thanks SujaBig smile

Originally posted by clustersofstar

nice update

Thank you!!Big smile

Originally posted by kiran_arti


Thank you Kiran Hug

Originally posted by crazymayurian


Thanks Crazymayurian Hug

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Payal-15 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 05 August 2012 at 10:22am | IP Logged
Originally posted by arti_17

Sweet update...finally nupur confessed 2 herself dat she luvs mayank..:)hey can u include more of mayur convos in ur update...I luv 2 read their convos wen u write dem...:)continue soon...thanx 4 d pm Big smile
Thanks Arti_17..Hug...I know U must be an Arti fan but do tell me you name waiseLOL

MN convo...well I think U can expect that in the next update as well...LOL

I know I make them talk less but they have been like this throughout the story right...they have been a little asynchronous...n a bit silent...if U getting wht I meanLOL

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Payal-15 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 05 August 2012 at 10:30am | IP Logged
Originally posted by aysha_mayur finally Nupur realised she loves him...That was really very spontaneous and unexpected...but very much needed
Now there could be no other time or situation as perfect as this for her to realise her love for himEmbarrassed
Mayank ka toh was obvious...but the best part is that she was able to make out the need and desire to have him beside her at life's such crucial moments..
Just loved it Pallu...Perfect it was!!ClapClap
and beautiful description of her feelings...ClapClap
There was so much to get started with in their life, so much to learn in togetherness, to get along with each other well and to open up to each other completely. How would she have missed living it all in this life, with him? And to tell him that love wasn't always best realized in the best of places and she had realized her own in an undefined moment even she didn't know when it actually occurred.
I loved these lines PalluDay DreamingDay Dreaming
Shukriya Ayeshu...for Ur comments always on my FFs...I know I don't reply many most of the times but I most look forward to ur comments hereHug U know that rightLOL

yup U caught it right, her realization was abrupt n as I can see unexpectedLOL but if U closely observe her thoughts that I spread out throughout the updates then U'll see her pattern of thoughts leading to the same grey matter of loveWinkLOL

this situation was imp...yes!!! n in such a situation when U dunno what to think clearly n the feelings are very raw, its so much more easy to recognise your wants and all U knowLOL

Yes Mayank is always obvious to onlookers but NupurLOL n I like him that wayEmbarrassed

Thanks for generously liking so many things to mention the same...those lines I think weren't very clear to put into words but were more of a feeling important to her!!!

n thanks for commenting after the dhamki Stern Smile I'll update soonLOL

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Payal-15 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 9:59am | IP Logged

This time I replied to all the comments...after long...achche bachchon ki checkLOL

Btw...this update is again you'll can guess already by the Italic style its written in...LOL and also just a disclaimer, don't get confused by the update, it will have a continuity and will also explain a little about Nupur's abrupt confession in the last update..not completely thoughLOL..this is the way it was supposed to be...Big smile I know, I get sometimes confuse you'll wid a combo of past n present but I so enjoy writing this way, apologies thereLOL

ReadBig smile

                                                  Part 39:

Mayank & Nupur were back from their office and yes, they were damn tired.

Nupur was getting ready when Mayank joined her. She was wearing a simple purple saree and was straightening her long hair. She looked so fresh and without any tinge of tiredness o her face that Mayank was surprised because she had anounced already that sh was very tired and irritated by her work today and she so wished that they had to go to Mayank's relatives's house some other day.

Mayank wanted to readily agree to her wish this time surprising both Maa & Nupur, only to later receive a glare from the former to not take advantage of Nupur's wish who was told, "Nupur beta, tum iski baat mat suno...yeh sirf behti ganga meng haath dho raha hai...har baar yahi karta hai jab kissi bhi rishtedaar ke ghar jaana ho toh..." and turning back to Mayank she said, "Aur Mayank tum...tumhe Nupur ki wishes hi puri karni ha toh shaukh se karo...I will be very happy!"

Nupur & Maa looked at Mayank qustioningly for his reaction which came as a 'give-up-look' while he walked off from.

Right now he had suddenly forgotten all that he had come to tell Nupur about.

He just came and stood behin her asking, "Tumhe kya ho gaya hai?"

Nupur turned back unsure about what was he talking about, "Mujhe?" while she re-checked herself in the mirror, tracing her face, to check if she was looking 'alien-like' and she looked back at Mayank still unsure.

Mayank indicated towards her saree and she replied, "Oh yeh?...arrey tumhare chachaji ke ghar jaana hai naa..bhool gaye?"

