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Taani - A fault of D3!! [Topic Re-Opened;Read P.24]

Snigs. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 July 2012 at 3:35am | IP Logged

First of all, there is never a need of Shakti or Vrinda to be taken in the discussions. It is their decision completely and the Cv's n Palki to take whom for which role or not. It is completely not needed for us.

When we ask for Kriyaansh, that doesnt mean Shakti has to come back and shoot now or shoot from NY, get the difference we asked for Kria's character and not Shakti.

We r proud of acheiving heights of Shakti, we would gladly welcome her with open arms if she comes back but she is pursuing her dreams and we support her no matter whatever will be the decision.

KR fans almost all are ready to see a new girl playing the role of Kria, we want our Kriyaansh, something is better than nothing was an old quote. Now, the same thing applies here rather than to feel hijacked by watching d3 we want to watch the couple we adored ever since.

We r ready to accept a new lead to play Kria's role than to see Rey being paired up with any other character esp. not the character like Taani. *No offence to Vrinda*

The real difference which some people cant understand is Taani is not an actor she is a character. I have come across some posts n comments which say, "I like Taani but the Cv's should have given her a strong character". When Taani itself is a character and u want a strong character instead of the present then how could you say you like Taani?? U may have liked Taani if she was a strong character and this makes sense.

Another so seen, I know the story of Taani n Rey is lame but I like Taa  Rey story. When you found it lame then how come you like it??. There are so many similar to this.

Taani is shown as a character who is all way from Jodhpur to Mumbai to see her Prince Charming. She even doesnt know her brother studies in the same college. She made a fake CD and gained the place of the sixth dancer and gave some silly reasons when asked to practise. She cried when Swayam yelled at her but didnt even give a try. She didnt even listen to them when they told not to talk to Shivam. When Taani has the courage to say to Rey that she liked him then why did she lack the courage to say she cant be the sixth dancer and her fake CD was not yet known to Swayam, Sharon and all. She didnt yet deserve the morals for faking. 

                          Taani n Rey, a rumour called "Taani - Rey ki Prem Kahaani", leave about Shivam, in the college like St. Louis when Kria was made AGS after fair voting and Rey as GS after voting, suddenly without any of the system if a girl especially a newcomer to college becomes the AGS then who wont doubt. If Rey n Sharon didnt want Shivam to become the AGS then they might have come kept any of their friends as Vicky, Nil, Bharat or Amar. If he so wanted girls then also Simmi, Neha, Rinni n Vishakha are deir. Vishakha is professional and personal when required. Rey n Sharon were the only reason behind the rumour.

After this rumour, Taani became super strong and holded Rey's hand and took him to the medical room holding his handLOLLOL. It was like a bullet proof to the rumour. Anyone of us would have believed the rumour if we would witness such scene, did Taani doesnt know that?? Did Rey's brain stopped working at the moment??

One more, super question  from my friend, Rey came to fire-exit after wiping the blood on his face and called Taani. How did he rub the blood mark without cleaning his hand?? Let us think someone else did it for him, was the person who did clean his face never saw his hand or were they blind??NO ...funniest truth. Rey made the people believe that he was acting without thinking.

         Cv's, I know accepting a girl in Rey's life would have been difficult for a while but sooner or later the things would have got resolved and the show must have gone well.

Taani's character doesnt at all make a sense and it seems unrealistic. Trying to connect such girl with a strong character was really absurd and will never be acceptable.

The storyline would have been far more better if Swayam n Sharon were made to be in a trial relationship and you would have left Rey alone rather than showing him go over-protective. You would have matured Taani's character without making her being baby-sitted by Rey. You should have let her learn the things on her own and become strong rather than using the cheap tricks like Fake CD n Kria's dresses n walking style.

 // D3 is incomplete and will always be incomplete until n unless the                                    mystery behind Kria will be unrevealed//

      //Taani can never we accepted by us because of her  character//

Dont try to convince us saying Kria(Shakti)'s replacement was impossible. Mystery can be revealed without involving the character too, if you dont know how to, come n learn from the writers here.

**D3 storyline has been committed with so many faults, this is just one among                                            those**

*****This post is not only for Cv's or Palki but also for the Taani - Rey fans to                             state the points why we are against her*****

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Deetha. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 July 2012 at 3:36am | IP Logged


bang on post sweetu...

i never understands y cnt some ppl understand the difference b/w shakti and kriya and vrinda and taani...

kriya ki baat karo toh beech mei shakti ko laate hai and taani ki case mei bhi wahi...

and yeah we are proud of u shakti...proud to be your fans

and yeah at first i am against but yeah i can take new kriya but not a lame character like taani...

