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~SMITTEN BY LOVE~ MG OS THREAD 3 NOTE on Page-158 (Page 41)

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thanks u guys for all d likes and u lotsBig smile

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mahimaneet IF-Sizzlerz

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(a big congoClap n hugHug for she turned dazzlerBig smile...way to go my spammerWink)

(SMITTEN BY LOVE means struck by a cupid strikes you wid an arrow, when u fell in love at the first sight...and if u r smitten by someone that means you are deeply in love with that person...just thought to explain )

    (this is a big i want big big comments...puri raat baithke likha hai eyes were swoollen n mom ne chillaya woh alagCry)       

With no option left, i finally spoke,

"sir your order" i coldly asked...

"what you have" he answered looking at me...with his seductive voice...

"ji..." i said raising my voice...
"I mean anything hot to drink" he had that crooked smile playing on his lips, making me shiver, moving back...

"sir what would you like to have tea or coffee????" i seriously asked...

"or you" was his instant reply...

My mouth went wide open with his shameless remark...and here he was grinning at me, making me pout with anger...I stomped my foot and left from there, but not before glaring him dangerously...

"oh god what is this man made off...kyu yeh aise behave kar rahe hai" i was cursing him under my breath, and kept giving him my deadly glares...and due to this I literally bumped into pinky...

"ahhhaaa" we both screamed holding our forehead...i looked at her with an sorry face, but instead got her accusing glare...she pushed me aside and moved on munching her burger...I innocently pouted at my luck, and then casually looked at maan...ohh he was laughing at my plight...i gave him my stern look, but he laughed more holding his forehead..."dushta danav" I muttered and left from there...


I continued working on other tables, occasionally glancing his way...everytime finding him staring at me...uff I was getting so conscious under his penetrating gaze...involuntarily I kept checking myself, if I looked good...uff this guy was making me insane...i so much wanted him to leave me for the day, as it was now getting on my nerves...why is he doing this, I mean he has a fiancee right, and here he is shamelessly flirting with me...


Finally it was time for pack up, as the clock stuck its limit...i looked at maan, who sat there engrossed in his manager was standing on his head, shivering to ask him to leave...

"sir we are closing"  my manager somehow managed his guts to speak up...but maan's one venomous look, was enough to shut him up...there was no chance, he could ask the maan singh khurana to leave the he just sat there holding his head, asking everyone of us to leave for the day...I looked at maan accusingly, for creating such a scene...but then went into the restroom to change my cloths from the uniform I wore...then changing into my pair of jeans and white t-shirt, I stood infront of the mirror, niharofying myself...i knew maan must be sitting outside, and for some reason I didn't wanted to go infront of him in my messed form...may be the morning dream was working its trick...uff I was literally patching up my makeup and then applying that extra gloss on my full lips, making it look sexy and irresistable...


"jhalli you are acting as if he is gona taste you" I spoke bluntly, then realised and closed my mouth with my palm...I looked around if any one had heard what I spoke...but then sighed in relief, finding myself all alone...I pressed my t-shirt down, then adjusting my hair on one side...then came out looking for his presence...and there he was seriously looking into his laptop...god this man is full of moment he is all flirty, naughty and then the other moment he is serious like a stone...He had this different shades to his personality and I liked them all...


My heart thudded in my ribs, as I walked close to maan's chair...but then backed out, fearing his next move...i bided good bye to my manager, who was sitting there pouting with his unusual expression...
Then somehow holding my laughter I moved my gaze over to maan's...his alluring eyes locked me in his hold...making me vulnerable infront of him...I harshly bit my lips standing their dumbfondedly, as I saw him walking towards me...


In next few seconds he was standing right infront of me, giving me his most intimidating look...making me step back, trembling, shivering with the realisation of what power he possessed over my senses just with in few days...he took me by surprise when he suddenly took me in his arms, holding me I gasped feeling burning sensation where ever he touched...i felt too timid infront of his poise and grace...


"challen" he whispered huskily, slightly brushing his lips on my I shivered in his arms, getting goosebumps all over my body...i looked at him getting lost in his magnetic he guided me out of the caf, just like a true gentlemen...ohh how much I craved and dreamed for a guy like this...but now when I got him in real, he came out to be a perfect devil, who is desired by each and every girl around him...


I looked at him meekly, as I felt his long sexy fingers caressing the skin on the right side of my waist under my t-shirt...brushing it up and down, creating havoc in body started reacting the way it shouldn' away the hidden fact, that how aroused I was by just being in his arms...involuntarily with sudden jerk I pushed him away, as we walked out to the road...he looked at me confused yet hurt with my move...then again tried walking towards me, but before he could hold me again, I walked away as fast as I can,  clutching my belonging close to my thudding heart...


