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kriya kyu tum mera zindhagey mey vapass aya (Page 17)

Himu_arsha IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 August 2012 at 3:02pm | IP Logged
Nice update
Thanks for the pm

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AmRiyansh Newbie

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Posted: 05 August 2012 at 5:08pm | IP Logged
...Uff...I'm dead!!!!!!! Srsly...they way aap yeh sab likhte ho...i really can see ArSha/KriYaansh in front of me!!!!! Keep it up...and nxt update pe mujhe plz msg kr dena...eagerly waiting!!!!!

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apurva100 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 August 2012 at 9:29pm | IP Logged
awsome update

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luv_arsha IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 August 2012 at 10:45pm | IP Logged
awesome ...loved it very much

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CuteStrawberry IF-Sizzlerz

BollyCurry Visual Effect
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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 1:55am | IP Logged
ye kya ho rha hai...1st part ki ending kaha ki aur 2nd part kaha se strt kiya kuch samjh nhi aaya...dono parts ka koi connection hi nhi hai...

I'm hell confused man...
Plz clear up my confusions...
vaishukarthika Goldie

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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 2:07am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Kriti_rox

ye kya ho rha hai...1st part ki ending kaha ki aur 2nd part kaha se strt kiya kuch samjh nhi aaya...dono parts ka koi connection hi nhi hai...

I'm hell confused man...
Plz clear up my confusions...



smrithy;-kriya betta chalo abb hamey collg janahey ,tumey phirsey st louis mey addmsn ley na hoga

kriya;-kya maaa phirsey vo be st louis mey,if i go back maa mujey mushkil hoga or aap ka trust mujey thodna padeyga

sm;-betta i get back the promis

kriya;-kya maa app sach bolraheyhu

sm;-ha sach ,sach ye hey tumey rey sey phir sey bath karnahoga or sab sacch ussey bolna hoga,mey tumey or vo shirtless wonder ko accpt karooga par ek sharth pey usko tumarey barey mey uska parents ko bolna padeyga or ek bath be

kriya;- kya maa

sm;-kriya par tumey dance sey doorhonapadeyga

the tears started running out from her eyes,she was not satisfd but she thnks finally maaney ek chance dhiya,or mujey vo chance chodna nahey,ye mera zindhagey hey mujey jeena hey,universjee mujey help karo na plzzz

nxt day mong


rey;-yek sal kaisey beethgaye mujey pathanahey,its our final year

sh;-ya rey ethny sal hamarey friendship kithny strong hogaye

neha;-kash hamarey kriya yeha hotha tho

taani;-tum ussey ethny miss karthihuna

vish;- vo hamarey frnd hey sirph hamarey hey par ussey kya hogaye ham sab ko chod chaly gaye


a boy who s listen and seeng all these  tears r following

sw;-sharon or rey tum dhono lucky ho par mujey dekko mera best frnd mujey akkaley chod kar chaley gaye aaj mujey uskey yaadh'..

rey;-mey sab boolkkar yek nahey naye zindhagey shurukiya phir be tum sab

amar;-haaa swayam tu bee

pune;-gs,ags,cs or acs ko princi sar boolrahahey

swayam;-bayya kya huva

puney ;-mujey pathanahey par mey kriya bettakka maa ko dekka vo ethny strict hena

rey;-kriya ke maa yeha

punee;-haa rey betta,mey ney sunna kriya betta ye collg chodney ki vaja uska maa he

rey;- kya

sw;-mey ney bathayana ye sab auntykey vajasey par tum'''..

pune;-betta tum sab jaldhey javo

4 of them;-ya

The whole gang followed them,now it's the time some thng intrstng gng to happn

Rey ;- may I come in

Princi;-ya u can

Sw;- sir u back

Rey;-or vp sir

Princi;-ya I am back  not only I ,rdx,nicol or''..



