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extra bag for u...Ouch

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Day Dreaming
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Originally posted by shrutheAjay

extra bag for u...Ouch
yeah ful of gifts for ur sisiWinkWinkWink
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The three stood rooted at their places, maan and sneha in shock, while sandy in confusion. He looked at sneha's face trying to see her properly, but due to the dim light, he couldn't recognize her. On the other hand sneha's mind went into a state of rapid flashback. All the cruel events and nasty happenings stormed in front of her eyes like it was taking place just then.

Maan thought to go to them and take sneha away from there, but suddenly another thought crept up his mind...what the hell is sandy doing here, in vicky's concert...??...but before he could think ahead, he saw sneha taking shaky steps back from sandy and then rushing away from him. Maan knew something is very wrong with sneha and not wanting to leave her alone in her vulnerable state, he followed her, while sandy kept gazing at sneha's retreating figure with confusion.

Maan searched in the back area for sneha, but was unable to trace her anywhere. A sudden tension was brewing up his mind regarding her safety as he knew she was in a very vulnerable state. Not having any success in finding her, he turned back to leave. But before he could move ahead, something white flashed at the corner of his eyes. His mind instantly reminded him that sneha was wearing a white suit. Without wasting anytime, he turned to the direction only to see sneha standing with her back to him. He moved ahead and beckoned her softly...


But she didn't turn. He called again a bit louder this time, but it seemed as if she has turn deaf. Moving more close he placed his hand gently on her shoulder to tap her, but sneha jerked his hand with great force as if she had touched acid. But what happened next shocked maan even more. Sneha was now facing him and he could clearly see her pale face, terrified...eyes puffed due to heavy crying...her appearance was ghostly and she was continuously moving back murmuring...

Ple...please...don...don't come near...her hiccups making it difficult to form a coherent me...!!

Maan tried to handle the situation saying with a clam voice...sneha, relax...its me, maan...and tried to come close to her. But she inched back and started shaking violently...go away...please, leave...her voice was laced with extreme pain. Maan didn't knew how to calm her down, but next moment he saw her holding her head and swaying. And she fainted with a thump on the floor.

Maan got extremely worried seeing her condition. He picked her up and walked to the parking. Placing her carefully in his car, he called adi and told him everything asking him to handle everyone there. Adi though shocked with the turn of events and mostly with sneha's linkage to sandy, assured maan of taking care of everything. After disconnecting the call maan drove away to sneha's house.


Here, inside the concert was going on in full swing and the crowd was cheering for his each and every performance. Vicky was mesmerizing his audience with each of his songs and was quite pleased with the results. His friends were always there to support and cheer for him. As his last song came to an end, he thanked the audience for being so supportive and amazing, but his eyes searched for one person. Not finding sneha anywhere, he frowned and went back stage.

Geet and everyone enjoyed the show to the fullest. As soon as vicky announced the closer of the event, she looked around in search of maan. Adi noticed her searching for maan and came to her...

Geet, looking for maan...??...he asked a bit hesitatingly, knowing well he has to explain her.

Uh, woh...adi...actually...she didn't wanted anyone to know about her curiosity about maan so fumbled on being asked directly.

Adi sighed knowing her stubborness and said...some urgent work came up and so he has left...!!

Geet face fell knowing he left without even meeting her once. But before she could think ahead others came there and started discussing about the show diverting her mind. They all went back stage and congratulated vicky on his phenomenal performance and for the success of his show. Vicky accepted all with a broad smile and then searched for that one special congratulation, but sneha was no where to be seen. Now, he got worried for her and voiced it out...

Guys, where is sneha...??...geet and others already knew the answer as adi had informed them, so geet replied...

She was not feeling well so maan dropped her on his way to KC...!!

What...??...what happened...?? she okay...??...vicky panicked instantly and geet gave him a strong weird look to which he controlled himself...uh, I mean...I hope its not bad...??...he reframed his sentence hiding the panic and extreme worry, yet the concern was still there.

