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Mayur FF - It so happened #2...Part 49 Page 47

Payal-15 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 21 July 2012 at 11:44am | IP Logged
Mayur FF - It so happened...Thread 2

I am starting another thread of the FF. Can't believe I kept writing till this farLOL
And also thanks all for being the amazing readers that you'll are and to keep reading it be it at irregular intervals or late updates Hug
Especially thanks for the likes and comments :D
And esecially thanks to Mayank & Nupur and Arti for being an eternal inspiration to me Day Dreaming

All those moments which seem alike MN's are completely deliberate, without much sign of co-incidence to itLOL

Big smile

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Payal-15 IF-Stunnerz

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Payal-15 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 21 July 2012 at 11:57am | IP Logged

@all...its again past in this update..I hope am not destroying the story with this present-past pattern hereLOL 

ReadBig smile

                                                             Part 37:

When Mayank and Nupur had returned after watching sun-rise, Nupur went to sleep again. One thing se couldn't miss out on was her sleep.

When she woke up, she saw Mayank walking upto her and say, "Nupur, kitna soti ho tum!" with an accusing expression on his face and ignoring her slightly confused expression he continued, "Ab jaldi se ready ho jao, tumhe yaad hai naa….tumne mujhse kal kitchen mein help mangi thi…jaldi ready ho jao….phir we'll get to work…okay?!!"He announced and left.

Nupur was just left looking at him. It was as if Mayank had planned their complete day together in a way, firstly sunrise and now this…as much as it amused her and made her happy, it also made her curious and nervous for the times ahead of her. Really she need not be nervous, why was she even considering that she was! It was only Mayank! But then, he being Mayank made all the difference here. She glared at her the stupid anxieties of her mind which were baseless enough, she went to freshen up.

After a small little chat with Shilpa Sharma, she went to the kitchen where she was followed by Mayank. Well he just walked towards her casually and not with much stern an expression, why did she feel worked up when she saw him walk her way and stand close by to ask, "Let's start!"


Nupur was more of silent today. She seemed happy to Mayank when watching sunrise, but as Mayank noted, she was still silent, more than usual. Mostly she was just nodding her head to him or replying in a 'yes' or 'no'. He hated to think that with him she had to change so much. Had he called for that in her by being the way he was?

He needed to find that out and he needed to be more active in conversaions with her now. All he wanted was her to be happy and stay the way she always was, and not change the way she sometimes seemed to him after their marriage. Also the possibility was that this was too, a part of their mood.

As he walked up to Nupur, he saw her turn to face the kitchen platform when he reached her. Not a good sign, he thought. Anyways, he was determined for what he was.

He asked generally,slightly seriously with a slight smile, "Nupur…koi problem hai kya? Matlab tum aur itni chup?"

Nupur wanted to sigh away loudly. He just had to ask her everytime she got nervous right? Did he do it on purpose or did he never really understand how he made her react so? Whatever it was, she was put in a fix always!

She replied back, "Main? Nahi toh!...abhi neend se uthi hoon naa…isliye thoda lazy feel ho raha hai…" She helped her sentence with a yawn.

Mayank smiled and said, "Ohk! Par usually maine tumhe subah subah itna lazy nahi dekha hai…"

See he did that again! He just wanted her to confess directly right that she felt like such an over-grown teenager when he was around these days? Really he had done nothing at all and her heart fluttered on its own.

Mayank continued on his own, "Okay woh sab chodo, so what do you want to do now?"

Nupur furrowed her brows in confusion when Mayank explained, "Matlab kaunsi dish banana hai tumhe? What do you like?"

Nupur tried to kick all her anxieties and nervousness out while she reminded him that he was the one who was supposed to cook today!

"Mujhe…I think ki aaj toh khana tum banana wale the naa?"

Mayank corrected her, "Uh-Uh..maine kaha tha ki I'll help you….yeh nahi kaha tha ki main cook karunga…"

Nupur gave an expression of dis-believe while she looked hi and saw that his specific words and how it meant exactly what it meant!

Mayank was glad that she was getting back in her elements, may be his thoughts were right, him talking more eased her out mostly as he had slowly understood. He jerked her out of her gaze and said, "Ab shocked ho kar mujhe dekhna band karo and say what are you going to make now? What do you like?"

Nupur wondered how she was looking at him exactly, shocked was it?

She replied, however, "Mujhe? ….Tum bolo tumhe kya khana hai?"

Mayank replied sarcastically, "Tumhe kya har tarah ki dish banana aati hai?"

Oh yes! Good point! Nupur had forgotten this angle about her, she was still learning to cook from Shilpa Sharma!

Mayank added laughing, "Jo bhi aata hai chalega….I'll supervise!"

Never provoke Nupur like that! She could try hard to get back to you whatever her stand be!

She kept her hands on her hips and replied revoltingly, "Help karne mein aur supervise karne mein farak hota hai…mujhe laga kit um jo bolte ho uska exactly wahi matlab hota…naa upar naa niche…"

She had judged him right! He realized he liked arguing with her which had once irritated him!

He replied back, "Haan toh karunga naa help…aur woh bhi expert supervision ke saath"

He knew exactly how he could always seem right!

Nupur glared at him and asked, "Toh tum hi apne expertise ke saath bata do ki kya banaye, mere aaka?..."

 They heard Shilpa Sharma's laugh nearby when they turned to look at her standing near the door and enjoying their wordly battle.

