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Rang Badalti Odhani

One Year Without RBO - Posts welcome :)

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Credit to Ranjini / Ranju...
~ A year on... ~
22nd July marks the day Rang Badalti Odhani aired for the last time...It's a sad day for us, but let's make it happy Smile...Relive the memories here on our forum and on YashAran's pages on FB...Let's celebrate what made RBO, ShaNak, YashAran and Beyond Dreams so great...Aswell as expressing our sadness about it ending and how much we miss them...
One year on and we still can't forget this lovely creation from the Beyond Dreams team and Yash Patnaik Ji...Credit also to the production and direction team headed by co-producer Swapna JiClapStar...
We can never forget the fantastic cast...Aliraza Ji, Rushali, Khushbu, Rushad and many moreStar...And ofcourse our adorable leads, Yashashri Masurkar & Karan Tacker a.k.a ShaNak HeartStarClap...RBO's story, script, the characters and dailogues are so strong, that till this day they still manage to entertain and captivate...
As I keep saying, it's not that we don't allow ourseleves to move on, but RBO just keeps pulling us back...It gave us a fresh perspective from the usual 'saas bahu' sagas and it gave us a unique jodi...ShaNak!StarApprove - Our ShaNak Approve and their amazing storyDay Dreaming...
There can be no other jodi like ShaNak and we all miss YashAran's acting, aswell as their phenomenal chemistry onscreen...They are two of the most amazing actors we have today...Wishing them both lots of success always, but also wishing they return as another jodi one daySmile...
There is so much more say about them and the show, but the messages coming today express what many of us feel...Please read on...
VM by Ranjini / Ranju... 
VM by Deepali...

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~ Special tributes ~
From Shyani...
Pass nahi sath hay aap
Zindegi mein nahi, dil mein hain aap
Shaukh nahi addat hain'.
Sach kahe tho,
Na ho kar bhi, bass aap hi hain!!!!!

Credit to Shyani...
 From Ramani...
Its been an year..Still the love for RBO/Shanak/Yasharan remains the same..They were epic..Thanks for giving them for us..A small tribute to the entire team..

Love Yasharan/Shanak/Odhani.. Heart Heart Heart

Credit to Ramani...
From angelic_leena_3 ...
its been one year since RBO ended..but still its magic is same..the epic show ever..love RBO foreverHeartHeartHeart

Credit to angelic_leena_3
From Krithika...
Mari Odhani... 
Missing RBO Yashran Shanak, the entire team and everything about RBO everyday!!
An year passed still living with the Golden RBO memories Day Dreaming
I wish i could go back in time and relive the golden days of Odhani again!!

I would like to thank each and everyone of our beloved RBO family for giving us the best show ever Star 

Praying and waiting for our Yashran and RBO team to comeback together in future soon... Smile

Love u RBO,Yashran Shanak and the entire team Forever and Ever Heart Heart

Credit to Krithika...

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 ~ Messages ~   
Getting a nostalgic feeling today. Today was the day I did the last update of RBO and had that sinking feeling in me while I did it :( What a phenomenal show it was! Odhani was the work of a team of geniuses and I am NOT even exaggerating when i say that! What a wonderful story, wonderful acting, music, camera work, editing, and gosh EVERYTHING about it was just spot on! Such was the charm of the show that every other show seems so pheeka in front of it. NO indian show has attracte me after Odhani and not only has it been a year of Odhani ending but it has also  been a year since I followed ANY show on television.

Odhani was like a family to me. Through the show I made many dear friends, friends I would cherish for life! I lived at their houses, I roamed around with them, I connected with them in a way I had never believed possible! I even lost a friend and the pain of losing her will forever be with me. 

