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What I LOVED: Weekend Special 20th21st July 2012

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What I LOVED: Weekend Special 20th–21st July 2012








Progress Points


1. Arnav manages to have Khushi run into his arms

2. Anjali's misunderstanding for Arnav and Khushi surfaces better (this is what I was waiting for)



Favorite Scene


The sweet anger of Khushi and the amused love of Arnav, he holds her again and she tries to fight back, but gives in and holds him again.


A beautiful representation of a typical Arnav-Khushi bicker-banter! This is what the Fandom loves so much.



The Anjali-Khushi Gauge


It may look strange but for some reason I want to start off with Mami Jaan and her hair accessories.

I'd mentioned earlier in WIL of 18th July 2012:


We've all seen Mami Jaan's flowers: Red, white, and yellow - in that order.

Red: Arnav's favorite color

Yellow: Khushi's favorite color

White: Anjali?


Yeh, it seems White is for Anjali.


Mami Jaan always wears the flowers in color order: Red, White, and Yellow.


In the episode on 19th and 20th July (first half), the order of these flower colors was changed to: Red, Yellow, and White. By the time, the episode on 20th July ended, the order of the colors was again: Red White, and Yellow. (No, it is not a blooper!)


For a brief while, Arnav's priority had changed to Khushi (from the usual Anjali).

After the RM-waasis caught Arnav at home with Khushi, and Anjali misunderstood him, Arnav attempted to explain it to Anjali. However, when she refused to understand or even listen, let alone believe Arnav - his priorities were reset.


On a lighter note, probably the correct order of colors should be: White on the top, followed by Red and Yellow together.



Arnav Singh Raizada - Misunderstood


So ASR...

How does it feel to be misunderstood by the ones who have known you all your life, by the one who means most to you?

How does it feel when you have the perfect, simple and honest explanation and no one wants to listen or understand?

How does it feel when something you did out of pure motive of love goes so awry that it causes a multitude of people to be hurt - and you never intended any of it?

How does it feel when the ones you trusted refuse to listen to you, understand your perspective, and close their doors on you?

How does it feel to be alienated and yet be torn apart?



Arnav has had it really tough because one decision went so sorely wrong. He loved Khushi - always did. He thought she betrayed him. He married her by force and tormented her; only to discover 4 months later that she was innocent.


When he hurt her, he hurt himself equally. When he found he'd wronged her, he suffered again. Now, when he sees his sister misunderstands him, he is yet again in agony. If Khushi had told him everything about Shyam, things may have been different, but by no means any less painful. There was pain and there may be more pain coming for him.



He finally found a few moments with Khushi and she seemed to give in to his efforts when Anjali saw and misunderstood. He was shocked to see that Anjali did not trust him. He was letting her know the honest truth, but Anjali had misconstrued all the rose petals and the two together to mean that she was deliberately sidelined.


Arnav had to leave his wife and follow Anjali to make sure that she would listen to him and believe him. It must be hard for Arnav to see that his Di does not believe him. This is the second time she has turned him, her Chhote, out of her room. Arnav has probably never faced this kind of lack of understanding from his sister. She was someone who knew his lies.


Hearing what Anjali had to say to him finally when he went over to talk to her has probably shocked him further. Though, the conversation is yet to be closed, the impact on Arnav can be seen.  Arnav knows that Nani believes Khushi, but it is not certain if he knows how Mami and Akash are treating Khushi. He was so focused on wooing her that he didn't see it.


On the face of it, perhaps, it seems rather harsh on Arnav. It also seems that it may pull Arnav and Khushi apart - and perhaps, it might, if Arnav is pushed to choose between his wife and his sister. However, there is a bit of a silver-lining to this dark cloud too.


Arnav is now at the receiving end of the misunderstanding, and he is probably feeling how helpless and crippling it makes him. Perhaps, he'd now see how Khushi went through the first few months of their marriage. She would have tried to explain, but he never listened. He now knows first-hand Khushi's restlessness, her repeated attempts to uncover the truth, her attempts to irk Arnav. She was only acting out of helplessness.