She was having a headache...may be due to the loud music and all...geet replied, while adi looked at both geet and vicky thinking something, especially vicky after his initial outburst.

Alright...he thought to call her after everyone leave and so, are you guys leaving...??

Yup vicky, its really late and girls should be back to their respective homes...this time dev answered and added...but I'll stay till you wrap up with the media and other formalities...!!

NO...came an instant reply from vicky startling dev and others...uh, I mean...its okay bro, you must be tired too after all it has been a hectic day in the office for you...he made a very understanding face.

No, I only stayed till half answered back with a smile and added...I am not tired, so chill...!and vicky cursed him under his breath.

WHAT...??...this time geet shrieked making both of them jump...that devil gave you half day and when I asked for it, he simply denied...that MORON...she fumed at maan and started hurling several colorful words on him in her mind.

Dev looked at geet and then vicky and whispered...she is really weird...!!

But vicky instead of listening screamed again and right in dev's ear...OH YES...!!

Hey watch it rubbed his ears and looked at vicky try to stay away from geet, she is rubbing it on you...geet gave him a glare...What...?? guys are planning to make me deaf today...??

Vicky murmured a sorry and then added...actually, I think you should go with them as adi can't drop geet, meera, sam and jiya together, you see...!!

Don't worry about that vicky, I'll handle...adi said now, quite amused at his insistence on sending everyone back.

Oh come on adi...he said gritting his teeth...jiya lives in the other corner of the city. It'll be difficult for you to drop them alone...!!

Yeah, I guess he is said after thinking for sometime...I'll drop geet and meera and adi can drop jiya and sam...!!

Meera and jiya both looked at dev, while he'll be easier to reach home for all of us...!!

Jiya though knew he was saying it genuinely, but she can't help but feel a bit insecure sending him with meera. But still she kept quiet.

So, its decided guys should move and I'll reach home over excited vicky said to dev. So, all left biding vicky goodbye and he immediately pulled out his cell and dialed sneha's number. It rang thrice before it was picked up...

Hello...sneha's father answered the call.

Uh, hello uncle, its me vicky...he replied soflty.

Oh hello vicky beta, how was your show...??...I hope everything went well...!!

Yes, it was fine uncle...he paused for a moment and asked...uh, is sneha there...??

Nahi beta, she is sleeping now...actually she was having a bad headache so...

Oh, thats okay uncle, I just called to ask about that only...hope her headache has reduced...he said slightly disappointed at not being able to talk to her, but was worried for her health too.

Yes, beta she said she'll be fine after some good sleep...!!

Good then. I'll talk to you later...sorry for disturbing you this late...he sincerely apologised.

Thats fine...!!

Okay, bye uncle...with that he disconnected the call and went to meet the awaiting media for a short interview.


He wiped the lone tear that was making its way down from the corner of his eyes and said...he was asking about sneha...!!

I knew he would...maan murmured.

Mr. khurana, I have told you everything. Now, its upto you to believe me or not...!!

You don't have to say, I have known sneha enough to trust her in this case and as far as that guy sandeep is concern, I know him well too...maan replied through gritted teeth.

I just have this request that please don't reveal her dark past infront of the world...the old man requested.

But don't you want justice for your daughter...??

Yes I always wanted that, even when it all happened years back, but that time instead of gaining any justice, we lost the little pride and honour we had infront of the society. My daughter has gone through the worst of time and I don' want to push her in all that again...he folded his hand infront of maan and pleaded...please, I beg you...!!

Maan instantly held his hand shaking his head...please sir, you are embarrasing me. Sneha is like a little sister to me and I swear nothing will happen to her and the culprit will be punished severely for his intense fire was burning in maan's eyes.

Maan gave one last look at sneha who was in deep slumber due to the effect of medicine and left.


