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os My selfless Khushi(3rd part in green pg1)

naddiya26 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 July 2012 at 2:38am | IP Logged

Anjali :"choteey you are not same , you are changed ,you are in love"

Arnav look at her in confusion" kya DI"

Anjali: "DI aap ki life change hogai ha choteey "

Arnav:"DI for me relations are same , you where always first , you will be "

Anjali smiled sadly" Choteey woh kyun bol raha hain jo sach nahi hain "


Anjali: "ain choteey yes sach nahi hain, Aap ko tou ab apni DI kai fiqr nahi hain , aap ki subah Khushi ji see start hoti ha hain aur khatam bhi un par hoti hain"

Arnav dont say you are jealous of My Khushi

Anjali look at him he was in shock and surprise"Kya kara un na hum se pehla hamara pati leya aap bhai"

Arnav bus di , she didnot took any thing from you, she gave you back many things 

Anjali: choteey leya hain , kya aap na kabhi humara leya  iss tarah ka surprise kiya

Arnav look at his sis in  shock

Anjali choteey if i asked you one thing will you do for me

Arnav yes di

Anjlai  you leave Khushi and i will leave Shyam , both will live happily like before

Arnav DI for you i can leave khushi but

Anjlai what

Arnav the second  she walk out of my life your choteey will Die .

Anjali: look at him

Arnav yes you are right i love her , i love her more than myself , i did few things for her to bring smile on her face , di for that you are punishing me. he hold her hand " DI you are jealous of her , dont be she is selfless creature my Khushi is selfless he stand, for my peace of mind she was leaving RM"

Anjali then why you stopped her  ?

Arnav look at her "i will die without her , you said once choteey aap kai saas rokh jai  gai , hain DI meri saas ,dil sab rok jai ga'

NK Naanav  he shouted and ran in

Arnav "kya"

NK: come quickly Khushi ji

Arnav kya huwa he ran with NK

NK i was coming in she was going out of RM , i try to stop her but she said not to touch her  ,Naanav jaldi karo

Arnav ran to hall

Payal :was coming in all wet "NK bhai i cannot find her she is no where ,she is scared of lighting and thunder" she holds Arnav arm who was going out "you please bring my sis back i beg you " she was on floor

Arnav: kneel down " i will come back with her only other wise i will not come back  " he ran out "what happen to her?where to find her" NK was with him

NK: you go on right side i will go on left

Arnav: why you left her

NK: Nanav i try to pull her but she

Arnav you should have picked her up and come back to RM he walk to the right side

Khushi was walking in rain ,she was trying to find Arnav she walk back to DI room she just over heard their conversations ,anjali asking him to leave her she heard Aranv saying "DI for you i can leave her" she ran from that place " before you leave me i will die" she was running like crazy on road .

Arnav please Khushi dont do this  he heard loud horn a bang  he ran in that direction  few people were gather  around

guy 1 " pata nahi kon hain yeh larki "

Guy 2 she is dead

Arnav push them away "khushi "  he kneel down to see , it was someone else .he relaxed as if he got his sense  back ,he stand and look around he felt someone called him in low voice ,he  spotted her standing shaking with fear he ran and hug her "Khushi"

Khushi Arnav ji please dont leave me i will die without you

Arnav look at her she was shivering and she was frighten" i will not leave you ever , who said that" he look at her hands which she was tightly wrapping around her chest hiding her something in her duppata,he picked her up "Khushi " she fainted in his arms he look at her hand she had her DM , he ran back to RM 


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naddiya26 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 10 July 2008
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Posted: 21 July 2012 at 2:38am | IP Logged

Arnav walked in with her in RM ,Payal & nani was waiting for the at door ,without talking to anyone took her to bedroom ,he made her rest on his side of bed ,took the DM from her hand  & placed it on the bedside table

Payal can i change her

Arnav look at her "yes sure " he walk to wardrobe & taken out her clothes he saw Anjali & mami standing in room ,he gave Payal her night dress

Payal was crying looking her like that

Arnav placed his hand on her head" i will not let anything happen to her , she fainted as she was scared ,she saw an accident there ,she is fine " he grab his clothes & walk to wash room, without looking at his DI.

Payal: mein change kaardo

Anjali & Mami walk to pool side  Payal quickly changed .nani came & sat with her she kept her head in her lap .she was about to cry

nani hamari nazar lagi , hamari bitya ko shama ko dono kitna acha lag raha tha . she kissed her forehead "payal"

Payal: jee nani

nani dekha she has temperature

Payal was trying to hear her murmur .she as her lips were continually moving

Arnav was looking him self in mirror " am i at fault " he don't know why tears were flowing out of his eyes " i  never expected this from DI" he closed his eyes Anjali words echo in his ear"DI you are jealous of her " he splash water on his face .