Could Arnav survive being misunderstood by Anjali? She has been his only support for a long, long time. He has Khushi with him now, but he cannot really do without Anjali or knowing that she doesn't trust him, or feels that he's changed towards her.


Arnav probably never thought that if his sister saw him with his wife, she'd think Arnav has changed as a person towards his sister.


Anjali's and Khushi's space: it seems Arnav never thought that he'd have to divide time and space between his wife and his sister. It may be hard for Arnav to understand and divide. A sister has a sister's place and wife has a wife's place. They cannot be interchanged. There would be some days he'd be more focused on his wife, that would not mean he has forgotten his sister; there would be days when he'd be more focused on his sister, that would not mean he has forgotten his wife. Anjali is in the place of his mother, and Khushi is his partner.


This is true and simple. Only if Arnav's circumstances were as simple! This is something Arnav probably never thought would hit him.



Khushi's Flight


Khushi race to find Arnav at the end of the road was rather Deja vu of Arnav-Khushi marriage road.


  The weather/circumstances were rather stormy.

  Khushi was caught in it unaware.

  Arnav turned off the lights.

  Khushi didn't know what happened, how, or why.

  Khushi alone and fighting for herself.

  Khushi locked out of the house alone.

  No one else knew of her plight, except the one who caused it - Arnav.

  She ran holding onto something that belongs to Arnav.

  Till in the midst of the storm and a flash of lightening, Arnav and Khushi see each other. He calls her name, and she sees him.

  Khushi runs into Arnav's arms, thanks DM that he has returned to her.

  The lights come back on, and she sees what Arnav has prepared for her with much love. She had a rough flight to the hall, but after they saw each other, he made her a path of rose petals and stood at the end of it to meet her.

  However, they had barely met and spoken a few words when they were interrupted by the family and had to go apart.



Khushi is more tuned into the RM family sentiment that is running currently. Apart from Nani, everyone is against Khushi. Off late, even Payal feels that Khushi is making things worse between her and Akash, though she knows that Khushi intended well.


Arnav on the other hand, it trying his best to woo her and she feels irritated that Arnav is not seeing what she is. Khushi is going through a lot of snubbing. Mami Jaan never wastes an opportunity to tell Khushi or Payal what she thinks about them. Khushi is seeing how Akash is cold-shouldering Payal. Khushi has also seen how Akash is ignoring her. He is probably not saying anything only because Khushi is Arnav's wife.


Arnav is oblivious to all of this and does not know what is going on. Nani ji has declared that Khushi and Payal were not at fault, but Akash, Anjali, and Mami are unconvinced.


It seems Khushi is reading the signs much better than Arnav is. She saw pretty soon that if Anjali is not happy, then Arnav would never be happy. What's more, others at RM would never be happy is Anjali is not. Every time they'd see an unhappy Anjali, their thoughts would turn automatically to Shyam, and then to Khushi, inadvertently. 


Although Khushi knows and understands that she isn't directly responsible for whatever is happening, she has somehow become responsible for it. Shyam is clearly the culprit, yet his fall is being attributed to Khushi's presence. While this is not true, Shyam has hidden himself rather well, he is out of sight and Khushi is left to bear the brunt of it.




At this time, Khushi is probably in a rather fix. She is very much aware that:

Arnav loves her no end.

She loves Arnav.

The knowledge and acceptance is mutual.

Arnav cannot be happy with Khushi, unless Anjali is happy.

She knows that Anjali has withdrawn into herself and Arnav wants to see his sister come out of the grief. She is aware of the tremendous pressure this puts on Arnav.


The day Arnav got back home, he stood on the poolside alone. Usually, no one walks into Arnav's solitude. Khushi went in. She understood his worry for his sister and was going back when Arnav stopped her. Probably, he wanted to calm her because she was shaken. He did not let Khushi go back alone. He took her inside and put her to sleep. That probably was all Khushi needed. He let her in.


