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How can I be happy knowing you are in pain...??...she asked so innocently that maan fell for her all over again.

Okay, from now onwards I'll not hide anything from you, I promise...he said holding her hands firmply.

Then tell me what is bothering you...??...she asked making his mind to think back about the reason of his tension. He knew geet has every right to know everything and he too wanted to share his burden of grief with someone, but then exposng her to the cruelty of life...he decided to disclose partial things.

Taking a deep breath maan moved forward and looked ahead at the scene before him. His back was towards geet and so, she couldn't see his facial expressions. Making up his mind, he started to speak...

Whatever I am going to tell you, should remain between you and me...his voice was strict and conveyed its message well to geet. She at once knew it is something very important.

You remember geet, at that bridge, I told you about another person involved in helping alisha...??...he asked which she instantly confirmed as she was too eager then to know about that person and that eagerness had not faded away even for one percent.

Well, that man is still around us and looking for an opportunity to disrupt our peaceful life...geet frowned not understanding why that man will try something like that, when alisha is totally out of picture. As if maan heard her thoughts, he answered...the whole alisha fiasco was actually his plan. Infact, he only persuaded alisha to take such extreme step as he was well aware of her mental...!!

What do you mean, maan...??...geet interrupted...I am not getting anything and why would any person do such a thing without any motive...??

This time maan turned around and looked at her while answering...he has a motive geet. A very dangerous motive...!!

What...??...geet asked apprehensive of whether that person wants to harm their family or something, but maan's reply took her by complete surprise...actually shock.

Maan came near her and held her hands saying very calmly as if trying to keep her at ease...geet, whatever I will say just listen calmly. There is no need to panic, okay...??...geet nodded silently to which maan finally blurted out...

He wants YOU...!!

Maan held her hands firmly without showing any muscle movement on his face so that she doesn't get scared. To say geet was shocked would be understatement...her mind was instantly bombarded by several questions...why, what, how and what not...??

But the assurance and calmness provided by maan through his hold was somehow giving her an unknown strength. She looked into his eyes and asked further...

What do you mean he wants me...??...and how does he know me...?? I know him...??...though she appeared a bit calm, but there was certain anxiety in her voice, which was instantly felt by maan. H lovingly cupped her face with his palm and said...I have told you mishty there is no need to panic. And to answer your questions, yes, you know him and vice-versa through our profession and to some extent coz of alisha...his eyes turned dark with rage and possessiveness at the same time as he added looking into her eyes...

And as far as your first question is concerned...he paused for a moment before are the most precious and unique creation of god that anyone in this damn world would die to have you. But the thing is god himself has destined you to me. So, there is no freaking way I would let any loser to take you away from me...!!

Each syllable of his sentences reflected his possessive claim and authority with such diction that for sometime geet totally forgot everything else he had told her. His eyes held hers in a strong passionate lock that it was impossible for her to break away.

You are mine, geet...he spoke with determination and added...I was a damn fool to even think of letting you go once, but I have learned the hard way. Every moment I spent trying to distance you from me was not less than a kala pani for me and in this process I commited the biggest of my life that is to hurt the angel, who has given me nothing, but immense happiness...!!

Unknowingly a tear roll down from geet's eyes feeling the deep pain in his voice, but maan wiped it away even before it reached her cheeks...I am sorry, princess...I really am and I promise to love you and keep you safe till I have a single drop of life left in me. Infact, I promise to keep myself safe for I know it hurts you more when I am hurt...!!

They kept staring at each other for god knows how long that even eternity felt small in comparison. Their faces just inches apart that they could feel each other's breath on their faces. It looked like they would any second close the little gap between them. Geet felt overwhelmed with his each words, but turned around quickly not wanting to give in just with his words and promises. Somehow controlling her damn rebellion heart, she calmed herself and said in a straight voice...

Don't try to change the topic or divert me...maan inwardly chuckled at her desperate attempt to sound normal as he knew she was equally affected as he was. But understanding that he has to disclose some important facts to her, he became serious and started speaking again...sorry, just got carried away...!!