The real difference which some people cant understand is Taani is not an actor she is a character. I have come across some posts n comments which say, "I like Taani but the Cv's should have given her a strong character". When Taani itself is a character and u want a strong character instead of the present then how could you say you like Taani?? U may have liked Taani if she was a strong character and this makes sense.

yeah dont get that straight and just enter to bash...

and the one about not liking taani and rey but liking taarey is really ...bakwaas...wat was that????? do it even contain a meaning????

taani kya karti hai khud use hi nahi pata...toh hame kya pata lagega...

and i laughed at this...

rey ki call aaya toh chup chup ke baat kar rahi hai...and uske baad haath pakad ke le jarahi hai college mei...even i believe in the rumour if i witness it...

and doesnt she have anyloyalty?????swayam ke kehne ke baad bhi she is hiding the cd matter from him????i dont get this girl... can dey decide this big decision alone?????and kya voting rakhne se shivam ko milenge?????nahi waise bhi the gang are more mature...they can handle if given...and vishaka toh with no doubt...kk...kagu babu busy...then simmi...she is too smart ri8????they y not them??

rey ki toh pooch mat...i was like...he is totally gone insane...kya kriya ke saath saath dimaag bhi gayi kya teri????ek no ka bewakoof bangaya...aur kya papa ban ne ki training kya??? that ur pampering taani that much????gosh rey open up ur mind dammit!!!!!!!!

someone said the new entry's character should be opposite to kriyas as rey cannot accept another girl with same character...

then bring a bubbly ,easy living ,fun loving girl...and haa she should be strong character not that roona types of taani...c'mon yaar  youth show ki main lead cant be a crybaby...we youth never want to a crybaby...and they say taani is ri8??? kriya ki opposite character matlab bohut saare types hai...fullon arrogant bitch types...

but yeah she should have a lot of passion for dance...its a dance based show...she should be paasionate about dance...

and cv's its a dance based is famous as India's first dace based show dnt make it miss the path is a must...i dnt know wat...i want dance...if u feel its a order then yeah it a fan i have the ri8 to ask it...its a dance based show and we want dance...story kitna bhi slow chale...kriya wapas na aaye, should be there...focus on show kehke dance na hona...we dancers wont is supposed to be a main part...the main lead if said properly...

so taani-rey u get what we actually mean???? if not no wonder...u cnt differentiate b/w ur fav taani and vrinda then how can u get us????????

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crazysky IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 July 2012 at 3:54am | IP Logged
really true...
u really explained the faults...blooper cvs made...
 if cvs had no option than to exit kria entirely from the show...
they should clear the kria's reason before rey but they thought that if rey comes to know the truth.. will he will be able to move on??...well cvs get a life!! real.!!..if u get real then the problems in your show will be already sort by itself... come on cant a guy move on ..inspite of knowing the truth that he cant be together with his love anymore...?? offcourse he can..!!.
i am saying just be real...n for ur information real doesn't mean simple ok..get that clear...

n seeing ur mistake cvs of hhl made a happy exit of raghav lolROFL...they r better at this than u...

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Snigs. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 08 February 2012
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Posted: 21 July 2012 at 3:56am | IP Logged
Exactly Chetu, everyone r growing up and making up their storyline well even I loved d way they gave Raghav's character off for some time but I dont think D3 scriptwriters will ever learn that.

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crazysky IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 July 2012 at 3:57am | IP Logged
true they'll never learn n from their mistakes everyone will learnROFL

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Snigs. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 08 February 2012
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Posted: 21 July 2012 at 4:24am | IP Logged
Everyone r learning from the mistakes CineVistaas has been comitting except themselves.

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puja_arsha IF-Dazzler

Joined: 08 October 2011
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Posted: 21 July 2012 at 5:26am | IP Logged
Awesome post sniggs... Agree with each n every point in it... Now i guess all d people who call us kriyaansh fans as immature will get their answers... Kudos 2 u...:)

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Ardour. Goldie

Joined: 17 November 2011
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Posted: 21 July 2012 at 5:33am | IP Logged
Snigs, u absolutely said it all. Applauds for penning it down so sensibly.Clap I really wish that the CVs read this post n provide us with proper explanations. Well, instead of repeating the same points, I would like to add on some more points to the post.

1. D3 has been the country's youth show for the past 2 years. Still, they are redefining love as an absolute state of physical lust and sheer stalker temptations. Isn't it disgraceful?

2. TaaRey relationship is a blindfold violation of the guy code or the bro-code. I have seen the topic being discussed in some international youth shows but D3, being a craze among the youngsters is not even talking about it.

3. A girl who can't take proper care of herself, who roams in St. Louis wid a tag of BABYSITTERS DEMANDED is suddenly the talk of the town. CVs, wud u plz care TO EXPLAIN?

Enough said, CVs,please redeem ur faults asap.

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