When Arnav attempted to leave her to sleep, she pulled his hand. Later when he sat alone on the stairs, she went to him. She didn't leave him alone.


Khushi knows that if she is not with him, Arnav is more or less facing it alone. He does not share any of his problems, grief, or any pain with anyone. He's only let Khushi in. What probably started as Arnav wanting to comfort Khushi is now mutual. Khushi knows that Arnav needs her, but she also knows that his greatest need is to see his sister happy.


It is a hard decision for Khushi, but she is inclining towards it. Leaving Arnav would mean ignoring Arnav's need for her love, and helping him focus on his sister's life.



Arnav & Khushi


How ASR Seals the Deal


Khushi declared that she does not accept Arnav as her husband.

Arnav declared that Khushi would accept him as her husband, and that she would come running into his arms.

Khushi declared that when she does, she would accept him as her husband, but that was not going to happen.

Deal set!



It was a stormy evening. Arnav was driving to Agra for a meeting when he got a call that it was canceled. He tried reaching his family but none were available. He started for home. His wife was home alone, and he knew she was pretty scared of the dark. Arnav cooked up a prank. He had a deal to seal, after all.




The wind banged the doors of Arnav and Khushi's room, while Khushi sat inside. She told herself it was only the wind, when she heard a noise outside and went to check. The lights suddenly went off. She saw that the lights were still on in some parts of the house, but her room was in darkness. All she could hear was the thunder and lightning, and all she could see was darkness and shadows.


She reckoned it was a problem with a fuse and attempted to go and fix it. Barely a few steps from her room, Khushi thought she heard someone; she saw the shadow of a man pass on the wall and a reflection in the pool. Khushi grabbed a potted plant and screamed for whoever it was to show up. The next moment, the poolside doors banged shut, apparently jammed together.


Khushi tried with all her might to open the door, and when it didn't she attacked it with the plant pot, till it opened. She ran into the room and out to the stairs. It was still very dark and Khushi jumped at every sound. In the bleak light, she saw the figure of a man standing downstairs in the hall. Still carrying the potted plant, she held it up ready to launch it at anyone who showed up; Khushi again asked who it was.


In response to her question, the lightning flashed and revealed the face of Arnav Singh Raizada. He quietly called her name and smiled. Relief overtook Khushi; she dropped the plant and ran down the stairs right into the arms of Arnav waiting downstairs. Still quite shaken, Khushi poured out her anxiety and fear, and thanked her goddess that Arnav had returned home to her because she was scared.




Arnav smiled. Khushi had just run into his arms. He shushed her when she started to talk about how scared she was when alone and how thankful she was because he was there. He smiled for sealing his deal of which Khushi didn't know of as yet.




Khushi felt something around her feet and bent to pick up a rose petal. Lights came on and she saw under her feet a carpet of rose petals starting at the base of the stairs, leading her to Arnav. Arnav gently asked her, "What happened? Were you very scared?"

It took her a few seconds to realize that Arnav had planned this.


Arnav was still smiling, but now he expected to see his wife smile too.


Khushi, however, was a tad annoyed. She had been very scared, and this was, but a prank. She let him have it, pushing him and hitting him.


Arnav usually always enjoyed seeing Khushi get annoyed with him, and yes, he was enjoying it. If it had been the days gone by when they used to be at loggerheads, Arnav would have usually held her wrists and pushed her back against the wall (or whatever was behind her).  Now, of course the times had changed. Arnav did grab her by the wrists, but didn't push her at all; instead, he pulled her right back into his arms again.


Khushi, still rather annoyed, tried to fight and push him off, but he was not letting her go. Just for a few seconds did she resist before, it seems, Khushi felt, "Oh well! Who cares! He's here now and that's what matters." She gave in, pretty gladly.