Geet was moving in her room restlessly and peeping in maan's room window every now and then...where is he...??...its already midnight and this devil is nowhere to be seen...she looked at the stars and started her cribbing to her babaji...dekha babaji, this guy is the limit. Kitni raat ho gaye hai, but he is still not careless has he become...she made a cute angry face. She was worried for him as it was very late and again glanced at his window. At the same moment the light in maan's room was switched on an geet curiously yet consciously peeped into his window to see whether its him or not.

And there he was hanging his coat inside his cupboard. She looked at him carefully and noticed he seemed a bit worn out and tensed...

What happened...??...may be work pressure...she thought and then went to bed contented after seeing him.

Maan came inside his room and first thought of changing. But sneha's father's words kept ringing his mind creating a huge storm inside his mind. He never imagined things to be so ugly. His heart went out for that poor girl, who suffered at the hands of that monster.

And then he remembered that very scoundrel and his misdeeds. But suddenly something came back to his mind with a force...what the hell was that bas***d doing in vicky's concert...??

He grabbed his cell and called adi urgently not caring about the time...yes adi, what did you find out...??...while on his way to sneha's house maan had asked adi to find out about sandy's presence at the concert.

Maan, the detective, who were keeping an eye on him had texted me before the concert about his arrival, but I couldn't see it before. And when I called him back, he informed me that sandy was there all the time behind our row, watching us. He tried to call me seeing sandy behind us, but I guess there was network problem and meeting personally would have revealed him infront of sandy...adi revealed slowly.

WHAT...??...that scoundrel was there all the time near us and we didn't had any idea about it. And what if he had harmed geet when she got lost in the beginning...??...maan was going mad with sheer anger. He felt he would slit sandy into two halves if he as much as lay a finger on his love.

Maan calm down, I know the matter is getting difficult, but...

DIFFICULT...??...this time maan couldn't hold think raping an inncoent 18 year old, breaking all her dreams, ruining her life and humiliating her so much that she was forced to leave her city is just difficult...??...sneha's trauma was adding to his fury from the time he came to know about it and his dam of patience broke knowing his love is in a similar danger as sneha had been once.

Adi was dumbfounded hearing maan, he didn't know whom he was talking about and thus gathering courage asked...maan, who are you talking about...??

Maan closed his eyes knowing he said a bit too much, but he knew he can trust adi...its sneha, that bas***d ruined her life and today she got a panic attack on seeing him once again...!!


What...??...adi was shocked.

Yes adi, that girl has suffered so much in such young age. Her father told me when I took her home. I told him about her condition before she fainted and also told him about sandy. He was so much terrified and cried for his daughter's misery...maan said recalling everything.

But, how did sandy know sneha, I mean how did he met her...??...adi sounded shocked but a bit confused.

And maan started narrating him everything...


Sneha was getting flashback of her past in her sleep, while her father st beside her caressing her forehead lovingly making a futile attempt to ease her pain.


It was a warm sunny day in shimla and students were entering the gates of St. Louis with lots of hopes and aspirations. Among those students was sneha, who was taking her first step towards achieving her dreams. She was a bright student and loved by all for her helpful and soft nature.

She was the topper of first three semester and very innovative with her designs. Her professors were sure about her making a mark in the architectural world. But her life turned upside down during her annual college fest. She was very excited like every other student for this fest, but unlike other students her fate had something teerible in store for her.


Things were going perfect, she participated in back stage things as she was shy by nature and avoided coming on stage. The event was going great till the third day, when she came infront of a monster's eyes, who ruined her world and left her completely broken.

Papa, I going to college...a chirpy sneha shouted desending the stairs to his father who was drinking his morning tea at the table.

Neha, come here beta...he beckoned her...first have your breakfast...!!

But papa, I am getting late...but all her reasonings and excuses fell on deaf ears as his father shoved the glass of juice down her throat. She finally left after bidding bye to her father and rushed out as she was very late.