Sw;-aunty aappp

Sm;-ha mey


Rey noticed a gal who s wearing  acute  frock with mixed colour of pink and black ,having a braclet in left hand , and a black pers in right hand,normal hair stlye but she had a r alphbt chain in neck ,when the gal turn and face all the gang vas shockd to see her,the gal s just look lik ths below pic

Princi;-I no  u all new her ,she taked a big break now she s back ,I thnk u all vants to no the reason y  sure now its right time to say the truth,till these days she s in ny

the gal turn 

swayam;-kriya u !!!!!!!!!

sharon;- omg tum es look mey ,u changed alot 

taani;-wowww app pehaleyse zyadha beautiful hogaye

princi and smrithi;-smilesSmile
now the waited  moment reys mouth is in the shape of big 0 Shocked,kriya try to smile but she cannt

princi;-i think smrithy guy tumey aaj sab sach bolna padey ga 

smrithy;-narrets the whole thng

par i am wrong mey ney pura koshish kiya ko move on karney keliye par sab koshish tumara dil dosti or dance ke vajasey kuch nahey huva

vishaka ko ethna hurt feelhorahahey esliye ,vo kudh andhar gaye or kriyako pakkadkar reharsal hall chlegaye ,all the gang followed her
rey vas not understanding anythng he just stood a coner lik a body vthout soul

reharsal hall

vishaka slapped kriya,kriya didnt say anythng ,her only reaction s smiling
others r shocked

vishaka;-kriya,kyu tum ye sab kiya ,ye sab karney ke kya zaroorath the hamareyliye tum tumara dil,dosti or dance ok chodkar gaye kyu kriya bolona kyu  ,rey sey be dhoor kyuuu tumey ek chees pathahey tum kudh ethny hurt hu reysey be or hamsey be kyu kriya kyuuuCryCryCry

kriya;-vishaka mera bath suno

vishaka;- i hate u mujey kuch nahey sunna

neha;-neha ko be, thu kyu neha sy joot bola neha no u very vell

bharath;-haa tumkyu eysey kiya hamareyliye kyu 

amar;-kliya tum kyu hamey or rey ko chod kar gaye

kriya;-plz mujey bolney keliye yek mokka dhona

swayam;-tum ye sab hamarey liye kiya na ,or tumey ek bar mujsey kehana nahey samja guys comn hamey chalna chahiye ...taani is wonderng vats gong on somn slapping her and not givng a chance to speek her vats gong on Sleepy,all left her alone  ...after some time a big sound vas commng from back ClapClapClap wowww kriya ur back i missed u alot a little bit shock too see u again (actually shivam thinks kriya came to no all the truth that eskey vajasey sab huva) shivam narrets all the story and ask her sorry plz mujey maf kardho ,tears r filled vith kriyas eyes she didnt respond all these verre heard by rey ,now he s vaitng out side the reharsal hall,the last word come out from shivam mouth is kriya ur looking awsm i liked it Wink

actually now all the toughts were disturbing rey,he thnks that he s hurt alot than kriya,dekko tum sabkey samney vo three magical words mujsey bolungy i vil do vat i said ,tumney tumara maa key vajasey mujey ditch ke yana dekko abb mey kya karna jaraheyhu ,mey tumsey ethyne pyar karthi hu bolnahey saktha i make u understand ,now shivam left that place ,rey enter the room to take some files,he doesnt even apok anythng to kriya,now she jst feel alone ,crying hardly ths make rey hurt ,he just close the rehrsal hall and vent near to her caught her by waist kriya s cryng hardly suddnly reys phone rings kriya looks too the caller id 

rey;-vat happn? kyu vo chaligaye Sleepy

kriya;-sir mey kal join karoonga abb mijey chalna chahiye

rdx;-ok kriya bye tcSmile

rey ;- shivam tum mujey or mera pyar ko alagkardhiya abb dekko mey kya karney vala tumara zindhagey mera hath mey

in home
sm;- tum rey ko bola kya
kriya;- nahey mom abb nahey 
sm;- nahey betta
kriya;-plz mom
sm;-ok abb kana kavo
kriya;- nahey mujey boook naheyAngry
kriya;- i vant sleep
sm;-ok tum jaavo
kriya (her room);-shivam tum kyu eysa kiya dekko  tum mujey rey sey or dance sey doorkardhiya ,tum kudh mujey vo sab vapass dega ,par rey koCryCry nahey ussey life mey move on karnapadey ga ,shivam tum mujsey pyar karoogy like rey like a mad,tum kareyga or mey tumey sabkey samney ditch kareyga kaysey tum mujey reysey karvaya eysey tumey mey ditch karoonga ..kal sey sab ek naye kriya ko dekey ga i promis Angry mey tumarazindhagy  mey arahahu shivam vait and vatch