Mayank smirked at her mention of 'Chachaji'...Chachu would have been fine; anyways he depised them. Ignoring that correction, he focussed more on his subject of interest, Nupur and asked, "Saree? Tum jo roz pehenti ho usme kya problem  hai?" Though he looked absolutely stunning in this new attire of hers and that made Mayank check on his actions too, he simply did't want her to go out of her way to please someone who didn't even matter much.

Nupur argued back, "Usme koi problem nahi hai...par bhaley hi tumhe nahi pata chale, par duniya ko toh pata hai ki naa  I am a new bride...samjhe?!!"

Mayank moved towards her and asked back equally challenging, amused, "Mujhe kya pata chalna chahiye?"

Okay there you go! He just had to catch her in spot, didn't he? Again she was finding herself fixed in the spot, with not many answers to think about. God knows how her tongue tied everytime he walked towards her? It was just so hard a momet to react to, she knew she felt a lot of things to be able to explain  anything convincing enough to his answers. What was she thinking to come up with hat statement?

Mayank so enjoyed whenever he made Nupur speechless like the way he did now, looking in her eyes and she going red for one reason or the other.

Nupur answered abruptly, "Woh...mera matlab hai ki...tum kausa meri tareefo ke pull bandhte ho..." And the added trying in vain to turn it into a joke, "Matlab...logon ko aadat hoti hai aise hi jhooth mooth tareefe karne kin naye bride ki..."

Mayank didn't get the logic, neither did she; however he added, "Achcha?"

Nupur looked in his eyes and tried her 'confident-look' but moved a step back when she was almost shocked when she saw Mayank holding up her waist and pulling her towards him.

Before she knew about her left, Mayank cleared her doubts by showing her that she was going to trip over the dressing table behind. Suddenly it was just so hard to concentrate on anything else than Mayank, who was just so close right now; especially when he spoke in his firm voice to her face. His raw voice was somehow more than effective on her, along with the way he held her. She knew oe thing for sure that it was as necessary to look into his eyes as much as hard it was!


Jab bhi zaraa tumne chua

Zindagi halki si gudgudee kar gayi

Chalki hui thi pehle se main thodi si aur bhi bhar gayi

Gudgudee kar gayi, Gudgudee kar gayi


She saw herself closing her eyes and Mayank's face close-by too and then it was suddenly gone! She was left to her own and he was walking towards his wadrobe asking her to get ready faster as he may be ready in just a few minutes.

Nupur didn't feel very good. Suddenly she was short of actions and felt displaced at her spot.  She did not like this detaching feeling at all.All her rush of feelings felt stranded suddenly. Disappoited,she got on with her task at hand, getting ready.


Mayank wasn't so sure how he managed to do that. When he had held up Nupur, it was hardest to stay away from her in that moment. He would have ended up going too close to her, to justify it to her. He wasn't too sure if they were comfortable enough already. It took a great deal for him to move away, which unfortunately he did.



Today it had been a good evening. When Nupur returned, she was happy. At Mayank's relatives' place, she had a good time with Mayank. Yes, Mayank ended up talking to her more tha often today and that made her so much more comfortable. It was for the first time that she felt that they were one team, together. He looped her in all the conversations that he made, talked with his eyes to indicate one or the other obvious things and did't seem want to stay aloof from her.

She wondered how all of it mattered to her so much more than she could think of.

Strangely she was not at all sleepy. Lying wide awake in her bed, next to Mayank, she just couldn't sleep at all. The little happy feeling bubbling inside her while she looked at a asleep Mayank, ony asked for more.

She moved her hand forward and reached out to his hand. It was strong but not rough. She moved her fingers over his as if moving it on the keys of piano and then held it with of her hands, basking in his warm touch.


Anjaan logon ka milna pehle bhi hota raha hai

Padh ke batao sitaare ye rishta kahan pe likha hai


She dared some more and held his cheek, wanting to tell him ad share with him the fact that she was feelng overjoyed with him around and that she liked his calculative answers and his sweet silence sometimes; she also wanted to tell him that like today, she wanted them to be a team always, always talking and sharing their two lives as one.

But before she could analyse more of her thoughts and decide on what more to tell him, she saw him reflexing back to her touch and waking up from his sleep. Of course, what was sh thinking sharing his private space?

Mayank was amazed when he woke up to Nupur's touch, his confused and half sleepy expression asked her what happened and she lied, "Woh...kuch laga tha tumhare face pe...main bas wahi..."