But the memories of discussing the show, discussing the chemistry of the jodi we call "Yasharan" discussing the romance of the jodi we call "Shanak", the valuable friendships I made on the way will always remain with me and hopefully one day overcome the pain of loss both of an EPIC show, AND of a dear friend. <3

Wishing desperately to see a show of this calibre on television again :) Wonderful work Team Odhani!
""RBO-touchd as never before...
Some common people came togethr at d perfect place n perfect time n made evrythng so PERFECT ... Just as MAGIC... Never attachd ny tv show like ds bfr... Shanak wr so real...khandewal so real...whole RBO ws so real...
Really wann c d magical story of t adorable budthals YASHASHRI MASURKAR N KARAN TACKER agn onscrn...
Luv u guys u descrbd LOVE as simply n innocently tht touchd direct to d heart...luv u both n d whole team fr gvng us shanak n RBO...""
It's one year now... A whole year has passed out, still the magic is aliveApprove
For the whole teamSmile
  Team Odhani is the team of magicians for me, they did their mistakes but they have a charm to cover it up amazingly. So they are the best without any doubt. Clap

For ShaNakHeart
   They are an eternal couple.Star They taught me so many things, mostly about the beautiful emotion called Love. They were a onscreen couple, two characters from a story but they were & they are more than real for me.Embarrassed It was my pleasure that I was able to watch them.Big smile

Last but simply not the least...for YashAranDay DreamingDay Dreaming
Two lines for them...
" Roz naya aapnake paintra dil tho deewana ban jata hain,
Piche piche pyar ko nachane ka formule kaha se lata hain!!!"EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
I wish and I really wish to see them together in future with their out of the world chemistryDay Dreaming
Ranjini / Ranju...
My msg: Rang Badalti Odhani at first was just a TV soap for me but later on it became a part of my life. Khandelwal family became our family and Shanak our cute RLBs :) Miss RBO like anything. Still watch RBO scenes regularly :) The magic Shanak have created, we can cherish all through our life :)
Shanak and Yasharan love them forever :) 
RBO/shanak/Yasharan and the whole team are always in fans hearts ,,Smile

and  all of them  can be proud of possessing fans who always remember them fondly and cherish them with happiness through their cheerfulness and positivity Smile
Shilli / Shilpa... 
mere taraf se happy b'day 2 shanak kids. LOL
Love RBO/Shanak/Yasharan.Heart..RBO Team Rocks...Clap
happy bday cute babies/lil khandelwals...Party
Happy Birthday shanak Babies...Cant forget RBO and Shanak they will remian my heart forever..
RBO was the Uniw show and Hatke from other saas bahu type show...
shanak chemestry was uniq and I never seen that chemistry in any other jodies 
Loves RBO..Loves Shanak and Loves all ODHANiansHeartHug
RBO gifted us the most captivating pair of the industry - Shaan and Khanak. They visited our drawing rooms and remained with us forever. Such was the hysteria that soon we were reeling under their delirium called "Shanakism" and it's incurable so far.

We breathe,eat,sleep,dream Shanak !!

Eagerly waiting for the day when they make a comeback onscreen Big smile

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~ Messages~
                For me RBo is my life n shanak is Soul of it...i never ever mad for any couple like i'm crazy for shanak...i still remeber 1st scence i hv seen is kkh song n from that day i'm unable to think about anything...whole journy of shanak is so beautiful from thir heatrate to friendship then realisation of luv then conformation of luv n then d Destianation of any luv story i mean thier 1st SR...it'll always reamin hottest SR of indian televisionWink...

                   but my most fav. scence is always KKH song ...my two angels in white..karan looked so hot n yashu looking so beautiful..even i think she never look as beautiful as she was in KKH song...her big innocent eyes ...n karan's naughty smiles...their expression throuh out d song proved that they r best actor i hv ever seen