She asked them, "Agar itna confusion hai…toh meri hi pasand ka kuch bana do…"

Nupur replied obligedly, "Haan…Bolo naa.." and then victoriously looking at Mayank replied, "Yahi better option hai"

Mayank loved it whenever he saw Nupur and his ma getting along so well, it gave him a nice feeling. However he shot back, "Haan Ma….waise bhi Nupur as usual confused hai…"

Nupur turned to argue back again when Shilpa Sharma called out, "Ab bas! No more arguments you two….sach mein, ek dusre ke saath bachchon jaisa ladte ho…kaun kahega kit um dono newly married ho?"

It hit Nupur right; Mayank was way too cool with this fact suddenly, even Shilpa Sharma was amused.

Shilpa Sharma walked over and suggested, "Ghar par paneer hai, tamatar, capsicum, onion toh ek achchi si paneer ki sabzi bana do!"

Nupur replied back before she knew, "Paneer? But Mayank toh paneer…?"

Shilpa Sharma replied to Nupur, "Haan! Par aaj woh khud savere jaa kar paneer le aaya hai…inn sabziyon ke saath…"

Nupur looked at Mayank in surprise and Shilpa Sharma looked at Mayank curiously who replied back,"Aisa koi hard and fast rule nahi hai…maine kai baar aapke saath bhi toh Paneer khaya hai na Ma?"

Shilpa Sharma replied accusingly, "Woh toh kaise khaya hai yeh main hi jaanti hoon….Nupur shayad Mayank yeh jaanta hai ki tumhe Paneer kitna pasand hai…kyun Mayank?"

Mayank glared at his Ma who alone had the capacity in her to turn his ways, her way and replied, "Ab le aaya na Maa… ab please Ma meri class lena band karo…" while he looked at Nupur from the corner of his eyes who seemed to be smiling.

Shilpa Sharma left after saying, "All the best!"

While she left, Nupur looked at Mayank,still smiling.

Mayank replied back, "Ab mujhe dekh kar muskurana kaafi ho gaya ho toh kuch banaye?"

Nupur was lost in her own thoughts. It can only be Mayank who argued on face, snapped right away, but showed sweetness in such a suppressed way; especially the way he looked embarrassed and tried to cover up. Well, when she came to think of it, he had always been like this. His special way of showing his sweetness and care were ultra cute; even his gestures said so about him. After all he had been the one who had shown his sweet gestures to her liking hugging when she was sad, afraid or for thanking even. Right now, she couldn't remember being so sweet to him even once. Well, that's bad, she decided.

While she was on her own trip thought houghts, she saw Mayank getting hold of her hand while she was cutting onions. She checked whether she had cut her fingers already. To her relief, it wasn't so.

She heard Mayank with all focus now, who said,"Arrey aise nahi Nupur…onions thode lambe lambe kaato….waise jyada achche lagte hain…dekho aise…"

She also saw and felt him move closer and show her what he meant; she couldn't look down at his demo, what the hell was wrong with her today?

Mayank didn't want to disturb her dreamy face while she was ctting onions. She was almost smiling looking at those. He wondered what made them so special when he remembered that he was actually there to help her and not ogle at her. He wondered how and when he had so much accepted the love to the extent of leaving his normal behavior aside and to just stand and ogle at his wife.

He just moved towards Nupur and made himself realize more than her that he was in control of his supervisory job. He had thought that he had got past that stage where he would lose control.

Both of them took their work seriously for the rest of the time while Nupur decided that if her work involved working with Mayank then it must take some big effort from her side to really concentrate on her work since her stomanch lurched at its own accord now.

When the food was actually ready, Nupur took a spoonful of Paneer along with the gravy and made Mayank taste it who just smiled and Nupur realized that it wasn't in him to praise these stuffs, alright! She remembered!

He made her taste too and she loved it and declared it too. She also realized that Mayank was too organized and methodical in whatever he did, hardly giving any scope to mistakes. He really had helped her.

She thanked him while she was taking out plates to be served and he just smiled but added, "Nupur remember I said, mujhe har baat pe thanks mat kaha karo…you liked it, so its worth it right?"

He absolutely knows how to praise after all, not trying to flatter but eventually ended up flattering her. She couldn't believe she was in this moment standing here with Mayank who was doing all that for her. It all felt like a dream. She remembered that day when she had once secretly wished that she wanted to hear some praises to her credit from him, silly yes she was! But right now, she didn't know how and where to place this feeling that she right now felt for him. Had he really done something so extreme or was she plainly being too affected by just any and every thing around and about him? Whatever it was, she loved to be a part of this moment, in a hurried manner she hugged him quickly while saying thanks before starting to set the table for dinner. Later she wondered if it was too much to thank in such a fashion here, as in how many people hugged for thanking at such an occasion?

She kicked that thought out of her mind as and when she saw him smile back to her, whatever it was, she felt extremely happy for no particular reason at all and that wasone of  the best parts being around him.

Mayank was happy that Nupur was smiling from heart right now. It showed on her face. He would surely continue to talk more to her from now on, it was necessary that he saw her smiling like the way she did right now.


Sorry for the mistakes, if anyLOL


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PartyCongratulationsParty SIS...Hug

for opening 2nd thread of this wonderful ff 
i wish that u keep writing like this n this ff complete another thread like this...Day Dreaming 

ps: When r u gonna continue ur un-finished ff????? "Love will find a way"!!!!Ouch

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Beautiful update, congrats for becoming IF-Stunnerz Hug

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congratz for the new thread
loved it ... n continue soon

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Congratulation on new thread..the stroy deserves it...

i just loved it ..the smallest n simplest things making life so special...loved it..

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congrats for new thread. beautiful update. mayur moments is magical. plz plz continue soon

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