Why the hell she could't speak a word that she was just now collecting to tell him about?  See, he always made her speechless!

Mayank pulled her towards him half-hugging, shocking her for the umpteenth time today and said, "Ab so jao..."

Nupur looked at him shocked when he replied back, "Kya hua...tum roz toh saari raat mujhe aise hi hug kar ke soti ho?"

This was the limit! She could't even say one meek sentence to him and he said this so casually and to top it, she blushed like hell right now!

Nupur knew her heart was pounding very hard and probably Mayank could hear it too which is why he said, "Nupur relax!"

Nupur's cheeksboiled while she nodded like a child. How on earth was she supposed to control the speed of her heart?

Mayank gave a short laugh and turning sides slept facing the other side.

Nupur felt abashed.When he was near she could't handle it and whe he moved away, she felt incomplete!  What was she supposed to do?


Marne lagi thi pehle se main, thodi si aur bhi mar gayi

Gudgudee kar gayi, Gudgudee kar gayi



Nupur was sleeping over a newspaper. Mayank looked at her strangely when he saw that she was keenly pondering over a page of crosswords.

He enquired, "Nupur tum aur yeh sab?"

Nupur gave him one of her 'meanly-matter-of-factly' looks and said, "Haan toh...isiliye main kehti hoon ki tum mujhe theek se jaante nahi!"

Mayank gave her a doubting look and joined her, having to lie down beside her to look at her puzzles, he stooped over the newspaper.

He realized soo that Nupur was looking at the 'Bollywood Crossword' that was just beside the 'Classic Crossword' that he was looking at for a while.

He ended up laughing so bad that Nupur had to get defensive, "Haan toh?...Mujhe yahi solve karna pasand hai...aur ByGod yeh tumhare wale puzzle se kahin jyada interesti hai samjhe..."

Mayank laughed still. As much as Nupur loved the sight of his laughter, she couldn't ignore what caused it too...she argued some more.

She had a hunch now that Mayank loved to argue with her for the way his expressions stayed calm and happy. Life was so enjoyable for Mayank suddenly.

Mayank ended up getting started with the other crossword himself, along with Nupur continuing her own and they ended up fighting over the single pen that they shared.

Mayank said, "Nupur! Mujhe iska answer aata hai...tum mujhe yeh likhne do phir apna solve karna.."

Nupur shot back like a fellow student in school, "Tum apna pen lekar aao...isse main laayi thi...apna pyara sa crossword sole karne ke liye..."

Mayank tried to get the pen from her hand, she held back and so he negotiated, "Achcha...toh tum hi likh do iska answer..."

Nupur negotiated too, "Okay...par phir tumhe bhi mere crossword mein help karni hogi...waise main jaanti hoon tumhe filmon ke bare mein jyada kuch nahi maloom par phir bhi...tumn uska mazak udaya hai toh ab tumhe yeh prove karna padega ki who kitna easy hai tumhare liye..."

They helped, fought, argued and laughed some more.In the end, they managed to complete both the crosswords with each other's help.

After completing, both had a smug look on their faces which slowly changed into a shared laugh between the two. Nupur announced, "Waise hamari team achchi hai...kya kehte ho?"

She smiled encouragingly, raising her eyebrows and Mayank smiled back with the slightest nod of his head. And then in an instant, he moved ahead and in a prompt action, he kissed Nupur on her smiling lips. It was so instantaneous that even he was slightly shocked with his action but what shocked him more was that Nupur kissed him back too, surprising herself.


Socha tha tumse miley toh

Pao zameen pe padenge

Yeh kya pata tha ki phir se khwaabon mein udne lagenge

Darr toh rahi thi pehle se main thodi si aur bhi darr gayi

Gudgudee kar gayi, gudgudee kar gayi


Sorry for the mistakes, if anyLOL


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cuteritz Groupbie

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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 10:34am | IP Logged
extremely cute & romantic Embarrassed
i loved it
thanks for the pm
update soon

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Maria. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 10:51am | IP Logged
very cute part Payal..well written!!! loved it:)

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Auroni.92 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 11:02am | IP Logged
Wow just loved this part...
Honestly can anyone be much cuter than this two...NEVER EVER...they r so unpredictable...first mayank ws admiring his wife, and half-hugged her at the end...on the other side nupur ws playing with his hands and when he caught her red-handed she turned into a blushing queen...
And aww the last part ws so cute...Loved it..
Beautifully written...
Cont soon...

PS: Thanks for praising my vm too...i love getting appreciation for my MN vms as they r SPECIAL to me..:)

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