Perhaps that is what Arnav waited for - Khushi giving in willingly - before he declared the punch line of his gag.


"You said something about accepting me your husband when you would run into my arms. You've done just that right now, Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada."


Khushi could have easily had a retort to that, but she could probably not come up with one at that moment - though yes, she tried - before, she gave in.




It was hardly about the Arnav playing a prank or Khushi running into his arms, or Arnav sealing the deal. One could call it unfair because the way it was played, or fair because all is fair in love and war, or simply the way ASR woos his annoyed wife.


Khushi had refused to accept Arnav as her husband because he forced her to marry him. Arnav knows as well as Khushi that he may have forced her, but there wasn't a moment when she did not consider Arnav her husband.


Arnav was out to prove to her that even though their wedding was forced, their marriage was a very willing relationship. The condition of his deal, that he himself set, was that she'd come running into his arms. What he implied was that even if she says she was forced, she'd willingly come to him now.


Arnav was laying it plain that they both were very willing to lead a married life together and there was no consideration about the fact that their wedding was a forced one.


Their meeting may have been accidental, their falling in love may have been unwitting, their wedding may have been forced - but the decision to stay married and live together is made in love, trust, and understanding, in complete knowing and mutual acceptance.


I s'pose this was way important to be established before the return of Shyam.






Long flight home, love birds!


Ever since Arnav and Khushi have realized their love for each other, which was at different times for both of them, they waited for acceptance from the other. Circumstances have forced them together and apart against their will; the moment when it seemed they were close to acceptance, they were pushed apart, and when it seemed they were ready to separate, they were forced to work together.


They have come a long way from where they began. Through trials, they have learnt and understood what they perhaps knew for very long in their hearts - that they shared an unknown bond; that there was a deep-rooted trust that refused to give up or give in; that come what may they can never hurt, cheat, or leave each other; that they'd rather hurt themselves than see the other in pain; that no matter what they feel they'd never leave the other uncovered to others; that irrespective and in spite of everything, their love refuses to die; that no matter how they started off, they're ending up together.


When Khushi saw Arnav was in danger, she didn't think twice about putting herself in the same danger. When Arnav saw he had wronged Khushi, he didn't waste time in beginning to correct it and comforting her. In that too they both gave to each other unconditionally.


When Khushi sees that Arnav is alone, she goes to him and stays with him. When Arnav sees that Khushi is afraid and uneasy, he goes up to her and comforts her. He knows her insecurity and assures her in different ways that he is here to stay. He is not thinking of terminating the marriage when the contract is over. He wants to walk on with her; he wants to have her as his wife for good.


Now, it seems they have yet grown and matured some more. There are expectations being voiced as between a married couple. They are no longer hiding their selves from each other. Both Arnav and Khushi give to each other, share with each other, and draw strength from each other.  


Now, at this time Arnav is facing pressure from somewhere he least expected pressure - his sister refuses to see the truth and trust him. In fact, now she feels that because Arnav is in love, he believes Khushi more than anything else and would do anything for her. This may be true, but another truth is that nothing can diminish Arnav's devotion for his sister.


As Arnav faces pressure so does Khushi. She knows Anjali is not buying anything that was told about Shyam and that for her sake, she is required to stay away. Khushi understands and accepts that it is a very difficult situation for Anjali. It is becoming increasingly hard for her to ignore the multiple issues that are branching out because the truth about Shyam was revealed.


Khushi knows that Arnav is in earnest about his marriage with Khushi and so is she. She knows that Arnav needs her, especially now that Anjali is withdrawn. She knows what Anjali means to Arnav and how empty he feels if something is wrong with Anjali's life. She also knows that he doesn't share what's in his heart or his pain with anyone. Khushi has walked into his loneliness and shared it. Now, to leave him in it is a hard thing for her.