I kept walking aimlessly, finding my way home...not daring to look behind if he followed...but then there he was sitting on the bonnet of his car right infront of me...causaully looking into his blackberry...

"jhalli how on earth you thought you could run away from him, that to racing with his car" I muttered under my breath, looking at him making a baby pouting face...he started walking towards me...making me tremble in anticipation...but before he could make his move...I started blabbering things, expecting him to understand...

"sir I am really sorry, I wont do it again"  I said, but then saw him raising his eyebrow in confusion...

"I mean like the way I behaved with your fiancee...i wont do that again" I clarified...but what is this babaji...his expression changed from confusion to anger..."mai toh maafi mang rahi hu na...toh yeh gussa kyu ho rahe hai" I looked up talking to my babaji...but then saw his angry expression change into fury...i literally got scared and tried running away, but he again blocked my way, scaring the hell out of me...

"why are you following me sir...i said i am sorry for my behaviour, and if you want i will leave my job...and wont cross your path ever" i blabbered looking down, getting scared of his intentions...


"will you shut up and listen to me" he said at once pulling me by my waist, and gluing me to the length of his body...


I gasped in shock with my mouth hang open, looking at his intimate hold...while he just kept smirking still pulling me closer, with his lips adorned in an teasing smile...


"sir please leave me" i stammered, trembling in his musculine my this man had a huge body...a taut athletic one...must be working out daily...involuntarily my hands clutched his firm shoulders...caressing its way up to his nape...ohh god i so much wanted to hold him around his neck...wanted to caress his smooth silky fingers where craving for it and so where my lips...yes my lips where craving for he kept seducing me with his perfect M-shaped lips...which where looking a lot more delicious then anything i could imagine...


I was completely aroused in this man's arms, as he just kept looking at me, devouring me with just his brown intoxicating eyes...i shivered as i looked around the mob, who were watching us dumbfondedly...

some of them where giving us an knowing teasingly look, while others just disapproved, assuming us to be shameless creatures...


I felt nervous as all this was completely new to me...

"sir i am not your type of a girl" i some how managed to say this much...expecting him to understand what i am hinting...i didnt wanted to be his kip...may be he must have thought, that since i belong to a middle class group...i would be bold enough to do anything for money...


He is rich, and rich man only desires a poor girl for their lust...this is what i had read in books and seen it in films...and i wanted to be clear with him that i dont belong to such class of people who could do anything for money...i was in my reveries, when i heard his whisper close to my ears...

"what is your type" he said in his husky voice, but then my eyes grew wide open, as i felt his teeth nipping my earlobe...


"ahhh" i whimpered looking at him stunned with his wild move...he looked indeed an sexy beast with that devilious teasing smirk on his handsome face...

"ohh babaji mai kaha fas gayi" i thought, mentally consoling myself to have fallen for this devil in disguise...

"you didnt answer me yet" i heard him say again...but i pretended to look away, at the mob...


"please leave me...everybody are watching us...this is so..."my words died as he continued from where i left..."embarrassing...right" which i nodded my head positively...expecting him to leave me now atleast...but then this devil again shocked me...

"so where should i take you????" he huskily whispered on my i moved away, with my hands pressing his chest...shouting..."what"...

"dont shout darling, as you said everybody are watching us " he giggled...and i felt liked banging my head somewhere...but on the second thoughts i was falling for his cute antics...


Suddenly i felt weightless, as he took me in his arms...and started walking ignoring my gasp...i was too lost in his charm...thinking, is it my dream turning into reality, my prince charming caring me in his arms...taking me away in his world full of bliss...i looked at him again, then touched his cheeks with my soft palm...he abruptly looked at me, locking our gaze in an comfortable eyelock...


"mai aaya hu tumhe lene jamane ko chod kar...chalo saat mere basayenge sitaro mai ghar"


This lines played in my mind, as i remebered how my favorite hero proposed his soulmate in my favorite serial with those breathtaking words...since then i always wished and dreamed of my prince charming coming on a white horse and then scooping me in his arms...taking me away in his world of eternal love...but then reality struck hard, dragging me out of my la la land...

"wake up princess...dont you wana know where we are heading" he said which i just gave him a stern look...


I dont know where we were heading...but then also i didnt objected, as i somewhere had this unknown trust on him, with the first instant i saw him...

I was throughout the way looking outside, but knew he didnt moved an inch leaving my sight...he was throughout staring at me, making me conformtable under his x-ray eyes..."really babaji he looks at me, as if he can see me in and out"...then i mentally smacked myself, for thinking about the double meaning of it...after few mins, the car stopped at a desired location, it was completely dark, as the sun had settled down...he came to my side, opening my side of the door for me...ohh that was indeed like a true gentlmen i thought...