            n now my YASHARANTongue...wht can i say about them...they always compliment each others...n bring outs best from each others...their evry scence always lloks so reaWinkl...n this d most unique thing about them...both hving most beautiful smiles n expressive eyes...really wish to see them together again
   ?22nd July how can i 4get that day it was very sad day :((
i was feeling very low when it ended n cried alot jase something is missing 
Shanak / Yasharan romance n their awesome chemistry was magic
each n every shanak scene was magic n unforgettable 
miss their nokh johk n romance 
miss the whole Khandelwal family, shanak friends 
missing Madhvi n her OMG!! duck he was so funny , Gangu bai n her shoes n dat jaru, Dadi who was very sweet n hw can i 4get Dharam Pucho kyu LOL 
missing RBO n our RLB's n each character of RBO
jaab se RBO ended i didn watch any tv show till now 
RBO was totally a different show 
missing them badly
RBO was the bestest show ever
alll I can say that I have never loved any show like rbo and even after a year of it ending it feels si goood to see the love of everhone on this forum for rbooo
I miss shanak, yasharan, boo,akshay, madhvu and sunil
hopefully they will come back together again cant wait xxx
It has been one year exactly now ...This day 22nd july is the most unforgettable day as it is the reason for all our pain & loss...We still miss our shanak and yasharan badlyCry...They will remain in our hearts forever & everHeart... Hope they comeback together in the future...Though the show has ended it is still alive in our memories...Thanks yasharan aka karan and yashashri  for giving us the amazing characters SHANTANU & KHANAK...love u both !!!!!!!!!!!
Yashran Megha Love
Missing you both Yashudi and Karan bhaiya. Odhani is the best gift you gave us. All the best :) Please come back together again.
For RBO team: Best team ever, please come back again.
This is Chandana,
Rang Badalti Odhani, is a show which remains in our heart, i've seen all the episodes repeatedly but i don't feel bored watching them, but i feel like im living with them, it just surreal. I can't express my feelings through words for RBO. It had remained the best and it will be best. Thanks for Shanak, i still can't get over them, they still remain as our Burthal and Jhansi ki rani. I don't think i miss them, coz i can see them all day in my mind, they were the best couple, they are and they remain forever in my heart. Whenever i see romantic episode of any other serial, it just reminds of Shanak romance, which had got everythig, and i'll be transferred to Shanak's land. Not to forget their nok jhok, and the comede scenes which was incorporated into the story. Love them loads and loads. And the other crew, were also awesome, this team is the best, hope all of them return and give us a story like RBO.
Whenever it reminds me that RBO has ended the song that comes to my mind is-
(i've put my thoughts in brackets)
Monday night, and I feel so low,    (all the nights)
I count the hours, but they go so slow.
I know the sound of your voice, can save my soul. (Shanak's voice)
City lights, the streets are gold.
Looked down my window to the world below.
Move so fast, but it feels so cold
And I am all alone, (without Shanak)
Don't let me die, I'm losing my mind,
Baby, just give me a sign.

And now that you're gone,
I just wanna be with you.
(Be with shanak)
And I can't go on, I wanna be with you.
Wanna be with you..

I can't sleep, I'm up all night.
Through these tears, I try to smile.
I know, the touch of your hand, can save my life.
But don't let me down, come to me now,
I got to be with you some how.

And now that you're gone,
I just wanna be with you.
(Be with Shanak)
And I can't go on, I wanna be with you.
(Be with Shanak)
Wanna be with you.

Don't let me down,
Come to me now.
I got to be with you some how.
And now that you're gone,
Who am I without you now?

I can't go on, I just wanna be with you.
And now that you're gone,
I just wanna be with you.
(Be with Shanak)
And I can't go on,
I wanna be with you..
(Be with Shanak)
Wanna be with you..

(Now that you're gone)
Just wanna be with you..
And I can't go on,
I wanna be with you.
Just wanna be with you, just wanna be with you. (Fade)

Really not able to beleive its already a year completed. Thank you for the RBO team, kudos to the group, its hard to say bye for them and i would never do that, if that means i will keep on watching their episodes, yes then it is...
mmmuuuaaahhh... to whole RBO teamSmile especially Shanak

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 ~ Creations ~
Credit to yasharanrox... 

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~ Creations ~


Credit to AwesomeYashAran...

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I will continue to update this thread ...Everyone is welcome to post their thoughtsSmile...Please send me any messages you have for the first page via PMSmile...I know we are missing RBO, but let's make this a celebration of what RBO stood for, what it gave to us and the wonderful memories we have Smile...

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