If it is hard for Arnav to choose between Anjali and Khushi, it may be equally hard for Khushi to choose to leave Arnav for Anjali's sake, when she knows that Arnav needs her and would be alone without her. If this decision is taken, whether forcefully or mutually, there is pain yes, but it should also fuel their zeal to fix things to get back together.


It is yet time before the lovebirds can enjoy their togetherness.


It is strange that the strength of a relationship is not only in holding on, but also in letting go.





It was good to hear Anjali speak in the final minute or so of the episode. Finally, her viewpoint is showing clearer than before. It isn't the correct viewpoint, but it is a viewpoint nonetheless. It is based on circumstances, rather than her knowledge of who Arnav is.


When Arnav misunderstood Khushi, one could argue that he'd known Khushi for about 8-10 months. True, he knew her and loved her, but their interactions had been hardly anything that would've built up the trust between them. Love was surely in the air, but trust needed a solid foundation.


It is understandable that because Anjali is going through a phase where she is traumatized and insecure. It is also commendable that even in this she is seeing that Arnav has found love.  Yet, it is hard to see that is coming to the conclusion that she is about Arnav.


Anjali has always stated that she knows Arnav. She can see the Chhote behind the mask of Arnav Singh Raizada. She can see it when he lies to protect his loved ones. She can see when he is hiding himself and wants to be alone. She knows when he is feeling guilty about hurting someone and wants to ask about them, but would not because of his ego. She knows he gets abnormally worried about her. She knows how completely he loves when he loves and there is no scope of any corruption in his love.



Pain and agony do change us and our perception too. Our friends seem distant. At times, the ones helping us seem to be mocking us. Suffering tweaks our perception and vision – and it is a whole lot dependant on how we react to suffering.


When Anjali suffered, she withdrew. Anjali has chosen to be angry, stay in her room and not talk to anyone. No one can make her talk. The fact that she is expecting adds to her pain, and impacts her view. She has chosen to believe that she is being sidelined, she is less important now that her husband is declared a cheat and her brother is busy with his wife, and she is left to deal with her life.


As a sister, she is hurt, though being the sister, she is probably allowing Arnav the life he should have with his wife. She did not believe Arnav when he told her the truth; she simply stated that she understands that he lied because he loves his wife.


The trouble with misunderstanding is that one doesn't know that one misunderstands. If one would know, they would probably make efforts to fix their understanding.


What is more painful is that her suffering has changed the way Anjali looks at things. She knows Arnav would lie to save a loved one from pain; but she is using that knowledge now to believe that Arnav lied to cover up a wrong. This is just as Arnav believed that because Khushi could play silly pranks, she was capable of planning a big time fraud.


Circumstances changed her trust; what was her trust based on? She knows Arnav. Yet, she seems to be basing her view of Arnav on current scenario and not on what she knows of Arnav. Till all was well, and Arnav respected Shyam, she trusted Arnav. Now that Arnav has thrown Shyam out, she is wondering if Arnav was acting out of love for Khushi.




For the first time, Arnav has had someone else in his life who is equally important.

Anjali remembers the slap that Arnav delivered to Shyam for Khushi. I  wonder if she remembers it only because she feel s Khushi as the reason that Shyam got accused and thrown out, or does she remember it because right there, Arnav equated Khushi with Anjali in his life. He declared through his actions and his words that Khushi was an equally important part of his life as his sister.


Anjali is probably as far from truth - or further still, if possible - than ASR was when he married Khushi.


Anjali feels that because Arnav loves Khushi and he married her, Khushi has become more important for him and he's put his sister on a lower priority. She is accepting that Arnav has changed, but that he is changed in his relationship with Anjali. From Arnav's perspective, this is not true, and probably can never be true.


Basically, what Anjali is saying that because Arnav is in love with Khushi, everything he does for her is justifiable by his love. It may get down to this in future that Arnav trusted what Khushi said about Shyam because he loves Khushi. Arnav didn't seek the truth nor asked for proofs against Shyam. He took Khushi's word for it. Therefore, Arnav really does not know any truth and he is basing his judgment and punishment on what Khushi said. She may not be holding Khushi responsible directly now, but soon might.