Geet chose to remain silent on that and let maan continue...So, as I was saying thi guy is a nut case who thinks...he paused and then said in an irritated know what. But what is important here is that this guy is quite dangerous and is actually criminal minded, so I was worried about our family's safety. He can go to any extent to fulfill his motives and I don't want anyone to get hurt in this process...!!

But, if he is that dangerous, why don't you get him arrested...??...geet couldn't help but ask.

Its not that easy geet. He is an influencial person and we don't have enough proofs to keep him behind bars for long...replied maan.

To ab hum kya karenge...??...geet's heart was getting anxious hearing about the danger looming over their families. Maan looked at her and said in a confident don't have to worry about that. I know how to handle him...!!


Sshh...bas geet, yehi karan tha ki main tumhe is bare mein nahi bata raha tha. See you are already panicking...he paused for a second and added...I want you to be as carefree as you always are. So, please if you want me to share my problems with you then you have to promise me to be yourself and not to get frightened or anxious. Is that clear...??...he asked in a strict tone. Geet simply nodded understanding him.

Good, so now give me that smile of yours which brightens my day...he caressed her cheeks as if searching for her dimples and his lips automatically curled up as soon her dimples appeared.

Perfect...he said and kissed her cheeks on the dimple making her blush with the feel. But suddenly something striked her and she pushed him...hey, what was that for...??...maan asked iritated at being disturbed from his favourite work. But geet gave him a glare before saying firmly...don't try to take advantage. My condition is still touching or use of endearments...!!

Maan rolled his eyes and frowned...fine miss handa...and moved towards the door of her bedroom, when she beckoned him...

Uh, said that I know the person...maan stiffened hearing her as he knew what she wanted to ask and she proved him right by her question...who is he...??

He had already thought about it a lot and knew it would be good to tell her about him, so he spoke...Sandeep mehra, the owner of Mehra Hotels, alisha's cousin...a loud gasp escaped her mouth hearing the name, but maan didn't looked back just turned sideways and added...though I won'tlet him come anywhere near you, but still for precaution stay away from him as much as you can...saying so, he left to her room.

Geet stood rooted there for sometime rewinding everything that happened after sandy's arrival in their life and how he tried to persuade her father for the marraige proposal. Everything was happening right infront of their eyes and yet, they couldn't figure it out. Her blood boiled thinking how that creep tried to tarnish maan's name and their relationship through alisha and now, knowing his true intentions, she couldn't help but feel a slight chill running through her spine.

But remembering her promise to maan, she relaxed herself and went to her room to get ready.


Here, maan came down and saw Mohinder all ready with his penetrating father of the bride eyes...great, pehle beti aur ab baap...all the best, maan...!!

He wished himself mentally knowing the gruelling sessions he was about to undergo as when he came earlier only rano was there. Bracing himself, maan moved forward and greeted him with a small smile...

uh, good morning uncle...!!

Mohinder looked at him pushing his spects back and raising his head from the newspaper...well, good morning to you too young man...he replied in a rather strict tone and before maan could even sit properly, mohinder added...what are you doing here so early in the morning, if you don't mind me asking...??

Maan felt like rolling his eyes at his question, but controlled himself and replied with a smile again...woh, actually I had some important work with geet...mohinder shot him a questioning glare to which maan instantly added...some important work related to office...!!

Mohinder nodded a curt nod and maan sighed in relief. They looked at each other for sometime and then diverted their attention not knowing what to say more. But suddenly maan remembered his main purpose for coming there and said to mohinder...

Uh, uncle actually I wanted to talk to you too, infact I want your permission...!!

Mohinder looked at him with a frown...permission...??...for what...??

Woh as vicky's concert has become successful, I want to take all the friends to goa for a short trip. It will be a gift for him and saare friends ki outing bhi ho jayegi...he said hesitatingly and waited for his response.