I couldn't help feeling the adrenaline rush to my heart when he first took my hand in the moonlight...i felt so protective and secure in his presence, that I hadn't taken much notice of where he was leading me...The scenery was so exquisite, that it left me breathless to the shimmering of the water, the moonlight rays painted a precise picture of the perfect scene...There was no doubt about that; but when he leaned down to my ear and recited one of the most romantic words...
"I like you"...I couldn't help the blush and the sound of my heart pounding inside my chest, to hide the fact that I was falling head over heals for this guy...

"I liked you from the moment I saw looked like an angel to me...who has the most beautiful eyes i have ever seen...its so mesmerizing...that i can die staring in your eyes forever" he softly kissed my forehead like I was some fragile thing...

"When i look at the world, i stuck at you and found that there is no life beyond you...for the past one week, I really tried to forget you...but your hazels kept haunting me day and night"...then he leaned again and kissed my hazels...I was in a trance, under a magical spell, his gentle touch made me I clutched his arms, involuntarily pulling him closer...

"I feel i am enjoying my life when you look at me...what is it geet, why you make me feel this way" maan jerked me, hugging me in his embrace...I felt his every word spoke his affection and sincerity...

"Its your breath that is blessing my life...When u touch me i feel that i am the most lucky guy in this world...I don't know what this feeling is, but I know I will be happy, if I stay around you"...with that he pulled me up to his body, plastering me on his each feet where dangling in air, giving me the most romantic feel ever...

He caressed the milky skin of my waist, as I circled my arms around his neck, looking deep into his eyes...he slowly leaned forward, and placed a gentle kiss on my lips...the touch was magical, so warm, so tender...his lips kept lingering on mine, like an hesitation played on back of our if we both where taking time to memorize this feeling...he slightly nibbled on my wet lower lip, tasting my saliva with his slow and passionate hands wandered around his back, pressing him closer as the passion reached its overwhelming level...we kept nibbling on each other, not knowing what else to do...suddenly I backed away from him, as his hand wandered around my breast cupping it in his palm...i blushed hard looking down, feeling his carnal touch...then looked at him under the moonlight...


His eyes were dark with passion...He smiled at me and I instantly turned away from him...maan lured me back reaching my black hair and ran his fingers right through to the tip...I was enticed to look back at him, and then I noticed him looking at my lips...He wanted to kiss me again...I wasn't planning on it, but desperately wanted to feel him i closed my eyes, expecting him to rush and attack my lips...but then felt him touch the back of my neck...and then his lips, slowly wetted was only for few seconds and he pulled it back, but I wanted more... bit my lip to hide my nerves while he smiled affectionately and took me in his arms, and smacked his lips on mind was in heaven and didn't wanted him to stop...


(yaaro i wanted to share this wid u...i dont know what u people are feeling after watching this pic...lekin mera haal behaal ho what we say shiver ran down my spine, exact the same way...i felt this sudden urge to kiss n hold him n wat not...uff gc meri niyat kharab kar raha hai, apne maan wale look mai wapas aakeLOL)


Precap:- kiss continousWink...and some more realisationsEmbarrassed


Sorry guys to keep you is the next part of this OSSmile...gosh this devils ki toli ne mere last thread ko ek hi update mai khatam kar diya...i hope iss thread mai yeh OS complete ho only 2 or max 3 parts are remaining...n i have this intuition that i will need one more threadLOL

i hope u will like it...pls press the like button and comment...

a big love u for all the gals who commented and spammed my last thread...wont take names as i feel i will miss smone...


see u on FOL THREAD...will update that one now...
love u lots


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me firstShocked
yaar mera net attak attak k chal raha haiOuch
haaye vaari javan loved maans confessionBlushing
and after reading whole update i was niharofying maans picHeart
islie itna jada late ho gaya upar sa maan ki pic haaye he made me deadEmbarrassed
loved it kamini tune itna tadpa tadpa k update dia haiCry
pr bht mast update dia haiWink
n no thanks for wishing meLOL

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Originally posted by Appy

ITNA DER LAGATA HAI KYA READ KARNE MAI...ya shayad feel karke read kar rahi haiWink

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 Embarrassed Embarrassed 

Me Blushing While Reading it.. 

Mwah Update Thumbs Up

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mahimaneet IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by Aamera

 Embarrassed Embarrassed 

Me Blushing While Reading it.. 

Mwah Update Thumbs Up
thank u sweety...thats wat i felt tooWink
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Awesome gal...

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Awesome update...

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