However, the truth is that Arnav knew about Shyam since Payash wedding. He knows firsthand that Shyam clearly stated that he does not love Anjali. Anjali does not know that Arnav knew the truth about Shyam the whole time.




The Road Ahead


Definitely not all rose petals!


1. Arnav & Khushi


This is the only duo who is in complete trust, understanding, and bonding with each other. They are nearly totally aligned with one another. Even if they separate, they are now so focused on one another that it would not break them apart at all. In fact, it may actually being them closer.


It seems that anything that happens now only bring Arnav and Khushi closer, and makes their bond stronger.



2. Arnav & Anjali


Arnav and Anjali have had opposing views of life and love in the past, but never were they as opposing as today. Though, they are trying to help each other and be there for each other, their beliefs and trust levels are being challenged.


It might've been okay when the differences were just being discussed as a topic of conversation or wishes for each other. When life makes it practical, a lot of fairy tale goes out of the window and realities creep in.


Shyam caused a rift between Arnav and Khushi that nothing but their love to overcome.  Shyam is now the cause of rift between Arnav and Anjali. Can their love overcome this?



3. Arnav & Akash


Akash is under the impression that none of the RM-waasis knew about Shyam before Khushi declared it after Arnav was rescued. He feels (and quite correctly) that if he'd known then things may have been different. He probably feels that as a brother he may have been able to do something to save his sister the heartache. For this, he holds Payal as responsible as Khushi.


Unless Akash is told that Arnav always knew, I doubt he'd ever see that situation could not have been much different.



4. Payal & Akash


Turbulence! The pilot is closes his eyes and his co-pilot wears colored glasses and interferes with navigation. Payal, the passenger, tries to help but is told to keep sitting with her seat belt tightly on.


Payal, dear girl, either sit quiet and pray that the flight lands safely, or take the control in your hands. If nothing works, dearie, please remember, there is always the parachute!






It is slowly becoming apparent that Khushi is pushing herself out, and Arnav is trying to fit her in.


Anjali is not herself pushing Khushi directly, yet, because of her attitude and misunderstanding, Arnav is coming under pressure, and indirectly Khushi.


Arnav is not really clued in to what his family feels for Khushi. When they all walked in on them, Khushi was quick to get her feet out of the rose petals. It was as though she was trying to clarify that she wasn't in this and she didn't know Arnav had done this. She knew seeing her with Arnav would hurt nearly everyone, and she didn't want that. Arnav saw what she was doing and told her to relax.


Even though it was clear that Arnav did all the rose-petaling on the floor, Khushi got blamed for it. Arnav tried to clarify but no one listened, because apparently the chap is in love and would do whatever to protect his wife.


Khushi didn't say a word to justify herself.


When Anjali misunderstood Arnav, Khushi's complete concern, it seems, was for Arnav. She probably again blames herself for new problem between Arnav and Anjali.


Khushi saw Anjali going up towards her room and she took the opposite route.


Arnav saw Khushi leave and he followed Anjali to her room, but got shut out again. Arnav went in again after a while, however, in this duration, interestingly - Anjali got a blank call. (Suspicious? Shyam?)



That was a clever way to show the many currents flowing right now.




For the first time perhaps, Arnav saw that no one trusts Khushi, apart from Nani. His sister misunderstands him. Khushi has been telling him that she should leave. Soon, perhaps Arnav might see that Khushi is only getting more pain if she stays on in RM.


It is still perhaps about 2 months for the contract to be over (Don't really know their calendar).


Anjali has had a blank call. It may be Shyam. It was a clever way to put the blank call just before Arnav comes in to talk to Anjali. Yes, she is influenced by her blind love.


If Khushi leaves, OUCH!