next day

 A gal whos entryng to st louis vth ful on attd ...every boys eyes is passing through her...some boys woww kash ye mera gf hotha...anther boys hot!!!!!!!!!!!!...some gals ye kya she s full on attd and her look mindblowng ... how she changed but one thng fabuls dancer she cant be never replaced.the gal just walk towards shivam


shivam;-miss beautiful ethny hot!!!!!!!!!! vat happn


gal;-kuch nahey 


shivam in mind god is she 4get everythng  yesterday i said the truth but also she ...the gal is none other than kriya guy... any way she s dam hot i like it ...shivam tum kya bolrahahey tum pagal ho kya 


kriya;- shivam shivammm??????????????


shivam;-haa kriya kya huva


kriya;-ye tho mey tumsey poochnahey


shivam;-i thnk u feel lonelly right


kriya;-no shivam ...becoz now i got a new frnd




kriya;-tum ...and happy friendship day


shiavam;-me ur friend thankz alot and happy friendship day ... tum kissey dekraheyhu


there a handsm boy was shokd too se ths hot girl vith open mouth and also angry to see her vth shivam


rey;-ye kriya ko kya hogaya ethna hot par kyu kiskeliye...or shivam ke sath essey kya hogaya



gang;-hi hey kya huva tum ethny shock mey .he pointey towards kriya...the word utter from swayam s un predictable,viky hoottt ,amar kliya  hey kya ,bharath ethny accha look,nilesh sexyyy 

 kriyas dress

rey & bakky gals;-kyaaa


boys expt rey;-haaa


sab gals;-boys teek tho bolrahahey


neha;-neha dont  no kriya ethny changed


vishk;-ye sab hamrey vajasey

swayam;-par vo pehalesey beautiful hoga ya


viky;-swayam tu kyu neha jaisey bath karahaheyhu


shi;-hi guys meet my friend kriya guy


sab;-kya tumara friend


shi;-yaa  ...looking rey she s too hot right


taani in mind finally i am happy kriya move on her life aab rey sirph mera sirph or sirph mera


kriya;-hi i am kriya guy i am old student of ths collg ,becoz of sm persnal problm meney sabchodhiya back to st louis not in anyothers life ...thn i vont distrb u all dnt worry


tum sab chodhiya dance be asound frm the back thats nicol


kriya;-nahey dance ke be nahey or dance haahaha loll mujey nahey patha ye dance kya hey or it s a new word forme


rey;-dance ke kasam


kri;-dance ki or maa ki kasam


all;-o god phirsey ye aunty bee naaa


shvm came near and forward his hand towards kriya but she dsnt react...rey caught taanis hand to make  kriya jelous now she thnks that rey s sers to taani i shdnt dstry there life...finally she gave her hand to shivam he caught it and covered vith his hand tightly 

taani rey chalona hamey vo report bananahey na tum javo  i vil cm

all left expt swaron


swayam;-hamey kuch karnapadey if not rey or kriya alag hoga i cant see that


shr;-ya mujey be par swayam did u notice smthng i feel kriya s actng ...


swayam;-mujey be ek negatv vibratn mila


shr;-par vo...


class room


all were sittng to there crrspndng couple but near to taani and kriya there s no one after some time  rey and shivm ente shivm trys to sit vith kriya unfortunatly i dsnt happn rey occupied the seat 

now shivam vas boiling too much and he sat vth taani ...that was the ecnomic class the lecture enter and  give a work to done himself...swaron were playing with paper and pen...shivam desnt no to do the workhe saw kriya she was done vth her work


shivam;-kriya can u help  me  i dnt no




rey;-hey dnt worry i vil help u i new




rey;-if u dnt mind i hav no prob 


shivam ok ...he teach him 


kriya;-ye rey ko kya huva 


now class left all went ...but kriya is there vn he was gng she slip slightly...some one caught her 


kriya;-swayam thanks


swayam;-thanks vo be frnds ke beech


kriya;-par ...