Her college was at ten minutes walking distance from her house and thus she rushed to college in a hurry. As soon as she reached half distance, a speeding car rushed past her splashing some mud on her baby pink suit. She shreiked and looked at her dress with a crying face...oh god...yeh kya ho gaya...??...her day was getting bad, but she didn't knew that the worse just crossed her and was some steps away and it soon took reverse gear.

She was busy checking her dress, when she heard the screech of a car beisde her. Her eyes jerked up startled at the sound and found the window of the car going down. The person sitting on the driver seat removed his goggles and checked her out from her head to toe making her uncomfortable. He stepped out from the car and came to her side...

I am so sorry dear, I spoiled your dress...he said coming with his gaze fixed more on her body,which was covered by the dress than the dress or the mess he made. Sneha felt his sinful gaze and felt uncomfortable.

Here let me help you...he took out his handkerchief and tried to clean her dress, when she instantly stepped back not letting him touch her...n...o...its okay...she said and started going,when he blocked her path with his hand...

Why are you running away beautiful...??...he said with a smirk on his face noticing her nervousness and fear. Her eyes were big and looked more appealing with the slight fear...come, I'll drop you...he added with the same smirk intact on his lips.

She looked up at him and gulped in fear and without saying anything just ran away from there. The man kept looking at her retreating form and put on his goggles still smirking.


She took a sigh of relief only after entering her classroom and sat beside her friend after apolozising to the professor for coming late. The class came to an end after 45 minutes and the students disperse. Sneha was going with her friend towards the library, when she was told by a peon that principle had called her. She immediately went to his office.

Yes sneha come in dear...the principle asked her to enter. There was another person sitting in his office with his back to her.

Sir, you called me...??...she asked softly and the person looked up hearing the familiar voice.

Yes sneha, I wanted you to meet the son of our new trustee and the main sponsor of our annual fest...sneha diverted her gaze towards the person with a smile, but that smile vanished from her face he instant the man turned and face her...Mr. Sandeep Mehra...!!


Sneha woke up breathing heavily, clutching her heart...her eyes filled with fear and pain. She looked around franatically to check where she was and relaxed seeing the familiar walls of her room. Her father came inside with her medicines and she ran to hug him...

Beta, what happened...??...he asked smoothing her hair as she cried clinging to him. He undertood she must have seen a nightmare and tried to calm her with his words...don't panic sweet heart, it was just a bad dream...his own eyes were filled seeing the condition of his daughter.

But papa, this nightmare is the bitter reality of my life...she muttered in between her hiccups and cried her heart out. Suddenly she remembered her encounter with sandy...papa, he is back...her voice was filled with fear...he'll hurt me again...she sobbed.

No beta, I won't let him anywhere near you this time...his father said with determination...I promise...!!


Next morning geet woke up with a smile remembering the lovely concert. She got up from bed and moved to her balcony to get some fresh air. It was a sunday, so no office. Then she remembered last night, when maan came all tensed and glanced in his room through the open door. She kept looking inside to search, when suddenly a husky voice fileld her ears...

Looking for me, mishty...!!

She turned her gaze and saw maan standing just an inch away from her. A sudden loud gasp escaped from her mouth and she staggered back. But maan was quick enough to hold her in place.

After gaining her balance she asked...What are you doing here...??...and how did you came to my side...??...she frowned deeply and maan couldn't help but chuckle.

Well, I came here to meet you ofcourse and as far as your second question goes, there is a door to your room, which lead me into your room and through our room I came to the balcony...he replied a bit sarcastically, while geet looked at him for a moment and then with an annoyed stare and pushed him away.

Maan, behave yourself...she said a bit strictly making him frown...if mama or papa saw us...

You never got conscious about them catching us before...??...he asked with his frown still intact, not understanding her suddenly changed behaviour...she was fine till yesterday...he thought looking at her, but her answer gave him a shcok.

We were engaged before...she said softly and in a low voice.

His expression changed hearing that and said in a normal tone this time...but mishty, I have promised to set things right, haven't I...??