Someone would have to hunt clues and proofs to prove Khushi innocent. That someone maybe Khushi herself, aided by NK; or it may be Arnav. Unless Khushi is proved true, Shyam cannot be proven false.


The more proofs come to alive, the more dangerous it might get for Anjali though (and her baby).



 What I would LOVE


1. I would (personally) want ASR to do the fixing that is needed. He has heard and been through it all. He has all the resources, tools, and information he needs, plus he has people: Khushi and NK (and maybe Payal).


2. I would love to see an Arnav-Payal showdown. I would also love to see them come to terms.


3. Everything Shyam did brought Arnav and Khushi closer.

I s'pose his next assignment is to knock some sense into Anjali's head and help her see the truth.





1. RM-waasis have been warned that there is an accident up ahead and they should take a u-turn to Shantivan.

Do they heed the warning?

Not yet!



2. Now who should explain to Anjali; and who can! She APPARENTLY knows Arnav best!


Dear Anjali, if Arnav wanted to spend more time with his wife, pray enlighten us, who could stop him from doing so?

Point 1: No one asked him to go to Satsang, and no once forced him to go. He agreed on his own for his sister's sake. He even agreed to go to a mandir after the Satsang. Why would he then lie to stay at home? He could have simply not stated that he'd go to Satsang or mandir.

Point 2: the chap had a better chance of spending time with his wife in AGRA than at RM. If he was so keen on spending time with her, he'd have dragged her to Agra rather than lie, come back and be caught!


He does want to spend more time with wifey, but he does not need to lie for that. He can straight away do so.



3. Payal has been out to prove herself worthy of Akash's trust and to be able to support him at a time when he is deeply troubled.

Akash has cut Payal off and is not aligned with Payal at all. At times, he seems to feel bad for her, but that's where it ends.

It is a tad strange that Akash has never shown the slightest bit of problem when his mother calls his wife 'khoon bhari taang'. He has expected his wife to understand how his mother is; so much so now that hearing that term does not even bother him. He listens to his wife being called that as normally as though it were something uninteresting playing on the radio.

He has accepted that because his mother is good at heart, she can speak whatever she wants to speak.

Akash, the sentiment in you for your sister is commendable; the blindness towards your wife is rather appalling!!



4. There is a nice parallel: Arnav, Khushi and Anjali, and Akash, Payal, and Mami Jaan.



5. Mami Jaan has declared that Payal is at fault and will always be wrong in her eyes.

Akash seems to agree.

Payal is being rather strong in the way that she is taking a lot of junk and still doing her best to support Akash and balance between him and Khushi.



6. Nani is trying hard that her family does not disintegrate. Her granddaughters-in-law are in agreement with her; however, the rest are not too keen on walking with each other.



7. Except Nani Ji, and thank heavens for her, most RM-waasis seem to thrive on double standards!

If Khushi and Payal are wrong, then their own Official head of the house - Arnav Singh Raizada - has been supporting them. They choose to be nice to Arnav, and be acidic with Khushi and Payal.

If Khushi and Payal are wrong, then their supporter is wrong too.

But no! Arnav is forgivable, but Khushi and Payal must be stood up for taking the flak.

Akash, Anjali, and Mami: why is Arnav forgivable if he is actively supporting the wrong people? Shouldn't he have an equal share in the punishment?



8. Payal was right in pointing out to Khushi that she should not interfere between Akash and herself because whatever happened between them was their matter. Akash was her husband and whatever problems they had, they'd tackle on their own.


Payal, would you apply the same principle when you find out about what Arnav did with Khushi? Would you leave it aside and not interfere because it is a husband-wife thing? Would respect Arnav as Khushi is now still respecting Akash, though she saw him disrespecting you?



On the Lighter Side


1. Arnav, you and your jinxed kiss!


You should probably be the single most blighted person - you're trying for that kiss since Diwali of the previous year. In a few months, Diwali of the current year will come through.


The first time, a call interrupted you.