So...??...mohinder asked curtly making maan gulp.

Um, I wanted your permission to take geet with us...!!...seeing mohinder not saying anything, he quickly added...I take complete responsiblity of her safety...!!...this time he looked directly into mohinder's eyes.

Mohinder got up from his seat and came towards maan and sat right beside him...maan, I have never had a single doubt regarding my daughter's safety with you. It'll be her decision, whether to go or not...maan kept looking at him as he continued...I know I have been a bit harsh on you after everything that has happened...

No uncle, you haven't. Infact I am lucky that despite my blunder you have given me a second chance...maan's voice was filled with gratitude as he recalled how he was able to convince mohinder to entrust him with his daughter's responsibility for the second time. It was one of the most toughest job for maan as he remembered how adamant and angry mohinder was. Though after explaining them the whole situation, rano instantly melted, but mohinder was not ready to trust the same man again, who was responsible for his daughter's misery.

But what touched him most was how he reacted when maan talked about what happened between him and alisha.


Maan, I understand that you were framed in all this and that sandeep is trying to trap my daughter for which I'll never leave him, but still I can't forget how you didn't even think once before breaking my daughter's heart...there was a tinge of harshness in mohinder's tone.

Maan folded his hands infront of mohinder and said...I know uncle and I totally understand your point, but trust me that it was a moment of weakness in which I took the most wrong decision of my life. I regret it from the core of my heart. But I swear on god that nothing happened between me and alisha, that mms...

You don't have to explain anything regarding that mms maan as I have never doubted you on that. I was upset that you didn't oppose it that time, but I know you better. But I never expected what you did to my daughter...maan bend his head on this, he knew this crime of his will never leave him for his life.

Do you even know what my daughter went through after your mindless act...??...his voice was not very loud, but was filled with pain and a bit harshness...I just cannot ignore all the tears that my daughter had shed due to your foolishness and forgive you...with mohinder turn his back on maan and asked him to leave. Rano looked at maan helplessly, while he simply went to the door and said before leaving...

Uncle, I cannot undo what I have already done, but I promise you that if you give just one more chance to redeem myself I'll not let you down. If you think there is even slightest of truth in my words then you will come to KM tonight. I'll wait for you...saying so he rushed out.


He knew mohinder came to KM that night just for geet as both of them knew well that despite everything that happened, geet can be happy only with him and so a father gave him a second chance just for her daughter's sake.They sat together in silence for sometime which was quite awkward for maan. Mohinder went back to his seat, while maan looked here and there. But soon rano's entry broke the unwanted silence...

Arey maan bete, geet se baat ho gayi...??...she asked giving a cup of tea to mohinder and then forwarding maan coffee.

Ji aunty...!!

Good, atleast she woke up on time or else she become so lazy on holidays...she shook her head at her childish daughter.

Oh come on rano, please spare my daughter...mohinder being the perfect father interrupted daughter works so hard. She deserve this much of rest...!!

Haan haan, ek aap hi beti toh kaam karti hai baki sab toh velle hain...!!

Tum toh bas hanth dhokar meri bachi ke piche pari rehti ho...!!

Maan watched the on going husband-wife banter with an amused look, but a third voice broke their conversation...good morning papa, morning mama...geet chirped racing down the stairs as usual.

Dekho...dekho apni beti ko...inspite of reminding and chiding her for numerous time, she repeats the same mistake again...kitni baar kaha hai ki seedhiyon se aaram se...

Haan mama, I know...geet said hugging her mother...par kya karun humesha bhool jaati hun...and gave her a sweet kiss, while maan kept looking at her with longing for a kiss. But he soon corrected his expression seeing mohinder watching him making a weird face, not knowing his own facial expession was weird to draw his attention.

Geet puttar, come here...mohinder beckoned geet and asked her to sit beside him. She sat beside mohinder and then saw maan sitting right beta, what have you decided...??...mohinder's sudden question startled both maan and geet.

About what papaji...??...she asked a bit confused at the question.