But you are not doing it...she replied next moment. She turned to him and you think sending numerous sorry notes and flowers will set everything right...??...I am not angry on you any more and that is true coz I love you a lot, but what about

You know that I did that only to uplift your mood and you also know that I never break my promises...he looked at her and added...I have promised and I'll set everything right...!!

But your efforts won't be enough until and unless you consider me an essential part of your life...she retorted with a firm voice and turn her back to him.

You are my life...!!

Only saying doesn't make anything truth...thats it, maan grabbed her arm and turned her around to face him...What do you mean, geet...??...can't you see my love for you in my eyes...??...I know I made a blunder and I'll regret it till my last breath...he paused and looked at her eyes...but I am trying to make it up to you. My life belongs to you...!!

Geet looked at him for sometime and then said calmly...if its true maan, then why do you always hide your grief and problems from me...??...the last words were laced with a deep pain.

Geet I...he started to say something, but she cut in the mid...don't you even dare to act ignorant. What do you think that I am blind...??...that I can't see the hidden tension and pain in your eyes...??...she released herself from his hold and continued...when I saw you here, I thought you would share your last night problem with me, but you ditched me again...a tear roll down her eyes and maan felt a stab in his heart. He instantly engulf her in his embrace and apolozised...I am sorry mishty for hurting you again, but trust me...I just wanted to keep you happy. You have suffered so much due to my stupidity and I didn't wanted to burden you with anything...!!

How can I be happy knowing you are in pain...??...she asked so innocently that maan fell for her all over again.

Okay, from now onwards I'll not hide anything from you, I promise...he said holding her hands firmly.

Then tell me what is bothering you...??...she asked making his mind to think back about the reason of his tension.


phew...!!...finally updated...LOL...I know I have become too lazy in updating now a is the next part with sneha's past finally...and the rest of her past will come out eventually.

so do tell me your views through your comments...I'll be waitingSmile

@mystique_girl....first of all I am really glad that u pointed out about geet's father as honestly I forgot to mention about him in the update after that engagement party thing...thank u for reminding me as I have to incorporate him, but as I missed out at the right moment, I'll give his part in a flashback. Handas n khurana's have not forgotten anything, its just they don't want to remind their children about the bad'll get to see that in the next update. Maan's redemption has not actually started yet, he is just trying to bring back geet's smile and make things lighter before taking effective steps...his guilt trip is not mentioned coz for sometime I wanted to make chapters light after much rona dhona and as you see sneha's past has already made things a bit serious. I really respect ur views and I am glad that u said what u felt n I'll try to make the story as genuine as possible...all I want to say is just have some faith in me and plzz be free to speak your heart coz whether its one or many readers I don't want any of my reader to be left unsatisfied.Smile
those who wants to be pmed...plzz add username ffspmlist in your buddy list as I'll be pming via this username only

do not forget to hit the LIKE button

love u allHug


P.S- those who didn't receive pms for the update plz read the note on page 58.

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Finally the past of Sneha is out... That Sandy is really a Censored

And now MSK in action .. this is wat i like about him,... He just figures out things at the right time and acts out in right manner...

now eagerly waiting to know how MSK is gonna deal with Sandy...

and more than that, now am eagerly waiting to know the conversation of maan and geet... atlast he is gonna tell her everything...

waiting for the next already

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wow Awesome Glitter Graphic Comments | update anu ...

so finally maan in action ...eagerly waiting for action pack update where maan wiil beat sanddep black and blue ... poor sneha shehas faced so much ...You Rock Glitter Graphic Comments |

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d update was awesum...!!!
dat bas*** saandy is really a Censored...!!!
poor sneha had really suffered a lot...!!!
now msk is in action...he is jst too gud...!!!
firstly he figure out every possibl enformation den makes plan...!!!
so now maan is going to tell each n everything to geet...!!!
waiting for nxt...!!!

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