The second time, kidnappers came peeping in.

The third time, Hari Prasad looked on zombie-fied.

The fourth time, the whole family walked in on you.


You know what, book a lonely island away from technology, relatives, and nitwits, and then try again.

But knowing your rotten luck, who knows - Jack Sparrow might show up!



2. Anjali gets a blank call. Most of the Fandom would probably bet all their devotion that it was Shyam, testing waters.

If it is Shyam - A mighty Hello to you! Welcome back, Snakewa! Missed ya!!

This story isn't going anywhere without you pushing it in the right direction.



3. Payal, I'd repeat the advice: Silent treatment; and if Khushi leaves, please be stronger than before.

Let Mr. Khoon Bhari Taang enjoy ma ki mamta for good!



4. Anjali is losing more and more marbles everyday!

Actually, a nutcase like Shyam is a perfect partner for a fruit loop like Anjali.

She likes to live in a bubble, and he is rather soapy-slippery. They can keep each other pretty happy. Bekaar Arnav ne Shyam ko nikala!



5. I wonder if Arnav would now embark on an Anjali manao abhiyaan!



6. It might've been better to keep Akash as unmarried as possible! He has apparently sent too much time with Anjali during childhood. What with all that 'I wanna be alone. I don't wanna talk to anyone.' Or perhaps, he was dropped on his head as a baby!





Sweeping the rose petals from the RM hall!


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VkjThomsun Goldie

Joined: 13 February 2012
Posts: 1247

Posted: 21 July 2012 at 8:12am | IP Logged
DisapproveDay Dreaming

Edited by ROYALTHOMSON - 21 July 2012 at 8:13am

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tulip21 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 10 May 2005
Posts: 3050

Posted: 21 July 2012 at 8:18am | IP Logged
wow shalini such a long post which is so beautifully written...
but i must say that after all this the way asr said relax to khushi was a true asr attitude... lets wait and watch howthe mighty asr seals the deal with everyone

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farah53 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 24 January 2012
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Posted: 21 July 2012 at 8:19am | IP Logged
You are as awesome Di as you always were!!!It's nice to know some people who don't crumble under the pressure of such high expectationsClap

Loved 'How ASR Seals the Deal' & 'Unraveling'.

Loved these:

Arnav, you and your jinxed kiss!You know what, book a lonely island away from technology, relatives, and nitwits, and then try again.

But knowing your rotten luck, who knows - Jack Sparrow might show up!

That would be just ASR's luckDead

Actually, a nutcase like Shyam is a perfect partner for a fruit loop like Anjali.
Please accept a hugwa!HugHugHug

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coronapsyche IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 July 2012 at 8:21am | IP Logged
Awesme post,DiClap
U described beautifully the devastating situation og Arnav; one side the reason of his existance- Di & the other side his life-Khushi; its very difficult for him to choose 1Unhappy
I really felt like crying seeing Arnav's situationCry
He is torn between the two women of his life-he never thought that 1 day he would have to choose 1 of them
Ultimately may b khushi will have to leave RM for Di which will turn Arnav into ASR modeUnhappy
Wnderful analysis,DiDay Dreaming
Thnx 4 the PMBig smile

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crazzyhrt IF-Dazzler

Joined: 24 April 2012
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Posted: 21 July 2012 at 8:33am | IP Logged
its always a pleasure to read ur analysis...
thr r lots of analysis goin on bt urs have this unique essence.. n its jst wonderful
sensible.. mature... logical... n as always beautiful...
thank you for this Hug

Edited by itsmea - 22 July 2012 at 4:16am

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soaringskies Goldie

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Posted: 21 July 2012 at 8:35am | IP Logged
i luved ur makes pretty much sense...Big smileBig smile

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yogifalu Senior Member

Joined: 12 April 2012
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Posted: 21 July 2012 at 8:46am | IP Logged
absolutely loved your take.  make my day.  n precap awesome.   thanks dear.

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