Arey, why are you so confused...??...about maan's goa trip...??...mohinder replied and then looked at maan...maan haven't you told her about the trip...??

Now, maan felt like hitting himself for forgetting the actual reason of meeting geet. He looked here and there sheepishly, before actually I forgot...!!

Mohinder raised his brows at maan giving him incredulous as well as suspicious look as to what he was doing with geet for so much time, while rano and geet giggled softly at maan's embarrased face. Maan gave a strong glare at geet for laughing at him, but softned next second seeing her sweet smile. It was like sparkling sunlight in the mid of darkness.

Alright then, as maan 'forgot' let me do the honours...mohinder said breaking maan's thought process. He turned to geet and asked...geet beta, maan has planned a holiday trip for all you youngsters in goa for a week in order to celebrate vicky's success and came here for permission...

GOA TRIP...!!...geet jumped with excitement forgetting every other thing and came to her dad...really papaji...??...OMG...!!...that'll be so awesome...!!

She was in her own world of happiness and din't notice the warm smile that crept up on the face of the other three people present there, seeing her cheerful avtar.

So, I guess there is no need to ask you...mohinder added and then geet realized she has openly expressed her happiness. Straightening herself, she sat down and replied in a plain voice trying to sound a bit less enthusiastic...well, not a bad idea...!!

Maan rolled his eyes at her acting, but his heart was doing bhangra seeing the main purpose of his plan getting fulfilled. He smiled and got up from his seat placing the coffee mug on the table...

Okay, uncle I'll take your leave now...he turned to geet and said...we are leaving day after tomorrow. So finish with your shopping tomorrow itself and inform all your friends...geet nodded chirpily not able to hide her excitement anymore and maan left smiling broadly.


After visiting HM, maan came back to KM and called adi to discuss other important issues related to the trip and sandy. Adi entered his room and took the seat infront of maan on the chair...

Maan, you called me...??

Yes. There is a very important thing that I wanted to discuss with you...!!

Go on.

I have planeed a holiday for all of us in goa for a week to celebrate vicky's success.

Really...??...thats great...but do you think its safe when so many dangers are lurking around...??...he asked a bit worried.

I know adi and thats why I have called you here...maan took a deep breath and continued...I have told geet about sandy...!!

What...??...did she take it well...??...what happened...??...adi asked impatiently.

Well, you were right...she is stronger than what I thought. But still, I know a slight amount of fear had crept up her heart andthat is why I am so keen for this trip. It'll give her sometime to relax and me to win her back again...the last part he thought inside his mind.

Alright then, what do you want me to do...??...adi asked understanding his point.

I need heavy security around HM and KM alongwith a top level masked security around our group on the trip...specially around geet and...and sneha...he added after a pause.

Adi looked at him confused, when maan spoke again...I know that sandy will follow us to goa...there was severe loathing in his voice as he took his name...and if by any chance sneha came to his view, then I don't want any more problems for sneha...!!

Adi came to maan and kept his hand on his shoulders...I understand maan. That girl has suffered a lot and I am glad you are thinking so much for her...!!

Sneha is very innocent adi and from the first day itself she always reminds me of geet in some way...maan said recalling her similarities with his mishty...I have always had a soft corner for her and now when she will soon be our family...

What...??, what do you mean...??...adi was hell confused.

Maan chuckled seeing her face and shook his head...vicky loves sneha...he said as a matter of fact.

Adi's face was worth watching. His jaws were literally touching the ground...what...??...are you serious...??

Its okay adi, I know you are dumb in this department...maan replied with a smirk.

Adi instantly took offence and retorted...excuse me, if you don't remember I have a girl friend...!!

Yeah, yeah...a girl friend, who propose to you...??...he taunted.

So, this is 21st century and a girl proposing is no big deal...he argued.

Exactly girls has turned smart in 21st century. Sam is smart enough to know that waiting for you to take initiative would have garanteed her bachelorship for this life atleast...maan smartly replied making adi frown deeply and muttering a low whatever.