Khushi open her eyes .she look at nani ,she hug her " hum ko daar lag raha hain"

nani betiya Kyun

Khushi :"nani DI na bola Arnav ji ko ka hum ko divorce da "she cried & shiver in nani lap like a baby

nani look at Anjali  who was not getting what to say

Khushi nani hum ko pata hain woh DI kai baat maan laga ,she was crying badly

nani aap rona baad kara pehla ,she wipe her tears

Khushi dekha woh hum ko chor ka chal agai, she look around

nani: with eyes asked nk to call Arnav " choteey aap ko kabhi nahi chora ga "she hug her tight in her arms

Khushi: nani amma babuji na bhi chora hum ko akela . ab

Payal: Khushi

Khushi hold Payal hand "jiji hum marjai ga per un se bolo hum ko divorce na da please jiji ,babuji kai tabiyta abhi tou thek huwi hain woh phir bemar hojai ga"

nani gave a disgusting look to Anjali

nk: naanav come out fast ...

Arnav wiped his tears he changed

nk: khushi ji relax ,he gave her water to drink

Khushi: hide herself in nani arms .she was crying badly

nani nk call him .he this time knock hard

Arnav walk out

nani aap kya kar raha hain

Arnav : what happen ? he ran to bedside

nani " aap na kya bola hain.

Arnav kneel down "nothing " he hold her hand which was hot as"Khushi" she is having temperature "

nani:"choteey yeh divorce ki baat kahan se aai hain"

Arnav look at Anjali"Nani i will never leave her , i will prefer to Die than to leave her" he check her forehead 

Nani: ab aap rona band kara 

Arnav "Nani she didnot had anything since morning "

Nani: i will send your dinner ,she try to free her self

Khushi: nahi hum ko daar lag raha hain

Nani: beitya yeh choteey hain na aap ka paas she free her self , made her rest on the pillow and kissed her fore head  she walked out 

Mami: she is acting

Nani: acting manorma tou sirf aap karti hain , aap zara haath laga kar dekha kitna garma hain un ka maatha,

Anjali Nani

Nani: aap hum se baat na kara , aaj aap na hum ko bata diya ka aap sirf apna bara mein sochti hain .

they look back as Payal closed the door 

Nani kya huwa 

Nk: nanav is saying he want to talk to her 

Nani: ha baat kara , woh daar gai hain 

NK: nani what you guys saw in hall was done by me , Naanav na kuch nahi kiya tha , i just wanted they should smile and be happy as they had gone from a trauma 

Nani: suna aap na Anjali aap na sab ka samna kya bola tha

NK why romance is crime in here ? he look at Anjali and everyone 

Anjali had no answer 

NK" i pity on them poor souls , what so ever they do for you ,you all will always blame them, let me tell you one thing DI if you will apart them they will not survive ". he walk away with Payal

Nani: Anjali aap ko choteey se pyar ha yeh nahi

Anjali nani hai

Nani: "tou aaj yeh baat aap apni  sari ka pallo  se baad lee, jis tarah un ka leya sugar ki tablet must hain daily bilkul iss tarah Khushi , aap ab apni pregnancy ko cash karwa rahi hain , agar aap  abhi bhi Shyam ka saath rehna ha tou call kara aur bola ka aa kar aap ko lagai , hum aap ka saath chala ga aap ka ghar mein rehna  , choteey ki zindagi na kharab kara, abhi tou  un na haasna seeka hain  "she walk away 

 -Tintin.the green part is especially for you

Arnav sat  next to her hold her hand "Khushi"

Khushi :closed her eyes tight as if she was scared .

Arnav why are you scared ? he was gently drying her hairs

Khushi : look at him "aap divorce"

Arnav: shhh" i will never leave you suna tum na, even i will die i will be with you like a ghost " he kissed her forehead

Khushi: per DI

Arnav: Khushi you heard the half thing , i said ok i will divorce her but the second she will walk out of my life i will die

Khushi look at him as he was caressing her cheek

Arnav:kya kissed her hand

Khushi " you will not leave like amma babuji as i only have you who is mine all other are " 

Arnav hug her tight  in his arms " not in my life "

Khushi you have DI your blood relation nani & others  but i 

Arnav :" i am your's only yours suna tum na bus"  caress her gently he was in to tears as he was not able to see her pain "bus khushi" her thought made him shiver in his spine he was not taking she was taking all these thing so serious .he look at her she was holding his shirt like a baby who is scared of  losing her most favorite thing ." you dont sleep ok Payal is bring dinner " 

Khushi look at him she saw his tears which was running down his eyes nonstop she closed her eyes "i want to feel you"she pull him close  he look at her , he gave a weak smiled and kissed her  as that may ease their pain

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sun_shine_girl IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 July 2012 at 2:42am | IP Logged
Beautiful story Naddiya.
Love that Arnav has said that he would die without his Khushi. Anjali would not want his Chottey to be sad, I hopw.

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velangini IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 July 2012 at 2:42am | IP Logged
anjali is such a selfish woman
grrr can't you see arhi are so much in love
poor khushi and arnav
waiting for the second part

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zohakhan7 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 21 July 2012 at 2:47am | IP Logged
anjali is so selfish while khushi is so selfless
awesome os naddiya
i luv reading ur os/ss Tongue
waiting for part 2

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rukuswasthika IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 July 2012 at 3:10am | IP Logged
awesome di.waiting for part 2

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seabeauty Goldie

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Posted: 21 July 2012 at 3:18am | IP Logged


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Alyaa_27 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 July 2012 at 3:19am | IP Logged
superb nad...
update soon..

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