swayam;- happy frndshp day


kriya;-u tooo


kriya ye kya horahahey mey sab sey door hona chathahu par sab ultta horahahey


rey;-kriya tum kaisey ho




rey;-ha tum


kriya;-mey teek hu or aap


rey;- ya mey teek hu teek nahey bahuth  kush hu mera kayal karneykeliye taani hey na...he noticed kriya no expression after smtime he gave a wide smile now he vas shokd  


shivam aab merey kayal rekney ekyliye kriya hey.. I am the happiest persn


swayam;-rey or kriya ko princi bularahahey

both;-hamey ok v r cmng


princi;-kriya tumey weeklng team ke 6th dancer banna hoga …I new tumarey wajasey weeklng team finals thak ….or abb footloose completion be jeeth gaye vo dazzlers be so I vant u back beacoz es  salmey be footloose cmptng hey so v need u


kriya;-par sir mom


princi;-mom  sey mey bathkaroonga dnt worry


sawayam;-ya sir


vishaka;-no excuse u shud


princi;-ek or bath v selected our gs and ags according to the votes of students ….vn kriya left due to reys reqst v accpt taani as ags par ye teek bath nahey v give imp to students so v found a new ags vo none other than kriya guy




Princi;-ya  …I dnt vant to hear anything ok


Rey;-but taani


Kriya;-yaa taani is gud ags …or rey or taani


Rdx;- all others can leave expt kriya nad rey


Sab;-yes sir


Taani;-kriya acchey hena vo merey liye princi ka sath reqst kiya par I thnk I dnt deserv it


Kriya;-sir rey or taani in relationship and 4 thm ths s the right opertunty


Princy;-rdx lets go no time to waste


Rdx;-ya byee ur the ags




Rey;-kriya tumey keisey patha mey or taani ka relationship


Kriya;-ye sab ko patha hey




Kriya moving back ward and rey cmng forward


Rey;-sab ko mathlab


Kriya ran away but re caught her by waist and put her inside fire kriya cannt move she vas lokd by reys arms .. she was startled and turned quickly just to bump into him...he caught her by waist...he slowly lifted her in arms never breaking the eyelock... .he slowly passed his hand and cluthched the other end on her waist... he came up kissing and finally took her lips into his...after sometym he made his way through her neck ...she was not able to take the pleasure but she just let him do what he wanted.. she looked at him...tears rolled down her eyes..she feel the love that much he missed her  finaly he start to bit her lip so tightly now she s moaned from pain its so tough to breath ..tears r rushing out he still biting ……..the love bite long for a time she finally pushed back and ran of


Now kriya in locker room


Vishka;-kriya what happn its bleeding


Kriya;-kuch nahey mey kudh mera lip ko bite kiya eske vajsey


Neha;-kriya edhar baitto neha puts oilment on your pyareesy lip par


Simmi;-kriya 1st tum lip wash karlo


Rinni;- ya its bleeding too much


Kriya;-ya she washed ouch its too much paining universe j please mujey bacchavo


Sharon;-tum edhar baitto mey oilment apply kardett…


Neha;-kya tum


Sharon;-haa mey

Kriya;- par tum


Sharon;-koy prob




Kriya sits in a chair …sharon takes the oilment in her finger and slightly touch she seen kriya she s suffering from pain Sharon feels smthng wrong .. he came to no that it is alove bite …she calles swayam and told about it and said I thnk its all done by shivam…now our swayam was buring he s too much anger he went around to find rey finally he see rey in basket ball court he explain everything and blame shivam…the final word he said is mey ussey chodungi nahey mera dosth ko vo……my friend kriya she s suffering from pain actually he had lots of pain abb ye bee rey crach into pecies crying hardly .swayam vnt near to him …he was hell shock ..he saw the blood in reys lip now he understood….rey hugged him tightly and cryng


Rey;-kya mey ethna bura hu kya


Swayam;-no rey but


Swayam msg sharon…sharon reads the msg she was too shokd …kya rey ney …kyu??????? Already she hav lots of problem now he gave more pain ….omg he how dare????? I hate u rey I hate u tum ye kya kiya?????????


so kya dout clear hogaya


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archu395 Groupbie

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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 2:11am | IP Logged
yupiee finali u updated... awesome updateClap yaa n nxt tym pm me...Wink

Edited by archu395 - 06 August 2012 at 2:29am

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vaishukarthika Goldie

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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 2:14am | IP Logged
Originally posted by archu395

heyy yaa pm me whn u wll update  d nxt part...

ya sure

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