They talked about the security and other important details for sometime. After finishing everything maan added on a serious note...adi, whatever I have told you about sneha and vicky and sneha's past should not leak out at any cost...!!

Sure...adi nodded and left, while maan got engrossed in his work.


The first thing vicky did after getting up was to call sneha and make sure she was fine. He was restless whole night and couldn't sleep properly...

Sneha picked up the phone after four rings and heard his urgent and concern voice from the other side...sneha, how are you feeling now...?? is your head ache...tum bina bataye chali gayi...I hope you are well...!!

She was overwhelmed with his concern for her and a smile crept up her lips for the first time after last night. When she didn't replied for sometime vicky asked again...sneha...??...hello...are you there...??...why aren't you answering...??

If you'll let me then only I can answer na...??...she replied halting his question chain.

He cutely scratched his head sheepish at her response and replied...sorry, how are you...??

I am fine...thanks for calling...she replied softly feeling nice talking to him.

Hey, the pleasure is all mine, beautiful...he flirted with all his charm and sneha felt her cheeks reddening with a strange and pleasurable sensation.

They remained silent for sometime and then sneha spoke breaking the silence...uh, congratulations. Your show was outstanding...!!

And a dazzling smile grace his handsome face making it more charming...I am glad you like it...!!

I love it...she instantly replied but shyly.

They talked for sometime and sneha for the time being completely forgot about all her sorrows. Vicky was like a balm to her bruised soul and the healing effect could be seen already.


Jiya was pacing in her room restlessly recalling dev and meera's interaction the previous night. The way they were so comfortable with each other and the care and compassion dev was having for sneha was something beyond friendship. An unknown fear had started to make its place in her heart. Fear of losing dev.

No, I cannot lose him...she thought shaking her head...I'll not lose him...she spoke out loud with determination and picked up her cell to call him.

He picked it up after few rings...

Hey jiya, whats up...??

Hi dev, actually I was thinking if we could go out today on lunch...just you and me...she hoped he'll agree, but he denied straight forward.

I am sorry babe, have loads of work to complete before the replied going through some files.

Trip...??...what trip...??...jiya asked confused.

Oh, I am so sorry...I totally forgot to inform said now focussing on the call...actually, bro has planned a trip to goa and we have to leave day after tomorrow. Infact I was about to inform you to pack, but just slipped out of my mind...!!

Oh, thats fantastic...jiya was happy at the context of spending some quality time with dev...I'll just go for some shopping today...she added happily.

Hey, you can do one thing...meera told me that she and geet are going for shopping today, why don't you join aid remembering his conversation with meera this morning.

When did you talked to meera...??...she asked the insecurity seeping in once again.

Oh, just this replied casually and then added hurriedly...okay, dear I need to go...have important work. See you tomorrow...saying so he disconnected the call, while jiya felt extremely disappointed at the thought that he had time to talk to meera and not even remembered to inform her about the trip.


okay guys...done with the update
hope I have cleared some of your doubts...and whatever is left will be cleared with coming updatesSmile.  And yes, as many of you complain about not giving maximum space to maaneet then buckle up as now you'll get more and more maaneet with this tripWink

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Day Dreaming

mein yahaa wait kar rahi thi aur dekho update bilkul mere upar tha...

that means me FIRST YAHOOO

comment pathne ke baad karthi hoo

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it maan telling about sandeep to geet  goa trip geet exited jia insecure

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Loved the update so All khurana brother stories extent to next point
Geet start melting ..., Jiya had insecurity about dev-meera and Vicky-Sneha bonding  began loved it ...

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ossum dear
loved it
nw geet learned everything
great dear
and jia
hope she wont create MU dear
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Hi dear, nice part. Good that Maan told Geet about Sandy. Eagerly waiting for next part.

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NIce part dear. It;s good that Maan told Geet about Sandy. Hope the trip will be ok.

Waiting for next part.

Keep up the good work.

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